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Eternal: Legacy of the Triad – News & Notes

News & Notes

-SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions Benjamin and Dennis Colton are expected to appear at the Milo Flynn Cup, despite not being chosen to compete in the event.“We wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Dennis said in a recent interview with Tanner Quest of “The Flynn is a special event for us…really, for anyone who loves tag team wrestling.”

“It’s like a second Christmas,” Benjamin added.

The Flynn Cup is a yearly tag team tournament held in St. Paul, Minnesota. The event is named after “The Raging Hobo” Milo Flynn, who wrestled in the area in the early 2000s as part of a tag team called the Gutterpunks. Proceeds from the tournament go towards charities and programs to aid the homeless population of the Twin Cities.

The Coltons were impressive in last year’s tournament, pulling off three victories before falling to the New World Trash in the final.

“It definitely sucks not to be part of it,” Benny continued, “but we still want to be there. Support the event, support our friends who are there, and like that.”

“Might be a blessing though,” Denny added. “After the beating we got from UTA at Eternal, we could use the time to recover.”

Tanner inquired whether Dan “The Lights” Stein, who teamed with the Coltons and secured the victory at Eternal, would be joining them. Benny replied, “Oh dang, that’s a good idea. We should ask.

-SHOOT Project fans, and those around the world, were shocked by Lexi Gold’s actions at Eternal.  The former Sin City Champion had been quiet for a month leading up to the premium live event.  Gold attacked the Premier Champion, Black Sheep Baez, after his excellent match against Maddie Seton.  The champion was taken to the back on a Sked where he was immediately examined by medical staff.

The official ruling was that Baez received lacerations and bruising on the back.  There was no damage to his repaired lower vertebrae.  Baez received stitches to a deep laceration above his left eye.  The Premier Champion was unavailable for comment but did share that he will be at Ruination on September 3rd and will address this situation that evening.

-The SHOOT Project is proud to announce the signing of two tag teams and a new singles addition to the REIGN roster.  Paydirt Squadron, the team of Lil Virtuoso and BASHTIN, finally sealed a developmental deal on Monday.  The explosive team of dangerous parkour and massive strength are currently competing in the Milo Flynn Cup.  Prepare to see Paydirt Squadron sometime in October. Paydirt Squadron are natives of Buffalo, New York, and wrestled for the same local promotion that brought Black Sheep Baez to the SHOOT Project.

Another tag team inked their way into developmental on Monday.  Mojo Machine, a duo composed of the flamboyant Vegas casanovas Doug Bass and Mark Sensation, will be heading to REIGN.

Bass and Sensation have been staples of the Las Vegas independent wrestling scene for several years and have become notorious for their workout stream “The Piston Popping Junk Show”, late night shenanigans, and cocksman escapades.  They also dub themselves the universal mustachio champions of this galaxy. Mojo Machine are two very talented performers with extensive Greco-Roman and Judo backgrounds.

Monday was a busy day for SHOOT Developmental.  Taito Artorian signed the dotted line and will begin training at the Epicenter.  Artorian is a young Samoan rookie with an extremely bright future.  Taito grew up in San Diego as an avid fan of the SHOOT Project.  He’s worked his way through independents for three years and finally received the call.  Prepare to see Taito in action very soon!

-According to reports, following the events of REIGN Total Annihilation ,Ayumi Seppuku was taken in critcal condition to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. No update has ben provided by SHOOT Project officials regarding her status.

-Following the series of events at REIGN where an impromptu match was held between WOLF MAN and Ayumi Seppuku, SHOOT Project Chief of Staff Lennox Ferguson issued an official statement following the events of Eternal: Rise of the Triad. “The actions taken by Ayumi Seppuku have not only recklessly put her own safety at risk, but the risk of other members of the SHOOT Project. Despite multiple warnings, Ayumi has refused to adhere to the guidance offered by the SHOOT Project medical staff and her own legal counsel. While we are aware that Ayumi is still recovering from her injuries, SHOOT Project can no longer look past her flagarant disregard of our requirements for competition. Effective immediately, Ayumi Seppuku is officialy released from her contract and banned from entering any and all SHOOT Project-owned facilities. Any actions taken in violation of this order will be met with formal legal and criminal prosecution. No further comment will be provided regarding the future of Ayumi Seppuku in SHOOT Project.”

-A confident, but bloody, Timothy Roy greeted eager fans following his victory against Pigpen Matsumoto. According to reports, the victorious Solder was surprisingly emotional at the display of affection and remained on site until every last fan had a chance to talk with the man seemingly carving a path as the next face of hardcore wrestling in SHOOT Project.

-Daihm Ferguson and Chick Grillbreast AKA DAIHMBREAST were seen leaving the Las Vegas Epicenter together shortly following their encounter with Lucha Fitness. Staff reports indicate that the pair appeared close and in good spirits despite the challenge issued earlier in the evening. Daihm, in particular, was in surprisingly jovial while Chick remained cautious about the pair he has seemingly deemed the Kombucha Nitwits” in a surprisingly display of cleverness and wordplay.

-Mr. Ho, the agent for Moriton, has said he will be moving his client away from Felix Mullen for the time being and work on honing his craft in REIGN. “Chuluuna (Moriton’s birth name) dominated in the ranks of Mongolian bokh, but I fear that Mullen’s influence on him will prove detrimental. I want him to practice the Western craft in a place where he can grow and then learn to dominate like he did on the steppe.” Moriton, however, will still team with Mullen at the annual Milo Flynn Cup, the premiere independent tag team tournament in the country.

-With X-Calibur returning unexpectedly to SHOOT Project at ETERNAL: Legacy of the Triad, there have been countless news and rumors floating about. Word has it that Real Deal reached out to X-Calibur after rumors of the former 2-Time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer looking to make a comeback reached his ears. 

X had recently been spotted at a local Whole Foods with his daughter Esper, looking noticeably shredded and in tremendous shape all-around. This, combined with rumors coming from his students at his training facility Champ’s LEGACY, kickstarted the rumblings of an imminent return. 

Officials are also said to be unhappy that X-Calibur’s return was leaked, but were feeling “more than relieved” after hearing the reaction he received in the Epicenter before his impromptu match with Chadwick Kyle.

As for what X-Calibur’s plans are, there hasn’t been much information that’s been able to be excavated from the Las Vegas promotion. Sources deep within the roster have been quoted saying, “Nobody knows what his plans are. Why is he back? Is he targeting anybody specific? Nobody knows a damn thing.”

As of this moment, X-Calibur has been promoted for Ruination in a match against Payaso del la Muerte, which will mark the first time since early 2022 that X-Calibur has stepped into a Ruination wrestling ring.

-Eryk Masters, the Voice of SHOOT, was rushed to Sunrise Hospital at the conclusion of Eternal.  He was diagnosed with a severe concussion and a tear to his sternal and claicular neck muscles after being attacked by former World Heavyweight Champion Nate Robideau following his loss in the main event.  Robideau has been fined $250,000 for the attack by management, with SHOOT President and CEO Josh Johnson stating that he would leave the option for a full suspension on the table pending an internal review.