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First Annual Chad Kyle Iron Man Invitational

Los Angeles Epicenter

The show opens in the Epicenter as the fans are eagerly awaiting the show.  “Hero” By Chad Kroeger begins to trumpet over the PA system as Chad Kyle makes his way through the curtain.  There is a small amount of pyro, it appears to be self-funded by Chad Kyle.  The crowd begins to boo Chad Kyle as he makes his way to the ring.

Chad Kyle: Welcome everyone to the First Annual Chad Kyle Iron Man Invitational!  I’d like to start the evening by giving a couple thanks.  First of all I’d like to thank my family.  Without the unwavering support of my brothers and sister I would have never had the confidence to step out here tonight and show the world just what a Kyle is made of.  Second I’d like to thank the SHOOT Project management for allowing me to come out here and really showcase what the Family Kyle is really all about.  Lastly, I’d like to thank a very special lady out there.  The woman I’m dedicating every match out here tonight to, Ria Lockheart!

The fans cheer at the mention of the Sister of Steel, but many more of them have started laughing at Chad Kyle.

Chad Kyle: So without anymore distractions, Let’s get this thing going, and let’s get to showing SHOOT Project how bigga badass Chad Kyle really is!

Chad Kyle def Monsieur Fabrice Bourdo

Notes: This is a pretty straightforward back and forth matchup.  Both competitors get a good bit of offense.  Bourdo locks up Kyle for a DDT when he is surprised by the Bawitaba.  Chad Kyle scores the submission victory.

El Paria def Chad Kyle

Notes: El Paria’s speed is too much for Chad Kyle in this one, as while they’re similar in size, Paria is exceptionally well trained. The ring announcer presented Paria as a rookie to the industry and as being only 19 years old. Paria was accompanied by Unholy Breedlove Empire driver Armstrong and Muratagi Hanzo. Paria beats Chad with his finisher, La Espina.

Ultimo Muerte def Chad Kyle

Notes: Chad Kyle is starting to gas here, and it’s showing.  He attempts a few low blows on Muerte, but he easily picks up the win here with a sunset flip into a pin.

Pat Cassidy def Chad Kyle

Notes: When Cassidy gets into the ring, Chad is leaning in the corner on the far side of the ring.  Cassidy storms straight into the corner and begins to stomp wildly into Chad to the delight of the fans.  Chad tries to put his hands up for defense, but is unable to.  Cassidy picks him up to his feet and pushes him back into the corner, arms draped over the top rope.  Cassidy mounts the turnbuckle and begins a slow ten count of punches that the fans excitedly chant along with.  In between “9” and “10” Cassidy mimes taking a shot which man fans eagerly mime along with, having a shot with Cassidy, before he delivers the final 10th blow.  He tosses Chad to the mat and covers him with one foot while standing for the 3 count.

Danni Johnson def Chad Kyle

Notes: Danni is slow to get to the ring, purposely giving Chad time to get to her feet.  Once to the ring, she asks Chad if he’s certain he want to fight.  Chad puts his fists up and assures her that “It’s on!”  The fans cheer and Danni shakes her head at Kyle with an exacerbated look on her face.  This match is slower than the rest with Danni getting in a lot of offense, but giving Chad plenty of time to get back to his feet.  Chad doesn’t get much offense in, a punch or two here or there.  Chad drops to is knees for his signature low blow, but Danni lands a brutal kick to the side of his head before he can connect.  Danni gets the pinfall.

Chad Kyle def Blaze Claymore

Notes: Blaze comes to the ring playing up to the crowd.  For their part, the crowd has a hard time deciding who to boo more.  By the time Blaze gets to the ring, Chad Kyle has made his way to his feet.,  The referee calls for the bell and Blaze immediately swings with a huge haymaker.  Chad attempts to block, but falls to his knees out of pure exhaustion.  Taking him off guard with his miss, Blaze stumbles forward a few steps giving Chad an opportunity for a low blow that he converts into a small package for the three count.  Blaze jumps to his feet and starts arguing with the referee.  As we walks back to the back he curses at both Chad and the Referee demanding a rematch with Kyle.  Chad takes the opportunity to get back to his feet.

In ring: “Would?” begins to play as Chadwick Kyle sits back on his knees.  He closes his eyes in sad defeat as out from the back comes Void, flanked by a man in all black, green, and yellow and a girl in a matching half skull mask similar to Void’s new visage.  Void stands there, dressed in a red trench coat and forearm gauntlets, and his grin is evident behind his mask.  The girl next to him is grinning as well, her eyes bulging wide behind her half skull mask.  Void motions for the music to end.

Void:  What…a…showing, Chadwick.

He looks around.

Void:  REIGN fans, this has been one heck of an event, huh?

The fans applaud as Void walks over to the ring steps.  The girl slides under the bottom rope and the fully costumed man begins to circle around the ring.  Void nods his head.

Void:  You know what I’m thinking, Chad?  You don’t, so I’ll tell you.  See these people with me, Chad?  This is my family.  That man over there is Blight…say hi, Blight!

The camera cuts to Blight, whose masked face is unseen.  He stares at the ring.

Void:  And this young lady here, Chad, you’ve met.  Say hello to Fade.

Fade continues to grin.

Void:  Chad, you’ve got a great thing going here.  You’re suuuuch a legendary veteran with a strong winning streak going on right now of 1.  I think it’s time you show my beloved Fade how we do this fine art of ours.

Chad shakes his head.

Void:  Oh yeah, a man like you knows a thing or two about when a girl wants to go at it at the drop of a hat, right?

Chad continues to shake his head violently.

Void:  Fade versus Chadwick Kyle!  Impromptu!  Fade, have fun.

Chad Kyle def Fade


Fade immediately jumped on the weary Kyle, attacking him with ferocity that shows an intensity her Spitter game didn’t foreshadow.  She shouted constantly, clawing and slapping at him.  Kyle manages to catch her with a small package but Fade powers out at one.  Every move she attempted was met with a clever counter from Kyle, who recognized that her lack of training was being overshadowed by her sheer insane viciousness.  She managed to catch him with a drop toe hold which delighted Void, who pointed to Blight and then to Fade as if he were a proud parent.  Fade quickly sprawled over Kyle and headbutted him until a cut busted open on Kyle’s head.  It was as though the blood was enough to drive her madder, however, and she started clawing at the cut and licking it.  She began to suck on the wound while Kyle tried to reach for the rope or anything to get her to stop.  Void’s voice echoed throughout the stunned audience.

Void:  Fade, get off of him.

She continues her attack.  Void rolls into the ring.

Void:  Fade, you need to stop.

Fade stops and moves away from Chad.

Void:  Go outside, Fade.

Fade:  But I’ll get counted out!

Void points to where Blight stands.  Her head drops and she leaves the ring.  Void bends down as the referee begins his count.

Void:  Chad, you okay, buddy?

Chad looks up at Void, frozen in fear.

Void:  You did great, man.  I’m proud of you.  You taught her so much.

Chad seems confused, mouthing “I did?”

Void:  You did, brother.  And hey, we’re warriors in the ring, so as far as I’m concerned, you’re my brother.  That said, thank you.  She needed that.

The referee’s count gets to 14.

Void:  Hey, after this though…I won’t stop her.  She needs to learn a lesson in restraint but if you gloat over this…


Void:  If you mock her…


Void:  If you even say our names…


Void:  I will let her drain you dry.

He grins.  Eighteen.

Void:  And then I’ll break you and your whole family.


Void:  Congratulations, Chad!

The referee calls for the bell.

Void:  Two win streak!  You are amazing, brother!

Void ruffles Chad’s hair and turns to Fade and Blight.  Fade is angry and disappointed until Void snaps his fingers at her.  She quickly nods her head and the three of them leave the ringside area.

Backstage: SHOOT Project Soldier Ignatius Albert Martin is spotted backstage conversing with a few of the roster members of Reign.  Things are fairly jovial in attitude as he shares stories with them from their wrestling background and picks their brain about their career choice and training regimens.  

Main Event:

Backstage: Dan Stein starts to make his way to the ring before he is stopped just behind the curtain by his cousin, Cyrus O’Haire.  Cyrus talks Stein into letting him take his place in the main event.  The fans seems shocked as Cyrus emerges from the curtain wearing a PRIME Wrestling T-shirt.  He stops at the ramp and talks to the fans about his upcoming match at Revival 2 for the first round of the Almasy Invitational tournament.  

Cyrus O’Haire def Chad Kyle: 

Notes: This is a massacre.  Chad gets absolutely zero offense in.  Cyrus nails him with suplex after suplex.  Eventually the fans go from cheering at the destruction of Chad to booing Cyrus and some are actually cheering for Chad  A few “Let’s Go Chad” chants make their way out of the crowd.  Cyrus throws Chad out of the ring and spears him into the barricade nearest the loudest contingent of fans cheering for Kyle.  He grabs chad by the back of the head and tosses him back in the ring.  Satisfied with the destruction of Chad, Cyrus laughs as he BURIES Chad into the center of the ring with The Injection.  The fans boo as Cyrus covers Chad for the 3 count.
Post Match: The referee checks on Chad and calls for a stretcher to come out for him.  Chad is bleeding all over the ring and is barely conscious.  A medical crew begins to make their way down the ramp with a stretcher when SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions UCA shove them out of the way and take the stretcher down to the ring themselves.  Power Devil hoists the stretcher up and tosses it over the top rope, nearly nailing Chad in the process.  They both enter the ring as the referee attempts to make his way out.  Cyber Beast grand the referee by the collar and demands an impromptu handicap exhibition match to close the show.  The ref tries to restore order and throw the Champions out of the ring, but Chad had managed to get to one knee and motions “bring it on” at the Champions.  The referee tries to talk to Chad, but he ignores them.  Just before the Referee can call for the bell the Sisters of Steel make their way from the curtain and storm the ring.  The UCA stop in their track and move to the edge of the ring to meet them.  There are words exchanged and neither side seem to be making a move at one another.  As the Sisters of Steel jaw with UCA, Chad comes behind Power Devil and gives a half-hearted low blow before collapsing back to the mat.  UCA turns to face the fallen Chad.  Cyber Beast hoists Chad onto his shoulder as Power Devil positions the stretcher into the center of the ring.  The Champions power Chad up to the top rope before hitting HEAVEN TORN ASUNDER on Chad, absolutely PLANTING him face down onto the stretcher.  The fans audibly gasp as they wait to see if Chad is even still alive.  UCA looks directly at the Sisters of Steel as they each grab one of the referee’s hands and hoist them into the air, proclaiming themselves the winners.  The show cuts as UCA leaves the ring with the Sisters of Steel and the medical personnel rushing the ring to check on Chad.