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Haskell Payne

Name:"The Colonel" Haskell Delmar Payne
Wrestling Style:Bluegrass Michinoku Pro
Weight:167 lbs
Date of Birth:10/31/1994
Country:Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, USA
Finisher Name:Psychobilly Freakout Junior
Finishing Move:Corkscrew Cannonball Senton
Theme Music:"Double Super Buzz" by Nine Pound Hammer
Signature 1:Boot Scoot 'n' Boogie - Somersault Missile Heel Kick
Signature 2:Double Knee Backbreaker
Signature 3:Punch ( w/ Brass Knuckles )
Signature 4:Moonsault Elbow Drop
Bio:Born to humble beginnings, Haskell is a man who's mouth often writes checks that his body has difficulty cashing. He's loud, he's arrogant, he can even be filled with full bore rage--but he's also fiercely loyal, fast as hell, and willing to lay it all on the line no matter what challenge he faces. Associate of Elgin Blair and good friends with Robby Bingo.