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Historical Superlatives

Nate RobideauSoldier of the Year2023
The ColtonsTeam of the Year2023
Black Sheep BaezNewcomer of the Year2023
Nate RobideauVillain of the Year2023
X-Calibur Vs. Azraith DeMitri - Revolution 200Match of the Year2023
Azraith DeMitriHero of the Year2023
Blaze Claymore Vs. DEEP SHOOTFeud of the Year2023
Breedlove ReturnsMark Out Moment of the Year2023
Nate RobideauChampion of the Year2023
KellieMost Understanding Partner2023
Joshua BreedloveRedemption Rumble2023
KitsuneMaster of the Mat2023
The ColtonsMasters of the Mat2023
Buck DresdenSoldier of the Year2022
Lux AeternaTeam of the Year2022
Lexi GoldNewcomer of the Year2022
Joshua BreedloveVillain of the Year2022
Carolina Lions Vs. Lux AeternaMatch of the Year2022
Buck DresdenHero of the Year2022
Judy Punchinello Vs. Laura SetonFeud of the Year2022
Chick GrillbreastSpit Your Game2022
Breedlove LosesMark Out Moment of the Year2022
Jamie JohnsonChampion of the Year2022
RAIKORedemption Rumble2022
Dan Stein Vs. VoidFeud of the Year2021
Buck DresdenChampion of the Year2021
Void & Joshua BreedloveVillain of the Year2021
Unholy Cyber ArmyTeam of the Year2021
Ayumi Comes OutMark Out Moment of the Year2021
Dan SteinHero of the Year2021
Azraith DeMitriSoldier of the Year2021
Lindsay TroyNewcomer of the Year2021
Lindsay TroyMaster of the Mat2021
Breedlove Vs. The WorldFeud of the Year2020
Azraith DeMitriChampion of the Year2020
New Vanguard/Breedlove/ButcherVillain of the Year2020
Unholy Cyber ArmyTeam of the Year2020
The Burial & Resurrection of Buck DresdenMark Out Moment of the Year2020
Buck DresdenHero of the Year2020
Buck DresdenSoldier of the Year2020
C.K. ButcherNewcomer of the Year2020
C.K. ButcherRedemption Rumble2020
Joshua BreedloveSin City Championship Series2020
Maya NakashimaHero of the Year2013
Jacob MephistoVillain of the Year2013
Adrian Corazon Vs. Isaac EntragianFeud of the Year2013
Bad Ass BrotherhoodTeam of the Year2013
Jacob MephistoSin City Championship Series2013
Loco MartinezMaster of the Mat2013
Elizabeth GauntNewcomer of the Year2012
Laura Seton Turns HeelMark Out Moment of the Year2012
Isaac Entragian Vs. Jaime AlejandroFeud of the Year2012
Isaac EntragianVillain of the Year2012
Donovan KingHero of the Year2012
Jaime Alejandro Vs. Isaac EntragianMatch of the Year2012
Bad Ass BrotherhoodTeam of the Year2012
Isaac EntragianChampion of the Year2012
Donovan KingSoldier of the Year2012
Lunatikk CripplerSin City Championship Series2011
Tag Team DivisionDisappointment of the Year2010
Azrael GoerenNewcomer of the Year2010
Jester Smiles Betrays the SHOOT ProjectMark Out Moment of the Year2010
Cade Sydal (IF) Azraith DeMitri (WHC)Champion of the Year2010
Bad Ass BrotherhoodTeam of the Year2010
Sovereign Vs. SHOOT ProjectFeud of the Year2010
Adrian Corazon Vs. Trey WillettMatch of the Year2010
Donovan KingVillain of the Year2010
Trey WillettHero of the Year2010
Donovan KingSoldier of the Year2010
Adrian CorazonChampion of the Year2009
Dan SteinRedemption Rumble2012
X-CaliburRedemption Rumble2011
Donovan KingRedemption Rumble2009
Jonny JohnsonRedemption Rumble2008
Chris LeeRedemption Rumble2002
Trey WillettMaster of the Mat2011
Azraith DeMitriMaster of the Mat2010
Jester SmilesMaster of the Mat2008
Del CarverMaster of the Mat2002