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ICONIC – News & Notes

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

  • ICONIC did the biggest gate in SHOOT Project history, with over 35,000 tickets sold. It was the first time since the Epicenter’s renovation that SHOOT has had to open up its additional capacity wings.

  • Lindsay Troy was treated for multiple contusions, bruised ribs, and received stitches after her 60 minute war with Void. Upon leaving the medical wing, the Queen of the Ring had this to say: “Book me.”

  • Jamie Johnson will be defending the REIGN Championship on Friday, March 17th, at the Los Angeles Epicenter. He reports to LA later this week after capturing the title from Adrian Reyes who held the championship for 669 days.

  • Coming off of ICONIC, “Ravishing” Ron Barker is making his return to the SHOOT Project ring. In the interim, he will be stepping down from his role as the Director of Digital Media. That role will be filled by SHOOT Project staffer Don Parker.

  • When the two are in the same wrestling arena, it’s normally Laura Seton doing the work and her sister, Madison, being a fan.  ICONIC, however, was different.  As Laura–with no match–rooted for her friend Lexi Gold, Madison had ongoing talks with SHOOT officials.  “We can’t say if she signed anything, but talks were productive.”  The WNBA all-star, readying for her 9th season, while beaming and a sparkle in her eye, simply replied, “No comment.”

  • Molly and Siobhan Stein were checked out by the SHOOT Project medical staff immediately after the incident during ICONIC, and appeared to be cleared. Molly was seen leaving the Epicenter shortly there after with Siobhan. Dan Stein was not accompanying them. No word on how Dan got home from the Epicenter.

  • Per a source in the Blackhawk organization: Nate Robideau has made it known to management that he has no interest in facing Jonas Coleman again.  His camp is said to be far more interested in his upcoming match with Judy-E DeMitri, as he wants to elevate younger talent.

  • SHOOT Project quietly signed Joshi legend COMBAT Kabuto over the weekend, with reports that the actual final signatures were done backstage before ICONIC.  There were some concerns of her mobility after a nearly career-ending knee injury a year ago– but management, in particular Donovan King, are extremely high on her. 

  • Jonas Coleman has received fourteen stitches on his forehead, a result of a repeatedly aggravated cut.   He complained of arm soreness after the match, but preliminary examinations have ruled out any ligament tears. He’s been put on a medical suspension as a result of the encounter with Nate Robideau, and his timetable for return is unknown.

  • Percy Puente, the self-stylized “Top Dog”, has made claim to being signed to a max money deal for the next five years.  Management has categorically denied this, with SHOOT President Josh Johnson stating “I have not given Percy Puente any thought, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.”

  • Puente has also made claim the he has slid into the DMs of Peach Backshots.  Trouble in the Zoomer Love camp?

  • Master of the Mat WILL, for the first time ever, feature a tag team component to it. Rumor’s are that it will be an 8-team tournament and will run concurrently with the traditional Master of the Mat event, with the finals being held on PPV, for a shot at the World Tag Team Championships. When asked for comment, SHOOT HQ indicated that they were very pleased with the state of the tag team division, crediting the work of the Carolina Lions, Coltons, Bone Brigade, and the Unholy Cyber Army in particular. More details to come.

  • Danni Johnson was visibly upset after being eliminated first in the 6 person match for a shot at the World championship. She left ringside immediately, not because she was supposed to, but because she stormed to the back to find Real Deal. Before any kind of meeting or complaining could happen, the Holy Empress abruptly left the arena. The reason for the hasty exit is a mystery.

  • Hall of Famer Ayumi Seppuku was confirmed to be in the back when RAIKO arrived having fended off her former friend Judy Punchinello  in a violent, bloody Iron Fist Championship match. Ayumi, looking much better following her severe concussion and neck injury at the hands of the Carolina Lions at Reckoning Day deflected any questions about a timeline for her in-ring return and instead encouraged fans to continue to support both Judy and RAIKO as the future of the SHOOT Project.

  • Fans were buzzing online following the chemistry between Daihm Ferguson and Chick Grillbreast after the two collaborated for a Dragon’s Lair segment at ICONIC. They are already shipping the two fighters, throwing around names like “Twink and Twonk” … “Breast and Thighs”  … “Tops and Bottoms” … “Big Daddy and Little Daddy” …. “Dick Thirstbreast” and “Meat Lovers Combo”

  • Ringside reporters tried to catch up with Blaze Claymore and Rooster following their loss to Dan Stein and Chadwick Kyle but staff were continually impeded by other backstage staff. When Abigail Chase  was finally able to get close to the two fighters, they were getting into a limo and before she could even ask a question the passenger doors were slammed shut. However, a quick-on-his-feet cameraman caught glimpse of the driver of the limo and fans have been speculating that, as impossible as it might sound, it could have been former child actor Jonathan Lipnicki but those reports are unconfirmed and have yet to be addressed by Lipnicki’s representatives.