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Las Vegas, Nevada.  Otherwise known as Sin City, plays home to many things.

The Gambler, putting it all on the role of the dice.

The Young couple so much in love that they elope.

The middle aged man and woman searching for new life.

The just turned twenty one and wants to let it all go.

So many different type of people…. but all share one common characteristic.


The Gambler doesn’t strategize, he just goes for it.

The Young Couple doesn’t organize, they just go for it.

The Middle aged come to realize, and just go for it.

The Twenty One year olds want to socialize, they go for it.

Las Vegas, Nevada.  Otherwise known as Sin City, plays home to many things

Now it hosts The SHOOT Project…

So who’s going to go for it tonight?

(The Thomas and Mack Center comes alive on this Sunday Night, as thousands upon thousands of fans fill the arena with the anticipation of seeing the SHOOT Project finally back in the United States!  The screams are near deafening and the pyrotechnics only aid to the massive mix of sounds.  Streams of Red, gold, blue, and silver, pyros blast over the entryway to the ring as "Walk" by Pantera {Impulse’s Theme Music}, while the cameras circle all over catching various fans who are nothing short of pumped up.  Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen sit ringside donned in nice black suits and bowties.  They like the fans, seem incredibly excited about tonight’s huge show.)

Jeff Hansen: Bright light City gonna set our souls, gonna set our souls on fire!!  Lordy lord, I’m Jeff Hansen and I’m running on pure excitement tonight!  Sitting to my side as usual is the SHOOT President himself, Jason Johnson and fans, a lot has changed since the last time SHOOT graced the United States.

Jason Johnson: That’s right, and I for one am just filled with many emotions.  It’s going to be a night to remember, no matter what goes down.

Jeff Hansen: There is absolutely no doubt about that, and I think the SP in the U.S. is a beautiful thing.  The fans here haven’t had an exciting new product in some time, but now, now they have the chance to catch fresh talent perform in some top notch matches tonight.   And the superstars have the opportunity to take their performance to the next level, and head into the mainstream spotlight like they deserve.

Jason Johnson: We’ve had a great reception upon arrival, and autograph signings throughout the week really showed us that our fan base in America is strong, and continually growing.

Jeff Hansen: Well there is no damn reason why it shouldn’t.  Tonight is a perfect example of what we have to offer.  Six solid matches, all ready to blow up in this very arena tonight, a night where it’s all game, because its Pay Per View.

(The cameras cut away from Jeff Hansen and Jason Johnson for a moment catching a few more fans and panning to see a huge mat rolled up near the entryway)

Jason Johnson: Six Solid matches indeed, and it all comes to end with the World title Main Event, OutKast going up against The Real Deal in an Alienation match.  As you can see that Alienation mat over there for that very specific reason.  It’s going to be an exciting, but also nerve wrecking night for some of us.

Jeff Hansen: Well I’m just here to enjoy it all.  Anything can go down, and knowing the superstars in the SP, anything will.

Jason Johnson: The elements of tonight are many, including that steel cage hanging high above the ring, which will be lowered in just a few moments.

(Jason Johnson points up to the rafters, and sure enough the steel cage is seen hanging there, looming over the ring.  Samantha Coil begins to enter the ring to kick off the first match of Impulse.  However, “Mr. Crowley” By Ozzy Osbourne blares out of the speakers through out the arena, which catches Samantha off guard.  The lights go black and a blue haze begins to fill the arena. Out comes a man dressed in a black rope with a hood over his head. He is pushing out a cart with a blanket over it. He walks down to the ring and lifts it into the ring. He then climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone. The lights come up and he begins to speak with the hood still covering his head.)

Man: Hello. None of you out there know me, and thank god! No one in the back knows me. In fact, the only man who does know me is god, and no one can see him. I am here tonight on a mission. I was put into this world to create miracles, and tonight before all of your eyes, I will perform the newest miracle of the world. A little old lady called me up and asked for a miracle. She said she had prayed for a miracle, and god had pointed her to me. Her husband is in trouble and needs a new heart, so that’s what she was praying for. I agreed to help her, and now, you will all witness a legitimate, real miracle.  I give gods word on that!

(He flips off his hood.)

Man: Without further ado, I give you my newest miracle.

(He drops his robe and he wearing scrubs.)

Man: I give to you the woman’s living heart.

(He flips the blanket off and sitting in the cart is a live pig lying down. He pulls a large knife out of the cart and stares at the pig.)

Man: Ladies and gentlemen… Our doner… stolen fresh from a farm this morning, a 90 pound pig! I will perform in front of all you people, an operation that only listened doctors are allowed to do, unless they are of course, a man of divine miracles, such as I.

(The knife glistens in the light and he takes the knife down to the pig. He begins to cut it open and it squeals and kicks trying to escape. He grabs its head and bangs it into the cart and continues to cut. Blood begins to spill out of the cut as the pig still fights for its life. The man begins to cut a slit around the belly, there is blood everywhere. He then finishes the circle and the pig stops moving. It is shaking in the cart. He pulls the circle of skin of the pig and begins to cut through intestines. The crowd begins to boo and throw things at him. He looks up from what he is doing and yells.)

Man: Don’t throw things at the pig. You could damage the heart!

(He goes back to cutting through the pigs intestines. The blood begins to pour out to the floor. He grabs a little hook and sticks his hand in the stomach digging around.)

Man: AH HA! I found the heart!

(He begins to mess around and tugging at things form the inside. He then slides out a heart. It is drenched in blood. He pulls out a cooler filled with ice and tosses the heart in.)

Man: Mission accomplished!

(He begins to walk away and pig is still squealing. He grabs the knife and chops off the pigs head. He lifts the head up to show the audience, and he gets a wave of horrendous fright and anger. He then throws the head in the cart and laughs.)

Man: There… If your hungry, have some bacon. I got a life to save! By the way, you need a miracle… Just look for the Miracle Man!

(He smirks and exits the arena with the cooler, leaving the fans sitting in complete disgust!)

Jeff Hansen: Uhhh…. Well I guess they let anyone and everyone into Las Vegas.

Jason Johnson: I have no clue what that just was, nor do I want to know.  Obviously security wasn’t made tight enough.

Jeff Hansen: Well maybe someone should get on that…

(Jeff Hansen and Jason Johnson talk amongst themselves as the steel cage now begins to lower.  As it does so, the cameras cut away to an Impulse promo to fill the time.)

A title once representing the honor of the Japanese warrior,

Worn by a man of questionable mental health,

Won by a man who swore to return it’s prestige.

The DOJO Title.

Lost was the ways of the DOJO,

It’s honor near faded.

Now, Three new warriors set to do battle.

Confined within a holding cell.

A Steel Cage.

Marcus Mirage,

Orion Bane,

The Boss…

Who will be victorious?

And who will just be tasting cold steel?



Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen the first match of the evening is for the DOJO title and will be wrestled for in a Steel Cage Elimination match!!

(The fans pop already excited for the match.  As they cheer, "Orion" by Metallica begins and Orion Bane emerges from the back, a look of focus on his face)

Samantha Coil: Coming down to the ring at this time, hailing from Monterey, California here is Orion Bane!!

(Orion Bane looks at the steel cage for a moment before entering the ring.  His music fades and is replaced by "We Will Survive" by Warp Brothers.  The fans turn their attention to the entry way yet again, and this time The Boss comes out his arms raised.  The fans boo the native of England and he simply shows them a look of disgust.)

Samantha Coil: And the second man entering the cage.  Here is The Boss!!

Jeff Hansen: Well some call him the best of the best, while others think he’s just got a bad British attitude.

Jason Johnson: In both cases, he’s a tremendous talent in the ring.

(The Boss glares at Orion Bane, and the referee inside the cage keeps both men from attacking each other.  Again the music dies down and now "Superstar II" begins to play.  Mirage steps out from behind the back curtain and is received with great heat.)

Samantha Coil: And finally introducing Chicago native and wrestling veteran, Marcus Mirage!!

(Mirage quickly walks down to the ring and as he steps into the cage.  Samantha Coil exits and locks the cage as well, leaving all three men with no where to run.)

Jason Johnson: Mirage adopting OutKast’s music for tonight’s match, I guess he thinks he’s a superstar already.

Jeff Hansen: Well he’s been on fire this week, something that definitely wasn’t expected from him.

Jason Johnson: This triple threat cage match for the Dojo title should be a hell of a fight Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Your certainly right that it will be a fight. All three of these men want to tear each other apart to be known as the Dojo Champion of the Shoot Project.

Jason Johnson: Well I sure hope somebody anybody, but Mirage wins this one.

Jeff Hansen: You really don’t like Mirage do you Jason?

Jason Johnson: He isn’t my favorite person no, but let’s to the action as there will be a load of it.

Jeff Hansen: Orion and Mirage are standing in the center of the ring starring at the surroundings of the tall cage that incases them. Then the cameras notice Boss who is standing there watching his two opponents. Orion notices this and speaks to Mirage for a moment.

Jason Johnson: It looks like we might have a partnership to start with here against Boss.

Jeff Hansen: You know if they work together it might not be a good night for Boss.

Jason Johnson: Orion and Mirage catch Boss with clubbing blows to his head and back sending him down to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: Boss is down already taking a beating in this match. He can’t like how this one is starting off with.

Jason Johnson: Boss still on the receiving end of the kicks from Orion as Mirage starts to stand back watching the carnage that Orion is dishing out with a smile on his face.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think Orion realizes it yet that Mirage is standing by letting him do all the work. Orion turns around noticing Mirage standing there with a look of distain on his face. Orion gets into the face of Mirage badmouthing him causing him to receive a slap to the face knocking the taste out of his mouth.

Jason Johnson: That was a heck of a slap from Mirage to Orion. Boss is slowly getting back up shaking off the effects of the attack he had to endure early on. He notices that in front of him Orion and Mirage are tying up in the center of the ring with Mirage catching Orion in a go behind. Orion tries to reverse the hold, but Boss catches Mirage with a reverse ddt sending both Orion and Mirage crashing down to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: A nice counter there by Boss he caught both Mirage and Orion off guard. Boss goes for the cover on Mirage he gets a 2 count but it is broken up by Orion before it can go any further. Boss gets up to his feet quickly nailing Orion with a European uppercut rocking his head backwards.

Jason Johnson: A stiff blow there by Boss. Boss goes to hook Orion for a double under hook suplex, but Orion blocks it not once, but twice following it up with a back body drop sending Orion down once more. Mirage comes from behind Boss nailing him with a bulldog. Mirage goes for a cover but Boss kicks out at a long 2 count.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage gets up first and reaches down picking up Boss by the hair Irish whipping him into the ropes. He grabs him by the hair sending him face first into the cage then doesn’t let go and rakes his face on the steel mesh of the cage again and again.

Jason Johnson: Finally we get to see the cage being used to our pleasure. Orion is back up to his feet as he hits a high knee to middle of the back of Mirage sending him crashing into the steel cage himself. Mirage is checking his forehead to see if he is bleeding or not as Orion takes a couple steps back and goes for a super kick, but Mirage catches his foot pushing it aside and catches Orion with a lariat clothesline.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage climbs up to the top turnbuckle coming off with a frog splash, but Orion moves out of the way. Mirage crashes down hard to the mat. Holding his midsection trying to catch his breath. Boss catches blood dripping down and all catches Mirage in a school boy roll up as the referee hops into position.



Jason Johnson: Damn that was close there Jeff. Orion is back up to his feet nailing an elbow drop to the chest of Mirage. Orion picks up Mirage by the hair and takes him over towards the ropes and picks him up nailing him with a vertical suplex sending him torso first into the steel.

Jeff Hansen: That was beautiful Jason. All three of these men have had a chance to get their licks in. Mirage is slowly getting to his feet trying to shake out the cobwebs, but just as he does this Boss comes off the far side ropes diving over the top rope hitting Mirage with a swan dive head butt sending both men crashing down to the mat outside the ring.

Jason Johnson: That was a pretty nice move there by Boss. Even though he is a big man he showed some agility there Jeff. Boss and Mirage aren’t moving as inside the ring Orion is back up to his feet he climbs up the ropes to the top turnbuckle coming off with an asi moon sault sending all three crashing down to the mat on the outside all three men are lying in a heap.

Jeff Hansen: This has the look of a bad train wreck. All these men are bruised and beaten and we still haven’t had anyone eliminated from this match up. I’m not sure if we might have all three of them eliminated after that move by Orion.

Jason Johnson: Orion is slowly making his way towards the ring apron using it to pull himself up to his feet. He slides back in under the bottom rope still trying to shake off the effects of the match to this point. Orion slides back out and picks up both Mirage and Boss tossing them into the ring. He comes in right behind them but Mirage is back up to his feet catching Orion on his way back inside the ring with an elbow drop to his lower back.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage comes over and picks up Orion and places him on his shoulders and nails him with a swinging neck breaker drop.

Jason Johnson: A hell of a move there by Mirage.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage goes for the pin fall attempt coming up just short as Boss reaches up grabbing the left leg of Mirage catching him with in an ankle lock rearing back on the ankle of Mirage who is screaming out in pain.

Jason Johnson: Mirage tap out damn it! Come on break it Boss.

Jeff Hansen: Dang you are surly unbiased there aren’t you Jason? Anyway I think Mirage is certainly in a bad spot. Right in the center of the ring. He needs to get to the ropes to break this hold or soon he will be tapping out. Boss wrenches back on the ankle a little further. Orion comes off the far side ropes nailing Boss with a spin wheel kick sending both Boss and Mirage down to the mat. Orion reaches out hooking Mirage’s leg going for the cover, but only gets a long 2 count once more.

Jason Johnson: Mirage gets his shoulder up off the mat and Orion tries to go out and gets a steel chair from underneath the ring tossing it inside.

Jeff Hansen: Here comes the chairs.

Jason Johnson: Orion goes to pick up the chair Mirage catches him and kicks him in the stomach then nails Orion with a snap ddt onto the chair. Mirage goes for the cover as the referee looks at the blood covering Orion’s face and chest as he begins to make the count.



Jeff Hansen: What the hell you’ve got to be kidding me! How did Orion kick out of that?

Jason Johnson: I think it has to be the desire that he has inside him to become the DOJO Champion Jeff. Even though I think he is nuts to kick out after something that devastating, but I’m not in the ring so who am I to judge?

Jeff Hansen: As am I, but I know that I would have been beaten a long time ago. Mirage picks up Orion and tosses him into the ropes and nails him in the gut and follows that up with a gut wrench suplex into a sit down piledriver. Orion is motionless as Boss is on the opposite side of the ring. Mirage goes for the cover as the referee slides into position getting the 1..2..3 eliminating Orion Bane from the match up.

Jason Johnson: That now makes it a 1 on 1 match up. A heck of an effort though by Orion he didn’t give up that’s for sure.

Jeff Hansen: That he certainly did, but he came up just short on his attempt to be known as DOJO Champion.

Jason Johnson: Mirage is back up along with Boss as they both get into one another’s face talking smack back and forth.

Jeff Hansen: These two men are the last two left to determine the new DOJO Champion.

Jason Johnson: Who wants it more? I just hope Boss wins but Mirage won’t go out without a fight.

Jeff Hansen: Your exactly right Josh. Boss and Mirage tie up in the center of the ring with Mirage getting the advantage with an eye gouge causing Boss to be blinded temporarily. Mirage catches him with a fore arm shot sending Boss down to one knee. Mirage comes off the ropes nailing a sit down dropkick bending Boss over backwards.

Jason Johnson: Mirage reaches over grabbing the tights and pulls Boss onto his back and goes for the cover. But Boss kicks out before the count of 3 can be administered.

Jeff Hansen: Close but no cigar.

Jason Johnson: Boss showed some heart their Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t believe either one of these men are still able to move after the impact that we’ve witnessed here tonight.

Jason Johnson: Mirage gets up and goes for and connects with a running knee drop to the fore head causing Boss to roll around on the mat holding his head in pain.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t imagine the pain that Boss is feeling right now he must be in severe pain.

Jason Johnson: Exactly. Mirage then looks up at the top of the cage that must be at least 20 feet in the air. He then goes over and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle and he begins climbing up to the top of the cage coming off with a shooting star press landing on the prone Boss as Mirage has the wind knocked out of him. He can’t make the immediate pin fall attempt.

Jeff Hansen: This extra time after the move could make it possible for Boss to be able to stay alive in this match.

Jason Johnson: He certainly could be able to Jeff. He really is going to have a hard time keeping Boss down unless he hurries.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage crawls over placing his arm over the chest of Boss while the referee gets into position and begins to make the cover.



Jason Johnson: No, Boss kicks out I can’t believe it he is still alive. I thought Mirage had it there Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: As did I, but that is the determination that makes the Shoot Project wrestlers the best in the business.

Jason Johnson: He certainly is showing he doesn’t want to walk out of here with a loss on his record.

Jeff Hansen: No doubt about that Josh.

Jason Johnson: Mirage slowly gets to his feet reaching down to pick up Boss, but is caught in an inside cradle as the referee gets a long 2 count before Mirage is able to use his remaining leg strength to get out of the pin fall attempt.

Jeff Hansen: Josh I think that this has to be one of the best triple threat matches I’ve seen in a long time. Both men have given it there all and we still don’t have a winner after all the hard hitting action we’ve witnessed. What will it take to keep them down for the count of 3?

Jason Johnson: Its hard to say. I think it will be something that can’t be humane as they have tried almost everything to keep those shoulders down to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: It might take an act of god to make this one happen.

Jason Johnson: You might be right. Both men slowly get to their feet while Mirage the fresher of the two men goes for a right hand but it is caught by Boss who delivers a vertebreaker sending Mirage down to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: Come on Boss capitalize on this you can become the champion.

Jason Johnson: A heck of a reversal there by Boss. I didn’t see that one coming.

Jeff Hansen: There we go crawl Boss.

Jason Johnson: There he has the leg count referee.

Jeff Hansen: The referee begins to make his count.



Jason Johnson: Mirage has his foot on the bottom rope and the referee saw it before his hand hit for the count of 3 breaking the count.

Jeff Hansen: He certainly had great ring presence there didn’t he Josh?

Jason Johnson: He did indeed. Damn what a fight.

Jeff Hansen: The fans are standing Josh trying to cheer both these men on loving the action they are witnessing.

Jason Johnson: Both these men have to be exhausted from the brutal match up.

Jeff Hansen: Boss gets up to his feet staggering slightly. He gives a motion of shrugging his shoulders and begins to climb up to the top rope standing up there waiting and watching for Mirage to make it to his feet. Mirage slowly gets up to his feet staggering towards the perched Boss who comes off going for an attempted cross body block, but shockingly Mirage nails him with a spear sending both men down hard.

Jason Johnson: These men certainly have studied one another very well. The other always seems to be one step ahead of the other.

Jeff Hansen: I think one mistake is all it will take to close this match up on the books.

Jason Johnson: Who will make that mistake as it looks like Mirage is in position to go for the cover.



Jeff Hansen: 3.. no Boss got his shoulder up just in the nick of time. What a fight.

Jason Johnson: Mirage looks exhausted as does Boss.

Jeff Hansen: Let’s just say this both men are physically drained.

Jason Johnson: Mirage pushes himself towards the corner using the turnbuckles to pull himself up to his feet propping himself up waiting there to catch his breath. Boss slowly gets up to his feet and begins to walk over towards the fatigued Mirage.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage swings and connects with a haymaker right hand causing Boss to stagger out towards the center of the ring. Mirage follows him out picking him in a Samoan drop holding the leg to go for the pin.



Jason Johnson: Another close fall, but no cigar.

Jeff Hansen: We might have a winner here tonight.

Jason Johnson: We know though that both these men are going to be hurting in the morning.

Jeff Hansen: That is a given after something like this.

Jason Johnson: Mirage goes off the middle rope and tries for a lion sault, but Boss rolls out of the way before Mirage could connect with the move.

Jeff Hansen: Another high risk move by Mirage that won’t pay dividends.

Jason Johnson: Can you even imagine what is next?

Jeff Hansen: Las Vegas has certainly been treated to a heck of a match up.

Jason Johnson: Boss goes for the cover as the referee gets into position once more as he gets just a long 2 count.

Jeff Hansen: Boss gives the look to the referee what do I have to do to beat Mirage. As he begins to climb up the side of the cage.

Jason Johnson: I can’t believe he even has his bearings enough to climb up this cage.

Jeff Hansen: He shouldn’t be doing something like this after taking the abuse he has endured tonight.

Jason Johnson: You’ve never said anything so true Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Well let’s see what Boss has in mind for his climb up the right side of the cage.

Jason Johnson: Boss stares down at Mirage who is slowly making his way to his feet. Boss prays for a brief moment then he comes off the top of the cage and just as he is about connect with a swan dive head butt. Mirage catches him in an impaler type ddt sending the head of Boss to the mat with a sickening thud.

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit!! Did you see that?

Jason Johnson: Did you hear that? I don’t know, but the EMT’s better be on stand by because I think Mirage might have killed Boss with that move.

Jeff Hansen: After a few moments Mirage goes over and places his arms across the motionless body of Boss as the referee is in position.




Jeff Hansen: A hell of a fight even though Mirage came out the new DOJO champion.

Jason Johnson: I just hope Boss is alright he is only just now beginning to move his legs and arms. That was awfully high up in the air.

Jeff Hansen: Well let’s just say this if I know him he will be back next week on Oblivion.

Jason Johnson: Yeah your probably right. A great match my hat goes off to them. Great job all three indeed.

Jeff Hansen: A great job, but Mirage did the best job in this opening bout, and hopefully he’ll bring the DOJO title back up to a respectable level.

Jason Johnson:  Well,  Mirage might have walked away with SHOOT gold, but he’s the only one out of that alliance formed between him, OutKast, and Mac, that is going to be gaining a title tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Wow, that bet has really got you worked up, doesn’t it?  You must be a nervous wreck.

Jason Johnson: Wouldn’t you be?

Jeff Hansen: Well yeah, but I don’t make bets of that nature for that precise reason.

(Jason Johnson sighs and again, Samantha Coil readies herself in the ring…. however just as she is about to do so,"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine hits the sound system. Roland the Dark walks onto the stage, smirk clearly visible, and boos loudly answer him.)

Jeff Hansen: Doesn’t seem like Samantha is getting much respect tonight.  First she’s cut off by that crazy pig killer, and now Roland the Dark has decided to grace us with his presence.

Jason: Well I guess if he’s out here, it can only mean one thing.  The answer to: Who is Roland’s Financier?

(Roland walks down to the stage, an uncharacteristic strut in his step. He smiles at the audience and he climbs into he ring.)

Jeff Hansen: Frankly, I hope this is a shock. If this is Ed Raymond, it’ll be a WWE style disappointment.

(Roland grabs the mic and his music stops. He smiles.)

Roland: Hello Everybody. I know, this is a bit early for my match with scary terrifying Lonewolf…

Jason Johnson: His sarcasm is a bit out of line.

Roland: …but there’s some other business to get through first. Though I highly doubt he will be necessary, and though I doubt anyone has taken me seriously. After all, he’s just Roland the Dark. Who would see anything in him? Who would? Certainly not Jason Johnson!

(Roland points right at Jason.)

Jason Johnson: Oh come on Roland! I’ve never held you down! That’s just plain ignorance.

Roland: Well there is one person who has seen something in me. He brought me here.

Jason Johnson: Sebastien Crowe?

Roland: He has believed in me before. He believes in me now. And he will believe in me always. Ladies and Gentlemen, my Financier… Jason Johnson, eat your heart out… My Financier…


Jason Johnson: WHAT? No!

(To a shocking announcement comes a shocking surprise. Followed by sirens, 50 Cent’s "U Not Like Me" blares through the pa and Daniel Jones steps from the curtain with a microphone. Dressed differently than his usual attire; Daniel wears blue jeans, a hooded Shoot Project shirt, and a pair of red Chucks. Before walking the aisle, he looks around at the shocked audience. Some cheering, some are booing and some are too amazed to do anything. He then proceeds to walk to the ring.)

Jason Johnson: Wait! I cannot believe this.

Jeff Hansen: Daniel Jones, has returned? I wonder what’s on his mind.

(Daniel enters the ring immediately shaking hands with Roland.)

Daniel Jones: Kill the music.

It cuts instantly. The sounds in arena left are from the audience, but that will change.)

Daniel Jones: Shoot Project; are you ready for the Dark Age? 

(The audience remembers the Dark Age; their mixed reaction is crazy.) 

Daniel Jones: Yep! Y’all remember the Dark Age. The question everybody wonders now though – where has Daniel Jones been? Well, I have been in jail. This was right after I was, booted from Shoot. That lasted a week; however, I was, transferred to house arrest right after, so that wasn’t very fun. "What is house arrest?" for those incapable to understand, it is where I am unauthorized to leave my home. Confined in for thirty days is not a pretty sight. If I attempted a leave, the guard would fire. Felt like, Russia was in America! Therefore, I had to take each step carefully. I played their game, constantly watched by a camera. Until one night, I had the vision. I called it "Operation: CBC", a small business swindle that sent money into my mailbox morning after morning. How did I do it? Well, let me say the information you seek is strictly confidential but I missed money. You have to understand, being the billionaire that I am, money is money, and I love money. So, can you blame me?

(The crowd senses Daniel Jones’s condescending attitude. They boo.)

Josh Johnson: Pompous ass.

Daniel Jones: House arrest ended. I know people. I began to run some bigger things. It’s amazing the dangerous people I know. Toshiro Mifune was one. He is now dead, but he did his job. Roland has come around quite nicely.

(Roland nods, Daniel Jones smiles.)

Daniel Jones: I was making money hand over fist. But one thing was missing. Shoot Project. You see, I owned this operation when it was nothing. I made it something. It was legit. It was in these United States. It was profitable, but some were upset. Some wanted power. Y’all in the back that were here know. Y’all may have twisted incorrect memories but this is what happened.

Jason Johnson: This should be interesting.

Jeff Hansen: He seems like a nice enough guy.

Daniel Jones: We were making money and others wanted a piece. Jason Johnson for one.

Jason Johnson: Shoot was dying! Something had top be done!

Daniel Jones: Shut the hell up you creative cretin! I brought Shoot higher than it had ever been. And when I left, where did it go Josh? Japan? What the hell is that? You took it from an arena federation, to a warehouse federation and then back to an arena federation… huh? Why? I know why, you don’t have to answer. You wanted credit. That’s why!

Jason Johnson: This is a ridiculous misinterpretation.

Jeff Hansen: He seems to have a point.

Daniel Jones: You had the ears of several wrestlers I prevented from main eventing because they weren’t good. Chris Lee? Where the hell is he now? Del Carver? He can barely stand at this point. I kept him in garbage matches where he can get away with that. Ben Jackman? God, he was wrestling in Barnyard Brawl matches with Joking John Jinx! They only two legit superstars you had on your side were Real Deal and Skull. Let me run those two down. Skull was a hothead in trouble with the law. He wanted to go underground because ‘The Fuzz’ were after him. Then Real Deal. I made Real Deal! The selfish prick. Y’all understand? I made him the Hall of Famer that he is now. I gave him his first title reign. And how does he repay me? By spitting in my face and helping force me out. This is your champion? I think not. You know who your champion is, or will be? Roland here.

(The crowd boos. Roland and Daniel Jones hug.)

Daniel Jones: I saw him over a year ago in an underground fight. A seedy bar, and I knew I needed him in Shoot. He is a force. He is my project. I brought him here, my last great signing, and look at him. He is unstoppable. I brought him here and that is why he was held down. A pet project of the ousted owner. An owner forced out by worthless second-handers. But now it is changed. Roland will not stop now. Roland will not be able to be thrown off course. I have come to take back Shoot Project. For he who controls the Promotion’s champion controls the promotion. I control Roland, and when the inevitable comes to pass. When Roland the Dark is the Shoot Project champion, I will reign in Shoot again.

(The boos are louder. Roland and Daniel Jones smile)

Jason Johnson: I can’t believe what I’m hearing here.

Jeff Hansen: Well… I guess everything I’ve heard about him is true.

Daniel Jones: One person I would like to speak to before I leave my soapbox is Ed Raymond. You like Roland. You see what I see. I respect you, but its time for you to stop calling yourself a genius. I am the true genius. Look at my track record. You are but a follower. But there’s nothing wrong with that Ed. Give me a ring. I’d love for you to work for me here in Shoot. You have a place with Roland and I. I can teach you many things.

Jeff Hansen: Something tells me Ed won’t take him up on that offer.

Daniel Jones: And in summation I would just like to say. I look forward to giving all you fans want to see… Roland and I ruling Shoot! The Dark Age of Shoot Project has returned. And everyone in the back better pay attention and pay homage. The Real Genius has returned!

Josh Johnson: This is truly unbelievable.

(50 Cent’s "U Not Like Me" blares through the PA and Roland and Daniel Jones share an embrace in the middle of the ring.)

Jeff Hansen: Well that was unexpected to say the least… I thought that guy was banned from ever being involved with the SHOOT Project again.  Jason?

Jason Johnson: I guess he found a loop hole or something…

Jeff Hansen: Well whether we hate it… or hate it, Daniel Jones is back in the SHOOT Project.  Maybe if we just ignore him he’ll go away..

("Walk" By Pantera begins to play softly in the background, while Daniel Jones and Roland the Dark leave the arena)

Two Teams engaged in a rivalry that one match could not quell.

Their minds clouded by the presence of the other team.

A victory just wouldn’t be enough.

Best of Five

They battled week after week

The Prize to be deemed the challenger to the gold

Defeat meant Destruction.

The Madmen were destroyed…

#1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles

Del Carver and Ben Jackman face a final challenge.

Going up against a team that serves the laws of Safety.

The match, anything but safe.


Jason Johnson: An on the fly move by Ed Raymond brings us to this tag team competition, and is it just me or does the Safety Committee give off a really creepy vibe?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, definitely two men who are less than social butterflies.

Jason Johnson: Well there’s the under statement of the year.  Let’s take it to Samantha who is ready, and hopefully this time she won’t be interrupted.  

(Before anything can be said "Pure Massacre" by Silverchair blares over the P.A. system and the lights flash yellow and red.  Moments later the Safety Committee: Mike and Steven Safety step out from the back, dressed identically in brown khaki pants and blue polo shirts.  Methodically the two men walk down to the ring side by side, unflinching despite the boos they receive.)

Jason Johnson: Look at them, they almost seem like robots.

Jeff Hansen: Well we’ve only seen a glimpse of what these guys can do in the ring, tonight, we get the full Safety Committee effect.

Jason Johnson: Well they do have the size advantage over Hardcore Style… they might have the discipline advantage as well.

(Mike and Steven Safety enter the ring and stand completely still, focused on the entryway.)

Samantha: "Introducing first, the team to my right…hailing from Phoenix, Arizona…firstly, standing 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 273 pounds: Mike Safety…his partner stands 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 281 pounds, Steven Safety…TOGETHER THEY are…THE SAFETY COMMITTEE!"

(The fans boo loudly as The Safety Committee both raise their arms over their heads. Suddenly, the hard rocking sound of "VIVA LAS VEGAS" as covered by ZZ TOP on their greatest hits, starts to play, as the fans begin to cheer wildly…)

Samantha: "And now…their opponents! Firstly, hailing from Jackson Mississippi, he stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 266 pounds, ‘The Hardcore Outlaw" Diamond Del Carver…his partner is from Tampa Florida, he stands 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 265 pounds and is the reigning Shoot Project IRON FIST champion…Blackout Ben Jackman…together they are the former Shoot Project World Tag Team Champions…HARDCORE STYLE!"

(Ben Jackman and Del Carver step into the spotlight at the head of the ramp…Ben Jackman is wearing dark red tights with a black stripe down each side, and matching boots, with knee and elbow pads…Del Carver is wearing jeans and biker boots as per usual, but is wearing a matching sleeveless red T Shirt with the letters ‘HS’ across the front in a eye catching new logo…Hardcore Style begin to walk to the ring, and as they do, each man takes a side of the aisle and exchanges high fives with the fans. Both men finally slide under the bottom rope and go to opposite corners, standing on the middle turnbuckle and raising their hands above their heads to a rousing ovation from the capacity Las Vegas crowd.)

Jason Johnson: "Big ovation for the former champions here tonight Jeff…"

Jeff Hansen: "As always. These two guys are coming off a Best of 5 Series with The MadMen, which they won in convincing fashion 3 matches to 1. Some of those fights weren’t pretty, but they were brutal and the fans seemed to like them."

Jason Johnson: "The fans seemed to like that The MadMen were run out of town too. All right, the two teams standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring as Shoot Project as Head Referee Scott Kamura outlines the rules to them…the bell rings and it looks like we’re good to go!"

Jeff Hansen: "Looks like it will be Ben Jackman and Steven Safety starting out this match…hey, do you think that these guys actually have the name SAFETY on their driver’s licenses?"

Jason Johnson: "How the hell should I know that? All right…Steven and Jackman locking up…"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans clapping their hands and stomping their feet as Ben Jackman and Steven Safety tussle back and forth…locked up…each man trying to overpower the other…"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety taken to the mat finally, leg tripped by Ben Jackman! Jackman couldn’t overpower the huge 281 behemoth!"

Jeff Hansen: "Safety starts to get to his feet…WHOA! Crescent kick right upside the head of Steven Safety by Ben Jackman! The fans cheer as Safety falls back to the mat!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman follows up with a sharp elbow drop to the chest of Steven Safety, and a cover…"

Jeff Hansen: "One…no! Kick out by Steven Safety! I guess that wicked kick to the head wasn’t enough to keep Safety down…"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman up…drops another elbow at Steven Safety…but Safety moves! Jackman hits the mat!"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety grabs Ben Jackman…Sidewalk slam!"

Jason Johnson: "That really took the wind out Jackman! Cover! One, Two, NO! Jackman kicks out!"

Jeff Hansen: "NICE power move by Steven! Now he tags in Mike!"

Jason Johnson: "Mike and Steve Safety double whip Ben Jackman into the ropes…and hit him with a DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE!"

Jeff Hansen: "Jackman goes down like a ton of bricks after being hit by these two BEASTS…but The Safety Committee stays on him, and pulls him to his feet again…"

Jason Johnson: "Another double whip into the ropes…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Ben Jackman by The Safety Committee!"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety leaves the ring and now it’s Mike and Ben Jackman! Jackman is in trouble after those two impressive double maneuvers by The Safety Committee…I don’t care if these guys are new to Shoot Project, you can TELL they aren’t new to Tag Team Wrestling!"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety now takes Ben Jackman down with a HUGE SPINEBUSTER, just as Ben Jackman was starting to get to his feet from that double clothesline…"

Jeff Hansen: "Safety cinching up a brutal choke on Ben Jackman, preventing him from making the tag to Del Carver out on the apron…"

Jason Johnson: "Look at Carver, you can tell he’s DYING to get into this match, stomping his feet on the apron in time with the fans…reaching out to tag Ben Jackman…"

Jeff Hansen: "Mike Safety is having none of that! Like a good experienced tag team wrestler, he’s keeping Ben Jackman isolated from his corner…while he tightens that choke…he just breaks it enough to keep from getting disqualified…but then he slaps it back on!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman starting to struggle to his feet as the fans continue to stomp and clap away…he’s half way up…"

Jeff Hansen: "Blackout now firing knees into the midsection of Mike Safety…one…two…three!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman breaks out of the choke hold, and now he rears back and starts firing those patented trip hammer left hands to the head of Mike Safety! BAM BAM BAM BAM! Mike Safety is rocked!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ben Jackman showing these fans those flying taped fists that made him the longest reigning Iron Fist Champion in Shoot Project history. MAN! When he starts firing that taped left hand into the face of his opponent, it’s a BLUR!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman fires a few more left hands…spins around…DISCUS PUNCH! Mike Safety goes down in a heap!"

Jeff Hansen: "Shades of the late great Kerry Von Erich there, as Ben Jackman whirls around and uses all his momentum to tag Mike Safety right in the head with that beautiful punch!"

Jason Johnson: "Jackman makes the tag! HERE COMES CARVER!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver runs right past Mike Safety and nails Steven Safety out on the apron with a boot to the face! Safety caught totally off guard, falls to the floor outside!"

Jason Johnson: "Now Carver comes of the ropes, and drops a big knee on Mike Safety! Cover!"

Jeff Hansen: "One, two, no! Kick out by Mike Safety! That wasn’t near enough to put him away…he was rocked by those punches by Ben Jackman, but there is still plenty of fight left in Mike Safety!"

Jason Johnson: "As Del Carver pulls Mike Safety to his feet, Steven Safety gets back up on the apron and starts yelling at Carver…Carver just flipped him off!"

Jeff Hansen: "Carver extending his middle finger and letting Steven know what he thinks of The Safety Committee I guess…"

Jason Johnson: "Now Carver throwing Mike Safety into the ropes… as Safety comes off, Carver hooks his arm and falls… pulling him over…DEEP ARM DRAG!"

Jeff Hansen: "Very nicely done…Carver really got some HANG TIME on Safety on that one!"

Jason Johnson: "Carver keeping that arm secured…he’s got Mike Safety by the wrist and twists the his arm over, spinning it around…nice text book arm wringer…"

Jeff Hansen: "Man, Mike Safety is in a rough way here, Carver really has that arm locked…"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety fighting it off…he’s getting to his feet…but Del Carver still has his arm…now Carver slings Mike Safety’s arm over his shoulder and stands with his back to Safety…"

Jeff Hansen: "OH! Del Carver throws the Mike Safety over by pulling on his right arm AGAIN and leaning forward, lifting him right off the ground and dropping them on his back! Can you say DISLOCATED SHOULDER?"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety holding his right arm and screaming in pain…and now Del Carver grabs Safety by the wrist again…and twists the his arm over, spinning it around…he’s back to that arm wringer!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del now lays Mike Safety’s arm flat out across the canvas…and propels himself up into the air…and OUCH! He drives his knee back down onto Mike Safety’s arm!"

Jason Johnson: "That’s painful just to watch…Carver really driving his knee into the arm of Mike Safety!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver now repositions himself…he scoots behind Mike Safety, while keeping that wrist secured…and turns Safety’s right arm into a HAMMERLOCK!"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety is forced to lie on his stomach as Del Carver is now behind him, just WRENCHING that hammerlock!"

Jeff Hansen: "Carver is in good position too Jason, he has Mike Safety lying face down…and Carver is safely kneeling behind him…it is going to be VERY hard for Safety to work his way out of this hold!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver TWISTING the pressure on the arm of Mike Safety…Del Carver yells at the ref to ‘ask him’…"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura gets down and asks Mike Safety if he wants to give up…Mike Safety says NO…but you can tell by the look on his face that he is in absolute AGONY…"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman is leaning over the top rope, watching intently as his partner works the arm of Mike Safety…meanwhile across the ring Steven Safety is pacing back and forth like a caged lion! He’s DYING to get the tag…"

Jeff Hansen: "Mike Safety is reaching for that bottom rope to break the hold…he’s reaching…stretching his hand out…"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver won’t let up the pressure…and Mike Safety can’t reach the rope…how much longer will he be able to hang on?"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety has had enough! He’s in the ring…and he charges at Del Carver…WHOA!"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety shoots into the ring and fires a BIG BOOT at Del Carver…and NAILS him right in the HEAD!"

Jason Johnson: "Del collapses next to Mike Safety…here comes Ben Jackman…as Scott Kamura orders Steven Safety out of the ring, Ben Jackman chases him back to his corner…"

Jeff Hansen: "It doesn’t matter Johnson! He got the job done! He shot in and hit Carver right on the button with that boot…and Carver released the hammerlock!"

Jason Johnson: "Now Scott Kamura is shoving Ben Jackman back towards his corner…Jackman was in there trying to get at Steve Safety…"

Jeff Hansen: "This is going to BACKFIRE…Steven is back in while Kamura is pushing Jackman to his corner…and now Mike is up…and The Safety Committee are laying the boots to Del Carver!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver was just starting to get to his feet from that dropkick, but as soon as the ref turned his attention to Ben Jackman, Steven Safety rushed in and stomped on the HEAD of Del Carver…and now BOTH members of the Safety Committee are stomping away as Del Carver struggles in vain to get to his feet!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ben Jackman screaming at the ref to turn around…but he won’t until Jackman gets OUT…"

Jason Johnson: "The Safety Committee hoist Del Carver up between the two of them…double suplex…NO…they BOUNCED Del Carver off the ropes and then drove him into the mat!"

Jeff Hansen: "WOW! Double Slingshot Suplex!"

Jason Johnson: "They aren’t done either! Scott Kamura turns around, but The Safety Committee already has Del Carver lifted over their heads…and they drop him in unison…"

Jeff Hansen: "Double HOT SHOT! The Safety Committee just dropped Del Carver throat first across the TOP ROPE! He bounces back to the mat as if he’s been shot!"

Jason Johnson: "The Safety Committee is just MANHANDLING Carver! Mike Safety goes outside the ring at the orders of Scott Kamura…I didn’t see a tag there…hey…"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety pulls the lifeless Del Carver in front of The Safety’s Committee’s corner…and Mike Safety is going up top…"

Jason Johnson: "BAM! Mike Safety just came off the top rope with a LEG DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE on Del Carver!"

Jeff Hansen: "As he was coming off…Steven Safety followed him up…and now as Mike Safety gets up…HERE COMES STEVEN SAFETY OFF THE TOP ROPE…BAM!"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety comes off with a BACK FIRST Senton Bomb! Del Carver’s prone body jack-knifed at the impact of that!"

Jeff Hansen: "Holy CRAP! Steven Safety lands BACK FIRST across the prone body of Del Carver from the top rope…RIGHT AFTER Mike Safety hits him with a flying body press! This one is OVER!"

Jason Johnson: "MAN! BOTH these guys are HUGE and they just POUNDED CARVER with two HUGE moves! Mike Safety back to the apron as Steven Safety goes for the cover…"


Jason Johnson: "Good LORD! I don’t know HOW…but Del Carver managed to summon up the energy to drape his foot across the bottom rope!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver has taken a battering here for the past five minutes straight…but he still isn’t going to go down that easy…"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety was about to climb back into the ring, but Scott Kamura has had ENOUGH of the double teaming, and orders him back onto the apron…"

Jeff Hansen: "He’s trying to exert some form of control, but with these two teams it doesn’t appear to be easy!"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety drags Del Carver’s lifeless body to it’s feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "Carver needs a tag in the WORST way…"

Jason Johnson: "Safety fires a short arm clothesline…but Carver DUCKS!"

Jeff Hansen: "Carver answers back with a high boot to the gut of Steven Safety!"

Jason Johnson: "As Steven Safety doubles over, Carver throws a MEAN looking European Uppercut that snaps his head back!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd going nuts at Carver starts repeating the combination over and over, he keels Safety over with a boot to the gut, then straightens him up by firing an uppercut!"

Jason Johnson: "Safety is ROCKED! Carver keeps alternating the boots with his right foot and punches with his left arm…he’s backing Safety towards Hardcore Style’s corner, where Ben Jackman is straining…reaching out…"

Jeff Hansen: "Now Del Carver grabs Steven Safety by the back of the head…rears back…HEAD BUTT! He drives Safety to the mat as he reaches out…"

Jason Johnson: "TAG! TAG! Ben Jackman got the tag from the desperate Del Carver!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ben Jackman vaults over the top rope as Del Carver crawls to the apron and collapses…"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety starting to get to his feet…HURACANRANA by Ben Jackman on Steven Safety…as the crowd goes crazy!"

Jeff Hansen: "I didn’t know Jackman could do that!"

Jason Johnson: "Neither did I! Now Blackout running to the opposite corner and SMASHING Mike Safety upside the head with a flying forearm!"

Jeff Hansen: "Mike Safety falls off the apron as Ben Jackman turns around and NAILS Steven Safety with a dropkick!"

Jason Johnson: "Mike Safety jumps back on the apron…and starts into the ring…Scott Kamura is ordering him OUT…"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety is up…and nails Ben Jackman with a boot to the midsection…hooks him up…one handed scoop slam!"

Jason Johnson: "Safety stays on him…CHOKE SLAM…into a cover…"

Jeff Hansen: "One, two, KICK OUT by Ben Jackman!"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety going for an Irish Whip on Ben Jackman…Jackman comes off the ropes…Safety lowers his head for the back body drop…"

Jeff Hansen: "NO! Ben Jackman sees Safety telegraphing that back body drop…and hooks one of his legs over the back of the neck and head of Steven Safety…and DRIVES HIM FACE FIRST into the canvas!"

Jason Johnson: "Cover by Jackman! One! Two! NO! Mike Safety in the ring to break it up!"

Jeff Hansen: "Uh Oh! That brings Del Carver in! Carver charges at Mike Safety…"

Jason Johnson: "Flying shoulder tackle! Del Carver hitting Mike Safety with a flying shoulder tackle…dead on! Mike Safety goes flying through the ropes…to the outside!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver goes out after him as the crowd goes NUTS!"

Jason Johnson: "Meanwhile, Ben Jackman pulls Steven Safety to his feet…and whips him into the corner, at full speed! Jackman follows him in with a WICKED clothesline!"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety is dazed! Now Ben Jackman stands back…and goes to work with that taped up left hand! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety is propped up in the corner with nowhere to go, and Ben Jackman is just measuring him, and firing repeated left hands to the jaw of Safety! Safety is ROCKED!"

Jeff Hansen: "Meanwhile outside the ring…Del Carver has Mike Safety by the back of the neck…and drives him HEAD FIRST into the Steel Steps! WHAM! The crowd loving this!"

Jason Johnson: "Carver grabs a steel chair…Mike Safety stumbles forward…HOLY CRAP!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver just reared back, and CLOBBERED Mike Safety with that steel chair! He BENT the chair over Mike Safety’s head! Safety is OUT!"

Jason Johnson: "Carver rolls back in the ring to the deafening roar of the fans…that was the CHAIR SHOT from HELL!"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura is ordering Del Carver back to his corner…Ben Jackman now has Steven Safety up for a slam…no, he backs up…"

Jason Johnson: "Running POWER SLAM on Steven Safety by Ben Jackman! Jackman tags in Carver!"

Jeff Hansen: "Carver circles around behind Safety…it looks like he’s waiting for Safety to get up…meanwhile Mike Safety is still laying motionless outside the ring with that dented steel chair around his neck…"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety shakes his head and slowly starts to get up…I don’t think he knows Del Carver is crouched behind him…"

Jeff Hansen: "Steven Safety is up… Del Carver slides up behind him… reaches under Safety’s left arm with one hand and places it behind the his neck…and now with the other arm he reaches around under the Safety’s chin…and SQUEEZES…"

Jason Johnson: "Kataha-jime! KATAHA-JIME! Del Carver is CHOKING HIM OUT!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd to their feet as Del Carver has this lethal choke hold locked in of Steven Safety! Safety is thrashing around…trying to fight…but Carver has it locked in!"

Jason Johnson: "Steven Safety is fighting as hard as he can…but Carver is choking him out!"

Jeff Hansen: "Safety has gone limp…and Carver lets him DROP to mat…now he tags in Ben Jackman!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman climbing to the top rope…LOOK Mike Safety is UP…and climbing on the apron…"

Jeff Hansen: "As Ben Jackman stands poised on the top rope…Del Carver flies across the ring and spears Mike Safety through the middle rope…both men out to the floor!"


Jeff Hansen: "FROG SPLASH! Ben Jackman lands a PERFECT Frog Splash on Steven Safety…right after Del Carver choked him out with the Kataha-jime!"

Jason Johnson: "COVER: ONE! TWO! THREE!"

(The bell rings as the fans explode into cheers…Ben Jackman jumps to his feet and exchanges a high five with Del Carver, as Carver rolls back into the ring…)

Samantha: "Here are your winners…and your UNDISPUTED NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS to the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS…at a time of 31 minutes and 5 seconds…‘Diamond’ Del Carver…Ben ‘Blackout’ Jackman…HARDCORE STYLE!!!"

Jason Johnson: "What a GREAT match! These two teams went at it TOOTH and NAIL for HALF an HOUR Jeff, but in the end, Hardcore Style hangs on to their Title Shot!"

Jeff Hansen: "Hardcore Style makes their way up the ramp, exhausted but happy…the fans giving them a GREAT ovation…meanwhile, Mike Safety rolls back into the ring and revives Steven Safety…"

Jason Johnson: "You know what? The Safety Committee really showed me something tonight Jeff. They unleashed about 3 consecutive double team maneuvers on Del Carver in a row…they actually wrestled better as a TEAM than Hardcore Style did, in my opinion…"

Jeff Hansen: "No doubt about it, this match could have gone either way! The Safety Committee makes their way up the aisle as we see the replay of that Frog Splash by Ben Jackman on Steven Safety."

Jeff Hansen: "The real winners in this match were the FANS, as we just saw a great Tag Team Contest, and we have a NEW Top Shelf Tag Team in Shoot Project. We haven’t seen the last of The Safety Committee!"

(As Hardcore Style celebrates on the main stage platform the action is brought into Ed Raymond’s office room.  He watches on the small monitor on a table, his eyes somewhat narrowed.  However, suddenly he raises his eyebrows and a slight grin spreads across his face.)

Ed Raymond: Congratulations to you Carver and Jackman…

(The door to the office swings open now and a man dressed in black slacks and a SHOOT Project red Polo shirt approaches Raymond.  Raymond turns around and smiles.)

Ed Raymond: Scott, glad you got the message, and I see you got the clothes as well.

(The man, Scott Richardson, once employed by Ed Raymond in the days of COIWA, smiles and nods.)

Scott Richardson: Yeah, thanks again for giving me this job.  And well… speaking of the job, I’m here to do my first assignment.

(Raymond smiles and nods his head to Scott.)

Ed Raymond: Proceed.

Scott Richardson: Well, you saw Daniel Jones makes his return to the SHOOT Project earlier tonight….

(Raymond narrows his eyes and his smile fades.  He quickly looks Scott Richardson in the eyes causing him to cease in his question asking,)

Ed Raymond: Daniel Jones… that big fool.  The hell do I care about Daniel Jones.  Congratulations, Roland, you got yourself a Grade" A" Lame Financier.  Was that your only question, Scott?

Scott Richardson: Well, yes… but I could get your reaction to the Safety Committee’s loss against Hardcore Style just moments ago.

(Raymond nods his head and actually chuckles.)

Ed Raymond: Well Scott, losses happen… and The Safety Committee’s victory wasn’t something I was absolutely banking on.  I’ve still got the clean up hitter batting for my rise in status here in the SP… and once he hits a homerun, well I’ve already said enough.

Scott Richardson: But… Mr. Raymond…

(Raymond raises his hand as he turns his focus back to the TV set in his office room.)

Ed Raymond: I said I’ve said enough.  Enjoy your new job as backstage interviewer, Scott.

(Raymond then goes back to watching Impulse from the comfort of the backstage.)

Jeff Hansen: Well what a surprise there.  I always thought The SHOOT Project was in need of an interviewer.

Jason Johnson: There used to be a time where everyone remained silent in the backstage, so it was never really needed.  However, seems like tonight in Vegas, everyone has something on their mind and….

(With the sudden silence of Jason Johnson and a stirring that sweeps over the arena, Prometheus is spotted walking down to ringside, unannounced. His usual swagger missing, Prometheus looks defeated…beaten, although not from physical, but emotional battle. Jeff Hansen immediately notices the demeanor of fellow commentator, Jason, and instantly turns toward him.)

Jeff Hansen : Handle this with care, Jason. Jason, listen…handle this with care, we are live on pay-per-view…don’t lose your cool.

Jason Johnson : Don’t worry, let’s see what happens for a few seconds here before I have security escort him out on his ass.

(Slowly walking up the ringside steps, Prometheus steps through the ropes.)

Jeff Hansen : He looks pathetic. Seriously. He hasn’t even looked at the crowd–it’s like he can’t face them.

Jason Johnson : That’s the only reason I’m even letting this continue…let him embarrass himself, if anything out of the ordinary begins to happen, I’ll have him busted up and shown the door. Get him a mic in there. This outta be good.

(Standing up briefly, Jason motions to a few ringside production members giving what is happening the nod.)

Jeff Hansen : Fans, as you know Prometheus is no longer employed by Shoot, so whatever happens in the ring right here, right now, is not only live…but it’s the real deal. This is a shoot, and what this company is all about.

(Picking up the mic that was laid on the ring apron, Prometheus finally looks up, as members of the audience seem torn weather to cheer or boo.)

Prometheus : Some of you may wonder why I’m here tonight, including everybody in the back. But first, I’d like to say why I’m not here. A few weeks ago–or what seems like an eternity ago, at least to me–I opened my mouth and said a few things backstage that a lot of people didn’t like. Things were said–things that shouldn’t have been said. I was fired.

(At this point, some of the fans in the audience boo the ‘firing’. Jason Johnson’s patience already seems to be wearing thin.)

Jeff Hansen : Keep it cool…

Prometheus : And I apologize. I apologize because not only did I deserve what I got, but I can hardly blame Jason for what he did. So Jason…without further disruption to your show, I’d like to ask you a question, face to face, if you wouldn’t mind.

Jeff Hansen : Jason?

Jason Johnson : I’ll take care of this…

(Removing his head set, Jason stands up, straightening out his clothing. Walking to a few ringside assistants, Jason motions to the back, where a few security guards appear and begin walking down to ringside.)

Jeff Hansen : I…I guess Jason is choosing to have him removed rather than…

(Just as Jeff is attempting to explain the situation, Jason climbs the steps and enters the ring, bringing Jeff to silence. Approaching Prometheus, Jason reaches over and takes the mic away from him. Nodding, Jason looks at Prometheus as he slowly raises the mic to speak.)

Jason Johnson : I have to admit, Prometheus…it took some…balls coming out here tonight. So I’m gonna let you ask whatever it is you wanted to ask, but just as a precaution, I’ve gathered a few security guards out here, not to mention various officials to take you down if anything out of the ordinary was to happen. You see, that’s what separates me from you. I think things through…my words, my actions…everything. If you did the same, you would have never said the things you said, and you’d still be working here. Now then…please recognize you were warned, because if I say the word, you’re trespassing.

(Handing the mic back to Prometheus, Jason steps back a little.)

Jeff Hansen : Very well said…

Prometheus : First, Jason, I’ll agree. I didn’t think before I spoke and that’s what brings me to this situation. Now, over the past weeks I’ve thought of a million scenarios in which to come out here and get my job back in Shoot, but it’s come down to this…because I’m no longer willing to do it any other way. I’ll be the man, and say I was wrong for the things I said. I was out of line. And I’m not only asking for my job back. I’m begging. I’m begging YOU, Jason Johnson…please give me my job back.

Jeff Hansen : Oh come on now, Prometheus…resorting to begging…listen to the fans…they don’t like this either.

(The fans reaction is almost that of a let-down, most expecting some action or some type of swerve, a lot of them are shaking their heads in disappointment. Jason slowly approaches Prometheus.)

Jason Johnson : So…let me get this right. You’re admitting fault…basically admitting how much of an idiot you made yourself sound, and you’re not only asking, but BEGGING to work for me again?!

Prometheus : That is correct.

Jason Johnson : Sir. That is correct, SIR.

Jeff Hansen : Don’t push you’re luck to far, Jason…keep in mind who that is.

(But again, must to the amazement of the audience, Prometheus answers as asked.)

Prometheus : That is correct, sir.

Jeff Hansen : Now come on…this is pa-thetic.

Jason Johnson : Well, first Prometheus…

(Jason motions to the security guards at ringside, who jump onto the ring apron and step into the ring.)

Jason Johnson : Just as a precaution…it’s nothing bad–but like I said, I think things through. First, I’d like to commend you on finally making a well thought statement. And I must say, of all the things you had the opportunity to do out here tonight, I think you choose the correct course of action by recognizing the authority that I am and treating me with the respect I’ve earned and deserve. For that, I thank you. However, the only reason I’d EVER re-hire you, would be to say. YOURRRR FIREEED. So I’ll just save myself the time, tell you to stick your tail between your legs and get the HELL out of my building before I have you arrested for trespassing! NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! YOU WILL NEVER WORK FOR SHOOT AGAIN!

Jeff Hansen : *Sigh* I knew it wouldn’t last, but I have to say, Prometheus, you brought this upon yourself so don’t do…

(At that, Prometheus simply lowers his head and does just that–he walks toward the ropes, steps through the begins walking back up the ramp way. The fans who still held out hope Prometheus would strike back begin shaking their heads, too, along with the rest of the audience, even going as far as to boo him or throw trash his way.)

Jeff Hansen : This is indeed a sad day to see all the promise that Prometheus had to turn into this…a shell of his former self.

(Jason Johnson disperses the security guards, as the drops the mic, stepping back through the ropes as he watches Prometheus disappear backstage. Jason can be overheard telling the security guards to make sure he leaves immediately.

The boos continue well after Prometheus exits the arena area. Backstage, as Prometheus emerges, Mirage, OutKast and Mac are standing together, waiting for Prometheus, almost as if they were waiting to celebrate a shocking turn of events, only to witness what the world had witnessed. A pathetic display of begging and humiliation. OutKast stands silently shaking his head along with Mac, but Mirage decides to step forward, and lays his hand on Prometheus shoulder. Prometheus lifts his head and looks at Mirage who slowly shakes his head.)

Mirage : Dude…can I pleasssseeeeeee have my joooooob back?! You PATHETIC SON OF A BITCH…you will never be with this.

(Mirage motions to himself, Mac and OutKast.)

Mirage : You’re an embarrassment to us…and Cronos, Jesus…get the hell out of here…get out of our sight before people think your with us!

(At that, OutKast pulls Mirage back to get him off Prometheus, but does not step forward and say anything to him, but looks away when Prometheus looks at him. Prometheus turns away and begins walking toward the parking lot.

…moments pass as the three of them watch Prometheus walk away.)

Mirage : Hey…hey Prometheus! Dude, maybe you should have tried something even more pathetic, like this!

(Stopping and turning back, Prometheus turns back and sees Mirage on his knees, his hands folded in front of him, Mirage mocks begging, as he walks–on his knees–while begging like Prometheus did just moments ago! A few people backstage find this act funny and laugh at Prometheus who again turns toward his car as he clenches his teeth.)

Mirage : (Mocking Prometheus voice.) Ohh…it’s all my fault…I said stuff you didn’t like all-mighty master Jason. I’m sooooo sorry, Jason. (Returning to his normal voice.) Hey, next time tell Jason to kiss your ass–don’t tell him he’s right and beg for a job…he made you look silly out there. You should’a bitch-slapped his ass. Yea, get in yer car and drive off…give up that easily.

(Mirage gets off his knees and watches as Prometheus drives off. Shortly after, Mirage turns toward OutKast.)

Mirage : And that’s the guy you originally brought me back for…to test?!

(Rubbing his chin, OutKast doesn’t answer, but shakes his head.)

Mirage : Yea…well, guess what? He just failed…

(From there, the cameras fade from the backstage area….)

Jeff Hansen: Well Jason making his way back to the commentary table and there is obviously still a lot of heat between Prometheus and Jason Johnson.  While we get set up for our Rising Sun title match, take a look at this:

(A image montage complete with "Walk", Impulse’s Theme Music, showcases the continuing feud between Lonewolf and Roland the Dark)

Two men; One rising in the ranks as a champion,

the other on the prowl for gold.

Roland the Dark, Lonewolf

The battle trail a long and winding one,

Spanning well over a month.

The time is now

For it to come to a close

The Rising Sun Title

Will a new champion be crowned?

Or Will The Rising Sun Champion continue to rise?


("It’s a Long Way To The Top" by AC/DC starts to rock the Thomas and Mack Center. A spotlight goes to the top of the ramp, where Del Carver stands. Del is showered and cleaned up from his earlier match with The Safety Committee, his hair is soaked …he is decked out in a fresh pair of jeans, and is wearing a blue IMPULSE T-shirt…Del makes his way down the ramp to the Broadcast position…)

Jason Johnson: "It looks like we’re about to be joined by The Hardcore Outlaw himself!"

Jeff Hansen: "Here, grab a headset Del…"

Jason Johnson: "To what to we owe this honor Del?"

Del Carver: "I’ll tell you… as you know I have issued a challenge to whoever wins the Rising Sun Title Match tonight…so I thought I’d come out here and check it out…"

Samantha: "This next bout is for the Shoot Project RISING SUN CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(The fans cheer as the lights go down. ‘Click Click Boom’ by Saliva starts to play over the arena sound system, the fans get to their feet…)

Samantha: "Now making his way to the ring, the CHALLENGER…hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, he stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 252 pounds…here is LONE WOLF!"

(The fans cheer as Lone Wolf emerges from the entranceway, and starts to stalk to the ring, a focused and determined look on his face…he is oblivious to the fans as he slides under the bottom rope and begins warming up.

Suddenly…the lights in the arena go out.)

Jeff Hansen: "What the hell is going on?"

(The lights go up…to reveal in the center of the ring…)

Daniel Jones.

Jason Johnson: "Great another dose of Daniel Jones…. wonderful.

Jeff Hansen: "Listen to the crowd, boos ringing out the second the lights went up.  Nobody wants to see this guy around.

Daniel Jones: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Please allow me to introduce, the number one Superstar in Shoot Project, the future World Heavyweight Champion, and the CURRENT Rising Sun Champion: ROLAND…THE DARK!"

(The crowd sits in stunned silence as ‘Wake Up’ by Rage Against The Machine plays, and Roland The Dark emerges and makes his way down the runway, a smirk on his face…the champion has the Rising Sun Title Belt around his waist…and as he heads to ring, he stops for a moment and stares at Del Carver…)

Del Carver: "What the hell are you staring at fucko? Don’t worry about me, worry about Lone Wolf."

(Roland says something unintelligible to Del Carver, and then climbs into the ring and raises his hands over his head to a loud chorus of boos. He warmly shakes hands with Daniel Jones, who exits the ring and stands in Roland’s corner…)

Jason Johnson: "I’m in shock! I’m in total SHOCK! What the hell is HE doing here?"

Jeff Hansen: "It’s obvious Johnson! THIS is Roland The Dark’s mysterious FINANCIER! DANIEL JONES is the man who has been paying Roland The Dark’s bills, and is acting as his career advisor!"

Del Carver: "Ah, fuck him in the ear."

Jeff Hansen: "Not a big fan of Daniel Jones Del?"

Del Carver: "He’s an asshole. He’s the one who kept me buried in the fucking under card. If it wasn’t for Johnson here, I’d still be jobbing to the fucking Limey and Dark Krystal."

Jason Johnson: "Well, as shocked as I am…we have a match to call here…both men meet face to face in a stare down in midring, as Scott Kamura explains the rules…"

Jeff Hansen: "This fight is going to KICK ASS. You’ve got Lone Wolf who goes 6 foot 6 and 252, and then Roland who stands 6 feet 5 and 262…these guys are SO evenly matched!"

Jason Johnson: "That they are. The bell rings…but the two fighters continue to stare at each other…"

Jeff Hansen: "This fight has been a LONG time coming…these guys have been ITCHING to get their hands on each other…and the time is finally HERE!"

Jason Johnson: "The fans seem to cheering for Lone Wolf…"

Jeff Hansen: "I guess Daniel Jones being in Roland’s corner makes him the de facto heel and LW becomes the lesser of two evils by default!"

Jason Johnson: "Here we go! Lone Wolf breaks the stare down by violently SHOVING Roland! Roland shoves back!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf fires a right hand that nails Roland in the jaw! Roland answers back with one of his own!"

Jason Johnson: "That’s it! As the fans cheer, the fists start flying! Roland and Lone Wolf start pounding each other in the head with punches…we have a brawl to start off…"

Jeff Hansen: "Which one of these two guys would you rather face Del?"

Del Carver: "At this point, I could care less. I hate Roland for what he did to The Lyger Kid, but Lone Wolf done went and pissed me off by screwing Kid Wikkid out of the belt a couple of weeks back…so fuck em both."

Jason Johnson: "Succinctly put. Lone Wolf backs off from the slugfest, and slides around and grabs Roland’s midsection with one arm…he hooks one of Roland’s legs with the other…nice power…Lone Wolf lifts Roland up over his shoulder…"

Jeff Hansen: "Whoa! Roland throws the Roland in the air, dropping him on his back!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland stunned momentarily…Lone Wolf comes off the ropes…Leg Drop…into the cover…"

Jeff Hansen: "One, Two, NO! Roland kicks out with authority!"

Del Carver: "You’re not going to beat a big dude like Roland with one little slam and an elbow…trust me, I’ve been in there with him. That bastard can take some shots!"

Jason Johnson: "Lone Wolf pulls Roland to his feet…and hoists him up for a suplex…and HOLDS him there!"

Jeff Hansen: "Shades of the late British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith…long vertical suplex…and DOWN he comes!"

Jason Johnson: "A very impressive show of power by Lone Wolf to pull THAT off! Not only did he get him up…he really held him!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf stays on Roland The Dark, as Daniel Jones throws a SPAZ at ringside…look at him pounding on the apron…"

Jason Johnson: "I’d rather NOT look at him. Lone Wolf stands behind Roland The Dark… and puts his head under one of Roland The Dark’s arms…now Lone Wolf reaches around Roland The Dark’s body with his right arm…while reaching through Roland The Dark’s legs with his other arm…he’s hooking one of Roland The Dark’s legs…Lone Wolf links his hands together and lifts Roland The Dark up…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf SNAPS backwards, dropping Roland on his back with authority!"

Del Carver: "Check it out…Lone Wolf keeping his hands locked and bridges for the pin…that there is a TEXTBOOK Belly to Back Cradle throw boys…"

Jason Johnson: "Scott Kamura slides down for the pin…One, Two, Thr…NO!"

Del Carver: "Man, Roland got his shoulder up from that JUST IN TIME!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf really bringing it to the champion here…now he starts laying the boots to Roland…"

Jason Johnson: "Daniel Jones jumps up on the apron, and starts screaming at Lone Wolf…Lone Wolf takes a run at him!"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland staggers to his feet while Lone Wolf has his back turned…and grabs him from behind…"

Del Carver: "Nice lockup…Lone Wolf’s arms are held so Lone Wolf’s left or right hand is held by Roland The Dark’s opposite hand, causing Lone Wolf’s hands to be crossed in front of their body…Roland The Dark lifts Lone Wolf up and falls backwards…dropping Lone Wolf on his neck… bridged into a pin!"

Jeff Hansen: "WOW! One! Two! NO! Lone Wolf kicks out!"

Jason Johnson: "Some kind of German Suplex there…"

Del Carver: "It’s called The Aztec Suplex, dumbass. The Ultimo Dragon invented it."

Jason Johnson: "Well excuse me."

Del Carver: "Once you’ve had that move performed on you, you never forget it. Having your arms crossed in front of you like that makes it practically impossible to kick out. That goes to show you how strong Lone Wolf is…"

Jeff Hansen: "Thanks to Daniel Jones jumping on the apron, Roland now has the upper hand! He throws Lone Wolf into the ropes…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland bounces off the opposite rope…and practically DECAPITATES Lone Wolf with a running clothesline!"

Jeff Hansen: "WOW! Lone Wolf did a 360 in the air from the brutal impact of that clothesline from Roland The Dark! Roland pulls him up and whips him into the ropes again…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland gets a running start again…and hits Lone Wolf with a running cross body…into a cover! WHAT IMPACT!"

Jeff Hansen: "One, two, OH! Lone Wolf JUST gets the shoulder up!"

Del Carver: "I thought that might have been it. These dudes have been going at it non-stop for a good 10 minutes now…and NO rest holds. These guys are really beating the snot out of each other!"

Jason Johnson: "Did anybody ever tell you that you have a way with words?"

Del Carver: "Yeah, it’s a gift. What can I say?"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland pulls Lone Wolf to his feet again as the fans stomp their feet and clap…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland cinches Lone Wolf up…DOUBLE ARM DDT!"

Jeff Hansen: "One! Two! NO! LW gets the shoulder up…JUST in time!"

Del Carver: "That’s a tough cat there, gentlemen."

Jason Johnson: "Roland The Dark getting frustrated…he starts stomping violently on the HEAD of Lone Wolf…"

Jeff Hansen: "Man, Roland is kicking his brains out!"

Del Carver: "That’s debatable. I have yet to see any conclusive proof that Lone Wolf has a brain."

Jason Johnson: "Lone Wolf using the ropes to pull himself to his feet as Roland continues to pound away at him…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf reaches up and grabs Roland’s chin on his shoulder and holds it in place with both hands… now he drops back down to the mat on his knees!"

Del Carver: "JAWBREAKER! That’ll give you a mouth full of broken teeth!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland places both hands over his mouth and falls backwards to the mat…he’s in PAIN!"

Del Carver: "Damn skippy…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf is going to have to MOVE to keep the advantage here…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland is on his knees… Lone Wolf gets behind him and steps over Roland’s shoulders…and then drops down to his knees, driving Roland’s face into the mat! Face buster!"

Del Carver: "Damn, first the jawbreaker, now the face buster. I didn’t think it was scientifically possible, but Roland might be even UGLIER after this match!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf puts his boot up against Roland’s face and pushes his leg down, raking Roland’s eyes across his boot!"

Del Carver: "HA! The old bootlace eye rake! That’s an oldie, but a goody!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland didn’t seem to appreciate it…he falls back to the mat with his hands over his eyes…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf goes out to the apron, and up to the top rope…"

Del Carver: "Look at that fucking wart Daniel Jones…here he is again! Up on the damn apron grabbing Lone Wolf’s foot! That the SECOND time he’s stuck his scuzy little nose in this match! If I actually gave a crap about Lone Wolf, I’d go out there and kick Jones’s ass, he’s starting to piss me off. This is a good match, and he’s screwing it up."

Jason Johnson: "Lone Wolf shakes his leg free from the grasp of Daniel Jones…and comes off the top rope with a FLYING KNEE DROP…"

Jeff Hansen: "ROLAND MOVES! Lone Wolf comes crashing to the mat KNEE FIRST!"

Del Carver: "OF COURSE Roland moved…he had plenty of time to recover while Jones was pissing around out there with Lone Wolf…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland grabs Lone Wolf’s leg…now he places one leg behind the knee which just hit the mat and places Lone Wolf’s shin behind the knee of his other leg…Roland jumps and DRIVES Lone Wolf’s leg into the mat!"

Jeff Hansen: "HOT DAMN! That HAD to hurt…especially since Lone Wolf just hit the mat with his knee!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland pulls Lone Wolf to his feet…and slaps on a waist lock with one hand…now he grabs that injured knee with his other hand…Roland hoists Lone Wolf up in the air and then drops Lone Wolf’s injured knee across his! OUCH!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd groans in empathy with Lone Wolf, as Daniel Jones is ECSTATIC on the outside…"

Del Carver: "No doubt! If Roland does much more damage to that knee of Lone Wolf, he’s FINISHED!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland backs up…bounces off the rope…and now he jumps up and drops a knee into the knee of Lone Wolf! Lone Wolf is thrashing around in AGONY!"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland is really in control now! He walks around the hobbled Lone Wolf, and grabs that knee again…"

Jason Johnson: "Spinning toe hold! Spinning toe hold! Look at the TORQUE Roland is putting on Lone Wolf’s knee! UNREAL!"

Del Carver: "All right, what the HELL is THIS all about?"

Jason Johnson: "Daniel Jones grabs Roland The Dark’s arm from OUTSIDE the ring…and braces his own legs against the apron…and PULLS backwards… to ADD to the incredible pressure that Roland is putting on Lone Wolf’s leg!"

Del Carver: "All right…that is IT! It’s GO time!"

Jason Johnson: "Ladies and Gentlemen…Diamond Del Carver has just dropped his headset and is heading into the ringside area…and he is making a BEELINE for Daniel Jones!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver just grabbed a chair…OH SHIT!!!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver just FLATTENED Daniel Jones with a vicious CHAIR SHOT!"

Jeff Hansen: "Look at Roland…he’s PISSED! He’s let Lone Wolf go, and now he’s leaning over the top rope screaming at Del Carver!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver just gave him the finger! Del Carver flips Roland The Dark off, steps over the unconscious body of Daniel Jones, and makes his way back up the runway to the dressing room…to the overwhelming ovation from these fans!"

Jeff Hansen: "Well, Del Carver never touched Roland OR Lone Wolf, he didn’t interfere with the match…he just stopped Roland’s financier from ruining the match!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland The Dark still cussing at the retreating Del Carver…but Lone Wolf is up…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf SPINS Roland around…fires a big boot to Roland’s midsection with his GOOD leg…and throws the stunned Roland over his shoulder!"

Jason Johnson: "DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! WHAM! Lone Wolf hits Roland with a Death Valley Driver!"

Jeff Hansen: "ONE! TWO! THREE! HE GOT HIM! We’ve got a NEW Rising Sun Champion!"

(The bell rings as the referee throws Lone Wolf’s arm into the air, and ‘Click Click Boom’ by Saliva begins to rock the arena…Scott Kamura hands Lone Wolf his newly won title…Lone Wolf limps to the center of the ring and holds the title over his head in Victory…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen…your winner at a time of 26 minutes and 15 seconds…and your NEW SHOOT PROJECT RISING SUN CHAMPION…LONE WOLF!

Jason Johnson: "Awesome! Lone Wolf manages to catch Roland The Dark in ‘The Final Encounter’! Normally he goes for that move from the top rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "Yeah, but there was NO way he was going to pull that off after all the damage Roland did to his leg! He’s lucky he can walk at all!"

Jason Johnson: "He barely can! Lone Wolf is limping slowly up the ramp, his newly won title belt over his shoulder, while Roland is on his knees pounding his fist into the canvas…"

Jeff Hansen: "Daniel Jones is up from the chair shot…and he’s screaming at the ref…"

Jason Johnson: "Let me tell you something…Roland may have lost his title tonight…but you SAW what he and Daniel Jones did together tonight…and this was their FIRST time out here together. I highly doubt that is the last championship that Roland will be competing for…now that his financier has arrived!"

Jeff Hansen: I have to agree with you there, Jason… Roland has been on the rise, and I can see him going for the biggest prize, the World title 

Jason Johnson: Who knows what the future has in store, but what we know is a great match up and a great feud came to an end tonight… with an outcome that opens new roads for both competitors.

(Lonewolf heads up the ramp way now, and as he reaches the main stage platform, he lifts the belt high above his head and the fans let out a loud cheer.  As he heads through the back halls of the Thomas and Mack Center he passes byScott Richardson.  Richardson roams the halls looking for a SHOOT superstar to interview, as he walks by various other SHOOT staff members pass him.)

Scott Richardson: Excuse me, anyone know the way to Ray Willmott’s locker room?

(None of the staff responds to Richardson and continue to go about their work.  Richardson shakes his head with slight frustration and continues his trek down the halls.  As he comes to a intersection of hallways, he nearly collides with a man coming around the corner… that man, Vincent Mallows.)

Vincent Mallows: Sorry about that.

(Scott Richardson is about to go off on him until he realizes who actually almost walked into him.  Richardson looks up with wide eyes.)

Scott Richardson: Jesus Christ..  Mr. Cash… uhh sir.. I’m very sorry.. please don’t…

(Mallows laughs and pats Scott Richardson on the back.)

Vincent Mallows: Scott, its all right, I’m not Cash anymore.

(He pauses after saying that and slaps his forehead with his palm.)

Vincent Mallows: God, I sound like Kyle Ortego now.  Anyway, good to see you’re working here, I’ll see you after I get back from the ring.

(Scott Richardson nods his head, and Vince Mallows begins to walk off.  However, Scott Richardson turns around quickly.)

Scott Richardson: Wait, going out to the ring, why?

(Mallows stops and turns towards Richardson and smiles.)

Vincent Mallows: I was signed to a contract to give name value and bring ratings… well It’s my duty to go out there… besides I have a couple things to get off my chest.

(The fans pop slightly for Mallows as he walks off down the hall and towards the ring area.)

Jeff Hansen: Vincent Mallows is coming out here… right now?

Jason Johnson: It would appear to be that way!

(Samantha Coil makes her way into the ring and brings the mic to her lips.)

Samantha Coil: At this time, please welcome Vincent Mallows!!

(The fans let out a cheer, as Las Vegas was like a second home to Cash back in the day.  "One Time" by Stroke 9 hits the P.A. system as Vincent Mallows, dressed in a blue button up shirt, un tucked, and a nice pair of black khakis walks out to the ring, a smile on his face and a microphone of his own in his hands.  The fans, despite his past, give Mallows a fairly warm welcome as he approaches the ring.  Mallows slides into the ring and thanks Samantha for the introduction.  She nods her head and heads out of the ring.  Vincent takes only a second before starting to speak.)

Vincent Mallows: I know you all love to scream and everything, but I’m not used to it really, so if you could all just stop for a few minutes, that would be great.

(Of course this statement only makes the fans cheer louder and Vincent just shakes his head.  He motions for them to be quiet and eventually they comply with his request.)

Vincent Mallows: Now, I guess it all comes down to where to begin. I don’t want to give you all a long drawn out story, or tell you the dramas of my life… so I’ll just cut to the moment I signed on the dotted line with this federation.

(Mallows begins to pace a bit in the ring, as standing completely still is very awkward)

Vincent Mallows: Basically I was approached by Jason Johnson and Ed Raymond about a week after Under Siege, the SP’s last Pay Per View. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of signing, but the case presented by the SHOOT executives, "We’re trying to break into the main stream, and we need name value. They offered me a "contract" that basically signed me to this federation, but didn’t require that I wrestled week after week….

Frankly I was itching to get involved again, and more so to make a new name for myself. I wasn’t sure if I could compete or not, so every thing seemed set. Then, one day I had that feeling again. I wanted to step back into the ring and I wanted to fight. So I did. I came back and I kicked The Real Deal square in the jaw… I had no real reason to do so, except for at the time he was feuding with my two good friends Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis.

(A huge pop goes out for the tag team champions and Vincent Smiles.)

Vincent Mallows: Oh good, so you know them then. So yeah, I got into the ring, but it was only a taste… and that appeared to be all I was going to get. Week after week I was told there was no reason for me to be booked or there was nobody to fight against. Naturally when one isn’t working, they take up other hobbies. Mine happened to be rekindling a relationship with an old valet of mine. You all remember the sassy French girl Monique, my first Valet when I entered this business. Yep, she’s the one. So week after week I spent time with her, and I’m not complaining, it was great and is still great.

But, as days go on, and I continued to watch Oblivion from a television set instead of being their live, I began to think. I did a lot of thinking to be honest, and I came to a realization.

(Vincent pauses for a moment and stops pacing. He looks to the entryway as if directing his words towards that way.)

Vincent Mallows: I realized that Jason Johnson and Ed Raymond were idiots. They didn’t need name value, they didn’t need to grab for ratings. They have a locker room filled with amazing talent that is fresh and new. I watched week in and week out as these men gave it their all, and did a damn good job of doing just that. Guys like Del Carver, Ben Jackman, Ray Willmott, Beorn, Roland the Dark, Lonewolf… hell every guy back there right now that are here to entertain the fans!

(A huge pop goes out now as Vincent really starts getting into his own words.)

Vincent Mallows: Yeah that’s right cheer. They deserve it. They are making legacies as SHOOT continues on. They are the future of this sport… Not me. My legacy has been long since set in stone. I was never known to entertain, I was known to destroy, to break people down into a state of hopelessness. I ruined lives and federations. That was my legacy…. Not something I was proud of, but it sticks with your name…

(He seems solemn for a moment as he looks down to the ground, but as he looks back up he smiles slightly.)

Vincent Mallows: Guess it’s a good thing I ditched the whole Cash persona then eh? Well, that was my original thought… but damn that down time for making me think even more. Without the Cash name, I’m just me, Vincent Mallows. And what does that mean to anyone? Fact is, it doesn’t mean anything… and so as I sat with Monique every Sunday night, I was building up the idea of coming back full time… but then the legacy thing comes back to mind.

You see, there are people in this business who did it right. They built themselves, the made a name for themselves and created a legacy. After it was all said and done, they took their leave. I signed a contract, and the moment I signed that piece of paper, I made a stupid move. I’ll admit it, I jumped the gun, wanted to come back and show the world I’m the best, so I signed…

And now, now I feel like just a loose end that isn’t be tied off when it should be.

(The fans now become solemn as they realize where this is all going.)

Vincent Mallows: So then I’m faced with two options, either continue to be a loose end and try to build an already completed legacy, or just be smart and bring it all to an end back home, in front of the fans who know me…

And well… there is only one obvious choice.

(Vincent lowers the mic to his side and walks towards the edge of the ring. The fans begin to shout out "don’t go" and "we love you Vincent." Vincent stops in his tracks, now barely able to keep a broad grin from his face, he shakes his head and raises his head high.)

Vincent Mallows: Well, I guess its obvious that a lot of you don’t really know. Because my true followers know, that whether I’m Cash, Mallows, or just Vinnie C., my legacy is in fact not complete. Because despite the name value I’ve acquired, despite everything I’ve done in this industry… I have never been WORLD CHAMPION!!

(The once solemn crowd once again picks up as Vincent Mallows picks up as well. He turns to the entryway once again and leans on the ropes.)

Vincent Mallows: Which brings me to the point of the evening. Sorry for the long delay, but I’m supposed to keep you entertained and I’m supposed to "grab and pull for ratings." Well let’s just cut through all of that right now. Point is, yeah I was thinking about heading out, and it seemed like a very good idea. I have a beautiful girlfriend, plenty of money, and I leave without overstaying my welcome.

Then I remembered someone. A very special someone who has been running around playing the part of the big bad wolf.

(Vincent smiles and waves to the back.)

Vincent Mallows: Hello, OutKast. How are you?

(The fans instantly pop loudly as Vincent now begins to pace back and forth, the momentum of his words carrying in his walk.)

Vincent Mallows: I should start off by thanking you, old friend. See your recent actions within this federation have inspired me. You are a prime example of the guy who keeps coming back for more, despite his legacy being well over. And when you returned to the ring, I had to ask myself, how does he do it? How does he keep coming back without completely boring the fans?

No sooner did I ask that question did I see OutKast align himself with Mac and Mirage. And no sooner than that, do I hear him running his mouth trying to play the "arrogant, nobody can beat me" antagonist. It became clear as day to me…

OutKast is now using someone else’s legacy…. Fame and Fortune’s.

(Vincent stops his pacing suddenly and turns yet again to the entryway, his eyes fixed as if he was looking directly at OutKast.)

Vincent Mallows: Well, Sean, let me just say one thing: Last time I checked, There has been and only will be ONE Fame and Fortune. And no, I’m not talking about the on camera "bad guys" who delighted in cheap shots and ref bumps. Oh no, I’m talking about the group of men, who went through federation after federation together, who could be "faces" and still out "heel" the biggest heel. I’m talking about Vincent Mallows, and those two son of a bitches, carrying the tag team gold, Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis!!

(He begins pacing wildly now as the fans are going nearly insane.)

Vincent Mallows: See the way I see, it OutKast, your nothing but a guy who constantly needs his ego stroked, and you saw the kind of reactions Jonny, Chris, and I got in every federation. You wanted that, and so what did you do? You became a Fame and Fortune wannabe!

(Vincent chuckles now and the fans are feeling it with him.)

Vincent Mallows: OutKast, the closest you ever got, and will ever get to being in that realm, is when you were Jonny’s bitch as… what was it… oh yeah Prime.

But we won’t get into it all right here and right now, Sean, as my point isn’t all about you. So you just keep focused on your match tonight and let old Vincent get back into form.

(Vincent winks and the fans let out a loud laugh in response.)

Vincent Mallows: Now I know what the rest of you are thinking. He did a lot of talking about OutKast, and rightfully so. However, like I said, my point: I haven’t been a world champion. Well, I’m not outdated, nor do I have my facts mixed up… I know damn well that The Real Deal at this precise moment is the World champion…The guy who I kicked In the face a while back.

Now, Real Deal, after I did that, and basically that whole feud went no where and was changed up, I felt really bad. After all, I didn’t really have a reason to kick you. However, you retain that title tonight, It wouldn’t bother me too much to kick you in the face a thousand more times in fight for that world title.

(The fans give a mixed reaction to this, but Vincent just nods his head and continues on, glancing at his watch before he speaks.)

Vincent Mallows: I don’t want to waste too much more of your time right now, as I personally was enjoying Impulse, and know I will continue to do so. So let me sum it up for you right here and right now: I’m not making any immediate challenges. I’m not here to run some overly dramatic, non-wrestling related story line, and I’m not here to regain the nick name of the Puppet Master.

I am here because a week after Under Siege I signed a contract that said I would work for the SHOOT Project. I am here, because I’m not about to walk away from all of this, until I become a world champion!

(The Fans start cheering, but only slightly as Vincent continues on with more to say.)

Vincent Mallows: So I will fight every week, I will take part in any match I have to, and I will go through the motions of climbing that ladder to the top, rung by rung. And whoever is at the top when I do get there, well so be it I’ll fight them in the ring.

But if it was my personal preference, I’m hoping, I’m praying on my knees every night then when I get back to the top of the ladder, OutKast is sitting pretty acting like he owns the joint.

(Vincent stops for a brief second and smiles.)

Vincent Mallows: Alright, I’m only going to do this for old time sake… here it goes:

Remember, OutKast, everyone has a price, and you my old friend, aren’t worth the scuff marks on my shoes…

Oh wait, what about this: OutKast, simply put…. You are truly PATHETIC!

(The fans who really know Vincent join in when he said Pathetic, and everyone goes absolutely wild. Vincent waves to the fans and as "One Time" by Stroke 9 starts up again he takes his leave of the ring allowing the fans to enjoy the rest of Impulse.)

Jason Johnson: Well I’ll be…. looks like Vincent Mallows is alive and very well!

Jeff Hansen: You gotta wonder how OutKast is going to respond to all of this… or even if he will respond at all.

Jason Johnson: Well if anyone in the crowd was losing energy, they sure as hell have had a resurgence now.

Jeff Hansen: Well Vincent mentioned both the men who are involved in the next match, maybe his words got to them as well.

Jason Johnson: The Road to K.O. finals are now.

A Long Reigning Iron Fist Champion.

Unstoppable and undefeated.

An opportunity to meet him in the ring,

And knock him out

The Road To K.O. Tournament

Sixteen Men all with something to prove,

But only two could make it this far.

Only two could make it to the finals.

Beorn, Ray Willmottt

One will achieve ultimate victory

The other will just end up knocked out


("Awnaw – The Rock Remix" by Nappy Roots & P.O.D. starts to rock the arena, and the fans jump to their feet. The Shoot Project IRON FIST Champion Ben "BLACKOUT" Jackman starts to make his way down the ramp, he is dressed to the nines in an expensive Italian Suit and sunglasses, and he has the Iron Fist Title over his shoulder and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He walks down to a large table at ringside, and sits next to Shoot Project President and Owner Jason Johnson…Ben Jackman’s music fades, and "I’m Gonna Knock You Out" by LL COOL J starts to play…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentleman…WELCOME to the FINALS of the ROAD to K.O.! This will be a THREE ROUND boxing contest to determine WHO will be the #1 Contender to the Shoot Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP! This bout has been sanctioned by the Nevada Boxing Commission. Your ringside doctor is Dr. Nicholas Sanchez and your referee for this contest will be Shoot Project Head Referee SCOTT KAMURA! "

(The fans cheer as the music continues to play…)

Samantha: "This bout will consist of THREE FIVE MINUTE ROUNDS…and will be won by KNOCKOUT, or JUDGES DECISION! Introducing our THREE JUDGES at RINGSIDE…FIRST…Shoot Project Owner and President JASON JOHNSON!"

(The fans boo loudly as Jason Johnson stands up and waves…)


(The fans cheer as Ben Jackman stands up, and holds the Title Belt over his head…)

Samantha: "FINALLY, making his way to the judges table…our VERY SPECIAL GUEST… A Boxing Great, and a legend to many. Here is former boxer George Foreman!

(The fans cheer and cameras flash as the George Foreman emerges from the entranceway and makes his way down the ramp, and sits next to Jason Johnson and Ben Jackman at the judges table…the camera goes back to the ring, where the two fighters are standing in opposite corners…)

Jeff Hansen: "Well fans, this is a first for me. I’m calling a boxing match! I have with me here a very special guest! Here is Peter King, the editor of Boxing Monthly Magazine and play by play man from Boxing This Week on The Sports Channel, to help me call this match!"

Peter King: "It’s good to be here Jeff. I’ve really enjoyed this, my first Shoot Project Pay Per View event."

Samantha: "AND NOW…the combatants! First, in the corner to my RIGHT…he hails from Cardiff, Wales, England, but is fighting out of Tampa Florida…he stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 220 pounds…here is "THE ELITE"…RAY WILLMOTT!!!"

(Ray Willmott takes a few steps forward and raises his arms to the cheers of the fans…)

Samantha: "His opponent in the corner to my LEFT…fighting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he weighs in at 265 pounds and stands 6 feet 3 inches tall…he is BEORN… "THE BEAR"!!!"

(Beorn raises one arm in his corner to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. The two fighters advance to the middle of the ring, as Scott Kamura stands between them…)

Scott Kamura: "Okay, Beorn-san, Willmott-san we spoke in the dressing room earlier. This is NOT like normal Shoot Project fight…only punches are allowed, above the belt. No kicks, no head butts, no wrestling moves allowed. You win when I stop the fight, judges say so, or you knock each other out. Now go back to your corner…and come out fighting!"

Jeff Hansen: "Both fighters forego the traditional pre-fight handshake, so that shows you how much is riding on this fight! The bell rings…and both guys come out, gloves up…"

Peter King: "These two guys are wearing One Pound Leather Ouano gloves, which are used in club fighting and Mixed Martial Arts usually. They are substantially smaller than standard boxing gloves…and you can do a LOT more damage with them!"

Jeff Hansen: "Knowing Ed Raymond, I’m sure that was the idea!"

Peter King: "The two fighters are now circling each other…the power and size advantage go the Beorn here, but speed and quickness advantage seem to go to Ray Willmott…"

Jeff Hansen: "The thing is Peter…Beorn is more of a mauler in his wrestling career, so he doesn’t have to make much of an adjustment. Ray Willmott is a wrestler’s wrestler…and isn’t much for throwing punches…if this was a WRESTLING match, Willmott would have the clear advantage…but now I’m not so sure…"

Peter King: "Well, the crowd is getting restless as the two men slowly circle each other…throwing out weak jabs…nothing big landing…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott circling on the outside…he doesn’t want to come in to Beorn’s range…"

Peter King: "Beorn explodes…he starts firing roundhouse punches at Ray Willmott…but Willmott is deftly dodging them!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lucky for him! Beorn throwing huge roundhouse punches, but Ray Willmott bobbing and weaving out of his way…and now he answers with a jab of his own…stinging Beorn over his right eye…"

Peter King: "Beorn is hurt! Ray Willmott finally got inside his reach and opened up a small cut over his right eye! Beorn backs off a bit, and raises his guard to protect that cut…"

Jeff Hansen: "Willmott getting a bit braver now that he’s done some damage, and he starts to move in…he fires that jab again…blocked by Beorn…Willmott tries again…again blocked by Beorn…"

Peter King: "WHAM! Beorn surprises Willmott with a HUGE BODY SHOT from his left hand!"

Jeff Hansen: "Beorn was protecting his eye with his RIGHT, and suckered Willmott in to his reach…and then hit Willmott in the body with that sweeping roundhouse hook!"

Peter King: "Willmott goes down, clutching his side as the fans go nuts!"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura stands over him and starts the count: One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…"

Peter King: "Ray Willmott is UP…but he might have some busted ribs!"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura wipes Willmott’s gloves, checks his eyes, and lets him back into the middle of the ring! The two fighters start to circle each other…"

Peter King: "The bell rings! That’s it for the first round…the fighters head to their corners!"

Jeff Hansen: "The first 5 minute round is UP. Now for this fight Peter, each man has three men in his corner, a personal trainer provided by Shoot Project, a cut man provided by the Nevada Boxing Commission, and a third personal friend or choice that the fighter selected…"

Peter King: "As the two fighters sit on stools and get some rest and advice from their corners…lets look at some replays from the action of the first round…"

Jeff Hansen: "All right…here we see Beorn trying to end this fight early with those BIG roundhouses, but Willmott ducks them. Then, Willmott zips in and stings Beorn over the left eye…opening him up…now we see Beorn suckering Willmott in and DROPPING him with that brutal body shot!"

Peter King: "All right…both men up and ready to start the second round…I see Dr. Nick Riviera checked on Beorn’s cut during the break and has deemed him fit to continue…"

Jeff Hansen: "And here we go…Round Two!"

Peter King: "Beorn coming out like a MADMAN, swinging! He hits Ray Willmott flush in the face with a HUGE right cross, and Willmott is staggered! Now he starts burying brutal body shots to the sides of Ray Willmott!"

Jeff Hansen: "Willmott is ROCKED, his body is being slammed around in there like a Crash Test Dummy as Beorn The Bear is slamming his fists into the body of Willmott!"

Peter King: "Ray Willmott is backing away, and has his gloves up over his face as he backs into the ropes…"

Jeff Hansen: "These fans on their feet as Beorn keeps hammering Ray Willmott with these body shots…now Ray Willmott grabs Beorn in the clinch, as the fans boo…"

Peter King: "Ray Willmott wisely holding on to Beorn, as he won’t be able to land many more effective body shots from the clinch position…"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans may not like the old ‘clutch and grab’ style of boxing, but it’s effective…Ray Willmott has managed to stave off the onslaught of body shots from Beorn by getting inside his reach…"

Peter King: "So far this has been a surprisingly good fight, considering that these are NOT trained pugilists. Willmott has shown a real knowledge of the science of boxing…and Beorn seems to have great instincts for it as well…"

Jeff Hansen: "As the fans get restless while Ray Willmott continues to work the clinch position…how would YOU score this fight so far Peter?"

Peter King: "Well, the first round was EVEN…you had the knockdown by Beorn, but Willmott managed to open a cut on Beorn, which really shows something…"

Jeff Hansen: "All right…back to the action, or lack thereof! Referee Scott Kamura orders a BREAK, since the two fighters were just leaning against each other in fatigue…"

Peter King: "You know, that’s ANOTHER big factor to consider here Jeff…fatigue. It is MUCH different to pace yourself for a boxing match than it is a wrestling match, and maybe these men have exhausted themselves by throwing too much too soon…"

Jeff Hansen: "Perhaps…UPPERCUT! Ray Willmott just threw a VICIOUS uppercut to the jaw of Beorn! Beorn staggers back into the ropes, his eyes glassy…"

Peter King: "Willmott has to go after him now…and he does…"

Jeff Hansen: "Willmott starts slipping the jab again, working away on the face of Beorn, tap tap tap, and a WIDE roundhouse to the jaw…"

Peter King: "Beorn’s knees buckle…and he GOES DOWN as the fans explode!"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura stands over him and starts the count: One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…"

Peter King: "Oh! Beorn gets up…but that cut is REALLY open now!"

Jeff Hansen: "As Scott Kamura checks on Beorn…the bell rings!"

Peter King: "Beorn is saved by the proverbial bell, as Willmott stuns him with an uppercut, and then starts working that cut over his right eye again…but Beorn guts it out and gets up…just in time for the bell!"

Jeff Hansen: "Both men in their respective corners. How do you see the fight now Peter?"

Peter King: "VERY even. In the first round, you had Willmott draw first blood, but then go down. In the second round, Willmott got rocked by some body shots, and had to go to the clinch position, but then rebounded with a surprise uppercut and rapid fire jabs…this fight is too close to call!"

Jeff Hansen: "I agree. The fans are really getting their money’s worth here tonight with this contest!"

Peter King: "All right…the seconds are out, we have completed two five minute rounds and are going into the third and final five minute round…"

Jeff Hansen: "You can tell that Beorn has that cut heavily treated…and LOOK at Ray Willmott’s ribs! His side looks like a collage of colors, all bruised and discolored…"

Peter King: "There is little doubt in my mind that those ribs are broken…"

Jeff Hansen: "The two fighters warily circling each other as the fans cheer…the fighters HAVE to know that this fight has been totally even so far, and that in order to win, somebody has to have a blow away round!"

Peter King: "Ray Willmott fires a jab at that right eye of Beorn! Beorn absorbs the shot but answers with a stiff side punch to the body of Ray Willmott!"

Jeff Hansen: "Willmott responds with another stiff jab, and Beorn answers in kind with another body shot! Willmott jabs! Beorn body shot!"

Peter King: "The two fighters circling each other like wild animals, trading shots…now Beorn really hammers Ray Willmott in the face with a left cross! Willmott’s head snaps back, and he fires a straight arm back into the face of Beorn!"

Jeff Hansen: "Instead of these punches slowing down, they’re speeding up…much to the delight of the crowd! Willmott nails Beorn with a jab…Beorn answers with a cross…Willmott…Beorn…Willmott…Beorn…"

Peter King: "HERE WE GO! Defense just went out the window! The two fighters start to trade leather back and forth at lightening speed! The fists are flying now as the fans cheer themselves hoarse!"

Jeff Hansen: "These guys aren’t even trying to block each other’s shots anymore…they’re trying to knock each other’s block off!"

Peter King: "I agree! Scientific boxing has gone out the window here in the third round, as this fight has degenerated into a BRAWL!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott has REALLY opened up that brutal cut over the eye of Beorn, and Beorn’s eye looks to have swelled shut!"

Peter King: "Meanwhile, Beorn has been laying in thunderous rock hard body shots to Ray Willmott so hard, that he practically lifts him off the ground when he lands!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott has stopped using his left arm almost entirely, as it hangs limply at his side, ineffectively protecting that broken and bruised rib area!"

Peter King: "Both men look exhausted, as they continue to trade punches back and forth…they are slowing down as they drip with sweat…"

Jeff Hansen: "Beorn starts to buckle…that eye is swollen and he can’t protect it any more…but Ray Willmott is leaning to one side precariously too…"

Peter King: "A tough jab to the eye of Beorn…unanswered! Another! Beorn gets wobbly and bounces off the ropes…he goes down!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans on their feet…but before Beorn even hits the mat…WILLMOTT goes down too…and lands right beside him, clutching his ribs!"

Peter King: "The cheers are DEAFENING in here as the two fighters lay side by side on the mat, panting and exhausted, beaten, bruised and bloody!"

Jeff Hansen: "Scott Kamura stands over both men and starts the count: One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…"

Peter King: "As Kamura hits eight, Ray Willmott gets to his knees…nine…he’s almost up…"

Jeff Hansen: "TEN…and Beorn is struggling but he can’t get up! Willmott did it!"

(The bell rings as Scott Kamura throws Ray Willmott’s hand in the air to the rapturous cheers of the fans…Ray Willmott’s music starts to play as the three judges stand and applaud…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen…HERE IS YOUR WINNER, by Knockout at 3 minutes and 33 seconds into the third round…your NEW KING OF K.O. and the Number One Contender to the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP… "The Elite" Ray Willmott!!!"

Jeff Hansen: "In an act of pure class, Ray Willmott helps Beorn to his feet and embraces him warmly in the middle of the ring…"

Peter King: "Well, boxing is a game of seconds, and in another second or two that could have been Beorn!"

Jeff Hansen: "The EMT’s are now in the ring, helping both exhausted and battered fighters to the back as we see a replay of Ray Willmott crawling to his feet to win this match…"

Peter King: "Well Jeff, it’s been a pleasure being here to witness the end of the Road To K.O. with you and all the Shoot Project fans!"

Jeff Hansen: "The pleasure has been all ours Peter! Thanks for your help!"

(Peter takes his leave of the ring as do the various judges for tonight’s competition.  The fans give a standing ovation to both men involved in the match.  As the group of judges and Peter King exit, various SHOOT crew members come out from the entry way carrying tables, ladders and chairs to the ring.)

Jason Johnson: Well this can only me one thing.

Jeff Hansen: In just a few short moments two teams will go into that ring and put their bodies through all out hell.

Jason Johnson: There will be tables, there will be ladders, and there will be chairs!

Jeff Hansen: This is going to be utter chaos, and the fans are sure to love every minute of it.

Jason Johnson: Well that goes without saying, Jeff. Look at the competitors involved in this TLC match. Jonny Johnson, Enigma, Kyle Ortego, and Mark Chicone. These boys all have a hunger in them, and when it comes to getting the win, both teams will pull out all the stops.

(While the ring crew gets the area ready, the cameras cut to the Impulse Tag team title promo)

A division in the need of revitalizing

A Team on the brink of destruction,

Their titles lost to two Beautiful People.

Their reign now becoming well known.

Jonny Johnson, Enigma

A self proclaimed Hardcore Legend

A Hot shot money maker.

Their intentions clear

To injure the arrogant champions

Kyle Ortego, Mark Chicone

Who will win and who will lose?

Or, will anyone even Survive
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs?


Jeff Hansen: Well the ring crew has finished placing various tables and ladders around the ring area, and two stacks of chairs have been placed in opposite corners of the ring. This is going to be one big bloody mess!

(The crowd falls silent as "Wait and Bleed" by SlipKnot hits the P.A. system inside the Thomas and Mack center. The silence is quickly broken by boos from the fans as Kyle Ortego emerges, a kendo stick in hand. He stops at the top of the large stage platform and swings the kendo stick through the air before raising it high above his head. He then looks out over the crowds, a sadistic grin on his face.)

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a Tag Team Championship Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match!!!

(The fans let out a nice sized pop for the TLC announcement as Ortego slowly walks to the ring, jaw jacking with various fans in the process.)

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring at this time, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, here is the self proclaimed Hardcore Legend: Kyle Ortego!!

(More boos ring out for the man who is Darkbriar no more. He simply shrugs it off and paces about the ring slightly.)

Jason Johnson: Well Kyle Ortego is showing no fear here tonight, as he is used to the mainstream spotlight, and just like some of the other superstars in SHOOT, this is sort of a homecoming for him.

Jeff Hansen: Many wrestlers are finding themselves returning to the type of wrestling promotion they are used to, and they aren’t going to hold back… same thing with those who have never seen the mainstream spotlight.

(The focus returns back into the ring as "Halo" by Soil soon picks up, again a chorus of boos resounding.)

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, hailing from Hollywood, California, here is Mark Chicone!!!

(Chicone steps out from behind a dark blue curtain with red shimmer and appears before the basically sold out crowd in attendance tonight. He too walks slowly to the ring, almost playing into the fans dislike for him. Chicone has a smug grin on his face as he walks, seemingly not too worried about the perils of the TLC match before him. As Chicone gets closer to the ring he stops for a moment, and looks at all the tables and ladders laid out around the ring. He nods his head with a grin and then slides into the ring to join his partner, Kyle Ortego. The two men stand ready, waiting, and wanting to beat Jonny Johnson and Enigma to a bloody pulp.)

Jeff Hansen: There has definitely been fire in the eyes of Chicone and Ortego this whole week, Chicone especially has seemed extra pissed, probably because Enigma is the one who cost him his shot at the Iron Fist title.

Jason Johnson: Well it was a strong tournament, and I wouldn’t enjoy being reminded of it on a daily basis, like people probably bring up to Chicone.

Jeff Hansen: Well yeah, nobody likes losing an important match.

Jason Johnson: Well in the SP nobody likes to lose period.

(Chicone and Ortego, prepared and focused, pace around the ring anxiously awaiting the arrival of their opponents. There is a stir in amongst the fans with each moment that passes by, the sold out crowd undoubtedly stoked for the contest, their imaginations devising the most wicked of bumps.)

Jason Johnson: Well folks, We are just moments away from what could down as a classic between two teams that REALLY want it!

Jeff Hansen: We’re waiting only for the tag team cha…

(Before Jeff can finish his sentence, the lights immediately go out, leaving the arena in total darkness.)

Jeff Hansen: I suppose I spoke too early.

(Darkness lasts only a moment, however, as suddenly, without warning, a stream of pyrotechnics goes off at the entranceway… A blaze of fire lighting the arena… Fireworks exploding in brilliant colors! Smoke soon lazily drifts about, as the audience, glued to their seats, watch, captivated by their thoughts of what will happen next.

There is silence once again, but this time, only for a brief instant, interrupted finally by an infamous sound…)

"Go on! Go On! Leave Me Breathless!"

(As the words pierce throughout the arena, another stream of fireworks go off, the entrance curtain ruffling, leading one to believe at least SOMEONE is planning to come out.)

" Come on! Hey, yeah"

Jeff Hansen: Oh Christ…

Jason Johnson: (Laughing) You know, I’ve only actually heard the stories… Heh, kinda catchy, eh?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah… catchy… That’s the word…

"The daylight’s fading slowly, and time with you is standing still"

"I’m waiting for you only. The slightest touch and I feel week"

(Unexpectedly, about fifteen Las Vegas show girls, fully equipped in BEAUTIFUL sparkling sequence costumes, low cut and EXTREMELY revealing at both ends of the plate. Linked at the arm, the fifteen or so girls, in a horizontal line, span across the entrance way as they begin one of their classic kick routines.)

"I cannot lie, from you I cannot hide"

"And I’m losing the will to try"

(The line slowly begins to part at the middle, two lines no forming vertically, lining the ramp.)

"Can’t Hide it! Can’t Find it!"

(Parading through the curtain, a white horse emerges, dragging behind it, a large chariot, ridden by a man garbed in traditional Grecian toga and headpiece.)

"So Go On! Go on! C’mon, leave me breathless!"

"Tempt me tease me! Until I can’t deny…"

"This loving feeling… Make me Long for your kiss!"

" Go on, go on"

"Yeah! Come on, Yeah"

(As the first verse of "Breathless" by the Corrs, comes to an end the curtain again shakes, but this time little girls and boys, also garbed in togas, with grass pieces around their heads, dance out down the ramp way, dropping rose pedals along the way.)

Jeff Hansen: (laughing) Sweet mother of Mary…

(An absolute ROAR from the audience follows as Jonny Johnson and Enigma FINALLY bust through the curtains themselves, pyrotechnics flying off in every which way. The tag team champions, charismatic, as always, parade down the entranceway. As advertised, they appear in black robes, with the words "Beautiful People" written across the back in sparkling silver lettering, with silver trim down the front as well.)

"And if there’s no tomorrow. And we have is here and now"

"I’m happy just to have you"

"You’re all the love I need somehow."

(Jonny and Enigma both hop over the top rope, entering the ring, watching as Ortego and Chicone wisely duck out.)

"It’s like a dream… Although I’m not asleep"

"And I never want to wake up"

"Don’t lose it , don’t leave it"

(They hit up opposite ends of the ring, and climb up to the top turnbuckle, posing for the sea of fans who go nuts at ringside, offering a deafening cheer of approval!")

"So go on, go on, come on, leave me breathless"

(A stream of pyrotechnics goes off again, but this time from the turnbuckles not currently being occupied, causing the fans to pop yet again with excitement!)

"Tempt me, tease me, until I can’t deny"

"This loving feeling! Make me long for your kiss!"

(Both Jonny and Enigma hop down from off the top rope and the lights slowly begin to come up, the fans on their feet.)

"Go on, go on! Yeah…"

"Come on."

The music fades and the little children and horse driven chariot all make their way back up the ramp and out through the curtains. Ortego and Chicone, watch dumbfounded outside the ring, having no idea how to react to what they just saw. Jonny and Chris, confident as always, watch their opponents with a grin, as Jonny calls over to Samantha for a microphone.

Samantha obliges, and Jonny smiles, the crowd flying off the handle. He lets the cheers build, simply looking around the arena, looking at the tables and chairs and ladders surrounding the ring, looking at the mass of cheering fans… Before his eyes finally settle in on Chicone and Ortego.

Jonny Johnson: So, boys… This is it, huh? This is your moment in the sun! This is your opportunity to shine and to prove to this sell out crowd that they were wrong. Tables… Ladders… Chairs… I don’t give a goddamn rats ass what it is, dawg. I don’t care if you light shit on fire… I don’t care if I fall from seventy feet in the air and crash through every mother fucking steel, metal, or wooden product ever placed on this planet… You can make me bleed… Burn me… Break every bone in my body… But kids, this is THE BIG TIME… This is the sorta shit where tikes are aborted and legends are born… Is that cliché? You’re damn right, but they only call it a cliché because it’s TRUE. This is home, guys… These are our families… Friends… Neighbors… Brothers and Sisters. You have a nation watching you, Darkbriar… You have the world with its eyes all on you, Chicone… Think you’re good? Think you’re something special? Well you can prove it tonight… AGAINST THE BEST!

The fans again erupt as Jonny hands the microphone over to Chris.

Enigma: So you made it boys. You made it to the BIG time! All the bullshit you been talking has brought you to this EXACT point and now it time to put up! You think we’ve been bad all week, it ain’t nothing compared to what’s about to happen. Jonny’s carried me to the tag titles eh Mark? You’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do that to me eh Mark? Talked a whole buncha shit didn’t ya Mark? Got your head all swelled up by some meaningless bullshit didn’t ya Mark? Damn shame that now you gotta step in here and back it up isn’t it son! So I tell you what you two Bitches quit pissin on yourselves out there and get your monkey asses in this ring and let’s do the damn thing!

Enigma tosses the mic out of the ring and motions for Ortego and Chicone to step into the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Listen to this crowd, Jason!

Jason Johnson: These four athletes gave it their all this week, and we are just about UNDER WAY!

Jeff Hansen: And here I thought the over glamorized entrances were dead! Jonny Johnson and Enigma have gotten this crowd so worked up, and the match hasn’t even started yet!

Jason Johnson: Leave it to Jonny and Enigma to really go that extra mile. You have to wonder though, was their elaborate entrance a way to throw off their opponents?

Jeff Hansen: Don’t look too deep into, Jason… I’m pretty sure The Beautiful People were just doing the whole entrance thing with a whole hell of a lot of style.

[Jonny Johnson and Enigma have taken the ring solo now, as Ortego and Chicone went to the outside to talk beginning strategy. Jonny walks circles around the ring one way, while Enigma walks circles the opposite way. Both men eye the tables, chairs, and ladders surrounding the ring, but also remain focused on Ortego and Chicone who seem to be plotting something. Chicone nods his head and starts walking around the ring towards the entryway ramp. Enigma watches him carefully, and as Chicone continues to walk around to the other side, Ortego slides quickly into the ring with the kendo stick in hand and goes directly for Jonny. Jonny turns around and catches Ortego just in time, landing a swift kick to his stomach. At this time Chicone hits the ring and rushes Enigma. The two men lock up into grapple while Jonny works Ortego into the corner with a series of knife-edge chops. Enigma gains the advantage on Chicone and whips him into the ropes, Chicone slides out of the ring under the bottom rope, evading Enigma and pulling Ortego out of the ring in the process. The fans show their displeasure by booing Chicone and Ortego as they one again huddle on the outside.]

Jason Johnson: Well obviously plan A didn’t work for Chicone and Ortego, maybe they’ll be working on plan B now?

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think Jonny and Enigma are going to give them the time. Both men have rushed outside of the ring now as well and head towards Ortego and Chicone!

[Jonny and Enigma both grab a chair from the stacks inside the ring and head after Chicone and Ortego. As Jonny swings at Chicone, Chicone side steps the chair shot and it connects directly with the ring post. Enigma has better luck as he jabs Ortego right in the gut with the end of the chair in his hands. Ortego slumps forward and Enigma brings the chair crashing down across Ortego’s back. As Enigma goes to help Jonny, Chicone manages to get past Jonny and lands a drop kick to the chair sending it smashing into Enigma’s face. Enigma reels back and Chicone turns back towards Jonny only to be clocked with a vicious chair shot, that nearly takes Chicone’s head off. Chicone falls directly down to the ground and the fans in attendance (and probably all over the world) cheer, as Jonny stands tall.]

Jeff Hansen: Jonny now the only man standing, but Ortego, Chicone and Enigma are quickly getting their bearings back.

Jason Johnson: The referee trying to maintain some order to this tag team match, but I don’t really see what’s the point.

Jeff Hansen: In a TLC match, there just isn’t one.

[Jonny drops the chair and heads around the side of the ring, there he pulls a table away from the guard railing and begins setting it up. However, Ortego is not far behind Jonny and lands a side kick to Jonny’s calf. Jonny falters in his footing slightly and turns around to face Ortego now. Jonny goes to nail Ortego, but Ortego lands another side kick, then a jab, then a low roundhouse, and then lets loose with a series of intricate jabs that bring Jonny down, lay across the table.]

Jason Johnson: Ortego showing some of his martial arts background there, which is completely different than the all out fist fight that has started on the opposite side of the ring!

Jeff Hansen: Look at Chicone and Enigma go, lefts and rights being tossed every which way!

[Ortego lays Jonny fully out on the set up table, while Enigma slowly gains the advantage against Chicone. Enigma grabs Chicone’s arm and whips him into the ring post. Chicone collides head on with the post, and falls to the mat. Dazed from the punches, Enigma slowly staggers over towards Jonny. Meanwhile, Ortego gets up on the apron and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. As he goes to jump, Enigma runs up onto the apron and lands a double front foot drop kick right to Ortego’s gut, knocking him off the top rope and to the ground below. Enigma then helps Jonny off the table and the two go after Ortego. Chicone again comes to his senses on the other side of the ring and comes rushing around behind Enigma and Jonny. Enigma lands one more kick to Ortego’s gut and Jonny and Enigma set him up for a double suplex, aiming to put Ortego through the table. As they elevate Ortego into the air however, Chicone pulls the table out of the way, as to save Ortego. Ortego flips over Enigma and Jonny landing on his feet and as the two turn around Chicone nails Jonny with a clothesline from hell where as Ortego gets Enigma down to the ground with a DDT. Ortego and Chicone both make covers on The Beautiful People.]

Jeff Hansen: The first pinfall of tonight’s match… too early though to put Jonny and Enigma away.

Jason Johnson: A one and a half count I guess you would call it, and now Ortego and Chicone are up to their feet stomping away at Jonny and Enigma, keeping them at bay.

[Ortego works on Enigma while Chicone puts the table back in place. Ortego brings Enigma to his feet and rolls him onto the table. Chicone then walks further down the side of the ring, and sets up an eight-foot ladder. Chicone looks to Ortego and the two men nod their head. Chicone places the ladder up on the apron, and both Chicone and Ortego get up on the apron as well. Chicone grabs one end of the ladder while Ortego grabs the other end. They both look at the laid out Enigma and then leap from the apron, bringing the ladder down right across Enigma’s mid section! The fans let out an "ooh" as that looked like it really hurt. The table does not break however and Chicone and Ortego get back up on the apron yet again, the ladder still in their hands. Jonny now slowly gets to his feet and as he pulls himself up, he grabs the very end of the ladder and pulls down on it with great force. The opposite end of the ladder pops up and nails Chicone right in the jaw. Chicone flips over the top rope and lands inside the ring. Ortego though swings part of the ladder around and nails Jonny right in the face. Jonny bounces up against the side of the ring, and Ortego stands the ladder up vertically right near the table. He then begins to climb the steps, his eyes locked on Enigma.]

Jason Johnson: Kyle Ortego going up high now, and the fans are watching on with nervous anticipation.

Jeff Hansen: They might not like Ortego, but when it comes to high risk action involving ladders and tables, the fans go nuts for just about everything.

Jason Johnson: Ortego now at the very top of the ladder and he’s looking down at Enigma!

[Ortego wastes little time once on top of the ladder and jumps off with a flipping body attack! Ortego crashes down on top of Enigma and both men go through the table hitting the floor with force. The fans are wide eyed and buzzing with "oh my god" and "holy shit." Jonny sits up against the ring apron, grabbing at the edge of the ring, and slowly pulls himself to his feet. He slides into the ring where Chicone is getting up to his feet, rubbing his jaw in pain. Jonny grabs Chicone by the shoulder and spins him around. He connects with a quick fist to the side of the face and Chicone falls into the corner. Jonny whips Chicone into the corner and goes to follow with an avalanche splash. However, Chicone lifts up under Jonny and sends him flying outside of the ring, landing hard on the ground and onto one of the steel chairs from earlier. Chicone staggers about the ring now, finally catching sight of the broken table with Ortego and Enigma lying in the ruins. Chicone drops and rolls out of the ring and makes a cover on Enigma. The referee goes to the outside as well and beings to make the count.]

One… Two…. Much to the amazement of the fans, Enigma gets his arm up and the match continues on!

Jeff Hansen: Enigma kicked out, and you’ve got to wonder how people can be put through a table and be able to continue a match.

Jason Johnson: Years of doing this for a living I would guess.

Jeff Hansen: Well Chicone is beside himself right now, as he pulls Enigma to his feet and rolls him into the ring.

[Once Chicone gets Enigma into the ring, he goes back outside of the ring and grabs another table. He slides the table into the ring and leans up vertically in one of the corners. Meanwhile Jonny has grabbed a table from outside of the ring on the opposite side. He slides it into the ring and sets it up in the opposite corner, unknowing to Chicone. Chicone whips Enigma into the corner sending him right into the table. The table cracks, but does not break all the way through. Chicone turns around and just as he does so, Jonny grabs Chicone and whips him into the other corner, sending Chicone smashing into the other table set up. At this point in time, Ortego gets up to his feet from the outside, shaking off his pain. He slides into the ring and Jonny spots him. The two men rush directly at each other and now Ortego and Jonny get involved in a fistfight. Jonny sends a left, Ortego sends a right, Jonny sends a right, Ortego sends a left. Both men battle back and forth, moving close to the edge of the ring. Chicone and Enigma come to and see what’s going on. Both men bounce off the opposite ropes, trying to fight each other off in the process, and both men collide into Jonny and Ortego and all four men spill to the outside in a massive heap, Chicone on top of Jonny and Enigma on top of Ortego.]

Jason Johnson: Both teams now going for a pin, but the referee isn’t even bothering to make the count.

Jeff Hansen: I think all the officials are tired of being blamed for messed up calls.

Jason Johnson: Chicone and Enigma are up now..

Jeff Hansen: And Jonny and Ortego are up as well.

[Chicone nails Jonny with a closed fist to the back of the neck, hindering his ability to get up completely. Meanwhile Enigma trips up Ortego as he gets to his feet, and Ortego nails his chin on the guard railing. Enigma continues on the offense against Ortego and runs his knee into Ortego’s gut. Enigma walks around Ortego and goes to the far side of the outside of the ring. There he picks up a ladder and sets it up across the ring apron and the guard railing, forming a bridge so to speak. Enigma then walks back over to Ortego, but Ortego cheap shots him with a low blow, thus halting Enigma’s movement towards him. Chicone continues his work on Jonny, pushing him up the ramp way and away from Enigma. Chicone locks his arms around Jonny’s waist and holds him in a standing position on the ramp way for a moment, and then elevates him up and takes him down with a belly to back German release suplex! Jonny hits the back of his head on the steel ramp way, and rolls down it slightly. Chicone raises his arms in an arrogant fashion and the fans boo.

Mark Chicone: Who’s god now, Jonny!

[Chicone spits at Jonny adding insult to injury. Ortego nails another shot to Enigma and then scoops him up off the ground. Ortego slams Enigma on the ladder bridge that Enigma set up a few moments ago. Ortego then gets yet another table, this time from under the ring, and sets it up right next to the ladder. Chicone slowly makes his way back towards his partner. He sends a couple of vertical chops to the chest of Enigma, making sure to keep him down. Ortego gets up on the ring apron and walks onto the ladder. He gets Enigma up and hooks both of Enigma’s arms with his back to the table. As Ortego lifts up on Enigma, Enigma suddenly reverses with some second wind strength, and sends Ortego up and over landing directly on top of Chicone. The fans let out a nice cheer for this reversal. However, as Enigma tries to move, Chicone lunges up and grabs his leg, tripping Enigma up and causing him to fall hard down on top of the ladder. Enigma becomes winded by the ladder and Chicone slowly pulls himself up using the ladder for support.]

Jason Johnson: Ortego and Chicone are being smart in isolating Jonny and Enigma from each other. The more they can work two on one moves, the better chance they have of winning this thing.

Jeff Hansen: Well they didn’t do such a good job this time around, Jonny is up and coming to the aid of his friend and partner.

[Jonny, shaking his head, heads towards Chicone and Ortego from behind. Ortego turns around and catches Jonny coming towards him. Ortego jumps up on the railing and leaps off it crashing into Jonny and both men fall into the steel steps leading into the ring. Chicone pulls himself up on the ladder now and stomps down hard on Enigma. Chicone lifts his foot up high now going for a very powerful stomp, and as he brings his foot down, Enigma blocks the stomp, grabbing Chicone’s foot. Enigma quickly gets up to his feet and lays Chicone out with a DDT on the ladder. Enigma slowly gets back up to his feet and turns to the fans. He begins to motion for them to get up out of their seats and out of the way. This causes a wave of reaction from the fans and as Enigma grabs Chicone’s legs, the fans start going crazy.]

Jason Johnson: Don’t tell me he’s going to do what I think he’s going to do!

[Enigma pulls up on Chicone’s legs so he is near vertical in position, then Enigma whips himself backwards with all his force and sends Chicone flying into the now empty rows of seats, crashing through about seven chairs!!! The fans respond with a huge reaction as Chicone lays motionless within the now scattered pile of chairs! Enigma however seems hurt from that as well, bringing himself down on that ladder pretty hard. Enigma holds his back in pain and looks up to the rafters above. Over by the steel steps Ortego is to his feet and pulling Jonny up by his hair. Ortego walks Jonny up the steel steps and throws him back into the ring. He stomps Jonny down into the corner and then spies Enigma out of the corner of his eyes. Ortego quickly changes his focus and turns to Enigma. He grabs a chair from within the ring and then runs towards the ropes. The fans watch in total amazement as Ortego throws the chair onto Enigma’s face, flips himself over the tope rope, and lands a leg drop across the chair smashing it into Enigma’s face. Ortego pushes Enigma off the ladder and stands tall on the ladder, holding the chair high. He trash talks the fallen Enigma and just as he starts to head back into the ring, Jonny quickly ascends the top rope and nails a missile drop kick into the chair. The chair smashes Ortego in the face, sending him off the ladder and crashing through the table he set up on the other side! Jonny however, falls to the ground, his legs hitting the ladder, but the rest of his body falling directly to the ground! All four men are out and barely moving!!]

Jeff Hansen: My god that was just insane! One after another after another after another.

Jason Johnson: All four men are down and out, and the referee is checking on the situation. These four men may have injured themselves too greatly to even continue this match.

Jeff Hansen: Well the referee standing center of the ring now, he’s looking to start the ten count… the fans aren’t happy with this at all.

[All four men lay on the ground basically out cold and the referee begins the ten count.]





[Jonny slowly starts to stir, rolling in pain and sliding his legs off the ladder and onto the ground. Chicone is still pretty much out, as are Enigma and Ortego. Jonny grabs the side of the ring, trying to pull himself up, but it is obvious he landed funny on his legs, which is causing him an immense amount of pain.]



[Jonny now leans himself up against the edge of the ring, and the referee spots him. Enigma now starts to stir, with Chicone rolling around out in the fans. The referee ends the count as Jonny gets to his feet, allowing the match to continue.]

Jason Johnson: The match goes on, and despite all the carnage that just ensued, not one competitor in this match has been busted open yet.

Jeff Hansen: Well we can’t see Ortego’s face right now, so he might have been busted wide by that chair to the head.

[Chicone struggles to get to his feet, falling over all the chairs around him. He makes it to the guard railing and as he does so, Enigma starts using the guard railing to pull himself up to his feet as well. Chicone sees Enigma grab a hold of the railing, starting to pull himself up. Chicone grabs the ladder and lifts it up into the air. He then shifts it over and slams it down viciously on Enigma’s hands! Enigma shouts out in pain and falls back down onto the ground. Ortego now rolls over showing his first signs of movement while Jonny slides himself slowly into the ring. Ortego looks wide eye up to the ceiling of the arena now, and the fans can see as the light shines down on him, blood running from his forehead down the side of his face!]

Jeff Hansen: Ortego is bleeding, and I think he knows it too.

Jason Johnson: Blood only means one thing for Ortego, more aggression.

[Ortego slowly raises his hand to his face, feeling the blood now on his hands. As he wipes it away from his right eye, a sudden expression of anger comes across his face. Ortego with a second wind leaps up from the ground and shakes his head. He quickly heads around the side of the ring and grabs his kendo stick. Jonny in the meantime winces as he leans against the corner post, trying his best to stand up on his own. Ortego rushes the ring with the kendo stick and just as Jonny gets a decent feeling in his legs again, Ortego chops him down, nailing him across the knees with the kendo stick. Jonny drops to his knees instantly and Ortego winds up and cracks the kendo stick right across Jonny’s face. Jonny falls to the mat face first and out cold. Ortego throws the now broken in half kendo stick off to the side and turns Jonny over onto his back. Ortego makes the cover and the referee goes down for the count.

One… Two… Ortego pulls Jonny up thus purposely breaking the count. The fans boo loudly and seconds later an all out "asshole" chant starts. Ortego just laughs and looks at Jonny’s busted face, blood nearly covering his entire face. Ortego brings Jonny up to his feet slowly. And walks him around the ring for the entire arena to see.]

Jason Johnson: Look at Ortego now, parading Jonny around like that.

[Chicone now gets into the ring as well, leaving Enigma on the outside. Ortego holds Jonny as straight up as possible while Chicone fetches two chairs. He hands one to Ortego and keeps one for himself. While still holding Jonny up, Chicone winds up to nail Jonny in the face with the chair, while Ortego goes to nail him in the legs. As the two prepare, Enigma starts to get to his feet again, slowly pulling himself into the ring. Chicone swings and Jonny suddenly slumps down at the last possible second and Chicone nails Ortego right in the face. Ortego reels backward and Chicone stomps his foot in anger. He goes to swing his chair at Jonny but Enigma gets up behind Chicone and grabs the chair from him. Enigma goes to swing at Chicone, but Chicone ducks and takes Enigma down with a drop toehold. Enigma falls face first into the chair now and Chicone locks him into a cross face lock. The referee checks to see if Enigma submits and while he does so Ortego staggers about for a moment, trying to figure out how he ended up getting hit. Jonny wipes some of the blood from his face and slowly crawls towards the ring ropes, the fans cheering him on hoping he gets to his feet in time. Enigma screams out in pain as Chicone wrenches the hold tighter. The referee asks Enigma if he gives up but Enigma stubbornly shouts no, the fans cheer this on and start stomping their feet and clapping their hands for both Jonny and Enigma. Jonny slowly pulls himself up rope by rope, while Ortego leans his back against the upper right ring post, trying to get his bearings straight. He spots Jonny and starts to stagger towards him.]

Jason Johnson: Enigma is locked into that hold, and Chicone doesn’t look like he’ll be letting go anytime soon.

Jeff Hansen: And Jonny doesn’t seem to know where he is right now, and I don’t think Ortego really has much of a clue either. He’s staggering around in that corner still.

Jason Johnson: Well Enigma is struggling to get a hold of the ropes, and is slowly but surely inching towards the edge of the ring.

[Jonny now shakes his head and looks towards Chicone. He starts that way and as he does so Ortego bounces himself off the ropes and just lunges at Jonny nailing him with a forearm smash. Both men fall to the mat, leaving Enigma on his own to break free of the cross face. The fans cheer louder as Enigma inches closer to the ropes. Chicone starts shaking his head no, trying to pull Enigma back away, but Enigma out stretches his arm and manages to grab a hold of the ropes. The referee shouts at Chicone to break the hold and he does so, but not happily. Chicone lands a few stomps on Enigma before taking a step away. Ortego gets to his feet once more and Chicone and him lift Jonny to his feet. Ortego and Chicone swing Jonny into the ropes, and as Jonny comes bouncing back, Chicone elevates Jonny up into the air and as he comes down Ortego nails him with a high spinning crescent kick. Jonny falls directly down to the mat leaving Ortego and Chicone standing. Ortego grabs the ladder that came into play earlier and slides it into the ring. Chicone goes outside of the ring and picks the eight foot ladder up from the ground and slides that into the ring. Ortego sets his ladder up and Chicone sets his ladder up opposite. The two look at the ladders then look at their opponents and once more leave the ring.]

Jeff Hansen: Just what are these two men up to now?

Jason Johnson: Well they obviously have something in mind…. As both men have gone directly out of the ring and straight for more tables.

Jeff Hansen: How many have been broken now?

Jason Johnson: I’d say a lot.

[Ortego and Chicone slide the two tables into the ring now and both men eye Jonny and then Enigma. Chicone sets his table up between the two ladders. Chicone then pulls Enigma up to his feet and lays him out on the table. Ortego in the meantime ascends the ladder and lays the second table across the two ladders. The fans begin to stir in their seats and their reactions growing louder as Ortego points to Chicone and then points to Jonny. Chicone nods his head and grabs Jonny by the back of the neck. Chicone pulls Jonny up to his feet and walks him towards the ladder. Slowly but surely Chicone basically drags Jonny up the ladder, Jonny half there and half dazed. Chicone lays Jonny on the table that is on top of the two ladders, and Ortego grabs a hold of Jonny’s arms while Chicone grabs Jonny’s legs.]

Jason Johnson: The Beautiful People look to be in for a load of hurt right now.

Jeff Hansen: Are Ortego and Chicone making a table sandwich or something!?

Jason Johnson: I don’t have a clue what they are doing, I’ve never seen this before in my life.

[Ortego and Chicone lift Jonny up above the table now and both men are at the top of the ladders. The fans can barely watch as Ortego and Chicone slam Jonny through the top table, causing Jonny to not only fall through that one but to crash down on top of Enigma below and both men crash through the second table finally landing on the mat! The fans begin a near deafening "holy shit" chant as Ortego and Chicone are barely able to keep their footing on the ladders as they sway back and forth. Ortego and Chicone jump down off the ladders and both ladders fall to the sides, leaning against the ropes.]

Jeff Hansen: I can’t believe what we just saw! Ortego and Chicone have destroyed Jonny and Enigma with that double table double ladder creation. Both men are underhanded and I don’t like them very much, but I have to admit that was innovative.

Jason Johnson: Innovative indeed, but very painful for Jonny and Enigma who lie there motionless now.

[Ortego and Chicone both see their opportunity as they slowly walk over to Jonny and Enigma. Ortego rolls Jonny off of Enigma and covers Enigma while Chicone pins Jonny to double secure their victory. The fans are on the edge of their seats as the referee hits the mat to make the count.

One… Two… Thre.. NO! Jonny and Enigma both shoot their arms and elbows off the mat at the very last possibly millisecond!!! The fans go absolutely nuts for the tag team champions and Ortego and Chicone are stunned with shock. Ortego gets to his feet quickly and just goes ballistic, he shoves the ladders out of the ring while Chicone gets Jonny to his feet. Ortego gets Enigma to his feet and both men start laying into their opponents with punches. They work Jonny and Enigma into opposite corner and Ortego looks to Chicone and Chicone looks back to Ortego. The two men whip Jonny and Enigma towards the center of the ring, but somehow Jonny and Enigma manage to reverse the whips and send both Chicone and Ortego into the corners where they once were. Jonny now sends a series of hard stomps into Chicone’s gut, working him down to a sitting position. Enigma does the same on the other end. Jonny looks around the ring and grabs one of the chairs that was brought in. Enigma does the same as well. The fans watch with growing interest as Enigma now looks to Jonny and Jonny looks back to Enigma.]

Jeff Hansen: Well Ortego and Chicone weren’t quite on the ball this time around, but Jonny and Enigma seem to be catching what now.. their third wind?

Jason Hansen: I think all four men are working on pure adrenaline at this point.

Jeff Hansen: Hold on, Jonny and Enigma now running diagonally across the ring and… OH MY! Enigma just landed a front two footed drop kick smashing that chair right into Chicone’s face!

Jason Johnson: Ortego however seems to have managed to get out of the way and Jonny barely was able to stop himself from colliding with the ring post.

[Ortego sneaks around the outside of the ring now, avoiding an attack by Jonny. Jonny turns his attention now and both Enigma and Jonny go after Chicone. Meanwhile, Ortego comes up from under the ring with yet another table and begins to slide it up and over the top rope. Jonny catches Ortego out of the corner of his eye and rushes suddenly towards the table. Before Ortego can react, Jonny pushes down on the elevated end of the table and smashes it up into the chin of Ortego. Ortego reels backward and Jonny motions for Enigma. Enigma drops Chicone down onto the mat and moves over to Jonny. Enigma holds the base of the table and Jonny begins to pull it back on the ring ropes. Ortego turns around holding his jaw in pain and as he does so, Jonny releases his hold on the top of the table, but Enigma still holds onto the base. The table sling shots off the ropes and comes crashing down right on Ortego’s head, and breaking in half. Ortego falls to the ground and Enigma lets go of his end of the table, which has been separated from the rest of it. With Ortego out on the outside, Enigma and Jonny go back to get Chicone, but Chicone isn’t there. The fans boo as Chicone weasels under the ring, his legs sliding under the only thing Jonny and Enigma manage to see.]

Jeff Hansen: Well now that’s just cowardly… smart, but cowardly.

Jason Johnson: Well Chicone definitely has the element of surprise working for him at this point in time.

Jeff Hansen: Look at the fans getting involved. They’re all looking around for Chicone to remerge from under the ring.

Jason Johnson: Jonny grabs one of the bent chairs while Enigma grabs a hold of the broken table piece that came from the sling shot table hit that broke right over Ortego’s head.

[Jonny and Enigma scan the outside of the ring, walking around to each side, waiting for Chicone to get out, as he can’t wait there forever. Ortego starts to stir, and Enigma turns slight attention towards this fact. However, as he does so, the head of a ladder slowly starts to be pushed out from under the ring. Enigma and Jonny both look hesitantly towards the ladder as it’s pushed further out. Enigma waits on the side of the ring where the ladder emerges from, while Jonny paces about keeping an eye on the other three sides of the ring. Meanwhile Ortego slowly gets to his feet, unnoticed by both Jonny and Enigma. As he gets to his feet, Chicone comes out from under the ring on the side where Ortego is, with both Enigma and Jonny turned away from the two. The fans begin to boo loudly and some even shout at Jonny to turn around. Chicone slumps down out of sight and grabs the other part of the broken table, as Ortego slides into the ring. Enigma catches sight of Oretego and rushes at him with broken table piece in hand. Ortego slumps down and manages to send Enigma over the top rope, Chicone rams his half of the table right into Enigma’s gut and Enigma falls to the floor. Chicone then slides into the ring as Jonny turns around and glares down Ortego. Jonny goes to make an attack on Ortego until Chicone gets in the ring giving them the two on one advantage. Ortego lunges at Jonny first with a judo palm strike, nailing him up the side of the head. Jonny however fights back landing a right hook followed by a jab to Ortego, knocking him back a bit. Chicone now advances full on and decks Jonny with a closed left hand. Jonny reels back and now Ortego and Chicone engage in a full on assault. Outside of the ring, Enigma gets to his feet and pulls out the ladder that Chicone was pushing out from under only a moment ago. He sets the ladder up outside of the ring and slowly but surely begins to climb!]

Jeff Hansen: Enigma is going way up high, which is not a normal thing for Enigma.

Jason Johnson: Believe me Jeff, I think all "normal" wrestling has been thrown out of this one. How all four men are even standing is just beyond me.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma to the top of the ladder now, the fans going nuts, and Ortego and Chicone absolutely oblivious to it all.

[Chicone and Ortego set Jonny up for a double team double armed DDT, and as they do so, Enigma stands tall, shakes his head and flies off the ladder and into the ring. He nails Chicone and Ortego from behind with a double clothesline, causing them to drop Jonny and fall to the mat. Enigma falls on top of them and quickly hooks Chicone’s leg. The referee makes the count.

One.. Two.. Th… not quite. Ortego breaks the pin up and drags Enigma away from the heap slowly.]

Jason Johnson: A high risk move by Enigma, and he nailed it.

Jeff Hansen: But he doesn’t seem to be feeling too great right now.

Jason Johnson: Enigma seemed to have fallen funny on his right leg, which could cause him problems in the rest of this match.

Jeff Hansen: And who knows how long the "rest of this match" will actually be. There seems no stopping either of the teams.

[Ortego, seeing Enigma’s pained expression starts to go directly to work on his right leg, stomping away at it with brutal force. Enigma shouts out in pain and then Ortego grabs Enigma’s legs and locks him into an Indian Deathlock. Enigma is beside himself in pain but refuses to give up as he shakes his head "no" wildly. Enigma fights and fights for the ropes and manages to get a hold of them. However, Ortego refuses to let go of the hold and the fans and referee begin to shout. Ortego finally lets go of the hold and heads back over to Jonny while Chicone has been setting up another table in the ring. Ortego lands a quick stomp to Jonny, keeping him at bay while Chicone grabs three chairs and places them up on the table.]

Jason Johnson: What on earth? Chicone has just set up three chairs on that table. And now what is Chicone doing?

Jeff Hansen: Looks like he’s getting another table, and from the looks of things, aside from our commentary table there are no other tables outside of the immediate ring area.

Jason Johnson: Chicone puts the second table right next to the first table, and now Ortego goes to the outside, he’s forcing fans out of their seats and takes three more chairs!

[Ortego throws the chairs into the ring and Chicone sets each one up opposite of the first three chairs. The two men then lift Jonny to his feet. Chicone goes to lift Jonny up and lay him out across the seat portion of all six chairs, as Ortego ascends the top rope. Ortego stops, however and shakes his head. He then goes back outside of the ring and grabs a Ten foot ladder that is leaning up against the guard railing! The fans can’t believe it. Ortego sets the ladder up right by the corner post and begins to climb all the way up. As Chicone goes to lay Jonny on the chairs, Enigma gets to his feet and heads towards Chicone, despite his limp. Enigma decks Chicone who falls to the ground and then rolls out of the ring. Chicone tries to get Ortego to climb down, but it is of no use. Enigma basically throws himself into the ladder, causing himself a great amount of pain, and causing the ladder to fall. Ortego spills forward and crashes down on the six chairs and causes the two tables to slide apart. Ortego hits the mat and his head bounces off of it hard. Again "Holy shit" rings out in a deafening tone!]

Jason Johnson: Kyle Ortego just put his whole body on the line, and now he’s out cold!

Jeff Hansen: But despite that, listen to this crowd, the ovation Ortego is actually receiving. Love him or hate him, this guy is hardcore like no other!

Jason Johnson: Enigma seems to be in a lot of pain right now, but he’s still carrying on, albeit it limping.

[Enigma walks towards the fallen and out cold Ortego, but as he does so, Chicone grabs his feet and trips him up, causing Enigma to fall face first to the mat. Jonny now, coming out of his recent daze turns to Chicone who just waves his arms at Jonny and begins to walk away from the ring. The fans watch on with confusion as Chicone heads up the ramp way, apparently leaving his partner alone in the ring.]

Jeff Hansen: Is Chicone throwing in the towel?

Jason Johnson: It looks to be that way, Jeff… but it doesn’t seem fitting. All the backstage talk from Chicone and Ortego was that they were going to do whatever it takes to get those tag team titles.

Jeff Hansen: Well Chicone is walking away, and Jonny just looks on as confused as the fans are.

[As Chicone continues to walk, a sudden smile spreads across his face. He reaches into his pants and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. He then holds his other hand up in the air slightly with all five fingers spread wide. Slowly he begins to lower each finger as if conducting a countdown. He stops about midway up the ramp as Jonny sees the countdown hand and starts out of the ring. As Chicone reaches one, he simply raises his hand higher in the air, leaving his middle finger extended for Jonny and the world to see. Jonny shakes his head and rushes towards Chicone now, but as he does so, Chicone turns around and clocks Jonny with the brass knuckles on his other hand! Jonny falls directly down onto the ramp way and the fans boo loudly, despising the trick Chicone used.]

Jeff Hansen: It was just a trick. Chicone lead Jonny on, and Jonny walked right into it. Damn it.

Jason Johnson: Ortego and Enigma are out inside the ring, Ortego knocked out from crashing through all those chairs stacked on the tables, and I think Enigma is out from shock… the referee is checking on both of them.

[Back outside of the ring, Chicone brings Jonny to his feet and works him up to the main stage platform right by the entryway. The fans continue to boo as every so often Chicone nails the near unconscious Jonny. Inside the ring, Enigma begins to stir, and the referee allows everything to continue. The fans watch Enigma as he slowly gets to his feet, almost not seeing Chicone drag Jonny through the entryway and now into the inner workings of the Thomas and Mack center. Enigma leans on the ropes now for full support, barely holding himself up. His face bloodied, his legs bruised and weak. Ortego shows faint signs of moving, and now the SHOOT Big screen turns on to reveal Chicone leading Jonny through a hallway. Jonny begins to come to, and as he does so he lands a sudden elbow to the ribs of Chicone. Chicone releases the headlock he had Jonny in while dragging him through the halls and the two start throwing fists at each other, both men slowly weakening with each consecutive fist thrown. Chicone lunges at Jonny and Jonny side steps him and sends him into the wall with a drop toe hold. Chicone bounces off the wall and knocks into the camera following them around. The cameraman falls down and you can no longer see Jonny and Chicone, only hear them fighting back and forth, the sound becoming more distant!]

Jeff Hansen: We’re having some camera troubles it seems and who knows where Jonny and Chicone have gone now.

Jason Johnson: Well still not a ton of action in the ring, as this match is finally showing the toll it has taken on the participants.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma isn’t in any rush to go for Ortego, as he rests up, trying to get himself to continue on.

Jason Johnson: and now Ortego slowly rising to his feet! Listen to the fans, simply amazed that Ortego can pull himself up from it all.

[Enigma can’t believe it either, as he looks to Ortego and just shakes his head. The two men slowly moves towards each other, and for the first time in this entire match, the two engage in an elbow tie up grapple. Both men try to over power the other one with what little strength they actually have. Ortego gets the advantage and whips Enigma into the ropes. He follows up directly behind Enigma and clotheslines him over the top. Enigma grabs onto Ortego, however, and both men spill to the outside. As quick as they can possibly move, both Ortego and Enigma get up to their feet and again go after each other. Ortego goes for a grapple but Enigma lands a punch to Ortego’s gut. Ortego slumps forward and Enigma hooks both his arms up and raises one hand into the air. The fans begins to cheer wildly as Enigma signals for it: The Abyss!]

Jeff Hansen: Enigma going to end this one right here and right now with the Abyss. Ortego is out, Jonny and Chicone are no where to be found right now, its all on Enigma.

[Enigma swings Ortego around so that his back is to Ortego’s head. Enigma then nods his head and drops Ortego flat out on the steel ramp way! The fans go wild shouting for Enigma to just make the cover and put an end to this painful match. Enigma slowly rolls himself on top of Ortego and the referee is quick to get in position and goes down to make the count. The entire arena counting along with him…

ONE… TWO…. THRE… The crowd suddenly lets out a huge "Ohhh" as Ortego manages somehow to kick out. Enigma now becomes frustrated, and gets to his feet with help of the guard railing near by.]

Jason Johnson: I can’t believe it. Ortego kicked out, and this match still continues on!

Jeff Hansen: And on top of that, I’ve just received word that Jonny Johnson and Mark Chicone cannot be found by the camera crew working the backstage areas. We have lost Jonny and Chicone!

[Enigma grabs Ortego by the back of the head now and walks him slowly up the ramp way. Ortego lands a swift back kick seemingly out of no where though that halts Enigma. Enigma falls backwards onto the ramp way, and Ortego stands there, slumped over slightly catching his breath. As he turns to face Enigma, a murmuring noise catches his attention. Ortego looks around, as do the fans now as they hear the noise too. It grows louder, and as it grows louder it can be clearly made out as some kind of motor sound. Ortego shakes his head in confusion and turns back to Enigma. He picks Enigma up to his feet and now walks Enigma up the ramp way. However, Ortego finds himself stopping as the noise gets even louder and suddenly from a archway opening to the left side of the Main stage platform, a cherry picker comes through into the arena! Ortego looks on wide-eyed as he sees Jonny Johnson driving the cherry picker with Chicone out cold in the basket of the cherry picker. Ortego drops Enigma on the platform and heads for Jonny now!! The fans are going completely wild!!]

Jason Johnson: A cherry picker!? Now I’ve seen it all!!!

Jeff Hansen: Wow talk about old memories! Not since the days of AODWF have we seen Jonny Johnson and a cherry picker in the same area!

[Jonny parks the cherry Picker and gets out of it. He then heads to the basket that he dumped Chicone in and goes to pull him out. Chicone however comes to and lands a hard right to Jonny, causing him to reel back slightly, but still continues to grab for Chicone. Ortego reaches the cherry picker this time, and suddenly a sadistic grin comes over his face. Instead of coming to Chicone’s aid, Ortego starts the cherry picker up and pushes up a lever within the vehicle portion of the cherry picker. Slowly but surely the basket connected to the long arm starts to rise into the air, and the fans watch on, not sure how to react. Both Jonny and Chicone struggle against each other as the basket continues to rise into the air. Chicone lands a hard right to Jonny, Jonny responds with a knife-edge chop. Both men however do whatever they have to do to stay safely in the basket portion, not wanting to fall. Ortego elevates it to nearly its full height, about twenty five feet above the main stage platform, which is elevated ten feet off the ground, making it roughly thirty five feet from the ground!!!!!!]

Jason Johnson: this is absolute madness on Ortego’s fault, and he has indirectly put his partner in as much harm as he has put Jonny!

Jeff Hansen: Well Ortego must have a lot of confidence in Mark Chicone!

[Ortego turns now, and as he does so he sees Enigma rising to his feet, staggering about to get his bearings back. Ortego heads back up the ramp way now, only to be met with a hard right from Enigma. Ortego reels back and the two make their way to the other side of the platform, fighting through a small space between the guard railing and the ramp way. The two make their way into the opening ground area where a bunch of the electrical equipment is being stored. Ortego and Enigma battle back and forth, while Jonny and Chicone fight not each other, but to keep from falling. The fans watch nervously, but suddenly cheers go out as Enigma drops Ortego and starts to go back towards the ramp way. While he walks, Enigma doesn’t see that Ortego starts to push a ladder up against the side of the main stage platform. Enigma focuses on Jonny who is thirty-five feet up in the air, duking it out with Chicone. Enigma just can’t believe it… and watches as suddenly Jonny gets the advantage. The fans begin to cheer, as does Enigma, all the while Ortego manages to get the ladder up…. And it’s a big ladder! A twenty foot Industrial ladder to be exact. However, at this moment all eyes are on Jonny as he lands chop after chop across Chicone’s chest.]

Jason Johnson: This is absolutely nerve wrecking, Jeff!

Jeff Hansen: I know what you mean, I can barely watch!

[Chop after Chop Chicone reels back in the tightly confined basket space they have. Jonny winds up and nods his head as the fans go crazy and nails Chicone with a forceful European uppercut. And then, as if time was suddenly slowed, the fans watch in near silence as Chicone falls from thirty five feet and crashes down on top of various tables and ring equipment!! The fans cannot believe their eyes and just sit their, jaws dropped to the floor! But it’s not over, Jonny looks out to the fans and catches Enigma watching as well. He simply looks to Enigma and Enigma just nods his head. Jonny then nods his head and leaps out of the cherry picker, landing the Star Performance Leg Drop from the highest point ever in his career!!!!! THE FANS GO INSANE!]

Jeff Hansen: Jonny Johnson just might have committed career suicide right there, but when he listens to the reaction of these fans when he views this Pay Per View on tape from his hospital bed, it will probably be all worth it to him!

Jason Johnson: Jonny is out, Chicone is out… its down to Enigma and Ortego!

Jeff Hansen: That’s right… what is Ortego doing?

[Jeff Hansen points to the industrial ladder that Ortego has begun to climb. Enigma turns around to see this and reacts accordingly. However, instead of going after him up the ladder, Enigma turns to the entryway structure and nods his head. With the last he has left in him, Enigma begins to climb the steel structure support beams while Ortego climbs the ladder. Both men meet at the top, fighting right in front of the huge Impulse logo constructed above the entryway! Ortego lunges at Enigma and connects with a lariat and Enigma stumbles backwards. Ortego signals for it quickly and as Enigma spins back around Ortego lets loose with the West Nile Theory… the fans respond as just before Ortego connects, Enigma grabs Ortego’s foot. Ortego shakes his head no and Enigma spins him around. When Ortego comes back to facing Enigma, Enigma kicks him in the gut and drops him with the Abyss. The fans cheer like no other as Enigma quickly hooks the leg of Kyle Ortego!]

Jeff Hansen: Is this it! The referee down below looking on to make the count.

[The voices of thousands of fans echo in unison as the referee counts. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!! The whole entire place explodes as Enigma slowly rises to his feet high above the rest ground, standing tall in front of the Impulse logo. He looks over his shoulder and points to Jonny Johnson who lays out cold amongst the rubble that Chicone fell through. This causes the fans to cheer even louder!!]

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of this match, and still the SHOOT Project Tam Team Champions! Jonny Johnson, Enigma… The Beautiful People!!!

(As "Breathless" hits the P.A. system everyone goes nuts. Fans cheering and recalling everything that went down in that hellacious match!)

Jason Johnson: Enigma stands alone, but this thing was won as a team. Jonny sacrificed his body for entertainment and for a sure thing in this match…

Jeff Hansen: My mind is just swirling right now, I’m speechless…

(Enigma slowly climbs down from the top of the entryway area as Paramedics rush the scene where Jonny and Chicone are laid out. Both Chicone and Jonny are carefully placed on stretchers, with Chicone’s neck being placed in a foam brace. The fans cheer in a more respectable manner for both Mark Chicone and Kyle Ortego though, despite their dislike for the two men. Enigma looks up to where he pinned Ortego and sees him slowly getting to his feet. Enigma brushes his hands together and then raises both his hands as the referee returns to the main stage platform handing Enigma both of the titles. Enigma raises one of the tag belts into Jonny’s direction and then limps towards the back, pretty damn beat up himself. "Breathless" continues to play, but as all the carnage is cleared away by the ring crew, it dies down.)

Jeff Hansen: Unbelievable, so much energy coursing through this entire arena right now, and of course what a better time to have an intense main event than right now.

Jason Johnson: As you can see, The ring crew is bringing out that Alienation wrestling mat that we saw earlier in the evening. There is no going back at this point in time, we’ve reached the zero hour.

Jeff Hansen: The fans still buzzing from the events of the night… and now it all comes down to this. A match that will certainly go down into the history books, as it could very well change the direction of this entire company.

Jason Johnson: Never has a world title match held so much influence… but Real Deal has to walk out the victor, it just has to be that way.

(As Jason stares off into nothingness a look of concern spreads across his face.  This look transfer over now as the cameras cut to a close up shot of The Real Deal sitting in his locker room, lacing up his boots.  The Real Deal stands up from his chair and starts warming up.  Jen is in the locker room with him, but she remains silent as The Real Deal goes through his routine.  Once finished he turns to Jen and she nods her head.  The two exit the room and as they do so the cameras cut to a new location: OutKast’s locker room.  It differs only in the fact that it is not silent inside his locker room.  Mac sits on a chair while Mirage looks at himself in a mirror, the DOJO title wrapped around his waist.)

Mirage: This looks good.

(Mirage chuckles and Mac turns to him and just smirks.  OutKast tapes up his wrists and looks completely focused.  Just then the door swings open and all eyes focus on Ed Raymond.)

OutKast: Go away, Raymond.

(Raymond shakes his head no and walks further into the room.)

Ed Raymond: I understand you’re nervous right now and under a lot of pressure.  So I’ll make this quick.

(OutKast doesn’t even look up to Ed Raymond, causing Raymond to walk right in his line of sight.)

Ed Raymond: I don’t care how you do it, or if someone helps you do it… you just BETTER win tonight.  Okay?

(OutKast looks down and away from Raymond, trying to hold back his anger.  Mac now gets up from his seat and grabs Raymond on the shoulder.)

Mac: Do yourself a favor and listen to OutKast’s initial comment.

(Mac points to the door, and Raymond just glares at him, not especially thrilled with the treatment he received.  However, Raymond does not press his luck and goes to exit the locker room.  He stops though right at the door and turns back to OutKast.)

Ed Raymond: Just remember, OutKast… this is the match everyone has been waiting for… don’t fucking blow it.  If you decide you want to actually talk to me before you go down to that ring, I’ll be in my office.

(With that said, Raymond leaves and Mac closes the door behind him.  He then looks to OutKast.)

Mac: It’s time, man.W   

(the camera fades away from the locker room scene and "Walk" picks up as the fans in attendance and those watching on television are treated to the Impulse World Title promo.)

A battle Royal complete with 22 men

Only one could be the true victor

And become the SHOOT Project World Champion

The Real Deal

A Legend arrives on the scene

His desires, to claim the belt as his own.

His objective to bring the title real meaning


A bet was the motive in the beginning

But it has carried on far beyond that

Two men now fight for pride and honor

In a match of the challenger’s own creation

Alienation Match

Does the era of the Real Deal continue?

or does a new one begin with OutKast?


Jason Johnson: "It is indeed the match we’ve all been waiting for.  OutKast vs. The Real Deal.

Jeff Hansen: "Yeah, Jason, you said it man. This is going to be one hell of a match. And you know… who would have thought it would ever come to this? To be honest, The Real Deal has come a long way in his career over the past couple of years, Jason. He’s gone from mid-card to main event. And he’s been doing one heck of a job as THE man to beat around here. He IS the World Champion for a reason and we’ll have to see if OutKast can take that strap from him tonight."

Jason Johnson: "You’re right, Jeff. Josh has come a long way and you have to wonder what is going to happen tonight. I’m really interested in seeing what is going to happen. After seeing the recent events I’m really wondering what is going to happen. OutKast has been on fire out there all week."

Jeff Hansen: "Yes, he has. OutKast is showing us how bad he wants that title from your brother and I personally don’t think Josh can keep it. OutKast is on fire. His promo’s have really taken a huge chunk out of Josh this week. You have to wonder if Josh can deal with that kind of psychological hit, Jason. I believe it’ll be the deciding factor in the ring. Josh won’t be able to stand up to it."

Jason Johnson: "I think you’re wrong, Jeff. I think Josh has been waiting for OutKast to hit him exactly like he has and let OutKast think he has the match already won. Josh is just playing on his arrogance, Jeff."

Jeff Hansen: "You’re one to talk. Josh is the most arrogant people in the Shoot Project. Even more so than OutKast and he’s supposed to be the face."

Jason Johnson: "You think? OutKast and his slogan has got to be the most pathetic slogan I’ve ever heard. OutKast is one word for better than you? Come on, Jeff."

Jeff Hansen: "Well I’d have to agree that OutKast is better than The Real Deal right now. OutKast has been giving it his all this week and what has your brother done? He’s blown it off like this isn’t a Championship match. I think he’s in for a rude awakening. OutKast is going to be one word for Reality Check."

Jason Johnson: "Either way, Jeff… we’re not here to argue over this. We’re here to call the match and we’re only a few moments away from that match. It’s OutKast, the feared and respected veteran vs. The Real Deal. And not much else needs be said about Josh."

Jeff Hansen: "Cop out. You’re just hiding because you know I’m right. But the fact does remain. Josh Johnson IS the World Champion and he is the man to beat. He’s the man with the strap and the most respect in the Shoot Project."

Jason Johnson: "Exactly. He IS the champ."

Jeff Hansen: "Well let’s see if it’s taken from him, Jason. Because right now it’s OutKast vs. The Real Deal. Heel vs. Face. Two great competitors battling it out for the coveted Shoot Championship. Who is to win? You find out."

Jason Johnson: "AlieNation match is NOW!"

"I wanna be a rock star when I grow up!"

"A rock star, huh?"

"Hell yeah, just like you!"

(Suddenly, the area right to the entryway lights up revealing Saliva. They break into an amazing rendition of "Superstar II". The fans are on their feet, going insane for the band. Despite the fact that the theme is for a heel, they still are enjoying this. OutKast steps out onto the ramp, and the cheers don’t even fade. They just mix in with the boos. Dressed in his silver and black Wolverine singlet, OutKast stands in the center of the entry way, twitching and stretching, jumping one either foot. Suddenly, white pyros ignite around him as Saliva hits the chorus. He walks over to the area where the AlieNation Mat is. He stops, the nightmares that haunt him to this day about the Mat burning into his mind.)

Jason Johnson: A bet or no bet, tonight I have to say that OutKast has done an amazing job this week, one of the best challengers my brother Real Deal has faced since he won the strap, any time.

Jeff Hansen: That’s a very professional thing to say, Jason.

Jason Johnson: It’s not like he’s actually going to WIN, but he was a good challenger.

Jeff laughs at Jason’s comment as Saliva finishes "Superstar II". OutKast nods and points to Saliva, and the members of the band all point to OutKast, prompting the fans to cheer for OutKast. OutKast steps into the Mat, and is obviously nervous. He looks around the chain link fence that he’s barely a foot taller than.

(Jeff Hansen: This is OutKast’s first ever title shot since he booked himself to lose in CEWF to Jonny Johnson. Coincidentally, that was Jonny’s first major league World title.)

Jason Johnson: Don’t tell me you think OutKast is the cause of Jonny Johnson’s drawing power!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t believe that at all. I just think it’s an interesting quirk, you know?

(The fans get the chance to quiet down, only to hear the PA system ignite Disturbed’s "Remember". The fans rise to their feet as onto the ramp steps The Real Deal, Josh Johnson. He stands there, at the entry, holding the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship strap on his right shoulder. He looks at OutKast, who glares back. Real Deal walks to the Mat and steps into the chain link fenced in area. Real Deal hands the referee his title and glares at OutKast. OutKast looks down at the mat and then looks back up at him, a smile on his face as if to say "It’s finally time". Real Deal smirks himself, also looking relieved and ready to finally lock up with OutKast.)

Jason Johnson: The referee has the microphone, prepared to announce the rules to the AlieNation Match.

(The referee looks at The Real Deal and then to OutKast.)

Scott Kimura: This match is for The SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship! The challenger, the master of the Alienator Butterfly DDT, and the founder of the AlieNation Match, he is Sean Kygon…but to the fans, he is known as OutKast!

(The fans unleash a flurry of boos with some cheers audible. OutKast glances over his left shoulder and smirks. OutKast looks back to The Real Deal and grins, nodding a greeting. The Real Deal laughs, too.)

Jeff Hansen: Both men are treating this very lightly, when in fact there is a great deal of pride and rewards going into this match.

(The referee turns towards The Real Deal and lifts the microphone to his lips.)

Scott Kimura: The SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship is held by this man–

(The fans pick up on the introduction and begin to cheer loudly. The Real Deal nods at OutKast, mouthing "This is what’s it all about, man". OutKast laughs.)

Scott Kimura: The man is undefeated in singles matches. He is also the former Champion in every singles title division in SHOOT’s history! His name is Josh Johnson…but the fans know him as The Real Deal!

(The fans rip into cheers as The Real Deal holds his arms in the air. Real Deal rushes past OutKast and jumps at the chain link fence. He slams his hands down on the top bar, screaming the fans. The fans cheer loudly as Real Deal holds his arms up into the air, showing his appreciation. The Real Deal walks past OutKast, and OutKast simply looks at him. The referee waits for the cheers to die down once more.)

Jason Johnson: Scott Kimura’s doing an amazing job of announcing tonight, not knowing their heights and weights. He is the only person, aside from myself and Jeff that I’m allowing to stay at ringside. I don’t want anyone out here to be injured that don’t need to be here. So, as such, Jeff will also double as the master of the bell, and Scott, our head referee, is announcing instead of Samantha.

(The referee begins to speak again.)

Scott Kimura: The AlieNation Match has only been seen 3 ti–

(OutKast snatches the microphone, and the fans begin to boo. He holds his left arm into the air, asking for silence. As they quiet down, OutKast begins to speak.)

OutKast: Kimura, no offense, but I made this match and I call the rules, alright?

(The fans boo, but OutKast ignores them.)

OutKast: Now, before I do that…I need to introduce someone. Meet the color commentator for OutKast and Mirage…ladies and gentlemen…

("You Know You’re Right" by Nirvana plays and the fans boo even more.)


(Mac walks down to the ring, and slides in. He glares at The Real Deal and laughs. He rolls out of the ring and then sits down beside Jason Johnson. Mac puts a headset and looks at Jeff and then to Jason.)

Mac: What’s up, fellas?

Jason Johnson: Why are you here?

Mac: We need a voice, baby! Me, Mirage, and OutKast…we ALL gotta have a voice, brother!

Jeff Hansen: That’s just….great.

Mac: Whoa, whoa, whoa, it gets better!

(OutKast grins and puts the microphone to his lips again.)

OutKast: Now, Josh, this was all started over a bet, man, over which one of us would be able to win this BIG match, right? Well, who BETTER to finish our four man commentating team than the OTHER member of the bet?

Jason Johnson: Huh?!

(The camera shifts back to Ed Raymond in his office, obviously confused.)

Ed Raymond: What the hell–?

(The door swings open to reveal Mirage.)

Mirage: You’re needed outside, bro!

(Within a few moments, Ed Raymond is shoved out into the arena by Mirage, who salutes OutKast and heads back to the back. Ed Raymond heads to the announce table, confused as hell. He sits beside Mac, who puts his arm around him.)

Mac: Hey, man! It’s been a long ass time!

Ed Raymond: Mac, what’s going on?

Mac: Kast wanted you here to gloat, bro!

(Ed Raymond glances past Mac to Jason Johnson, who glares back. OutKast, meanwhile, begins to speak again.)

OutKast: Now, Josh, Scott, here’s how this goes. An AlieNation Match is as follows. Inside this mat, ONLY pure wrestling, do you understand? If either of us punches, the match is over. Chops are not even allowed. Kneeing, elbows, those are allowed. But only the purest of amateur wrestling is the key. The action can spill out of this Mat, and when it does, then all bets are off, and it becomes a Street Fight. In this Mat is where the end HAS to come. No pins. Only submissions and a KO is the way to take the prize. IF you get disqualified for throwing a punch or kick in the Mat, Josh, the title comes to me. If I do, I’m DQ’ed. You see? If you lose at all, that title is mine. If I do, the title is yours. Outside of this Mat, no DQ.

[Real Deal nods and OutKast tosses the microphone outside the Mat. Kimura signals for Jeff to ring the bell, which he does. OutKast squats, and begins to circle Real Deal. Real Deal seems a tad off in the Mat, seeing as how this is nothing like anything he’s ever encountered before. OutKast immediately dives for a single leg takedown and tosses Real Deal to the ground. He scrambles over onto Real Deal and cross faces Real Deal as hard as he can, grinding Real Deal’s face into his forearm. Kimura checks to see if Real Deal will submits, but OutKast immediately rolls to Real Deal’s right ankle and locks in a leglock, holding it as tight as he can. Real Deal yelps at the sudden intensity that even he wasn’t expecting. OutKast pulls back hard, and Real Deal clenches his teeth, trying to black out from the pain. OutKast lets go and then hooks in a full nelson, and he rolls Real Deal onto his shoulders. Real Deal’s neck pops, and the noise is enough to freak Kimura out, and he pries OutKast loose. OutKast gets up and shoves Kimura back. Real Deal clips OutKast in the knees and backdrops him to the mat.]

Mac: Flawless offense thus far by OutKast. Kimura needs to find a pink slip in his mailbox tomorrow for that blatant favoritism. Jason, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Jason Johnson remains silent, watching the match in his monitor. Mac looks over to Ed, who is just as intense. He looks over to Jeff, who shrugs.

Mac: This is Mac and Jeff Hansen, folks, and this is SHOOT!

[Real Deal lifts OutKast up by his hair and hooks him into a belly to belly suplex. As he steadies himself, OutKast hooks his arms around Real Deal’s, and then out of nowhere, Real Deal is taken over with a double under hook suplex, bringing the fans to their feet. OutKast pops right back up and picks Real Deal up himself. OutKast drop toe holds Real Deal and immediately leaps up, knee dropping Real Deal in the inside of Real Deal’s knees. Real Deal hooks his legs in pain and rolls around on the mat as OutKast paces the injured Real Deal.]

Jeff Hansen: Real Deal’s knees and legs are taking a MAJOR beating from OutKast tonight! This is crazy and we’re hardly 5 minutes in!

Mac: Look at Ed and Jason, man! Ed and Jason are watching those monitors like mad!

[OutKast stands over Real Deal, and then, suddenly, Real Deal spears OutKast into the chain link fence! Real Deal slams him into the fence over and over again, trying his best to knock the wind out of OutKast. Real Deal grabs OutKast’s face and then rams it straight into the chain link fence, grinding it as hard as he can, blood immediately being shown. Real Deal lets up off of OutKast, allowing OutKast to rolls over onto his back. When he does so, the blood pours down the sides of his forehead. Real Deal drops down onto OutKast and drives an elbow into OutKast’s face. OutKast bites his lip, and blood comes from his mouth as well. Real Deal then picks OutKast up and hooks OutKast into a painful Cradle Suplex. OutKast drops to the mat and Real Deal orders the fence be opened by Kimura, and the fans explode.]

Jeff Hansen: You know, if he just lets Kimura count the mandatory 10 count, then he could have this match already.

Mac: No way, Jeff. OutKast isn’t anywhere NEAR out yet.

[Real Deal picks OutKast up by his leg and drags him out of the caged in Mat, and leaves OutKast’s head in the door. Real Deal looks over the fans and then pulls the door open even more and then RAMS it shut, nailing OutKast’s temple. OutKast screams, grabbing his head in utter pain. Real Deal steps back into the matted area and then climbs up to the top of the cage, and looks over the fans as he balances himself. Then, he points to OutKast and leaps off, nailing a short 5 foot elbow drop. It nails OutKast in the heart, and OutKast’s body convulses in pain. Real Deal staggers to his feet, ready to destroy OutKast. He waits for OutKast to get back up, and he does so, leaning against the cage wall. Real Deal rushes in with a spear, and he connects, knocking the wind out of OutKast, but both men fall to the ground, Real Deal nailing his head on the cage. Real Deal gets to his feet and lifts OutKast up as well. He hooks OutKast and nails a picture perfect belly to belly overhead suplex which lands OutKast on the ramp way. Real Deal crawls to the ramp way, eyeing OutKast the whole time. Real Deal slowly picks OutKast up, looking over the fans who are going insane, only to have OutKast break out of the hold Real Deal has on him. He steps back and swiftly attempts a super kick, which Real Deal grabs, but OutKast floats over into a spinning heel kick, bringing both men down! OutKast rolls his limp body to the ringside area, where he finally stops rolling. He looks up and over to Real Deal who is getting to his feet. OutKast lifts himself into the ring, and Real Deal begins to walk down to the ring, ready to kick ass in his normal home.]

Mac: Man this is brutal.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think I can agree more, Mac…

Jeff and Mac look to Jason and Ed, who say nothing.

Mac: Great…

[Real Deal slides into the ring and is greeted with boots by OutKast. Real Deal tries to get up, but is booted down by OutKast. As Real Deal finally gets all the way into the ring, he is greeted with a leg drop to the back of the head, which drives his face into the mat. OutKast takes this moment to jump to the ropes, leap off the second rope, and rebound with a devastating moonsault, crashing into Real Deal’s back! Real Deal grabs at his back as OutKast clutches his stomach, but rallies long enough to sprawl onto Real Deal and rain down punches. As he does so, Real Deal rallies as well and the fisticuffs are on. Real Deal gets the better of him, though, and finally gets to his feet, after a decent left jab to the busted lip of OutKast. OutKast begins to get up, but Real Deal drives his palm into OutKast’s sternum, causing OutKast to lose his breath. Real Deal looks to the turnbuckle and climbs it, the fans going insane. He stands at the very top and leaps off with a senton! As he lands, OutKast moves, and Real Deal his nothing but mat! Real Deal grabs his back yet again as OutKast falls out of the ring, searching for something to grab ahold of. He reaches in and pulls out the classic: steel chair. He stands there preparing for Real Deal to finally get to his feet. Real Deal gets up and OutKast swings the chair at Real Deal’s head! Real Deal grabs it and the fans ERUPT!]

Jeff Hansen: Here we go!!

[Real Deal forces it out of OutKast’s hands, but OutKast, in a last minute decision, NAILS a Clutch Kick, dropping Real Deal to the mat with a sharp clang from the connecting of the steel chair!]


[Ed pumps his fist into the air as OutKast stands back up, noticing the cut on Real Deal’s forehead now. OutKast grins, seeing as how they’re both bleeding. OutKast picks up a leg of Real Deal’s and immediately spins around into a SICK figure four leglock, the fans on their feet as Real Deal immediately screams in agony. Real Deal squirms and OutKast keeps it locked on tightly. Real Deal begins to "Hulk Up", but OutKast starts to wail a way on Real Deal’s knees, punching with all of his might at them. After Real Deal finishes trying and accepts the pain, OutKast releases the lock. OutKast goes to whip Real Deal into the turnbuckle, but Real Deal collapses, unable to even run.]

Jason Johnson: Damn it Josh, GET UP!!

[Real Deal stands up with the help of the turnbuckles, and OutKast charges in, but Real Deal gets a knee up, causing OutKast to stagger back. Real Deal hooks OutKast into a DDT position, but twists it into–]

Jason Johnson: ART OF THE DEAL!!!!

[Real Deal drops OutKast and then forces himself up the ropes to the top turnbuckle. He looks over the fans and as they cheer him on, he leaps off with a frog splash!!! And he connects, leaving both men in a heap of pain. Real Deal starts to stir, looking over at the obviously out cold OutKast.]

Jeff Hansen: Now if only the rules stated the KO was out the ring, then Real Deal would have this thing won!

[Real Deal goes to pick OutKast’s legs up and looks over the fans. Real Deal grins as he hooks him into a Boston Crab move. However, all Real Deal does is NAIL OutKast in the groin, waking OutKast up. Real Deal gets OutKast up and whips him into the turnbuckle. When he does so, he lifts OutKast up onto the top turnbuckle, and then hooks OutKast up into what seems to be a strange Back Drop Driver. As he goes to fall backwards, however, OutKast manages to move himself, and turn it into a form of a cross body block, both men falling to the mat. OutKast bounces off of Real Deal and then scrambles to his feet, as does Real Deal. Real Deal runs towards OutKast, and OutKast snaps him into an arm drag! Real Deal runs back towards OutKast, and OutKast hit’s a hip toss! Real Deal gets up one more time, and OutKast hits his old stand by…the spine buster. Real Deal collapses to ground clutching his back.]

Jeff Hansen: I’ve noticed that OutKast has focused his attacks on the back and leg areas, while Real Deal has mainly tried to take the wind out of OutKast’s lungs.

Mac: It’s called technical mastery, Jeff. OutKast is a ring god. Josh is a ring rookie.

[OutKast gets up and pulls Real Deal up. He hooks Real Deal into a side backbreaker, which he executes almost lethally. OutKast lifts Real Deal back up, and hooks him into a German suplex. As he does so, Real Deal drunkenly elbows OutKast off of him, and immediately hooks OutKast’s arm and lifts him into a vertical suplex. He spins it around swiftly and NAILS the End Game, dropping OutKast. Real Deal quickly gets OutKast back up, kicks him in the midsection, hooks the arms and NAILS the Final Judgment, the fans going INSANE.]

Jason Johnson: YES!!

[Real Deal picks OutKast up yet again and NAILS a snap suplex, dropping OutKast to the mat yet again. Real Deal kicks OutKast out of the ring and lets him fall limply to the ground. He falls out of the ring beside him and sits there beside the body, catching his breath. He laughs at how hard this has been for him and for OutKast and then picks OutKast up and begins to drag him up the ramp way towards the AlieNation Mat. However, OutKast punches Real Deal in the face as hard as he can, and Real Deal staggers back. OutKast calls for him to stagger toward him, and as he does so, OutKast lifts Real Deal onto his shoulders. And right there on the ramp, he NAILS the Devastator, to the fans delight and revulsion!]


Jason Johnson: Is it? It’s so nice to see him finally DO something.

[OutKast picks Real Deal back up and whips him to the AlieNation Mat’s entrance, but Real Deal collapses. OutKast staggers over to Real Deal and lifts the man up, leaning him against the cage. OutKast and Real Deal make eye contact, and Real Deal begins to punch at OutKast, who does the same. The two men punch their very hearts out. Suddenly, Real Deal gets the upper hand again, and then a solid shot throws OutKast into the Mat, which Real Deal steps into again as well. Scott Kimura, who was waiting for their return, closes and this time locks the door.]

Jason Johnson: This is it!

Jeff Hansen: After this exchange, The Real Deal will remain the champion, or OutKast will be the NEW champion!

Ed Raymond: And then we’ll see who is the winner of the bet, isn’t that right, Jason?

(At that moment, Mirage emerges from the back, carrying a chair.)

Jason Johnson: What the hell is this?!

(Mirage walks down to where Mac is sitting and sits beside him.)

Jeff Hansen: A five man announce team?

(Mirage smirks, not even putting on a headset.)

[OutKast and Real Deal are up on their knees again, but Real Deal his a fireman’s carry takeover, putting OutKast on the Mat. As if running on pure adrenaline, Real Deal hooks in a leg lock, but OutKast is in a sitting position!]

Jeff Hansen: OutKast and Real Deal both seem out of it, yet attentive!

[Suddenly, OutKast curls himself up onto Real Deal’s body and stands over Real Deal and hooks in the Sharpshooter!!! The fans are on their feet, booing loudly as OutKast turns it over, with Real Deal having nowhere to go. He reaches for OutKast’s feet, but can’t reach them to counter. Ed Raymond gets up pointing at the Mat screaming.]


(Ed is cut off by a LOUD clang, coming from Mirage’s chair to the back of his head. The fans erupt into cheers for Mirage. As Jason Johnson gets up to protest, he too is brought down with a nasty chair shot. Mac and Mirage both leave the announce table and walk to the entryway to watch. Mirage has a mic in his hand.)

Jeff Hansen: Well, Mirage and Mac have struck again!

[Real Deal holds tight but slowly, he slips. OutKast cinches it in deeper and deeper, and then Real Deal is suddenly…gone. The boos emanate as Kimura count 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….6.…..7.….8.…9…REAL DEAL FORCES HIMSELF TO PUSH UP, to push OutKast up!!]


[OutKast FORCES Real Deal down to the mat and holds the Sharpshooter in as hard as he can. Real Deal fights and fights, but slowly…he collapses. Kimura counts again 1.…..2.…..3.….]

Jeff Hansen: ….4.…..5…

Mirage: …6.….7…

(The fans begin to chant with Mirage on the microphone.)


Scott Kimura: 10!!!

[Kimura signals for the bell and Jeff Hansen rings it, the fans erupt into boos. Real Deal lays there in the AlieNation Mat, as does OutKast. Kimura steps in and then Mirage and Mac both rush in and help OutKast to his feet as "Superstar II" by Saliva plays over the PA system. Mirage puts OutKast’s arm around his shoulder, but OutKast stops him. OutKast, barely standing, tells to Mac to help Real Deal up and to the entryway. Mac does so. Real Deal stirs, and is surrounded by Mirage and Mac. Mac has his SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship. Mirage has the microphone.]

Mirage: A new day is dawning in SHOOT, Josh. Where pawns are no long pawns and men are finally men. Tonight is the final night that we would see you with the puppet strings on your person. Clip them.

(Real Deal looks to OutKast, who holds his hand out to Real Deal.)

Jeff Hansen: Oh God…don’t tell me! Josh, DON’T DO THIS!! DON’T SUCCUMB TO THIS!!!

(Real Deal looks over to Mac and then to Mirage, and then…he takes OutKast’s hand and the fans erupt into boos.)

Jeff Hansen: Oh my God…OutKast said we had a shocker coming at Impulse…and what a shocker it was…

(The four men stand at the entryway, looking over the fans as Mirage stands on one end, holing OutKast’s arm in the air, as OutKast does the same to Real Deal, who holds Mac’s hand in the air. The men who are sick of playing the role of pawns are united now…and all hell is breaking loose.)

Jeff Hansen: WHAT A NIGHT THIS HAS BEEN! All I can say is I know that after tonight, things will NEVER be the same! For Jason Johnson, I’m Jeff Hansen, bidding you all a goodnight!

(The scene fades on the foursome standing triumphant for their "fans"….)