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World Heavyweight ChampionLaura Seton
World Tag Team ChampionsLucha Fitness
Premier ChampionMiranda DC
Sin City ChampionMadison Seton
Singles Top 10
Tag Team Top 5
The Coltons
The Coltons
Unholy Cyber Army
Unholy Cyber Army
Lucha Fitness
Lucha Fitness
Midnight Cowboys MC
Midnight Cowboys MC

Recent News & Promos

4/15/2024 14:02:29WARRIOR'S CODE 2024Warrior's CodeIT'S ON THE AIR. One of the most ambitious shows that SHOOT Project has put on has now come to pass and Warrior's Code is available for viewing. Title changes, debuts, returns, and all kinds of surprises are in store!
4/15/2024 23:20:44RUINATION 57 BOOKINGS AVAILABLERUINATION 57Master of the Mat kicks off with a full slate of matches, as Ruination is home to the Sin City block of the tournament! Madison Seton is the #1 seed and looks to run this tournament on her way to a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. All that? So much more.
4/15/2024 23:22:02REVOLUTION 207 BOOKINGS AVAILABLEREVOLUTION 207Master of the Mat kicks off with a full slate of matches, with Revolution serving as the home of the PREMIER block of the tournament! Miranda DC is your #1 seed and anchor and the brand new Premier Champion has gold on her mind as she fights her way through the field. All that? So much more.
4/5/2024 23:19:01Ruination 56 & Revolution 206: News & NotesNews & Notes
4/4/2024 13:19:26News & Notes for REIGNREIGN News & Notes
4/2/2024 0:02:51Warrior's Code BookingsBookings
4/2/2024 12:39:39REIGN: Dominion 003 and 004 released!REIGNIt's REIGN time, baby.
4/1/2024 14:49:43Ruination 56 is ON THE AIRRuination 56
4/1/2024 15:19:08Revolution 206 is ON THE AIRRevolution 206
3/26/2024 1:38:38Premium Event Announced!Warrior's CodeOn April 14th, 2024, the SHOOT Project proudly presents WARRIOR'S CODE.
3/25/2024 15:56:32Ruination 55 & Revolution 205: News & NotesNEWS & NOTES
3/25/2024 17:35:29REIGN Presents: Dominion 001 & 002!REIGN Dominion hits the airwaves with its new flagship show, Dominion! SHOOT Project oldheads will recognize this show name from years past! REIGN adopted the name after extensive negotiation with the SHOOT Project and it comes with a new deal to stream along side SHOOT Project shows, UWA shows, and UWA-affiliated shows!
3/19/2024 12:56:21RUINATION 55 is ON THE AIRRuination 55
3/19/2024 14:21:48REVOLUTION 205 IS ON THE AIR!Revolution 205
3/12/2024 12:20:10NEWS & NOTES: Ruination 54 & Revolution 204NEWS & NOTES
3/5/2024 20:11:43Bookings for Ruination 55 and Revolution 205 are LIVEBOOKINGS
2/25/2024 1:01:50Reckoning Day 2024 News & Notes!News & Notes
2/19/2024 12:53:24RECKONING DAY 2024 is ON THE AIRReckoning Day 2024That's right, folks. The TIME HAS COME. Reckoning Day is HERE. Twists, turns, the closing of several chapters, the emergence of new stars... all when you watch, no, partake of RECKONING DAY.
2/19/2024 23:44:07Bookings for Ruination 54 and Revolution 204 are LIVEBookingsIt's the fallout from Reckoning Day! We hear from the World Champion, we hear from Joshua Breedlove, we've got matches on matches, and THEN SOME.
2/6/2024 13:44:29Reckoning Day 2024 Bookings!Reckoning Day 2024That's right folks, it's time. Reckoning Day 2024 is upon us and you can see what that looks like here!
2/5/2024 15:48:07Ruination 53 is ON THE AIRRuination 53Major Reckoning Day implications, a World Tag Team title match, and MORE.
2/5/2024 16:00:37Revolution 203 is ON THE AIRRevolution 203We're in that go-home before Reckoning Day mood! A big championship showdown, some major developments, and MORE.
1/25/2024 22:02:31Ruination 52 & Revolution 202: News & NotesNews & Notes!
1/22/2024 16:00:15Ruination 52 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 52Lots of debuts, a hard-hitting World title match, another escalation in the search for Daihm Ferguson, and MORE!
1/22/2024 16:55:45Revolution 202 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 202Tag teams in action, NC-17 is in attendance, Elijah Starborne & Archer Quincannon are here, Judy Punchinello faces her toughest challenge yet, and Breedlove/Seton in the main event!
1/22/2024 21:08:11Ruination 53 and Revolution 203 bookings are LIVE.BookingsIt's go-home time, folks, as the SHOOT Project brings you Ruination 53 and Revolution 203! It's the last chance for statements to be made prior to SHOOT Project's premier event, RECKONING DAY. Champions are in action, an appearance by Dan Stein, the tag team champions have returned from their Japanese excursion... and MORE. 53: February 4th, 2024Revolution 203: February 5th, 2024
1/16/2024 1:33:18SHOOT Project Announces New Sponsors!New Sponsors!Read the press release here:
1/12/2024 20:37:59MAJOR NEWS & NOTES: Ruination 51 & Revolution 201NEWS & NOTESBIG TIME shakeup at the Revolution announcer's booth, some rumors about potential upcoming SHOOT Project operational changes, Nate Robideau, Mike de los Huesos, Arthur Pleasant, and MORE.
1/8/2024 12:52:25Ruination 51 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 51SHOOT Project is BACK, baby, and Ruination 51 is the first foray into 2024! Step inside for debuts, hard hitting matches, and more when you tune in!
1/8/2024 13:25:08Revolution 201 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 201That's right folks, it's Revolution time! We've got matches on matches, confrontations, some surprises, and more when you tune in!
1/8/2024 20:57:17Ruination 52 & Revolution 202 Bookings are AVAILABLERuination 52 & Revolution 202SHOOT Project returns to the airwaves on January 21st and January 22nd as its 2024 campaign continues!Lots of big names in action, championship consideration matches happening, new debuts, returns, and MORE! 52: January 21st, 2024Revolution 202: January 22ndh, 2024
12/31/2023 14:48:12The SHOOT Project 2023 Year End Awards!SP2023 YEAsIf you missed the live broadcast last night on Twitch, don't you worry, because we got that stuff on Youtube. Relive the zany action between Josh & Eddie as we break down 2023, look forward to 2024, and hand out those coveted year end superlatives! New Year, y'all. See you soon!
12/26/2023 15:29:39The SHOOT Project Year End Award Show!It's podcast time!Join us on 12/30 at 9pm EST for the Year End Award show! It'll be Josh, Eddie, and Greg bringing you the goods this year and we'll be doing it live on Twitch and recording it for later. See you there!
12/18/2023 15:20:56Ruination 51 & Revolution 201 Bookings are AVAILABLE.Ruination 51 & Revolution 201SHOOT Project returns on January 7th and January 8th for its 2024 debut episodes of Ruination & Revolution! Lots of big names in action, championship consideration matches happening, new debuts, returns, and MORE! 51: January 7th, 2024Revolution 201: January 8th, 2024
12/10/2023 0:51:13SHOOT Project Year End Award Voting!!!It's time!That's right, folks. It's time to get your vote on. Please get those votes in by December 22nd! You can't vote for yourself. Time @leadership
12/3/2023 20:09:03Holiday Vacation News & NotesNews & Notes
11/24/2023 16:40:07The SHOOT Project 2023 YEAR END AWARDS!It's that time, folks!It's that time of year, guys, gals, and non-binary pals. All relevant instructions and information are in the document linked below!  [The SHOOT Project 2023 Year End Awards!](
11/20/2023 22:42:59Redemption 2023: News & NotesREDEMPTION 2023
11/12/2023 14:32:17REDEMPTION 2023 IS ON THE AIR!Redemption 2023The tapes have been found and were hidden long enough from Chick Grillbreast to get them published online! All kinds of titles on the line, the Redemption Rumble, and MORE.
10/27/2023 13:05:46Ruination 50 & Revolution 200 News & NotesNews & NotesIt's late, but here it is:
10/20/2023 23:27:30REIGN 92 is ON THE AIRREIGN 92
10/16/2023 15:16:34Ruination 50 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 50Two title matches, a HUGE return, some sage wisdom, and MORE when you tune into Ruination 50!
10/16/2023 16:11:53REVOLUTION 200 HAS HIT THE AIR!REVOLUTION 200A World title defense, a message from the Real Deal, the conclusion of the IAM & Mushigihara beef, and MORE when you tune in!
10/16/2023 23:45:41Redemption 2023 Bookings are AVAILABLERedemption 2023Title matches galore, some grudge matches, and of course... the REDEMPTION RUMBLE.
10/8/2023 14:24:18Ruination 49 & Revolution 199: News & NotesNews & Notes time!
10/8/2023 16:23:53REIGN 91 is ON THE AIRREIGN 91Match four of Rapture/Avalanche, a World Tag Team title defense, WOLF MAN is in action, Ultimo Muerte is in action, and MORE!
10/3/2023 12:56:31Ruination 50 & Revolution 200 Bookings are AVAILABLERuination 50 & Revolution 200It's a celebration of the SHOOT Project, as the bookings for Ruination 50 and Revolution 200 are LIVE. MULTIPLE huge title matches, we'll hear from the contenders to the tag team titles, the tag team champions, more from Breedlove & Robideau, and MORE. 50 will take place on October 15th, 2023.Revolution 200 will take place on October 16th, 2023.
10/2/2023 13:09:19Ruination 49 is ON THE AIRRuination 49The Blackhawk Gym and the Empire meet in action for the first time, Breedlove continues his comeback against Daichi Oyama, Chick Grillbreast takes on Maximo Fisico, Maddie Seton and COMBAT Kabuto step into the ring against Trailer Trash Terry and Pigpen Matusmoto, and an INSANE main event takes place all at Ruination 49! Tune in!
10/2/2023 14:39:39Revolution 199 is ON THE AIRRevolution 199A huge World title match, the Midnight Cowboys are in action, the strife between IAM, the Sin City Scoundrels, Mushigihara, and the Boomer Shooters continues, and a special announcement from Nate Robideau. All when you tune in!
9/29/2023 14:09:38REIGN 90 is ON THE AIRREIGN 90Lots of wrestling on this edition of REIGN, and some news about Redemption!
9/24/2023 14:40:34Redemption News!Redemption**__Major News for SHOOT Project's Upcoming PPV__**In a brief press release that came out over the weekend, **SHOOT Project** officials have confirmed that SHOOT Project will partner with **REIGN** for the **October 29th PPV, Redemption**! In a quote, Real Deal indicated that **all REIGN Championship Matches** would take place on Redemption, and that there would be REIGN participation in the **Redemption Rumble**. More news is expected to come out in the coming weeks surrounding how REIGN's participation in the Rumble will be measured, and what that means for the number of spots in one of SHOOT Project's most aniticipated events of the year. The **Path to Reckoning Day** begins at Redemption, and with the addition of the members of the REIGN roster, that means ANYTHING can happen!
9/22/2023 12:28:35REIGN 89 is ON THE AIRREIGN 89A Horizon Championship defense, Rapture and Avalanche Anderson continue their best of five, BLOOD debuts, and an appearance from a special guest?! REIGN 89, baby.
9/20/2023 20:04:36Ruination 48 & Revolution 198 News & NotesNews & Notes!
9/18/2023 13:11:31Ruination 48 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 48A big six man tag main event, a Sin City Championship defense, X-Calibur and Pigpen, and MORE when you tune into Ruination!
9/18/2023 13:58:23Revolution 198 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 198Joshua Breedlove returns to action, the Midnight Cowboys are in the house, the Premier Champion and all of his challengers are in action TOGETHER! El Paria and Dan Stein put on a MASTERPIECE when you TUNE IN!
9/18/2023 14:48:51Bookings for Ruination 49 & Revolution 199 are LIVERuination 49 & Revolution 199A World Heavyweight Championship match and a Premier Championship match cap off Revolution and Ruination respectively. BIG matchups between up and coming tag teams, up and coming singles wrestlers... the Johnson brothers team together for the first time EVER... and MORE when you catch Ruination 49 and Revolution 199! 49: 10.1.2023Revolution 199: 10.2.2023
9/8/2023 14:52:32REIGN 88 is ON THE AIR!REIGN 88A guest appearance, a big surprise, and TWO title defenses!
9/7/2023 12:39:16News & Notes from Ruination 47 & Revolution 197News & Notes
9/5/2023 17:29:09Ruination 47 is ON THE AIRRuinationWe're back from Eternal, and you guessed it, it's Ruination time! A DETHKLOWN takes on X-Calibur, NC-17 and Lexi Gold square off in the main event, and all sorts of other fun things go down when you tune in!
9/5/2023 17:30:13Revolution 197 is ON THE AIRRevolution 197It's a family affair at Revolution as the Johnson's team up with the Seton's to take on... each other! Between that, IAM, and Mushigihara making appearances, as well as Golden Burkhalter continuing his stellar rookie year, there's a LOT happening at Revolution 197. AND WHAT'S THAT AT THE END OF THE SHOW?!
9/5/2023 17:51:56Ruination 48 & Revolution 198 Bookings!BoOoooOOoOKingsBookings are out for Ruination 48 and Revolution 198, and these are gonna be a dooooooozy. Revolution 197's big return takes on Percy Puentes in his first match back in nearly a year, the Sin City Championship is on the line, a big six-man tag main event for Ruination, the Premier Championship competition is in action... TOGETHER, and so much MORE.
9/1/2023 17:19:39REIGN 87 is ON THE AIRREIGN 87A clash of the titans kicks things off, and the show is NON-STOP action from then on. It's time to REIGN!
8/25/2023 23:35:52REIGN 86 IS ON THE AIRREIGN 86We hear from contenders and the World Champions! Rapture is in the building! Ultimo Muerte is in the building! REIGN 86 - CATCH IT NOW
8/24/2023 15:03:04The SHOOT Project Issues a Challenge!SHOOT Vs. HOW
8/23/2023 11:52:54Eternal: Legacy of the Triad - News & NotesEternal
8/21/2023 13:14:07Eternal: Legacy of the Triad is ON THE AIR!Eternal: Legacy of the TriadSHOOT Project's highest grossing event of 2023 is now available for viewing! Three titles are on the line, contenderships are on the line, scores will be settled, and a HUGE return, all when you catch ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD, LIVE on EpicenterTV, the ACE Network, High Octane TV, and PWATV!
8/21/2023 13:55:21Ruination 47 & Revolution 197 Bookings Announced!Ruination & RevolutionHot off of an electric ETERNAL PPV, the SHOOT Project keeps the party going with Ruination 47 and Revolution 197. Jamie Johnson makes his return in the main event of Revolution in what can only be described as a true family affair, the Kings of the Wild Frontier make their highly anticipated SHOOT Project debut, and X-Calibur is in action. All of that, plus we should hear from the winner of the Eternal main event, and about any fallout that might occur after that match concluded! & Revolution will take place on September 3rd and September 4th respectively.
8/19/2023 23:31:35REIGN: TOTAL ANNIHILATION IS ON THE AIRREIGNALL titles are up for grabs, contendership to EVERYTHING is up for grabs, and a HUGE cage match main event to cap things off as REIGN's very first SUPERCARD, Total Annihilation, hits the air! Kick off SHOOT Project's mega event weekend by tuning in here!
8/15/2023 0:31:41News about the Tag Team Contendership Battle Royal!REIGNThe participants and the rules for the tag team contendership battle royal taking place at REIGN's VERY FIRST Supercard, Total Annihilation, have been released! The Rules: Eight competitors, one team member from each team, selected at random, and the last person standing secures the #1 contendership spot for their team coming out of Total Annihilation.Here are the competitors!**Martial Law** - Kuji Katana**Midnight Cowboys MC** - Sho Yoshida**Northmen** - Vilhjalmur**Patriot Act** - Boyd Walton**RECOGNIZE** - Octavian Enright**SAFEGUARD** - Martin Claypool**Smashtown** - Bart Abernathy**Spinebuster Island** - Joe QuinnTune in to Total Annihilation on Saturday, August 19th, airing live on the ACE Network, PWA TV, and Epicenter.TV!
8/15/2023 11:41:27Horizon Contendership Battle Royal Participants Announced!REIGNThe participants and the rules for the Horizon contendership battle royal have been released! The Rules: Eight competitors selected at random with the winner securing #1 Contendership to the Horizon Championship coming out of Total Annihilation.Here are the competitors!That Damn GooberWOLF MANBuddy AmigoBrock HollowayStan JensenMuratagi Hanzo"Golden" BurkhalterTiberius BladeTune in to Total Annihilation on Saturday, August 19th, airing live on the ACE Network, PWA TV, and Epicenter.TV!
8/15/2023 13:21:39REIGN World Championship Contender Participants!REIGNThe participants and the rules for the World Championship contendership battle royal have been released! The Rules: Eight competitors selected at random with the winner securing #1 Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship coming out of Total Annihilation.Here are the competitors!Avalanche AndersonMystic Warrior"Texas" Pete JackKAGAMIScott JacksonElgin BlairCromwell YarburyChadwick KyleTune in to Total Annihilation on Saturday, August 19th, airing live on the ACE Network, PWA TV, and Epicenter.TV!
8/15/2023 20:06:00Tag Team Partner Revealed!ETERNAL: Legacy of the Triad**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE****Miranda DC** has chosen her tag partner for ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD this coming weekend. He is the FIRST Intense Champion of the ReVival. He recently competed for the PRIME Universal Championship against Brandon Youngblood. And he is a two-time World Champion in other promotions. This Sunday, at ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD, it will beFelix Mullen and Moritonvs.Miranda DC and... ***THE ANGLO LUCHADOR.***TAL was the first PRIME wrestler to sign a PWA contract. PRIME and SHOOT Project are both members of the interfed. Additionally, both Miranda and TAL share a teacher, Pedro Santamaria of the famed Boricua Academia de Lucha Libre.When asked why he accepted Miranda's offer, TAL said "I've been wanting to starch that blowhard prick for months now. I'm glad Miranda's given me a reason."ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD will emanate from the SHOOT Epicenter in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday!
8/14/2023 13:45:15REIGN: Total Annihilation Bookings released!REIGN: Total AnnihilationSHOOT Project has released the official booking sheet for REIGN: Total Annihilation! Catch what's coming up here!
8/11/2023 17:27:23REIGN 85 is ON THE AIRREIGN 85CICADA and Ultimo Muerte are both in action prior to their meeting for the Horizon Championship, we hear from Viento Helado, and Dan Stein's Sexiest in SHOOT moniker is on the line in REIGN 85's main event!
8/9/2023 13:57:06Ruination 46 & Revolution 196: News & NotesRuination 46 & Revolution 196
8/7/2023 14:06:38Ruination 46 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 46The final Ruination before Eternal, and it's jam packed with appearances and CRAZY action. Tune in for the debut of Golden Burkhalter, Miranda DC in the main event, Lexi Gold taking on Madison Seton, and MORE:
8/7/2023 14:27:16Revolution 196 is ON THE AIRRevolution 196And just like Ruination, it's the final Revolution before Eternal! Triad matches get announced, a return, two title matches, and MORE when you tune in!
8/7/2023 14:30:46Eternal: Legacy of the Triad - Bookings!Eternal BookingsThe train has left the station as the bookings for Eternal: Legacy of the Triad are OFFICIAL and are being released! will take place on August the 20th from the SHOOT Project's Las Vegas Epicenter!
8/4/2023 17:07:09REIGN 84 is ON THE AIRREIGN 84We've got words from Ultimo Muerte, WOLF MAN is in action, "Golden" Burkhalter appears prior to his SHOOT Project debut, a debut from the Midnight Cowboys MC, and a HUGE six man tag main event, all when you tune in!
7/27/2023 20:35:00REIGN 83 is ON THE AIRREIGN 83CICADA is in action, WOLF MAN is in action, Rapture is in action, and a lot more when you tune in!
7/26/2023 13:28:06News & Notes from Ruination 45 & Revolution 195!News & Notes
7/24/2023 16:18:11Ruination 45 is ON THE AIRRuination 45Miranda DC's first title defense, the Holler is in action, and the return of... who?!
7/24/2023 16:41:14Revolution 195 is ON THE AIRRevolution 195The Premier Champion is in action, Mr. Canada makes his debut, and we have a beefy boi brawl as Revolution 195 takes the airwaves!
7/24/2023 21:54:30Bookings for RUINATION 46 and REVOLUTION 196 are LIVERuination 46 & Revolution 196That's right, folks. We're in the endgame for Eternal and Ruination and Revolution are action packed to reflect that! SHOOT Project Marketing has already produced their commercials, and the bookings are here:
7/21/2023 16:45:27REIGN 82 is ON THE AIRREIGN 82REIGN is on the air! A World Tag Team CHampionship defense, a Horizon Championship defense, the debut of Rapture, the debut of Miles Miller, AND MORE.
7/14/2023 11:42:41High Octane Wrestling, SHOOT Project, XPro, and YOU.NEWS
7/14/2023 21:12:32REIGN 81 is ON THE AIRREIGN 81WOLF MAN is in action, the REIGN World Tag Team Championships are on the line, as is the REIGN World Championship... all this along with CICADA and Ultimo Muerte when you tune in!
7/10/2023 12:02:45Ruination 44 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 44Titles are on the line, reputations are on the line, and a new #1 contender to the Premier Championship has been determined!
7/10/2023 12:30:36Revolution 194 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 194We have new champions, a new debut, and a Sin City contender is established!
7/10/2023 23:15:19News & Notes: Ruination 44 & Revolution 194News & Notes!
7/9/2023 0:59:12SHOOT Project joins the XPro Tour!SHOOT joins XProTaken from: **PWA TV** member **The SHOOT Project** has signed on to join the tour of untelevised events. They join the following companies already announced:**High Octane Wrestling** -**Sanctioned Violence Organization** -**Missouri Valley Wrestling** - https://mvwa2.comRumors of more companies signing up so we will release the names once the deals are signed.There is A LOT of excitement of potential match ups on the tour with so many wrestlers signed to the various companies. Been some heavy rumors of legends of each company getting booked as well as we saw with last nights announcement of Benny Newell returning to action on the tour.Stay tuned for MOAR news as it breaks!!
7/9/2023 1:09:00SHOOT Project signs "Mr. Canada" Roy VezinaNew Signing!**SHOOT Project** has been active in looking for new talent lately, and have come to an agreement with **Roy Vezina** a high flying striker from Canada. Vezina goes by "Mr. Canada" and will be making his SHOOT Project debut soon!
7/9/2023 14:59:52SHOOT Project signs Miles Miller!New Signing!England based wrestler **Miles Miller** has signed the dotted line for the **SHOOT Project!** Miller is a 25 year old striker from London and will be making his SHOOT Project debut very soon!
6/30/2023 15:11:53REIGN 80 is ON THE AIRREIGN 80Lots going on at REIGN this week, as Viento Helado is in action with an open challenge, the Willett Clan seeks to rise up the tag team ranks, WOLF MAN makes an appearance, and Clemson Dean competes against Mystic Warrior. All this AND a fight between CICADA and REIGN's Horizon Champion, Ultimo Muerte, when you tune in!
6/25/2023 21:25:02FROM THE DESK OF THE REAL DEAL**__The Dawn of a New Era: The Premier Championship, the Sin City Championship, and the World Tag Team Championships__****Las Vegas, Nevada - From the Desk of the Real Deal**Today marks a pivotal moment in the realm of the SHOOT Project as legendary championships converge, ushering in an extraordinary new era. I am thrilled to announce the birth of the **Premier Championship**, an amalgamation of the revered **Rule of Surrender and Iron Fist Championships**, and the **Sin City Championship**, a fusion of the electrifying **Sin City and Shut Up and Fight Championships**. Together, these championships will redefine the landscape of the SHOOT Project, captivating audiences with unmatched intensity and showcasing the pinnacle of skill and entertainment.**The Premier Championship**, born from the marriage of the *Rule of Surrender and Iron Fist Championships*, will bring together elite fighters from both disciplines. This fusion provides an unparalleled opportunity for athletes to prove their mettle across multiple styles, solidifying their status as true champions and pushing the boundaries of their own capabilities.Simultaneously, the **Sin City Championship** emerges as a thrilling spectacle, merging the raw intensity of the *Sin City and Shut Up and Fight Championships*. This fusion promises an unforgettable experience, channeling the pulse-pounding energy of two distinct worlds into one electrifying event.Finally, the *World Tag Team Championships and the Battalion Championships* will come together as the **World Tag Team Championships**, but the idea behind Battalions is not going away. Instead, the tag team titles will be able to be fought under **Battalion rules**. That means, if you’re a member of a group like The Pride, you’d be able to defend the World Tag Team titles with any combination of Luis de Leon, Isaiah Galliard, or El Paria.At the upcoming editions of **Revolution and Ruination**, four way matches will be held to decide the Premier and Sin City Championships. Due to the Carolina Lions being the tag champions and two thirds of the Battalion Champions, we will end the Battalion Championship’s lineage with them. Stay tuned for the announcement of these titles’ competitors, as bookings for **Ruination 44 and Revolution 194** will be released soon.-The Real Deal
6/25/2023 21:44:32Ruination and Revolution Bookings ReleasedRuination 44 and Revolution 194Bookings for SHOOT Project's return from Spring Break, Ruination 44 and Revolution 194 have been released! Both shows feature HUGE matches, including a World title match on Ruination, the tag titles on the line at Revolution, the Sin City Championship gets decided, and the first ever PREMIER CHAMPION is crowned!
6/19/2023 11:43:26REIGN 79 is ON THE AIRREIGN 79Avalanche Anderson and CICADA square off with CHAMPIONSHIP IMPLICATIONS in place! The tag team titles are on the line, and fresh off of PWA 02, Ultimo Muerte defends the Horizon Championship against Pigpen Matsumoto!
6/11/2023 15:49:52SHOOT Project Soldiers in action at PWA 02!PWA 02That's right, folks. SHOOT Project might be on vacation, but some soldiers decided they wanted to keep mixing it up amongst the world's finest. See Ultimo Muerte, Pigpen Matsumoto, Ria Lockhart, the Coltons, and more representing the SHOOT Project, the ACE Network, and the PWA!
5/29/2023 14:52:57Master of the Mat 2023 is ON THE AIRMaster of the Mat 23That's right, folks! You've been waiting patiently and now we have a Master of the Mat and two MASTERS of the Mat, as the singles tournament and tag team tournament reach their conclusion. Who came out on top?! Also, scores are being settled and and titles are on the line when you step inside for Master of the Mat 2023!
5/17/2023 15:55:21REIGN 78 IS ON THE AIR!REIGN 78A new champion is decided, some championships are defended, CICADA is in action, and Moriton debuts! REIGN 78 is ON THE AIR!
5/15/2023 13:29:15RUINATION 43 is ON THE AIR!RUINATION 43The first finalist in the singles Master of the Mat has been decided, El Paria takes on Felix Mullen, Daichi Oyama debuts, AND MORE...
5/15/2023 14:12:34REVOLUTION 193 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 193The Master of the Mat finals are set, a Shut Up and Fight Championship match gets made, Thane makes a challenge, and MORE...
5/15/2023 18:56:51Master of the Mat 2023 Bookings!Master of the Mat 2023The final bookings for Master of the Mat have been released!
5/8/2023 18:13:34REIGN 77 is ON THE AIRREIGN 77TITLE CHANGES, new debuts, and... howling!? 77 is LIVE.
5/1/2023 12:23:40RUINATION 42 ON THE AIR!Ruination 42The semi-finalists of the Master of the Mat tourney are in action, the tag team Master of the Mat sees its first finalist, there's blood, sweat, and tears and... a GRAPPLING GOD?!
5/1/2023 13:18:17REVOLUTION 192 IS ON THE AIRRevolution 192Thane and Bronson end their beef, a quick chat with Jamie Johnson, lots of twists and turns, and the second tag team Master of the Mat finalist is crowned!
5/1/2023 17:42:56REIGN 76 IS ON THE AIRREIGN 76Some major happenings at REIGN 76, including an appearance from the CAROLINA LIONS! A few debuts, a REIGN Championship match, and what happened at the end of the show?!
4/24/2023 11:14:55REIGN 75 is ON THE AIRREIGN 75It was a night for big time wrestling, as REIGN 75 hits the airwaves. The tag team scene is heating up, So-jun Lim makes her REIGN debut, and Ultimo Muerte challenges Jamie Johnson in the main event!
4/17/2023 11:48:37Ruination 41 is on the air!Ruination 41Master of the Mat rolls on with TWO Quarter Final matchups! Void and Mushigihara face off for one of the coveted semi-finals spots as does Daiichi and Laura Seton! In addition, the tag team Master of the Mat continues with Zoomer Love taking on the Boomer Shooters. All this, the debut of Madison Seton, and more when you tune in!
4/17/2023 12:19:08Revolution 191 is ON THE AIRRevolution 191The FINAL FOUR are set! Who came out on top when Kitsune and Judy Punchinello faced off in the semi-main event? What about Jamie Vs. Danni!? The Unholy Cyber Army is in action, and Fear & Loathing return to try and stake their claim in the Tag Team Master of the Mat! El Paria looks to soften up Azraith DeMitri ahead of his pending confrontation with Nate Robideau, and SO MUCH MORE when you tune in!
4/17/2023 12:40:36BoOOoOoOoOOookings!Ruination 42 & Revolution 192That's right folks, the train keeps rolling as bookings for the next cycle's Ruination and Revolution have been released! There's a Master of the Mat Showcase and THANE & Bronson are gonna put their issues to rest. Additionally, the tag team Master of the Mat tournament is in the semi-finals! Who'll come out on top!?
4/17/2023 21:52:38REIGN 74 is ON THE AIRREIGN 74The REIGN Championship and REIGN Tag Team Championships are on the line as REIGN 74 hits the airwaves! See the Patriot Act challenge RECOGNIZE for their titles and AVALANCHE ANDERSON challenges Jamie Johnson for the REIGN Championship. There's also an appearance by Infierno and the debut of DRAKKO!
4/11/2023 12:17:52REIGN 73 IS ON THE AIRREIGN 73REIGN is back with MORE hard hitting action and a couple of debuts! Wolfman debuts against Talwar Singh, the hellfire blaze Infierno is in action against former long time rival Salvador Olivares and Jamie Johnson defends the REIGN Championship against Bai Zhou Shou!
4/5/2023 12:56:40REIGN 72 is ON THE AIRREIGN 72KAGAMI takes on Jamie Johnson for the REIGN Championship, Avalanche Anderson debuts, Infierno debuts, and MORE!
4/5/2023 13:08:47SHOOT Project News & Notes: 04/05/2023WOOO NEWS
4/3/2023 11:28:03RUINATION 40 is ON THE AIRRuination 40Master of the Mat is FIRMLY underway as the first round of the tag team tournament kicks off as well as the first round of the singles tournament. Lindsay Troy takes on Jamie Johnson in the main event, El Paria has Laura Seton, the Twins take on the Bone Brigade, and MUCH more when you tune in!
4/3/2023 11:47:37Revolution 190 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 190The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, tag team Master of the Mat continues, singles Master of the Mat continues, and more!
4/3/2023 12:16:53Bookings for Revolution 191 and Ruination 41!They're live!Master of the Mat rolls on with a continuation of both the singles and tag team tournaments! Jamie Johnson takes on Danni Johnson in the Revolution 191 main event, Laura Seton and Daiichi square off in the Ruination 41 main event, with Kitsune and Judy Punchinello, and Void and Mushigihara also competing! The Unholy Cyber Army is in action as is a returning Fear & Loathing! All this and MORE!
3/27/2023 13:21:04REIGN 71 on the AIR!REIGN 71Tiberius Blade challenges Jamie Johnson for the REIGN Championship, Pigpen Matsumoto is in action, and CLEMSON DEAN returns to the ring!
3/21/2023 13:14:57REIGN 70 is ON THE AIRREIGN!?That's right, REIGN returns to televised action as RECOGNIZE defends the REIGN Tag Team Championships against Smashtown! and Boyd Walton challenges Jamie Johnson for the REIGN Championship!
3/20/2023 12:11:20Ruination 39 is ON THE AIR!Master of the Mat Season is HEREThat's right folks, Master of the Mat kicks off with a SLEW of qualifying matches at Ruination 39. Step inside to see who made it, who didn't, and so much more!
3/20/2023 13:57:21Revolution 189 is ON THE AIRRevolution 189Will there a be a winner in the main event, finally? Will it be Laura Seton? Will it be Lindsay Troy? Who's in the Master of the Mat? Who's not?! FIND OUT NOW!
3/20/2023 14:49:28Ruination 40 & Revolution 190 Bookings LIVERuination 40 & Revolution 190Master of the Mat kicks off with some HUGE first round matchups! In the main event of Ruination, Jamie Johnson will face off against previous Master of the Mat winner, Lindsay Troy! For Revolution's Main Event, we have a match that is SURE to be violent, when RAIKO takes on Void! Beyond that, the tag team Master of the Mat kicks off! Bone Brigade is looking to get back into the title picture, and they square off against The Twins, and also, the Coltons look to continue their winning ways, as they are up against Spinebuster Island! All this, more, and then some at Revolution 190 and Ruination 40!
3/6/2023 13:37:39ICONIC is ON THE AIRICONICThat's right, folks! ICONIC has hit the airwaves and there were a TON of happenings on this show! You can check EVERYTHING out by clicking on this link! tuned for Master of the Mat announcements and booking information!
3/6/2023 17:36:17Revolution, Ruination, and Master of the Mat Info released!SO MUCH NEWSComing out of a very exciting SHOOT Project PPV in ICONIC, the office has been hard at work paving the way for the next major event in 2023, Master of the Mat! Master of the Mat is a SHOOT Project staple, with the winner going on to fight for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship at a PPV that is yet to be named! Here are the bookings for Ruination & Revolution, including ELEVEN qualifying matches. That's right, folks, eleven qualifiers. That means that of the 16 spots, the only competitors who are currently known are: RAIKOJamie JohnsonDan SteinLaura SetonLindsay TroyAdditionally, Revolution 189 will be headlined by Lindsay Troy and Laura Seton, who've only been able to fight to a draw in their previous two encounters. This match will GO UNTIL THERE IS A WINNER. The Rule of Surrender Championship is on the line! 89 will take place on: March 19th, 2023Revolution 139 will take place on March 20th, 2023BE THERE.
2/22/2023 0:19:23ICONIC BOOKINGSBookings for the SHOOT Project's first PPV event of the year have been released, and here they are! Lots of fun stuff happening on this show! HOW things shake out, nobody knows, but it'll be a PRIME experience, so don't embody DEFIANCE and tune in!
2/20/2023 20:30:48RUINATION 38 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 38SHOOT Project's weekend before ICONIC gets wild with Ruination 38! Take it all in on the ACE Network!
2/20/2023 21:00:30Revolution 188 is ON THE AIRREVOLUTION 188Live from the Las Vegas Epicenter, it's the LAST show before ICONIC and it's a huuuuuge show. The Life of Dan Stein, Jonas Coleman's return, and so much more when you tune in to Revolution 188:
2/6/2023 20:02:17RUINATION 37 IS ON THE AIRMultiple five star matches, multiple BIG returns, and a close of the show segment that CANNOT be missed. That's right, RUINATION is live!!
2/6/2023 23:20:18Revolution 188 and Ruination 38!BOOKINGSThat's right, everyone. Bookings for the FINAL CYCLE before ICONIC are live and available for view. Two big time cards happening before a big time event! luck to everyone!
1/23/2023 12:33:02Ruination 36 is on the air!Ruination 36It's here!
1/23/2023 13:23:29Revolution 187 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 187That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we cap off another SHOOT Project cycle with REVOLUTION 187! TUNE IN.
1/23/2023 14:01:35Ruination 37 Bookings are LIVERuination 37That's right, folks. We're doing a big ol' Ruination, and here's the lineup: (OOC Note: Doing a big Ruination so that I can get Ruination/Revolution back within 50 of each other, because I'm a weirdo and didn't realize how hard that would mess with me.)
1/9/2023 17:15:53Revolution 186 is ON THE AIRREVOLUTION 186TITLE CHANGES, some new faces, and more all on the FIRST Revolution of the New Year!
1/9/2023 20:42:56Bookings for Ruination 36 and Revolution 187 are available!BookingsAfter a crazy Revolution to kick off the year, the SHOOT Project is back to TWO shows a weekend, and they are BOTH doozies. Title defenses everywhere, a big tag team match as Revolution's main event, and so much more! 36 will take place on January 22nd, 2023Revolution 187 will take place on January 23rd, 2023
1/2/2023 17:35:58Happy New Year, SHOOT Project! BOOKINGS.Revolution 186!That's right everyone, bookings for Revolution 186 have been released! You'll notice there's only ONE show booked, and that's because Revolution is going to be a big, BIG show. Every championship is on the line. There's an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. Yeah, you read that right. Live, from the SHOOT Project Epicenter in Las Vegas, Nevada, we're back! Revolution 186 takes place on January 9th, 2023.
11/14/2022 13:11:15RECKONING DAY 2022Titles are on the line, egos are on the line... EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE as the SHOOT Project presents its last show of 2022, RECKONING DAY. There's a big return! We're back in Las Vegas, the SHOOT Project Epicenter has been upgrade, and the house is packed to the brim with 22,000 people!What else is there to say? RECKONING DAY IS NOW:
11/1/2022 11:33:40RUINATION 35 is ON THE AIRA World title contender is decided, a fight amongst the pride, the Rule of Surrender Champion and her #1 contender are in the house... all this and more, when you tune in!
11/1/2022 11:50:23Revolution 185 is ON THE AIR!Buck Dresden defends his title against Void, Daiichi and Power Devil square off, and lots of other happenings... happening! Tune in!
11/1/2022 13:58:16RECKONING DAY IS UPON USBOOKINGSThat's right, folks. Bookings for Reckoning Day 2022 have been released!
10/18/2022 13:29:44Ruination 34!Ruination 34 is on the air!The World Champion is in the house, the Sin City Champion is in the house, and there's a Rule of Surrender title defense and title contendership match! High stakes! Big show! Tune in!
10/18/2022 14:04:54Revolution 184!Revolution 184 is on the air!The Sin City Championship is on the line, the Carolina Lions are in the house, and more as Revolution 184 takes to the air!
10/6/2022 0:41:07Bookings!Ruination 34, Revolution 184Bookings for Ruination 34 and Revolution 184 have been released! These events take place in Charlotte, NC and both shows are LOADED. Two title defenses, a BUNCH of matches with major implications, and more when you tune in! 34 takes place on October 16th, 2022. Revolution 184 takes place on October 17th, 2022.Ruination 35 will be the LAST RUINATION BEFORE RECKONING DAY, same with Revolution 185.
10/4/2022 14:56:46RUINATION 33 is on the air!Ruination 33Debuts, a title defense, and two factions making moves are what you have to look forward to when you tune into Ruination 33!
10/4/2022 17:43:16Revolution 183 is on the air!Revolution 183The tag team champions are in action, the Iron Fist Championship saga continues, and more when you tune in!
9/20/2022 11:45:14Ruination 32 is on the air!RUINATION 32A title match, a contendership match, a debut match and more take the stage as the SHOOT Project presents Ruination 32!
9/20/2022 12:48:31Revolution 182 is on the air!REVOLUTION 182A title defense, another new debut, the return of a familiar face, and a legend takes on a former champion... all this and more at Revolution 182!
9/20/2022 23:05:19Ruination 33 and Revolution 183 Bookings!Bookings!SHOOT Project has put out bookings for Ruination 33 and Revolution 183! As SHOOT Project hits Atlanta, Ruination 33 will be known as the **A-Town Altercation** and Revolution 183 will be called the **Empire City Engagement**. Zoomer Love makes their debut, Ria Lockhart makes her return to the ring, and there are two BIG title matches across both sets of shows, when the Sin City Championship is defended against EL PARIA and Lux Aeterna defend their tag team titles against THE BONE BRIGADE.
9/12/2022 19:20:38NEWS & NOTES: Iron Will 2!News & Notes coming out of Iron Will 2!
9/5/2022 15:31:32IRON WILL 2 is ON THE AIRFrom the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, the SHOOT Project presents... IRON WILL 2! SO MUCH is on the line as there are title defenses everywhere, a grudge match or two, and the big attraction! The Iron Will Classic! Will NEMESIS and Breedlove retain their titles and leave New Orleans as champions? Will we have NEW champions? FIND OUT HERE!
9/5/2022 21:51:14Bookings!Ruination 32 & Revolution 182Detroit, Michigan is the site of the next Ruination and Revolution as the SHOOT Project continues its national tour! Iron Will 2 just went down and there's SURE to be fallout from that. Tune in to Ruination 32 and Revolution 182, CHECK IT OUT!
8/23/2022 11:44:27Iron Will 2 Bookings Finalized!Iron Will 2 - 09.04.2022That's right, folks, it's finally time for IRON WILL 2!
8/23/2022 13:09:38Iron Will 2: Location, Location, Location!SHOOT Project is pleased to announced that the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana has agreed to extend their hosting agreement with the SHOOT Project. They will host Iron Will 2 on September 4th, 2022!
8/22/2022 14:27:58Ruination 31: ON THE AIR!The Crescent City Collision is here!Ruination 31 hits the airwaves! There's a last chance at the Iron Will Classic, a young lion meets his battle-hardened rival in the ring, and MORE!
8/22/2022 15:14:50Revolution 181 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 181The Battle for the Big Easy comes to your screens as the SHOOT Project presents Revolution 181! The final shot goes out before Iron Will 2, and there's a lot of excitement in the building! All the champions are in attendance, all the challenges, and all the... everyone! There's just a buzz around the arena. Check that out and see what you think, when you tune in!
8/9/2022 11:14:03RUINATION 30 is ON THE AIRThe Sin City Championship is on the line, the Shut Up and Fight Championship is on the line, there are some debuts, wrestlers from ALL over the place are showing up...
8/9/2022 11:57:57REVOLUTION 180 is ON THE AIRThe Rule of Surrender Championship gets defended, the Tag titles are on the line, the World Champion is in the house, and SO MUCH MORE as Revolution 180 hits the airwaves!
7/25/2022 12:25:06Ruination 29 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 29Ruination 29 is LIVE on the ACE Network! What does that even mean?! Tune in and find out, and we've ALSO got an Iron Fist Championship match and the first two FIRST STRIKE matches. We're rolling full steam ahead into Iron Will 2, we're in Seattle, Washington, and the crowd is HYPE.
7/25/2022 17:42:28Revolution 179 is ON THE AIR!Revolution 179Hot off a spicy Ruination, Revolution 179 comes at you live from the Climate Pledge Arena! The tag team champions are in the house, the Unholy Cyber Army returns, the last First Strike qualifier goes down, and of course, the World Champion is here! Revolution 179 is brought to you by the ACE Network and PWA TV!
7/25/2022 17:54:20Bookings Alert: Ruination 30 & Revolution 180BOOKINGS!The SHOOT Project doesn't rest, as the tourbus rolls out of Seattle, WA. Join us! Ruination 30: Bat City Beatdown - August 7th, 2022Revolution 180: Violet City Violence - August 8th, 2022Live from Austin, Texas!
7/11/2022 11:22:22RUINATION 28: ON THE AIR!RUINATION 28The Tinseltown Tussle is ON as Ruination 28 hits the airwaves! The lineup is STACKED, including a big time match between SAIGO and the Carolina Lions and a Sin City Championship match that sees Judy Punchinello challenge Jamie Johnson! All this, and the World Champion has been spotted on the premises!
7/11/2022 14:12:43Revolution 178 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 178Los Angeles has given us two nights to remember, and this is no different as Revolution airs! Dan Stein challenges for the Rule of Surrender Championship, Spinebuster Island and Fear & Loathing go at it to climb the tag team ranks, a HUGE return, and more!
7/11/2022 14:33:26RUINATION 29 and REVOLUTION 179 BOOKINGS AVAILABLE!RUINATION and REVOLUTIONThat's right, folks, we're full steam ahead into Iron Will 2 with all kinds of goodies for you. Coming off of the shows this past week, Ultimo Muerte and Daihm Ferguson will square off in the first of their best two out of three match, the First Strike matches begin, and SO much more. The tour rolls onto Seattle, Washington, emanating from the Climate Pledge Arena**Ruination 29: Coffee Capital Crisis** takes place on July 24th, 2022**Revolution 179: Jet City Jamboree** takes place on July 25th, 2022See you there!
6/27/2022 17:54:52The SHOOT Project presents: Redemption 2022!REDEMPTION 2022Redemption hits the airwaves and LOTS of things go down! There’s a new #1 contender for the tag team championships! A Redemption Rumble winner and new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship is crowned! And what about that title itself? Who walks away the champion? The upstart Ignatius Albert Martin? The tried and true Buck Dresden? The despicable Emperor, Joshua Breedlove? That question will get answered! The final chapter in the Azraith DeMitri and Jacob Mephisto story gets written and so many other things happening when you catch REDEMPTION 2022!
6/27/2022 18:15:13REVOLUTION 178 and RUINATION 28 BOOKINGS POSTED!BOOKINGSThe first leg of SHOOT Project's national tour kicks off with a visit to Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Epicenter, as the SHOOT Project presents: Revolution 178: Hollywood HostilityRuination 28: Tinseltown TussleCheck out the bookings here!
6/14/2022 12:16:05REDEMPTION BOOKINGS RELEASEDREDEMPTION 2022On June 26, the SHOOT Project presents REDEMPTION, including what amounts to a historic championship opportunity for ANYONE IN THE COMPANY in the REDEMPTION RUMBLE. The bookings have been released!
6/13/2022 19:53:16RUINATION 27 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 27A Sin City Championship match, an important tag team contenders match, and a match to see if Lindsay Troy gets Breedlove at Redemption... all this and more when you tune in to RUINATION 27!
6/13/2022 22:11:32REVOLUTION 177 IS ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 177We cap off the go-home week with Revolution 177! We've got Buck Dresden challenging Joshua Breedlove, Nero Sin making his debut, and a Shut Up and Fight Championship match! Oh and also... a Requiem for a Division???
5/30/2022 13:57:32RUINATION 26 IS ON THE AIR!Ruination 26Danny V5 makes his debut, the Sin City Championship is on the line, and a HUGE main event all coming at you from the SHOOT Project Epicenter!
5/30/2022 14:38:08REVOLUTION 176 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 176Political ads, a shoutout to the sVo, the tag ranks keep on movin', and a big time main event! All that and more with REVOLUTION 176!
5/30/2022 15:15:14Ruination 27 and Revolution 177 bookings!BoOoOoOkingsIt's the last cycle before Redemption and there are a LOT of things on the line! Will Buck Dresden find his way into the World title match? Will Lindsay Troy survive Ultimo Muerte and get her shot at Breedlove?? Danny V5 had a great debut and earned a Sin City Championship matchup as a result! El Paria takes on newcomer Bobby Taylor Jr. and Nikole Reese looks to pick up her first win as she takes on the debuting Nero Sin! All this, plus tag team action, as the Carolina Lions, Spinebuster Island, and more are in action!
5/16/2022 10:30:28RUINATION 25 is ON THE AIR!Ruination 25!Welcome back to the SHOOT Project as we present RUINATION 25! The debut of the **Carolina Lions** is upon us! They take on the Twins in the opening match. In addition to that, **Nikole Reese** makes her debut as well against the upstart El Paria! All that and we close the show out with a legitimate dream match! Laura Seton takes a shot at the Sin City Championship as she challenges Jamie Johnson! Tune in!
5/16/2022 23:00:52REVOLUTION 175 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 175The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in the main event, the Shut Up and Fight Championship is on the line! We've got two tag team matches with implications and CHADWICK KYLE tries to take down BROOOOOOODWARDEN.Tune in!
5/16/2022 23:32:00Ruination 26 & Revolution 176!Bookings!Fresh off of Revolution, bookings have hit the internet for Ruination 26 and Revolution 176, and BOTH shows have HUUUUUGE main events in addition to a Sin City Championship match AND a Shut Up and Fight Championship match!
5/4/2022 12:14:29REVOLUTION 174: CHAMPION'S CHOICE IS ON THE AIR!Did your favorite WIN or LOSE???Title changes, excitement, fall out from Ruination, movement into the next PPV... all happening here!
5/4/2022 13:09:44RUINATION 25 and REVOLUTION 175 BOOKINGS ARE LIVE25 & 175Bookings for Revolution 175 and Ruination 25 have hit the website! matches coming up!
5/3/2022 17:50:13RUINATION 24: BATTALION EDITION IS ON THE AIR!WHO WILL FACE THE BROGUNS?That question, and a lot more, get answered when you tune in to Ruination 24!
4/17/2022 2:11:39BOOKINGS for RUINATION 24 and REVOLUTION 174 ARE LIVERUINATION and REVOLUTIONHello everyone, and welcome back to the SHOOT Project presents BOOKINGS. This is our SEASON PREMIERE and all kinds of craziness is going on. That's right, we've got a Battalion Edition of Ruination where the winner of a one-night tournament will go on to REVOLUTION to face The Broguns for the Battalion Championships. In addition to that, we've got the Revolution: Champion's Choice edition, where the champions ALL picked who their opposition would be. There are some wild matches that came out as a result of this, and if you want to see them, well... here. they. are. 24, Battalion Edition, will take place on April 30th, 2022!Revolution 174, Champion's Choice, will take place on May 1st, 2022!
4/6/2022 0:29:43THE APEX NIGHT 2 IS ON THE AIR!!!The ApeXWe have a NEW Rule of Surrender Champion!!! The ApeX concludes with NIGHT 2 and there's a TON going on. Too much to talk about here, so just WATCH.
4/5/2022 0:03:12THE APEX - NIGHT 1 IS LIVE!!!The ApeXIt's been a long wait, folks, but the culmination of the ApeX tournament is here! Who goes on to the night 2 main event to challenge for the Rule of Surrender Championship!? Or is there a TIE?!Also, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, as Lindsay Troy challenges Joshua Breedlove and THAT match opens the show! A PEEK!
3/23/2022 0:22:35The ApeX Bookings!They're released!Ignore the dates on the image, the dates for both days of the ApeX are now April 2nd and April 3rd.
3/21/2022 21:48:45RUINATION 23 is ON THE AIRRuination 23 is LIVE
3/21/2022 22:11:29REVOLUTION 173 is ON THE AIRRevolution 173
3/1/2022 20:50:16RUINATION 22 is ON THE AIR!RUINATION 22The ApeX goes into high gear with some big time matches! Two former World Champions collide, two men who are the future of the organization, and an encounter between Go Gensai and Jamie Johnson sets the ApeX off! Lindsay Troy is in action! SAIGO squares off with NAFTA! All this and more when you tune in!
3/1/2022 21:37:43REVOLUTION 172 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 172That's right, folks! More ApeX, a Sin City Championship match, and more! RAIKO makes her return and ApeX debut, filling in for the injured X-Calibur! Josh Conway goes up against the former World Champion, NEMESIS! Cal Crawford takes on Jacob Mephisto! All this and SAIGO versus NAFTA which is actually on THIS show and NOT Ruination!
2/15/2022 13:43:50RUINATION 21 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 21More ApeX, LOTS of things going down, and more as the SHOOT Project presents Ruination 21!
2/15/2022 14:45:14REVOLUTION 171 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 171Lots of ApeX action, an Unholy Breedlove Empire Summit, championship considerations, and an Iron Fist Championship match! All this and more when you tune in!
1/31/2022 11:39:06REVOLUTION 171 and RUINATION 21 BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLEThey're online, yo.The ApeX continues, some Sin City considerations going on, and an Iron Fist Championship match! Plus, the debut of REGINALD DAMPSHAW III 21: February 13, 2022Revolution 171: February 14, 2022
1/31/2022 11:25:47REVOLUTION 170 is ON THE AIR!Block A of the ApeX is UNDER WAY!That's right, folks. We've got a World title match, a warning from the Tag Team champions to the contenders, Blood Money is in the house, and Block A gets started! Lots to see here, so take a peek!
1/31/2022 10:59:38RUINATION 20 is ON THE AIR!The ApeX kicks off and so much more!Former World champions are in action, Buck Dresden is in the house, we've got debuts, we've got the first of many CRAZY ApeX matches... all this and so much more when you tune in for Ruination 20!
1/27/2022 14:43:34REIGN PRESENTS: THE FIRST ANNUAL CHADWICK KYLE IRON MAN INVITATIONAL!It's here!REIGN Presents: The First Annual Chad Kyle Iron Man Invitational! Surprises abound as Chad Kyle puts himself to the test. SHOOT Project Champions, Contenders, REIGN Superstars, and even a PRIME contingent make an appearance here!
1/17/2022 17:02:08REVOLUTION 169 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 169The #1 Contenders to the Tag Team championships are in action, two Apex qualifiers, and the future of the SHOOT Project are in action! Plus, words from the World Heavyweight Champion and more!
1/17/2022 16:57:21RUINATION is ON THE AIR!RUINATION 19Ruination hits the airwaves with a big Iron Fist title defense, a big Tag title defense, and more as the Apex starts to shape up! Check it out here!
1/4/2022 10:25:35REIGN 12 is ON THE AIRREIGN 12Los Angeles, CaliforniaREIGN 12 hits the airwaves with some BIG surprises, including appearances by Jacob Mephisto, the Unholy Cyber Army, and Joshua Breedlove! Check out what it all means here!
12/29/2021 17:26:53MASTER OF THE MAT 2021Master of the Mat 2021 is on the AIR!Live, from Las Vegas, Nevada... the SHOOT Project comes at you with the CONCLUSION of the Master of the Mat tournament and SO MUCH MORE... Nearly every championship is on the line, contenderships... on the line. Are there new champions?! Was it Lindsay Troy or Azraith DeMitri standing tall at the end of the night?! FIND OUT HERE:
12/13/2021 16:36:25REVOLUTION 168 IS ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 168It's another night of pandemonium as Revolution 168 hits the airwaves! It's a wild show again as we have Josh Conway making his SHOOT Project debut and a HUGE 8-man tag match that's sure to have something go down. We cap all that off with a big main event between Nate Robideau and Sin City Champion, Azraith DeMitri. Will he defend successfully or will Robideau take home the gold?! Find out HERE:
12/13/2021 16:21:52RUINATION 18 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 18From the SHOOT Project Epicenter in Las Vegas, Nevada... It's time for RUINATION. Is there a new Shut Up and Fight Champion?! Bobby Dean and Doozer make their anticipated debuts! All this and a word from the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship when you CLICK. THE. LINK.
12/5/2021 20:35:24THE SHOOT PROJECT 2021 YEAR END AWARDSPRESENTED BY THE SHOOT PROJECTIt's that time of year again, folks. Click the link to see how this all works!
12/2/2021 21:40:23REIGN 11 IS ON THE AIRREIGN 11Los Angeles, CaliforniaAdrian Reyes defends his REIGN Championship against Cromwell Yarbury and El Paria makes his debut. All this and more when you tune in!
11/30/2021 10:37:42REVOLUTION 167 IS ON THE AIR!Master of the Mat! Quarters! Semis! Oh my!You got that right, folks! The Master of the Mat quarterfinals and semi-finals are here for your viewing enjoyment!
11/30/2021 8:58:53RUINATION 17 IS ON THE AIR!Master of the Mat - ROUND 1 - FIGHTThat's right, folks. Ruination 17 is on the air and Master of the Mat is kicked off! Who will move on?! Any upsets?! Check it out here!
11/8/2021 9:14:02Bookings for RUINATION 17: Master of the Mat and REVOLUTION 167: Master of the Mat are live!PEEP THEM. BRACKETS. WOOOO.BAM. Master of the Mat is HERE. CYCLE. ONE TOURNAMENT. FINALS AT THE PPV.
11/8/2021 9:01:30REVOLUTION 166 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION IS LIVEOn the heels of a crazy RUINATION, we're here with Revolution and there's a CRAZY announcement with something we've NEVER done in the SHOOT Project before. Check that out here!
11/8/2021 8:18:39RUINATION 16 IS ON THE AIRRUINATION IS LIVE!Ruination 16 hits the airwaves as the SHOOT Project comes at you LIVE from the Las Vegas Epicenter! Check it out here!
11/3/2021 0:44:16**Instant Heat, Incorporated and the SHOOT Project complete buyout of LLL, MPW, and MONARCH Pro****Instant Heat, Incorporated and the SHOOT Project complete buyout of LLL, MPW, and MONARCH Pro****Las Vegas, NV:** On the heels of the 20th anniversary of the SHOOT Project's inception, IH, Inc. announced today that they had wrapped up negotiations with the managing partners of each of their international wrestling federations. **Luz de la Lucha (LLL), MONARCH Pro (M-Pro),** and **Masterpiece Professional Wrestling (MPW)** have all agreed to sell the remaining shares of their individual companies to IH, Inc. and the SHOOT Project. This move marks a major expansion and investment on the part of the SHOOT Project, because in addition to that, IH, Inc. President's Josh Johnson and Sean Kygon have unveiled the completion and grand opening of a second Epicenter located in Los Angeles, California. While the Las Vegas Epicenter is more geared to be an "entertainment hub" and gathering place for acts of many kinds, the Los Angeles Epicenter is poised to take on more of a training and sports-centric role, while also housing a similarly sized arena for the company's television, internet, and pay-per-view productions. Some of the requirements of the sale included housing for talent making the move from international territories and guaranteed contracts for the first year of the Los Angeles Epicenter's existence. International talent was informed of these negotiations and encouraged to prepare to make their move a month ago, should they wish to continue their employment. So far, no releases or holdouts have occurred. This development represented an opportunity for the Atlanta based promotion, **REIGN**, also a SHOOT Project holding. With all of these other parts in play, IH, Inc. management elected to sell the facilities they had been occupying in Atlanta back to the city at a discounted cost. They will be converted into a youth center and office complex, with REIGN talent also being relocated to the Los Angeles Epicenter facility. The REIGN management team will oversee operations at the LA Epicenter, with REIGN GM Mark Kendrick being responsible for the day to day. REIGN's first show with its new wealth of talent and new look will debut soon. Please stay tuned!
8/22/2021 22:34:26CONQUEST IS ON THE AIR!CONQUEST has hit the airwaves! Check it out!There's a storm brewing in the SHOOT Project, and moves are being made. Will you be here for the CONQUEST or will you miss out? SHOW IS LIVE!!!
5/18/2021 8:16:34Revolution 160 and Ruination 10!Bookings Available!Another jam packed set of shows coming at you when Revolution 160 and Ruination 10 take the airwaves. We've got a bunch of title matches, some interesting developments in the overall goings on of the SHOOT Project, and the Sin City Championship Series will wrap up! Check them out here!
5/17/2021 20:19:46REVOLUTION and RUINATION are ON THE AIR!Revolution 159 and Ruination 9 hit the airwaves!Both shows, that's right, BOTH SHOWS are available to watch, RIGHT NOW.
5/5/2021 16:59:24REIGNREIGN 9 is ON THE AIRFeaturing tag team action! AND A REIGN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!
5/4/2021 1:56:09BoOoOoOoOkings!BOOKINGS AVAILABLERevolution and Ruination Bookings are online! Ruination 9 is a BIG show with THREE title matches! Revolution sees a new debut in addition to the Sin City Championship Series! Check those out here!
5/3/2021 22:06:08Revolution 158!REVOLUTION 158 ON THE AIR!It's here! Revolution 158 is on the air! we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!? Who won between Dan Stein and Lindsay Troy? Buck Dresden is in the house! Check it out!
5/3/2021 21:47:55RUINATION 8Ruination 8 is on the air!Here it is, ladies and gents! Ruination 8! time happenings on this show!
4/19/2021 11:39:22BOOKINGSBookings for Revolution 158 and Ruination 8That's right friends, bookings for the next set of shows are available! Check them out here! 8 will take place on Sunday, May 2nd and Revolution 158 will take place on Monday, May 3rd.
4/19/2021 0:19:45IRON WILLIRON WILL IS ON THE AIR!It's MAYHEM AND BEDLAM here at the SHOOT Project as Iron Will hits the airwaves! Will we have new champions?! Check it out here!
4/5/2021 12:31:18Iron WillIRON WILL Bookings are available!That's right, you heard it. You can catch those HERE:
4/5/2021 11:54:50Ruination 7/Revolution 157RUINATION and REVOLUTION are ON THE AIR!You heard it here first, folks! The go home shows for our next PPV event, Iron Will, are now available and online! Check 'em out here! There's a B I G announcement at the end of Revolution, too!
3/15/2021 12:40:36BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 157 and RUINATION 7!Woooooo! Just like clockwork, the bookings for Revolution 157 and Ruination 7 are online! Check them out here: 7 will take place on March 28th and Revolution 157 will take place on March 29th!
3/15/2021 12:08:38REVOLUTION 156REVOLUTION 156 is ON THE AIR!The PPV is announced! There's a new Iron Fist Championship stipulation AND a title defense to go along with it! All this, and MORE when you tune in!
3/15/2021 11:42:24RUINATION 6 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 6Join the folks at the SHOOT Project for another edition of Ruination! Breedlove defends against Paulton, Dugnutt Vs. Dean! Teddy Palmer's in the house! All this and more, at RUINATION!
3/2/2021 10:54:08BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 156 and RUINATION 6 BOOKINGS LIVEThis morning, SHOOT Project HQ released bookings for the next set of shows, Revolution 156 and Ruination 6! Both shows feature Sin City Championship Series matches and Revolution will see an Iron Fist Championship defense, but there's rumors of the Iron Fist stipulation changing! Supposedly there'll be more on that later this week! Ruination 6 will take place on March 14th and Revolution 156 will take place on March 15th at the SHOOT Project Epicenter!
3/1/2021 19:38:17REVOLUTION 155REVOLUTION 155 IS ON THE AIR!That's right ladies and gents, it's REVOLUTION time! The SCCS continues and we have a HUUUUUGE main event, both in number AND in starpower. Check all of that out, plus a word from Nate Robideau, the Unholy Cyber Army, and MORE when you watch:
3/1/2021 19:20:37RUINATION 5RUINATION IS ON THE AIR!Las Vegas comes alive for the SHOOT Project and RUINATION 5. Take a peek and see if your favorites won and your least favorites lost! The Sin City Championship Series gets underway, there's a Shut Up and Fight Championship defense, and more!
2/23/2021 17:12:42REIGN 8REIGN 8 is ON THE AIR!Check it out here:
2/23/2021 15:13:29REIGN Signings & More!Big News in Atlanta!News coming out of the SHOOT Project is that there have been two fresh signings to REIGN and that one member of the SHOOT Project roster will be spending some time in REIGN for the forseeable future. **Michael Van Warren**, brother of the legendary SHOOT Project Hall of Famer X-Calibur has been inked to a deal, as well as Chinese import **Bai Zhao Shou** Additionally, news just came out that James "Scion" Johnson will be joining the REIGN roster on a temporary basis. SHOOT HQ notes that Johnson is wishing to flesh out his skillset and continue to learn from others around him. Van Warren, Shou, and Johnson will make their REIGN debuts at REIGN 8!
Madison Seton w/Jack JohnsonBat Shit Excited and Josh4/17/2024 21:46:59
CICADA & LOCUST (SWARM)runswarm.exe (There's No Kindness Here) and RevolutionEric4/16/2024 2:56:09
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The Collins Twins x Joshua BreedloveA Celebration's CodeGreg x Josh4/13/2024 0:31:57
Lexi GoldDARK DELIGHTS 1:21:49
Judy Punchinello (feat. Ayumi Seppuku)Asshole Tax 17:31:17
Kazna MorozovaKazna Morozova: Ch. 5 - "Rebirth in the Ring: The Spectral Matron's Ascendancy"'s CodeMoonChild4/12/2024 14:32:09
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Long Island HardcoreLong Island Hardcore in: Shelf Life's CodeBoden4/4/2024 21:20:19
Max Towers (with Barbara Kellers)Love and Wrestling 0:02:43
NC-17, Jamie Johnson and othersInto the Bowels of Middle Earth, Josh, Charley3/31/2024 9:47:54
NC-17, Jamie Johnson and other charactersInto the Bowels of Middle Earth and Josh3/31/2024 10:57:27
Madison SetonIt's About Me 22:02:59
Collins TwinsBrotherly Love and a special guest! You don't wanna miss it!3/29/2024 14:03:41
Miranda DCRent-Free? Rent's Due. 13:52:10
MoritonBlackmail's a Crime Too, Y'know 23:42:36
Kazna MorozovaKazna Morzova: Ch.4 - "Nightfall Chronicles: Kazna's Path of Compassion" 13:53:09
Ryan SamuelsBugs and Newborns 18:50:45
Blackhawk Fight GymWe Gotta Take It 19:31:54
Joshua BreedloveMeet the Professor 16:50:55
Ryan SamuelsCar Shoppin’, Breedlove Hatin’. 20:54:50
Ryan SamuelsTimmy Needs New Boots 8:04:11
Blackhawk Fight GymThis is How You Stay Dangerous 22:00:27
Kazna MorozovaKazna Morzova: Ch.3 - "Whispers of the Tempest: Kazna's Reckoning" 12:03:39
KincaidHomebody 15:56:12
Mostly Maddie Seton, some Jack JohnsonOr What? and Josh3/12/2024 22:32:53
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Johnny PatriotWord of the Day 10:38:19
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Kazna MorozovaKazna Morozova: Ch.2 - "Echoes from Moravian Shadows: Kazna's Curse Unveiled" 10:33:05
CICADAsecrets.tmp (I Want You To Know You Matter, And I'm Sorry) 3:13:56
Izzy Sia ( feat. Nate Robideau and Joey 'Golden' Burkhalter )What You Are is Failure 9:25:34
El Paria and 'The Kid' Flaco CortezWhat's in a Name? and Eddie, Y'all Get Ready2/26/2024 21:00:12
Planet MotherfuckerAlcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 204Eddie, Swanny2/26/2024 21:23:13
Ayumi Seppuku (feat. Lennox Ferguson, Dan Stein, and Real Deal)Should Have. Could Have. DayCharley, Josh, & Greg2/25/2024 13:00:43
The Punch LineDunks 15:41:14
The Collins TwinsA Lesson Learned 54Greg2/25/2024 18:32:53
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Ryan SamuelsSecrets of the Ring, Volume 3 - Episode 2 17:34:06
Jeffrey James RobertsFantasyland 16:15:31
Laura SetonMy Possession 20:31:45
Kazna MorozovaKazna Morozova: Ch.1 - "Whispers of the Spectral Matron" 12:50:22
Alex KincaidHonesty. 21:00:10
Uh…we are many?Introducing…Baby Stein #2 DevelopmentSo many2/20/2024 4:55:43
The Collins ClanExclusive Post Match Interview! ...Sorta 13:04:20
NC-17 and 7teenyLOSER DayIan2/19/2024 10:52:18
Ryan Samuels and the Punch LineBeez and Honey DayTeej2/18/2024 11:57:07
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Midnight Cowboys MCPour One Out for the Oasis DayIan2/17/2024 10:30:13
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Ryan Samuels with Roy VezinaRy and the Billie Beez TJ Flex2/15/2024 16:14:17
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The Punch Line, eh?Welcome to the Journey, eh? TJ Flex2/4/2024 10:02:03
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Atomic Punks, Dr. Sato, and COMBAT KabutoFists of the Atomic Age And Eddie!2/4/2024 22:54:31
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Perros de GuerraDogs of War and Josh2/2/2024 17:39:35
Izzy SiaSupporting Roles in Our Own Stories 20:13:35
Jeffrey James RobertsGreet Me With a Smile 19:05:33
The Unholy Thunder ArmyULTIMATUM and Eddie1/22/2024 1:08:59
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NC-17, 7teeny, and The Midnight CowboysStrip Club Menagerie 14:22:45
NC-17, 7teeny, and The Midnight CowboysStrip Club Menagerie DevelopmentIan1/19/2024 14:27:03
Chingones GroserosTwo Rude Dudes and The Kid Hold Court 15:35:29
Claude Bouchard and Joey Burkhalter ( feat. Izzy Sia )Blackhawk Fight Gym: The Quebecois and the Future GOAT and RuinationEddie1/19/2024 16:31:44
Ryan SamuelsGeneric Pissed Off Cowboy Promo 11:39:41
Archer QuincannonUnder the Neon Lights 52Josh1/13/2024 15:12:00
Lucha FitnessPésimo 51Eric1/6/2024 16:40:52
Lennox Ferguson (feat. Real Deal)New Year. New Possibilities. and Josh1/2/2024 15:50:40
Nathan Lake (aka Blaze Claymore)The Nathan Lake Redemption: Act 2 17:07:03
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Maddie and Jack (w/Laura Seton cameo)I Dig Your Family and Josh12/16/2023 20:07:16
NC-17 and The Midnight Cowboys MCAsphalt Samurais, Pt. 2 DevelopmentIan12/14/2023 17:03:01
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Blaze ClaymoreThe Nathan Lake Redemption: ACT 1, PART 1 12:15:53
Azraith DeMitriChapter 556: The Meandering Meaning Writer11/4/2023 0:55:02
The Midnight Cowboys (with special guest appearances)Asphalt Samurai 0:05:06
Daihm Ferguson and FriendsWhen You're Ready 22:11:46
The EmpireO Blackhawk, Where Art Thou? 0:23:33
Blackhawk Fight GymThree Pillars of Sacred Ground, Chapters 1-3 21:57:18
Laura SetonAre You? 21:43:32
Al (Black Sheep Baez)It ain't easy, babe... write 'til I'm right with God10/20/2023 22:51:13
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Mads and JackNervous Excitement and Dube10/14/2023 19:13:10
Miranda DC¡SOPRESA! 50TH10/12/2023 11:49:24
NC-17booked 17:27:32
X-Calibur (Feat. Laura Seton)Starstruck Lovers 200MJ (with some special assistance from Dube!)10/11/2023 22:54:48
Daihm Ferguson and Lennox FergusonCan We Talk? 23:23:05
Azraith DeMitriRelics and Reminders C10/2/2023 0:49:34
Johnny VigGary, Indiana 1:53:10
Ryan Samuels and Roy VezinaPrep prep, baby! 13:28:34
Trailer Trash Terry and Pigpen MatsumotoTatakai! and Eddie9/29/2023 19:34:52
COMBAT Kabuto and Madison SetonYou Are Right and Dube9/29/2023 21:14:36
Dan and Molly Stein x Jester Smiles"The Assassination of Dan Stein by the Coward [REDACTED]" Pt. 1 - Off CameraGreg and Eric9/27/2023 20:31:32
Jack & Jamie JohnsonThe Unbound Legacy of the Realness 13:52:53
Izzy Sia, 'Golden' Burkhalter, and Nate RobideauMake Them Choke On It 10:49:07
Timothy Roy(I Will Not Be) The Father of Death 22:04:40
La Muerte RojaThe Red Deathón 199MJ9/20/2023 19:41:45
Sho YoshidaBosozoku 23:10:41
Kid Lucha feat. Maximo FisicoGet Fit! LUCHA FIT! 23:09:12
Dan SteinThe Golden Ticket 198G9/15/2023 12:57:52
Percy Puente ( feat. Joey 'Golden' Burkhalter, Izzy Sia, and 'Blackhawk' Nate Robideau )The Madness of King Robideau 21:52:12
Mads and El PariaGrowing Up Rev... Mostly CDDube and Josh9/10/2023 21:51:36
Ryan Samuels with Roy VezinaIntroducing!!! 9:33:51
Miranda DCVegas Eyes 48TH9/6/2023 23:35:51
X-CaliburSend in the Clown 47MJ9/4/2023 22:14:34
DAIHMBREASTEmotional GAINZ and TH9/3/2023 18:44:47
The Midnight Cowboys MCFantasies at the Oasis 23:28:31
Maddie and El PariaDo I Deserve This? and J8/27/2023 21:13:13
Julia Riff-RaffMy Sweet China White Don't Fucking Care.M's of the J's8/27/2023 21:41:44
Ryan SamuelsGym Time with Roy Vezina 15:46:53
NC-17 w/ Johnny VignochiSay Goodnight to the Bad Guy 9:33:31
THE Mojo MachineThe Piston Poppin' Junk Show developmentya boiiiiiiii8/25/2023 14:37:25
X-Calibur (w/ Special Guests)LEGACY 0:43:54
Lots of themPress Conference: Eternal - Legacy of the Triad Legacy of the TriadLots of y'all8/21/2023 1:39:44
Timothy RoyTo Destroy a Monster 0:22:53
Unholy Thunder Army31 Flavors of Pain and Eddie8/20/2023 18:04:47
Dan Stein and The ColtonsThe Touch Legacy of the TriadLuke and Greg8/20/2023 23:55:54
Nate Robideau & Azraith DeMitriSmiling, Barking / Savage Year, Until It's Done 15:54:18
Black Sheep BaezHypotheticals boi8/19/2023 19:33:17
NC-17A Fertile Beginning 19:07:47
Dan Stein x Jester SmilesT-Shirt Pushers Development/Off CameraGreg and Eric8/17/2023 20:24:34
CICADARebirth Through Total Annihilation AnnihilationEric8/17/2023 21:40:20
X-CaliburThe Heart That Beats On 21:41:51
El PariaWhat in the boomer?! 22:48:37
Laura SetonRewind 15:12:23
WOLF MANBe Careful What You Wish For DevelopmentCharley8/11/2023 22:50:54
Felix Mullen and the MURDER DOVESMurderer Doves and Dialetical Materialism and E8/5/2023 21:37:31
Chingons Groseros and Timothy Roy¡Three Extraños! and Charley8/4/2023 11:55:42
COMBAT Kabuto & Maddie SetonYou want...? E and Dube8/4/2023 20:11:57
Golden Burkhalter / Nate RobideauGolden Garauntee / The Age of the Blackhawk 21:50:22
Greg Nicholson?!?!101.5 KSPW The Project Evening Slam! with Guest Greg Nicholson 45Greg and Josh8/3/2023 23:50:14
Mark Kendrick and Johnny VignochiOne Night in Kabukicho... 10:15:13
Maddie Seton, Black Sheep Baez and El PariaPut on a Show, ya boi Baez and Josh7/30/2023 14:13:50
El PariaAdvice or opinion?? 16:04:42
Black Sheep Baez & Lexi GoldPost Match: A Disturbance in the Force developmentalya boi & ya grrl7/26/2023 22:02:22
Unholy Thunder ArmyThey Have Forgotten Fear 23:03:32
CICADAWhen There's No Way Out 82Eric7/20/2023 4:51:55
Madison Seton and El PariaCan We Talk and Josh7/20/2023 20:00:36
Madison and Laura SetonBe the Star 22:58:35
El Paria & Madison and Laura SetonMake Some Changes CD, sorta RevolutionDube and Josh7/16/2023 16:10:33
Timothy RoyAlways 21:40:50
Roy Vezina“Yes You Can-ada!” DevelopmentNathan Henry Lee7/14/2023 18:28:44
Black Sheep BaezFamily Values developmentya boi7/13/2023 22:27:13
Lexi GoldLet my dry your eyes piece // No showChelsea7/10/2023 18:57:40
Laura SetonFocus 23:53:51
Madison SetonDon't get me wrong. and Josh7/6/2023 17:37:35
Miranda DCTunnel Vision 21:50:54
Dan SteinNumber 17 44Greg7/6/2023 22:11:12
CYBER Thunder FistDust to Dust 23:07:57
"The REALNESS" Jamie JohnsonSimple & Effective 44Josh7/2/2023 18:43:41
"Blackhawk" Nate RobideauSupreme Divine Ruler 21:31:54
Timothy RoyThe Education of Timothy Roy (Part IV) 22:26:03
Timothy Roy (feat. Blaze Claymore)The Education of Timothy Roy (Part III) 15:18:40
Blaze ClaymoreThe Education of Timothy Roy, Part II 16:39:07
Ultimo Muerte x PandoraExclusive Post-Match REIGN 79 Segment 79Greg6/19/2023 23:25:57
Timothy RoyThe Education of Timothy Roy (Part I) 14:32:10
Azraith DeMitriWhen It's Done C.6/18/2023 22:34:24
Daihm FergusonHouse of the Setting Sun 12:30:15
Azraith DeMitriOut of Time of the MatBen5/27/2023 0:04:17
Unholy Cyber ArmyBloodlust. Wicked City. Biohunter. of the MatEddie and Charley5/27/2023 0:44:42
Making Things Right of the MatCharley5/27/2023 0:45:51
Felix MullenThe Last King of Versailles 9:49:37
Chick GrillbreastChick Learns How to Be a Friend 13:33:20
Peach Backshots/Miranda DCA New Beginning 15:08:39
Blaze ClaymoreA Frenetic Pre-Deposition 17:15:11
Pigpen MatsumotoKnock on the Devil Door 21:44:45
Blackhawk Nate RobideauI Love Who I Am 17:31:56
Laura SetonShe's Got a Halo of the MatDube5/22/2023 19:40:45
Maddie Seton and El PariaMoney and Josh5/15/2023 7:29:42
KitsuneThe Real Winner 16:46:14
CICADAAin't Nothin' Out There For Ya 78Eric Mann5/11/2023 5:40:41
Felix MullenDouble The Fuck Down 0:06:09
WOLF MAN (introducing Dr. Străjer)A Little Folly 10:25:33
Azraith DeMitriShedding Skin 0:09:31
Blaze ClaymoreGOODDAMNED Black Truffle Pancakes! 15:53:30
Madison Seton w/cameoCeiling to reach & Eddie4/28/2023 22:00:12
Felix MullenI Hate Agents 9:21:22
Blaze ClaymoreBlack Truffle Pancakes 13:14:46
Peach BackshotsTotal Retro 14:59:06
Blaze Claymore, Chadwick Kyle, Rooster, Dan Stein, Molly SteinCahoots! and Greg4/18/2023 22:04:49
LT, FadeA Conversation Amongst the Shadows; please place right before Void vs MushiLindz, B4/17/2023 0:20:16
Azraith DeMitri (feat. Judy-E DeMitri)The Only C4/16/2023 23:46:22
Madison SetonThe best moment of my life 20:39:18
Ultimo MuerteTo: Señor Infierno 1:59:43
Zoomer LoveMr. Blue Sky 41TH4/10/2023 11:54:32
Pigpen Matsumoto and COMBAT KabutoMan, Woman, Animal, Yokai 12:37:51
Judy Punchinello (feat. Ayumi Seppuku)Let's Give Them a Fight 17:30:36
NEMESISRevisions 20:16:54
Blaze Claymore (feat. Lennox Ferguson)Everyone is a Suspect 9:26:19
Blackhawk' Nate RobideauJust Another Tomato Can 21:45:57
Laura SetonHere we are! 20:04:43
VoidQueens in the Shadow 22:00:51
El PariaGreatness in the City of Lights 40 - Laura Seton Vs. El PariaJosh3/27/2023 0:53:56
ThaneThe Paradox of Power: Chapter I - The Binding of Isaac 14:29:06
Judy PunchinelloYou Say Tomato 0:52:08
Jamie JohnsonThe Calm 40 - Lindsay Troy Vs. Jamie JohnsonJosh3/26/2023 18:22:43
Dan SteinCrown Me 190 - MotM Round 1Greg3/25/2023 23:54:20
Madison SetonIt's called effort 14:26:53
DaiichiKill Me 23:51:35
Lexi and BronsonWe're Training and Chelsea3/19/2023 15:44:39
Kitsune and ThaneThe Fox & the Hound 18:45:12
Dan SteinRacing Stripes 18:47:28
Laura Seton with a tiny dose of MaddieTo be honest? 0:38:41
BaconatorBacon Jr's Big Game B3/18/2023 19:03:54
Jacob MephistoThe Feast: Chapter One 23:35:22
Daiichi and COMBAT KabutoOld Dog and Baby Daiichi B and E Fricassee3/17/2023 9:36:58
Daihm Ferguson, Blaze Claymore, Judy Punchinello (feat. Lennox Ferguson)Shredder's Revenge 21:38:46
MaliceAnother Beginning 89Trey3/15/2023 22:47:14
MaliceAnother Beginning 89Trey3/15/2023 22:49:27
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze Claymore is a [redacted] Party dude. 10:42:21
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze Claymore is a [redacted] Party dude 10:52:32
Judy PunchinelloJudy is cool, but rude. (Gimme a break!) 10:25:10
Daihm Ferguson and Lennox FergusonLennox leads. Daihm does machines. 13:57:56
Dan SteinThe Playground Fight 0:11:31
NEMESISIntrusive C3/6/2023 9:25:32
Judy PunchinelloA Punchinello Heard 'Round the World (REDUX) 0:22:28
Black Sheep Baez, Lexi Gold, Dani Johnson, NEMESIS, and Peach BackshotsThe Reservation involved <33/4/2023 16:34:59
The Bones BrigadeThe Bones Brigade Present: Ay Bendito/Nos Vemos, or Swish 'n Eddie3/3/2023 12:26:18
Black Sheep BaezClip - Episode 38 (Part 2) THAT SmokeCast (not Ai - but i wish my intelligence was artificial some days)3/2/2023 23:06:55
RAIKOMy Treasure 0:31:50
Gabriel "Baconator" MartinezBaconator Reviews Moondoggies Bar and Grill DevelopmentNick B3/1/2023 13:54:20
Chick GrillbreastThe Chick Grillbreast Babysitters Club 23:06:33
Jonas ColemanStop whining. 0:37:05
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Daihm FergusonA Message to My Fans... And Others (Behind the Scenes) 23:33:04
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"All-Natural" Chick GrillbreastSHOOT PROJECT'S WAKING NIGHTMARE Promo/Character IntroductionTH8/2/2022 14:33:15
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Ayumi Seppuku, Mary Kelly, and ZeeMary Kelly Presents: An Interview With Ayumi Seppuku 20:52:55
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Punching Judy PunchinelloThis Was ALWAYS Me 21:30:13
Joshua BreedloveUnwanted Guests 23:26:09
Ria...A Dose of Poison Pt 1 23:48:42
"Truthsayers" with 'Lunar' Larry LaRoche 14:26:50
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OutKast and Real DealExecutive Meeting WHOLE F'N SHOWB & Josh6/3/2022 13:42:37
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The RoosterWWDD? 20:09:21
The BrogunsSkinwalker Ranch 2: Psilosybic Boogaloo, or Pebble Becomes Rock B & E Joint5/25/2022 11:20:43
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Bone BrigadeThe Bone Brigade Presents: Lamb and Rice, aka All Blessings, Amen 15:57:12
Daihm Ferguson (feat. Punky the Clown and Sarah King)Dreams and Fairytales 22:29:51
Laura Seton and cameo funYou Can Be Honest Brewer fan and Met fan5/6/2022 16:16:38
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Sisters of SteelChampions' Conflict 174Ria5/1/2022 15:37:09
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IAMIAM a SHOOT Soldier 22:49:24
Azraith DeMitriTaking Custody C5/1/2022 23:16:46
Laura Seton w/ crazy special guestI want to... Packer fan & an Eagle fan4/29/2022 23:15:01
Ayumi Seppuku, RAIKO, PunkyRevival and Ria4/23/2022 23:13:00
Void-Sweet, Sweet Surrender- 23:51:14
Joshua Breedlove, SP World Heavyweight ChampionIAM: Still the World Heavyweight Champion Champion's ChoiceJosh4/19/2022 0:34:16
Buck DresdenI Stay 10:55:04
SAIGOThe Last Heroes I 13:27:12
The REALNESSJeffrey Jordan Vs. Ken Griffey, Jr. & RevolutionJosh4/19/2022 22:50:19
Jacob MephistoBrittle Champions’ ChoiceTim4/19/2022 23:19:39
Punky the ClownToughest Bitch on the West End 9:36:45
Joshua BreedlovePress Release 15:29:50
Carolina LionsRoar of the Lions: Part I 16:27:15
Carolina LionsRoar of the Lions: Part II 23:02:29
Ayumi SeppukuThe unbearable weight of massive expectations 19:29:07
KIMO and Ria LockhartSome Celebration and Josh4/6/2022 16:46:49
Azraith/Judy-E DeMitriWelcome Home C4/3/2022 12:47:01
void-love letters- 1:40:31
Ayumi SeppukuYou say you want a revolution... 4:31:41
buckeverybody loves you 15:40:50
Nate RobideauAn Average Man ApeXEddie4/1/2022 22:54:28
RAIKO悪霊, 分散 ApeXRia3/31/2022 1:30:38
The Rooster, Mephisto, and the TwinsLet's chat. and Tim3/30/2022 12:03:02
Sisters of SteelHealing ApeXRia3/29/2022 6:28:56
SAIGO, Braddock Kyle, & KitsuneWhen Worlds Collide 13:04:56
Sisters of SteelStruggles ApeXRia3/28/2022 4:17:04
Ayumi SeppukuBack From the Dead 5:02:51
Sisters of SteelPost Match ApeXRia3/23/2022 3:12:14
RAIKOTraining 23Ria3/13/2022 1:39:36
Nate RobideauDisappear With Me. 14:53:10
Ayumi SeppukuThe Strength to Surrender 0:21:17
buckhomestead - iron stag 19:36:47
RoosterThe Sands of Time 11:17:00
The Pop Punks (Punky, Bubble Gum, and Daihm the Dragon)Beans! and RevolutionCharley3/6/2022 10:07:33
Laura SetonExcitement DevelopmentDube3/6/2022 21:32:58
SHOOT Project OnDemandFLASHBACK: Azraith DeMitri vs Timothy Roy in a Lumberjack Cell Match! DevelopmentBen C3/1/2022 22:17:04
Azraith DeMitri/NEMESISShadows C2/27/2022 19:46:28
NAFTAA Bridge Over Kerfuffled Water and Charley2/27/2022 23:56:40
Josh ConwayOld Man 172Conway2/26/2022 11:45:22
Sherman DeweyEXCELSIOR! 12:58:24
Dan SteinStretched Too Thin and RevolutionGreg2/25/2022 0:24:55
The Pop Punks feat. Daihm FergusonSHOOT Your Load with Special Guest Daihm the Dragon 22:01:54
Ignatius Albert MartinSavior 12:42:46
Reginald Dampshaw IIIOn The Significance of Loss 172RD32/24/2022 13:34:44
Laura SetonI stopped toiling. 14:36:03
Ayumi Seppuku (feat. Real Deal, The Willenium, and Claire Voyant)Who Wins, Who Loses, Who Tells Your Story? 1:24:32
RAIKOPieces 172Ria2/22/2022 3:25:34
VoidLittle Wing II 20:16:06
Nate RobideauFifteen Minutes 19:28:43
Lexi GoldTaking destiny into my own hands DevelopmentLexi Gold2/20/2022 2:44:45
Daihm Ferguson (feat. Sarah King and The Pop Punks)Mr. Destiny 12:57:26
Jacob MephistoWorthy ApeXTim2/20/2022 22:06:19
Laura SetonWhy? DevelopmentDube2/18/2022 15:50:34
NEMESIS and Azraith DeMitriA Monument and A Bit of Advice C2/12/2022 16:45:18
Nate RobideauKata, Randori, Shiai / ApexEddie2/8/2022 22:45:07
Ayumi SeppukuA Battle With Honor and Humanity 0:00:31
voidlittle wing I 9:33:03
SAIGO/Buck DresdenSecond 13:44:07
Broodwarden w/Bobby TickWelcome Warning 11:45:07
???Mr. Sandman 12:56:24
Ignatius Albert MartinPicasso of Pain 11:29:45
Pat CassidyThe Sin City Scrapper 12:45:36
Fear and LoathingChe La Luna 19:23:08
The Murder DovesThe Murder Doves In: Stupid! 22:38:45
Dan SteinProud 21Greg2/1/2022 13:20:26
NEMESISSoothsayer C1/31/2022 1:17:14
IAMIn Ring 9:21:40
Surf Express BroCarry On My Wayward Sons 170Lindz and Bork1/30/2022 23:48:10
Reginald Dampshaw IIIThe Lizard Sheds It's Skin show1/28/2022 20:34:43
Dan SteinTurning on The Lights 20:36:36
Buck DresdenHomestead: Prologue - Paperwork 23:08:39
"THE REAL MAN" Ben BronsonBetter Business show Bronson shows up for.Ben21/24/2022 23:13:32
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze Claymore in: "Above the Slaw" 13:55:24
Ayumi SeppukuMonster Maker? (Pt. 1) 12:35:39
Void-Fade- 20:19:11
void-Lucia- 0:53:43
Nate RobideauThe Pasture 19:23:29
Jamie "The Realness" JohnsonRound 3 20:37:33
Jacob Mephisto & Azraith DeMitriThe Confessional DevelopmentTim and Ben1/21/2022 21:34:24
The Real DealTaking Out the Trash 10:09:07
Ignatius Albert MartinHarder, Better, Faster 10:42:02
RAIKOPath to Redemption Finale 11:27:39
Joshua BreedloveThe Callout 21:37:45
MaliceI accept... InvitationTrey1/19/2022 22:23:46
Dan Stein"Is This Real?" 22:32:33
Daihm FergusonBreedlove is in the Air CHALLENGE!Charley1/19/2022 23:55:49
?????Path to Redemption Pt 4 4:46:12
Ignatius Albert MartinPotential 11:00:51
NEMESISSanctuary C1/15/2022 12:18:45
Buck DresdenVoicemail one where I kick IAM's assb1/14/2022 23:28:58
Buck DresdenVoicemail one where I kick IAM's assb1/14/2022 23:31:32
Dan Stein x VoidWake Up DevelopmentGreg1/13/2022 16:25:42
Ayumi SeppukuI'm Done Surrendering 19Charley1/9/2022 13:36:19
Jamie JohnsonClawing Back 169Josh1/9/2022 16:02:44
Dave De Los MuertosBitch Made DevelopmentTim1/9/2022 17:33:53
SAIGOSaigo - Prologue 2:44:20
?????Path to Redemption Pt 3 23:27:27
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze Claymore in "Breakin' 3: Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" 20:33:49
NEMESISCollection of the MatBen C12/26/2021 18:50:43
AzraithRespite of the MatBen C12/26/2021 20:46:15
Mike de los HuesosNext Time I See You? 12:27:09
Dan SteinA Hug of the MatGreg12/23/2021 15:54:34
Jamie JohnsonThe Legacy of the MatJosh12/22/2021 7:50:43
Josh ConwayThe Return of the MatConway12/22/2021 12:14:02
Jacob MephistoFamily Matters I: First Sight of the MatTim12/22/2021 16:22:57
Sisters of SteelUnderdogs 2:44:29
Johnny Patriot and Blaze ClaymoreBarbecue Protest!! of the MattGreg and Charley12/21/2021 16:07:26
voidthe lights burn bright of the matb12/21/2021 19:48:02
Joshua BreedloveThe Opportunity of the MatJosh12/20/2021 14:14:46
buckWalking Awaymaster of the matb12/20/2021 17:45:40
buckwalking away of the matb12/20/2021 17:46:25
Blaze ClaymoreTeenage Mutant Ninja Claymore: Secret of the Boos of the "Matt"Charley12/20/2021 18:51:05
victor thanefootnote of the matb12/20/2021 19:56:00
Ayumi SeppukuThe Book of Seppuku of the MatCharley12/19/2021 19:28:49
CK Butcher, Ben Bronson, and Elbow JacksonChessboxin Pt.2 0:34:26
AzraithThe Mountain and The Boulder C12/13/2021 1:44:00
Ayumi, Buck, IAM, JamieText Chain, B, Trey, Josh12/13/2021 11:14:42
Sisters of SteelPopping Punks 168Ria12/7/2021 4:51:26
Dan SteinSimplicity 18G12/6/2021 15:44:14
The Pop PunksScreaming Banshee’s Wrestling School-and-Bodega 13:47:01
Ben BronsonChessboxin Pt.1 14:30:40
Non-Fiction workJournal 1 18:37:00
"Salt of the Earth" CK ButcherYou Deserve It DevelopmentBen211/30/2021 23:43:17
The Pop Punks (feat. Bobson Dugnutt, The Sisters of Steel, and The Holler)A Very SHOOT Project Thanksgiving, Ria, Eddie11/28/2021 14:52:15
Azraith DeMitri x NEMESISFiller Episode x CDBen C11/21/2021 9:05:47
buck dresdenbarely alive i buck dresden show. or master of the mat. or really whatever.b11/17/2021 11:51:17
Sisters of SteelDanni vs Ria 13:34:19
Nate Robideau and Jamie JohnsonTournament III: Ajarn and Kru of the MatEddie and Josh11/15/2021 22:20:29
Dan SteinProud 5:13:17
thanenot that day 21:28:07
Ignatius Albert MartinIAM Ready to face the Void 22:43:48
Nate Robideau and Jamie Johnson ( feat. Lindsay Troy )Tournament II: Sifu and To-dai of the MatEddie, Josh, Lindz11/13/2021 13:35:26
Ayumi Seppuku (feat. VALOR)It's been a minute... of the MatCharley, LindZ, Ben, Greg11/13/2021 15:36:25
Nate Robideau and Jamie JohnsonTournament I: Sensei and Uchi-deshi of the MatEddie and Josh11/12/2021 11:58:21
Buck DresdenAn Ill Fitting Crown of the Matb11/11/2021 19:35:59
Ben Bronson/CK ButcherWhat you don't know... 23:35:51
NC-17Buck N Suck 23:40:09
The Tabloid UnitIntroducing The Tabloid Unit: A Division of VALOR DevelopmentRoss11/10/2021 9:53:34
?????Path to Redemption Pt 2 1:48:03
voidTC, Lyrics, Questions, Ranting, Raving, Rambling of the matb11/9/2021 9:30:27
voidTC, Lyrics, Questions, Ranting, Raving, Rambling of the matb11/9/2021 9:31:35
BOSS Kogaファイナルカーテン 18:48:27
Jacob MephistoThe Better Part of Valor 17Tim11/8/2021 23:22:03
?????Path to Redemption Pt 1 0:44:16
BOSS Koga and Ayumi SeppukuThe Bath-House and Charley11/7/2021 9:08:40
BOSS KogaSaucy Bossie 9:46:54
X-CaliburThe Book of Iron: Façades 20:02:40
Ayumi SeppukuBattles Without Honor or Humanity 19:28:19
"Salt of the Earth" CK ButcherFive Minutes in the Park 1:21:49
Dan SteinFamily Weekend$11/5/2021 12:18:34
voidconstriction 11:58:42
The Pop PunksA Promo About Nothing 22:42:46
Buck DresdenThe Luckiest Man 10:53:38
Ayumi SeppukuI. You. Me. 23:32:01
"Salt of the Earth" CK Butcher (and ??)Post Match; Ruination 1:07:42
Sisters of SteelParty Time 16Ria10/30/2021 5:01:27
Sarah King and Ayumi SeppukuLondon Calling 15:57:26
Patience MontgomeryWandering Patience DevelopmentTim10/27/2021 18:03:26
Decius MontgomeryTwins DevelopmentTim10/27/2021 22:36:51
Lindsay Troy and Victor ThaneThe Drop-In DevelopmentLindz and B10/26/2021 15:02:43
Jacob MephistoFamily 16Tim10/26/2021 22:16:26
Lindsay TroyCalling an Audible 15Lindz, Ben10/24/2021 19:52:54
"Black Out" Pat Cassidy and... ???The Devil in the Details DevelopmentThe Broseph with the Mospeh10/24/2021 21:20:21
"Salt of the Earth" CK ButcherSalt and Light 22:35:06
Judy-E DeMitriEchoes C10/23/2021 15:49:48
Mike de los HuesosRapa tu Mai 14:41:16
Blaze ClaymoreThe War on Food Terrorism 1:39:17
Sisters of SteelDouble Comeback 3:32:02
Kitsune featuring Dave & Joshua BreedloveThe Fox Sets Up A Dating Profile and Says Goodbye BJE10/13/2021 11:18:53
Charlie Jay Hitchens and Buck DresdenIt is a Dreadful Thing and B10/11/2021 11:18:15
Arthur PleasantFirewrought, Chapter 2: Ignite (Or Wherever Else The One They Call Buckley Shall Appear!)MJ10/11/2021 13:45:12
The Pop PunksPost-Traumatic Spice Girls Disorder 21:43:04
The Proper VillainzDuality & Revolutionb10/8/2021 17:37:32
Arthur PleasantFirewrought, Chapter I: Fun DevelopmentMJ10/7/2021 16:47:54
Arthur PleasantA History of Violence and Chaos , Chapter I: The Tragedy of Roy and Loretta Pleasant DevelopmentMJ10/6/2021 15:00:17
Arthur PleasantA History of Violence and Chaos | Chapter II: Sanctuary from Sin DevelopmentMJ10/6/2021 15:03:48
Arthur PleasantA History of Violence and Chaos, Chapter III: Yubitsume DevelopmentMJ10/6/2021 15:06:35
The Proper Villainz & The BrogunsPOST MATCH: Bronson versus Brogun Mike sad and confused b, enjoy!10/5/2021 16:50:01
The Proper Villainz & The BrogunsPOST MATCH: Bronson versus Brogun Mike and e10/5/2021 16:52:38
AzraithRevenant 12:53:38
Void & ObsidianThe Darkest Shadows in the Blackest Nights 20:05:11
Buck DresdenImmolation 23:11:28
Void & Obsidian-The Darkest Shadows in the Blackest Nights- 23:20:11
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze It 2:49:12
NC-17The Book of Irony 20:19:17
BOSS KogaThe Black Feng Clan and Charley9/23/2021 21:36:02
NC-17 and Ayumi SeppukuCream of Redeemed and Charley9/23/2021 22:16:27
Buck DresdenThe First Step: Admittance 9:22:48
Nate RobideauNate v. Nate II: Saint Ignatius of Loyola 10:27:50
Dat Boy Kit, Dat Dude Dave, Dat Menace MikeBroguns Present: The Holy Mountain, or Heoric Doses Bee and Ee Extravaganza9/21/2021 17:44:46
Nate RobideauNate v. Nate I: Part of History 10:13:48
Ayumi Seppuku (feat. Azraith DeMitri)We Are Who We Are and Ben9/20/2021 21:27:46
The Iron GOD; The Four-Time Iron Fist Champion; The Hall of Famer; The Two-Time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion; X-CaliburThe Book of Iron: Thy Cream Hath Curdled 14MJ9/20/2021 21:33:25
The Proper VillainzLimitations and Revolutionb9/14/2021 9:20:58
Justin MorenoA Time for Reflection 23:10:31
Azraith DeMitriEngagement C9/12/2021 19:10:08
VALOR (Lindsay Troy and Pat Cassidy)Going Fishing 163Lindz and Joe9/11/2021 14:59:27
Ayumi Seppuku (feat. NC-17)Seeing Red and Ian9/10/2021 17:12:27
Blaze ClaymoreBlaze Claymore's Big Adventure 13:44:16
The Brogun WarriorsQUE LO QUE LO - BROGUNS IN THE BUILDIN' & e9/1/2021 10:40:44
The HollerGolly, What a Day 12:44:23
Nate RobideauThat Belt is Going to Feel Like a Ghost Part II 20:09:47
The Proper VillainzCruel Intentions 11:49:56
Teresa AmesASMR with Ames 4: Introducing Arthurita 163Ross8/30/2021 14:13:19
Justin MorenoThe Redeemer Lives 19:19:03
Ignatius Albert MartinOpening Day 163Trey8/30/2021 20:45:43
Blaze ClaymoreLeaving (for) Las Vegas 13:43:20
NEMESISTonight (Post CONQUEST) C8/23/2021 0:35:28
Justin MorenoLate Night Lamentations 14:48:19
Ayumi SeppukuClarity 12:45:33
NC-17How Stella Got Her Groove Back 13:14:13
BOSS Koga and Johnny VignochiDreams, Schemes, and Vengeance DevelopmentIan8/21/2021 15:19:25
The Four-Time Iron Fist Champion and your fucking IRON GOD, X-CaliburBook of Iron: Subdued. Broken. Conquered. 20:13:32
Dan SteinVOID is Dead (CD) 22:12:44
Ayumi SeppukuIt's a Sin (feat. LindZ, B, Greg, & Ben)8/20/2021 20:41:19
HIS EMINENCEThis Is Not Your Victory Lap 22:58:12
The Proper VillainzDread 18:18:33
Ultimo Muerte-The Black Cat- 23:45:32
Kitsune and the Bones BrigadeSweet Kitback's Badass Song, or: I'm Drinkin' Lean in the Mystery Machine a Bee and Ee Production8/18/2021 9:40:23
NEMESISMy Strength Is a Number C.8/18/2021 23:32:28
Nate RobideauLegacy III: Kagami Biraki 14:18:53
Azraith DeMitriA Decisive Battle C.8/16/2021 23:31:55
NC-17The Charlatan (feat. Charley)8/13/2021 11:19:37
Sarah King, Johnny Vignochi, and Daihm FergusonThe Rat, The Snake, and the Dragon DevelopmentCharley and Ian8/12/2021 19:03:56
Justin MorenoThe Invitation DevelopmentBrody8/10/2021 8:35:40
Justin MorenoA Prelude to Redemption 8:40:57
Dan SteinLove 14:38:14
The Sin City ScoundrelsBlah blah CUR blah blah WITNESS 10:21:44
Justin MorenoKicking It Up A Notch DevelopmentBrody8/4/2021 16:08:49
Ignatius Albert MartinAn Introduction DevelopmentTrey8/3/2021 9:38:25
The Unholy Cyber ArmyI Hate the Sextons 18:13:48
Arthur Pleasant feat. The Van WarrensArthur Fucking Pleasant 16:37:22
Void-Quia Oculo ad Oculum: The Walk of Life- 0:26:57
"The All-American Outlaw" Buck DresdenAn All-American Outlaw 19:10:46
"The All-American Outlaw" Buck DresdenAn All-American Outlaw 19:11:12
Nate RobideauLegacy II: Seiryoku Zenyo 16:18:50
Justin MorenoAn Inconvenient Truth DevelopmentBrody7/28/2021 1:57:12
Ayumi SeppukuGet Out of My Way 18:43:41
Justin MorenoHeart to Heart DevelopmentBrody7/27/2021 1:09:43
Nate RobideauLegacy I: Kakari Geiko 9:18:20
Joshua BreedloveSucceeding through Existence 9:34:36
Justin MorenoThe Familiar Call DevelopmentBrody7/20/2021 12:59:46
Justin MorenoReal Talk DevelopmentBrody7/20/2021 21:05:25
Justin MorenoThe Road to Redemption DevelopmentBrody7/20/2021 21:07:07
Lindsay Troy, Pat Cassidy, and Teresa AmesA Call to Arms 162Lindz and Joe and Ross7/16/2021 14:45:46
Daihm FergusonDreams - CDCharley7/11/2021 11:25:06
Dan Stein & VoidThe Choices We Make product g&b7/8/2021 10:02:18
NC-17I Believe in Ultimo Muerte 22:01:50
The Proper VillainzThe Brink b7/7/2021 12:09:15
Nate RobideauWriting Checks / CDEddie7/7/2021 12:38:09
X-Calibur and Arthur Pleasant feat. The Proper VillainzThe Iron God: Pray To Him and B7/6/2021 15:49:26
Ayumi SeppukuSending a Message 162Charley7/3/2021 23:26:41
Courtney HatchettPhantom Limb DevelopmentMJ6/23/2021 21:01:31
The Proper VillainzInvestments, Good or Ill THE SHOWSA Ria/b Joint6/21/2021 9:05:01
NEMESIS, Ayumi Seppuku, and Azraith DeMitriFury and Apathy, in Equal Measure C and Charley6/19/2021 22:37:54
Ayumi Seppuku and Sarah KingLetting Go 22:48:26
NC-17I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts 0:44:17
Ayumi SeppukuReading is Fundamental (Part 2) 23:30:44
Ultimo MuerteThe Jet de la LuchaGreg6/13/2021 13:11:48
"The Colonel" Haskell PayneYodel Around My Hog 11:24:54
Ayumi SeppukuReading is Fundamental 16:15:53
NC-17My Trailer's Better 0:20:15
X-CaliburSOLDIER of Destruction: Iron God 13:36:52
Void-Thomas & Molly- Thomas & Molly Showb6/10/2021 10:27:45
BOSS Koga and Johnny VignochiThe Takayama Kong 12:19:47
Guess Who?A Meeting of the Minds'll never tellJoseph6/9/2021 9:47:51
Ayumi SeppukuFan Mail 21:25:29
Judy-E DeMitriA Debt C5/29/2021 5:39:55
X-CaliburSOLDIER of Destruction 10MJ5/28/2021 4:03:17
Unholy Cyber Army and Teddy PalmerThat's the Line We're Drawing? and Teddy5/28/2021 10:51:09
Obsidian-A Letter to the Light- 10:39:40
Dan SteinDemons 160Greg5/27/2021 22:16:14
Nate RobideauNot Today II: Horse Stance 0:09:52
RAIKO feat. Victor ThanePurpose 160 and Ruination 10Ria5/24/2021 7:50:57
The HollerTuned Him Up With My Joey Votto Signature Slugger 23:11:26
Ayumi Seppuku and Lindsay TroyGirls (Fight) Night Out and RevolutionCharley and LindZ5/24/2021 23:41:15
Nate RobideauNot Today I: Farmer's Walk 22:55:19
Johnny Vignochi and BOSS KogaFar East Foray and Character DevelopmentIan5/22/2021 13:34:17
AzraithYield C5/22/2021 19:16:46
Ultimo Muerte-The Greatest Warrior- 17:11:27
The Proper VillainzMeeting of the Minds & Revolutionb5/20/2021 8:20:33
The Holy Breedlove EmpireEchoes of the Empire & RuinationJosh5/20/2021 10:59:17
NC-172 Heroes in a Pod 9Ian5/20/2021 16:20:43
Ayumi SeppukuWhat Happens? (CD)Charley5/20/2021 20:07:36
Ultimo MuerteSHOOT Project Rewind: Ultimo Muerte (4/8/2016) DevelopmentGreg5/19/2021 0:44:25
Ultimo MuerteBelieve in Ultimo Muerte DevelopmentGreg5/19/2021 12:40:40
Void-Fulfilled- 8:59:09
Dan SteinFatherhood 160Greg5/18/2021 13:58:48
Ayumi Seppuku and Lindsay TroyMutual Respect 9 and Revolution 159Charley and LT5/15/2021 10:57:36
Ayumi SeppukuLady!? 159Charley5/15/2021 11:05:45
Devan DerbyshireArena: Extreme Virtual Football Legends Fagg5/15/2021 13:43:22
Daihm FergusonAll in the Family 19:57:01
Azraith DeMitri (And Others)Ever Expanding C5/15/2021 21:42:58
Dan SteinBlame 9Greg5/14/2021 12:20:50
The Proper VillainzAlienation and Revolutionb5/13/2021 9:00:24
Buck DresdenHollow 12:34:45
"The Colonel" Haskell PayneMeaner'n a Whipped Street Dog With One Nut 19:51:37
NC-17Ben Bronsons 159Ian5/13/2021 21:41:08
James JohnsonValuable Time 2 11:54:59
Ria LockhartLosing It 9Ria5/6/2021 4:59:46
Nate RobideauSame as it Ever Was I: The Interviewer 11:44:31
Ayumi SeppukuEmployees Only 159Charley5/5/2021 21:07:19
Nate RobideauSame as it Ever Was II: The Rumination 23:36:22
Courtney HatchettThe Hard Work of a Heavyweight 9MJ5/4/2021 18:47:59
Lindsay TroyShooting From the Hip 158Lindz5/3/2021 0:26:25
Ayumi SeppukuViva Las Vegas 1:17:38
Dan SteinOh. 2:59:48
Lindsay TroyClown Shoes 158Lindz5/3/2021 15:14:24
Nate RobideauI'm Not Really Hungry Either 10:44:22
Dan SteinReputations 158Greg5/2/2021 11:46:39
ScionBirthright 158Josh5/2/2021 15:55:25
Azraith (Feat. NEMESIS)No Easy Way Out C5/2/2021 19:23:35
The Holy Breedlove EmpireMake Way for the King 8Josh5/2/2021 19:27:58
"Black Out" Pat CassidyGuys... Like... Me... 20:30:42
The Proper VillainzRifts and Ripples of them R shows idkb easy4/28/2021 14:44:01
Nate RobideauThat Belt is Going to Feel Like a Ghost MortemEddie4/26/2021 17:24:53
AyumiDiamonds are Forever 23:15:10
SKLong Live the King 15:49:37
Teddy PalmerWho is Teddy Palmer? 8Gary4/23/2021 16:55:11
NC-17Wheelin' and Dealin' 8Ian4/23/2021 20:25:13
Lindsay TroyPurpose and Intent WillLindz4/19/2021 0:52:17
Dan SteinI Persist 4:04:03
NC-17The Silence is Deafening WillNC-174/17/2021 13:13:48
AzraithFront Facing WillBen C4/17/2021 17:01:42
Teresa Ames, Pat Cassidy, Kayden PaultonTeam Building WillJoe, Ross, Roland4/16/2021 14:39:31
X-CaliburThe Pull, The Push, and How X Gon' Give It To Ya WillMJ4/16/2021 20:45:06
Void-I Can't- Willb4/16/2021 21:41:20
Dan SteinFear and Loathing in Las Vegas WILLGreg4/16/2021 23:06:53
ScionMy Brothers WillJosh4/15/2021 12:20:14
Nate RobideauI Am Nate Robideau WillEddie4/15/2021 14:48:21
AvariceSilly Adrian WillEddie4/14/2021 10:01:36
Ned ReformThe Highest Stakes WillJoe4/14/2021 14:36:59
Alpha/OmegaOne Below WillThomas4/11/2021 8:54:57
Buck DresdenTethers WillB4/9/2021 3:42:39
Dan SteinGutchecks WillGreg4/9/2021 15:02:46
The Unholy Cyber ArmyBarbarians, or The Trumpets of the Pit WillEddie4/9/2021 20:04:34
NC-17HOT DATE WillIan4/8/2021 17:28:34
Joshua Breedlove & The Sin City ScoundrelsThe Work WillJosh4/7/2021 8:01:25
AzraithYear Zero +1 C4/5/2021 2:20:17
Dan SteinCD: Revolution 157 - Post Match WillGreg4/5/2021 16:54:07
NEMESIS6037 C.4/4/2021 1:29:22
Courtney HatchettParasite 7MJ4/4/2021 1:51:17
Lindsay Troy et. al.Escalation 157Lindz, MJ, Gary4/4/2021 12:28:41
Dan SteinCD: 4/3/2021 14:35:26
NC-17PR Strategy 13:33:48
Buck DresdenBechdel 15:16:43
RAIKO w/Proper VillainzProper Prison 157Ria/B3/24/2021 17:01:13
NC-17Mean and Obscene 21:55:50
Unholy Cyber ArmyHour of Penance 0:41:19
The HollerFinding a Fourth II: The Boys Have a Match 18:53:49
Dan SteinCharacter Development 157Greg3/20/2021 11:35:52
Nate RobideauZen Purity ScriptEddie3/15/2021 22:09:24
Teddy Palmer/Lindsay Troy/Daryn ThompsonHome Sweet Home 6Gary & Lindz3/14/2021 13:03:50
AzraithReconnection C3/13/2021 19:13:47
NC-17Making Movie Sequels w/ NC-17 and Devan Derbyshire 156Ian3/11/2021 15:39:34
Void-Boneless I- 21:39:26
Proper VillainzProper Villainz presents: Mood 23:17:55
Nate RobideauSome Need it 16:27:28
NC-17The Devil In A Leopard Print Shirt DevelopmentIan3/5/2021 20:10:08
Dan Stein, Johnny Patriot, and Real DealCD - Post-Ruination 5 DevelopmentGreg and Josh3/3/2021 14:37:46
Lindsay Troy/Arthur PleasantClash of Royals 155 Bonus SegLindz and MJ3/1/2021 21:25:21
Judy-E/Azraith DeMitriA Long Way Down C2/28/2021 16:33:01
Teddy PalmerFree Spirit, Contained 5Gary2/27/2021 3:11:17
Ria LockhartReflections 9:44:35
Clemson DeanClemson Dean Presser 1 15:13:34
Scion/Real DealValuable Time (nice)CDJosh2/23/2021 14:52:41
The Goddess Of Shut Up and FIGHT, Courtney HatchettMy Championship, The Championship 5MJ2/22/2021 4:34:20
Dan SteinDecisions 5Greg2/22/2021 14:48:21
Michael Van WarrenMy Brother, The Gatekeeper (an intro) Development/REIGNMJ2/20/2021 1:29:37
Dan Stein and Real Dealx Reality Check x DevelopmentGreg and Josh2/20/2021 21:14:35
Dan SteinThat Championship 5Greg2/20/2021 23:34:27
X-Calibur and Loco MartinezLoCalibur© Productions Presents: "Wait... WHAT?!" 154Sir MJ and the Sheriff of Scottingham2/14/2021 11:21:36
Pat CassidyNo Harbor Was His Home DevelopmentJoe2/14/2021 13:22:23
Lindsay TroyA Funny Thing... 154Lindz and Gary2/13/2021 23:07:44
Teddy PalmerWelcome To Fabulous Las Vegas 154Gary2/13/2021 23:25:12
NEMESISStatic 21:14:27
Courtney HatchettWhat Honor, Respect, and Tradition Looks Like 4MJ2/4/2021 18:24:17
Void-The Ghost- 11:05:01
Jacob MephistoSolitude & Purpose DevelopmentTim2/2/2021 1:33:58
Nate RobideauWarrior or Braggart? 19:44:55
Breedlove/SCSAn Empire United 23:32:15
"Black Out" Pat CassidyReckoning with a Reckoning Day Loss DevelopmentJoe1/25/2021 11:35:41
CorazonA Letter to my Victim DayJosh1/24/2021 14:26:53
NEMESISForgive Me, Karma DayBen C1/24/2021 15:45:33
Loco MartinezThe Old Loco (Hiking History) Day // Storyline (mostly)Scootie Higgins1/23/2021 14:35:41
Kayden Paulton, Teresa Ames & Daryn ThompsonGetting to Know You DayRoland, Ross & LIndz1/23/2021 18:37:59
"The Lord of the Flies" CK ButcherReckoning Day: A Lesson in Derridean Deconstruction DayBen21/23/2021 19:02:06
AzraithA Graceless Shuffle DayBen C1/23/2021 23:18:38
Arthur Pleasant, The Greatest Iron Fist Champion That Has Ever Fucking LivedBETRAYAL x FEAST DAYMJ1/21/2021 18:45:23
UNHOLY CYBER ARMYBarnacles Upon the Hull! DayEddie1/20/2021 9:30:19
Sin City ScoundrelsTag Team Champions of the Future DayJosh1/20/2021 10:25:46
Buck DresdenThe Level Most Never See Dayb1/20/2021 10:54:57
Pat CassidyReckoning Day PreGame DayJoe1/18/2021 20:51:05
Courtney HatchettDues Paid, Destiny Made DAYMJ1/18/2021 20:53:04
X-Calibur- Fun Bobby - DAYMJ1/15/2021 3:29:34
Void-Endless I- Day1/15/2021 12:50:02
Jay MartinezThe Path Towards A Reckoning DaySir Scott M. Hayes XIV1/12/2021 19:26:41
Bonnie BlueOf No Consequence 153Bonnie Blue1/9/2021 20:04:31
Dan SteinBullshit 153Greg1/8/2021 13:33:59
Teresa AmesASMR with Ames 3: This is a SHOOT not a WORK 153Ross1/4/2021 11:05:06
Kenneth CasperNew Year, New Attitude 3Casper1/3/2021 2:44:13
Kenneth CaperNew Year, New Attitude 3Casper1/3/2021 5:27:52
"Black Out" Pat CassidySHOOT Pat Pat! DevelopmentJoe1/2/2021 19:44:52