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Iron Fist Championship

RAIKO1/9/2023#NUM!RAIKO defeats IAM at Revolution 186 to become the Iron Fist Champion.
Ignatius Albert Martin11/13/202201/09/202357IAM defeats Jacob Mephisto, Lexi Gold, and Haskell Payne at Reckoning Day 2022 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Lexi Gold9/4/202211/13/2022701Lexi Gold defeats Jacob Mephisto, IAM, and Haskell Payne at Iron Will 2 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Jacob Mephisto5/4/202209/04/20221232Jacob Mephisto defeats Buck Dresden at Revolution 174: Champion's Choice to become the Iron Fist Champion
Buck Dresden11/8/202105/04/20221774Buck Dresden defeats X-Calibur at Ruination 16 to become the Iron Fist Champion
X-Calibur8/22/202111/08/2021783X-Calibur defeats Dan Stein at Revolution 162 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Dan Stein6/7/202108/22/2021760Dan Stein defeats Azraith DeMitri at Revolution 160 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Azraith DeMitri4/18/202106/07/2021500Azraith DeMitri becomes a 2 time Iron Fist Champion at Iron Will
Nate Robideau3/15/202104/18/2021340Nate Robideau defeats Azraith DeMitri at Revolution 156 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Azraith DeMitri1/24/202103/15/2021503Azraith DeMitri defeats Arthur Pleasant at Reckoning Day 2021 to become the Iron Fist Champion
Arthur Pleasant11/23/202001/24/2021622
Billy Winter6/24/201411/8/2014137
Corey Lazarus5/12/20145/26/201414
Jerry Matthews11/4/20135/12/2014189
Johnny Napalm7/22/201311/4/2013105
Ja Gi Kyung-Moon4/29/20137/22/201384
Jaime Alejandro12/10/20123/25/2013105
Isaac Entragian2/5/201212/10/2012309
Del Carver10/9/20112/5/2012119
Isaac Entragian3/27/201110/9/2011196
Jaime Alejandro12/29/20103/27/201188
Lennox Ferguson9/26/201012/29/201094
Cade Sydal7/25/20109/26/201063
Dan Stein11/23/200812/28/200835
Osbourne Kilminster9/14/200811/23/200870
Kenji Yamada6/1/20089/14/2008105
Dan Stein3/17/200806/01/200876
Jack Seishent7/14/20067/30/200616
The Poe5/14/20067/14/200661
Lonewolf3/25/20065/14/200650Lonewolf defeated Jun Kenshin in a match on Revolution for the Iron Fist Title, which was vacated due to a mutual agreement leading to Corey Lazarus' release from SHOOT Project due to the many problems with his work visa during the World Tour.
Corey Lazarus1/20/20063/25/200664
Osbourne Kilminster12/7/20051/20/200644
Mike Dexter11/27/200512/7/200510
Mike Lane8/11/20058/18/20057
Jun Kenshin5/1/20058/11/2005102
Eli Storm4/7/20055/1/200524
Cade Sydal2/27/20054/7/200539
Vacated Belt4/30/20042/27/2005303SHOOT Project is subsequently closed down shortly thereafter 04/30/03, and all titles are vacated upon relaunch.
Jonny Johnson3/28/20044/30/200433
Declan O'Leary11/30/20033/15/2004106
Eddie E9/28/200311/30/200363
Rocky Stellar5/11/20037/6/200356Rocky Stellar is given the Iron Fist Championship by forfeit after Christopher Davis does not appear for his title defense. Jonny Johnson substitutes for his tag team partner and is defeated. Stellar is the 8th SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion. It is during his reign that the infamous "Iron Chef" Challenge against X-Calibur takes place.
Christopher Davis4/27/20035/11/200314
J.D. Ice2/2/20034/27/200384J.D. Ice defeats Jun Kenshin for the vacated Iron Fist Championship. He goes on to defeat Ben Jackman twice to solidify his reign. He is the 6th SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.
Ben Jackman5/19/20022/2/2003259Ben Jackman defeats Bill Hrenchuk for the vacated Iron Fist Championship. However, he oddly counts his own pinfall as opposed to the established knock outs only rule. He holds the best for approximately 7 months before being stripped of the title for actions unbecoming of a champion. He is the 5th SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.
Real Deal1/27/20025/19/2002112
Sebastian Crow12/23/20011/27/200235
Norman Wong10/28/200111/25/200128Wong last eliminated Byrne in an Iron Fist Battle Royale to become the first SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.