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Iron Will 2: News & Notes

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

-As a result of losing the best-of-three series with Daihm Ferguson, Ultimo Muerte must leave SHOOT Project for good. Ultimo Muerte‘s contract with SHOOT Project has been extended one week at the request of Pandora, Muerte’s handler. We should see some sort of resolution surrounding the situation at that time. 


-Pandora herself has not been let go from SHOOT Project at this time. It’s unclear what her role will be moving forward, if any.


-During Lux Aeterna‘s appearance during the post-Iron Will media scrum, the SHOOT Project tag team champions were interrupted by the men they defeated to retain their belts: the Carolina Lions. Both Luis de Leon and Isaiah Galliard were heated following the loss and carried that energy into the presser for their opponents. de Leon was said to be especially upset, screaming and even hurling a garbage can at both Lindsay Troy and Ayumi Seppuku. SHOOT Project security had to physically restrain the Lions and pull them out of the area, but if this outburst is any indication it doesn’t look like things are going to calm down between the teams any time soon.


-Belle Grant, known to many as Bubble Gum and one half of the Pop Punks, was at ringside for Daihm Ferguson’s victory over Ultimo Muerte and Judy Punchinello’s hard fought victory to win the Rule of Surrender title, but was nowhere to be seen during the night’s second main event where Buck Dresden pinned Judy Punchinello to earn his second Heavyweight World Title.

-It’s being reported that Dave de los Muertos was in a heated conversation with SHOOT Project management behind closed doors at Iron Will 2. An anonymous source said it had something to do with the Battalion Division.

-On that subject, it’s being rumored that the Battalion Championships will be retired and a Battalion rule will be added to the tag team division. This rule states that members of any group may defend the tag team championships. So, if the Broguns were the tag team champions, Kitsune/Mike de los Huesos, Dave de los Muertos/Mike de los Huesos, & Kitsune/Dave de los Muertos would all be qualified and valid participants.

-Daihm Ferguson was notably aggressive following his victory over Ultimo Muerte. Reports are that, after his verbal confrontation with Chief of Staff Lennox Ferguson, The Dragon kicked a hole straight through the wall of his locker room. The repairs to the room, which is normally used for New Orleans Pelicans games, will be paid out of the younger Ferguson’s paycheck.


-Judy Punchinello reportedly will NOT be charged or disciplined for her cheap shot against Laura Seton in the World Heavyweight Championship match. 


-SHOOT Project is proud to announce the signing of the tag team Zoomer Love, formerly known as ‘Podcaster BF and eGirl GF.’ SHOOT scouts were impressed with their one match at the Milo Flynn Cup tournament, even though they lost in the first round to the eventual finalists Benny and Denny Colton. The team consists of Peach Backshots and Felix Mullens. Peach is a graduate of Boricua Academia de Lucha Libre in Philadelphia, although she was born and is based out of Brooklyn. Her teacher, Pedro ‘El Mofongo’ Santamaria, said she is his most gifted graduate since The Anglo Luchador. Although wrestling is her main passion, she has a lucrative business as a camgirl, something she started doing between graduation and her first booking.


-Felix is the main host of the controversial Leftist Leaks Podcast, an irreverent show that takes aim at the establishment through the lens of memes and a ‘dirtbag left’ perspective. It is unknown where he went to wrestling school, but wherever it was, well, I’m going to take an editorial stance in this news brief and say SHOOT officials really only wanted Peach. However, she would not sign without her boyfriend/tag partner, so here we are. Felix is known for rudimentary wrestling skills and trying to back opponents down with dialectical materialism and rousing debate. It rarely if ever works. Despite Felix’s apparent lack of talent, the team is quite successful, enough to catch the eye of the Flynn Cup organizers. SHOOT Project is excited to have the team on the roster.


-The two took in Iron Will 2 from the front row thanks to tickets provided to them by Tag Team co-Champion Lindsay Troy. PRIME wrestler The Anglo Luchador gave Peach a rousing recommendation, which helped their case. AS for Felix, well, The Anglo Luchador gave Peach a rousing recommendation. While the team will not debut until sometime after the next set of television shows, they are eager to join the team and climb the ranks in the tag team division so that one day, they can repay Troy and her partner, Ayumi Seppuku, with an incredible test inside the squared circle.


-After coming up short in both her Iron Will 2 matches, Laura Seton was seen leaving the Smoothie King Center in an upset state.  However, the root of the problem may not have been her failure(s) to obtain gold, but rather, her sister Madison.  Backstage as a guest of Judy Punchinello, Madison met up with her sister but, according to an inside source, things went sour.  “They went into the locker room and all I’ll say is there was a LOT of yelling and swearing between the two.”


-To follow that up, the same insider said Madison–an all-star with the WNBA’s Seattle Storm–wasn’t around solely to hang out.  “She’s Laura’s sister, so yeah, she’d like to be in the ring.  I don’t think she’ll be signing anytime soon here, basketball and all, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Maddie in a SHOOT ring someday.


-It’s rumored that El Paria and Jamie Johnson will finally square off one on one at Reckoning Day. This comes after months of Paria attacking Johnson at any opportunity, with one such attack getting him suspended as a result.


-Following the post-Iron Will media scrum, Joshua Breedlove has gone completely media silent since losing the World Heavyweight Championship at Iron Will 2. His spokesperson, Bradley Kenneth Holzauer, has taken over the Empire’s social media presence temporarily but word from the Empire’s camp is that Breedlove WILL be present in Michigan for Ruination and Revolution. 


-Dan Stein made good on his word after his match with Jamie Johnson at Iron Will 2. Immediately after walking through the curtain, Stein went to “Real Deal” Josh Johnson and OutKast, and spoke highly of the man who fell him. Stein was said to be gushing about the future of “The Realness” in SHOOT Project.


-The Breedlove camp floated the idea of challenging Buck Dresden at Reckoning Day during the post-show event, but it has not been confirmed whether or not that’s the official plan.


-OutKast was stretchered out of the Smoothie King Center right after his encounter with Nate Robideau, leaving Real Deal and the rest of the team to manage the flow of the show on their own. There has been very little information coming out about OutKast as of now, but the tone of things is that he is absolutely out indefinitely and it may be even worse than that. 


-SHOOT Project continues to add talent to its roster with the addition of So Jun Lim. Lim is well regarded and highly respected amongst Joshi circles, so her signing does not come as much of a surprise to those outside of the SHOOT Project. She will make her debut against Curtis Rose at Ruination 32. 


-Real Deal did not respond to questions regarding the so-called “Delayed Heat” and the issues that Blaze Claymore and Chad Kyle are causing. He noted that he would address it at Revolution.


-Former Shut Up and Fight Champion and REIGN Champion KIMO was in attendance at Iron Will 2. No word on if he’ll be making his return to the company at this time.


-It’s believed that Butch Maudlin is receiving a tryout match against well-regarded veteran –HISTERIA. No word on if there’s written deal in place between Maudlin and the SHOOT Project at this time.


-At this time, SHOOT Project will be ending its marketing and talent agreement with Nate Robideau’s Blackhawk Gym. No mention of the Blackhawk Gym will be permitted as part of the live shows, nor will the name be allowed to be used on social media. Nate Robideau has also been removed from Spitter indefinitely. Any material that exists identifying the relationship between the two organizations must be destroyed at the Blackhawk Gym’s cost within the next seven days. Any attempt by Nate Robideau to appear on Spitter or circumvent this legal action in any way will result in hefty fines and additional legal action carried out by the SHOOT Project.