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Iron Will 2

Iron Will 2 - 09.04.2022

We open with a simple shot of two pedestals standing in darkness, illuminated only by a single spotlight each. Resting atop each of these pedestals are the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Championship and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

The rest of the scene slowly fades in. It’s not the wasteland desert or the neon Las Vegas lights we’re used to. SHOOT Project is on the road. We’ve stopped in the Big Easy. But even New Orleans has its dark spots. Far from Bourbon Street, we’re in the middle of what looks like a bayou.

The two pedestals, we now see, are rising out of the water; and there are… creatures… swimming, circling… just beneath the surface.

Monsters – Shinedown

The soft guitars of “Monsters” by Shinedown begin to play as we see lights in the distance, tiny pinpricks dotting the dark waters of the Louisiana bayou, appearing to move closer.

Good for you

You fooled everybody

We cut to a shot of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Joshua Breedlove, the gleaming World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder as he smiles into the camera, Danni Johnson at his side.

Good for you

You fooled everyone

The scene cuts to a shot of Judy Punchinello turning to face the camera, a snarl forming on her face as she smacks her fist into her palm.

Good for you

Now you’re somebody

We cut away to Buck Dresden, popping his neck as he stretches it from side to side. He bounces on the balls of his feet for a moment before winding his Buckshot arm up slowly.

Good for you

You fooled everyone

We cut again, this time to Laura Seton, a look of determination etched on her face as she looks off into the distance towards her goals. She slowly clenches her fist, the knuckles turning white.

Leave your weapon on the table

Wrapped in burlap, barely able

We quickly cut to the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Champion, NEMESIS, the gleaming white gold and red leather title clasped firmly around her waist. The mask is on, but even so, there is a hunger in her eyes.

Don’t get angry

Don’t discourage 

Take a shot of

Liquid courage

The scenes blend and we see a shot of all five Main Event competitors standing in a circle, looking to one another. Breedlove and NEMESIS each raise their titles into the air.

‘Cause my monsters are real

We cut back to the bayou where the water is churning as the distant lights have moved close enough that we can see each of the five Iron Will competitors speeding towards the pedestals on their own pontoon boats. As they approach, several gigantic alligators burst from beneath the surface of the water, jaws snapping and tails thrashing.

And they’re trained how to kill

The five pontoon boats pick up speed, heading right into the madness of the monstrous gators, the dual prizes atop the pedestals too great to ignore.

And there’s no coming back

And they just laugh

At how I feel

The five competitors each perch themselves on the edge of their boats before leaping toward the gleaming title belts on the pedestals dodging the great bayou beasts and their snapping jaws. All of their arms reach out to grab their prize…

And these monsters can fight

We cut to Joshua Breedlove driving IAM into the canvas to regain the World Heavyweight Championship at REDEMPTION 2022 cementing himself as a two-time champion.

And they’ll never say die

Laura Seton capitalizes on her Last Chance opportunity with a bodyscissors press on Dan Stein at Ruination 31 to punch her ticket to Iron Will 2, rolling off her opponent after the count of three with a look of relief on her face.

And there’s no going back

We cut to Buck Dresden cranking back and submitting Curtis Rose at Revolution 180 to cement his position at Iron Will 2, the American Outlaw making his trademark pose as he marks his targets.

If I get trapped, I’ll never heal

The scene jumps to Judy Punchinello cradling Jamie Johnson with Lightning Speed to earn the final Last Chance position in tonight’s double Main Event. The woman with a new lease on her professional life raises her arm in victory.

Yeah, my monsters are real

We cut to NEMESIS, slowly raising the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Championship shortly after submitting Ayumi Seppuku at The Apex, officially reviving the prestigious championship.

The instrumental continues for a few moments as we’re taken to Bourbon Street, bustling with activity and all lit up against the darkness.

Good for you

You hurt everybody

The scene flashes and the streets are suddenly empty, save for Jacob Mephisto stalking down the middle of the road, the Iron Fist Championship draped over his shoulder, The Montgomery Twins just behind and on either side of him.

Good for you

You hurt everyone

Ignatius Albert Martin comes into view marching down the road with his head held high, eyes locked on Mephisto. The former World Heavyweight Champion is zeroing in on his next goal.

Good for you

You love nobody

Lexi Gold appears, the former Shut Up and Fight Champion unflinching and determined as she moves with purpose towards the Iron Fist Champion.

Good for you

You owe no one

An engine roars and everyone turns to see Haskell Payne, cigarette hanging from his lips, climbing down from a big ol’ truck. The Psychobilly also moves with a purpose.

Leave your weapon on the table 

Wrapped in burlap, barely able

We cut to Lexi Gold getting right up in Mephisto’s face before cutting to Haskell Payne catching Mephisto with a three count during a six-person tag team match.

Call the doctor, say a prayer

Choose a god you think is fair

We cut to multiple scenes in succession. Haskell Payne is found bludgeoned backstage before we see Mephisto being cradled by Patience Montgomery, a sly smirk forming as IAM holds his hands up professing innocence.

‘Cause my monsters are real 

We cut to the Carolina Lions absolutely decimating Donovan King during their shocking debut.

And they’re trained how to kill

We jump cut to Lux Aeterna capturing the World Tag Team Championships, Lindsay Troy and Ayumi Seppuku raising the titles high in the air.

And there’s no coming back

The Lions polish off SAIGO, the young Mufasas raising their arms in victory, looking pleased.

And they just laugh at how I feel

We cut to back to back scenes of Ayumi Seppuku facing off with Luis De Leon and Lindsay Troy mixing it up with Isaiah Galliard.

And these monsters can fight

The scene violently jumps to the Unholy Cyber Army laying waste to Spinebuster Island, their return to SHOOT Project heralded by utter destruction.

And they’ll never say die 

We cut again to Spinebuster Island charging into a war with the UCA, Dan Richards making a triumphant return at Ruination 30!

And there’s no going back

Dan Richards points to both members of the Unholy Cyber Army while shouting.

If I get trapped, I’ll never heal

Superbeast draws his thumb slowly across his neck and spits on Dan Richards’ sneakers.

Yeah, my monsters are real

We get a dual shot of The Unholy Cyber Army and Spinebuster Island turning to face one another, all four men with murder in their eyes.

The instrumental takes over as we cut to a shot of the Smoothie King Arena all lit up, a battered and war-torn SHOOT Project tour bus parked out front. Chick Grillbreast steps off the bus, looking up at the arena. El Cuco walks out of a shadowed area into the light. Haseo Karasawa, Jack Horn, and Boston come from around another corner, the five newcomers all giving each other the once over.

Leave your weapon on the table

Wrapped in burlap, barely able 

We cut to Ultimo Muerte taking the first win over Daihm Ferguson in their best of three Loser Leaves Town series.

Don’t get angry, don’t discourage

Take a shot of liquid courage

Another jump cut takes us to Daihm Ferguson evening up the odds, taking the second match in the series. We’re now set for the grand finale of one of these men’s time in the SHOOT Project.

Leave a light on if you’re able

We cut to Dan Stein standing atop the arena, a spotlight shining down on him. “The Lights” have returned to the SHOOT Project.

‘Cause we both know you’re unstable

The scene blurs as the brightness of the spotlight flares and we see the Sin City Champion, Jamie Johnson freshly victorious against Pat Cassidy as he raises the title high in the air.

Call a doctor, say a prayer

Nate Robideau picks the Kayes apart, displaying a ruthlessness that’s been held back by discipline for so long. The Blackhawk shows no mercy in his methods.

Choose a god you think is fair

OutKast stands alone in the darkness, a spotlight shining down on the legend as he dusts off his shoulder, smirking.

‘Cause my monsters are real

We cut to the Iron Will logo before being thrust into a LIVE shot of the interior of the Smoothie King Arena!

“Monsters” by Shinedown continues to play as the fans of the SHOOT Faithful in New Orleans, Louisiana go berserk. Pyro explodes on the entrance stage and down the ramp before the turnbuckles of the ring explode with even more pyro.

We pan around the arena at the thousands of cheering fans before settling on Eryk Masters and Other Guy!

Eryk Masters: We are LIVE! Welcome back to New Orleans, Lousiana! This is Iron Will two! We’ve got an incredible night ahead of us, folks! We are going to see both the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and the Rule of Surrender Championship up for grabs in our Iron Will contests. That is what this night is all about, folks. We are going to find out what these Soldiers are made of!

Other Guy: That’s not all! We’re also going to finally see Lux Aeterna defend their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships against The Carolina Lions! And, Jacob Mephisto will also defend the Iron Fist Championship against Lexi Gold, Haskell Payne, and Ignatius Albert Martin! That will be one to watch!

Eryk Masters: Speaking of title defenses, we’re also going to see what could end up being the match that steals the show when Jamie Johnson defends the Sin City Championship against Dan Stein! Plus, one man’s career here in the SHOOT Project will come to an end. We’re going to see Daihm Ferguson and Ultimo Muerte square off in the final match of their best of three Loser Leaves Town series!

Other Guy: And, boy oh boy, we’re going to get a good old fashioned grudge match tonight! The Unholy Cyber Army and Spinebuster Island go to war tonight! We’ll also see five newcomers going head to head as well!

Eryk Masters: And, last but absolutely far from least, we’re going to see Nate Robideau in action against the man who has been tormenting him. The legendary OutKast steps back into the ring as this grudge comes to a head! All this and more is going down tonight! Let’s get this show on the road!

Ring Intro: Nate Robideau

The lights in the arena go pitch black, before a pulse of blue light starts illuminating portions of the crowd in sync with the beat.  


“Get Up!”  starts pulsing, the beat building, and finally the snares start hitting, as Drezus’ booming voice begins to rattle across the sound system

Yeah, I think my mama made of magic /
I think she put a little bit of spinach in my bannock /
Why I’m beastin’, every single season /
World ‘bout to wake up and my natives is the reason /
Get up!  I wanna see you get up! /
I wanna see you show the world how you never give up

The beat thunders through properly now, and a single spotlight hits on the entrance showing the Blackhawk Himself, looking to the ground and bouncing on the balls of his feet.  His hair is freshly chopped into a mohawk again, and is uncharacteristically in white shorts and white gym hoodie–and the MMA gloves are nowhere to be found.  He’s taped up, bare knuckle style.  He starts pacing to the ring, pausing intermittently to roll his shoulders and throw some slow shadow strikes, smirking all the while.  


Samantha Coil:  Introducing…From Natakkoa, Elko County Nevada, weighing two-hundred and forty pounds…he is The Blackhawk, NATE ROBIDEAU!!

Nate rolls into the ring and peels off his sweatshirt, revealing a more lean build than he has had in the past.  He stretches, working his knees and shoulders as he stalks the ring in a circle, psyching himself up, all prefight energy just waiting to get uncorked. 

Ha, I Got ’em lookin’ at me funny /

Everywhere I go I got ’em lookin’ at me funny /

Maybe ’cause I’m nate /

Got ’em lookin’ at me funny /

But even on the rez /


They be lookin’ at me funny 

As the beat cascades to the chorus, Nate leaps from the mat to the middle turnbuckle, throwing his arms out wide and tossing his head back, basking in the music, the crowd, the lights.  He jumps down to the ring and throws half speed strikes as the music fades…

Not Finished.


Nate doesn’t even wait for the Bell to finish ringing before He’s on his feet, raising his knee to his forehead and STOMPING OutKast in the skull with authority!  Caught completely unaware, he tries to cover up, but Nate does it again, jamming his heel into his opponent’s skull–and again!  Kast has started to crawl to the ropes, but this just gives Robideau more leverage, as he grabs onto the top one and continues to lay in rough, vale tudo heel stomps into a practically unprotected skull!!

Eryk Masters: This is unnecessary! 

Other Guy: Look, we’ve seen I dunno how many people needle this guy, and he’s finally fed up! 

Eryk Masters: Oh fuck off, you know this is going past a message being sent!

The referee tries to get a hold of Nate, to pull him away–and Nate turns and BLASTS him in the face with a knockout punch to the jaw!  He looks at the reeling official with undisguised contempt, before some movement catches his attention: OutKast attempting to crawl out of the ring.  He grabs him by the ankle–and Kast turns, catching him in the face with a desperation kick!!  This serves mostly to enrage Nate, who dives onto his enemy and begins driving his elbows into Kygon’s face!!  Over and over, the crowd screaming, until his nose finally gives way under the assault and the color begins flowing!  Nate doesn’t let up, driving his elbow into his mush repeatedly, until his own arm is a smear of blood.  He clambers to his feet, breathing heavily, eyeing his reeling opponent, who is gasping through blood and trying to regain his wits. 

Other Guy: His nose has to be shattered!!

Eryk Masters: We need medics, we need security, I don’t think he’s going to stop!!

Blackhawk smiles, his shorts stained with OutKast’s blood, and looks to the crowd.  They’re actively booing him, but he holds his arms out, breaking into a grin…then his face drops and he pounces on Kast, hooking his left leg and grabbing him by the head and shoulders before turning him rightways in a NASTY twister submission!!

Eryk Masters: You made your point!!  He’s giving up!!

Other Guy: He’s right!  Let him go!!

OutKast is tapping, frantically so with his free hand–and Robideau’s only response is to twist even harder, gritting his teeth!  Finally with a momentous tug something gives, and OutKast goes limp!!  The crowd is screaming as Nate gently lays the man to the mat, his breathing causing the river of blood from his nose to bubble.  He reaches down, gathers up some on his fingers, and smears it across his face, standing his full height and popping his neck.  Medics and Security swarm the ring, gathering around both men.  Nate allows himself to be restrained, chuckling all the while, looking across the crowd to make sure they can see how pleased he is with the outcome.  He resists them moving him, wanting to watch OutKast being attached to a spine board, but finally relents as they lead him from the ring.  The medics continue to tend to the broken man as trash is being thrown at Nate Robideau, who can only smile in smug satisfaction in response.  The boos are deafening, but they might as well be cheers to him.  No music, no announcement of a winner, no lighting effects.  The feed cuts away.

A Nice Chat

Eryk Masters: Word has it that Mary Kelly is backstage with a man who will take on four other soldiers in just a few more moments…El Cuco!


The scene cuts to the backstage area, where Mary Kelly is absolutely DWARFED by the seven foot two masked monster, El Cuco. While she looks at the camera, attempting to remain professional, El Cuco looks down at the veteran interviewer, clearly using all of his size to be intimidating.


Mary Kelly: Thanks Eryk. I’m here with currently undefeated SHOOT Project soldier, El Cuco.


Mary turns to the man, becoming even more uncomfortable with the way he stares down at her. His mask completely obscures his face, making it hard for Mary to really know what is going on in his mind.


Mary Kelly: You’ve been a dominate force, wracking up eight total wins, all of which have been via submission. Can we-


El Cuco: You’re very beautiful, así como tú, me los recomendó el doctor


Mary looks annoyed, but she remains collected. He’s not the first wrestler who has tried to make her flustered, he certainly won’t be the last.


Mary Kelly: Thanks. Anyway, can we expect to see you try and continue your submission streak tonight?


El Cuco huffs, never looking away.


El Cuco: ¡Claro está! I mean, I’d be happy to take a win anyway I can get it, but…Mary, when people give themselves up to you, submit to your will, it is so much more…satisfying? Would you agree?


El Cuco is putting on the charm pretty hard, but Mary gives him nothing more than annoyance.


Mary Kelly: I wouldn’t know. However, if you are so obsessed with bending people to your will, why does it seem like you are willing to bend the knee to Joshua Breedlove? Anymore updates on your little…advertisement to him on Spitter?


El Cuco laughs again, the picture of calm and collected.


El Cuco: Feisty little one, aren’t you? Una petardo. You ask a fair question, though. You see, hermosa, I am very well acquainted with sources of power. Sometimes power is something to be taken, but sometimes, in the world of los espíritus, you have to be willing to give yourself over, at least for a time. Taking can be quite nice, but giving yourself up…


He leans over her a bit more, really letting the size difference be felt.


El Cuco: Can be quite pleasurable as well. So, you could say I will be watching Señor Breedlove’s match very closely tonight.


Mary Kelly: If he doesn’t win, you just going to move on to the victor?


El Cuco laughs again, leaning back. He waves both his hands in a dismissive gesture.


El Cuco: Of course not, mi encantadora. While I believe in Señor Breedlove’s ability to not only retain his title, but walk out a double champion, I will simply be watching to see how my services as both a monster and a Palero can best serve el Emperador. Of course, this will be after I choke, bend, and break those other four fools. 


El Cuco leans in.


El Cuco: I’ve enjoyed our nice chat, mi encantadora. I hope you are watching when I break those men.


With a final laugh, El Cuco leaves the scene. Mary breathes a sigh of relief, but she still maintains her decorum, showing more irritation than anything.

An Old Friend

We cut to the backstage where we see Jester Smiles, dressed to the nines in purples and greens, including his very spiffy cane, with his proteges, Israel Bishop and Kid lucha, the RIOT Patrol. They are in street gear, t-shirts and jeans, but Kid Lucha is wearing his mask. You know, luchador. Both Kid Lucha and Israel Bishop, though not booked, seemed to be dumbfounded. They are in a larger common area where many of the wrestlers of tonight are walking to and fro. 


Jester Smiles: Pretty neat, yeah?


Israel Bishop: I’m pretty sure Joshua Breedlove just walked by. And…and…oh I think Nemesis just went that way!


Kid Lucha: I saw Lexi Gold stretching earlier as we headed this way.


Jester laughs, putting his hand to the bridge of his nose.


Jester Smiles: Have you guys, like, said hello to these people? They are your coworkers.


Kid Lucha scratches his head. Israel looks a bit flustered.


Jester Smiles: You guys are cute.


???: Well…bless my stars…look who it is…


Jester and the RIOT Patrol turn to see The All-Father, Jacob Mephisto, with the two twins, Patience and Decius Montgomery, in tow. Jester grins, almost like seeing an old friend. He leans forward on his cane and extends a hand. Kid Lucha and Israel Bishop look uncertain of what is going on. The Montgomery Twins glare unpleasantly, as they do, with Patience looking at Kid Lucha the way a predator looks at potential prey, the ghost of a smile crossing her face. Jacob and Jester are very pleasant, though, as Jacob takes Jester’s hand and actually pulls him into a small embrace.


Jester Smiles: Jacob Mephisto, what the fuck is up man?


Mephisto pulls back, a warm smile on his face that doesn’t quite reach his pale gray eyes.


Jacob Mephisto: It’s good to see you around again. The SHOOT Project has certainly missed you. I’m glad to see you here, truly.


Jester grins, but the RIOT Patrol seem a bit more uneasy. Decius does not look happy, and Patience looks…well…she’s grinning and maybe a touch flirty, but there is some kind of madness going on there.


Jester Smiles: Hey, it’s good to be seen. Seems you’ve been really killing it around here. Hey, these are my two, I don’t know, people keep saying proteges, so we’ll go with that. Israel and KL, Jacob Mephisto.


Kid Lucha immediately reaches his hand out to shake Mephisto’s, seemingly starstruck, but Israel is more reserved. Specifically, Decius and Israel have locked eyes, and they seem to be sizing one another up, at least mentally.


Kid Lucha: Hey, big fan of your insane spree of violence with Azraith DiMitri. I, uhhhh, I watched you as a kid. Was…was Sammy Rochester really THAT big?

Jester laughs.


Jester Smiles: KL, dude, stop fangirling.


Mephisto let’s out an honest to goodness laugh. He shakes Kid Lucha’s hand.


Jacob Mephisto: Is he always this nervous? Relax. I’ve seen a lot of your boys on spitter. These two behind me? Patience and Decius Montgomery. We’re still getting them… acquainted with the finer aspects of in ring competition.


There’s a barely noticeable twitch on Mephisto’s left eye, just a single twitch, at the mention of Azraith DiMitri. He’s otherwise pleasant.


Jacob Mephisto: And yes, Sammy was that big. And your mentor’s shuffle sidekick? It was that stiff.


KL seems mystified. He looks over at Israel, but Israel is still acting very stand offish, as if he can sense something is wrong. Decius, for his part, has not changed positions are stopped locking eyes with Israel.


Jester Smiles: These must be the Montgomery Twins. Seen you guys in action, vicious stuff. Tons of potential. Your…father? Yeah, your father here can show you a lot. Excited to see where y’alls career goes.


Decius is silent, the tension between him and Israel thickening by the moment, though no words have been spoken. Patience, on the other hand, breaks out in a wide smile as she turns her head toward Jester.


Patience Montgomery: Much appreciated, Mr. Smiles. And we absolutely are excited to see where the road takes the RIOT Patrol.


She turns her head to Kid Lucha, cocking it to the side quizzically.


Patience Montgomery: I’ve seen you on spitter. Do you really think I’m… cute?


Her tone is light and slightly aloof, but tinged with poison as she speaks. Israel picks up on these subtleties, turning his attention to Patience, and Jester’s big smile does seem to lessen ever so slightly, but Kid Lucha is, unfortunately, a moron. He doesn’t look directly at Patience, sort of shuffling awkwardly.


Kid Lucha: Heh…well…y’know…Spitter is for shit talking…not that I don’t think you’re cu-


Israel Bishop: I’m Israel. We look forward to meeting you guys in the ring.


Israel does not offer his hand. He looks over at Mephisto, nods, and then returns to Decius.


Israel Bishop: Hopefully we can have some excellent, competitive bouts with one another.


Jester and Mephisto lock eyes. While they are still all smiles and pleasantries, something has changed in the air. It is almost like the two SHOOT veterans are having a psychic conversation with one another. The same could be said about Decius and Israel. Patience continues to stare at Kid Lucha, aloof and playful, with a smile that is just a little too wide, but Kid Lucha remains…unaware of anything.


Jester Smiles: Well, we better get going. It was good to see you, Jacob. Good luck tonight with…


Jester points to the Iron Fist Championship.


Jester Smiles: …that, champ.


Mephisto glances down at the Iron Fist Championship, his smile faltering for a fraction of a second.


Jacob Mephisto: I appreciate that. And, sincerely, best of luck in your careers. Jester, it’s really good to see you back.


As Jester and The RIOT Patrol move along, Mephisto watches them go. Once they’re out of earshot, he turns to the Twins.


Jacob Mephisto: That man is a certified SHOOT Project legend and he’s earned my respect. Hands off.


The Twins nod.


Jacob Mephisto: Still… the tag team division here is heating up. Maybe you two will rise to the occasion.


What Did I Just Do?

A stoic-looking Blaze Claymore takes a swig from a classy-sounding name brand water bottle when, out of the corner of the shot, an excited Chadwick Kyle pops into frame causing Blaze to involuntarily gag on the water.


X-Chadlibur: Blaze! I’m so glad I found you! I hadn’t heard anything since you heroically hit Dutch Harris with that novelty coffee mug. It wasn’t just a GRANDE gesture, it was positively VENTI.


Blaze collects himself and puts his hand on Chad’s shoulder.


Blaze Claymore: Oh…Chad. If you’re going to ROAST somebody, you’ve really gotta CREAM them. So, do what I do and really try to push the envelope. 


X-Chadlibur: I have a book of Peanuts stamps. Will that help?  I’ve been using them to mail out headshots.  See!


X-Chad pulls an envelope out of his pocket and hands it to Blaze.  Blaze opens the envelope and finds one of his headshots with unfamiliar writing scribbled across the bottom.


Blaze Claymore: In an insanity plea, yes.  Wait…This is my Headshot.  Have you… Have you been signing your name to my headshots?  And…Who exactly have you been.  You know what?  I don’t want to know.


Chad jokingly punches Blaze in the shoulder.


X-Chadlibur: Of course not, you big joker!  I’ve been signing it with “Delayed Heat featuring X-Chadlibur.”  So…. what’s next!? How do we take down Deep SHOOT? I mean… that’s why you weren’t at my match against Blaze Blaise, right? You were doing undercover reconnaissance?  Instead of helping me out when I was getting railroaded straight to Flavortown?  You were out doing important Delayed Heat business?


Blaze pauses for a beat before nodding slowly.


Blaze Claymore: Yeeeeeesssss. That is exactly what I was doing and nothing else. I was undergoing some rigorous… training in Los Angeles from some of the top… trainers. 


X-Chadlibur: Amazing!  I knew that you had a plan.  This is going to be the greatest night in the history of Delayed Heat.


Blaze Claymore: Indeed it is. 


The two stand in awkward silence for several seconds.

X-Chadlibur: Can you teach me!?


Blaze pauses – tryin to think of a response.


Blaze Claymore: You know… Chad. Sometimes you can only learn certain skills in the moment. I’m not sure I’d be able to do the training I received justice.

X-Chadlibur: Oh! Of course! That makes so much sense.


Blaze Claymore: I’m glad you understand.


X-Chadlibur: I think I know exactly what you’re saying here.  You’re not just talking to your average idiot here.  I’m the X-Termintator of DEEP SHOOT.  Don’t worry captain.  I got this under control.


Chad begins strolling down the hallway before Blaze can protest.

Blaze Claymore: …shit. What did I just do?

Heart of Gold

The scene opens up to some pre-recorded footage from earlier. The location is Jackson Square in New Orleans. A popular place where random cats are seen roaming around. The sun was just going down and Lexi Gold decided she would check out this place, so the camera panned over to her walking in, wearing an all black outfit which consisted of a Gothic Victorian Steampunk dress, Mary Jane heels and her makeup was a hit heavier than usual. For those that followed Lexi’s career over the years, she was no stranger to pushing the envelope with her looks, not afraid to try something different. Nevertheless, upon strolling through Jackson Square, she was immediately greeted by some stray cats of all different types just sitting around on the ground minding their business. 


She walked up to a Siamese cat and knelt beside it and decided to pet it. Surprisingly it reacted well to her friendly manner and allowed it as purring sounds could be heard from the cat. She decided to take a seat on the ground, continuing to pet the cat as she looked up at the camera with a smile on her face.


Lexi Gold: I’m so happy to be in the beautiful city of New Orleans. Not just with my furry feline friends here, but with you the viewers watching this right now. You know ever since I lost my Shut Up and Fight Championship my journey in SHOOT Project has been a rollercoaster and at certain times I wasn’t sure where I would land up to recently, then faith told me to not give up, and instead I should continue to follow my dreams.


She looks up at the sky and ponders more thoughts, then looks at the camera again.


Lexi Gold: However, my dreams that I’ve been eyeing is in someone else’s hands. An evil persona rather. In case you’ve been living under a rock, I made it known a few weeks ago that my focus lies on that Iron Fist Championship held by Mephisto, then my opportunity came at the last Revolution show. Unfortunately, I was brutally attacked on my way to the ring by a bunch of cowards.


A smile turns into an angry expression on her face.


Lexi Gold: That seems to be a common thing with me. Deep down I believe Mephisto was scared that his title would slip out of his hands, so he hired the Montgomery Twins to assault me, but truth be told they didn’t do a very good job at it, because it only lit a fire in me to beat someone’s ass. What did you think I was going to do, take my ball and go home? Not on my agenda, so I still continued with the match later on that night, despite the pain and loss I suffered.


She runs a hand through her hair and looks around, hungry for a fight.


Lexi Gold: Now it seems I’m circling back to that Iron Fist title picture with IAM and Haskell Payne added into the mix at the pay-per-view. My chances are proving to be even more difficult as we speak, but rest assured, I’m not giving up my opportunity. I have proven time and time again that you can use any form of weapon, including the human body, against me to try to take me out, but in the end it’ll only cause me to become more angry and determined to get back up and fight harder.


Lexi Gold: Don’t believe me. I’ll showcase it all at Iron Will. In my eyes the Iron Fist Championship needs a new respectable home and ownership, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure that’s me and not in the wrongful hands of those who will tarnish, disrespect it and let it collect dust. It deserves much more recognition. Lexi Gold promises to bring all of this, and more. I’ll fight through hell and back repeatedly to ensure a rightful winner emerges. That rightful winner will be me, bloodied, beaten to death, but it’ll all be worth it.


She stares into the camera for a few minutes before getting up off the ground and walking around the area a bit more, then walks off in the far distance and the scene fades. 

Ring Intro: Daihm Ferguson

A shattering sound of synthesizers and guitars hits the speakers as Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” cuts across the Epicenter speakers.

Swirling blue and white spotlights cover the arena as a red-haired young man steps out from the back wearing a long mink robe over his bare chest and form-fitting spandex tights in shades of reds, yellows, and oranges with flowing locks of red hair.


Wearing a silver crown on his head with large, protruding horns, Daihm Ferguson stands on the ramp, taking in the crowd reaction and allowing his manager, Sarah King, to appear behind him before spinning around to reveal a gorgeous bedazzled Dragon head stitched into the back of his robe with the words “THE DRAGON” in 80s block lettering.


A visual switch from ice to fire, the young Scotsman reorients himself towards the ring and begins to confidently stride down, manager at his side before making his way up the steel steps before sliding off his robe and handing it to Sarah King who slings it over her arm and nods to Daihm who enters through the middle ropes and steps forward toward the center ring.

The Dragon's Lair

Daihm Ferguson extends his fist in the air in celebration as the crowd rises to their feet.


Eryk Masters: After a defeat in his first encounter with Ultimo Muerte, The Dragon has rallied back to earn his spot on the SHOOT Project roster!

Other Guy: He HAD a roster spot, Eryk, but he was made to play an “Ox Game” battling against his fellow roster members just for the pleasure of some elitist sadists! 


Eryk Masters: You realize they sign our checks… right?


Daihm Fergson motions for a microphone as he tries to catch his breath. After a second, he’s handed one from the time keeper and doesn’t waste time speaking his mind.

Daihm Ferguson: Oi! The lot of you are in for a fuckin’ treat because we’re going to have a special edition of Dragon’s Lair right here and now with a VERY special guest… Lennox Ferguson


The Dragon paces the ring as the crowd erupts.


Daihm Ferguson: Put the logo up!


Several seconds pass with no logo. Daihm surveys the crowd and points to the screen above the entrance ramp.


Daihm Ferguson: I said put the BLOODY logo up! 


The crowd roars in response and begins clapping in support until, finally….





The crowd roars but, not surprisingly, Lennox does not appear at the top of the ramp. Daihm runs a hand through his hair and shakes his head in frustration.



The crowd erupts even more as Daihm escalates his attacks. But still nothing from the back.



I wish I would’ve met you

Now it’s a little late

What you could’ve taught me

I could have saved some face…


Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” hits the speakers and none other than Lennox Ferguson steps out from behind the curtain wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a microphone in hand.


Daihm nods enthusiastically as the crowd erupts and Lennox simply looks on in a mix of amusement and annoyance.


Daihm Ferguson: The prodigal father returns! Did I pass your little fuckin’ test, huh?

Lennox visibly sighs before raising the microphone up to respond.


Lennox Ferguson: It wasn’t a TEST, Daihm. Just good business. Certainly lit a fire under your ass after moping about for a fuckin’ month.


The crowd boos Lennnox who looks slightly shocked at the response.


Lennox Ferguson: Why? It’s true. 


Eryk Masters: He’s… not wrong, OG.


Other Guy: I always knew how smart Lennox was. Such a great choice for Chief of Staff!

Eryk Masters: What are you… a weather vane is more consistent than you are!


Daihm has taken to jumping up on the turnbuckle and screaming something unintelligible at his father.


Lennox Ferguson: Exactly! See! THIS, Daihm, was what you needed. You needed someone to harness your energy and motivation towards and so why not have that be me? After all… father knows best.


That line sends both the crowd and Daihm into a frenzy.


Daihm Ferguson: FIGHT ME, YOU BASTARD!

Lennox shakes his head.

Lennox Ferguson: No.


Daihm roars in frustration, nearly jumping over the ropes, as Lennox simply shrugs.

Lennox Ferguson: Are we done?


Daihm Ferguson: No! We’re not fuck-

Lennox Ferguson: Sorry. I meant to say. We ARE done. You’re welcome.

That’s why I say man, nice shot

What a good shot man

That’s why I say man, nice shot

What a good shot man


“Hey Man, Nice Shot” kicks in, blasting over Daihm Ferguson’s protests as the SHOOT Project Chief of Staff exits to the back.


I Can Feel It!

We see Laura Seton in front of a SHOOT Project backdrop.  Her hair down and earing her red leather jacket and her red wrestling tights, she stands hands on hips, a smile on her face as she looks into the camera.


Laura Seton: Oh yes, let the excitement begin!  It’s a night to be remembered and I, for one, am boiling over with excitement beyond belief!  Two chances to walk out of here with some gold?  One for the coveted Rules of Surrender belt and the other for the World Championship?


She gets an even bigger grin.


Laura Seton: This is a fucking dream come true!




Because I still have to go out and win.  Something.  Anything.  Because coming away empty handed?  Not so much fun.


Oh, you better believe my nerves are turned on and those butterflies that I’ve kept calm for so many times in my career?


Yeah, they’re at a fucking 15.


Because I can feel it!  No, I’m not expecting to walk out a champion because it’s my birthright.


I don’t expect to walk out with gold because I deserve to because I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years.


I don’t expect to walk out a champ because someone went mad and let me have it.  I don’t expect to walk out a champion because someone made a mental error and screwed themselves over.  I expect to walk out a champion because?






want it!!


I want it that much more and need it that much more.  You couldn’t be as mentally ready as I am.  I was given a proverbial ball with the First Strike series and, like Judy P., I took a hit but stayed up.  And now I’ve made it to the one yard line.  Just another night of survival and excellence…


She has a look skyward as she takes a hand off her hip and runs it across her face.


Laura Seton: And I become more than a Sin City Champion.  More than a “great” wrestler… people were calling me a legend when I returned.  Coming out with a “W” in either of these matches?  Doesn’t cement my being a legend, but it’s a huge step forward!


Like you all out there, I’m psyched up to see what happens and man, I cannot wait to go out there, do what I love to do most…


And walk out again as a…






Yes, I love my job!

Jeer Me Tonight, Cheer Me Tomorrow

A flash of purple and green hair cuts across the screen revealing a face with white cake makeup adorned with exquisitely-designed patterns around a pair of deep green eyes.


Judy Punchinello: What does it mean to be a SHOOT Project champion?


A shot of the back of a black leather jacket flashes across the screen where four strips of bloodied surgical bandage are woven into the seams.


More quick cuts show names, written in marker:



Buck Dresden

Laura Seton


Joshua Breedlove


Each name is crossed out, safety pins digging through the bandages to hold them in place even more thoroughly. 


With a tug, Judy Punchinello turns around and faces the camera, adjusting her black jacket over a lime green tuxedo with a plum-colored vest. 


Judy Punchinello: I’ll make sure to tell you when I’m walking out of Iron Will with one, maybe two, belts strapped around my waist. 


Judy smirks, her teeth framed by black lipstick as she makes a motion of wearing a belt.

Judy Punchinello: Three of tonight’s five competitors are also three of the last six world titleholders since SHOOT Project reopened. One of those competitors is also the ONLY Rule of Surrender champion since SHOOT Project reopened. 


Judy shakes her head before pointing directly at the camera.


Judy Punchinello: This incestuous bullshit ends TONIGHT. You hear me, SHOOT Project? You thought I would toe the line and play the joke while the rich get richer? FUCK that. Tonight is going to be a wakeup call for all of you. You in the crowd? You want to jeer me tonight? Go ahead – you’ll be CHEERING me tomorrow. Mark my words. 


Judy slides an arm across her face, smudging her makeup into an obnoxious black-and-white streak.


Judy Punchinello: Revolution isn’t always pretty, luvs. But sometimes, it’s bloody necessary.

With that, Judy reaches up and puts her hands over the lens of the camera, thrusting it down in a violent motion as the feed cuts to black.


Ring Intro: Jamie Johnson



“One for the Money” by Escape the Fate explodes over the SHOOT Project’s PA system as blue and white strobes begin to flash and span the length of the ramp! 


Everybody in the world are you with me?

It’s too late to try to run, we run the city

It’s my time, it’s show time

Held me down, now it’s don’t give a fuck time

It’s go time, it’s show time

Sing it with me everybody let’s go



Let me see you start a war, start a riot

When there’s nothing left to burn, hear the silence

Hate me, you can’t escape me and you ain’t ever gonna change me

I can’t stand it, I’ve fucking had it, I’m about to blow!


On that, Jamie Johnson BURSTS out from the back and pyro shoots off EVERYWHERE as he sprints down to the ring, Sin City Championship in hand! The crowd is FEELING this!


‘Cause it’s one, it’s one, one for the money

Two, it’s two, ’cause two is for the show

Three, it’s three, three get ready

Are you ready motherfuckers? Are you ready? Let’s go

‘Cause it’s one, it’s one, one for the money

Two, it’s two, ’cause two is for the show

Three, it’s three, three get ready

Are you ready motherfuckers? Are you ready? Let’s go


Samantha Coil: Introducing the REIGNING and DEFENDING Sin City Champion… he stands six feet, three inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and sixteen pounds… he is THE REALNESS… JAMIE JOHNSON!!!


Eryk Masters: Jamie Johnson looks ready to FIGHT tonight, he’s got this crowd in a frenzy and HYPED UP!


Other Guy: He’s definitely gotten the presentation aspect of this whole thing down. We’ll see whether or not he’s leveled up or if it’s all for show here in just a few moments!

No Rest for the Weary

Other Guy: Big title defense for the Sin City Champion! Jamie Johnson takes the W! 


Eryk Masters: Dan Stein and Jamie Johnson definitely went to war here tonight, and Jamie takes it with a very well-timed Dragon Suplex to retain that title. 


Without missing a beat, a red, black, and gold blue BOLTS down from the back and slides into the ring behind the exhausted Sin City Champion and his opponent! He’s got a lead pipe in hand and he drops Jamie to one knee with a shot to the back of his leg! 


Other Guy: He’s BACK. That’s EL PARIA! 


Eryk Masters: Is he done serving his suspension?! Did he pay his fine?!


He wastes no time kicking Jamie Johnson in the face, downing the Sin City Champion and he just goes to freaking work, hitting Jamie in the midsection over and over again, as the Champion tries to cover up! 


Other Guy: This is exhausting, Eryk! This guy is OBSESSED with Jamie. He attacks him EVERY CHANCE HE GETS and there’s no sign of stopping! It’s beyond Jamie Vs. the Empire, beyond anything like that. 


Eryk Masters: The funny thing is, the two of them? They’ve never squared off. Paria’s tried SO hard to get a match with Jamie, but it just hasn’t happened. You’ve gotta wonder if these attacks are a result of that.


The crowd pops as Dan Stein, who’s gotten back to his feet, NAILS El Paria with a superkick RIGHT to the jaw. Paria drops to the ground, losing the lead pipe and he’s forced to roll out from underneath the bottom rope! He’s MAD. He’s YELLING at Dan Stein. 




Stein, standing over Jamie Johnson, protecting him, invites Paria back into the ring, but Paria starts walking backwards back up the ramp, much to the chagrin of the crowd. They’re booing like crazy! Stein helps Jamie to his feet and picks up the Sin City Championship. He looks at it for a moment and then places it on his shoulder, a sign of respect. 


Eryk Masters: Dan Stein kept this from being any worse, and that’s gotta be a nice change for Jamie Johnson. Great sportsmanship and a show of respect from one former Sin City Champion to the current one. 


Other Guy: Hopefully we get some questions answered soon as to why Paria is STILL obsessed with Jamie Johnson…


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.A silver outline, cut through with bloody red slashes.


Intricate, thinly lined corpse paint with dripping black accents.


NEMESIS: What Is Due?


She looks down.  As she does flashes of people getting rolled into a chokehold.


Flashes of people getting kicked in the skull.


Flashes of people getting thrown into an inverted figure-four.


NEMESIS:  All of my opponents are worthy.  All of them deserve to be here.  Every one of them is a champion or deserving to be called one.  That being said…


NEMESIS looks up to the camera, a small grin curving her lips as she hoists the Rule of Surrender Championship across her shoulder.


NEMESIS:  I am What’s Due.


A flash of NEMESIS holding up the World Heavyweight Championship.


NEMESIS:  I will wear them down.  I will pick my spots.  While the rest of their conditioning fails, I’ll endure.  It’s what I’ve been doing since I got here.  When others quit, I just keep on going.  When others fail…I PREVAIL.  I will be a TEMPEST, scouring the ring clear and the only thing that will remain is me.  Then…


More quick cuts, all of leaden kicks causing sickening impacts at an almost seizure inducing pace, quickening until the shot is tight on NEMESIS’ face, the grin growing.


NEMESIS: Then…I will be Undeniable.

From Ignatius Albert Martin

  ~ ~ Begin Recording ~ ~


No one enjoys losing.  


No one likes to be laying there, back down on the grass, while the other team’s color of confetti rains down on the field.  The away team’s traveling fans roaring loud enough to shake the turf.  In the locker room, your coach will tell you that you had a hell of a season.  He’ll say things like “We have an amazing foundation for next season,” or “You left it all out on the field,” but when you try to wipe that tear from your face before your teammates see it you have to wonder if any of that is actually true.


Team sports are strange.  Every single player on the roster believes that they are responsible for the game being lost.  Whether they blew a block, missed a tackle, or couldn’t shake one, they all feel personally responsible for the loss.  No one will point fingers, wouldn’t make any difference.  The game would still be lost, and they would still be losers.  Together.  


At the end of the night, when the lockers were cleaned and the season was over, they would all be able to get together and commiserate on their loss and drink their feelings away.  When the morning came, they would all get back to work for the next season.


It had been months since Ignatius Albert Martin had lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Joshua Breedlove.  He had been back in the ring, he had been back to the gym, but he hadn’t been back to himself.  He couldn’t bring himself to log into Spitter.  He couldn’t bring himself to watch the promotional videos from his fellow soldiers.  


Ignatius was here, but he wasn’t here.


Everytime he had sat down with a camera, or a pen and paper to even try and get his thoughts composed to talk to the public, nothing came out.  He would stare blankly at the page, just trying for something to come out that would explain what it was that he was feeling since suffering a crippling defeat in the center of the ring.  But then?  A drop of water would hit the page.  He’d look up the the camera feed that he had set up in his room to see a tear rolling down his cheek.  


He’d crumple the page, or he’d delete the video.  No one needed to see that.


That was for him.


So why now?  Why not just walk into the ring and fight, the way he had been doing?  




This was a new season.  


Last year was a loss.  But this is the beginning of a whole new year.  The tear was wiped from the face, and the wounds from the last battle had healed.  Now was the time to get to work.  Now was the time to prove that you weren’t just a one note Cinderella Story, but you are the start of a new dynasty.  


Now was the time to get up.


Wipe Breedlove’s confetti out of your hair and start to build your empire.


Carve it out with an Iron Fist and an Iron Will.


~ ~ ~ ~


For the last month I have been standing in the shadows of better competitors.  I have been watching Haskell and Lexi stand up against Jacob Mephisto and doing their best to remove him from his reign as the Iron Fist Champion.  


I have watched from the background.  I’ve been a part of it, but not really there.  If this were a video game, I would be the NPC in the heroic party.  I’m there to offer utility and heals, but the player can’t take control over me.


If I’m being honest with myself, My career has kind of felt that way since I lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Joshua Breedlove.  Sure, I’ve been in matches, but it felt like I was being controlled elsewhere, like I was just running on a pre generated algorithm.  I tried so man times to break out, to reach beyond the ice and scream at the character that was walking down to the ring.  I wanted to tell him to wake up, to get into the game, and play like everyone knows that you can.


I wanted to do all that.


I had a mouth, but I couldn’t scream.  


So why am I here now?  Why am I suddenly reaching out through the screen and making my voice finally heard after so long?


Tonight you are going to see me step into the ring with three other superb athletes to fight for the right to be called the Iron Fist Champion.  The only way that I am going to be able to find my way out of that match in once piece is if IAM the great IAM that I have always claimed to be.  Not the mouthy kid with the hero complex.  Not the man that tried to “cleanse” the SHOOT project of some evil empire.  No.  There’s no higher purpose here.  There’s no will to be a hero to the people of SHOOT.  There’s no White Knight revenge tour for a competitor that never asked for my help.  No.  This is different.


This one is for me.


Tonight.  Iron Will Part 2.


IAM going to go out there and show you all why you would cheer me on when I would come out to the ring.  IAM going to show you why there was a time I was considered the hottest new talent in the SHOOT Project.  IAM more than a failed world Heavyweight Championship reign.  IAM more than the man that couldn’t back up his talk against one of the best champions that SHOOT Project has seen in quite some time.  IAM still the future of the SHOOT Project.  Jacob Mephisto is a Hell of a Champion and he is stepping into the ring with some of the toughest challengers that this business has to offer.


I’m out here tonight to remind you all of one, simple thing.


IAM one of them.  And IAM going to make sure you all remember that.

   ~ ~ End Recording ~ ~


Joe Esposito’s “You’res The Best Around” plays over the speakers…but it’s a kazoo cover. Emerging from the back is the newest backstage interviewer, Charles Bryant Pence, aka, CBP. He emerges from the back with a bag of Tootsie Rolls, which he immediately begins to throw to the crowd. The crowd is largely confused, but they seem to enjoy this tiny man throwing candy, so they cheer. 


Other Guy: Ummm…I don’t know why our brand new interviewer, CBP, is coming to the ring, but here he comes I guess.


Eryk Masters: Has CBP ever done anything that made sense?


Once CBP arrives in the ring, he takes out a Tootsie Roll, opens it, and eats it. He seems satisfied with it. He enters the ring and places the remainder of the bag of Tootsie Rolls in the corner. He then asks for two microphones to be tossed to him, which he catches on, but one the second toss, he fumbles it so badly that he drops both microphones, a loud pop sounding through the PA. Some in the crowd laugh.


Other Guy: Smooth as sand paper.


CBP picks up both microphones, climbs to the second rope of a nearby turnbuckle, and smacks them together, causing another loud pop. He then acts like he is drinking from them, as if they were cans of beer.


Eryk Masters: He’s…he’s going to break all our microphones.


CBP gets down from the rope as the kazoo cover fades out. He holds up both of the microphones to his mouth.


CBP: I came here to-


Loud feedback plays from an overabundance of amplified sound, causing many in the crowd to groan. CBP looks confused for a second, but tries again, this time with only one microphone.


CBP: I came here to say that Charles Bryant Pence, the GREATEST wrestler to have never won a match, is back!


Some cheer. Most don’t.


CBP: And since I have rejoined SHOOT Project as a backstage interviewer, I thought I would make my mark by coming to frontstage!


Other Guy: Charles, my guy, that is not how this works.


CBP: One day, my interviewing skills in backstage, frontstage, leftstage, rightstage, downstage, upstage, and even the dreaded NEGATIVEstage will be so respected that I’ll be given a World Championship shot! So, to cement my legacy tonight, I’ve come out here to do an interview with none other than certified LEGEND, former World Champion, former Iron Fist Champion, former Tag Team Champion, former Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, former PGA World Tour Champion…X-CALIBUR!


The lights in the area go down before laser lights form a large Green “X” at the curtains on the entrance ramp.  A familiar Bark can be heard coming over the PA system. Followed by a low growl.


Yeah Don’t Get it Twisted…

This Rap Shit?  It’s Mine, Motherfucker.


Fuck What You Heard.


A silence falls over the arena.  The curtains are pulled to the side and the lasers begin moving in such a way that the X begins to pulsate.




“X Gon Give it To Ya” by DMX continued to pipe through the PA system as X-Chadlibur makes his way through the open curtains and makes his way down the ramp.  There are a few people who slap hands with him, and just as many that boo and show a thumbs down or a middle finger as finishes the ramp and slides underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.  CBP is standing in the center of the ring, and hands X-Chad a microphone.


Other Guy: Oh no.  Dutch got fooled by this nonsense.  He’s not getting me.  This is not X-Calibur.  I don’t care what the legal paperwork says.


Eryk Masters: Can someone talk to the Real Deal and find out just how long we’re going to have to sit through this awful joke?


X-Chadlibur shakes hands with CBP before waving his hand towards the crowd, soaking in the mild reaction that he’s getting.


X-Chadlibur: Thank You for that kind intro, Chuckie!  I have to say, I am learning new things about myself every week!  I knew that I was a world class professional wrestler, I knew that I was a world class man and competitor.  I had no Idea that I was a PGA Champion!  I’ll bet I have a Gold Masters Blazer somewhere in my closet.  Or do they give out Gold Chevy Blazers when you win the Masters Tournament?


CBP looks utterly starstruck at being in the ring with this ‘legend’. He tries to look up to X-Chadlibur, but being that X-Chad isn’t that much taller, he finds it difficult.


CBP: Just…wow…this is great, but…just hold on one second, okay?


CBP quickly scrambles out ring quickly and digs under the ring. He pulls out a steel chair and slides it into the ring. X-Chadlibur looks nervous suddenly, but CBP quickly sets the chair up. He points to the chair. X-Chad laughs and stands on the chair. CBP also drops to his knees to make the height difference more extreme. Some in the crowd laugh, some boo.


Eryk Masters: What the fu-


CBP: Wow, X-Calibur, you’re so tall and handsome and incredible and humble. I just…this is just such an honor. So, what is it like being so much better than everyone else in the SHOOT Project with the exception of maybe my close personal friend, Chick Grillbreast?


X-Chad strokes his chin in a very dramatic fashion.  He appears to be in deep thought.


Other Guy: You know what?  I just can’t with this anymore.  You think if he thinks hard enough that his brain will fr and we wont have to hear what he’s about to say.


Eryk Masters: I think you know the answer to that, OG.


After what feels like five minutes, but is more like thirty seconds of Chad humming “HMMMMMM” into the microphone he finally stops stroking his chin.  The fans are audibly groaning at this point.


X-Chadlibur: You know, I never really put a whole lot of thought into that.  I mean am I, historically, the greatest professional wrestler to ever step foot in the SHOOT Project?  Yes.  Am I the handsomest wrestler in all of the world?  Also yes.  Even knowing that, I never really saw myself as better than anyone else.  But you know what?  I guess if I think about it right now?  I’d say that it just…feels…right, you know?


CBP is sitting criss-cross-apple sauce, his hands on his chin. He lets out a sigh of admiration. The groans and boos have gotten louder.


CBP: Wow, X-Calibur, you really are perfect. Now, after your attempt at gaining the Shut Your Silly Dang Old Mouth and Put Up Fisticuffs Championships, where Fire Fuego ROBBED you of your opportunity, clearly using Dutch Harris as a distraction-


Eryk Masters: Oh come on!


CBP: What do you think is next for the herald of wrestling to the world, X-Calibur?


X-Chadlibur: Well Thank you for asking, Ceeb.  You know, I actually came out here with a very specific purpose.  I came out here to tell you exactly what I plan to do next.  So, after Iron Will, X-Chad and Blaze, better known to you as DELAYED HEAT, will be–


Suddenly, silver pyros shoot from the ring posts with a loud explosion. X-Chad is spooked, jumping off the chair. Blue and silver confetti rains from the ceiling, with the occasional hint of Monster energy green. CBP leaps around victoriously, as if something incredibly exciting has happened. All through out the arena, blue and silver balloons fall down on the fans, which the fans begin bouncing all over the crowd.


Other Guy: What the actual fuck is happening?


Eryk Masters: Someone has to clean all this… 


CBP stops jumping around and just admires the display. He looks over at X-Chad who looks…annoyed? Confused? It’s not…happy.


CBP: I’m sorry, was that too early?


X-Chad starts to feel more comfortable in the ring again and a large smile come across his face.  He almost loses his balance on the chair again when he stops to play with a balloon that had fallen to rest on his shoulder.  It takes a few moments of his playing with the balloon before the laughter of the crowd reminds him that he in in the ring, and was getting ready to say something important.


X-Chadlibur:  Holy Cow, man.  I knew you were the best interviewer in the history of SHOOT Project.  Really, the only man that has the credentials to interview a star of my…X-Calibur…


Chad stops and looks towards the crowd, arms outstretched, waiting for a laugh.  It never comes. CBP does clap like an epileptic seal, though.


X-Chadlibur: Anyway.  I can’t believe that you would rig all of that to happen at just the mention of Delayed Heat.


Suddenly, realizing what he had done, Chad’d shoulders shrink and he looks around, terrified of another explosion of balloons.  When he is convinced that they are not coming, he continues.


X-Chadlibur: Like I was saying, there is a lot of exciting stuff coming up for X-Chad and Delayed Heat.  As you may know, me and Blaze Claymore are really setting the bar for what it means to be a tag team in the SHOOT Project.  What you don’t know, is that we have been desperately trying to find someone to face off against us in order to really solidify our dominance in the tag team arena.  You get what I’m saying here, CeeBGeeB?


Off mic, CBP can be heard to say “HE GAVE ME TWO NICKNAMES” and squeal slightly.


CBP: Oh man, I totally get what you are saying…

CBP winks at X-Chad, which might lead some to believe he has no idea what he is saying.


CBP: So, X-Calibur, despite Real Deal and the whole SHOOT Project mechanism actively working it’s machinations against you and Blaze in a way so mechanical that it is like a machine is mechanizing in some…mechanized way…what are you going to do about it?


X-Chad purses his lips and nods his head in a motion of surprising approval.


Other Guy: Eryk, if we go to commercial after this I am concerned that our viewers that have fallen asleep will actually slip into a coma.


Eryk Masters: This is the most nonsensical thing I have ever seen. And I saw the real X-Calibur win an Iron Chef match.


X-Chadlibur: You know, you really are a friend to Delayed Heat.  I’m gonna make you an honorary soldier in the fight against DEEP SHOOT.  A battlefield journalist if you will.  You’ve got your finger on the pulse of what is going on here.  It’s true.  SHOOT Project and The WRONG Deal have been doing everything to keep up from uncovering the truth.  I am this close to getting to the bottom of it.  I have already started my one man campaign against the Stein Family.  I just have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are at the heart of this issue.  Maybe Josh Johnson and the SHOOT Project Tag Team division are just the soulless puppets in the sick hands of the puppet master Siobahn Stein.


The fans who had been previously apathetic begin to boo loudly at being reminded that X-Chadlibur challenged an untrained mother and a literal baby to a wrestling match.


X-Chadlibur: As much as I would like to strike out at those monsters for everything that they have done to SHOOT Project, I have to think of the fight.  I have to think of Delayed Heat, and I have to think of the SHOOT Project as a whole.  So, we are now issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE for any tag team in SHOOT Project to step into the ring with Delayed Heat.  Come down, hear the gospel against the dreaded DEEP SHOOT State.  Feel the warmth of Blaze, the power of his SUPER SECRET LA TRAINING ADVENTURE, and his trusted sidekick X-Chad.  On Revolution, we will be in attendance.  Whether one team answers the call, or every team answers the call.  It won’t matter.  We’ll take on one of you, or all of you at the same time.  It doesn’t matter.  We are DELAYED HEAT, and we fear no tag team on our quest to rid this holy place of the wicked rot of the DeepSHOOTState.


CBP has been leaping up and down with excitement the whole time.


CBP: Who knows what legendary tag teams may answer this call?! Dutch Harris and Cade Sydal? Johnny Patriot and Jesse Nationalist? Flock of Seagulls? Eryk Masters and Other Guy?


Other Guy: Hey now!


Eryk Masters: No no no.


CBP: All that is left now, X-Calibur, is for me to ask you one very important question…


CBP tosses the microphone out of the ring. It pops loudly again.


Eryk Masters: Those are expensive!


CBP holds his hands up. The lights go dim. A microphone emerges from the ceiling, one of those Elvis style, old school microphones. CBP catches it and brings it to his mouth.


CBP: X-Calibur, future SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champion…


CBP releases the microphone and does a spin-a-roonie. This cues blue laser lights to start shining all over the arena.


Other Guy: Who approved all this?


CBP does the worm over to the corner turnbuckle where his Tootsie Rolls lie. He finishes the dance move and grabs the bag. He holds them high, dramatically, before turning to X-Chadlibur. He stalks over, moving slowly, as if each step is over superior importance. Once he is close enough, he snatches the microphone from X-Chad.


CBP: Do you want a Tootsie Roll?


The lights quite anti-climatically come up. There is quite an audible “HOLY SHIT” chant from the smart marks in the audience.  X-Chad grabs a handful of Tootsie Rolls from the bag and quickly opens one, pops it in his mouth and starts to chew.  He tries to respond, but realizes that his mouth is now full of tootsie roll.


Other Guy: It’s over!  I think it’s finally over.  He can’t say anything else!


Eryk Masters: I have never loved a candy so much in my life.


When he realizes that he is going to have trouble talking with a mouthful of the chocolate delicacy, X-Chad instead reaches over and grabs one of CBP’s hands, raising it into the air, waiting for the cheers of the fans.  CBP smiles from ear to ear and the two men stand in the center of the ring for a moment, soaking in the awkward silence before the shot fades out.

Less Friendly

Other Guy: The Iron Fist Championship is coming up and…wait…we’re being told there’s some commotion in the back.


The scene cuts to the back. Israel Bishop and Decius Montgomery are beating the shit out of each other, while Patience Montgomery has a fork out and is trying to carve into Kid Lucha’s face, who is desperately fighting her off. Jester Smiles runs up from behind and throws Patience off of Lucha before trying to get in the middle of the brawl between Decius and Israel.


A shrill whistle cuts through the chaos, causing Patience and Decius to both pull back from the fighting.


Jacob Mephisto: That’s quite enough.


The Twins begrudgingly, but quickly, obey, moving behind their father. KL and Israel try to rush, but Jester steps in the way.


Jester Smiles: Woah woah woah, this isn’t a ring, chill the fuck out.


Kid Lucha stops easily enough, but Israel has to be more physically restrained. He has a small trickle of blood coming out of his nose.


Israel Bishop: Those fuckers jumped us!


Kid Lucha: And the cute one tried to kill me with cutlery!


At being called “the cute one”, Patience smirks, toying with the points of the fork playfully, but Jacob holds up his arm, a gesture of authority. While he keeps his Twins at bay, he looks oddly pleased. Jester notes this as he rubs his knee, having aggitated it slightly in the tussle.


Jester Smiles: Uhhh…Jacob…what the fuck?


Mephisto smirks and then takes a bite out of a pristine red apple. He chews thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging.


Jacob Mephiso: Kids, am I right? Come, children, we’re leaving.


Jacob snaps his fingers, motioning for the Twins to leave, which they oblige. They never stop glaring at the RIOT Patrol. Jester turns to his proteges.


Jester Smiles: Okay…well…that’s going to be something we have to deal with.

Ring Intro: Jacob Mephisto

The Smoothie King Arena is plunged into darkness. The SHOOT Faithful begin buzz, boos and jeers mixed in with the knowledge of who is about to arrive.


The Dark Horse Always Wins – Blues Saraceno


The guitars hit hard and the booing intensifies from the fans in attendance as a lone spotlight shines onto the stage. The SHOOTtron flares to life with the now familiar image of a burning Joshua tree that transitions to the Iron M.


Deliver me from evil


Jacob Mephisto steps onto the entrance stage, directly into the spotlight.


Deliver me, deliver me from sin


He stops there, slowly looking up, eyes closed. The pristine white leather of the Iron Fist Championship gleams in the light and the golden faceplate shines.


Deliver me from evil, yeah

Deliver me again, never


He raises his arms to the side and the spotlight winks out, leaving the SHOOTtron as the only source of light.


Oooh, oooh

The Dark Horse always wins


The lights strobe violent red in rapid succession.


Oooh, oooh

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

Always wins


The lights flare to their absolute brightest for just a second before settling to normal, The Iron Fist Champion, Jacob Mephisto standing tall, the Iron Fist Championship now in his grasp and held high in the air. He shoulders the title and begins his walk to the ring, purpose in his stride.


So take me to the water

And drown me in your reign

Take me to the water, yeah

And drown me once again


The Patriarch makes his way to the ring, stepping through the ropes and walking to the center. He again slowly raises the title into the air, malice dancing in his pale, gray eyes. He looks around the ring for a long moment at his three challengers before handing the title off to the official without a second glance.

Just Fix It!

We see a pleased-looking Chadwick Kyle jauntily walking through the hallways of Smoothie King Arena.


Voice: What did you do Chad!?


The oblivious Chadwick spins around to see a visibly frustrated and nervous Blaze Claymore, his eyes scanning around to make sure they are alone.


X-Chadlibur: I struck a mighty blow for Delayed Heat against the nefarious DEEP SHOOT.  Just like you taught me.  I got my confidence, I recognized my worth.  And X-Chad is a former World Champ.  With Blaze Claymore leading the charge, there is no way anyone back there could beat us.  Hell, we could take them down all at once!


Blaze Claymore: Yes, well, that’s all very well and good and I appreciate your confidence in me but Chad, you don’t… TAKE DOWN a force like Deep SHOOT by issuing an open challenge like that. Haven’t I taught you anything?


X-Chadlibur: But… that’s all that you’ve been doing every… week for months now. And you hit Dutch Harris with a coffee mug and you were talking about pushing the envelope, right? I’m just trying to feel things more “In the moment” just like you told me to.  I figured that it’s just been a little while of us being a tag team and we haven’t done…any tag team wrestling.  We’ve just focused on trying to get your title back.  I just figured that, you know, we could wrestle some tag teams. 


Blaze waives the suggestion away.


Blaze Claymore: Chad you have to understand I just have certain life experiences and an intuitive nature that lets me know what I need to do in the moment. You… don’t.  And I know that you think that you’re ready for the immense responsibility that comes along with fighting the corrupt tag team division and trying to cut out the rot of the DEEP SHOOT directly.  But you just…you’re not there yet.  


Chad looks hurt.

Blaze Claymore: So what I need you to do is go back out there and DE-challenge the tag team roster, OK?

X-Chadlibur: Hey buddy.  You know me.  Generally I will do just about whatever you want me to do.  I have done everything that I can do to fight this battle your way.  The Blaze Way.  I’ve tried to epitomize the “Delayed” in “Delayed Heat.”  There comes a time though when you have to send the Heat.  And I just don’t think that I can rescind this challenge.


Blaze places both hands on Chad’s shoulders and meets him eye to eye.


Blaze Claymore: Chad…X…Buddy.  You have to trust me.  We have to do this the right way.  We can’t just jump headfirst into a fight with the entire tag team division. After all, that’s just what THEY want us to do. What I need you to do is something unexpected! Really throw the Deep SHOOT puppet masters off their game.


X-Chadlibur: Like fight a baby?


Blaze Claymore: Exactly! Like fighting… a what now?


X-Chadlibur beams proudly.


X-Chadlibur: Oh! Yes. While you’ve been gone I’ve really had an icky feeling about the Stein family. Dan. Molly. And ESPECIALLY that shifty-looking baby of there’s. I just woke up one day, and something about that entire family just rubbed me the wrong way.  Something about their stupid Stein faces that just makes me think that they are pretty instrumental in the Deep SHOOT.  And being a baby is a perfect cover.  No one would ever suspect you.  But after Siobahn Harry Potter’d Void like he was the world’s biggest Voldemort, I figured that there had to be something else at play.  Something more…Evil.


Blaze pauses and rubs his chin.


Blaze Claymore: Those are some good instincts, Chad! See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about in terms of taking things to the next level. I’m… honestly upset I didn’t think of it – I mean realize it – sooner. 


Chad beams even brighter.


Blaze Claymore: But we can’t focus on taking down the Steins until we fix this Tag Team Challenge thing. Did you even stop to think that maybe, as part of my training, I was plotting out the perfect plan to shine a light on how far the rot of Deep SHOOT goes? I mean… why do you think they’ve decided NOW to put us on tour? They say it’s because of stadium renovations but the truth is MUCH darker. But now… now Chad, I’ve got to worry about looking out for nobodies like the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Nittany Lions! How can you hope for us to function as the Greatest Tag Team ever assembled, if you’re out there making decisions for us?


Chad’s expression never changes from jovial as he taps Blaze on the shoulders in a reassuring fashion.


X-Chadlibur: You know what?  You’re absolutely right pal.  I haven’t been a very great partner tonight.  I apologize for that.  But the one thing that you need to know about X-Chadlibur is that he is a paragon of integrity.  He has NEVER quit because things weren’t going his way.  He always sees it out to the very end.  Win or lose.  Rain or shine.  X-Chadlibur is a shining beacon of competitive spirit.  The challenge has been given.  We have to see it through.  Besides, let’s just wait until The end of Ruination and Revolution.  For all you know, no one will be brave enough to accept our challenge. After all, we’re the good guys.  I can’t think of anyone that would want to fight us?


Blaze listens to Chad speak.  The longer that Chad’s speech goes on, the more that Blaze’s expression turns, first to anger and then to rage.  Finally, at the question of who would want to fight Delayed Heat, Blaze can no longer hide his frustration.  


Blaze swipes Chad’s hand away and points directly at his partner, face and eyes bulging.


Blaze Claymore: JUST FIX IT, CHAD!


As Blaze screams, he lets out a grunt of frustration before turning away from Chad and throwing up his hands as he walks out of view down the hallway.


After several seconds of standing there in silence Chad simply shrugs his shoulders and walks out of the shot heading picking back up his jaunty walk and humming a song to himself.


Ring Intro: Judy Punchinello

A darkened arena buzzes as, without warning, a purple spotlight kicks on and whips over to a platform sitting between the first full section of fans and the top of the rampway.


Eryk Masters: Is that… a pile of dirt?



A powerful female voice rocks the arena speakers as green spotlight swings over next to the purple one, marked by a crescendo of a church bell.


Other Guy: Thats…




Another purple spotlight. Another tolling bell as we see three mounds of dirt, and three grave markers


Another green light marking a fourth empty ‘grave’ as a bell tolls once again, the ringing reverberating through the arena.



The lights cut out entirely as the voice slows down to pur before, suddenly, a loud crash of drums kicks in as strobing green, white, and purple lights fill the arena and the fans roar in anger as Judy Punchinello is standing, arms crossed, on the platform.

A smirk plays across her face which, while still in white and black Kabuki makeup, is smeared down her cheeks and the white paint is dried and cracking. Her long hair is now a mullet with purple on top and flecks of green streaked through the back.


The remainder of Dorothy’s “Rest in Peace” begins playing as Judy raises her hands in the air, flipping off the crowd as she strides past the four open ‘graves’, spitting on each mound of dirt as she does, making her way to the ramp.


Eryk Masters: That’s one heck of a production, Guy. Judy says she doesn’t want to be treated like a clown anymore but she sure is leaning into a “Heath Ledger as the Joker” look.

Other Guy:  Go big or go home, Eryk. It’s Iron Will 2 and Judy is letting the NEMESIS, Laura Seton, Buck Dresden, and even Joshua Breedlove know just what she has planned for them tonight. She’s thrown out the rule book so why not play into the agent of chaos angle? It’s been working for her.


Eryk Masters: But, as the saying goes OG, don’t count your skeletons before they’ve been buried.

Other Guy: That is NOT how the saying goes, but I get your point.

Judy Punchinello adjusts her lime green duster jacket, which is covered in black gaffers tape, over a torn undershirt tucked into a pair of black jeans, as she waves mockingly to the crowd and sets her sights back on the rampway.

Ring INtro: Laura Seton

Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhh

I’ll get him hot; show him what I’ve got…

The crowd goes crazy as Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” kicks in, followed by a blast of red and purple pyro at the top of the ramp.

The figure of Laura Seton can be seen behind the smoke.  Her hair down and wearing her red leather jacket, red tights and black boots, she looks downward.

Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face…

She slowly raises her head as the smoke clears until she looks straight up.  Her eyes open and lowers her head until she looks straight ahead… and slowly forms a grin.

With the fans still cheering, she makes her way to the ring.  While she has a confident gait to her step, one can sense those nerves of hers beginning to kick in again.

She enters the ring and hops on the middle rope to acknowledge the fans before removing her jacket and boots and tying back her hair.

Ring Intro: Buck Dresden

The horns sound.


“American Venom”  plays, bringing the fans to their feet.


Samantha Coil:  And now…hailing from the Great American South!


The fans begin to cheer as Samantha Coil continues the introduction.  The drums pound.


Samantha Coil:  He is a member of the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame!


He steps out onto the stage, staring at the sea of fans, listening to their kind adulation.




Buck Dresden stands on the entrance stage dressed in his All-American Outlaw red, white, blue, and black tights.  He walks down the ramp looking dead ahead at the ring.  He stops just shy of the end of the ramp and looks over the fans before nodding to them on his right, then turning and nodding on his right.  He wipes his feet off on the ring apron before stepping into the ring itself.  In one quick motion, he is across the ring and to the middle of the ropes, staring into the camera.  He steps up and braces his left leg on the middle rope and cocks his right leg to the top rope, pulling back on his imaginary bow and aiming at the camera with its arrow..  “American Venom” dies down.


Ring Intro: Joshua Breedlove

An image. All of the SHOOT Project championships superimposed onto a posterboard. Otherwise, the backdrop is black, save for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship sitting alone on a stool, a small warm bath of light emphasizes it.


A voice.


There comes a time when you gotta stop the whinin’ and start the fightin’. Get ‘er done and some other cowboy kinda things to say. Yeehaw.


A laugh, then another voice.


Enough with the talking is a crazy phrase coming from me, but this is what we fight for. This is what the whole deal is all about. 


The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.


Joshua Breedlove as its keeper.


That’s me, by the way.


I’m tired of hearing people talk about how they’re the next best thing and they’re going to shut me up and all of this other stuff. I’m going to spell it out for you nerds. I will never shut up. 


I can lose everything. Everything from this championship that you see here, to the Sanctorium, to the Empire… if it’s gone? I stay. I have made an unremovable mark on this industry, and I will KEEP doing so. 


No champion has escaped the Iron Will Classic with their title.


I will be the first.


He walks into frame and picks up the World championship and hoists it over his shoulder as he stoops down to look into the camera.


It’s showtime.


“Make Way for the King” by OHANA BAM EXPLODES over the speakers and the capacity Smoothie King Center crowd comes alive right before transitioning to a SERIOUS amount of boos when they realize what’s happening. Crimson and gold shiny confetti falls from the sky, blurring everything out, confetti everywhere, and then…




Crimson and gold pyro shoots out from various places on the ramp, announcing and confirming the entrance of the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Joshua Breedlove! 




Other Guy: Chills, E. Just, chills.


Eryk Masters: Ugh.