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Jacob Mephisto

Name:Jacob Mephisto
Wrestling Style:Vicious Technician
Date of Birth:10/13/1985
Finisher Name:No Quarter
Finishing Move:High Angle Cloverleaf
Theme Music:Time Is On My Side by Wilson Pickett
Signature 1:Son of the Morning - Big Swing Oosotogari
Signature 2:Come and See - Double Arm Jumping Piledriver
Signature 3:The End of Faith - Shining Axe Kick
Signature 4:Memento Moris - Cross Arm Suplex to Kamigoye
Bio:Jacob Mephisto hails from the small town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. He comes from humble beginnings and his life was shaped by a no nonsense, demanding, alcoholic father, a passive aggressive mother, and a sister who was treated like the golden child. His late-teenage years are a mystery, except that he trained in Mexico under Gabriel Knight, a former multi-time champion around the globe. At some point, he also trained in Japan under legendary championship puro wrestler Red Tiger. Jacob debuted in a promotion known as the OWC, capturing the company's United America Championship in his debut match. He would go on to hold the title on 5 separate occasions. A little known fact is that he is also a two-time Tag Team Champion in the same promotion. His first reign was cut short due to him turning on his partner, The Texas Giant. His second reign ended in a similar fashion when Mephisto's greed got the better of him and he turned on his second partner, Crazy J, as well. Eventually, Mephisto left the promotion due to creative differences. He debuted for the SHOOT Project in 2011 to little fanfare. He would sporadically appear for the promotion throughout 2011 and briefly in 2012. However, things would take off for Mephisto in 2013. Jacob made his name in the SHOOT Project's second Sin City Championship Series. As the only competitor in the Series to go undefeated, he faced the likes of Solomon Richards (twice), David Miller, Corey Lazarus, Johnny Napalm, and Sammy Rochester (twice) among others. After winning the SCCS 2, Mephisto faced off against the winner of the first SCCS and former Sin City Champion, Lunatik Crippler in a ladder match that is talked about as one of the best matches in Dominion's history. The Sin City Championship defined most of Mephisto's career in The SHOOT Project. But, he also had a quite memorable feud against Maya Nakashima, which led to Maya becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at ELITE. Mephisto also holds an elusive win over Donovan King, though King was injured and wrestling against the advice of doctors that night. Mephisto also wrestled briefly in Orion Pro Wrestling as well as the briefly resurrected EWA, where he became the EWA Network Champion. He also teamed with Sean Boden as PARIAH for a time in the EWA. Upon his return to the SHOOT Project in 2020, Mephisto has set his sights on SHOOT Project Legend Azraith DeMitri. During their war of escalation at Redemption 2020, Mephisto defeated Azraith. But, this war is far from over...