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Jamie Johnson

Name:Jamie Johnson
Wrestling Style:Technical
Date of Birth:08/02/2001
Hometown:Charleston, SC
Finisher Name:The Art of the Real
Finishing Move:Rapid Face Crusher
Theme Music:"One for the Money" by Escape the Fate
Signature 1:Superkick Combo
Signature 2:Blackout Combo
Signature 3:Omoplata Crossface
Signature 4:Stealth Viper
Born in Charleston, South Carolina to SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and legend, the Real Deal, Jamie Johnson has a legendary bloodline.

He's only been training in wrestling for a few years, but has built up a pedigree through training excursions with El Diablo Verde, Eddie E., and Blackhawk Gym's Nate Robideau. In the time since his debut, he's had numerous high quality matches and has maintained a top 10 ranking within the SHOOT Project, though no title reigns as of yet.

Jamie has a younger brother and older sister who are not involved in the wrestling business.