Jane Doe

Name:Jane Doe
Wrestling Style:high-flying lucha libre
Weight:167 lbs
Date of Birth:09/03/1996
Hometown:New Orleans, LA
Finisher Name:Postmortem
Finishing Move:Spread-leg moonsault
Theme Music:"Pity Party," Melanie Martinez
Signature 1:corkscrew shooting star press
Signature 2:reverse DDT
Signature 3:sickle hold
Signature 4:STF
Bio:Jane Doe, aka Lagrima, is an incredibly fast dynamo, a gymnastic high-flyer who never stops moving. Her speed is her biggest asset, allowing her to add rotational force to almost any move to increase the impact, and seemingly able to escape or reverse an endless array of moves. Her biggest drawback is her hair-trigger temper, and a not-insignificant vain streak.