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Jonas Coleman

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Name:Jonas Coleman
Wrestling Style:Technical/Striker
Date of Birth:02/24/1990
Country:United States
Finisher Name:Butcher's Cleaver
Finishing Move:C2C Modified Jumping Knee Kick (Kinshasa)
Theme Music:"Holy Defender" by Primitai
Signature 1:Modified Jumping Knee Kick
Signature 2:Twisting Complete Shot
Signature 3:Secret Kamigoye
Signature 4:Rainmaker Style V Trigger
Bio:Jonas Coleman debuted in the SHOOT Project in the year 2010, alongside Buck Dresden and Charles Brandon Magnus, AKA the Bad Ass Brotherhood. The group would see some success, with Magnus capturing a singles title very quickly, and then with Buck and Jonas capturing tag gold for the first time, by the end of 2010. At some point, Jonas' career path would diverge a bit from his stablemates, and while there was never a falling out or anything like that, it was made clear from the way SHOOT treated him that Jonas was considered to be the initial breakout star of the group. He'd go on to have great matches and feuds with high level members of the SHOOT Project roster, including but not limited to members of Project: SCAR and X-Calibur. Though to some it seems crazy, through SHOOT's various ebbs and flows, Jonas would never capture singles gold, until 2020 at RISE, against one of the very men who debuted alongside him, Buck Dresden.
Trading Card: