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Joshua Breedlove

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Name:Joshua Breedlove
Wrestling Style:Technical/Brawling
Date of Birth:08/02/1991
Hometown:Charleston, SC
Finisher Name:The Dawn of the Empire
Finishing Move:Legsweep Facebuster
Theme Music:"Make Way for the King" by Ohana Bam
Signature 1:Northern Lights Suplex & Brainbuster
Signature 2:Burning Hammer
Signature 3:Triangle Scissors
Signature 4:
1x SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion
1x SHOOT Project Sin City Champion (Longest Reigning)
1x RCW World Heavyweight Champion

2020 Villain of the Year
2020 Feud of the Year
2020 Sin City Championship Series Winner
2021 Villain of the Year

Joshua Breedlove is as obnoxious as he is talented. He has been in the wrestling business for 7 years now, experiencing some success abroad.

Now in the SHOOT Project, Breedlove continues his work, pissing people off and making them cringe all at the same time.

He is completely unapologetic about the way he conducts his wrestling business, and as the leader of the Unholy Breedlove Empire, has a legion of backup at his behest.