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Judy-E DeMitri (NEMESIS)

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Name:Judy-E DeMitri, "NEMESIS"
Wrestling Style:A mix of high-impact Joshi and high flying Lucha
Weight:160 lbs
Date of Birth:Undisclosed
Country:United States
Finisher Name:What is Due
Finishing Move:Vicious combination of kicks and strikes, ending with a pulled in Knee Strike to the skull
Theme Music:"Conflict Minded" by Drug Church
Signature 1:Cold Comfort - Vertical Suplex dropped into a double-knee Backbreaker
Signature 2:Cerberus' Skulls: Triple Fisherman Suplex
Signature 3:Endless Cycle: Standing Diamond Dust
Signature 4:Balancing The Scales: Modified Inverted Figure-Four
Bio:Born into a legacy of violence, rage, and never-ending strife. She just wants to fit in and finish school. Sucked into the glory and the awe of the SHOOT Project. In way over her head. Her Alter-Ego is the goddess of just revenge, take that for what you will. When she's not wearing the mask, she's Judy-E. When she wears the mask, she's almost like a different person. NEMESIS, the greek goddess of divine retribution and revenge. She has a short, cropped undercut of platinum hair, red tips. Lithe figure, sharp, angular, but with muscle definition and tone. Deep down, she wants to shove out of her hall of famer father's shadow, but she's also incredibly worried about him, how he handles himself, and how he carries the DeMitri legacy. She has Azraith's...anger issues. She can lose control, though it hasn't really happened on-screen yet, and deep down she's fucking horrified of that.