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Major Announcement

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

News out of Las Vegas today indicates that there is something in the works regarding MGM, ACE Network, the PWA, and the SHOOT Project. With the news coming out earlier this morning that Melvin Beauregard negotiated in bad faith, it’s being reported that the SHOOT Project Executive Team has been in contact with Lindsay Troy (PRIME), the Phoenix Wrestling Alliance (PWA/PWA:TV), and the ACE Network about rearranging the terms of their broadcast deal. 


SHOOT Project will be buying out MGM’s stake, excluding the casino conglomerate entirely, rather than simply investing into the ACE Network. This move will see all of SHOOT Project’s current and new content broadcast via the ACE Network and simulcast through PWA:TV


The SHOOT Project will retain rights to its own library and the SHOOT Project Epicenter Network (SPEN) will remain as SHOOT Project’s in-house streaming provider. PRIME Wrestling will retain the rights to its own content library and any of its future content or intellectual property.


When it’s all said and done, the SHOOT Project will join PRIME Wrestling (PRIME), High Octane Wrestling (HOW), the sanctioned Violence organization (sVo), and Missouri Valley Wrestling (mVw) on PWA:TV.

Finally, this action will see PRIME Wrestling and the SHOOT Project as the two primary stakeholders in the ACE Network. 


More news to come as the details of this deal solidify!