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Kowloon Zombie

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Name:Kowloon Zombie
Wrestling Style:Strong Style
Date of Birth:08/05/1988
Country:Hong Kong
Finisher Name:Deadly Spike
Finishing Move:Pump Handle Half Nelson Driver
Theme Music:HYUKOH(혁오) - Wanli万里 M/V
Signature 1:Mafia Kick
Signature 2:Sitout Powerbomb
Signature 3:Blackhole Slam
Signature 4:Torture Rack
Bio:Kowloon Zombie is a part of the Zombie-gumi, a worldwide organization of vigilantes and heroes based in Japan. Their aim is to spread goodness in the world and influence people to do what is right at all times. They have their own sense of justice and judge others on a case by case basis. Kowloon and her tag team partner Siberia come from the world of vices. They want to save the wrestling world from the dangers of irresponsible sex, drug abuse, and bad wrestling. In the ring he has a no-nonsense, no frills style and can be a hothead. Also an airhead that is full of himself and the body he made with no toxicity.