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Lindsay Troy

Name:"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy
Wrestling Style:All-Rounder/Kick Your Head Off
Weight:195 lbs
Date of Birth:Old enough to know better, wise enough to not care
Hometown:Tampa, Florida
Finisher Name:Executioner's Song
Finishing Move:Eddie Bravo's "Twister"
Theme Music:Put 'Em in the Grave by Jedi Mind Tricks
Signature 1:"Divine Right" - Koji Clutch
Signature 2:"Thy Kingdom Come" - Package piledriver
Signature 3:"Queen's Gambit" - Flying double knee strike to the face
Signature 4:Sasuke Rush
Bio:Lindsay Troy is the benchmark for female fighters in professional wrestling, the one all women are measured against. She's put the time in (martial arts training long before it was the cool thing to have in your skillset, plus over two decades of professional experience and exposure), works hard, takes what she wants, and makes no apologies for any of it. Suffering fools gladly is not something you'll ever see her do. Troy is cunning, quick-witted, sarcastic, and perceptive - traits which have served her well on both sides of wrestling alignments - but she is also loyal, honest, quick to call bullshit, and the first to throw down if a friend is in trouble. If she counts you worthy enough to be in her inner circle, you'll have a friend and an ally for life. Wind up on her radar or piss her off and you might find yourself cut at the knees and neck before you have a chance to wonder what hit you.