Name:"The Deathmatch Debutante" Lou
Wrestling Style:Brawler/hardcore
Weight:121 lbs
Date of Birth:07/17/1992
Hometown:Forest Park, AL
Finisher Name:Diamond Cutter
Finishing Move:Diamond Cutter
Theme Music:"After Midnight," Dorothy
Signature 1:Leaping Cutter
Signature 2:Original Bronco Buster
Signature 3:Ategai
Signature 4:Bronco Buster
Bio:One half of the Vice Squad, two-time EWA Tag Team Champion, one-time EWA Network Champion, Lou is a hard partying, hard fighting Southern belle. She's tiny, but she can take an ungodly amount of punishment and keep going, and her prediliction for violence has led to her gaining the nickname the "Deathmatch Debutante."