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Major Announcement



Real Deal’s Reality Check Entertainment Launches the United Wrestling Accord, Acquires Prestigious Wrestling Promotions

Las Vegas, NevadaReality Check Entertainment (RCE), the renowned holding company owned by Real Deal, has made a groundbreaking move in the world of professional wrestling. RCE is proud to announce the formation of the United Wrestling Accord (UWA), a new wrestling conglomerate set to revolutionize the industry.

As its first major act, the UWA has acquired Pro Wrestling of America (PWoA), bringing into its fold over 140 talented individuals from the organization. This strategic acquisition also includes Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW), further strengthening UWA’s roster.

In a bold move to foster diversity and excitement in the wrestling scene, SHOOT Project, sVo, and MVW have been named principal promotions within the UWA. 

RCE has committed to investing $250,000 in each of the following regional promotions: Resistance Pro Wrestling (RPW), Pro Wrestling: NEO (PW:N), PINNACLE, and Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW). This initial financial support underscores RCE’s commitment to nurturing diverse wrestling talents and styles. Post this investment, each promotion is expected to thrive independently, showcasing their unique brand of wrestling entertainment.

The UWA aims to maintain a focus on the Americas, providing a fresh and dynamic perspective to wrestling in this region. As for non-American entities within the conglomerate, UWA grants full autonomy, encouraging global diversity in wrestling styles and narratives.

As part of this new era in wrestling, the UWA will prioritize establishing champions across its promotions. 

In terms of personnel, the UWA is committed to optimizing its talent pool. The goal is to maintain compact rosters with 15-20 singles wrestlers and 5-8 tag teams per promotion, ensuring quality and focus in each event. This restructuring may lead to the reallocation of some PWoA personnel to regional promotions, while unfortunately, others may be released.

“We’re embarking on an exciting journey with the United Wrestling Accord,” said Real Deal, “Our vision is to create a dynamic, independent wrestling scene where talent and creativity are at the forefront. We’re committed to delivering unparalleled wrestling entertainment to fans across the Americas and beyond.”

The UWA is poised to become a leading name in professional wrestling, offering a diverse and rich experience to fans worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting venture unfolds.

On the heels of SHOOT Project’s non-renewal with the PWA and when asked about how this deal might affect the broadcast rights of other promotions, specifically sVo and MVW, Real Deal was quick to mention the following: 

“This is not a deal to consolidate, but a deal to expand. sVo and MVW will maintain their broadcasting rights with High Octane Television and the PWA until decided upon by the heads of those promotions. We do not believe in holding organizations or talent hostage through exclusivity. These organizations and talent may come and go as they please.” 

More to come!