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The scene opens up to a war torn city, tinted in a rust-colored red.  The streets are empty, but as “300” by Fat Joe kicks in…

“This is where we fight This is where they die!”

Waves and waves of people poor out into the streets, marching in unison to the song’s driving beat. Marching from all angles, all roads, as they all look to head into the very center of the city.

The Hatred can no longer be held in. The Battles MUST be fought.

More spill into the streets, coming from all directions.

They have their motives, their missions, their methods.

The overhead shot shows that all the streets of the city are filled with these people now, all together in collective masses, taking over.

And the people will witness their victories, or their downfalls.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like brrattt! now he’s gone

One wave of people pass by a broken down wall.  Graffitied on the wall is the word Revolution, and the wall is papered with pictures of Jonny Johnson, but the wind blows by, showing that Jonny’s poster was just pasted over posters of Arion Catcher.

Who you think you kidding who?

I will just get rid of you

Leave you in that critical it’s

Joey crack the don

Another wave of people pass through what’s left of a city block, through broken windows you catch glimpses of destroyed rooms, and in one room, amongst broken furniture, you briefly see the bodies of Kid Lighting, Flash Dynamite, Jared Walsh, CJ Nelson, Michael Collins, and Rowland Collins, but the wave of people keep walking ,passing by all together.

You don’t even know me

Got hundred homies and Bordi’s

With chromies that run up on me

Blow your brains on your mom

A third wave comes from a more open spacious area, they walk in unison and the sound of a plane is overheard, forcing all heads to snap upwards into the sky. The plane carries the emblem of an Iron Fist, but as the plane flies into the clouds, you almost swear you see the face of Azraith DeMitri, but it vanishes as quickly as it was seen.

I am a professional

I will cut your testicles

Stuff em in your mouth where them lil shits belong

A close up shot of the marching feet now as the chorus kicks in, and on the street we see flyers, countless of flyers trampled on but all showing the Malice logo.

We want war

We love war

We need war

We want war

The marching continues as the song transitions into the upcoming second verse. The waves of people keep coming and you see from their perspective, a shining light in the center of the city.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like Brraatt! now he’s gone

As the first three waves get closer, the focus goes back to the outskirts as three more waves start to fill the streets.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like Braatt! now he’s gone

A fourth wave is focused on now, passing by a large bilboard advertising a judge running for election and the face on the billboard is that of Ron Barker’s. However graffitied over the poster is the phrase, The only law is survival, and tagged with what looks like a clown’s face.

Crack man, crack man

Playin with the gat then

Hear that? brat ta tat ta tat ta like the song

Coming from across a bridge, that looks about ready to collapse, is a fifth wave of people, just as the last bit cross the bridge, the bridge suddenly falls, crashing into the water below, and the camera pans up over the wave to look down below, and Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster are both seen hanging onto the edge of the cliff with one hand, while pointing hand guns at each other with their other hand.

Taurus, raging bull about the size of my arm

See the size of the charm make your wife leave your arm

The focus shifts to the sixth wave now that marches down a long stretch of road that passes by a church, a school yard, a run down grocery store, as they walk, Cade Sydal is seen sprinting down the side of the road, chased by Donovan King and a group of unknown people wearing dark black hoodies.  They dissapear from sight for a moment and the marching continues.

That’s right, I fight, I done been in brawls

I done did some things that made some killers shit they drawers

I done be on boats in Columbia shippin raw ey

I done ripped up plenty of stages with Biggie Smalls

As the sixth wave moves on they catch up to Cade Sydal now who stands face to face with Donovan King. Obsidian stands behind King, and behind Cade is the legendary OutKast.  All around them the hoodied men are laid out and unmoving.

Oh shit, wait a minute, I done did it all

Poor righteous teacher I’m featured on final car

As-Salam Alaikum and, yes yes y´all

Inpun already told you that we ready for war

The next three waves get closer and closer to the city, joining the countless number of people already surrounding the shining light that beams down at the epicenter of the city.

Crack playing, hit mayne, blood stains on the wall

Shit mayne, his brains, your remains on the floor

With all people around the center is clearly seen, a perfectly in tact wrestling ring.  The light glows brighter and suddenly the ring explodes in a huge ball of flames!

I am a professional

I will cut your testicles

Stuff em in your mouth where them lil shits belong

As the smoke clears, the ring, now ruined, is filled with the likes of Adrian Corazon, Kilgore Stochanksy, Christopher Davis, Jun Kenshin, and Roland Caldwell. Battling it out as now all the people raise their arms, and pump their fist in unison while chanting along with the chorus.

We want war

We love war

We need war

We want war

Suddenly explosions erupt all over the surrounding area as the five men continue to fight and the masses of people separate all into the direction of the different explosions. And seen where each explosion occurs is more fighting.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like blat! now he’s gone

Tonight, the road to their Reckoning Day begins.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like blat! now he’s gone

Tonight, they will fight until their last breaths.

We want war

We love war

We need war

We want war

Tonight will be filled with malicious intent.

Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like blat! now he’s gone

The music starts to fade now, as do all the images. And all you have is a dark black screen.


Just when you thought it was

Safe to turn the corner I

Had to run up on him like blat! now he’s gone

The music cuts.

There is no turning back now.



The night opens up LIVE inside the SOLD OUT Cox Arena, in San Diego California. The fans are screaming, trying to match the volume of the music that plays throughout the arena. A scan of the fans leads to the large red, white, and silver structure created as the official Malice entryway! The Malice logo is re-created out of steel and acts as the bottom framework for a long High Definition screen. All of a sudden huge blasts of red pyros shoot off all around the big video screen, as well as then the two smaller screens set up on each side of the bigger one, divided from the bigger screen by what look to be like self-standing waterfalls of blood. They run the full height of the entryway, and below the screens two large crimson red curtains hang down with the SHOOT Project logo in white and silver forming, part of it on each half of the curtain.

Another round of pyrotechnics go off and the fans SCREAM louder. The camera pans around the arena in the other direction, and then a camera cut focuses in on Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: It is happening, it is live, and there is no turning back. SHOOT Project fans, wrestling fans, WELCOME to Malice!

Other Guy: Enjoy the stay, but I can bank that this night ain’t gonna be for the squeamish. So much hatred, so much tension, and it all lives up to the name of this Pay Per View.

Dave Dymond: You seem more excited than usual, Other Guy… always a plus.

Other Guy: Oh hell yeah. How could I not be. This night is stacked, STACKED, Dave. All titles on the line, and oh yeah the in ring return of the one and only OutKast!

Dave Dymond: A shocking moment that happened just last week on Revolution, but lets back track to the previous statement, all titles on the line. All titles, Other Guy, INCLUDING the revival of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship titles! And all of this is the launching point, the start of a journey to SHOOT Project’s BIGGEST Pay Per View event of the year, and I am talking about Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: That is what this whole night is about. It’s intensity, it’s breaking out at the seams, aww hell Dave, let’s kick this off with Samantha Coil as we get right into our FIRST Championship match up of the night!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO MALICE!

The fans offer up a VERY LOUD, VERY PASSIONATE POP with Samantha’s gracious greeting. She smiles and continues on with her job.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SHOOT Project, REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!


A pink spotlight begins to circle the arena.




Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he is FROM CHICAGO, ILLI…

The music suddenly stops, and Samantha Coil looks confused. The lights then come on again for a brief moment, before dimming again.

Dave Dymond: We apologize for the technical difficul…

Before Dave can get out another word, the angsty chords of Nirvana’s hypnotizing melody blare through the arena.

“What else should I be

All apologies”

“All Apologies” by Nirvana starts up, and there is definitely a great deal of confusion in the crowd. The curtains start to rustle a bit, and Samantha Coil just uses common sense.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… weighing in at one-hundred, sixty-six pounds, and hailing from Long Island, New York… He is the SHOOT PROJECT, REVOLUTION CHAMPION… ARION CATCHER!!!

Arion Catcher comes out from behind the curtains, and although he doesn’t really say or do anything in particular, it’s obvious from his body language that he either is upset or confused or a combination of both.

Dave Dymond: (Hesitant as well) So the Revolution Champion is out, and Other Guy, Arion Catcher has been IMPRESSIVE since debuting with the company a little over two months ago! ESPECIALLY when you consider how he has handled himself under the INTENSE pressure from the DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

“What else could I say

Everyone is gay.”

Arion shakes his head and slides into the ring, holding his REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP up over his head. Unfortunately, the confusing start to this one seems to have killed the crowd a little, who respond with modest cheers and claps for the usually VERY popular champion.

Other Guy: Catcher don’t look quite right with shit, Dave. I’m wondering if that miscue didn’t get to him. He’s young and that kind of stuff can throw your game off, but production errors happen so we’ll see.

Catcher hands his title to referee WILLIE DEAN who does a brief check in.

“What else could I write

I don’t have the right

What else should I be

All apologies”

The music starts to fade out, and Arion STILL looks annoyed.


The crowd stirs again.


Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT!


The crowd, anticipating Jonny’s arrival, ROARS with a MIX OF CHEERS AND BOOS!


A STREAM of pyrotechnics FLARE UP during the opening chords of Modest Mouse’s, “Float On”.

Samantha Coil: He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED, TWENTY-SEVEN pounds and comes from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS… This is, THE DEFILER… JONNY JOHNSON!!!

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay

I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay”

Lazy pink laser lights circle the arena in trippy fashion.

“And we’ll all float on, okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.”

“And we’ll all float on anyway…”

PYRO TECHNIC EXPLOSION and FINALLY, the DEFILER waltzes through the curtains, where he is greeted by the collective audience with a much LOUDER, BOOOOOO!

Dave Dymond: And here comes the challenger, OG!

Other Guy: (Having to speak a little more loudly over the noise) Not much to say about the cat that hasn’t been said a thousand times. He’s a member of the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame. He’s won now TWO Redemption Rumbles, and he is currently the only DEFINITIVE number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. Dude’s a legend and Arion has his work cut the fuck out for him.


“WELL, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam!

It was worth it just to learn some slight of hand.”

As seems to be the case in most instances, Jonny’s early cheers turn to boos, as either his slightly more smarky fanbase decides it’s more fun to hate him, or his detractors just get that more vocal! At any rate, Jonny just enjoys the attention, soaking it all up as he makes his way toward the ring.

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher awarded the victory in their last meeting, but the decision was controversial to say the least. With official Willie Dean DOWN, Jonny, after struggling to keep Arion down early on, WAS able to connect with, what I consider one of the most devastating maneuvers in our sport, the DEMORALIZATION PROCESS, but made no formal attempt at a pin fall, opting instead to leave the match entirely. Scott Kamura and the SHOOT Project officials reviewed the bout and decided Jonny did not allow time for the emergency referee to report to the contest, thus declaring Arion Catcher the victor via, what I guess they are calling “an unsporting forfeit”.

In his traditional wrestling attire of black trunks, black wrestling shoes, Jonny cracks his taped-up knuckles (white tape) at the foot of the ring steps, seeming to take a special enjoyment in Arion’s continued frustration. In fact, Willie Dean actually has to force Arion back away from Jonny’s corner. The DEFILER takes his time heading up the steps, brushing the hair from his eyes as he stalls on the apron. He eventually ducks in between the middle and top ropes and enters the ring, sparing no time on fans who might want photographs this evening.

“And we’ll all float on, okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.”

Willie Dean continues to try and hold Arion back, who is now FUMING. He shouts something at Jonny, but the cameras don’t pick it up.

Dave Dymond: Arion is REALLY upset about something. Willie Dean doing everything he can to hold the kid back, but he is not a happy camper. I have no idea what is happening.

Jonny shrugs his shoulders and offers up that smug expression that has gotten him into a lot of trouble in the past. (The music at this point cuts out as the production folk try to switch up the audio to maybe pick up what is going on) He says a few things back to Catcher, but again, the cameras have a hard time picking up anything that’s being said right now. The fans at ringside seem to be SUPER heated though, as they cheer and boo and shout along with both competitors.

Other Guy: Did we miss something, Dave?

Catcher shouts even LOUDER AT JONNY and Willie Dean now exercises some VIOLENT control, grabbing the Revolution Champion by the shoulders! Catcher has NONE OF IT THOUGH, as apparently what Jonny says back to him is too much! HE SHOVES DEAN OUT OF THE WAY AND CHARGES TOWARD JONNY!

But the DEFILER, seemingly ready for the attack, gets his leg up AND DRILLS CATCHER WITH A SHAMELESS KICK TO THE GROIN!



Jonny ignores Dean, smirking down at Catcher who IMMEDIATELY crumbles to his knees.

Dave Dymond: What SLIME!

Other Guy: You absolutely CANNOT do that against Jonny. Whatever Jonny did or said, I have no clue, but you GOTTA let that shit slide. He prays on that reaction, Dave. Arion walked right into it.

Jonny grabs Catcher by the back of the tights and shoulder blades and CALLOUSLY tosses him between the middle and top ropes and out of the ring. Willie Dean is NOT happy with Jonny’s actions, to which Jonny shrugs.

The DEFILER: Fucking ring the bell, Willie. Do your fucking job.

Unfortunately, Dean realizes that Jonny is right. He hadn’t rung the bell yet and thus everything had been legal. He sheepishly turns toward the time keeper’s table and calls for Mark Kendrick to ring the bell.


Jonny gestures toward Arion Catcher and gives a suggestive look to Willie Dean. Dean shakes his head and lets Jonny know that he isn’t going to deal with this crap from him. He then moves toward the ropes and begins to make a mandatory TEN COUNT! Jonny takes a step or two back and watches on happily.



Dave Dymond: If Dean had made the call for the bell earlier, he could have potentially disqualified Jonny for his blatant low blow. However, in trying to keep Arion Catcher away from Jonny during his entrance, which IS the right thing for the referee to do, the match did not officially begin. Hence, this match could end with a count-out.

Other Guy: That’s a rookie mistake, plain and simple, Dave. Ya love the moxy this kid has. You love his guts, but part of becoming a GREAT in this business is keeping it under wraps when you need to.


Arion is up around five on the outside. He props himself up against the ring apron for a moment, before sliding in.



Catcher breaks the plain of the ring and Dean ends his count. However, as Catcher rolls in, Jonny rolls out, ducking down outside the ring, out of sight. When Catcher gets back to his feet, he is confused not seeing Jonny. He’s a bright kid, though and realizes Jonny had to have made an escape. He takes a step toward the ring ropes that Jonny had slide beneath, but then stops. With that hesitation, though, Jonny slides back into the ring around the corner, exactly where Catcher had entered moments ago and finds himself behind the Revolution Champion! Arion turns around at the same moment Jonny gets back in the ring, but the DEFILER catches him an INSULTING SLAP TO THE FACE!


Dave Dymond: What a CHEAP SHOT!

Jonny smirks and takes a couple steps back, waiting to see if he is able to bait Arion in to another “adrenaline driven” mistake. However, the champ takes a deep breath and simply glares back at his challenger. Jonny gives a condescending nod as if to say “Now you got it” and begins circling the ring a bit.

Other Guy: That is exactly what Catcher needs to do. Regain your composure kid and start fresh.

Arion looks determined and focused and now also circles the ring.

Dave Dymond: Both men circling the ring now, at a neutral position. Catcher trying to stay focused after literally being SLAPPED with a hard dose of reality.

Jonny leans forward, hoping to egg Arion in. However, Arion stays upright. Jonny wiggles his fingers and continues to feign a grapple. Catcher’s patience is being tested as he seems to want nothing more than to beat the crap out of the DEFILER. Jonny starts taunting him verbally as they continue to circle, smiling the entire time.

Other Guy: Catcher has to hold his ground. Let Jonny be a dick all he wants. Don’t get caught up in his games.

Jonny waves for Catcher to come at him, but Catcher stays completely vertical, not wanting to give up anymore size that he already is. However, without warning JONNY MOVES IN AND NAILS CATCHER WITH A SURPRISE FOREARM TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Catcher falls back a couple steps, reeling from the blow! Instinctively he shakes his head, though and charges back at Jonny, looking VERY IRRITATED!

Other Guy: No kid! Damn!

Catcher’s advance is immediately countered with a drop-toe-hold from Jonny! Arion hits the mat face first, and Jonny breaks the hold and quickly floats over to apply a sitting side headlock! Jonny pulls back leisurely, applying enough pressure to keep Catcher grounded.


Jonny shouts sarcastically at Willie Dean. Dean drops to the mat to check in on Catcher, but obviously this isn’t really a legit submission hold. Jonny pulls back again, smirking still, before appearing to lighten up on his grip. At the same moment, Arion is able to get to his feet! Jonny keeps the hold locked in, but Arion gets his hands around Jonny’s waist and attempts to counter out with a side-suplex! Unfortunately, Jonny seems more than ready for the attack and propels himself backward to flip out of the attempt!


The fans GASP!

But Jonny simply shoves Arion forward, as if offering a warning.


Dave Dymond: Jonny basically letting Catcher know who is dictating this match. Arion needs to buckle down pretty hard because much like their last encounter, Jonny is dominating early.

Other Guy: Well this the kid’s first BIG challenge on a SHOOT Project pay-per-view and it’s obvious that he’s amped, but he’s also falling into some bad habits. Jonny THRIVES on the “big stage”, Dave, and Arion HAS to be more aware of what Jonny is capable of. Right now, I feel that Arion might be buying into his hype a little bit too much and is going to need to tone it down and fight THIS match and not the match he might have wanted to fight in a perfect world.

The DEFILER: Wake up, kiddo. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Jonny offers demeaning words at Catcher, who takes it in stride and focuses again.

Dave Dymond: Catcher moving forward now…

Arion Catcher advances quickly on Jonny and the two men lock up in grapple! Arion quickly ducks his shoulders and attempts a fireman carry take down! But Jonny keeps himself firmly planted and offers a STIFF, CLUBBING BLOW to Catcher’s back! Catcher drops to his knees! Jonny then lifts his foot and KICKS CATCHER IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!


Dave Dymond: Jonny with the first major strike of the contest! He connected SQUARELY and SOUNDLY with that kick! He rolls Catcher over on to his back! COVER ATTEMPT!

Jonny grabs Catcher’s leg and tries to curl him up!

Dean drops down for the count!



Catcher kicks out STRONG at TWO! Jonny glances over toward Willie Dean, but decides not to put up a fight on this one.

Dave Dymond: Catcher up at two, but that’s the early kind of attack you can’t let Jonny get in.

Other Guy: It was a short kick, though, so he didn’t connect with full momentum. Catcher kicked out at two pretty easily and Jonny knows he didn’t land the knock out blow. That’s why he backed off from Dean.

Jonny doesn’t allow Catcher too much time to recover, moving in quickly and applying a modified headlock of sorts just to maintain control. However, it’s kind of a sloppy attempt, and Catcher is able to slide out and around, locking in a front-face-lock to counter! Jonny grabs the back of Catcher’s left leg, though, to stall any further attacks. Catcher seems a little lost, and Jonny is able to counter with a modified T-bone suplex! Jonny holds onto Catcher’s leg for a bridge into a pinning predicament! Dean drops down to make a count!



Arion pops his arm out to break the count!

Dave Dymond: Catcher UP at two!

Jonny gets to his feet! Catcher up as well! Catcher charges forward with a clothesline attempt, hoping to grab some momentum! But Jonny ducks! Catcher blindly spins around with a CRESCENT KICK ATTEMPT! Jonny slides away! Catcher charging with a right hand! Jonny again ducks underneath! Catcher spins with his momentum and as Jonny turns back around, Catcher leaps for a DROPKICK! But Jonny side steps and Catcher hits the mat!


The fans don’t seem to appreciate Jonny’s avoidance tactics, as cunning as they are. Jonny watches Arion climb to his feet and then CHARGES FORWARD WITH A KNEE LIFT! THE ATTACK CONNECTS and Arion tumbles back toward the corner!

Dave Dymond: Vicious knee lift from Jonny after a series of misses from Arion.

Other Guy: Arion continues to work on adrenaline and it’s hurting his offense. He’s not thinking ahead and it’s making Jonny’s life VERY easy right now. The DEFILER has seen it all, Dave. Arion needs to dive deep into his play book and pull out a doozie if he wants to get back in this one. I think he can do it, Dave, but it’s gonna take some serious focus.

Arion tries to prop himself up, but Jonny approaches and lands a forearm blow to the side of the head! Catcher falls back down to the mat, ass first and Jonny leans in and SLAPS HIM! Catcher’s head flies back! Jonny smirks and starts to pull Catcher up! But Arion grabs Jonny by the front of the tights and pulls back! Jonny goes flying into the corner… but he keeps his hands up to avoid any damage! Arion scoots away and Jonny turns around! Arion charges… Jonny ducks and tries to counter with a back-body drop! Arion, though, seems to be the one anticipating now, and is able keep his balance in midair and lands on the middle turnbuckle! Catcher nearly loses his balance, but hangs on! He springboards up to the top rope! Jonny turns back around, realizing Catcher is up to something, but Arion comes down with an old school DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SMASH! Jonny doesn’t see it coming and takes the blow in FULL!

“YEAAAAAAAAH!” The fans respond very positively, offering Catcher encouragement!

Dave Dymond: Ha! Arion Catcher with a double axe handled smash and I don’t think Jonny was ready for that! Arion trying to stay on the offensive now!

With Jonny down to his knees, Arion runs forward and flips over Jonny, grabbing the back of his shoulder and the back of his leg in the process! He pulls Jonny over and into a VERY TIGHT SMALL PACKAGE!

 Dave Dymond: What athleticism! Catcher has Jonny down!

Dean drops down for the count!



Jonny is out VERY quickly! AND CHARGES AT CATCHER WITH A YAKUZA KICK! HE CONNECTS WITH THE BOTTOM OF HIS BOOT RIGHT ON THE FOREHEAD OF CATCHER who never even made it off the mat after his first pin fall attempt of the evening!

Dave Dymond: And JUST LIKE THAT, Jonny Johnson is back in the driver’s seat!

Other Guy: He NEEDS to maintain an offense. Jonny is prone to a surprise attack or two like anyone else, but if you don’t make that move count, you AREN’T going to beat him. Catcher can’t just keep throwing his body around and diving in to the deep end. Jonny will make the kid drown. Arion is going to have to learn some shit in a hurry because things are NOT looking good.

Jonny moves in and immediately SLAMS Catcher with a couple quick blows to the side of the head! Willie Dean tries to break the encounter up, but Jonny is way too determined and shoves Dean out of the way! Jonny lands a boot to Arion’s unprotected midsection, sending the Revolution Champion up against the corner. Catcher desperately tries to pull himself up but Jonny STOMPS HIM DOWN AGAIN! Jonny leans in and LEVELS Catcher with a right forearm and then follows with that a STIFF BOOT TO CATCHER’S FACE!


Other Guy: This aint good, Dave. Not for Catcher.



Dean finally is able to push Jonny back from Catcher! Jonny throws his hands in the air and turns away from Dean’s reprimanding words.


Arion Catcher starts to pull himself up off the mat, but he looks totally out of it! Jonny sees this and CHARGES WITH A RUNNING KNEE LIFT! HE CONNECTS! Jonny throws a LEFT-LEGGED KICK AND CONNECTS TO ARION’S RIGHT ARM AND SHOULDER! Jonny then springboards off the middle rope and turns and LEVELS CATCHER WITH A KNEE TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!

Dave Dymond: WHAT a combo from Jonny Johnson! MY GOODNESS!

Other Guy: Wowwwww, Dave.

Jonny shouts at Dean to make a count! He hooks the leg!

Dean drops to the mat!

Dave Dymond: THIS COULD DO IT!






Where he was tame earlier, Jonny is LIVID this time! He SCREAMS at Willie Dean!


Jonny glowers at Dean, who, to his credit, stands his ground and doesn’t get in a war of words! Jonny is PISSED! Catcher again is starting to get up! Jonny moves in and lands a fairly uninspired kick, though it does act to stun Catcher for a moment. He then bends down and helps Arion to his feet! He grabs a handful of hair and has a few choice words (unfortunately not picked up by the microphones) and SCOOPS ARION UP, SPINS AROUND AND SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT!

Jonny then looks to the top rope and a few of the older fans start to MARK OUT PRETTY HARDCORE!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?

Jonny ducks through the middle and top rope and walks down the edge of the ring apron toward the turnbuckle! He begins to make a slow climb up to the top.

Other Guy: No fuckin’ way dude!

Dave Dymond: You don’t think…?

Jonny balances on the top turnbuckle now and SHOUTS DOWN TO CATCHER!


Dave Dymond: Jonny Johnson at the TOP ROPE! I haven’t seen him try this in YEARS! THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET!




Dave Dymond: NO! Catcher MOVES!

Catcher stumbles backward! Jonny holds at his lower back and tries to get up! He loses his balance though and falls back toward Catcher! Arion catches Jonny, the DEFILER’S momentum pushing him back a bit! Arion stumbles toward the turnbuckle, trying to hold Jonny up! His momentum bounces him off the corner and back upright! He regains his balance and LOCKS IN A CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING!

Dave Dymond: Catcher with a submission attempt!





Other Guy: How did the kid do it!? Does he got enough left in the tank? These cats in attendance are OFF THE CHAIN!

Catcher is VERY groggy. Jonny appears to be out, though!

Catcher inches toward Jonny! The fans stir, though!

Dave Dymond: Catcher lunges forward! HE MAKES THE COVER!

Other Guy: SHIT! There’s company! It’s JASON RILEY AND TOM QUINN!

Dave Dymond: NO!

Riley and Quinn push their way through the crowd, but they have a hard time finding separation! It’s like the fans are doing what they can to stop them! Riley LEANS FORWARD AND LEVELS A GUY IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! The crowd GOES APE SHIT! But Quinn charges through!




Quinn jumps the guard rail!







Dave Dymond: YES! YES! What a way to kick this night off!!! HE DID IT!

Other Guy: NO ONE kicks out of the Demoralization Process! Catcher did his goddamn history!!! Holy SHIT, Dave!

”All Apologies” by Nirvana begins to play over the PA system, but the victory celebration doesn’t even get to last a minute before QUINN AND RILEY JUMP CATCHER FROM BEHIND! Willie Dean tries to stop them, but obviously neither guy is willing to listen! Dean continues to call for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Goddamnit! Let him have this moment! This is disgusting!

Riley and Quinn just keep KICKING AND KICKING AND KICKING! Catcher, barely conscious for his victory to begin with, is now completely SPENT! The kid is LIFELESS!!!

Riley checks in on his older cousin while Quinn starts to lift Catcher up off the mat. Quinn SLAPS Catcher in the face, the Revolution Champion’s face bleeding profusely.


Willie Dean frantically calls for the bell, but Riley leaves Jonny’s side and absolutely LEVELS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK! Dean goes down!

Dave Dymond: I hate these guys. I HATE them! This is absolutely HORRIBLE! I am tired of this crap!

Jonny makes it to his knees and wipes away some drops of blood dripping from his nose. He looks up and sees Arion Catcher being detained in the corner. His lips curl into an EVIL scowl!


Jonny barks out to Riley, who does what he’s told, and then he moves toward the other end of the ring and shouts at Samantha Coil.


Samantha Coil hesitates only a second before deciding it’s not worth it. She moves toward Jonny and hands him the microphone. Jonny grabs it VIOLENTLY out of her hand and takes a deep breath before speaking.



Jonny moves toward Quinn and Catcher! Quinn thrusts his forearm into Catcher’s throat, propping his head up so he had to look at Jonny.

The DEFILER: You’re a real piece of work, Arion, and I’d like nothing more than to fucking kill you right here and now. That’s what I want to do so bad. Heh. THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO!

Riley slides back into the ring with a chair and hands it to Jonny. He hands Riley the microphone in exchange! He nods at Quinn, who throws Arion in Jonny’s direction! JONNY SLAMS ARION OVER THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR! ARION FALLS DEAD! BUT JONNY DOESN’T STOP!





The chair is literally DENTED and he just finally throws it to the mat! He GLARES down at Arion Catcher who is nothing more than an unconscious, bloody mess.

Riley, actually LAUGHING at the beating Catcher received, hands the microphone back to Jonny. The DEFILER is silent for a moment, breathing heavily as he glares at his fallen opponent.

The DEFILER: This could have been your moment, Catcher. YOU FUCKING HAD IT IN YOUR GRASP, DUDE! What happened? Huh? WHAT HAPPENED?

He drops to a knee and GETS RIGHT IN CATCHER’S FACE!

The DEFILER: What HAPPENED, Arion… is that MOMENTS… AREN’T FOR PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU! This… This fucking… whatever it is… You… BEATING ME? IS ONLY BIG BECAUSE I AM WHO THE FUCK I AM! You didn’t make this moment. I DID! I MADE THIS MOMENT POSSIBLE!

Jonny looks up now and starts to get back to his feet.

The DEFILER: And I am taking it away.


The DEFILER: You’ll go on to face Catch Warren, and Jobby McJobs, and Newbie Gayerton… and… and WHO EVER THE HELL ELSE is toiling in the undercard and no one will give TWO FUCKS! This WAS IT for you, Arion. THIS WAS IT!

He pauses, looking out to the people in the stands, while Riley and Quinn applaud and cheer Jonny on.

The DEFILER: And as for me? I am STILL the TRUE number one contender to the world title. Heh. No one can take that from me, guys. NO ONE! I can lose, and lose and lose and lose AND LOSE AND LOSE AND LOSE AND LOSE FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES OVER… and I would STILL be closer to greatness than EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU FUCKS IN THE BACK! All you… fucking losers that try sooooo hard.

Jonny’s comments do not settle well with the fans who paid good money to watch this pay-per-view.

The DEFILER: So I’m gonna go ahead and make history if I could, okay? (Smiling) I am now the first man to lose three matches in a ROW, including a curtain-jerking loss to a ROOKIE on a TRASH PAY-PER-VIEW who is IMMEDIATELY announced as a PARTICIPANT IN THE MAIN EVENT OF OUR COMPANY’S BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR!

Jonny hops on the bottom ring rope now and shouts at the fans in attendance.


Jonny’s scowl is slowly replaced with a sinister grin as he turns now toward the nearest camera man.

The DEFILER: On June FIRST, TWO THOUSAND EIGHT… I will fulfill my fucking destiny. (Shrugging) I don’t care who it’s against. I don’t care if it’s Roland, or Corazon or Davis or Kenshin… It could be Kilgore Stochansky…. Trevor Worrens… Osbourne Kilminster. WHOEVER THE FUCKING CHAMPION HAPPENS TO BE ON JUNE FIRST will have no choice but to defend their title against ME… ONE on ONE. (Smiling) No multi-man bullshit… No easy outs, or excuses. ONE on ONE. YOU…

He pauses again.

The DEFILER: Whoever YOU happen to be… VERSUS ME… The DEFILER.

Jonny looks down at Arion Catcher.

The DEFILER: And NO ONE… No one escapes the Defiler.

He waves to the people in attendance and then back to the camera.

The DEFILER: Enjoy the rest of the show. I’m sure it’ll be… “GREAT”.

Jonny drops the microphone and gestures for Quinn and Riley to get out of here.

Dave Dymond: Disgusting, OG. Jonny Johnson is MAIN EVENTING Reckoning Day. I can’t believe it.

Other Guy: Ugly way to kick off a show… no doubt.


Following the Revolution Championship match up, we cut to the back for the first time tonight, and the focus is on a very mellow, very collected Dan Stein.  He walks down a hall, alone, his Iron Fist Championship fastened around his waist.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Dan Stein making his way to the ring area in a moments time as we are just minutes away from our next championship match up.

Other Guy: (from ringside) And look how focused Stein is tonight, this is a BIG deal for him, for his reign, for his rise here in the SHOOT Project.

Stein continues down the hall stopping though by a door that reads “Team Alpha Bravo.” Stein knocks.  He waits, and then eventually the door opens and Paul Jarvis, still on crutches is standing there.

Paul Jarvis: You heading down there, maddog?

Stein nods.

Dan Stein: Yep. And you promise me…

Paul Jarvis: Look it’s okay I know you’re concerned about what’s going to happen on Sky High, but the tournament is your thing, man.  Just don’t put me out of action longer than I already am.

Stein nods his head.

Dan Stein: I wasn’t thinking about that right now, but yeah I know. We’ll tackle that issue when it’s upon us. But right now, Acewing, right now you promise me that you stay back here.  Azraith isn’t beyond hurting someone else to hurt his opponent.  And I wouldn’t want to feel the burden of knowing I hold the championship title that was responsible for you getting injured even more.

Jarvis looks somewhat downtrodden, but just for a brief moment.

Paul Jarvis: Right, and you can count on me, Dan.  I won’t go out there. Tonight is about you, tonight is about that championship title you hold.

Jarvis points to the Iron Fist Title around Stein’s waist.

Paul Jarvis: And you’re right, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else right now. Not us having to fight at Sky High, not us going for the tag team championship titles.  It’s all about you tonight, Dan.  You go out there, and you fly strong, you fly proud.

Jarvis smiles.

Paul Jarvis: And you bring that championship title back to Team Alpha Bravo, okay?

Stein gives a crisp salute to Jarvis.

Dan Stein: I’ll do it for you, Acewing, my co-pilot, and above all else I’ll do it for all the cadets out there!

The fans can be heard cheering from ringside.  Jarvis now salutes back at Stein.

Paul Jarvis: You go get em, Maddog. You go show them what you’re made of!

Stein heads off with Paul Jarvis looking on, nodding his head, proudly.

Paul Jarvis: And when the skies are at their darkest, and the terrain is rough… ducks fly together.

The scene cuts from there.


With the Action returning to the ring, the two smaller screens situated on each side of the entranceway light up.  One screen shows a picture of Azraith DeMitri, the other shows a picture of Dan Stein.  The Malice-Mega Screen In the middle reads –Iron Fist Championship-.

Samantha Coil: Our next match is for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP! Entering the ring first, weighing in at 270 pounds…the Ghost, AZRAITH DEMITRI!

The lights drop, and the slow, eerie beat of “35 Ghost IV” by Nine Inch Nails blares over the speakers as The Ghost himself, Azraith DeMitri stalks out of the back.

Dave Dymond: It has been a long time since I’ve seen that man making his way out here tonight to challenge for the Iron Fist Championship. And well seeing him return two weeks ago was nothing short of shocking.

Other Guy: I know this cat made some big splashes in the past with this organization, but I don’t think anything can compare to the complete surprise of two weeks ago.

The crowd boos heavily, but Azraith doesn’t seem to notice. His walk is slow and methodical as he makes his way to the ring. He slips off his trench coat on the way, revealing an old school T-shirt that was scrawled with the writing “Your complete…and TOTAL…destruction.” in blood red. A blue light strobes with every heavy beat of the music, following Azraith as he calmly walks up the steps.

Dave Dymond: Of course when talking about shock, I don’t think anyone was more shocked than Dan Stein, who has been the unfortunate target of DeMitri the second he stepped back inside of a SHOOT Project ring… and tonight we see Azraith make his return match in challenging for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship.

There were a handful, less than 20 in the arena of who-knows-how many that were cheering, excited to see the one-time Avatar back in the ring, but the great majority gives Azraith hell. Az walks to the middle of the apron and turns to face the crowd, slowly removing his shades to stare at all of them. The guitar chords creep up as he cracks just the hint of a smirk, but it fades as he turns and slides into the ring, removing the T-shirt and throwing it down at ringside before leaning into his corner, staring intently at the entranceway.

Other Guy: How do you read that man, Dave? I mean what’s his motive.  Is this JUST about the Iron Fist Championship or is it goin’ beyond that?

Dave Dymond: With Azraith DeMitri, you never fully know, but regardless the fact remains that the man is back inside a SHOOT Project ring, and he poses quite a threat to the rest of the locker room.

As Azraith’s music fades out, the fans begin to buzz. Suddenly the Malice- Mega Screen shows a fighter jet flying across a clear blue sky.  The fans jump up as the dual voices of Dan Stein and Paul Jarvis speak.

Stay Strong. Fly Fast. Team Alpha Bravo… the best of the BEST!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The fighter jet picks up speed and suddenly zooms off screen all together just as a series of pyrotechnics shoot off and then…


Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions causes the fans to erupt inside the Cox Arena.

Dave Dymond: Here we go!

 Dan Stein runs out from behind the curtains, his Iron Fist title wrapped snuggly around his waist.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 215 pounds… he is the current reigning Iron Fist Champion, Here is DAN “MADDOG” STEIN!!!

As the SHOOT Project mix of Rock You plays, Stein begins slapping hands with the fans along the entrance ramp. As Stein walks down to the ring, one fan holds out a ‘Dan Stein’s #1 Cadet’ sign, which causes Stein to stop by the fan and shake his hand.

Other Guy: They love him, Dave. These fans absolutely love him.

Dave Dymond: And what’s not to love, Dan Stein has stepped into SHOOT Project with a mission, to rise through the rankings and he has been doing just that.

Stein slides into the ring under the bottom rope, looking at Azraith but only for a moment before pointing to Chris Jenkins to hold him back. Stein climbs to the middle turnbuckle of the closest corner, and raises his fist in the air, pointing at his title. The fans cheer as Stein jumps down to the mat, taking the title off and handing it to Jenkins.  The referee hoists the Iron Fist Championship up for both men to see and then passes it off out of the ring.  With both competitors ready, Chris Jenkins calls for the bell.


There is a momentary stand still after the bell sounds. Stein and Azraith look across the ring from one another, and Stein shakes his head a bit, as if trying to not get himself psyched out.

Dave Dymond: Stein’s face says it all right now, says exactly why Azraith DeMitri is referring to himself as a ghost.

Other Guy: Yeah, cuz’ the Iron Fist Champ is lookin’ like he saw a damn ghost, Dave.  Two short weeks ago DeMitri returns to the company, and he’s popped himself right in the thick of things in the Iron Fist Title scene.

Dave Dymond: First match back after being out of a SHOOT Project ring for four plus years, so to say we know what to expect from this new, somewhat more dejected yet determined Azraith, would be an understatement.

Stein starts to move now, but Azraith doesn’t, prompting Stein to stop circling the ring, otherwise he’d run right into Azraith.  Stein shakes his head again and now Azraith slowly turns to face Stein and he begins to loosen up his shoulders, first the right one, then the left one.   Stein makes a move for Azraith, and now Azraith moves, starting to circle the ring, eyes fixated on Stein.  The fans are still in a quiet hush of excitement and Stein now charges in, putting on a burst of speed.  The fans pick up the second Azraith and Stein lock up, but Azraith easily over powers Stein, shoving him forcefully to the mat!

Dave Dymond: While Stein has faced big competitors in his career, Roland Caldwell is the only man as of late that roughly matches the size of Azraith DeMitri, other than that, fighting a bigger guy has not been a concern of Stein’s.

Other Guy: No doubt. He’s had Sky High, he’s had the likes of Jonny Johnson, Adrian Corazon, Kenji Yamada. I mean these are all smaller cats, Dave. Azraith DeMitri is a built son of a bitch.

Stein is up off his feet, and Azraith doesn’t go after him, he let’s Stein up to his feet.  Stein again shakes his head and starts circling the ring, this time Azraith does as well.  Azraith steps back now as he gets near the ropes and he bounces off now charging at Stein who quickly leap frogs over Azraith.  Azraith turns though, catching Stein around the waist just as he is coming down from the leap frog and Azraith LIFTS him up and over with a belly-to-back suplex throw!  Stein CRASHES to the mat and Azraith spins around quite quickly, as if something snapped inside of him.

Azraith moves quickly to the fallen Stein, Stein works his way up to his feet but Azraith there before Stein can get all the way up, and Azraith grabs him by the arm.  Azraith WHIPS Stein up to his feet and lets go sending him into the ropes. Azraith charges with an outstretched arm, looking for a stiff palm strike to the chest, but Stein ducks it before Azraith can snap it off, and now Stein sprints to the ropes. Azraith turns himself quick enough and now drops down as Stein comes bouncing back.  Stein stops though, instead of jumping over Azraith, and quickly lands a leg drop to the back of Azraith’s head. Azraith rolls the opposite direction of Stein, gets up to one knee and just as Stein gets up, Azraith LUNGES with a rising clothesline, FLIPPING Stein onto his stomach!

Dave Dymond: Azraith just turned Stein inside out with that clothesline, and Azraith really going at it now.

The fans boo as Azraith drops to sprawl, onto his stomach, and just starts driving elbows into the back of Stein’s head. Stein’s head bounces slightly off the mat with each impact, forcing Stein to try to roll out of the way, but the second he rolls over onto his stomach, Azraith right there to hook his arm around Stein’s head and pull him up to his feet in a reverse headlock position.  Stein struggles, but Azraith swings his other arm now, turning his body as he hooks it under Stein’s head, then drops with a hard stiff neck breaker!  Azraith sits up immediately while the referee checks on Stein who is down on the mat.




Dave Dymond: It appears that while Azraith’s demeanor may be different, his strategy in the ring has not changed. He is always looking for the knock out shot, always looking to target the neck and head.



Stein starts to get up now, prompting a loud pop from the sold out Cox Arena.  Azraith turns, rising up to one knee as he does so, and with the count stopped Azraith pulls Stein up all the way to his full vertical base, but Stein pulls him in and fires a quick momentum shifting knee into the gut.  Azraith doubles over only slightly and Stein grabs him around the back of his head, and then pulls down with a chin breaker!  Azraith staggers back, Stein holds the top of his head for a moment in pain, but then he rises up from his knees and runs at Azraith.  The fans pick up as Stein goes for a hard clothesline, but Azraith ducks it.

Stein keeps running, SPRINGS off the ropes and as Azraith turns around he catches Stein attempting a full on cross body.  But Stein turns through it and manages to take Azraith down with a DDT… NO!  Azraith shows a great deal of strength by lifting Stein almost from being DDT’ed and all the way up and over!  Stein flips over lands on his feet, and then before Azraith can even turn around, Stein spins, and SNAPS off a wicked enzeguri from behind!

Other Guy: That’s what he’s gotta do. Use that quickness to his advantage.

Dave Dymond: Stein doing just that and Azraith down on his knees, this could be huge for Stein to capitalize on.

Stein is quick to get back to his full vertical base and with Azraith’s head slumped down, Stein spins and CRUSHES Azraith in the face with a hook kick, catching him with the bottom of his boot!  Azraith falls to the mat and Stein now for the first time starts playing up to the fans, and the fans respond, cheering on the Iron Fist Champion.




Azraith starts to get up though, causing Stein’s excitement to drop a bit.  He doesn’t let Azraith get up to his full vertical base, but pulls him up into a double arm cravat, right into a sit out face crusher.  Azraith rolls over onto his back and Stein rises right back up to his feet and he suddenly points down at Azraith… and from a standing position.. CONNECTS WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!

Dave Dymond: That’s one for the highlight reel, a standing shooting star press and Stein positioned himself so his legs, knees specifically would collide with DeMitri’s head.

Other Guy: Smart move, and the referee right on this, this is gonna be huge if Stein can pull off this defense here tonight on Malice!

Stein is back up to his feet, staggering a little as his legs took a hit on that last move. The referee checks the situation, seeing that Azraith isn’t moving, he once again starts the knock out count.





The fans buzz with excitement as Azraith still shows no signs of much movement.




Azraith LUNGES up to his feet suddenly and grabs Stein right around the neck!  Stein struggles now as Azraith looks into his eyes while squeezing his throat!

Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri snapping back into this match up from seemingly a knocked out state, and Stein is in trouble!

Stein struggles against Azraith’s choke, but before Azraith can shove Stein downward, Stein starts frantically throwing elbow shots to Azraith’s arm, trying to fight against him.  Azraith doesn’t’ falter much and Stein now KICKS UP his foot into Azraith’s gut, this time forcing Azraith to  double over, grip loosening. Stein spins his body, breaking the choke all together, and Stein steps over Azraith’s arm and back KICKS up with his other leg right up under Azraith’s chin!  Azraith’s head snaps back as he staggers and now Stein turns to face Azraith.  Just as Azraith gets his footing back, Stein charges at him and LEAPS with a forearm shot to the head!  Azraith is knocked back even more so, now bumping up against the ropes.

Other Guy: Stein not so much in trouble now, eh Dave?

Dave Dymond: Not at all as Stein avoids the fate he suffered at the final Revolution before Malice.  And the defending Iron Fist Champion has control and has Azraith on the ropes.

The fans cheer as Stein works a quick series of chops across Azraith’s chest now, trying to wear him down bit by bit.  He then fires a couple of hard punches, slowly getting more forceful as Azraith rocks against the ropes from each blow.  Azraith tries to snap back, looking to stiff arm Stein, but Stein side steps and again brings a knee up into Azraith’s gut, doubling him over slightly. Stein then goes to the outside ring edge, positioning himself behind Azraith. Azraith staggers forward and now Stein SRPINGS up onto the actual rope and flips forward with a blockbuster, but as he hooks his arm around Azraith’s head, Azraith suddenly stands straight up, hooking both of his arm’s now behind Stein’s neck, locking in a half nelson!

Other Guy: Maybe I spoke too soon….

Stein struggles a great deal, and the once cheering fans boo as Azraith whips his body back and forth for added momentum, sending the pain shooting through Stein’s body. Azraith doesn’t hold the submission long and suddenly drops Stein with a half nelson bomb! Stein winces in pain but Azraith right up to his feet, STIFF ARRANT boot to the back of the head, and Stein slumps to the mat.

Dave Dymond: Ever since his return just a short two weeks ago, Azraith DeMitri has had the better of Dan Stein, and now in this match up, it really isn’t any different.  Just when we thought Stein had the momentum completely in his favor, Azraith DeMitri has turned this thing around ten fold.

With Stein on the mat, writing in pain, the referee checks the situation, but apparently it’s not good enough for Azraith as he pulls Stein right back up, vertical head scissors… lifted…. Then dropped via a spiking PILEDRIVER!!!

Stein lies sprawled out on the mat now and the referee shouts a warning at Azraith to back up.  Azraith steps back now, and the referee nods his head; starting the knock out count.








Stein shows movement now, and the fans start to buzz.

Dave Dymond: Can Stein get up in time though.  He needs to be up onto his feet for this match to continue.


Other Guy: He’s strugglin’ Dave. Stein can’t get his bearings!


The boos begin to sound as Stein falls flat on his back, unable to get up to his feet it seems…

BUT THEN KIPS UP!  The fans erupt with cheers as Stein gets up just before the ten count can be made and the referee calls for the match to continue.

Dave Dymond: And this one not over yet!  Dan Stein digging down deep and he FORCES himself back to his feet.

Other Guy: Yeah, and with a little show boatin’ to boot!  These fans are lovin’ that.

Dave Dymond:  Azraith DeMitri not loving it though, as he charges full force and Stein has a world of pain raining down on him right now in the form of those stiff shots from Azraith!

The cheering quickly ends as Stein looks to be getting pummeled now straight out of his kip up.  Azraith forces Stein staggering back with punch after punch, and then Azraith winds up and then turns his arm inward slightly, NAILING Stein in the side of the head with a hard elbow strike.  Stein looks like he’s about to fall but Azraith grabs him by the shoulder spins him around and just runs him to the edge of the ring via the back of his head!  Stein is LAUNCHED over the top rope and he CRASHES to the floor on the outside.

Dave Dymond: And the wrath of DeMitri continues here as the fighter pilot himself, Dan Stein, sees his flight end in a crash landing.

Other Guy: I really was hoping you’d avoid a pilot reference here tonight, guess not.

Stein rocks back and forth on the outside in pain and Azraith now steps through the ropes and drops to the outside.  He stands by Stein and gives him a hard stomp to the side of the head.  Stein rolls onto his stomach.  Azraith then KICKS him harder, this time with a soccer kick to the side of the ribs! Stein SHOUTS in pain as he rolls again, this time a few times from the impact.  The Cox Arena comes alive with a chorus of boos now as Azraith kick Stein a third time, then a forth, fifth, sixth time!  Stein writhes in agony as Azraith now lifts him up, just by the timekeeper’s table.  Stein has trouble standing, clutching at his ribs in pain and Azraith now clears most of the papers and extra microphones from the small table, leaving nothing but the ring bell.

Dave Dymond: Azraith close by now and this can’t end well…

Azraith holds Stein in a headlock position from the side and facing forward.  He throws a couple of punches into Stein’s face, softening him up. Stein slumps in Azraith’s grip, only Azraith picks him right back up and looks to drop him with a reverse Russian leg sweep onto the ring bell!  A buzz of concern fills the arena, but just as Azraith whips his body forward, Stein kicks up his free leg onto the timekeeper’s table, stopping Azraith slightly, but the pressure of Azraith’s force pushes Stein into his own knee, catching him in the sternum!

Stein pushes off, shouting in pain, but Azraith is knocked back!  Stein falters, dropping down to one knee in pain, and Azraith quickly recovers.  He charges at Stein from behind, but Stein suddenly grabs the ring bell off the table, turns and SMASHES it over the top of Azraith’s head!

The bell CLANGS loudly as Azraith falls back up against the side of the ring.  Stein holds the ring bell up, which gets a massive pop!

Other Guy: Only in SHOOT Project does even a ring bell bring more excitement from the fans than matches in other organizations.

Dave Dymond: You never know HOW our fans will react, but you have got to love the energy surge that just ran through the Cox Arena as Dan Stein may finally get some revenge here!

Stein turns and holds up the bell, facing out to another section of fans and they cheer even louder!  Stein nods his head and then looks to Azraith… SWINGS AGAIN!

The bell clangs.

ANOTHER SHOT the fans start counting along.









Stein pauses, the fans are on their feet, the energy is flowing and Stein LETS LOOSE!


Then four more rapid times!


Stein tosses the bell to the ground and rolls back into the ring, and then he marches all over inside, saluting out at different sections of the arena.

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein is more than feeling it. The ten ring bell shots, and then the symbolism of the four shots as if this match was over.

Other Guy: FOURTEEN bell shots, Dave. That’s cold steel to flesh.  Ain’t gonna get up from that.

Stein continues to play up to the fans, but the referee isn’t counting.  Eventually Stein picks up on this and sure enough the referee is motioning for the match to continue. Stein looks to Azraith who is slumped down, but his arm his hooked onto the bottom rope, so he is STILL on his feet!

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone, I think we ALL got too wrapped up in the moment.  Azraith DeMitri might be out, but he’s still standing!

Other Guy: Oh you’ve got to be kiddin’ me.

Dave Dymond: I am not. Azraith DeMitri held onto the rope and has himself propped up, almost dangling, but still standing… a bloody mess now, but never the less STILL standing, which saves him from the knock out count.

Out of frustration now, Stein hits the ropes farthest from Azraith and then comes running back… DRIVING a baseball slide to the back of Azraith’s body, putting into it all his force and anger! Azraith falls to the floor, face first, and NOW the referee slides out of the ring, checks the situation, and with no clear sign from Azraith, he starts the ten count.









Azraith rolls towards the announce table and throws up his arms onto the top.


Azraith digs down deep, mustering up all his strength as he quickly pulls himself up to his feet, and once again the referee motions for the match to continue.  The fans boo loudly though, voicing their unhappiness about Azraith getting up.

Dave Dymond: A gruesome image right in front of us here, Azraith wearing the all well too known crimson mask…

Other Guy: Fans can’t probably see it but its dripping all over creation… damn it!

As Stein gets out of the ring, Other Guy  and Dave Dymond can be standing up… CRASH!  Azraith is SMASHED face first into the announce table.  Stein then pulls Azraith up turns him around and whips him into the side of the ring. Azraith collides sternum first, staggers back and now Stein runs towards the corner post, but LEAPS up just onto the ring edge, he runs, JUMPS onto Azraith’s shoulders in a sitting position, spins Azraith’s entire body around… but Azraith spins back and just SHOVES Stein off of him!

Stein CRASHES back first into the steel ring post and falls to the ground, shouting, gritting his teeth, writing in extreme pain!

Dave Dymond: Azraith out of desperation just launches Stein… and the brunt of Stein’s back took that hit, but imagine if his head had hit the post at THAT velocity.

Other Guy: Possible brain damage, definitely a knock out though, Dave.  Maybe didn’t hit his head though, but still Dan Stein, Iron Fist Champ, has had the damage done to him.

Azraith stumbles about for a moment, trying to regain focus, but the blood loss slowly seems to get to him.  He grabs Stein now, who is slumped by the corner ring post, and he lifts him up, no problem, and rolls him back into the ring.  Azraith stops for a moment to wipe some of the blood from his face, then he slides back into the ring, now stalking, waiting, looming, as Stein tries to push himself up to his feet.  Stein struggles and now Azraith grabs him on his own and suddenly pulls Stein into a vertical head scissors, this time going for a double under hook of both arms…. BUT NO! Stein quivers, shakes, but stands up and SHOUTS OUT IN A GRUNT OF ADRENALINE!

Stein takes Azraith up and over with a standing back body drop!

Other Guy: Did Stein just fuckin’ hulk up?

Dave Dymond: What he did was avoid a repeat of last week. What he did was avoid what WOULD have been The Extinction from Azraith, and in turn the extinction of Dan Stein’s Iron Fist Championship reign!

Stein collapses to the mat though a few steps from Azraith, and falls to his knees, clutching his back in pain.  Azraith stirs on the mat, pulling himself up into a sitting position in the corner.  He struggles to get up from there though and Stein now up… Stein wincing in a great deal of pain, CHARGES at Azraith and KICKS him in the face, then runs his foot down the side, kicking all the way through the ropes!

Stein UNLEASHES from there, pulling his leg and kicking repeatedly through, scraping his boot across Azraith’s bloodied face.

Dave Dymond: Stein like a man possessed now as he just face washes Azraith with no sign of stopping.

The kicks continue, the pushing against the temple as Stein just runs his foot through, and eventually Azraith falls onto his back, now completely laid out on the mat, but Stein isn’t stopping there. He pulls up Azraith, struggling a bit to do so, but gets him situated so he’s standing up against the corner turnbuckles…

Then abruptly out of nowhere Stein jumps up with both knees, pulls on the back of Azraith’s head and DRIVES him face first into the knees as Stein lands on his back!

Other Guy: What a move!

Dave Dymond: Double knees to the face, Azraith DeMitri is out, and Stein now slowly up to his feet… is this it? …

The referee checks on Azraith now, while Stein, absolutely exhausted leans against the ropes.  From there, the ten count is started.








The buzz of excitement starts to pick up. Azraith is barely even moving.


But he starts to try to pull himself up… Stein watches on, the fans seem to hold their breath.


Azraith is… slowly… but surely….


Azraith can’t get himself up as he collapses to the mat.  The fans erupt with loud cheering as “Rock You Like a Hurricane” begins to play again.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… DAN “MADDOG” STEIN!!!

Stein raises his hands up, still leaning against the ropes though for a bit of support.  As he takes in his victory, the referee brings Stein the Iron Fist Championship title, and then officially raises Stein’s hand as the winner of the match.

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein has beaten Azraith DeMitri.  Stein has pulled off what seemed impossible at one point in this match up…

Other Guy: One point? Azraith had Stein hurtin the whole time, so yeah, no slight to Stein here, but his win comes off as a BIG surprise to me.  Still, the cat did it, and he’s now proved more than ever that he deserves to carry that title with pride.

Dave Dymond: Definitely a much needed victory for Stein, and in this one moment, on this one night, Stein can forget all other issues or problems in his life.  Right now it’s all about that for him, retaining the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship… and he did it.

Stein slowly heads out of the ring now, clutching the Iron Fist Championship Title to his body.  As he starts to the back, some of the fans salute him, others just continue to cheer.   As Stein walks to the back, he tags a few hands, and then once he reaches the entryway he stops, and then hoists the Iron Fist title high over head.  He then drops it down over his shoulder and gives one final salute before disappearing to the back.

Dave Dymond: A grueling match, but Dan Stein proves he is without a doubt one of the toughest cruiserweights in the industry today.

Other Guy: And he’s gonna have to keep that up, Dave.  Because after tonight settles, there’s gonna be plenty more nights, plenty more nights when Dan Stein is gonna be the target of Azraith DeMitri, who ya KNOW isn’t gonna back down from this one.   And let’s not forget about Kenji Yamada…

Dave Dymond: Please, don’t remind us.

Other Guy: I’m just sayin.’  Stein can enjoy his night, but he’s gotta realize this kind of competition is going to keep on coming, and coming hard, with no intention of lettin’ up.

Dave Dymond: Most of our SHOOT Project Soldiers live by the motto another night, another fight, and with Dan Stein it will be no different.  But for some, it might not be another night, another fight, as tonight’s main event, the five man massacre, will undoubtedly cement the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship main event at Reckoning Day.  Whoever wins tonight WILL go on to defend the most prestigious title in this sport, against The Defiler himself, Jonny Johnson. One man goes on to another world title match, while the other four are left to work their way back to that top spot again.

Other Guy: Got plenty of huge matches on tap, but that’s the biggest tonight, hands down.

Abigail Chase hurries down the hallway with camera crew in tow. Dressed elagantly in a royal blue dress suit and heels.

Abigail Chase: I heard that his truck just pulled up, let’s go!

Christopher Davis steps through the back door of the arena from the parking lot. He slides the strap of his duffel bag over his left shoulder as he moves through the hallway.  He turns a corner and nearly is run over by none other than Abigail Chase and crew.

Christopher Davis: Whoa! Easy there Abs.

He grabs her shoulders to stabilize her.

Christopher Davis: You good?

Abigail Chase: Yes, I’m ok. Sorry for nearly knocking you down.

Chris chuckles.

Christopher Davis: Eh, I figured it was just one more person intent on knocking me out tonight.

Abigail Chase: How are you?

Christopher Davis: I’m good.

Abigail Chase: Are you sure?

Chris smiles at this comment.

Christopher Davis: Abigail, trust me if I wasn’t ready for this I wouldn’t be here. Yeah I got knocked out for a bit but I’m back and more than prepared for this thing tonight.

Abigail Chase: You were brutalized at the hands of Roland Caldwell and tonight you step into the ring with him one on one again. On top of that you have Adrian Corazon, Jun Kenshin and Kilgore…

Christopher Davis: Stop Abigail, please stop. I understand fully what is going on tonight. Tonight is an opportunity to regain the SHOOT world title. Tonight is an opportunity to stand on top of the mountain once again. Tonight is an opportunity to right a wrong done to me by Roland AND Corazon. Tonight is an opportunity to stand toe to toe with a man I respect.

And Kilgore’s gonna be there too.

Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: I’m coming off of a serious injury on top of all of that.

Chris shrugs his shoulders.

Christopher Davis: Bring that shit on!  You only live once. I’ve been injured before, but I’ve never been two time world champion. If anyone is under the mistaken impression that I don’t want this as badly as I’ve wanted any other title, they really oughtta do a better job with their homework.

I’m going out there and ‘Chris Davis’ the fuck out of this thing. When it’s all said and done and the dust settles. Revenge will be complete and a new world champion will be crowned.

Here I come gents I hope you’re ready.

Thanks for the chat Abs.


When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide

As Helter Skelter(Beatles Cover) by Dana Fuchs hits over the PA, Jester Smiles emerges from the back, is head down. He jumps up and, as the camera zooms in, it catches him mouthing the lyrics. His normal green and purple mardi gras mask has been replaced with a silver and gold mask, and to add to that, he wears a silver and gold jester’s cap, though his purple and green long-legged wrestling tights and boots remain the same.

Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride

Jester looks up at the crowd, smiling, still mouthing the words and bouncing.

Till I get to the bottom and I see you again

Jester leaps high in the air, throws his arms out, and screams BOOYA! as green and purple pyros erupt behind him.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, he hails from Richmond, Virginia and weighs in tonight at two-hundred and forty-five pounds. He is the former Laws of Survival Champion, and the Hero of SHOOT Project. Ladies and gentlemen….JESTER SMILES!!

Jester seems to bounce more than walk down to the ring, high fiving every fan he can, still mouthing the words to the song and smiling brightly.

Dave Dymond: A very energetic Jester Smiles, OG, and, by the looks of things, he looks very excited to be here.

Other Guy: Anyone can look good in an entrance. Let’s wait and see how he performs in the ring.

Upon reaching the ring apron, Jester leaps high in the air and lands on the apron in one leap. He then turns to the fans and tosses his Jester’s cap into the crowd. He then leaps over the ropes, goes to the nearest turnbuckle, and holds his arms high, causing the crowd to pop.

Other Guy: Crowd behind Jester now, but if he loses, again, will he STILL have that support.

Dave Dymond: Well, he only has to worry about that if he loses, and by the look on his face, I don’t see a man who plans on losing.

Jester leaps off the top rope and lands on his feet, no longer mouthing the words to the song. He goes to the ropes farthest from the entrance and turns, staring at the ramp, smiling. He mouths along with the song You may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer, sticking his tongue out at the end.

Dave Dymond: Very intriguing match-up, OG. We have the challenger who is a multiple time Law of Survival Champion.

Other Guy: Going against Mr. Iron Man in a Law of Endurance match. It couldn’t be any even-er.

Dave Dymond: Even-er? You just make that up?

The camera cuts back to the entranceway as the lights dim and produce a red hue with a pulsating light that matches the opening riff of Folk Implosion’s Natural One. The crowd in the Cox Arena quickly begin to boo as the Laws of Survival Champion, Ron Barker makes his way from behind the curtain with a huge grin on his face.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… weighing in at 280 lbs. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he is the current Laws of Survival Champion… RON BARKER!!

The crowd continues to boo as Barker keeps his gaze focused towards a pacing Jester Smiles back in the ring.

Dave Dymond:  Ron Barker seems to be looking confident tonight, OG.

Other Guy: Why wouldn’t he? He’s already proven that he’s gotten Jester’s number and tonight he just needs to do it again not once but twice! Piece of cake!

Ron Barker continues his way to the ring casually stopping to look over the intense San Diego crowd as they continue to voice their disapproval.

Other Guy: I just don’t get it, Dave. Here is a city that was on fire and managed to survive… why wouldn’t they give the man who is the very epitome of Survival the respect he deserves? He’s the KING!

Dave Dymond: Give me a break! This man doesn’t know a single thing about respecting others so it shouldn’t be a surprise he gets none here tonight!

Ron Barker climbs the ring steps and stands on the apron, shuffling his feet against the mat before climbing in the ring. He unclasps the Laws of Survival title from around his waist and before referee Scott Jenkins can take it, Ron holds the title high in the air while continue to stare at Jester Smiles. The crowd lets out a massive chorus of boos.

Dave Dymond: Well it’s quite obvious that he is not in the good books of many of these fans here tonight!

Other Guy: Please. These people can’t even follow the logic of a cartoon bear telling them about fire safety. How do you expect them to understand the true genius of the King of Survival, Dave?

Barker hands the title over to Kris Jenkins who shows it to Jester Smiles. Unflinchingly, Jester continues to pace like a caged animal ready to get this contest underway. Smiles and Barker circle at the center of the ring. Collar and elbow tie up as Smiles is the more powerful of the SHOVES Barker into the corner. Barker argues that Smiles pulled his hair but it’s all a ruse as Barker fires a stiff forearm shot to the side of the head as Smiles is rocked. Barker with a knee to the gut and whips Smiles to the ropes, Barker with a hip toss and Smiles is down. Barker goes to a mount position as he paint brushes the back of Smiles head. Smiles swats him away obviously annoyed at the disrespect being shown by the LOS champion.

Dave Dymond:  Is that really necessary?

Other Guy:  Barker isn’t afraid of anybody, certainly not Da Clown.

Dave Dymond:  Jester Smiles looks incredibly annoyed.

Barker backs up as he motions Smiles to bring it and the San Diego crowd greets Ron’s antics with boo’s. Smiles doesn’t come in to tie up as he fires an open handed chop to the chest of Barker as the crowd yells “WOO!” Barker fired back with a forearm shot and Smiles responds with another chop. Barker backs up as he holds his chest in pain. Smiles grabs Barker by the torso and going for his belly to belly but Barker hangs onto the top rope for dear life as he shakes his head furiously knowing the awesome power of the multiple time LOS Champion. Smiles tries to pop his hips going for the throw but Barker won’t let go. Smiles releases his grip only to HAMMER stiff shots to the back of Barker’s neck. Smiles finally weakens the champ enough to SUPLEX him to the mat as a loud thud is heard. Barker frantically tries to get to the ropes but Smiles has the fingers locked and going for another suplex here.

Dave Dymond:  Look at Barker trying to get to the ropes.

Other Guy: Smiles trademark are those big suplexes and Ron wants no part of it.

Barker uses a basic wrestling counter to lock on to Smiles’s legs to prevent another throw as he fires with rapid fire back elbows and then JAMS the thumb to the eye as Smiles releases and blinks several times to get his eye sight back. Barker sprints out of the corner and LEVELS Smiles with a back elbow smash. Smiles checks the bottom of his lip for blood as Barker follows it up by dropping the leg across the throat. Barker now with a blatant choke!

Dave Dymond: Barker was actually smiling as he was choking Jester! How sick!

Barker grabs the right arm of Smiles and hammerlocks the arm as Smiles uses his free arm to get a hold of Barker and uses his right leg to grapevine the leg and SPIN Barker away as Barker goes chest first into the middle ropes as Smiles shows his wrestling skill. Smiles flops all his weight onto the back of Barker as Barker screams in pain. Smiles immediately grabs Barker from behind with a belly to back RELEASE suplex as Barker is dropped on the back of his head!

Other Guy:  Oh my! That’s why Jester Smiles is a multiple time Law of Survival Champ.

Dave Dymond:  Smiles wants his belt back, OG!

Barker is a crumpled heap on the mat as Smiles jack knifes the legs flipping over for a pin!



Barker kicks out.

Smiles grabs Barker by the neck and does a full nelson but Barker drops down to his butt to counter it and roll Smiles instead!



Smiles reverses it as now Barker’s shoulders are stacked up!



Barker kicks out. Both guys get up as there is a stand off! Before the fans can clap, Ron snaps at the crowd.

Barker: I don’t NEED your applause!

The fans boo.

The two tie up. Smiles with an Irish whip as Smiles does a hip toss on Barker as the heavyweight champ goes back first. Smiles now returns the favor by paint brushing the head of Barker! The fans cheer as Barker scurries away and glares at the challenger with a scowl etched on the proud Canadian’s face. Smiles with a little smirk on his face now motions for the champ to bring it. Barker comes right in and shoves Smiles. Smiles shoves back and Barker goes stumbling into the corner! The fans are really cheering now as a frustrated Barker kicks the bottom rope.

Dave Dymond:  Barker is losing his cool here. I know I should be unbiased but I really hope that prick gets what coming to him tonight.

Other Guy: That ain’t right.

Smiles rushes in to trap Barker into the corner. Smiles fires a STIFF chop to the chest as Barker’s eyes light up as he holds his chest in pain! Smiles whips Barker to the opposite corner as Barker goes stumbling out a big time Judo Take Down! Barker hits the canvas hard and Smiles covers.



Barker kicks out.

Smiles gets Barker up, an Irish whip as Smiles ducks his head. Bad move there. Barker grabs Jester’s head and rams it onto his knee with a face smash. Barker grabs the head of Smiles from behind and PULLS back going for a submission hold. Jenkins asks Smiles if he’ll give it up as Smiles yells “No!”. Barker scoots his body closer to the ropes now as he throws out his right leg and props it up the middle ropes for added leverage. Smiles legs thrash about wildly as Jenkins quickly checks the ropes. Barker slyly takes his legs off as the fans protest at ring side booing the Toronto native. Barker feigns innocence as Jenkins goes back to double check on Smiles. As soon as ref Jenkins turns his head, Barker’s leg goes right back to the ropes. Jenkins jerks his head back and Barker is caught red handed! Barker is forced to break the hold immediately.

Dave Dymond: Ref Jenkins may be new but he’s not dumb. He knew Barker would cheat if given the opportunity.

Other Guy: Barker’s reputation comes back to haunt him there.

Barker is back up now as he is behind Smiles stalking the challenger. Smiles gets back up as he holds his neck. Barker grabs Smiles from behind in a Russian Leg Sweep as Barker JERKS Smiles back.



Smiles kicks out.

Barker gets Smiles up as he kicks Smiles in the gut as Barker hits the ropes for a swinging neck breaker.



Smiles gets a shoulder up.

Barker now gets Smiles up, standing headscissors and Barker is going for a piledriver but Jester reverses it into a backbody drop! Ron stumbles back up to his feet and Ron swings wildly with a haymaker that Jester ducks out of the way. A kick to the gut doubles over Ron and Jester grabs his head and applies a Fisherman Suplex!



Barker kicks out.

Jester backs up a few feet and waits for Barker to get up and Barker EATS the Virginia Sidekick! Barker comically falls down face first onto the mat and Barker actually begs off! Jester is having none of that and pummels Barker over and over with a fury of right hands and Barker gets up only to fall down face first again! The fans are loving it and laugh at the plight of the brash Canadian. Barker is on his knees when suddenly, Jester drops to his butt and applies a Triangle Choke!

Black Mardi Gras!

A look of panic is on Ron’s face and Ron QUICKLY taps out! The fans look around in a confused state why Ron tapped out so easily.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the first fall…. JESTER SMILES!

Barker escapes to the floor and rubs his neck. A look of panic is on his face and he takes a look at his Championship. Thefans clap, cheer and stomp their feet in support for The Clown as a “Let’s go Smiles!” chant breaks out. Barker shoots an icy glare at the SD crowd as he continues to apply the hold. Smiles gets on one knee as Barker shakes his head in disbelief and shock not believing that Smiles can get up. Smiles pumps his arms trying to get his energy going as he goes on both knees as Barker STILL has the neck crank applied and Smiles LIFTS Barker up and throws him away like he’s a sack of potatoes! Barker looks on in shock as Smiles runs at Barker and CLOTHESLINES the LOS Champion up and over to the floor! Barker is livid and slaps the apron. Barker snaps at some fans in the front row and tells them to shut up!

Dave Dymond: Barker is losing his cool here. I think, maybe, Ron forfeited that first fall because he didn’t want to wear himself out.

Other Guy: It was his choice to pick the Law of Endurance. I don’t doubt that the man has a plan.

Barker frowns as he slowly goes up the ring stairs and demands that Jenkins restrain Smiles which the ref does. Barker comes in as he SLAPS Smiles right across the cheek. Smiles fires back with forearms and knife edge chops as Barker is knocked on his ass! Barker begs away as Smiles is fired up! Barker is in the corner now as he sneakily dropkicks the knee of Smiles who is down. Barker hits the ropes and does a running KNEE to the side of Smiles head. Smiles is knocked down as Barker now changes his game plan as he works on the leg of Smiles now by crashing all his weight onto the leg of Smiles. Smiles holds his head in pain. Barker now mockingly yells “WOOO!”. But Smiles uses the taunt to his advantage as he grabs Barker and rolls him up in a small package!



Barker gets out of it in time as his eyes go HUGE!

Dave Dymond:  One second! One second away from losing the Law of Survival!

Other Guy:  I know you’d love to see that. These fans would love to see that too but I don’t see it happening.

Barker KICKS Smiles carelessly right in the head. Barker now has the sole of his boot as he TWISTS raking the boot on the face of Smiles. Barker grabs the leg of Smiles now as he lifts up Smiles. Smiles hops around on one leg as Barker slaps him across the cheek again! Smiles tries to slap back but Barker is too far away. Barker lifts Smiles up and RAMS his knee right on the mat with a knee breaker. Barker with a spinning toe hold now as he applies the time tested hold OVER and OVER and OVER!

Dave Dymond:  Spinning toe hold by Barker. Smiles is in a lot of trouble here.

Smiles yells in pain as Barker smiles knowing he has his challenger right he wants him. Barker now grabs the leg of Smiles and turns him over. Barker steps over and crossfaces Smiles for the STF! Smiles SCREAMS in pain as Barker yells.

Barker: Ask him Jenkins!

Jenkins does just that as he is right in the face of Smiles who screams. Barker JERKS back with the extremely painful STF. Smiles inches his way closer to the ropes now as Barker shakes his head no. Smiles reaches out and just makes it. Barker refuses to let the hold go! Jenkins makes the count.





Barker releases it only to CHOKE Smiles now!





Barker grabs his elbow pad and pushes it down to expose the elbow as he RUBS it across the face of Smiles! The fans boo the tactics of Barker who places the elbow pad back on.

Other Guy:  Barker is just vicious, I’m digging it.

Dave Dymond:  He’s a great athlete but he’s also an asshole.

Barker breaks it as he yells at Jenkins. Barker grabs Smiles now as he whips Smiles into the opposite corner but Smiles’s leg buckles as he gets about half way into the ring before collapsing. Barker smirks as he climbs up the turnbuckles now. Not the high flier he used to be, Barker slowly gets up there as he waits for Smiles to get up. Barker with a straight kick to the face of the Virginia native. Smiles goes tumbling down as Barker turns him over quickly for the cover!




Smiles kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Is this the night that the Clown gets his smile back?

Other Guy:  Ugh. That’s awful. Just awful.

Barker motions for Smiles to get up now. Smiles slowly gets up as Barker hoists Smiles onto his shoulders going for Side Splitter! Smiles escapes to the back of Barker. Smiles on ONE leg grabs Barker from behind and sloppily throws him with a German Release! Barker goes back first HARD from the sloppy suplex. Smiles slaps that bad leg of his trying to get the blood pumping. Barker holds the back of his neck as he landed awkwardly.

Dave Dymond:  My God! Smiles threw Barker using ONE leg. How strong is this man?

Before Smiles can celebrate though, Barker chops the knee of Smiles driving his shoulder and Jester crumbles on impact. Barker goes to the floor and he grabs a steel chair! Ref Jenkins is adamant that Ron can’t use the chair but it was just a distraction! While the ref throws the chair out, Ron picks Jester up and measures him. A blatant low blow and the fans are LIVID! Ron whips Jester to the ropes!





Samantha Coil: Your winner of the second fall…. RON BARKER!

Barker immediately covers again!




Barker grabs Smiles and whips him to the ropes going for another Perfection but Smiles in mid-air, reverses the brutal slam with a skillful arm drag showing surprising skill for a big man but Smiles is still hobbled. Smiles now goes to the corner and takes off the protective padding on the top turnbuckle. Barker comes over but gets a punch to the gut and Jester scoops up the champ and does the SIDE SPLITTER on the exposed turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Damn!

Ron goes belly first onto the steel and he’s coughing violently! Jester goes for another Black Mardi Gras hoping to score the decisive fall but Barker scurries away and his flesh shows a deep red mark. Barker decides to go to the floor for a break but Jester is in hot pursuit. Barker comes over to the time keeper’s table to try to get away and Jester grabs Ron. Ron grabs for anything he can get his grubby hands on and brandishes the hammer for the ring bell!


Hammer to the forehead of Jester and a trickle of blood immediately slips down the flesh of Jester Smiles. Barker looks desperate here and he grabs the ring mats and pulls them aside. He’s got a sick look on his face. Ron has Jester in a front face lock and DROPS the Clown with a DDT on concrete! A sick “THUD” and the crowd groans in sympathy. Barker grabs the dead weight of Jester and rolls him back in!

Other Guy: This is it!




The incredibly resilient former LOS champ kicks out and the crowd loves it. Barker is incredulous and works on the cut of Jester with several right hands RIGHT INTO the cut. Barker drags Jester close to the camera and we see his fingers DIG RIGHT into the cut and Jester is screaming in pain. Fans turn away in horror and what was once a cut is now a huge gash on the forehead of Jester Smiles.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles is no stranger to his own blood. We saw him bleed buckets in No Escape.

Other Guy: But Barker is the Iron Man, this is HIS match, Dave.

Barker goes to the outside now and grabs another chair and this time, he doesn’t care what the ref has to say. Barker MEASURES Jester …. SWING…. MISS! Barker’s swing is too high and Jester desperately punches Ron in the gut. Jester is going for his signature move!

End of Laughter!


Ron pushes him into the ropes and Jester comes bouncing back.


Chair to the skull!

Jester is DOWN! Barker is not done, he grabs Jester and without whipping him to the ropes, he DROPS Jester with PERFECTION ON THE CHAIR!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of this match up and STILL Law of Survival Champion…. RAVISHING RON BARKER!

Barker gets his hand raised and gets the Law of Survival Championship. He stands over the bloodied carcass of Jester Smiles and raises his Championship for all to see. The crowd showers him with boos and he smiles ear to ear with a look of satisfaction on his face.

Dave Dymond: I hate to say it but Ravishing Ron Barker has ARRIVED.

Other Guy: He made an example of Jester Smiles. Look at the clown now.


The scene cuts backstage to a lone locker room and Kenji Yamada sits alone, there is no monitor playing the Malice Pay Per View in front of him. He sits there alone, he wasn’t booked and he had no real reason to be there other than he was a member of the SHOOT Roster. His eyes were almost glazed over with a sort of bitterness that must have remained from his loss to Stein. His eyes suddenly dart towards the door…someone is outside.

Eventually the door is pushed open all together, although somewhat slowly, but eventually the wheel chair is seen moving through the doorway, and its not long before Vincent Mallows comes into view.

Vincent Mallows: The man who fate turned its back on, looks not to the clouds for god, but to the devil for revenge.

Mallows wheels all the way into the room, and his opening words have Yamada’s complete attention.

Vincent Mallows: Mr. Yamada, I do honestly believe it’s time to talk.

Yamada’s eyes roll into the back of his skull for a moment before closing his eyes and turning his head towards the ground.

Kenji Yamada: I’m surprised you’re willing to talk with me after I lost to Dan Stein and failed to pick up the piece of gold that you’re little rag tag group wanted. Come to rub it in my face? Come to tell me how stupid I looked being knocked out by that…that…idiot Stein? Is that what you fucking came for?

Kenji opens his eyes as his eyebrows furrow into a look of nothing but contempt and anger.

Kenji Yamada: If that’s what you came to do then…GET OUT! I don’t need to look hard for the devil, he stares back at me every morning when I wake up. Don’t fool yourself into thinking I need to look for him or ANYONE else to achieve my ambitions.

Mallows only wheels himself further into the room, his right hand pushing on the joystick lever that controls the wheels of the chair.

Vincent Mallows: I would laugh at your words, if I didn’t think it would sound like I was choking.  I am not fooling myself, Mr. Yamada.  You don’t need to look to anyone else… just… family.

A crooked deformed half smile appears on Mallows’s face.

Vincent Mallows: You failed, Mr. Yamada. But that is the best thing that could have ever happened to you.  You failed and you now realize that ill-contrived concepts of vagueness such as fate and destiny, are not what surrounds one with greatness.  No, it is the men who see the greatness in him, that surround him. Family, Kenji.  An idea foreign to you, perhaps, but it is something so very real that is willingly ready to embrace your newfound feelings.

Kenji scoffs loudly as he shakes his head, a rather disturbing laugh escapes his mouth for a few moments before he looks at Mallows.

Kenji Yamada: Again with family? You know, Mallows, the only family I had before was a man that was like a Father to me, Azraith DeMitri. He took me under his wing and crafted me into what I am today. Family isn’t a foreign concept to me, my dear friend, its more of an obscenity to me. I don’t need it. I need gold…I need what Fate couldn’t and wouldn’t give to me. I need redemption and I want to prove God wrong when he decided to punish me. THAT is what I need…not some hokey idea of family ties.

Mallows is unmoving

Vincent Mallows: What you knew, wasn’t family.  Family supports, family forgives, family is there no matter who you are. All Azraith DeMitri crafted in you was a FAILURE, Kenji.  So misguided with thoughts of proving God wrong.  It is impossible… you cannot prove wrong that which does not exist, SO STOP!

Mallows’s face becomes stern, yet still deformed in appearance.

Vincent Mallows: Stop finding excuses.  You screwed up, Kenji. And instead of tormenting yourself over that, pay attention open your eyes, to what FAMILY really is. Those of us who want you by our side, no matter what.  And we will see to it, Kenji, we will see to it that you are given everything you want.  Family spoils one another, Kenji.  It makes us happy.

Yamada seems to remain calm, when normally he’d strike out if talked to like that.  Something was different about Yamada at this point though. He looks back at Mallows with eyes that seemed like a confused child.

Kenji Yamada: Why are you trying so hard? You of all people knows that I am the prime candidate to turn my back on you and stab a knife in your back once I get what I want. So why…why try so hard?

Vincent Mallows: Because we care for you, Kenji. When nobody else does, we do.  We are willing to accept that you may one day want to fly away from the nest. That is nature.  But if you get what you want, and leave, my only hope is you’ll remember who was there for you, and then return.

Kenji storms to his feet, his emotions clearly on his sleeves and his own mind unsure of what to think. He slams his fist against the wall as hard as he can, drawing blood on his own knuckles.

Kenji Yamada: WHY DO YOU CARE THOGUH?! I’m…I’m tired of being a puppet, dancing around on the strings of someone else…I’m tired of it. I don’t want that. How am I to believe you and your men CARE about a man like ME?! God, who is supposed to have omnipotent love for all…found NONE for me, and yet you claim you CARE?! HOW?!

Mallows reaches out his right hand, gently touching Kenji on the lower part of his arm.

Vincent Mallows: Because we are all like you.  No puppets, no strings, men who want to be loved, but people can’t find it in their hearts to love us.  I’ve never had sons, Kenji. And I find myself with two beautiful ones, and three, three if you would see that we can care for you, just as you have come to care for us.  Whether you admit it or not, you understand.

Kenji stares at Mallows’s hand for just a moment…but in his own fragile insecurity he draws back his arm and scowls at Mallows before going silent.

Kenji Yamada: You want me that bad…then I’ll judge you and your “family”. I’m not your son and I’m not your flesh and blood. But, for now…I’ll watch over you and your family. I’ll deem whether or not you’re worthy of being a part of my ambitions or not…

Kenji gazes down at the arm Mallows touched, almost as if stuck in a trance for a moment.

Kenji Yamada: I’ll judge you…

Vincent Mallows: It is expected.  But I am certain you will find what you want, no, what you need.

Mallows starts to move his wheelchair out of the room now, but he stops just inside the doorway, the back of his wheel chair to Kenji.

Vincent Mallows: You’ll find that family isn’t all that bad of a thing to have.

With that, Mallows wheels out of the room, leaving Yamada in his solitude.


Several stage hands come out from the back, lugging folded tables. Three folded tables get set down at the end of the ramp, while still more start to get placed around the outside of the ring leaning against the barricade. The bell sounds, as Samantha Coil slowly climbs into the ring.

Dave Dymond: It looks like its time for the World Tag Team Championships to be decided, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty damned excited!

Other Guy: I’ve gotta be honest, this rivalry between the three teams didn’t seem all too intense until a handful of weeks ago. And since then, things have been heating up, and the intensity is off the fuckin’ charts.

As Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips, the stage hands quickly work together to set two tables up side by side at the bottom of the ramp, and then they set up the third left at the bottom of the ramp and slide it into place.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is the Irish Table Dance, for the SHOOT Project WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

The fans buzz excitedly, while the stage hands complete their three-table pyramid and exit the area.

Samantha Coil: In the Irish Table Dance, a tem is eliminated once BOTH members have gone through a table! Which means that the winning team is the only team to have at least one member standing. When a competitor goes through a table, he can still be at ringside and assist his partner, but once his partner ges through a table they must BOTH go to the back!

Suddenly “Not Without a Purpose” by Street Dogs hits, and the fans begin to boo loudly. Michael and Rowland Collins both step through the curtains, grinning, as Maureen Collins is dragged behind them, waving her smaller Irish Flag in the air. Both twins peel off their t-shirts and throw them down as they make their way to the ring, ignoring the jeers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the creator’s of this match! From Dublin, Ireland! Weighing in at a combined weight of 461 pounds! They are Michael and Rowland, the COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLIIIIIIIIIIIIINS TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!

Michael and Rowland slide under the bottom ropes and raise both fists into the air as their names are said. Their music slowly fades out, and is replaced suddenly by Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation.” The fans begin to respond to the music with a mixture of boos and cheers, pretty much half-and-half, as Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson both step through the curtains together, popping their necks from side-to-side.

Samantha Coil: And one of their opponents, from Westhampton Beach, New York! Weighing in together at 542 pounds! They are CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh! LOOOOOOOOOOONG IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISLAAAAAAAAAAAAND HAAAAAAAAAAAARDCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!

Jared and CJ both start their way down the ramp, unconcerned with the reaction they’re getting. They both calmly walk past the pyramid of tables and calmly climb up onto the ring apron before stepping through the ropes, smirking. And then, suddenly, “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go hits, and the fans explode into cheers!

Dave Dymond: Wow! Listen to this reaction, OG!

Other Guy: I don’t get why these kids are so popular, to be honest, Dave…sheesh.

FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning suddenly burst through the curtain! FLASH without his cape, but both men still hold their right thumbs skyward, as several fans return the gesture. FLASH and Kid Lightning both run down the ramp, suddenly, running on either side of the table-pyramid, and both slide under the bottom rope, with Kid Lightning tucking onto the top of his shoulders and nipping up to his feet quickly, and FLASH slides through to his knees and both hold their thumbs up!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, from Metropolis, Illinois! Weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are the team of FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning! The FLYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEERS!

The fans cheer their names, as Samantha Coil takes her leave from the ring.

Dave Dymond: These three teams are ready to go, OG, and these fans are ready for them to go!

Other Guy: This is about to get crazy, no doubt.

The bell sounds, and immediately, Michael and Rowland Collins slide out of the ring in opposite directions to go for tables! Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson slide out behind Rowland, while Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite slide out behind Michael, both teams stopping a Collins from getting to the table they’re going for!

Dave Dymond: Immediately the Collins Twins go for tables!

Other Guy: And immediately they’re stopped in their tracks!

Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson both grab Rowland by an arm from behind and pull him backward into them, where they each drive their arm across the back of Rowland’s head with a clothesline! FLASH Dynamite grabs Michael and turns him around by the shoulder, right into a Kid Lightning European uppercut that turns Michael back toward FLASH, who greets him with a snapping forearm to the side of the head that drops him to the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: Great teamwork from Long Island Hardcore and the Flying Avengers, and both Collins’ are down!

Other Guy: Its hard to count them out though, you know that.

Jared and CJ both stomp down on Rowland’s back, before grinning to each other as FLASH and Kid Lightning both slide into the ring. CJ and Jared turn as both FLASH and Kid Lightning run right for them, and both dive through the ropes! FLASH executes a perfect suicide dive onto CJ Nelson, while Kid Lightning corkscrews his body as he suicide dives through the ropes into Jared Walsh!

Dave Dymond: And the Flying Avengers fly!

Other Guy: Would you, perhaps, call that explosive?

Kid Lightning and FLASH both pop up to their feet and raise their right thumbs to the sky as the fans cheer them on! FLASH turns and grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Kid Lightning follows the table and starts setting it up, while FLASH turns and pulls Rowland off the floor. FLASH throws Rowland into the ring, as Kid Lightning turns the table over, but he turns right into Michael Collins who drives him into the canvas with a clothesline! Michael immediately turns his attention to FLASH as he slides under the bottom rope, putting boots to the back of his head!

Dave Dymond: The Flying Avengers have the first table set up, but Michael Collins put an end to whatever plans they had in mind for Rowland, his twin brother!

Other Guy: They have an advantage, as this match IS their invention.

Michael continues to stomp down on FLASH’s head as Rowland slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. Rowland moves toward Kid Lightning as CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh push to their feet on the outside. CJ and Jared grab FLASH by his ankles and pull him from outside the ring, halting Michael’s assault, to start driving boots into his head themselves! Michael shrugs and joins his brother in pulling Kid Lightning to his feet. They both back Kid Lightning up to the table and then whip him toward the ropes! They put their backs to the table and as Kid Lightning rebounds off the ropes they suddenly duck down for a back body drop! But Kid Lightning leaps up and lands with a foot on either one of the twins’ backs, and as they shoot upward to launch him he quickly steps off of their backs and onto the table!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning just avoided a double back body drop through the table!

Other Guy: Looks like the Collins’ know that, though.

Upon not hearing the table break, the Collins’ turn, right into Kid Lightning as he back flips off the table and lands on both of them with a moonsault press! The twins back pedal from the sudden moonsault, but neither of them fall. They both run toward the table, but Kid Lightning kicks his legs and slips off behind the two of them! Michael turns and swings a clothesline, but Kid Lightning ducks and Michael runs and hits the ropes, just as CJ Nelson slides into the ring! CJ catches Michael on the rebound with a huge spinebuster out of nowhere, as Rowland turns and is caught by a drop toehold from Kid Lightning!

Dave Dymond: Looks like the first table has been all but forgotten, as the Collins have both been taken down once again!

Other Guy: You can bet that table hasn’t been forgotten, its just not come into play just yet as all three teams are fully aware.

Jared Walsh hops onto the ring apron just as Kid Lightning runs for the ropes. Jared quickly steps on the second rope and pulls upward on the top rope, and instead of Kid Lightning hitting the ropes, he spills through the ropes hard to the arena floor! Jared then steps through the ropes as Rowland Collins pushes back to his feet and catches Jared with a forearm to the abdomen as he does so! Rowland grabs Jared by his head and hooks him for a suplex, turning to drive him through the table with it! Rowland snaps upward, but CJ Nelson is right there and he grabs Jared’s legs, stopping him from being suplexed through the table! Rowland has to put Jared back down and is immediately kicked in the abdomen by CJ!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson just stopped Jared Walsh from crashing through a table, and still no team has lost a member to a table!

Other Guy: Lets not forget that if someone goes through a table, that doesn’t send them to the back, they can still be out there to help their teammate, and honestly that can be a deciding factor.

CJ hooks Rowland, while Jared stays in the position he was in already, and both snap back with a double suplex, crashing Rowland to the canvas! Michael Collins is there immediately with a jumping elbow drop across CJ Nelson’s face, stopping him from getting up when his partner does! Jared gets to his feet as FLASH Dynamite rolls into the ring. Jared turns right into Michael Collins, who kicks Jared in the belly! Michael backs Jared into the ropes with several punches and whips him off the ropes! Jared rebounds and Michael ducks down suddenly, catching Jared with a back body drop as FLASH gets to his feet! FLASH catches Jared as he is sent through the air, and FLASH pushes Jared up into a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: Incredible display of power from the larger super hero!

Other Guy: Whoa…

FLASH turns towards the table inside the ring, but Michael is there with a kick to the back of FLASH’s knee, and FLASH lets Jared slip from his grasp harmlessly to the canvas! Michael turns FLASH around, but CJ Nelson is right there behind him with a forearm across the back of the shoulders! Jared grabs Michael by his wrist, and CJ grabs FLASH by his, and both send their respective foe off the ropes! Both FLASH and Michael rebound, however, and leap into the air, with Michael delivering a flying forearm to Jared’s face, while FLASH flips forward with a flipping clothesline, taking CJ down to the canvss!

Dave Dymond: The tables are turned from earlier, as now both members of Long Island Hardcore are taken out by as member from each of the other two teams!

Other Guy: I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming…

FLASH and Michael both push to their feet, and FLASH catches Michael with a sudden powerslam out of nowhere! FLASH steps through the ropes and climbs up the ropes! He points down at Michael!

Dave Dymond: Could we see the Air FLASH Express?!

Rowland Collins suddenly appears out of nowhere and he runs up the ropes! He hooks under FLASH’s arms and turns slightly, snapping back with an overhead belly to belly suplex off the top rope that sends FLASH crashing! THROUGH A TABLE!

Other Guy: Apparently not!

Dave Dymond: That’s the same move FLASH used to put Michael through a table during the wild brawl last week!

Other Guy: Only Rowland did it off the top rope!

Kid Lightning pulls himself up from the outside, while Jared Walsh is the first to stir from Long Island Hardcore. Kid Lightning hops onto the apron, while Rowland pushes to his feet, clutching at his back, and Michael Collins only barely starts to stir now. Kid Lightning grabs the top rope and springboards to the top! Rowland turns just as Kid Lightning springs off right into Rowland with a diving tornado DDT, and Rowland’s head spikes off the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning with a bit of retribution with that insanely high impact DDT that he’s been using in Sky High to great success!

Other Guy: And now Kid Lightning is the ONLY man standing…for now.

Kid Lightning moves toward Jared as he tries to push to his feet. Kid Lightning grabs Jared by his arm and guides him to his feet before twisting under his arm and sending him off the ropes! Jared reverses the whip and rushes to Kid Lightning, catching him as he rebounds off the ropes by baseball sliding into him and hooking his ankle with his arm, sending Kid Lightning crashing to the canvas face first! Jared slides right under the bottom rope with ease and grabs a table.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Jared Walsh is looking to send the Flying Avengers completely out of here, OG!

Other Guy: Truthfully I think he’d be better off sending a Collins through that table, because that would give Long Island Hardcore a distinct advantage.

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet as Jared unfolds the legs of the table and turns it over, setting it upright. Michael Collins rushes at Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning ducks the clothesline attempt while grabbing the top rope, and Michael Collins spills over onto the apron!

Dave Dymond: Where did Michael Collins come from?!

Other Guy: Obviously he got up, and he saw an opportunity to ambush Kid Lightning, it just happened to fail.

Jared turns around as Michael pushes to his feet on the apron, and Kid Lightning jumps, dropkicking Collins in the chest! Collins wobbles back and falls, landing on Jared’s shoulders, both men facing the same way! Michael Collins reaches forward and grabs the top rope, stopping Jared from successfully falling backward to send him through the table! Kid Lightning quickly pushes to his feet! Kid Lightning springboards to the top rope and off! Kid Lightning turns, landing on Michael’s shoulders, all three men facing the same way! Kid Lightning snaps back with a reverse hurricanrana, sending Michael backflipping off of Jared’s shoulders!


Other Guy: Jared Walsh with the assist!

THROUGH THE TABLE! Michael Collins crashes through with his chest, and Jared falls to his knees from all the weight that had been on his shoulders, while Kid Lightning lies there motionless!

Dave Dymond: Now Kid Lightning and Rowland Collins are the only chance for their respective teams!

Other Guy: And BOTH members of Long Island Hardcore still haven’t gone through a table.

CJ Nelson, meanwhile, in the ring has gotten to his feet and pulls Rowland up as well. CJ drives a stiff jab into Rowland’s face, rocking him into the ropes. CJ sends Rowland off the ropes and catches him with a quick and dangerous powerslam, driving him to the canvas with authority! CJ pushes to his feet, as FLASH Dynamite stirs in the rubble of his shattered table. CJ slides out of the ring and grabs a table, as Jared slides into the ring as well. Jared starts driving stomps into Rowland’s chest, while CJ slides the table he retrieved into the ring.

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh are doing well for themselves, both having avoided going through a table thus far, and the two men that put someone through a table are both hurt from doing so!

Other Guy: It’s a very distinct advantage they’ve got. Not just in experience in the ring and as a tag team, and not just in this environment, but also in willingly letting the other two teams try to kill themselves to put someone else through a table.

CJ grabs the table and sets it up, leaning it against a corner. FLASH pushes to his feet and slowly turns around before falling backward into the ropes. CJ turns and both Jared and CJ pull Rowland off the canvas. Both men back Rowland up into the opposite corner from the table and both whip him toward the table! FLASH Dynamite explodes into action, moving in front of Rowland, FLASH catches Rowland and swings him through a tilt-a-whirl, right onto his shoulders for a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite could have just stopped Rowland Collins from being eliminated!

Other Guy: Why would he do that?!

Dave Dymond: To give Kid Lightning a chance to recover, is my guess.

FLASH pushes Rowland upward and back over his head, catching Rowland as he comes down by dropping to his back and thrusting both knees upward into Rowland’s abdomen and chest! Jared rushes at Rowland and somersaults forward, landing with a flipping senton across Rowland’s back as he’s on FLASH’s knee, while CJ Nelson angrily runs past Rowland’s head and drives a running elbow drop into FLASH Dynamite’s face!

Dave Dymond: Long Island Hardcore are clearly not pleased that their attempt to send one team packing has been foiled!

Other Guy: Would you be happy, Dave? Really?

Rowland rolls off of FLASH’s knees, as FLASH’s legs drop and he clutches at his face. CJ pushes up and jumps, driving a HUGE knee down on the top of FLASH’s face! Jared Walsh pushes Rowland onto his back and places his palms on Rowland’s throat, choking him forcefully!

Other Guy: Well, if you’re right, at least FLASH’s plan is working…he’s definitely buying Kid Lightning time while he gets pummeled.

Dave Dymond: Indeed he is.

Kid Lightning rolls up onto the apron. He looks into the ring and sees what’s taking place, and suddenly grabs the top rope! Kid Lightning springboards to the top rope and flies off with a dropkick to the back of CJ Nelson’s head, while CJ stomps down on FLASH Dynamite! CJ staggers forward and trips, rolling through the middle and top rope to the floor! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and ducks a high kick from Jared Walsh! Kid Lightning leaps up, landing on Jared Walsh’s shoulders, facing the same way! Rowland Collins quickly turns from his back and hooks Jared’s with his own, drop toeholding Jared and sending Kid Lightning crashing to the canvas face-first as well!

Dave Dymond: Unique situation for a drop toe hold, and Rowland Collins definitely appears to be in the driver’s seat!

Rowland pushes to his feet, as Kid Lightning does the same. Rowland catches Kid Lightning with a boot to the abdomen! Rowland turns Kid Lightning around and runs forward, driving Kid Lightning’s chest into the turnbuckles nearest them, and the table along the adjoining ropes wobbles from the impact! Rowland hooks Kid Lightning from behind and scoops him up, dropping him in a seated position on the top rope!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good for your boy, Kid Lightning, Dave.

Rowland climbs up and stands on the middle rope behind Kid Lightning, before pulling Kid Lightning up and making him stand on the top rope! Rowland hooks Kid Lightning in a waistlock, but Jared Walsh isn there with a sudden kick across the small of the back! Kid Lightning slumps back to his seat on the top rope, while Jared grabs Rowland, while standing on the canvas, with a high waistlock, and Rowland still stands on the second rope!

Dave Dymond: What the hell? Jared is going to try to German suplex Rowland off the second rope, and Rowland has Kid Lightning in a waistlock as well!

Other Guy: Whatever this is, this is going to be dangerous and is probably going to suck a ton for Kid Lightning!

Suddenly, Michael Collins slides under the bottom rope, clutching his head! He runs at Jared Walsh and clubs him in the back of the head, preventing the German suplex! Michael hooks Jared in a waistlock and he starts to tug for a German suplex of his own, while Jared keeps his grip on Rowland’s waist! Rowland keeps his grip on Kid Lightning’s waist, and his feet on the second ropes! And Kid Lightning grabs the top rope to either side of himself with both hands! FLASH Dynamite pushes to his feet and grabs Michael Collins from behind suddenly with a waistlock of his own!

Dave Dymond: There is a five-man chain of waistlocks right now!

Other Guy: I never fucking thought I’d see the day where four men tried to German suplex someone, and the fifth just tried to hold on for dear life!

CJ Nelson rolls under the bottom rope and suddenly headbutts right between FLASH’s shoulders! CJ grabs FLASH in a deep waistlock and starts tugging backward! Kid Lightning’s grip releases as CJ Nelson pulls back on FLASH Dynamite! FLASH Dynamite hoists Michael Collins! Michael Collins lifts Jared Walsh! Jared Walsh snaps back Rowland Collins! Rowland Collins hurls Kid Lightning with a release!



Other Guy: Oh my fucking God!

Kid Lightning flips through the release a full two times, and lands high on his shoulders, with both feet tangled in the opposite corner! Rowland Collins lands in a heap right under him! Jared Walsh is to Rowland’s left a little, while Michael Collins is to Jared’s right! FLASH Dynamite is flat on his back, clutching the back of his head, while CJ Nelson pushes to his feet defiantly!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is dead! He flipped TWICE, and he is dead!

Other Guy: Rowland Collins, Jared Walsh, Michael Collins, and even FLASH Dynamite aren’t doing much better!

CJ grabs FLASH dynamite and pulls him to his feet and sends him through the ropes to the outside! CJ grabs Michael and throws him out of the ring as well. CJ pulls Rowland up to his feet by his hair, forcefully, as Jared stirs to the side. CJ points threateningly at the table leaning in the adjacent corner.

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins is defenseless now!

Other Guy: And its time for him to go through a table, from the looks of things!

Rowland suddenly jabs a thumb up into CJ’s eye! CJ backs away, clutching his eye, and actually backs into the table! Rowland stumbles toward CJ and starts driving right jabs into CJ’s chin, trying to push him backward onto the table, but Jared Walsh suddenly pushes to his feet! Jared runs past Rowland, on the right side of Rowland, while CJ runs to the left of Rowland suddenly! Jared grabs Rowland by the front of the neck as he passes and runs up the table, he turns, and drives Rowland’s face into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: YOU DISSOLVE!

Other Guy: Out of nowhere! Wow!

Jared pushes up to his feet as Kid Lightning’s feet fall off the ropes, though he still lies in the corner motionless. Jared grabs Rowland by his hair, while Michael Collins stirs on the outside. Michael grabs a table and quickly sets it up, before turning as Rowland is shoved into a corner by CJ and Jared! Michael slides into the ring and starts driving forearms into Jared’s back, but CJ turns and drives Michael down with a hard clothesline! FLASH slides into the ring and catches CJ and whips him around by the arm, pulling him straight up into a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: Amazing strength by FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: How in the shit?

FLASH spins and turns, driving CJ to the canvas with a huge Death Valley Driver! Jared turns as FLASH pushes to his feet! FLASH turns and Jared kicks straight up, right into FLASH’s groin! FLASH drops to his knees, and Rowland capitalizes behind Jared, grabbing him by the hair, he throws Jared through the ropes! Jared hooks the middle rope and pulls himself to stand on the apron! Rowland rushes at Jared, but Jared ducks his shoulder through the ropes and shoulder Rowland in the gut!

Dave Dymond: Jared could have been sent through the table Michael set up right behind him!

Other Guy: But he wasn’t, and that’s what matters right now.

Jared reaches and grabs Rowland, pulling him through the ropes onto the apron with him! Jared starts driving punches into Rowland’s cheek, and Michael collins pushes to his feet! Michael grabs Jared’s arm, stopping a jab, and Rowland reacts with a knee into Jared’s abdomen! Rowland pulls Jared into a standing head scissors!

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins could be going for a powerbomb, and if I’m guessing right, that means Jared will be sent through the table to Rowland’s right!

Other Guy: That’s what the Collins Twins are hoping for, anyway.

CJ Nelson grabs Michael Collins and turns him around! CJ whips Michael off the ropes, and turns suddenly, driving a huge big boot into the side of Rowland’s head! Rowland grabs the top rope, stopping himself from falling over, and CJ turns as Michael Collins rebounds with a running forearm! CJ rocks back, but snaps in with a headbutt to the bridge of Michael’s nose! Jared straightens up and turns, grabbing Rowland by his head! Jared leaps off the apron and turns toward the table, pulling Rowland behind with him, with a modified version of his You Dissolve!


Other Guy: Off the apron! Through a fucking table!

Samantha Coil: The Collins Twins are NOW eliminated from the Irish Table Dance!

Michael Collins, who hit the canvas after the vicious headbutt, starts to his feet while CJ Nelson raises his arms. Michael swings hard with an uppercut, right into CJ’s groin! CJ crumbles to the canvas in a heap!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins does not seem pleased with his team now being eliminated from the match THEY designed!

Other Guy: Those are the breaks, though.

Kid Lightning slowly starts pulling himself to his feet, while both FLASH Dynamite and CJ Nelson lie on the canvas in pain from the groin shots they recently received. Michael Collins slides out of the ring and starts driving boots into Jared Walsh’s face, while he lies on the floor on the outside! Michael starts to pull Jared to his feet, but Jared keeps dropping back to his knees!

Dave Dymond: How the hell?!

Other Guy: Kid Lightning is on his feet!

Kid Lightning is, in fact, to his feet. He looks out at Michael Collins as Michael pulls Jared to his feet. Kid Lightning holds the back of his head before shaking his head. He runs to the ropes and rebounds off, building up speed! Jared falls to his knees again, and Kid Lightning leaps up to springboard onto the top rope! Michael Collins turns! Kid Lightning springs off the top rope with a corkscrew flipping senton, right into Michael, taking Michael to the arena floor!

THAT WAS AWESOME! Clap Clap clap-clap-clap! THAT WAS AWESOME! Clap Clap clap-clap-clap! THAT WAS AWESOME! Clap Clap clap-clap-clap!

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, and in that instance Jared Walsh pushes up to his behind Kid Lightning, with a clubbing forearm to the back of his head! Jared shoves Kid Lightning into the ring and follows behind him, booting him in the side of the head! Jared turns and runs at FLASH Dynamie, kicking him in the side of the head to keep him down!

Dave Dymond: After that incredible dive, Jared Walsh has unleashed upon Kid Lightning!

Other Guy: Which just proves how smart both members of Long Island Hardcore are, Dave.

Jared turns back to Kid Lightning, but Kid Lightning snaps to his feet with a sudden European uppercut! Jared stumbles back a step as Kid Lightning snaps up onto Jared’s shoulders, rolling through with a hurricanrana that sends Jared into the corner opposite the leaning table! Kid Lightning turns Jared around in the corner, so he can face the table, and sends him at the table with a hard Irish whip! Jared gets a foot on the table, stopping himself from colliding with the able, and turns as Kid Lightning runs right at him! Kid Lightning catches Jared with a flying head scissors and swings through a full rotation, with his arm hooked around Jared’s head, Kid Lightning whips his legs to Jared’s left, twisting him with a tornado DDT!


Other Guy: How the hell?!

Jared’s head goes through the table leaning in the corner at an awkward angle, and Jared lies there in a heap among the shattered debris, while Kid Lightning tries to pull himself out of the wreckage! CJ Nelson pushes to his feet against the ropes, still holding at the pain between his legs. Kid Lightning suddenly hits the ropes and runs right at CJ!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is getting ballsy!

Other Guy: Running at CJ Nelson is pure suicide when he weighs more than two of you!

CJ suddenly drops his shoulder and places his hands under Kid Lightning’s hips, snapping upward, CJ launches Kid Lightning high above the ring ropes, not allowing him to reach for them to stop himself with a huge back body drop!


Kid Lightning lands on top of the three-table pyramid, and crashes through!


Dave Dymond: HOLY SHIT!

Other Guy: Did you fucking SEE how fucking high Kid Lightning got launched!


The bell sounds as the tables break, the commentary team reacts, and the crowd chants all at once!


The fans respond to the announcement with very mixed reactions, excited because of the match itself, but they seem less that happy about who won in the end. Regardless, there are several cheers mixed in, several more than the boos, as CJ Nelson falls to his knees.

Dave Dymond: That was insane!

Other Guy: No, Dave. THAT was how a Tag Team Division truly gets started!


We cut to a hallway backstage, a standard amalgamation of flourescent lighting and depressing sinder block construction. Sitting in a folding chair and lacing his boots, the World Title sitting next to him, is Adrian Corazon. He doesnt seem to be concerned with the passing crew members, and isnt paying attention as one of his opponents this evening, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, strolls next to him and quickly scoops up the title belt.

Kilgore: Hey, this is pretty cool.

Corazon calmly looks up, eyeing Kilgore Stochansky, who for his part sort of looks over the various detail on the belt, almost inspecting it.

Corazon: Yeah. It is. It’s what we fight for.

Stochansky slings it over his shoulder and develops a sort of pose, looking to the left at nothing in particular.

Kilgore: Whaddaya think? Good fit, right?

Smirking, Corazon looks at him. He almost wants to laugh, but doesn’t.

Corazon: I have to be honest. It looks awkward.

The tall Ukranian chuckles, then sets the title down with care, folding the sraps underneath the plate.

Kilgore: Says you. But then again, I’m not winning this for you.

Corazon: If you ask Jun Kenshin, you’re not winning that at all.

Stochansky laughs and sits down in a folding chair, Crossing his legs.

Kilgore: Well, he didnt think I’d beat him the two times that I did.

Corazon: He’s got a history of that kind of attitude. It’s really unbecoming, honestly.

Corazon shrugs, sitting up now.

Corazon: But, some people are old hat in that way.

His opponent smirks and nods, scratching his chin.

Kilgore: You know that we’re the two folks least expected to win this? Everyone’s looking at Roland Caldwell or Chris Davis to walk away the champion. It’s kind of depressing, but it can work to your advantage.

Corazon waves a hand, shrugging that statement off.

Corazon: That’s how it is, man. Safe money is with Roland or Davis. I’m not concerned about it. I never have been.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: Underestimation has never been part of my gameplan.

Kilgore Chuckles, and pats Corazon on the shoulder.

Kilgore: Indeed. Adrian Corazon, the ultimate in wrestling. I’m sure the other guys are quaking in their boots over the prospect.

He looks over, his face serious.

Kilgore: Except they arent. Like it or not, Underestimation is part of who you are. And if I were you, I wouldnt stand for it.

Corazon: Oh, I certainly won’t stand for it, but I’m not going to focus on it in the slightest. I know I can beat each man in this match. Their underestimation is their own false sense of security. It means nothing to me.

Stochansky Stands and places his hands on his hips, exhaling.

Kilgore: Listen, I hate to bring it to this, but it needs to be said. We’re the young guns in this. Regardless of how this match starts, it needs to end with us two, we’re the new blood, if you will. Those other three are yestarday’s news, you get what I’m saying?

He holds out an expectant hand

Kilgore: Solidarity.

Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon: I’ll make no bargains, but I’ll not harbor ill intent towards you, Stochansky. This match is about winning the World Championship. It’s not about young guys versus old guys, or whatever. Don’t subscribe to that.

Corazon stands now, and shakes Kilgore’s hand.

Corazon: But I do hope I’ll see you at the end. If only for the purpose of making a statement.

Adrian Corazon gathers up the Title belt and walks off down the hall, leaving Kilgore Stochansky to his thoughts and his wicked grin. We cut away…


For a moment the camera focuses in on the entrance way to the ring area.  Seen now are the images of Trevor Worrens on one of the small screens, then across from him on the other smaller screen is an image of Osbourne Kilminster.  And now the Malice Mega Screen shows the words –I Quit Match-.

Dave Dymond: It has been a personal rivalry that somewhat started up without many people even really knowing about it.  And now in the few months it has spawned, it comes to its full end tonight.  Here in that very ring, one man will quit… the question is who.

The fans begin to buzz now as the Malice Mega-Screen changes, no showing a panoramic moving view over what appears to be an ancient kingdom.  The focus cuts out more to get the entire entryway now, revealing that two giant drums have been wheeled out to each side of the entryway, and with the drums stands two people, each one with a large mallet.  They alternate beating on the drums, one after another in a steady rhythm.  Slowly but surely over time the beat gets faster and suddenly the live drumming matches the opening drum beat of “Warriors of the World” by Manowar.  Now the Malice Mega-Screen shows clips of Osbourne Kilminster in action and as the man himself steps out from behind the long red curtains, two flames shoot up on the farthest parts of the stage.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is an I QUIT match!  Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds… here is OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

The fans boo as Kilminster just stands in the entryway, his chain mail coif/vest combination glistening from the reflection of the light.  Kilminster then stoically walks towards the ring, a very serious expression on his face.

Dave Dymond: Ever since he returned at Animosity back in November, Osbourne Kilminster has had a bad attitude and a HUGE chip on his shoulder.  He actually believes he deserves to be at the very top.  But I beg to differ.

Other Guy: I don’t know about that, Dave. Kilminster is a world class athlete and when it comes to payin’ dues, Kilminster has and Worrens really didn’t.  tonight’s about righting wrongs for Kilminster, and in his mind, agree or not, that wrong is Trevor Worrens.

Kilminster slowly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He stops right inside and removes his coif/vest combination and drops it carefully into the awaiting hands of one of the ring crewmembers.  Kilminster then paces about the ring as his music continues to play, until eventually it fades out.  Kilminster continues to pace, but his focus is now placed on the entryway. 

The Malice Mega-Screen comes to life and seen is Trevor Worrens holding a camera, filming himself in a mirror while standing in front of a mirror as well, so the image of Worrens with the camera seems to be never ending.  On the screen, Worrens starts to walk towards the mirror, and it turns into an endless path where he keeps walking through each mirror reflection of himself.  The fans start buzz a bit as Worrens on the screen picks up the pace, running faster and faster until he reaches nothing but a final mirror.  Worrens CRASHES through the mirror and the screen goes pitch white at the same time the lights in the arena go off.

Dave Dymond: A new cinematic entrance for Worrens…

Before Dymond can finish white pyros shoot off just as “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play loudly throughout the arena.  The white light from the pyros illuminates the entryway and then as the lights come up, Trevor Worrens is seen standing there and many of the fans start to cheer.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 233 pounds… Here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens makes his way to the ring, focused, determined, and energetic. Some fans actually reach out their hands towards Worrens, and Worrens in turn actually gives a couple of high fives, but doesn’t spend much time at all playing up to the fans.  His eyes immediately find their focus on Kilminster inside the ring.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens has gone through such a change over the past couple of months and from the look and sound of it, the young athlete has found a passion for this sport.

Other Guy: He’s looking to win for the right reasons now, and not the wrong ones.  Gotta give props to Worrens, definitely not nearly as depressing as the cat used to be.

Worrens slides into the ring under the bottom rope and cautiously rises to his feet, looking to Kilminster.  Kilminster is more than ready for their fight, as is Worrens.  Worrens stretches out a few times as he walks about the ring, feeling out his surroundings and then he stops across from Kilminster, both men locking eyes.

Other Guy: Talk about tension, Dave.  These two have gotten into so many physical exchanges over the past several weeks, and this one is gonna be the biggest of them all.

Kilminster and Worrens suddenly meet dead center of the ring, immediately butting heads as they breathe down one another’s neck.  Referee Austin Linam signals for the bell, but neither man moves an inch from their spot. Kilminster becomes more animated as he pushes harder into Worrens, forcing Worrens to have to push even harder to hold his own ground.

Dave Dymond: When this explodes, it’s going to explode big time.  For weeks Worrens and Kilminster have not let up against one another, and it has led to this moment… neither one of these men want to have to face the other again, so ALL the chips are put out on the table here tonight… here, right now.

The jaw jacking between Kilminster and Worrens gets more and more heated, and as each man puts more of their body into their words, the fans start to pick up, and suddenly Worrens just SHOVES Kilminster. The fans pop and Worrens points to my face.

Trevor Worrens: Take the shot!

Kilminster grinds his teeth and clenches his fists, but he steps back, not going for it.  The fans boo loudly now as Kilminster turns away from Worrens all together.  Worrens lets emotion get the better of him and he charges in, and Kilminster spins around quickly and just DECKS Worrens with a hard right hook to the jaw.  Worrens staggers back and Kilminster moves in after him now with another hard shot.  Worrens seems to absorb the second punch better as he comes back with a palm strike of his own… but Kilminster swats it away from the most part, and then DRIVES a knee to the side of Worrens’s left thigh, then plants his foot behind Worrens and shoves down with a quick STO type take down.

Other Guy: It’s on now, Dave.  Worrens tried to goad Kilminster in, but looks like Kilminster ended up turnin’ that right around on Worrens.

Dave Dymond: That’s where that emotion factor can come into play negatively, Other Guy. Worrens, as we’ve witnessed, has been running on some serious excitement, a rush he calls it, but that rush just saw him get taken down first in this match.

Worrens scrambles up to his feet, not wanting to be caught in a mount position by Kilminster, but Kilminster right there to grab at Worrens’s legs, looking for a leg lift take down, but Worrens drives an elbow shot into Kilminster’s face, then another one. Kilminster loses his firm holding, and Worrens DRIVES a third elbow down, this time right on top of Kilminster’s head. Kilminster still pushes through, running his shoulder into Worrens’s gut now, but Worrens switches it up into a headlock, pulls him down into a quick DDT, then Worrens sprawls his legs out behind him, lying flat on his stomach, with Kilminster on his stomach as well.  Worrens WRENCHES the neck, while digging his feet into the mat for added leverage.  Kilminster struggles but works on powering his way up to his feet,  Worrens still has the headlock applied however, but Kilminster reaches out his arms trying to pull Worrens in, but that leaves a bit of an opening for Worrens to just FIRES a knee shot into Kilminster’s chest.

Other Guy: Already we’re seein’ just how this match is gonna play itself out. Two very physical fighters goin at it, but both have to keep the other conscious, as this match doesn’t end until someone says I quit, and if the match has to be stopped, well that doesn’t solve a damn thing between these two.

With Kilminster still slumped over, Worrens hits the ropes now, looking to capitalize, but Kilminster springs upwards at the right moment and QUICKLY takes Worrens down with a snapping forceful power slam!  The fans let out a collective “OOOOOH” from witnessing the impact and now Kilminster gets up to one knee from there, pulling Worrens up as well, and now applying a rear choke headlock to Worrens.  Worrens struggles, only for Kilminster to pull tighter, cutting off more of his air.  Referee Austin Linam gets closer now, his lapel microphone picking up both Kilminster and Worrens.

Osbourne Kilminster: It can end right now. You can bounce back somewhere else… just quit!

Kilminster loosens the choke/headlock giving Worrens enough room to breathe, but he doesn’t say anything. Kilminster pulls hard again, squeezing the neck while wrenching the head to the side slightly.  Worrens winces in pain, eyes squinting.  Worrens starts to move his arms, trying to get out of the hold some how, but Kilminster turns his body to the side now and wraps his legs around Worrens’s torso!  Worrens grunts, somewhat unable to breathe.

Austin Linam: do you give up Trevor?

Kilminster lets up again…

Trevor Worrens: NO!

Kilminster goes right back to applying the hold… no! Worrens gets both his arms up now and he pushes on Kilminster’s arm, keeping it from locking tightly around his neck again. Some of the fans start to rally behind Worrens now as he pries Kilminster’s arm away, then before Kilminster can react, Worrens fires a messy elbow show from his side, JUST catching Kilminster’s head.  Kilminster rolls to the side now, unwrapping his legs from Worrens’s torso in the process, and Worrens is up, taking in deep breaths, but he goes for Kilminster right away… drop toe hold though puts Worrens’s chin just over the bottom rope.

Dave Dymond:  Worrens showing he plans on hanging in this match up, but Osbourne Kilminster VERY confident in this fight, and as he’s said all week, he’s going to force Worrens to quit.

Other Guy: Oh ya know its already super physical between these two, because Linam’s right there asking if someone quits every step of the way.  Because just like that these two could put the other one out. Though right now it’s looking like Kilminster has the advantage.

Kilminster goes to the outside ring edge, and before Worrens can get up, Kilminster walks the length of the edge then DROPS a hard knee onto the back of Worrens’s head!  Worrens’s head bounces off the bottom rope and he falls backwards into a sitting position from the impact.  Kilminster then comes into the ring and looks to capitalize, but Worrens kicks his leg out quickly, catching Kilminster in the left shin.  Kilminster falters and Worrens rises up to his feet with a knee to the left leg, then a knee to the right leg. As Kilminster sways Worrens lands a palm strike to the sternum than another palm strike up into the side of the jaw of Kilminster.  Kilminster has no time to recover as he’s spun around and Worrens hits him in the back of the head with a hard standing clothesline!  Kilminster is dropped to his knees and palms and Worrens pulls him back into a sitting position, drives a single knee into Kilminster’s spine, causing him to arch slightly in pain.

Worrens from there hooks up under the arm, locking his own two arms together… and he has the arm-hook sleeper APPLIED!

Dave Dymond: That’s it right there, The Broken Beyond Repair!  That’s the move that made Kilminster pass out!

The fans come alive now as Kilminster flails about, trying to move his body, but it will do him no good.  Austin Linam gets in position as Worrens just cinches the hold on tightly. Kilminster moves his one free arm, trying to find some way to counter or break the submission… but he does seem to struggle.

Austin Linam: Do you quit?

Osbourne Kilminster: No!

Worrens PUSHES the sides of his palms into Kilminster’s neck a bit more, forcing a quick scream out of Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: Ask him again!

The referee nods his head.

Austin Linam: Do you qui…

Osbourne Kilminster: NO!

Kilminster fights his way up to his feet with a surge of force, taking Worrens by surprise.  Worrens lets go of the submission hold  slightly, but still holding onto Kilminster’s arm, Worrens twists him around and then fires up into his chest with a kick.  Kilminster doubles over and Worrens gets in front of him. Again a headlock is applied, but now Kilminster shoves his body into Worrens, sending Worrens’s back into the ropes.  Kilminster then pushes Worrens off the ropes and sends him across the ring, but Worrens stops in mid run, and turns.

Dave Dymond: Worrens looking to stay right on top of this and he knows that he’s going to have to keep Kilminster in close quarters and on the mat as much as possible to force him to tire, to put him in a position to say I quit.

Other Guy: And he’s goin right back for him, Dave.  Only thing is, Kilminster’s coming just as hard at Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Forceful lock up, and whoever can gain the advantage here can in turn capitalize and maybe start to chip away at the other.

The fans watch on as both men seem to be at a halt in the ring, with neither man able to get the power advantage on the other. Worrens works on pushing Kilminster back, but Kilminster grips tighter onto Worrens’s shoulders, forcing Worrens slightly down onto one knee.  Kilminster turns it into a full on nerve pinch, but Worrens gets back up and then turns his arms inside of Kilminster’s and breaks them away… but he leaves himself open to a HARD European uppercut from Kilminster!  Worrens’s head snaps back and Kilminster rushes now, lowering his body for a quick spear takedown, but Kilminster stays on his feet and bends his body downward, planting Worrens into the mat!  Worrens tries to hook Kilminster around the neck, countering into a headlock, but Kilminster fires stiff punches into the kidneys and ribs, causing Worrens to focus more on trying to get Kilminster off of him.

Worrens finally gets his knees up under the weight of Kilminster’s body and manages to get him off to the side.  Kilminster doesn’t let up though and is up to his feet, but met with a palm strike to the face from Worrens, then another. Kilminster responds with some hard punches, knocking Worrens back a bit from the impact.  Kilminster continues to fire punch after punch at Kilminster, but Worrens fights back, holding his own and just DRILLING his palms into Kilminster’s face and now even his chest.  Worrens starts to slowly gain the advantage now, working in knees and palms alike!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens fighting back and these two are just NOT letting up.

Other Guy: They can’t, Dave.  These two don’t agree on anything BUT one thing, and that’s that tonight… there has to be a decision. A final end all be all decision.  There’s no let up, there’s no “live to fight another day” this has gotta end tonight.

Worrens works three knees to the stomach, then a rising palm strike into Kilminster’s forehead.  The fans start to cheer a bit louder for Worrens and Worrens seems to pick up their energy as he starts striking faster, throwing more of his body weight into each blow.  Kilminster tries to get back into it, planting one foot forward firmly for a lunge, but Worrens wraps around to the side, and locks Kilminster into a textbook standing sleeper hold!

Dave Dymond: Worrens again applying a sleeper, trying to wear Kilminster down, forcing him into saying those words that I’m not sure either man is going to so easily say.

Other Guy: Eventually ya break down, though. Somebody in this fight will break down and have to say those words.

Kilminster fights strong against the sleeper hold this time, and he walks towards the ropes, pulls himself in, than SHOVES his body back, while still holding onto the ropes. The whiplash force sends Worrens staggering back, and Kilminster turns now, only for Worrens to run full force at him!  Both men flip over the top rope, but Kilminster pulls up on the second rope as he goes over, snapping it up over the top rope, and TRAPPING Worrens’s neck in between the two!  Worrens DANGLES to the outside now, choking in between the ropes!!!

Kilminster gets back up onto the ring edge next to Worrens now, smirking as he shouts for Linam… all the while watching as Worrens is being choked out by the ropes. Kilminster points to Worrens and shouts loudly “ASK HIM TO QUIT… TELL HIM TO QUIT!”

Austin Linam: Do you quit?

Worrens struggles and doesn’t respond at first as he gets his arms up into the small space between the two ropes, trying to pry himself free.

Austin Linam: Do you quit, Worrens?

Trevor Worrens: No….

Worrens PUSHES out on the rope to finally escape, dropping down to the floor outside of the ring.  Worrens doubles over, gasping for breath, spitting access saliva… and Kilminster drops to the outside behind him.  He grabs Worrens, turns him to face him and pulls him up to his full vertical base, and then just uppercuts Worrens with his hand in a blade position, jabbing Worrens right in the throat!  The fans boo loudly and Kilminster continues, ANOTHER jab upwards into the throat, followed by a hard forearm shot that just knocks Worrens down all together.  Worrens stirs on the floor, but Kilminster grabs him by the arm now and drags him towards the lower right corner ring steps.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has wicked intentions right now, and I can’t even imagine what he has in store.

Kilminster lifts Worrens up by the ring steps now and fires two more hard forearm shots that send Worrens onto the top step, body laying out on the steel.  Kilminster then walks away from Worrens for a moment, grabbing now what appear to be access camera cable cords.  Kilminster grabs a long stretch of one and now walks over to Worrens and loops it around his neck…

Other Guy: He’s gonna rack him, Dave!  Kilminster is going to rack Worrens right over the steel steps!

Dave Dymond: Osbourne Kilminster has been set with no rules, and we’re seeing how low this man can really go. We’re seeing that he wants to end Trevor Worrens right here tonight, because the young man would not give up in the face of Kilminster’s bullying ways!

The fans boo loudly as Kilminster PULLS downward now, BENDING Worrens over the steps, while choking him with the cable cord.  Referee Austin Linam is forced to watch on, standing in position in case Worrens quits.  Worrens grabs at the cord now, once again fighting against being choked.  Kilminster pushes his feet against the steel steps for added leverage, and the fans continue to boo.  Austin Linam moves in closer.

Austin Linam: Trevor Worrens, do you quit?

Trevor Worrens: N…!

Worrens tries to sit up now, pushing his hands in between his neck and the cord, gripping it tightly and tearing it upwards.  The fans start to cheer as Worrens uses all his arm strength to sit up and push the cord back, and suddenly Worrens slides down on the other side of the steps, turns his body, and with a SUDDEN yank he pulls Kilminster up and into the steel steps!  Kilminster collides, legs first, and the impact forces him to lose hold of the camera cable cord.  Kilminster winces in pain and Worrens now LEAPS across the steel steps, hitting his knees a bit on the top but TAKES Kilminster down on the other side and now starts unleashing with hard left and right fists!

Dave Dymond:  Worrens is going insane! Worrens has absolutely lost it.

Other Guy: Three times now, Kilminster has tried to choke Worrens into saying I quit, I think Worrens has had enough with that shit, Dave.

Dave Dymond: The crowd getting into this as well and this is the kind of aggression we have seen in spurts from Worrens over the past weeks, but never to this extent!

Kilminster tries to fight his way up, but Worrens will not have it. Another hard punch, a forearm swat to knock Kilminster’s arm away, more hard punches!  Kilminster’s head bounces off the floor and now Worrens stands up, defiantly in the face of a self proclaimed God of war.  He pushes past Austin Linam and grabs a microphone from the timekeeper’s table.

Trevor Worrens: What about it, Kilminster? Huh? You wearing down yet, huh? You realizing that your physicality alone… CAN. NOT. BREAK. ME!  Do you quit? HUH!?

The fans pop as Worrens bends over Kilminster now, shoving the microphone in his face.  Kilminster says nothing and Worrens suddenly just DRIVES the handle of the microphone into Kilminster’s forehead!

Dave Dymond: No words from Kilminster means this match continues… but Trevor Worrens is ALL KINDS of fired up now.

Other Guy: Could be a bad thing if Kilminster ain’t talkin, Dave. If he’s out of it, then Worrens can’t make him say I quit.

Worrens tosses the microphone to the floor now and grabs Kilminster, working on pulling him up off the floor. Kilminster wobbles in Worrens’s hold, and Worrens now shoves him up against the side of the ring then rolls him back in under the ropes.  Worrens slides in as well, pacing like an animal in a cage as he watches Kilminster try to work his way back up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Osbourne still conscious, which could be a good thing for Worrens just as much as it could be a bad thing.

When Kilminster is almost all the way up, Worrens moves in after him, grabbing him now and running him face first into the upper right corner turnbuckle. Worrens grabs his head and smashes it down a second time into it, and now backs off completely across the ring.  The fans buzz as Worrens points to Kilminster now, obviously getting set to hit a splash or something in the corner. Kilminster stirs in the corner, and as Worrens runs full speed at Kilminster, the top turnbuckle pad is seen falling to the mat.

Other Guy: Wait… the… yeah… the turnbuckle’s exposed!

Worrens LEAPS into the air for a splash to the back of Kilminster, but Kilminster turns at the right second and catches Worrens, turning with him, and using Worrens’s momentum against him as he hit’s a modified spinebuster, but vertically SMASHING Worrens’s spine into the exposed steel turnbuckle!

Kilminster lets go of Worrens who falls to his knees and immediately clutches at his back in severe pain.

Dave Dymond: The impact of the move in addition to the use of the exposed turnbuckle is a combination that worked against Trevor Worrens a great deal.

Other Guy: Easily could of chipped a vertebrae or somethin.’

Kilminster pushes the bottom of his boot in the back of Worrens’s head now and just SHOVES him down face first onto the mat and then adds to the injury by dropping a knee right onto Worrens’s spine! The fans boo as Kilminster pulls up under Worrens’s chin now, while pulling his legs up, again focusing on the back.  Worrens SCREAMS out in immense pain at this point.

Austin Linam: Trevor Worrens do you quit!

Trevor Worrens: NO!

Some of the fans pop as Worrens again refuses to quit.  This irritates Kilminster who just lets go of Worrens’s chin and legs, letting him fall back to the mat then Kilminster looks to start to walk away, but suddenly turns and just STOMPS down on Worrens’s back again. Worrens kicks his feet repeatedly into the mat, holding his back in pain and now Kilminster paces about the ring, shaking his head slightly.  Meanwhile Worrens works hard to try to get up to his feet, the fans looking to rally behind him, but just as Worrens is about up, Kilminster goes back at him and just kicks his legs out from under him!

Worrens collapses back down onto the mat and Kilminster LEAPS up into the air and FALLS onto Worrens’s back with a knee!

Dave Dymond: And look at the arrogance of Osbourne Kilminster, the on going smugness as he’s dissecting Worrens bit by bit.

Other Guy: I hate to be the devil’s advocate here Dave, but this is what Kilminster warned Worrens about.  This is what Kilminster said would happen if Worrens didn’t back down.

Dave Dymond: So you’re saying that you think Trevor Worrens deserves this?

Other Guy: I’m sayin’ this is an I Quit match, Dave. I know ya got personal beef with Kilminster but he’s doin’ what this match requires a fighter to do. Break down, hurt, force your opponent into sayin’ I quit.

Kilminster is once again standing with Worrens flat on his stomach, hurting, but still Worrens works on getting to his feet and Kilminster has a hard time believing it.  Kilminster grabs Worrens and pulls him all the way up to his feet.  Kilminster viciously whips Worrens into the ropes, and he bounces off as Kilminster moves in towards him.  Worrens ducks though a jumping knee and keeps running. Kilminster lands on a stutter step, not expecting to miss the attack and as he turns, Worrens LEAPS off the second rope and FLIES at Kilminster with a diving clothesline!!!

Dave Dymond: Not the prettiest high-flying move you’ll see, but it’s the only one you’ll see from Worrens who MAYBE has the chance to turn this thing around.

Worrens is down on his stomach, slowly pushing up, but holding his back in pain, while Kilminster is on the mat.  He starts to get up though, quicker than Worrens, and Worrens struggles to his feet but just as Kilminster gets to him, Worrens turns his body slightly, bending Kilminster’s back across the back of his shoulders and upper back!  Kilminster is bent over and then dropped to the mat, but Worrens falls to his knees in pain.

Other Guy: Worrens putting his body on the line now, desperation inverted backbreaker there, but it did the job.

Dave Dymond: It did, but like you said it did the damage to Worrens as well with Worrens trying to pull out everything in his arsenal here tonight in hopes to make Osbourne Kilminster quit.

Kilminster stirs on the mat a little longer this time, but gets up again, but Worrens gets up now and swings his leg out to the side, knee into the side of the gut.  Kilminster falters and Worrens fires another knee, this time to the other side of the gut.  Worrens holds his back in pain but as Kilminster comes at him again, Worrens digs in and lifts and drops Kilminster quickly with a somewhat sloppy body slam.  Kilminster sits up, arching his back and Worrens staggers back, but then runs forward grabbing at Kilminster before he can get up to his full vertical base again. Worrens holds him in a cravate, knees to the gut once more and then Worrens switches out of the cravat into a headlock then a swinging neck breaker… but Kilminster turns out of it and then NAILS Worrens square in the back with a forearm shot!

The fans again begin to boo as Worrens drops to his knees and Kilminster just fires boot after boot into the back until Worrens is flat on his stomach again.  Kilminster bends over Worrens now, SLAPPING him in the back of the head.

Dave Dymond: And now insult to injury… that was just uncalled for!

Kilminster slaps Worrens in the back of the head again.

Osbourne Kilminster: Do you quit, Worrens?  Give it up!

The referee gets into position to see if Worrens quits, but Worrens plants his palms onto the mat and starts pushing up while repeatedly saying “no.”  Kilminster SCOOPS Worrens up by holding him around the waist now, but as he pulls Worrens into a vertical stance, Worrens fires a blind elbow shot, and it connects!  Kilminster staggers back and Worrens turns around now, kick to the mid-section.  Kilminster doubles over and Worrens follows up with a palm strike uppercut!  Kilminster’s chin makes a bit of cracking noise as he staggers back and the fans let out another collective “OOOOOOH”  Kilminster tries to regain his footing but Worrens with a few more palm strikes, forcing Kilminster into the upper left corner, then Worrens TURNS with a back hand sambo slap!

Other Guy: I think Worrens runnin’ on his third wind here now as he’s just wailing on Kilminster with those strikes.

Worrens continues to work Kilminster in the corner, throwing some knee shots in as well and then Worrens LIFTS Kilminster up and sits him on the top turnbuckle.  The fans come alive even more so now as Worrens steps up onto the first turnbuckle with one foot and then fires a palm strike to Kilminster to keep him groggy.  Worrens steps up then to the second turnbuckle with the other foot, working on keeping his balance.

Other Guy: Oh shit, Dave, Worrens goin’ well out of his comfort zone here.

Dave Dymond: Worrens looking for a huge top rope maneuver perhaps, this is out of the ordinary like you said, O.G., but tonight’s match calls for just that!

The fans get louder as Worrens hooks Kilminster around the neck, working some knee strikes into his chest now, and then he stands Kilminster up with him as well on the top turnbuckle…. Worrens wobbles a great deal, but he grabs the leg of Kilminster, hooks it up under his arm as he LIFTS Kilminster vertically… and then BOTH men crash down to the mat!!!


“WORR-ENS! WORR-ENS! WORR-ENS!” The chant rings out now from a large number of fans in attendance as both Kilminster and Worrens lie on the mat, Kilminster having taken the brunt of the fall. 

Worrens rolls to the side though, towards the ring ropes, once again clutching his back in pain.  As Kilminster works on getting up, Worrens pulls himself up via the ropes and then gets right back into things, fighting past the pain.  Worrens runs and SLIDES into Kilminster, kicking him in the side of the stomach with both feet.  Kilminster rolls onto his stomach and now Worrens stomps down the back of his head, then quickly sits down on his back and applies a camel clutch submission!

Worrens PULLS back with all his strength, really wrenching at the neck while keeping his hands locked together tightly.  Worrens looks to referee Austin Linam and shouts “DOES HE QUIT?”  Linam crouches close down by Kilminster.

Austin Linam: Do you quit Osbourne Kilminster?

Osbourne Kilminster: NO!

Worrens just pulls back a bit more, twisting the head slightly for added pain.  Kilminster shouts, feeling the effects of the hold shooting through his body.

Dave Dymond: The super fisherman’s suplex has really turned things around here, and I think Trevor Worrens is feeding off the energy and excitement he’s created from that high-risk move that wound up paying off.

Other Guy: He took the major risk, and it’s workin’ for him now as Kilminster clawing at the mat, tryin’ to get the ropes for some leverage but Worrens won’t have it!

As Kilminster moves closer to the ropes, Worrens breaks the camel clutch then drops down again, and applies it a second time. Kilminster again fights through the pain, trying to get closer to the edge of the ring.  Worrens breaks the camel clutch hold a third time, stands up, but then drops down again, but as he goes for the camel clutch a third time, Kilminster grabs at Worrens’s hands with one hand then springs up to his knees and snapmares Worrens over with his other arm.  Worrens ends up in a sitting position, but he quickly gets up and as Kilminster swings, Worrens ducks, wraps around, and quickly locks in a full nelson submission!

Kilminster kicks his feet out now, close to the ropes, but despite his foot touching the bottom rope, it does no good.  Worrens keeps the full nelson locked on tightly, not letting Kilminster escape.

Other Guy: Worrens goin’ for the kill I think, Dave. Submission after submission, he ain’t lettin’ Kilminster have an inch of space.

Dave Dymond: He has to be careful though, if Kilminster passes out this match will be extended, OR if the referee must rule an end to this match up the bragging rights are removed and this rivalry between the two is left un-ended.

Other Guy: That’s not gonna sit well with either Kilminster or Worrens, that’s for damn sure.

Kilminster pulls his body towards the ropes a bit more, now hooking an entire leg through the middle and bottom rope.  Worrens though pulls back, but as he does, Kilminster pushes BOTH feet off the ropes, sending his momentum into Worrens and both men fall to the mat… but Worrens rolls it through and pulls Kilminster RIGHT back up to his feet, still locking on the full nelson submission!!!  The fans pop at Worrens display of agility and determination now as he presses his knee into the back of Kilminster’s thigh now, forcing him down to the mat!

Trevor Worrens: Does he quit?  ASK HIM if he QUITS!

Austin Linam gets in front of Kilminster once again now.

Austin Linam: Osbourne Kilminster do you quit?

Kilminster winces in pain, clinching his teeth tightly, but then starts to push back up to his full vertical base.

Osbourne Kilminster: NO! NO!

Kilminster shouts out louder now and he starts trying to muscle out of the submission hold.  Worrens tries to keep his hands locked together in the full nelson position, but Kilminster slowly pries out, so Worrens removes his hands the wrest of the way and now wraps his arms around Kilminster’s waist, trying to lock them in place there, but Kilminster gets his arms down to block him now pulling Worrens’s arms back up and around and then he turns to face Worrens…


Worrens falls to the mat, clutching at his head in pain now, and as Worrens lie vulnerable, Kilminster slides down his right kneepad.  Worrens slowly works on getting up, head hurting, and Kilminster SPRINTS at the ropes, throwing his full body weight into them, then bouncing off.  Worrens is up to his feet but bent over, and Kilminster charges in with a flying knee strike that CRUSHES Worrens in the side of the head/face!!!  Worrens goes down immediately.

Dave Dymond: A brutal shot to the head from Kilminster, and that may have knocked Worrens out.

Other Guy: No good that’s gonna do Kilminster, this ain’t Iron Fist rules!

Dave Dymond: I think Kilminster starting to realize the consequences of that knee strike.  He’s shaking his head now as the referee checks on Worrens.

Other Guy: The man got caught up in the moment, adrenaline and anger took over and Worrens looks to be out cold, Dave.

Kilminster paces back and forth now, limping slightly as his knee took some damage in that attack as well, and he watches on as Austin Linam repeatedly asks Worrens if he can hear him… but Worrens doesn’t move, his face flat on the mat.  Kilminster storms towards Worrens with a slight limp and he bends down right by him now.

Osbourne Kilminster: Get up!  If you can’t continue fine, then say the words. Say I QUIT!

Kilminster grabs Worrens’s head and lifts it off the mat, and some blood is seen running his mouth.  Worrens’s eyes are glazed over and Kilminster SLAPS him hard across the face.

Osbourne Kilminster: JUST SAY IT!

Worrens says nothing, and looks to be out of it.  Kilminster pulls Worrens up to his feet now despite the referee’s warning.  Kilminster hold Worrens stable by the head, propping Worrens’s eyes more open.

Osbourne Kilminster: Do you quit?  DO YOU!?

Suddenly Worrens’s eyes go wider than they are now…

Trevor Worrens: NO!

And Worrens SPITS in Kilminster’s face, Worrens’s blood splashing on Kilminster’s cheek!  Worrens then breaks from Kilminster’s grip and quickly picks up his legs and drops him to the mat with a quick leg lift take down!  Worrens slides right into a mount position and clenches his fists tightly… FIRING with full on closed fists!  Kilminster works on getting his arms up to try to block some of the attacks and he closes his arms in front of his face, sticking up his forearms.  Worrens tries to push Kilminster’s arms away but Kilminster rolls slightly to the side and brings his forearms up now as he manages to get in a half mount position on Worrens… and then he goes to drive a forearm into his mouth, but Worrens strikes with an upward punch first!

Kilminster rises to his feet, holding his jaw and Worrens now gets up.  Kilminster charges, only for Worrens to JUMP with a surprise dropkick that takes Kilminster clear off his feet.  Worrens rolls out of the ring now and immediately flips up the ring apron.  The fans buzz, and then when Worrens pulls out a steel chair from out from under the ring, they get louder, cheering him on.

Dave Dymond:That’s bound to do some damage in this one!

Other Guy: I’m starting to think Worrens isn’t going to even care if he can make Osbourne Kilminster quit, Dave… I think he wants to put Kilminster out!

Dave Dymond: Something I wouldn’t mind seeing as its about time someone shuts Kilminster up for good.

Worrens slides into the ring with the steel chair, waiting now as Kilminster works his way up to his feet.

The fans cheer as Worrens sizes up Kilminster, all the while holding the steel chair tightly.  Kilminster is up to his feet, back to Worrens now, and as Kilminster turns Worrens RAMS the chair right into his gut!  Kilminster doubles over in pain and Worrens now set the chair up, so the back of the chair is facing Kilminster, and now Worrens SHOVES Kilminster in between the top of the seat and the back of the chair.  Worrens reaches from above pulling one of Kilminster’s arms through now and he starts to maneuver the arm to hook it…

Dave Dymond: It looks like Worrens is looking to lock on the Broken Beyond Repair with Kilminster STUCK in between the two parts of the folding chair.

There is just a buzz within the Cox Arena at first but as Worrens now pulls Kilminster’s arm up and locks it in, pressing it tightly against the back of the steel chair, and then wraps his other arm through the steel chair and around Kilminster’s own neck… the fans POP BIG TIME!!!

Other Guy: And he’s got it locked on!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster screaming bloody murder as Worrens cinches that arm hook sleeper on tightly and he’s using the steel chair for added pressure and pain! Kilminster is trapped!

Worrens pushes his knee down into the small of Kilminster’s back as he pulls back, partially bending Kilminster’s upper back against the steel chair as well.  Some fans are on their feet, many fans are cheering.  Referee Austin Linam puts himself in position.

Austin Linam: Osbourne Kilminster, do you quit?

Kilminster SCREAMS out in agony as Worrens pushes against the back of the chair while pulling up on the arm, that the chair starts to collapse a bit, putting more pressure on Kilminster’s body, especially his chest.

Austin Linam: Osbourne, do you quit?

Osbourne Kilminster: No… no!  AHHHHH!

Kilminster screams out again trying to move but Worrens has his completely stuck.  Austin Linam stays on hand and Worrens shouts at Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: Quit, Kilminster.  Quit!

As the fans watch on, a chant breaks out and soon the Cox Arena echoes loudly.


Kilminster tries to maneuver his one free arm on the other side, but it’s trapped under the legs of the chair so he can’t move it much.  Kilminster’s face turns bright red, his eyes squinting, he starts to fade, but then the pain kicks in again!

Osbourne Kilminster:AHHH…. AH….


Austin Linam: That’s it he said it.

Linam calls for the bell and as it sounds Worrens immediately lets go of the hold, dropping Kilminster as the chair collapses to the mat with him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match…. TREVOR WORRENS!!!

“The Pursuit” plays once again as Trevor Worrens, breathing heavily, and feeling a great deal of pain, stands victorious over Osbourne Kilminster.

Dave Dymond: So this is how it comes to end between Worrens and Kilminster.  Tonight, without a shadow of a doubt, Trevor Worrens proved to be the better man, and there is nothing now that anyone can say to take that away from him.  This time it wasn’t chance, it was a fluke, it wasn’t a fade or phase.  Trevor Worrens defeated Osbourne Kilminster here tonight; Trevor Worrens made Kilminster say I quit.

Worrens takes his leave of the ring now, and he looks at Kilminster on the Mega-Screen, with the camera angle showing him lying defeated on the mat.  Worrens turns around, wanting nothing more than to look at the sight directly and he smiles and nods.  He then looks out to the fans before heading out of the ring area all together.

Other Guy: Physically intense, Dave. That’s what that just was, and at the end of the day, it was Worrens’s drive, that passion he’s been talkin’ about that pushed him to victory.



The fans in the arena rip into boos as “Nothing’s Changed” by Papoose plays, the lights dimming to a dark green and gold set of spotlights aimed at the entrance.  Out from the back emerges Donovan King, flanked by Obsidian.  King’s eyes are nervous, but Obsidian’s are focused.  King wears a pair of black and gold tights ala Shelton Benjamin with matching shinguards, golden crowns on his black guards and the rear of his trunks as well, with black wrist tape.  Obsidian wears a black pair of wrestling pants with gold skulls on each leg, with a black duster and no top, except for his wrists taped up the forearm in black.

Dave Dymond:  I know it’s going to sound sympathetic…and believe me, it’s not…but Donovan King looks absolutely terrified.

Other Guy:  Obsidian, on the other hand, looks ready to fuck somebody up!  He’s probably spent all week trying to get King’s mind in this.

King steps into the ring as Obsidian does the same.  Obsidian removes his duster and hands it to Mark Kendrick.  He turns to glare at the entrance as King stretches against the ropes, saying nothing and not acting like the normal King.  “Nothing’s Changed” dies down when suddenly, “Everybody Down” by nonpoint plays, bringing the fans to their feet.  They cheer loudly as out from the back emerges Cade Sydal.  He stands at the entrance, pointing out to the fans and slowly smiles to them, acknowledging their support.

Other Guy:  Cade looks nervous, too, Dave.  Definitely not the Cade I know.  However, the cool part about this is the love the fans are giving him.

Dave Dymond:  You better believe it, OG.  Cade deserves every last bit of it.

Cade wears a pair of white and red tights, very similar to King’s gear.  He has two red lightning bolts on his shinguards to honor his cousin and to remind King of what he’s done to Cade’s family.  He walks down to the ring, but stops at ringside.  He stares down his two opponents for the evening as his theme music dies down.  The electricity is already building when the sounds of a record scratching are heard.


The fans pop as “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)” by Kanye West, Nas, and KRS-One plays.  Out from the back comes OutKast, dressed in a black wrestling singlet with his symbol, the infamous Ø emblazoned on the stomach.  He also has matching elbow pads, kneepads, boots, and his wrists are taped up through his hands.  He proceeds down to the ring, bringing the fans’ attention on him as he does so.

Dave Dymond:  HERE HE IS!  Cade’s partner, SHOOT Hall of Famer OutKast!

Kast slaps hands with Cade as the two of them enter the ring, as Obsidian and King slide out.  Kast and Cade ascend the ropes to enjoy their moment as “Classic” dies out.  Tony Lorenzo stands between the two teams as King and Obsidian enter the ring.  Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with a sixty minute time limit!  Introducing first…weighing in at a combined weight of 587 pounds…they are Donovan King…and Obsidian!

The fans boo loudly as King stretches against the ropes, not opting to gloat.

Samantha Coil:  Their opponents…weighing in at a combined weight of 419 pounds…they are…Cade Sydal and…OutKast!

The fans cheer just as loudly for Cade and Kast as they booed for King and Obsidian.  Lorenzo orders the two teams to their corners as Obsidian exits the ring as well as OutKast.

Dave Dymond:  This match is underway with Cade Sydal and Donovan King starting us off here tonight!

King stands in the ring and glares at Cade, who OutKast is whispering in the ear of.  Cade nods his head, listening to what Kast has to say as King bounces back and forth on his two feet.  He rolls his head, loosening up as Kast and Cade slaps hands and Cade IMMEDIATELY sprints the length of the ring and NAILS King in the forehead with a sharp flying elbow!  King is staggered as Cade grabs him by his head and takes him down with a head lock take down and peppers him with rights!

Other Guy:  Cade ain’t wastin’ no time!

Cade rains down rights on King’s face until he actually backs off of King, grinning from ear to ear.

Dave Dymond:  Cade looks like he’s out to toy with King tonight!  He looks more focused than ever!

Other Guy:  When you’re outta things to lose, Dave, it ain’t hard to get your mind right!

King gets up to his knees, glaring at Cade for a long moment.  He looks back at Obsidian and reaches his hand back nonchalantly and Obsidian makes the tag!  The fans boo as King smirks at Cade.  Obsidian slowly steps into the ring and stands between Cade and King as King leaves the ring.

Dave Dymond:  This just got scary.  Obsidian LITERALLY towers over Cade Sydal!

Obsidian pops his head back and forth as Cade just stares at him, crouched down in anticipation.  Obsidian charges Cade, but Cade easily rolls past Obsidian’s Lariat attempt and snaps up to NAIL King in the face to a pop from the fans!  Cade turns around and sees Obsidian turning back to him and Cade CHARGES at him!

Dave Dymond:  Are you CRAZY, Cade?!

Cade NAILS Obsidian with a HARD flying elbow, his second in the match!  Obsidian steps back, glaring at Cade.  Cade nods his head and bounces off the ropes and goes for a front drop kick, but Obsidian swats it away!  Obsidian glares at Cade for a long moment once again as Cade rolls away back to his feet.  He bounces off the ropes again and goes for a FLYING CROSSBODY but Obsidian CATCHES Cade!

Other Guy:  Oh.  Shit.

Obsidian HURLS Cade up in the air and CATCHES him on his shoulders!  Without hesitation, Obsidian RAMS Cade down to the mat with a STIFF Samoan Drop!  Cade clutches his back as Obsidian stands up and slowly picks Cade up.  He grabs Cade by the throat and THRUSTS Cade up in the air and SLAMS Cade down with a ONE HANDED CHOKESLAM!

Dave Dymond:  Obsidian is LETHAL, OG!  He doesn’t set ANYTHING up, he just goes for the kill!

Obsidian places one boot DIRECTLY on Cade’s throat, prompting referee Tony Lorenzo to admonish him for the blatant illegal choke he was pulling off in front of the booing masses.  King applauds his partner as Kast paces the ring apron, trying to amp Cade up.  After Lorenzo’s warning, Obsidian releases the choke and drags Cade over to his corner, tagging Donovan King in.  Cade clutches his throat, coughing, as King nudges Cade’s head with his boot.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe him, trying to kick Cade while he’s down!

Other Guy:  He’s attacked every last vestige of Cade’s life, Dave, and you can’t believe he’d kick Cade while he was down?

King reaches down and locks in an inverted arm bar, grinning from ear to ear as he quickly releases it, showing Cade how easily he could end the match, prompting further boos from the fans.  King picks Cade up and whips him to the ropes.  As he does so, King bends down for a back body drop, but Cade leapfrogs King!  Cade turns around and, before King can stand back up, Cade dropkicks King right in his ass!  The fans pop as King is thrown down on his face!  King picks himself back up as Cade bounces off the ropes, but Obsidian clubs Cade as he does so!  Cade staggers off of the ropes and King catches him with a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond:  He’s setting up for the KTFO!

King goes for the KTFO, but Cade rolls through with it and counters the maneuver into a reverse DDT, but Cade goes for the Nightcap!  However, halfway THROUGH the Nightcap, King stops Cade and hoists Cade up in a reverse suplex!  The fans are popping, though, as Cade slides through and lands on his feet behind King and shoves King right into his corner!  King stops dead in his tracks as he locks eyes with none other than his mentor, OutKast.

Other Guy:  Oh man, that’s a look of sheer terror on King’s face!

Dave Dymond:  I can’t wait for Kast to get his hands on King here tonight!

Tony Lorenzo gets in between the terrified King and the intense OutKast.  What he doesn’t see due to this, however, is Obsidian entering the ring and low blowing Cade from behind!  The fans unleash LOUD boos on the big man as he leaves the ring as fast as he entered it!

Dave Dymond:  That big bastard!

King turns around to see Cade on the ground, clutching his genitalia.  King picks Cade up and hits him with an inverted atomic drop!  Cade falls to the mat, still clutching his groin.  King picks up Cade’s legs and delivers a HARD knee to Cade’s midsection, almost low enough to be a blatant low blow in front of the official!  Tony Lorenzo warns him to keep it higher than the groin and King brushes him off, sprawling over Cade and forcing Lorenzo to make the count!




Kast, who had entered the ring, leaves it quickly as King picks Cade up once again.  King shakes his head, tagging Obsidian in as he does so.  The two of them push Cade into the corner and Obsidian Irish whips King into Cade with a splash!  Cade staggers out of the corner and is met with a drop toe hold from King and a HARD Clothesline that buckles Cade and folds him up into a heap on the mat!  King exits the ring as Obsidian stalks the fallen Cade Sydal.

Dave Dymond:  Cade has taken a beating here within the first ten minutes of this bout, OG.

Other Guy:  King and Obsidian were right, Dave.  They’ve trained together, they’ve worked together, bled together…they’re a team through and through.  They may be completely different people, but they know each other well enough.  Combine that with the logic they know in wrestling, and they’re capable of beating down anybody in SHOOT!

Dave Dymond:  Cade is cut off from his corner for most of this match, and they’ve just swarmed him here!

Obsidian picks Cade Sydal up and braces him in the corner before RAMMING his shoulder into Cade’s gut!  Cade reaches out valiantly for Kast to make the tag almost instinctively as Obsidian drives the air from Cade’s chest.  He lets Cade stagger out of the corner and fall to his knees in the center of the ring, reaching out for Kast to make the tag.  The fans cheer loudly as Kast reaches out as hard as he can for Cade.  Obsidian walks nonchalantly between the two of them and SPITS in OutKast’s face!  Kast storms the ring and Lorenzo stops him to a LOUD chorus of boos!  Cade reaches out one last time as King enters the ring and the two of them stomp violently down on Cade!  King slides from the ring as fast as he came in and Obsidian grins malevolently at Tony Lorenzo as he sprawls over Cade for the pin!



KAST BREAKS UP THE PIN!  Kast tries to attack Obsidian, but Lorenzo orders him back to his corner!  Obsidian drags Cade back to his corner and tags King right back in!  King puts Cade up on the turnbuckle.  He hooks Cade up for a Muscle Buster and holds Cade up for all to see!  He looks over at Obsidian and he falls back, but Obsidian catches Cade AND NAILS A POWERBOMB ON CADE COMBINED WITH KING’S MUSCLE BUSTER!  The fans pop for the innovative move only momentarily as King sprawls over for a pin attempt!



King LITERALLY GETS OFF OF CADE AND BREAKS HIS OWN PIN when Kast enters the ring!  The fans boo as King tags Obsidian RIGHT back in!  Kast glares at the two of them as Obsidian stands between King and Kast!  Kast leaves the ring and Obsidian turns to King, tagging him RIGHT back in AGAIN!  The fans continue to boo as King breathes easier.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe how afraid to face his mentor King is!

Other Guy:  His mentor’s a SHOOT Hall of Famer and the longest reigning World Champion in SHOOT’s history.  The man held the belt twice…and both times longer than anyone else!  I’d shit myself if I had to fight that kinda guy!

Dave Dymond:  You’d shit yourself if you fought anybody!

King picks Cade back up and whips him into the ropes.  He bounces off the ropes himself and charges in with a Penalty Kick—NO!!!  Cade baseball slides underneath King’s Penalty Kick and is right back up hit him with an inverted face plant and IMMEDIATELY follows it up with a standing shooting star press!  The fans ERUPT as Cade rolls off of King and reaches out for his tag partner once again!  Obsidian reaches out for King, but King is still feeling the effects of Cade’s counter offensive!

Dave Dymond:  COME ON!  TAG HIM, CADE!!

King rolls to his stomach as Obsidian is literally on his tip toes reaching in the ring with his arm outstretched.  He bellows for King to tag him in as Cade pulls himself up his own knees and looks up to OutKast, who has his own hand outstretched!  Obsidian is furious and steps into the ring himself, dragging King over to his corner, and Lorenzo is there to admonish him for it!

Other Guy:  TAG HIM!!

Cade makes a final lunge and he TAGS OUTKAST!  The fans ERUPT as Kast is in the ring and Lorenzo IMMEDIATELY orders him BACK!  The fans boo loudly as Kast stares at Lorenzo as if he has three heads!

Dave Dymond:  NO!  NO!  DAMN IT!  Obsidian screwing around with King distracted Tony Lorenzo and he didn’t see the official tagging in of OutKast!  Damn it!

Other Guy:  Once again Cade Sydal is on his own in that ring with the very violent duo of King and Obsidian!

Cade drags himself back into the ring as King makes the groggy tag to the massive Obsidian!  Obsidian grins as he stares at the weakened Cade Sydal.  Obsidian walks to the center of the ring and taunts Cade as he staggers towards him.  Obsidian laughs at him and Cade simply stares for a long moment, flips him off, and UNLOADS with rights!

Dave Dymond:  Cade is going to bring the fight to them if they wanna screw with him!

Cade’s shots are SO stiff, they’re ACTUALLY causing Obsidian to step back, away from the MUCH smaller Cade Sydal!  Suddenly, Cade actually manages to wail away on Obsidian until Obsidian is in the corner and Cade aims…AND FIRES OFF A STIFF SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!!  The fans ERUPT as Obsidian crumbles to the mat!  He tries to shake it off as Cade stomps around the ring, screaming at the top of his lungs in excitement as he’s knocked down the psychotic Obsidian!  Cade snaps his head to his corner and points to his tag partner, and the fans RIP into cheers.  Cade charges forth and TAGS OUTKAST INTO THE RING!!

Dave Dymond:  OH YEAH!!

OutKast enters the ring and glares at the fallen Obsidian, who has pulled himself up to his feet!  Kast wastes NO time picks him all the rest of the way up and NAILING him with HARD rights!  The fans eat it up as Kast continues to pummel Obsidian until Cade and Kast BOTH hit him with a double lariat which sends him OUT of the ring!


Kast and Cade BOTH turn and glare at King, who is staring back with his eyes wide open!  He shakes his head no at the both of them as Kast nods back at him!  The fans are cheering their asses off as BOTH Kast and Cade grab King and FLING him into the ring!  Kast whips King to the ropes and HOISTS him up HIGH for a spinebuster and Cade bounces off the ropes and NAILS King with a neckbreacker/spinebuster combo!  The fans eat it up as King rolls from the ring, clutching his back and his neck!  Kast and Cade high five and Kast crouches down, ready to pounce on whoever enters the ring next!

Dave Dymond:  There’s no question whose side OutKast is on here tonight!

Obsidian enters the ring, furious at his friend for what has happened.  He charges Kast with a lariat and Kast ducks it, hooking Obsidian’s waist!

Other Guy:  No WAY!

Way, OG, as Kast uses ALL of his might and NAILS Obsidian with a HARD release German suplex!  Obsidian holds onto his head as Kast nods his head to the fans who are cheering him and Cade on.  Obsidian rolls over to his corner, where King has returned.  Obsidian reaches up for the tag, but King won’t accept it!  Kast glares at the two of them as Obsidian literally GRABS King’s hand and makes him tag in!

Dave Dymond:  This is it!  Donovan King has to stand face to face with OutKast!

King enters the ring very, very slowly.  He stands there, not knowing what to do.  Kast motions for him to come get some, and King is very reluctant to do so!  King slowly walks to the middle of the ring, looking very uncomfortable.  Kast nods his head, understanding, and goes to lock up…BUT KING POKES KAST’S EYES!  The fans boo as they see that King is FAKING.

Other Guy:  I don’t think King is the frightened child Kast believed he was!

King NAILS Kast with a hard right and kicks Kast in the midsection, and then he HOISTS Kast up onto his shoulders for the KTFO!  Kast tries to scramble out of the move, but King keeps a hold of him!  Cade runs to the ring apron and jumps up onto the top rope and NAILS King with a springboard crossbody block!  Kast uses that to COUNTER the KTFO into a crucifix pin!!




OutKast slides away from King and makes the tag to Cade, but Obsidian is STILL in the ring!  He charges at Kast and NAILS Kast with a Lariat that sends the BOTH of them over the top rope to the outside!

Dave Dymond:  It’s just Donovan King and Cade Sydal now!

King tries to shake off the combination move as Cade picks him up and pushes him into the corner.  Cade backs up, aims, and RUSHES in for ANOTHER SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND—KING MOVES!  KING COUNTERS!  King grabs Cade’s leg and NAILS Cade with a Snake Eyes!  Cade’s jaw SNAPS off the top turnbuckle as King is RIGHT on him with a Carolina Crossface!

Other Guy:  This is it!

Cade doesn’t let King hook the hold in, though, and rolls through, and King KEEPS it locked in!  Meanwhile, on the outside, OutKast has taken control of Obsidian and he NAILS him with a T-Bone suplex!  Tony Lorenzo is in Cade’s face, asking him if he submits, but Cade shouts NO!


Cade tenses up and uses the LAST bit of his might…and ROLLS King RIGHT into the ropes!  The fans POP as Lorenzo orders the Carolina Crossface broken!  King paces the ring, furious.  He looks out to see OutKast picking Obsidian up and kicking him in the midsection!  The fans POP as Kast hooks Obsidian’s arms up!


OutKast NAILS the Alienator on Obsidian on the outside!  The fans SCREAM as Kast slams his fist into his chest, hyped up!  King, meanwhile, turns around and Cade is RIGHT THERE!!  He goes for the Ninjaguiri, but King ducks the move!  King grabs him and tries to pick him back up for the KTFO, but Cade slides right back out again and spins King around, NAILING him with an X-Factor counter!  The fans ERUPT as Cade scurries up the tops to the top turnbuckle!








“Everybody Down” by nonpoint plays as Cade gets up off of King!  King holds his chest in agony as Cade looks at Kast, who looks back at him with a smile on his face!  Kast points to Cade and they embrace!

Dave Dymond:  Fantastic.  That is awesome.  The war between Cade Sydal and OutKast has come full circle.  Excellent.

The camera shows Obsidian on the mat on the outside, slowly coming to.  Meanwhile, OutKast asks Samantha Coil for a microphone.  “Everybody Down” dies out as OutKast receives his microphone.  He stands between Cade and King as he speaks.

OutKast:  Ladies…and gentlemen…thank you.

The fans pop.

OutKast:  It means the world to me that I could…come out here and perform for all of you again…and to help…my friend, Cade Sydal…here tonight.

The fans cheer as Cade claps his partner on.

OutKast:  I can’t say…that Cade’s led a…perfect life…but he led his life the best way he could.  He continues to.

The fans applaud as Cade listens.

OutKast:  There…may be a new World Champion tonight…

The fans pop at the notion of Roland Caldwell dethroned.

OutKast:  …there could be one at Reckoning Day…

The fans give a mixed reaction at the notion of Jonny Johnson winning the title.

OutKast:  But…rest assured, SHOOT Project…this man right here…

OutKast motions to Cade.

OutKast:  This is your future SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

The fans pop BIG as Cade mouths “thank you” to OutKast.

OutKast:  Thank you for letting me be your tag partner, even if I wasn’t really even that necessary.

He laughs.

OutKast:  But, I need to talk to Donovan King.

The fans boo.  Cade understands and shakes Kast’s hand.  Kast holds Cade’s arm up for all to see and the fans applaud and cheer as Cade leaves the ring, stepping over Obsidian as he does so.

OutKast:  Donovan…I wanted to tell you, in front of all of these people…that I’m sorry.

King looks up at Kast, glaring hard.

OutKast:  I also wanted you to know…that I’m very proud of some of the things you’ve accomplished.

The fans boo, but Kast silences them.

OutKast:  You’ve won accolades, you’ve won a belt, these are wonderful things.  I hope that this is over for you, Donovan.  You don’t have to prove anything to me.  C’mon.

Kast offers his hand to King.

OutKast:  Get up.  Let’s go.

King looks up at Kast for a long moment.  He looks at the fans and then back up to OutKast.  He slowly extends his hand and Kast takes it, smiling.  Kast pulls his student up and they embrace, and the fans, while slightly confused, give the reunion a strong cheer.  OutKast holds King’s hand up for all to see.

Dave Dymond:  This is a wonderful moment for OutKast.  I can only hope that King really does turn his life ar–!

Dymond’s words are cut short when King YANKS Kast towards him and HOISTS him up onto his shoulders.  The fans boo mercilessly as King SNAPS Kast over into a KTFO SO STIFF Kast’s jaw visibly gets NAILED against King’s shoulder.

Other Guy:  My GOD!

Obsidian pulls himself up as OutKast does not stay down, he clutches his jaw and mouth and tries to get Tony Lorenzo’s attention.  King shoves Lorenzo out of the way and locks Kast in the CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!  The fans voice their displeasure LOUDLY as King SINKS the hold in deeper!  The booing is replaced with cheers, however, when CADE SYDAL charges the ring!  King releases the hold and slides from the ring, Kast in agony.  Cade stands over his partner, glaring at King.  The cameras focus on King, who stands near Obsidian.


King and Obsidian quickly leave the arena as Cade helps Tony Lorenzo pull OutKast from the ring, still clutching his face.

Dave Dymond:  Good God!  I think Donovan King just broke OutKast’s jaw with those maneuvers!

Other Guy:  He said it’s not over between ‘em, Dave!  The war between OutKast and Cade Sydal may have come full circle, but the war between Donovan King and Cade Sydal rages on!

The camera watches Cade dragging OutKast out of the arena and to the back.  The war continues to rage.


We cut to the backstage hallway of the Cox Arena, it’s Flourescent lighting casting a harsh haze to the proceedings. There are better lit areas backstage, but our man nver uses them. Kilgore Stochansky stands, dressed for the battle of his career, in a black tracksuit, it’s hood pulled over his eyes, the glint of his mirrored aviators still visible. In this respect, he looks as if he’s going to a funeral. He grins, his gold tooth in sharp contrast with his somber mode of dress.

Kilgore: Some men would kill to be where I’m at right now.

He throws his head back, causing the hood to fall, revealing his smiling face.

Kilgore: About to fight for the most prestigious title in this great sport. The main event of a Pay Per View. Looking…

Our man glances to the side, his grin getting larger.

Kilgore:…This good.

At this, he sighs contentedly, crossing his arms.

Kilgore: I’d be lying if I said I wasnt nervous. I’d be lying if I said I wasnt worried. Though my opponents might act cool and collected, like matches this big just happen to them every day, you people at home and myself know that that’s false.

Stochansky looks directly to the camera, his grin turning into a rakish smirk.

Kilgore: However, I’d also be lying if I said that I wasnt confident. I’d be lying if I said that I didnt think I’d be walking away with the World Championship. I wont pull your chains or toy with your emptions and act humble to the point of sickness.

He laughs a little at himself.

Kilgore: Know what isnt a lie? That I can win this. It’s very possible. And it’s not because I’m smarter or stronger or faster. It’s because I am confident in you, the people. And while my opponents might make light of my belief in the fans, I will never abandon you. I cannot, you made me the successful man that I am today.

Our man looks to the ceiling, throwing his arms out to his sides in a sort of Christ pose.

Kilgore: Tonight, I win this title…not just for myself, not just to prove the naysayers wrong, and not just to test my abilities and fortitude. Tonight I do this for you the people. Tonight I bring the title back home, in the hands that it belongs, in the hands of the fans.

He looks to the cameria direcly and strikes his superhero pose.

Kilgore: Your adopted champion will make you proud.

Stochansky throws his hood back over his head and begins to walk off, laughing to himself. He finally walks off-camera, out of the frame, and we cut away…


Abigail Chase smiles for the camera. 

 Abigail Chase: I’m here with SHOOT Project World Champion, Roland Caldwell.

The crowd boos as Roland steps into frame, his head down and face emotionless.

Abigail Chase:  Roland, in just a few moments you will step into the ring with four other men, do you really believe you can walk out of the ring with the title?

Roland says nothing.  The Relic Belt is held low, almost out of view.  Abigail gets impatient.

Abigail Chase:   Roland, you…

Roland cuts her off with a wave of his arms and steps front and center into the frame.  He looks up, eyes piercing and jaw clenched.  Slowly, Roland lifts the belt up, holding it aloft in his right arm.

Roland Caldwell:   I am the SHOOT Project World Champion.  All my life, I have undercut myself.  I have failed.  But not now.  I won this title, and tonight is MY moment.  Tonight I will go to that ring and face a greater challenge than any champion has ever faced in one match.  If I lose, I will allow myself to be trivialized.  But that won’t happen.  Gentleman, I address you, my opponents.  There can be no game plan against me tonight, because tonight I will win or lose with a blaze of glory.  I will not be the predictable Roland Caldwell.  Oh no.  I am going into that ring as if I have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Roland looks at the Original SHOOT Project World Championship Belt in his hand with childlike awe.

Roland Caldwell:   I will not hold anything back.  Tonight it all comes out.  The adrenaline is flowing inside me like it has only once before.  I felt like this before I fought Del Carver in the Hardcore House of Pain.

Roland looks at Abigail, and then back at the belt.

Roland Caldwell:   I won that night.  I will win tonight.  My name is Roland Caldwell.

Roland clutches the belt tight to his chest and walks off.




The sound of the bell brings all eyes to the ring, where Samantha Coil stands alongside senior SHOOT Project official Scott Kamura.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s main event and it will be for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! 

The fans come alive now as referee Scott Kamura steps forward now taking the microphone from Samantha.  As he does so, the Malice Mega Screen shows the still images of the five competitors. 

Scott Kamura: The rules for this match up are as follows.  All five competitors will be introduced to the ring.  After the introductions, TWO men will start out while the remaining three competitors will stay outside of the ring.  The first two men will fight for ten minutes, after which every FIVE minutes a new competitor will enter the ring until all five men are in the ring.  In order to win, you must be the last one remaining in the ring and elimination occurs through pin fall or submission. 

Dave Dymond: It is being called a five man massacre, Other Guy, as there is nothing keeping from the three men outside of the ring from fighting one another, and in addition the first two men starting out will be fighting at the same time. 

Other Guy: And on top of all that, there is so much bad blood between the five competitors, but they all just want one thing tonight, the BIG one, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. 

With Kamura finished with the official rules he hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil. 

Samantha Coil: At this time let me introduce the challengers… 

Darkness envelops the arena, the fans begin to buzz in anticipation.  The Malice Mega-Screen comes to life. As a female voice speaks the words come across the screen: 

"Over the hill…" 

"He doesn’t belong…" 

Lil Wayne: "Hatin on a Nigga…" 

"Couldn’t beat me before…" 

"No chance now…" 

Lil Wayne: "Got the heart of the biggest lion…" 

"The reign of darkness continues…" 

Lil Wayne: "I’mma wear that championship belt so tight…" 

Silence hits the arena as the fans sit in darkness. Then the sounds of a heart monitor is heard.  Several short beeps are heard indicating the sound of a beating heart. After four beats one long beep is heard before silence.  



Christopher Davis: I’m going to find a way… 

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop," 

A blast of light shines everytime the word "stop" is spoken.  After the final "stop" the arena goes dark and silent once again for a few seconds .  

"Got the heart of the biggest lion." 

-Christopher Davis- , the name shines on the Malice Mega-Screen  in white block letters. The heart beats begin again as "Gossip" by Lil Wayne begins to blare into the arena. 

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion" 

"The lady of a nigga" 

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga" 

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga" 

The lights come up and Chris stands at the entranceway as the fans work themselves into a frenzy. Dressed in black mid-length tights and black boots he takes in the crowd for a moment. He then raises both arms out to his sides as if forming a cross. sweat already covering his face. Intensity blazing from his eyes.

He then lowers his arms and strides towards the ring.  

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, From Battle Creek, Michigan weighing in at 271 pounds he is Christopheeeerrr DAAAAAAVVVIISSSS!!! 

"You don’t have to pick me" 

"To win the title fight" 

"But I’m gonna win a championship belt so tight" 

Chris steps into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle and once again raises his arms to his sides taking in the fans appreciation once again. 

Dave Dymond: You are looking at quite possibly THE odds on favorite for victory in this match up, and the man that undoubtedly a lot of people would want to see win the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship once again. 

Other Guy: Yeah but Davis has got his work cut out for him as he’s gotta start this match out against the champ himself. And I hate Roland Caldwell as much as the next guy, but we’ve all see what we can do, we’ve SEEN what he did to Davis. 

Davis begins to pace the ring, his music now fading out. After a moment he stops and looks to the entryway.  Just then the lights inside the Cox Arena turn to various shades of green and then three spires of green and silver pyrotechnics shoot up towards the arena rafters. 


The fans continue to cheer now as Jun Kenshin pushes his way out through the long red curtains that hang from the Mega Screen, and all the while the Malice Mega-Screen showcases clips of Jun Kenshin in action over the years.  “Undeniable” by Mos Def

plays loudly and Jun Kenshin nods his head as he takes in his hometown crowd. 


Dave Dymond: And listen to this crowd.  Jun Kenshin has come home to San Diego and he’s looking to bring the World Heavyweight Championship back. 

Other Guy: How huge would that be for all these cats in attendance tonight at the Cox Arena, for their hometown hero, The Perfector, Jun Kenshin, to re-capture the title he never really lost. 

Dave Dymond: It would be huge, Other Guy. Absolutely huge. 

Kenshin just takes in the cheering crowd for a moment before finally starts down to the ring, tagging all the hands that stretch out in his direction. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, weighing in at 204 pounds… from right here in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA… 

The fans ERUPT with wild cheering yet again. 

Samantha Coil: HERE IS JUN KENSHIN!!! 

Kenshin walks around the ring on the outside, tagging more hands, playing up to the crowds, while the lights in the arena flash various shades of green.  Kenshin finally jogs up the steel steps, wipes his feet as a show of respect before entering.  He gives a nod of respect to Davis before turning out to the crowd and once again playing up to them.  His music however suddenly cuts off abruptly, forcing Davis and Kenshin to look to the entryway.  For a moment there is nothing, but then… 

The lights in the arena all go out, casting the ring and the crowd in darkness. 

Dave Dymond: I can only imagine that this is the weasel of the world title scene himself about to make his presence felt, otherwise we could be having technical difficulties… 

There is a buzzing of confusion amongst the audience, but that noise is overpowered by a strutting guitar riff.  Just as the confusion raises to almost a fever pitch, a spotlight forms around the entrance ramp, illuminating Kilgore Stochansky.  The confusion is replaced by a reaction that is at least seventy percent boos, mixed in with a healthy smattering of main event excitement.  Clad in his black and silver tracksuit and mirrored aviator shades, the big man’s grin is wide and defiant as he bobs his head to the music and begins to strut to the ring. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing next…he hails from Verona New Jersey, and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds…KILGORE STOCHANSKY~!! 

Stochansky pauses to sing along with T. Rex, obviously mouthing the words… 

Well you can twist and shout,

Let it all Hang out

But you Wont Fool, The Children of the Revolution…

The lights in the arena begin to brighten, spotlights of blue, red, and purple a canning over the arena, washing it over in color.  Kilgore makes it to ringside, now dancing with the music, slapping hands with people who didn’t want it, and posing.  He unzips his track jacket and begins to flex, the lights moving about in a more frenzied pattern.   

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky is the obvious underdog here, but that

doesn’t seem to be affecting his mood!

Other Guy: His opponents need to make sure that they don’t underestimate him, though!  We are talking about the man who held the Laws of Survival title for four months straight, and defended almost all of the Laws themselves!  He–Whoa! 

The commentary is interrupted as Kilgore climbs onto the announce table, stands up tall, and removes his jacket, naked from the waist up.  He begins to flex before adopting a superhero pose, his hands on his hips.  The lights transition to a strobe effect, and Kilgore grins as he sings along to the song… 




Stochansky leaps down, and then picks up a folding chair, playing it like a guitar.  This continues for a few moments until the song begins to die down, at which point, Kilgore Stochansky simply unfolds the chair.  He sets it down next to the timekeeper and then himself sits down, very calmly removing his track pants. 

Dave Dymond:Interesting introduction from Stochansky who… well I still can’t really make heads or tails of, and I’m never sure what he’s up to. 

Other Guy: Right now he ain’t up to nothing. Just waiting until he can enter the ring. 

Jun Kenshin goes outside of the ring at this point in time as well, leaving just Christopher Davis in the ring.  Davis continues pacing. 


A huge, brass and string orchestral explosion takes over the PA and the crowd comes alive at this. A piano progression takes over, after a cymbal ride, with operatic voices. Then, a HUGE pyro explosion hits, as the lyrics kick in.

It’s futile for you to do battle with a mutant who chews gravel

and spews jagged matter back at dudes asking to grapple

I’m used to abusive battering, and by "used to abusive battering"

I actually mean, my boot’s used to moving through asses, when

you, bastards attempt to pen raps attackin a cat of my stature

and it’s sad to hafta blast a backpacker so bad that

they hafta attach flaps of skin grafting and plastic limbs

after our match, when I win, just to patch him back again

what matters is, I’ve mastered every path of my craft so accurate

every track I spit, rapidly adds to the status I have as "sick"

which would be the shit, except when I rap a verse, nervous kids

are grabbing a gas mask, and missing the first half of my shit

I flatten average men with a pad and pen, I’ll fashion a diss

so immaculate I hafta rap it with a cackle and grin

I’m past the status of Devils Advocate, attracted to sin

the baddest, you can’t even begin imagine the madness within.

When CORAZON makes his way out to the ramp, the crowd goes from an alive buzz, to all out ovation. They get behind the man who’s called himself the Essence of the SHOOT Project. He stands atop the Malice ramp, his long black duster draping down, covering most of his gear. He walks halfway down, and looks towards the ring, seeing Kilgore Stochansky and Jun Kenshin.

Dave Dymond: That’s the goal for the evening, right there, folks! Corazon intends to keep that belt, and he intends to become the TRUE World Heavyweight Champion!

He scowls, and removes his coat, revealing the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!! The crowd pops huge!



Dave Dymond: All four challengers are now present and accounted for at ringside, which means we only need one more man to make his way down that aisle before this match up, this main event, this WORLD Heavyweight Championship mach can begin. 

Samantha Coil: And their opponent… 

One by one, the banks of light drop, leaving the arena in utter blackness one again.  The crowd boos with anticipation of the next entrant, and many lift lighters in the air, dotting the crowd with pinpoints of light like that night sky. 

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 289 pounds… 

Slowly, “Summer-Overture – Remix” by Clint Mansell begins to play.  Still in the dark, the pounding strings of an orchestra slowly rise in volume.  At the stage, lights slowly begin blinking.  Their blinks accelerate as the music builds and builds and builds.  And just as the choir begins to belt out the atmospheric vocals, all the lights on the stage explode with light revealing Roland Caldwell standing, with the Original SHOOT Project World Championship Belt held up in his right hand. 

Samantha Coil: He is the current and defending SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… THIS. IS. ROLAND CALDWELL!!!

The music continues to build as the violins shriek their song.  Roland begins to walk to the ring.  The lights around the ring slowly fade up and red.  Roland walks into the ring area. He stops and holds the belt in front of him.  He kisses its worn and blood-smeared silver face. All eyes are on Roland as he stands in the ring with the championship belt, and he slowly but surely looks at each of the challengers to his championship. 

Dave Dymond: This night, and in specific this match changes the entire outlook of the future of SHOOT Project as we make our big push towards Reckoning Day.  Five viable champions are out here at the same time, only one will walk away with that coveted championship title. 

Scott Kamura takes the title from Roland now and shows it to each of the competitors. Kamura then hoists it all the way up over his head, presenting it to the everyone before handing it off to the outside.  Roland Caldwell then moves off into the corner, standing across from Davis, who is in the upper right corner.  The fans buzz with anticipation now as both men lock eyes.  Kamura scans the outside of the ring quickly, and with Corazon, Kenshin, and Stochansky all on separate sides of the ring, Kamura calls for the bell. 

Other Guy: And it’s on… just like the hype says, Dave, no turnin’ back now! 

Roland and Davis immediately move in at one another, with Davis storming in just a bit quicker to gain the upper hand in a quick lock up.  Roland however muscles out of Davis’s grapple and shoves him back, but Davis comes right back with a lunging clothesline that TAKES Roland right off his feet!  The fans pop and Roland is quick up to his feet for a bigger man and Davis taunts him to come after him. Roland charges and the two lock up again, and this time Davis shoves Roland back.  Roland is the one that charges in, but Davis charges at him and both men collide shoulder to shoulder. 

Davis staggers back, while Roland holds his ground and then as Davis comes running back, Roland hooks his arm and punches Davis square in the gut.  Davis doubles over in pain and Roland drives an elbow down onto the back of Davis’s head. Davis falters some more, but Roland pulls him up now, and FIRES with a hard chop across Davis’s chest. Davis takes the blow and fires back with a right hook.  Roland stumbles a bit, but fires back with another chop then a knee to the gut, then a whip into the ropes. 

Dave Dymond: Caldwell on the upper hand here, but Davis picking up speed! 

Roland steps in at Davis for a yakuza kick, but Davis SNAPS OFF A SPEAR FIRST!  He takes Caldwell down and UNLEASHES on him with hard rights and lefts. The fans cheer on Davis now as he takes it to the current World Heavyweight Champion.  Referee Scott Kamura shouts for both men to break it up, but Davis keeps going at it, until Roland finally forces Davis off of him.  Davis gets back up though and just as Roland is getting up, Davis HOISTS him up onto his shoulders! 

Other Guy: Here it comes, Angela’s ashes… 

Dave Dymond: No!  Roland gets down behind… and OOOOH!  Huge belly-to-back suplex takes Davis down. 

Roland has Davis on his stomach, with Roland on top of his back and now Roland looks to surprise Davis with a cross face submission hold, but Davis fights against it. Roland then re-positions his body and starts landing cross face strikes to Davis from behind.  Outside of the ring, Corazon looks on intently, and Kenshin actually tries to get a rally going for Davis. Meanwhile Kilgore Stochansky remains sitting, watching as if a common spectator.  Davis works on pushing his way up off of the mat, but Roland continues to fire with stiff cross face strikes.  Kenshin starts hitting his palm on the ring edge now, and soon the arena comes alive with stomping and clapping. 

Dave Dymond: Kenshin trying to get something going for Davis here, as Kenshin has gone on record saying if he doesn’t win the title, he wants to be at least a part of the reason why Roland Caldwell doesn’t retain.  That’s how much Kenshin does NOT want to see Roland as world champion. 

Davis starts pushing up again, this time with more strength and momentum going. Roland gets up to his feet looking to stop Davis, but Davis suddenly spins around and fires with a European uppercut.  Roland staggers back and now Davis grabs him by the arm and whips Roland into the ropes.  Roland comes bouncing back and Davis with a shoulder block, but Roland does not go down and he just KICKS his boot up right into

Davis’s chest.  Davis falters and Roland goes right back into the ropes, picking up speed…. 


The fans boo loudly as Davis goes down, gasping for breath now and Roland starts working a series of mud hole stomps into Davis’s chest and even a couple into his throat! 

Dave Dymond: Roland now capitalizing on the neck of Davis. And it just brings back images of their encounter several weeks back, the very encounter that took Christopher Davis out of the Redemption Rumble. 

Other Guy: Remember that match all to well, and I gotta say I don’t remember in recent history Davis EVER getting as man-handled as he was at the hands of Roland Caldwell. 

Dave Dymond: And Caldwell looking for an early elimination here with a pin now… 

Kamura drops to the mat… 


Kenshin is up on the ring edge… 


Kenshin half enters the ring just as Davis kicks out.  Roland gets up and sees Kenshin, and quickly charges at him.  Kenshin gets down and Roland points at him, taunting Kenshin to get back in the ring. Davis in the meantime starts up to his feet and with Roland’s back to him, Davis sneaks up behind Roland and suddenly rolls him up from behind… schoolboy pin! 

Other Guy: We could be guaranteed a new champion! 

The fans pop big time as Kamura hits the mat and makes the count… 



Roland forces out after two and gets up to one knee but Davis up with a hard punch to the head! Roland’s head snaps to the side, but he gets up and throws a knee up into Davis’s gut.  Davis doubles over and now Roland just shoves him through the middle and top rope, sending him spilling to the outside. 

Dave Dymond: A close two count there but Roland keeps alive in this match up as we count down until the next entrant becomes active in this fight. 

Other Guy: Kenshin wants to be in right now, he’s just chomping at the bit. 

With Davis down on the outside Roland now starts outside as well, despite Kenshin hanging around. Scott Kamura shouts for both men to get back inside the ring, but as Roland lifts Davis up he just WHIPS Davis back first into the steel guard railing. Davis arches in pain and Roland looks to Kenshin who has backed up slightly, and he taunts him.  Kamura warns Kenshin not to get involved and Kenshin hesitates, but finally thinks better of it.  Roland grabs Davis now looks to send him back into the ring, but then sends him a SECOND TIME into the railing!  Davis falls to the floor this time and Roland sizes him up and then jumps up onto the ring edge only to then ascend to the top rope!

Dave Dymond: Oh no! We’ve seen Roland Caldwell go to the top before, and the end result was a crushed adam’s apple for Christopher Davis! 

The fans boo as Roland looks down at Davis, who is in perfect position, but suddenly Kenshin leaps up onto the ring edge and SHOVES Caldwell off the top rope so he goes crashing to the mat inside the ring!  Outside Davis starts to stir while Roland rocks back and forth from taking the unexpected bump.  Davis slowly works his way back into the ring now, and he takes the opportunity presented to him and makes the cover.  Kamura drops to the mat once again and count. 


TW… Roland kicks out strongly before a two count can be made, forcing Davis quick up to his feet.   

Davis throws a hard double axe handle into Roland’s back, trying to stall him from getting up… but Roland still rises and then with a CHEAP shot he jabs his thumb right into Davis’s throat.  Davis staggers back from the sudden jab, and Roland now grabs Davis and pulls him in for a short arm clothesline! 

Dave Dymond: Davis taken right back down, and again Roland targeting the neck… but the count down clock has begun… ten seconds… 


Roland stomps down on Davis, keeping him on the mat and he waits to see who will be in next. 


Caldwell looks to Corazon, then Kenshin, then Stochansky, then back to Corazon.  Then the name on the Malice Mega-Screen reads… 


Stochansky is startled as he almost falls back in his chair, obviously not expecting to be the next competitor in.  Stochansky gets up out of his chair just as Roland storms out of the ring after him.  Roland lunges at Stochansky, only for Stochansky to grab the very chair he was sitting on and CRACK it over Roland’s head!  Some of the fans cheer now as Roland falls to one knee and Stochansky now takes Roland by the head and runs him right into the side of the steel steps. Roland is left down and Stochansky now scrambles into the ring, immediately seeing his opportunity! 

Dave Dymond: Kilgore making the pin on Davis… didn’t do the work but trying to reap the rewards… 



Davis shoulders out but Stochansky pushes his shoulders back down, forcing Kamura to count again. 



Davis shoulders out again.  Stochansky shakes his head and forces Davis’s shoulders down a third time.  Kamura counts again.


Other Guy: Davis with a HUGE kick out, and Kilgore might want to come up with a new plan. 

Stochanksy gets up to his feet now, only to turn and see Roland sliding into the ring.  Roland charges at Stochansky, and Stochansky has to think quickly, he side steps Roland, looks for a drop toe hold, but Roland hooks him and TAKES Stochansky down with a Russian leg sweep instead!  Stochansky cradles his head in pain and Roland now gets back up… CLOTHESLINED BY DAVIS!  Roland is taken down and now Davis looks between the two men. He points to Stochansky, a decent amount of cheers… he then points to Roland Caldwell… and the fans go nuts! 

Dave Dymond: I think Roland wins the vote by a land slide! 

Other Guy: No kidding, and I think Davis was hopin’ for that outcome. 

Davis nods his head now and he immediately grabs Roland and showing a great deal of strength he hoists Roland right back up onto his shoulders and the fans go crazy… Roland is then slammed to the mat via Angela’s Ashes!!! 

Dave Dymond: The World Heavyweight Champion his taken down! This is it! 

The fans are on their feet, but as Davis goes to make the cover, Stochansky DIVES at Davis knocking him back with a double forearm shove! The boos sound loudly as Stochanksy fires a few hard punches to Davis, sending him into the corner.  Stochansky turns and sees that Roland is down and out, and NOW the light bulb goes on in Stochanksy’s head.  He rushes to Roland and makes a cover.  Scott Kamura drops and makes the count… 



THRE…. Roland JUST shoulders out! 

Dave Dymond: Roland was under a second away from being eliminated from this match up, and I bet Kilgore is beating himself up inside for not making the cover sooner, or letting Davis pin Roland 

Other Guy: Not sure Kilgore SAW Roland at first, Dave. Which explains the sudden reaction. 

Kilgore shakes his head with frustration and gets up to his feet, but as soon as he is up, Davis bounces off the rope, running bulldog takedown!  Stochansky is planted face first into the mat and Davis stands back up, WITH Stochansky still held, only now Roland is finally back up to his feet and he charges at Davis… Davis runs at Roland… CLOTHESLINE TO ROLAND AND SECOND BULLDOG TO STOCHANSKY!!! 

Dave Dymond: What a move by Davis, or should I say TWO moves as Davis takes both Stochansky and Roland down. 

Davis rolls over on top of Roland now for the cover, hooking the leg.  Kamura makes the count. 



Roland kicks out, shoves Davis over and makes a pin of his own. 


Davis kicks out, but Roland is up quick, drops an elbow to Davis’s chest, and then pulls up on the leg again. 



Another kick out by Davis.  Stochansky crawls off into the lower left corner now while Corazon and Kenshin both watch on, both ready to get into the ring. 


Roland pulls Davis up to his feet, focused on him and him alone now not paying attention to the count down clock. 


The fans buzz with excitement wondering who is going to come in next… either Corazon or Kenshin.  Stochansky pulls himself up in the corner just as the next name shows up on the screen. 


Dave Dymond: So Kenshin the next entrant, meaning five minutes from now, Adrian Corazon will be entering the ring. 

Other Guy: How lucky would Corazon be if in those five minutes, everyone but ONE person got eliminated. 

Dave Dymond: Considering how these men are fighting as strong as they are, I don’t think that will be the case. 

Kenshin hops up onto the ring edge just as Stochansky pulls himself up to his feet and Stochansky’s eyes go wide.  Kenshin NAILS Stochanksy with an open palm strike and as Stochansky staggers back, Kenshin VAULTS over the top rope with a cross body splash!  He takes Stochansky down, but Stochansky rolls through covering Kenshin… 


TW… kick out by Kenshin.  Davis and Roland battle it out in the corner at this point, with Roland now pushing Davis up against the corner, choking him with both hands.  Kamura warns Roland to pull back, but he doesn’t. Davis however manages to kick up his leg, booting Roland in the gut. Roland loses his grip on Davis and staggers back and Davis hooks him and just plants him with a quick DDT.  Kenshin and Stochanksy battle it out at this point, with Kenshin now working Stochansky into the lower left corner, firing quick kicks and open palm slaps to the chest.  Stochansky winces in pain and Kenshin now FLIPS with a quick dropsault… and as Stochansky falls to the mat, Kehshin goes out onto the ring edge then VAULTS over the ropes again, this time landing a leg drop across the back of the neck of Stochansky. 

Kenshin gets up, fans cheering, but now Davis right there and Kenshin and Davis lock eyes. 

Dave Dymond: They have teamed before, they have fought before, and tonight it’s truly every man for themselves so… 

Kenshin charges in at Davis and the two men begin to exchange blows. Kenshin with hard chops, Davis with solid punches…. But Kenshin ducks one at a good time and whips around behind Davis, forearm to the back of the head… then dropped into a leg sprawl out reverse DDT!  Kenshin hooks the leg on Davis now, and a lot of the fans are still cheering strong!

Kamura makes the count. 



But Davis kicks out! 

Other Guy: Davis might be the odds on favorite, Dave, but Jun Kenshin has the fans backing him completely here tonight. 

Dave Dymond: San Diego clearly proud of Kenshin and all he’s done in the world of professional wrestling and they’re showing him that respect tonight. 

Kenshin gets up and sees Roland getting up out of the corner of his eye. He runs now and LEAPS with a high splash.  He then turns and sees Stochansky getting up and he charges at him… CLOTHESLINES Stochansky out of the ring. The fans are getting all riled up now as Kenshin turns back to see Roland staggering out of the corner… Kenshin CLOTHESLINES Roland over the top rope and BOTH men go over! 

Dave Dymond: Roland and Kenshin on the outside now, and Corazon stalking over to the side… he could be a MAJOR X-factor at this point. 

As Roland and Kenshin both land on their feet outside, they continue to exchange blows, with Kenshin keeping the upper hand.  The fans cheer on Kenshin as he knocks Roland staggering back… then he goes for Heaven’s Blade, but Roland moves out of the way!  Kenshin drops his foot quickly to regain his balance… only for Roland to turn him around, kick to the gut and a vertical head scissors applied. 

The fans watch on with concern as Roland HOISTS Kenshin up into a powerbomb position and then just LAUNCHES him at the side of the ring!  Kenshin hits back first, wincing in pain and Roland turns now and looks to Corazon, glaring.  Corazon stays incredibly calm just watching and waiting for the timer to run down. 

Other Guy: Kenshin taken out and Roland goin back in the ring, he’s got his sights set on Davis. 

Roland looks on as Davis gets up to his feet now, but before Davis can, Roland puts Davis EXACTLY where Davis put him moments ago!  The fans boo loudly, but Roland, without hesitation or showing off, DROPS Davis to the mat with The Burning Hammer! 

Dave Dymond: So Davis now feels the wrath of that burning hammer Driver, and Roland confidently hooking the leg… 



THRE… .NO! NO! NO!  The fans go nuts as Davis MANAGES to kick out! 

Roland is beyond furious now as he starts choking the life out of Davis, then he gets up and starts stomping down on him, causing Davis to writhe in pain! 

Other Guy: Roland Caldwell has snapped, Dave! 

Dave Dymond: Davis just did something few have done and that’s kick out of the Burning Hammer… and I think Roland thought he had Davis over and done with. 

The booing continues but the count down clock shows up and now on the outside Adrian Corazon jumps up and down on the tips of his feet, waiting patiently to get into the ring. 


Corazon DIVES under the bottom rope and makes a b-line for Roland! 

Dave Dymond: And I’m sure Adrian Corazon has been WAITING for this moment for some time now! 

Roland pushes to his feet, just as Corazon approaches, and Corazon boots Roland in the abdomen! Corazon hooks both arms as he pulls Roland into a standing head scissors! 

Other Guy: We could see the Original Sin! 

Roland wisely drops to a knee, stopping the attempt, but Corazon suddenly releases the arms and drives a knee into the back of Roland’s head instead! Corazon turns around, right into a thumb to the eye from Kilgore Stochansky! Kilgore grabs Corazon by the wrist and whips him into the ropes! Corazon rebounds, right into an uplifted knee into his belly, and Corazon spirals over to the canvas. Kilgore locks Corazon from behind with a rear-naked choke! 

Dave Dymond: This could be trouble for Corazon, as his big entrance into the match-up has been halted by Kilgore Stoachansky and that rear-naked choke! 

Other Guy: After the abuse Kilgore has sustained, I think it’ll take more than this to put Corazon down. 

Corazon turns and starts driving elbows into Kilgore’s belly. Finally, Kilgore releases the hold and stumbles back. Corazon turns and Kilgore explodes with a lariat! Corazon ducks and hits the ropes with a full head of steam, returning with a running knee strike to Kilgore’s chest! Kilgore spills through the ropes, as Jun Kenshin pulls himself back

into the ring. Corazon turns, right into a huge Yakuza Kick from Roland Caldwell! 

Dave Dymond: Corazon started building momentum, and Roland Caldwell just shut that down with a huge kick to the face! 

Other Guy: That kick was brutal, shit! 

Roland drops to make the cover, but before Scott Kamura can even begin to count, Jun Kenshin dives and drops an elbow on the back of Roland’s head! Jun Kenshin turns Roland over and starts driving mounted punches into Roland’s face! Kenshin pushes to his feet with a defiant roar, right into a sudden clothesline from Christopher Davis! Davis clutches his head as he drops to a knee after the hard clothesline. 

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis is back in the thick of things! 

Other Guy: But how much can he do after that dangerous Burning Hammer? 

Kilgore Stochansky rolls into the ring, as Corazon pushes to his feet. Corazon turns Christopher Davis around as he pushes off his knee, and drives an upward knee into Davis’ face! Davis drops to the canvas, as Jun Kenshin gets back to his feet. Corazon boots Kenshin in the abdomen! Corazon pulls Kenshin into a standing head scissors and hooks both arms quickly! Kilgore Stochansky suddenly explodes into action, kicking Corazon in the back of his left knee, dropping him to the canvas and releasing Kenshin from his grasp! Kilgore turns, and Kenshin strikes! 

Dave Dymond: HEAVEN’S BLADE!

Other Guy: Kilgore Stochansky is out! 

Kenshin straightens up, and Roland Caldwell is right behind him! Roland pulls Kenshin up onto his shoulders from behind into an inverted fireman’s carry and drops suddenly! 


Roland turns Kenshin over to his back and hooks both legs deep! 




Samantha Coil: JUN KENSHIN has been ELIMINATED!

Dave Dymond: And Roland CONTINUES to have Jun Kenshin’s number… and what a SLAP in the face of a potential hall of famer! Kenshin is eliminated… JUN KENSHIN has to go home, while Kilgore Stochansky is still alive in this thing! UNREAL!

The fans begin to boo loudly as Roland Caldwell pushes to his feet. Roland moves toward Christopher Davis, as Davis pushes to his own feet. Roland sends Davis off the ropes and ducks his head down for a back body drop! Davis stops and boots straight up into Caldwell’s chest, lurching Caldwell straight up! Davis turns and hoists Roland up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry! 

Other Guy: We could be seeing Angela’s Ashes very soon! 

Corazon pushes to his feet just as Davis pushes Roland upward! Corazon sends a boot into Davis’ abdomen, and Roland drops to the canvas mostly harmlessly, as Davis doubles over! Corazon pulls Davis into the standing head scissors and starts to hook both arms! Davis drops to a knee and hoists Corzon up suddenly into a fireman’s carry! Corazon slides off behind Davis and hooks Davis in an inverted facelock and drops with a reverse DDT! 

Dave Dymond: Corazon avoided Angela’s Ashes, and connected with a huge reverse DDT! 

Other Guy: The momentum is continuing to shift, at every passing second. 

Tony Lorenzo and Austin Linam make it to the ring from the back, and help Jun Kenshin out of the ring. They start helping to guide the San Diego native back up the ramp, as Kilgore Stochansky grabs the ropes and starts pulling himself to his feet, dizzily. Corazon, meanwhile, pushes to his feet, while Roland Caldwell does the same. Corazon turns right into a straight jab from Roland! Corazon rocks back and snaps right back into Caldwell with his own right jab! Roland throws a punch! Corazon throws a punch! Roland! Corazon! ROLAND! CORAZON! 

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell and Adrian Corazon are relentless in their attack upon each other! 

Other Guy: They’re unleashing heavy punches, good God! 

Kilgore stumbles away from the ropes! Roland punches Corazon! Corazon punches Roland! Kilgore backs right up and turns, right into an unintentional punch from Roland! Kilgore turns with the punch, right into a punch from Corazon, and Kilgore drops to the canvas! Roland throws another punch for Corazon, but Corazon ducks and catches the swinging arm, before pulling Roland back around into a boot to the abdomen and a sudden DDT! 

Dave Dymond: DDT from Corazon, and now the Champion is down! 

Other Guy: Corazon is in the driver’s seat! 

Corazon pushes up, as Kilgore stumbles to his own feet as well. Kilgore sees Corazon with his back turned and rolls him up from behind! Kilgore hooks the tights! 




Corazon kicks out hard, breaking the school boy. Both scramble to their feet, and Corazon kicks Kilgore in the gut suddenly! Corazon pulls Kilgore into a standing head scissors! Corazon hooks both arms and drops suddenly! 


Corazon turns Kilgore around and hooks both legs! 





Other Guy: Why so biased, Dave? Kilgore sleep with your wife?

Dave Dymond: There were four GREAT competitors booked in this contest, and you’re going to say Kilgore belonged as the fifth? I just want to see justice every now and then!


Kilgore sheepishly rolls out of the ring, in all KINDS of pain and CORAZON IS COMPLETELY ON FIRE! He lets out a primitive growl and suddenly focuses his attention on CURRENT SHOOT Project World Champion… Roland Caldwell. Roland is a little slow to his feet after taking a thunderous DDT from Corazon just moments ago! Corazon narrows his eyes and moves in on the champ! BUT THEN SUDDENLY GETS BLINDSIDED WITH AN ATTACK FROM CHRIS DAVIS!

Dave Dymond: DAVIS BACK UP AND HE TACKLES CORAZON! These guys are going with whatever they can at this juncture. The FINAL THREE here at MALICE,


With Corazon down on the mat, Davis plants him with forearm after forearm after forearm! In the meantime, Roland has made it to his feet and watches on with a bizarre sense of enjoyment in his eyes. He falls back into the corner and watches Davis lay QUITE the beating on Corazon.

Other Guy: Roland getting some much needed extra rest, Dave. That could very well be what helps Caldwell retain. I mean these guys have been going all out for the duration of this bout, and with no one being eliminated in the early stages, it has been ALL OUT WAR! I’m sayin’ dude, Roland gettin’ this rest might come up big.

Davis continues to UNLEASH ON CORAZON! He’s switched to straight FISTS NOW! RIGHT HAND! RIGHT HAND! OVER AND OVER! Corazon is bleeding pretty bad! Davis grabs Corazon by the back of the head and holds him up!

Chris Davis: WHO’S Brutal NOW, BITCH?

Before Davis can land another shot, Roland suddenly charges in AND YAKUZA KICKS

THE HELL OUT OF THE SIDE OF DAVIS’S HEAD!!! Davis falls off of Corazon and actually tumbles out of the ring. Caldwell smirks and looks down at Corazon. The fans BOO very loudly at this juncture! He then picks the very badly beaten former Iron Fist Champion up off the mat and lifts him up into a TORTURE WRACK POSITION!





Caldwell gives a CHILLING look of satisfaction at Corazon and drops down and hooks the leg! Davis starts to try and pull himself up, but he seems in no condition to have any effect on this particular pin fall!

Kamura is down to make the count!




The fans gasp!



Dave Dymond: NO WAY! Corazon kicked out of the BURNING HAMMER! UNREAL! Both Davis and Corazon have mustered ways out, and those are the two men left in the match! What is Roland going to have to do!

Roland is REALLY, REALLY pissed off! He grabs Kamura by the collar and THROWS him into the corner! He disgustingly turns around, ONLY TO BE MET BY CHRIS DAVIS! Chris lowers his shoulders and HOISTS ROLAND UP!


Caldwell’s head CRASHES to the MAT!!! ROLAND IS DOWN! Davis, hurting BAD crawls over and makes a cover!

Dave Dymond: The champion could be out! Kamura drops down for the count!!!






Dave Dymond: ROLAND IS GONE! ROLAND CALDWELL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The Champion will NOT retain this evening! WOW! What a SHOCKING turn of events!


Davis falls to the mat in pain, having perhaps spent the last of his strength in eliminating Roland. Corazon is also still pretty much out after having taken a BRUTAL Burning Hammer. From his knees, Davis rolls Roland out of the ring, having FINALLY exacted his revenge for Roland’s brutal attack some months ago!

Dave Dymond: We are down to just TWO MEN… Adrian Corazon and

Christopher Davis! One of these soldiers will be crowned SHOOT Project WORLD CHAMPION before it’s all said and done! WOW what a match! OG, what a NIGHT!

Other Guy: With everything we’ve seen… Shit man, this has been a memorable evening for sure, and it’s only gonna get better. We have a new champion tonight, Dave!

Davis starts to pull himself up off the mat and makes it to a standing position. He waves at Corazon to GET UP! Corazon responds, though groggy and perhaps a little bit out of it. Davis wipes his face, clearing a few drops of blood from his mouth. He actually then spits, blood spattering EVERYWHERE! Davis gestures FURIOUSLY for Corazon to get up! Adrian gets to his feet! He turns around! Davis throws a right! Corazon BLOCKS! Corazon fires back with a shot of his own! DAVIS BLOCKS! Davis throws a right again, Corazon side steps! CORAZON charges with a clothesline! DAVIS DUCKS! DAVIS WITH A CLOTHESLINE! CORAZON DUCKS! CORAZON CHARGES WITH A YAKUZA KICK! Davis ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Davis charges with a spear! Corazon drops down and slides away! Davis stumbles to his knees, but gets his hands up before he hits the ropes. He turns himself around, only to see Corazon turning around at the same time.

Both men stare into each other’s eyes!


Other Guy: Here we goddamn GO!

Corazon charges in with Davis! The two men lock up! Corazon pushes Davis into the corner! Corazon breaks the grapple and fires off with a WICKED STIFF CHOP!

“WOOOOO!” The fans echo back!

Davis though SCREAMS at Corazon and grabs him by the head and spins HIM around into the corner! Davis comes up top with an OVERHAND CHOP!


Corazon throws a forearm!

Davis fires back!

Dave Dymond: BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH! This is what this sport is about! Who is going to survive!?

Both men are running out of gas. There intensity is dwindling after the last two series. Corazon takes a couple steps back and then charges forward! Davis blocks a strike! Davis HAMMERS Corazon with a right hand! Corazon falls back! Davis STRIKES AGAIN WITH A RIGHT HAND! Corazon falls back but tries to charge forward with an adrenaline driven, sloppy strike attempt of his own! Davis ducks! Davis behind Corazon! HE HOOKS THE WAIST! CORAZON UP!


Dave Dymond: Davis with a RELEASE GERMAN suplex and at this stage in the game that is the EXACT kind of attack you need!

Other Guy: Chris is a veteran man. He’s been to this dance before. He knows what it takes. Corazon’s youth might be showing for the first time here in SHOOT!

Davis pumps his fist! He starts to wait for Corazon but then realizes he needs to capitalize QUICKLY! Davis reaches down to pick Corazon up, but Corazon gets both his arms up and blocks the attempt! He then suddenly LEAPS UP WITH HIS KNEES, GRABS THE BACK OF DAVIS’S HEAD AND PULLS DAVIS DOWN! CHRIS’S HEAD CRASHES INTO CORAZON’S KNEES!!!


Dave Dymond: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Where did that come from?

Other Guy: Well I’ve seen the move performed before, but not quite with that kind of intensity! No idea where the SHIT that came from! I didn’t even know Corazon had that in his repertoire

Corazon can barely move! Davis is out!

Dave Dymond: Can Corazon even make the cover? This is nuts! But these fans are LOVING IT!


Corazon shakes the cobwebs out finally after several seconds go by… and realizes he has a chance to win. He turns around and crawls toward Davis! He pulls both legs back and forces ALLLLLLL of his weight on Davis’s upper body!

Dave Dymond: COVER!!!

Kamura down for the count!





The Davis fans breath a sigh of relief!

Scott Kamura: TWO! TWO COUNT!


Other Guy: Goddamn! These boys WANT it!

Corazon rolls over on to his back in UTTER disbelief! He shouts and swears up a storm, his eyes closed, face aimed at the ceiling! He slams his hands on the mat and then sits up and very CAREFULLY attempts to stand up. He looms over Davis!

Adrian Corazon: COME ON! COME ON!

Davis tries to get to his feet but stumbles a few different times. He clings to the ring ropes and does everything he can to hoist himself up! Corazon moves in! Davis though RAISES UP! CORAZON IS CAUGHT IN A FIREMAN’S CARY POSITION!!!




Other Guy: The roof just came off this MOTHER FUCKIN’ HOUSE!

Davis falls near the ropes and IMMEDIATELY starts to pull himself up! He knows what he has to do!


Coming out of the crowd and making a B-LINE for the ring, in his street clothes, is THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON!!! He slides into the ring behind Davis!



Davis has no idea! Scott Kamura tries to intervene!!!







Jonny looks down at Davis and the fans are ABSOLUTELY LIVID! Kamura is SHITTING A BRICK! His face is BRIGHT RED AS HE SCREAMS at Jonny! The Defiler ignores it all though! He quickly grabs Corazon and drapes him over Davis’s unconscious body!


Dave Dymond: No! Not like this! PLEASE NOT LIKE THIS!

Jonny makes a swift exit, not interested in the slightest at what is going on. Kamura watches him leave and then looks at the mess he’s been left with. Kamura looks at Corazon covering Davis, and shakes his head.

He drops to the mat!




Dave Dymond: NOOOOOOOO!

Kamura, defeated, reluctantly calls for the bell and motions for Kendrick to hand him the world heavyweight championship. He grabs the title and kneels before Adrian Corazon!


“Torcher” by DZK starts to play throughout a STUNNED arena. Corazon has no idea what happened. Kamura raises his hand and Corazon clenches the belt as he rolls off Davis and passes out at his side! Kamura shakes his head and leaves the ring…

Dave Dymond: I don’t have any words. (Very solemn, not sure what to say) I’m too frustrated. I’m just… We need to let this settle in. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen.

The shot stays on Corazon and Davis, side by side, neither conscious. But CORAZON holds the SHOOT Project World Title.

Dave Dymond: (Soft spoken) For OG, I’m Dave Dymond… Goodnight.

Neither man moves.

And the night ends… in malice.