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Mason Pierce

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Name:Mason Pierce
Wrestling Style:All-around. Well-versed in submissions, striking, and technical wrestling.
Date of Birth:06/06/1984
Country:United Kingdom
Finisher Name:The Manchester Necktie
Finishing Move:Combination cobra clutch/camel clutch
Theme Music:"Messenger of Death" by Wizard
Signature 1:The Silencer - European Uppercut
Signature 2:The Corsican Goodnight - GTS
Signature 3:Terminus - Headlock Driver
Signature 4:Target Acquired - Cut-throat saito suplex
Bio:Nearly a decade ago, the world was introduced to Mason Pierce. A man with a skillset honed through years of clandestine activity. An operation gone wrong would lead to a blood debt that could only be repaid through bloody combat. Something perfectly suited to a man of Mason's talents.A combination of ruthless aggression, razor-sharp combat reflexes and and ice-cold methodology in the ring would take him to the top of the mountain where he would spend nearly four months as the Rule of Surrender champion.But a man's past is always bound to catch up with him... and in Mason's case, it would be the shadowy organization known simply as Echelon. A bloody war ensued that culminated with the organization in chaos- and the Fixer holding all the strings. But it wasn't enough. He knew he needed more. The thirst for combat would take him to a small renegade tournament where he would best the cream of the crop of multiple organizations and receive their top prize...a belt he would re-christen the Orion Championship.An unholy alliance with Valentine Lionheart and Malice would see Mason Pierce walk into the shadows, never to be seen again in the Epicenter...Until now.