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Master of the Mat


The scene… Tokyo Japan…

The time… is now.


[Pyro flares, and the crowd is hot as always, in anticipation of tonight’s major event. We go to Jason Johnson and Ryu Kosi at the annoucer’s table]

Jason: Welcome to the SHOOT Project’s MASTER OF THE MAT!

Ryu: Tonight, everything is decided and more begins, as we have the conclusion of the tournament and we decide a NEW World Champion on this night!

Jason: Let’s kick this shit off! We’ve got Roland the Dark Vs. Angel, now!

*"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine explodes over the SHOOT Project crowd as Roland the Dark walks out onto the ramp, He doesn’t even pause at the top of the ramp, but walks straight down the aisle before climbing into the ring and pacing back and forth waiting for the arrival of his opponent*

Samantha Coil: Now Entering the ring, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighing in at 258 pounds..ROLAND THE DARK!!

Jason: Well, this is our opening bout for the Master of the Mat PPV.

Ryu: And it should be a very good match, as these two have seen quite a bit of each other lately.

Jason: Definitely

Samantha Coil: Entering the ring next, standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 224 pounds….ANGEL!!

*"Duel of The Fates" by John Williams pounds out across the arena as Angel walks out onto the ramp and then takes off down the aisle at a dead sprint before leaping into the ring and immediatly wailing away on Roland. Roland returns the onslaught and the two men throw punchs back and forth for several seconds before Angeld gets the advantage and whips Roland into the far ropes, Angel follows him in and takes him down with a well placed drop kick right under Roland’s chin. As soon as Angel hits the ground he locks in a reverse chinlock on Roland and wrenches backward*

Jason: These two men are ready for each other tonight

Ryu: They certainly aren’t wasting any time.

*Angel releases the chinlock, bounces off the ropes and nails a vicious dropkick into the back of the still downed Roland’s head. Angel covers Roland and hooks the far leg*

Jason: Looks like Angel is looking for the quick win here.

Ryu: Here is the cover.



Jason: Roland powered out of that with authority

Ryu: Yeah he did, he certainly won’t be going down that easily.

*Both men get back to their feet slowly nailing each other with punches, Angel misses a huge roundhouse right, and Roland takes immediate advantage with a back drop suplex, Roland floats over into a mounted position and begins to wail on Angel with a series of lefts and right. After several stiff shots, Roland pulls Angel up by the hair, setups him up in a double underhook pulls him straight up into a double underhook piledriver position before driving Angel headfirst into the mat. Roland releases Angel after the vicious piledriver, and hooks both of his legs*

Jason: Damn, that piledriver was hellacious.

Ryu: This might be all, heres the count.




Jason: Angel barely managed to get his shoulder up in time.

Ryu: Yeah, but taking the loss may have been the better choice, it looks like Roland is out for blood tonight.

*Roland pulls Angel back to his feet, and delivers a knee right to Angel’s midsection doubling him over, Roland pulls him up into powerbomb position, and back into the corner. As soon as they get into the corner Angel begins to pepper Roland with punches, Rolands legs go out from under him dumping him to the mat in front of the turnbuckles. Angel manages to grab the top rope before Roland falls and deliver a modified Vader Bomb on the fallen Roland. Angel leaps to his feet and begins to immediatly lay the boots into the downed Roland. Angel then climbs to the second rope and attempts a legrop missing completley as Roland rolls out of the way. Roland is instantly to his feet and lays a roundhouse kick right into the side of Angels head. Roland picks Angel up onto his shoulders into the powerbomb position, backs out to the middle of the ring and delivers a huge running powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Angel hits with a thud and falls forward onto his face Roland steps over Angels back, drags him to the center of the ring and applies a picture perfect Camel Clutch*

Jason: Oh, Angel is in trouble now, right in the middle of the ring with no where to go

Ryu: Angel has a lot of heart he may be able to find a way out.

*The ref drops to one knee to check the hold, Angel repeatedly declining to submit, he manages after several moments to crawl over and get his arm over the bottom rope. The ref manages to get Roland to break the hold after a 5 count. Roland stands up waiting for Angel to get back to his feet, he is pacing back and forth with something clealy in mind. Angel to his feet, and Roland lunges at Angels back looking for a Reverse Russian legsweep. Angel with the reversal driving Roland throat first into the second rope. Roland rolls over clutching his throat and gasping for air. Angel immediatly seizes the opportunity to drag Roland to the middle of the ring and lock in a single leg Boston Crab. The ref sliding to the check the hold, Roland manages to drag himself over to the ropes and lays across the bottom spent. Angel releases the hold bounces off the far ropes and leaps onto Roland’s back driving his throat against the bottom rope.*

Jason: These two are really taking it to each other tonight

Ryu: They are pulling out all the stops, and refusing to lose.

*Angel pulls the gasping Roland up by the hair and drives him down across his knee with a thunderous backbreaker, he doesn’t let him fall however, he instead holds him over his knee wrenching his back. Roland bellows in pain but refuses to submit after several moments Angel releases and Roland falls to the mat spent. Angel paces around the ring as Roland catches his breath, Roland gets to his feet and both men attack each other immeditaly, Roland ducks a HUGE right hand and drives a boot into Angel’s midsection, lifts him up and Drives him into the mat with an awesome PILLAR OF DARKNESS*

Jason: Thats it

Ryu: Out of nowhere




Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your WINNER….ROLAND THE DARK!!

*Roland walks slowly up the ramp as his music plays and several moments later Angel pulls himself up off the mat very obviously upset at losing when he had what appeared to be the upperhand.*

Jason: Well ladies and gentlemen its time for our next match of the evening

Ryu: Yes, this will be a Three-way match for a Triad Consideration, meaning a winnner here won’t have a concrete contendership to any particular title but they will be help under consideration for title shots.

*"Fell on Black Days" pounds out of the SHOOT Project speakers as Pete Anselmo walks out onto the ramp, pauses at the top to look out over the crowd and then walks slowly down to the ring.*

Samantha Coil: Now Entering the ring at a heigt of 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 235 pounds…PETE ANSELMO!!

*"Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson blasts over the small SHOOT Project crowd as Phoenix walks out of the back, pauses at the top of the ramp to pace back and forth with his hands held upward. Before walking the rest of the way down to the ring, leaping onto the apron and stepping over the top rope and into the ring*

Samantha Coil: Now Entering the ring at a height of 6 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 300 pounds…PHOENIX!!!

*"So Fresh So Clean" by Outkast thumps over the SHOOT Project speakers as "Mr. PPV" Eddie E struts out onto the ramp in a silk robe, he struts all the way down the ramp winking at random women in the crowd before stepping onto the apron to pose*

Samantha Coil: Now Entering the ring at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 253 p…OH MY GOD!

*Phoenix doesn’t wait for the pleasantries to be finished but instead runs from across the ring and lays a big BOOT right into the back of the unsuspecting Eddie E’s head, almost running over Samantha in the process. Eddie E hits the floor with a thud. Phoenix turns around to face Anselmo and catches several punches in his face, Anselmo whips him into the ropes and follows him in with a thunderous clothesline taking him to the mat, Anselmo leaps to the top rope and jumps off with a legdrop driving his leg right across Phoenix’s jaw*

Jason: Wow, this match has gotten off to a fast start

Ryu: And in the most suprising development, Eddie E is nowhere to be found, after that Big Boot knocked him off the apron

*Phoenix immediatly kicks out of the attempted cover tossing Anselmo over the second rope and out of the ring, Phoenix to his feet steps over the top rope onto the apron and attempts an elbowdrop onto Anselmo who rolls out of the way just in time, Phoenix only connects with the concrete floor outside. He struggles to his feet only to be met with a chopblock from behind taking him to his knees, and stiff dropkick to the face. Eddie E has regained his feet and taken Phoenix down to his knees while Anselmo laid in a dropkick.*

Jason: Very smart by these two competitors

Ryu: Take the big man down and work him over.

*Eddie E and Anselmo look at each other over Phoenix’s head and nod both men then take several steps backwards before dropping kicking him in the front and back of the head simeltaneously knocking him out cold. Phoenix falls to the concrete floor unconcious. Eddie E immediatly takes the advantage and attacks Anselmo with a flying forearm smash taking him off his feet. Eddie picks the dazed Anselmo up and tosses him back into the ring. Eddie lays in the boots as Anselmo trys to get to his feet, instinctively Anselmo reaches out grabbing one of Eddie’s feet pulling it out from under him sending Eddie to the ground with a thud. He immediatly mounts Eddies chest and begins to pepper his head with rights and lefts. Eddie manages to lift his hips and roll over, he pulls Anselmo into a small package with handful of tights*




Jason: Ref just caught the handful of tights just in time

Ryu: Eddie E is pissed.

*Eddie leaps to his feet and lays a boot into the side of Anselmo’s head, Anselmo struggles to his feet swinging at Eddie, Eddie ducks and catches him around the waist launching him across the ring with a release German suplex. Eddie stops to pose for the crowd momentarily before going over to the downed Anselmo. Eddie leans over to pick Anselmo up and catches a right to his jaw knocking him backwards as Anselmo leaps to his feet pulling Eddie into a piledriver position, he pulls Eddie upward and drives him head first into the mat with a thunderous Stump Pulling Piledriver. Eddie’s body goes slack and he falls to the mat with a thud. Anselmo hooks the far leg and goes for the cover*

Jason: That piledriver was a thing of beauty

Ryu: That may be it




*Eddie managed to kick out just in time, he rolls over to his knees shaking his head back and forth in an attempt to knock out the cobwebs, Anselmo seizes the opportunity to drive a boot into Eddie’s stomach, all the air goes out of Eddie and falls to the mat with a thump. Anselmo picks Eddie back up but Eddie manages to fight his way out, he bounces off the ropes taking Anselmo down with a huge dropkick. Eddie drops to the mat and locks in the "Sellout" on the unsuspecting Anselmo. Eddie wrenches on the hold and….*


Jason: Wow, Eddie wins, a very good match

Ryu: You never can tell if Eddie is done. He can really go

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR WINNER….."MR. PPV" EDDIE E.

(The crowd cheers as "Hero of the Day" by Metallica begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “This is a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the Number ONE Contender for the SHOOT PROJECT DOJO Championship! FIRST …coming to the ring standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 225 pounds…STARSHYNA…BILL HRENCHUK!”

(The crowd cheers as Bill Hrenchuk strides to the ring, climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…"Fuel" by Metallica begins to play…)

Samantha: “Now making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…XAVIER CRONIN!”

(Xavier Cronin makes his way to the ring slowly…and shoots a look at Bill Hrenchuk as he raises his arms to the cheers of the crowd…“Beautiful People” by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…)

Samantha: “And now…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…STRAIT JAKIT!”

(Strait Jakit jogs down to the ring and jumps in the ring… “Free” by Vast begins to play…)

Samantha: “And finally…standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds… ANDER CARVETTI!”

Jason: “Getting ready to go now for this fatal four way match…whoever wins this contest will emerge as the number one contender for the DOJO Championship, currently held by Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “All four of these guys are hungry competitors…they all want the shot at that title…”

Jason: “All four men in the ring…and here we go! Xavier Cronin and Bill Hrenchuk exchanging words…and Hrenchuk nails Cronin with a series of vicious shots…so it looks like Xavier Cronin and Bill Hrenchuk have paired off…meanwhile Strait Jakit hammers Ander Carvetti into the opposite corner…Carvetti slumps down and Strait Jakit charges in…Ander gets his leg up…Knee to the face of Strait Jakit! Bill Hrenchuk chokes Xavier Cronin with his foot…then turns and mows down Strait Jakit and Ander Carvetti with a nice flying double clothesline…”

Ryu: “Hrenchuk really the aggressor here…Bill Hrenchuk works over everybody!”

Jason: “Hrenchuk with a slam on Strait Jakit…hip toss on Ander Carvetti…power slam on Xavier Cronin! Headbutt for Strait Jakit. Xavier Cronin gets choked with Bill Hrenchuk’s leg…Strait Jakit climbs onto Bill Hrenchuk’s back and Bill Hrenchuk falls STRAIGHT BACK on him!”

Ryu: “That’s one way to stop a guy from choking you!”

Jason: “Xavier Cronin fights back against Bill Hrenchuk…Bill Hrenchuk reverses a whip… side suplex on Xavier Cronin! Ander Carvetti comes off the ropes…Bill Hrenchuk catches him…but Strait Jakit kicks Bill Hrenchuk in the back of the head with a beautiful high kick! Punches by Strait Jakit and Xavier Cronin both to Bill Hrenchuk. Carvetti joins in now…Bill Hrenchuk staggering around the ring like a drunken man after taking shots from the other three fighters….A Strait Jakit flying clothesline floors Bill Hrenchuk!”

Ryu: “NO FAIR! All three guys are standing over Bill Hrenchuk and stomping him!”

Jason: “Hey, that’s the way these four way matches go! Ander Carvetti nails Strait Jakit to stop the gang attack on Hrenchuk…Strait Jakit fires back…and now a beautiful high dropkick on Carvetti…both guys crash to the floor outside!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile in the ring Bill Hrenchuk hits a big boot to the face of Xavier Cronin…outside the ring…Strait Jakit has a chair!”

Jason: “This is NOT a no DQ match but how the hell the ref is supposed to maintain control in this one with four guys, I’ll never know!…Jakit nails Ander Carvetti with the chair…now from outside, Jakit trips Xavier Cronin and hops onto the apron. Xavier Cronin nails him with a punch…Strait Jakit swings the chair in retaliation at Cronin…Cronin DUCKS…Strait Jakit hits Bill Hrenchuk with the chair! XAVIER CRONIN DDT’S BILL HRENCHUK! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “Hrenchuk has been eliminated! We are down to three men now…”

Jason: “The three remaining men end up in the ring…a large group of referees try getting Bill Hrenchuk to leave…he does…finally…to a round of boos…Ander Carvetti tries talking Strait Jakit into working with him against Xavier Cronin. Strait Jakit has none of it. Carvetti tries his spiel on Xavier Cronin, who seems to agree…both men approach Strait Jakit…Xavier Cronin turns and nails Carvetti!”

Ryu: “Strait Jakit and Xavier Cronin unloading on Carvetti! Double clothesline!”

Jason: “Strait Jakit tosses Carvetti outside and they both follow. Carvetti fights back briefly, but continues to get double teamed…Carvetti gets whipped into a Xavier Cronin clothesline…Strait Jakit gets the bell…tosses it to Xavier Cronin. Strait Jakit lifts Ander Carvetti up… but Carvetti ducks…Xavier Cronin nails Strait Jakit with the bell!”

Ryu: “Ouch!”

Jason: “Carvetti throws Xavier Cronin into the steps as we see a replay of the bell shot… Carvetti drops Xavier Cronin on the security barrier…OH SHIT!”

Ryu: “Strait Jakit has reached under the ring…and got a barbed wire 2×4! I think that belongs to Del Carver!”

Jason: “Ander Carvetti slides into the ring to escape!…Strait Jakit rushes in and Carvetti ducks and hits a low blow…Now Carvetti has the 2×4!…Shot to the gut!…Xavier Cronin sneaks in and nails Carvetti from behind…The 2×4 lands outside…Ander Carvetti throws Xavier Cronin outside with it…Double Arm DDT by Strait Jakit!…Xavier Cronin slides back in with the 2×4…He nails Ander Carvetti!…Ander Carvetti crawls over and low blows both guys!”

Ryu: “Man what a war this has turned into! Everybody’s down!”

Jason: “Carvetti stands up first and hammers Xavier Cronin…Xavier Cronin clotheslines Carvetti down! Strait Jakit clotheslines Xavier Cronin and covers! ONE…TWO… kickout! Strait Jakit unloads punches on Xavier Cronin…Double Arm DDT! ONE…TWO…kickout! Strait Jakit grabs the chair that was left laying in the ring. He rushes Xavier Cronin… Xavier Cronin raises a boot and Strait Jakit eats the chair! DDT on Strait Jakit! ONE…TWO…Carvetti breaks it up for some reason!”

Ryu: “Strait Jakit looks like he is striking a deal with Ander Carvetti to work over Xavier Cronin. They both stomp him! The fans boo!”

Jason: “Carvetti doubles Xavier Cronin over and Strait Jakit kneelifts him! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Double suplex on Xavier Cronin. Ander Carvetti drops a knee. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!…Xavier Cronin stumbles to the outside. Strait Jakit follows and hammers him. He holds Xavier Cronin as Ander Carvetti unloads…Xavier Cronin fights back and whips Strait Jakit into the steps! He chokes Ander Carvetti with a cable! Strait Jakit grabs the top half of the stairs… and NAILS Xavier Cronin in the head!…Ander Carvetti clears the bell, mic, and other objects off the timekeepers table…and sets Xavier Cronin on the table…Strait Jakit goes up to the second rope… ELBOW THROUGH THE… no, Strait Jakit missed Xavier Cronin and crashed into the side of the table!”

Ryu: “That HAD to hurt. Ander Carvetti drops his own elbow on Xavier Cronin, then climbs up on the barrier and breaks Xavier Cronin through the table!”

Jason: “Carvetti slides into the ring where Strait Jakit is. He hooks him…DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Strait Jakit kicks out! Carvetti shoves down the referee and grabs the chair…Strait Jakit slowly stands… and takes a CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD! Ander Carvetti drops the chair down and pulls Strait Jakit up…ANOTHER DDT…ON THE CHAIR! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “Strait Jakit has been eliminated! We are down to two men now…”

Jason: “Strait Jakit rolls outside and raises an arm as the crowd chants "Jakit…Jakit…Jakit…” a ref helps Strait Jakit up the aisle…Strait Jakit sees Ander Carvetti on the big screen and heads back to the ring! He grabs the chair…CARVETTI TAKES IT IN THE HEAD! Strait Jakit heads off!”

Ryu: “You’re the MAN, Strait Jakit! Xavier Cronin covers Ander Carvetti! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!”

Jason: “I guess that was a little good bye present there from Strait Jakit!…Carvetti rises up to his feet and a brawl ensues…Xavier Cronin clotheslines Ander Carvetti to the floor and they head up the aisle…Xavier Cronin blocks a suplex attempt. Carvetti gets suplexed on the floor! Xavier Cronin runs Carvetti into the steel security barrier…Xavier Cronin backdrops Carvetti over the railing! Xavier Cronin grabs the ringsteps…Carvetti smashes them with a chair! The stairs land on Xavier Cronin and Carvetti smashes them repeatedly! Ander Carvetti pulls Xavier Cronin up… PILEDRIVER ON THE STAIRS!”

Ryu: “Damn! Carvetti rolls Xavier Cronin inside the ring. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Ander Carvetti unloads some shots. Xavier Cronin fires back!”

Jason: “Carvetti tries a clothesline… Xavier Cronin backdrops him to the floor…Xavier Cronin hits a spinebuster on the floor! Both men are hurt…Xavier Cronin moves in and Carvetti drop toe holds him onto the stairs! Ander Carvetti rolls Xavier Cronin back inside…back in the ring, Xavier Cronin hammers Ander Carvetti…Carvetti fires back…Xavier Cronin ducks a clothesline… DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Tilt-a-Whirl slam by Xavier Cronin! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!…Carvetti hits a knee smash!”

Ryu: “What a SHOT!”

Jason: “Carvetti covers Cronin… COVER: ONE…THREE!!!”

Samantha: “Your winner…and the new NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP…Ander Carvetti!!!”

Jason: “As the fighters clear the ring…lets look at the replay…MAN…Carvetti really NAILED Cronin with that knee smash…and got the pin!”

Ryu: “Well, Strait Jakit, Carvetti, and Cronin all fought their hearts out tonight…none of those guys have anything to be embarrassed about in my opinion…”

Samantha: “This next bout is a SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHALLENGE…for the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!…(‘High’ by Jimi’s Chicken Shack begins to play)…accompanied by THE FIST standing 6 feet tall and weighing 165 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!”

(The Flying Dutchman walks confidently to the ring, a grimly determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring, followed as always by The Fist…whose face is expressionless…"Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…standing at 5’10", weighing in at 203 pounds….your SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!”

(Kid Wikkid emerges from the darkness at the top of the runway, and begins to walk to the ring as the fans rise to their feet. Wikkid is wearing his DOJO belt around his waist. Kid Wikkid exchanges high fives with fans…jumps with ease to the ring apron…and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…the rules of this match: This bout is to go to the FULL 30 minute time limit. AFTER THAT TIME…the fighter who has the MOST pinfalls or submissions will be declared the WINNER and the DOJO CHAMPION!"

Jason: “Well here we go…this should be a GREAT match Ryu…”

Ryu: “You’re damn right…both these guys can really wrestle!”

Jason: “The two men lock up mid ring… Kid Wikkid gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes and he gets hit with a back elbow…The Flying Dutchman stomps on Kid Wikkid’ head …now pulls him up to his feet …and sent off the ropes…The Flying Dutchman hits a big back bodydrop!”

Ryu: “The Dutchman coming out as the aggressor here…”

Jason: “BIG flying clothesline sends both men over the top rope…Wikkid tries to come after The Flying Dutchman who shoves him back first into the guardrail…The Flying Dutchman picks up the mat around the ring to expose the concrete…but Kid Wikkid dropkicks him in the process and sends him under the mat to the concrete floor!”

Ryu: “Ouch…that’s gonna hurt tomorrow! Ha! Kid Wikkid jumps on him a few times for good measure. Kid Wikkid gets up to the top turnbuckle and crossbodies The Flying Dutchman on the floor! WOW!”

Jason: “Wikkid is back in the ring for a moment…now he comes off the steps and drives The Flying Dutchman’s head to the floor! WOW! Kid Wikkid throws The Flying Dutchman back into the ring…goes up top and hits the double axehandle! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT by The Flying Dutchman! Whip off the ropes is reversed…The Flying Dutchman goes for a kick midring which is blocked by Kid Wikkid…The Flying Dutchman is spun around…and Kid Wikkid punches away…off the ropes comes Kid Wikkid…clothesline to The Flying Dutchman…scoop and a slam.!”

Ryu: Man…ever since this match got back in the ring…it has been the champion dominating! Uh Oh…Kid Wikkid goes back to the top…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid drops an elbow! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!”


Jason: “Kid Wikkid on top and he punches on The Flying Dutchman now…seemingly frustrated that he can’t get a pin after all this offense…both men get to

their feet…The Flying Dutchman gets to his feet FIRST and hits a punch/clothesline…Kid Wikkid is thrown to the outside of the ring.”

Ryu: “It seems like The Flying Dutchman has a game plan here…get the champion outside the ring and brawl…which is odd, because The Dutchman is a very accomplished wrestler…WHOA!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid is on his feet and Kid Wikkid VIOLENTLY suplexes The Flying Dutchman onto the steps… His leg hits REALLY awkwardly! Kid Wikkid is back in the ring now and as The Flying Dutchman tries getting in Kid Wikkid drives the knee HARD into the Dutchman’s head!”

Ryu: “This is really stiff! It’s great!”

Jason: “Wikkid now kicks away at the back of the knee of The Flying Dutchman…looks like he wants to take his wheels out from underneath him…The Flying Dutchman gets up and levels Kid Wikkid with a right…The Flying Dutchman’s knee is in pain but he still manages to kick Kid Wikkid…and tries a second time only to get legdragged!”

Ryu: “Looks like you’re right…he’s working that leg…Kid Wikkid puts on the figure four!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman is in serious pain here…shoulders down…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Fist up on the apron…ha ha ha! Look! While the ref goes to tell him to get down…Dutchman reaches across the rakes the eyes of Kid Wikkid! That’s a no fail way to get out of the figure four!”

Jason: “Not very scientific…but it works! The Flying Dutchman gets out and now Kid Wikkid is sent off the ropes…and gets hit with a beautiful dropkick from The Flying Dutchman!”


Jason: “We’re a third of the way into this match and no decisions for either man yet. The Flying Dutchman scooping up Kid Wikkid for a slam…NO…small package…ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Surprise pin attempt there!”

Jason: “Both men back up…Kid Wikkid charges towards The Flying Dutchman…but gets dropped neck first onto the ropes!…The Flying Dutchman now chokes Kid Wikkid on the ropes…Dutchman drags him up and Kid Wikkid is set in the corner…and The Flying Dutchman charges running a knee right into Kid Wikkid’ face!”

Ryu: “OW! That’s gotta hurt…knee right to the face!…Kid Wikkid gets punched a few more times…The Flying Dutchman sends Kid Wikkid face first to the mat…now he does it a second time.”

Jason: “Dutchman in control now…belly to back suplex…and both men are down. Kid Wikkid and The Flying Dutchman are up and Kid Wikkid hammers with a couple of punches until The Flying Dutchman boots him in the stomach and gets control and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid slides between The Flying Dutchman’s legs and trips him from behind…Kid Wikkid blocks his punches and delivers a few of his own. Kid Wikkid attempts a whip which The Flying Dutchman reverses and Kid Wikkid bumps hard and winds up landing on the top of his head!”


Jason: “The Flying Dutchman runs at Wikkid and drops an elbow on his face…right on the mark…and does it again…Dutchman rolls Kid Wikkid over and drops a leg on the back of his head. COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “The Flying Dutchman really setting the pace now…”

Jason: “Wikkid to his feet now…BIG BOOT from The Dutchman kicks Kid Wikkid in the jaw sending him over the top!…The Flying Dutchman sees Kid Wikkid lying on the floor by the steps…and charges at him!”

Ryu: “DAMN! The Dutchman misses…hitting his knee on the steps hard…he gets up and charges again…this time taking a drop toe hold onto the steps!”

Jason: “Both these guys are really taking a beating here…The Flying Dutchman slowly climbs back on the apron…Wikkid slowly after him…and they trade blocked suplexes…finally The Flying Dutchman suplexes Kid Wikkid back into the ring with authority! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…The Flying Dutchman pulls Wikkid back to his feet and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid takes a NICE back elbow…Kid Wikkid reverses another whip attempt by The Dutchman into the corner…comes at The Flying Dutchman in the corner…but takes ANOTHER back elbow…The Flying Dutchman then powerslams Wikkid! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “After taking a bit of a beating at the onset of this match…The Dutchman has really been keeping control for the last while…”


Jason: “Both men up…The Flying Dutchman is sent off the ropes by Kid Wikkid…who telegraphs the back bodydrop and pays for it! SHARP elbow to the back of the head of Wikkid by The Flying Dutchman! The Flying Dutchman tosses Wikkid over the top rope to the floor…once out there The Flying Dutchman puts THE DUTCH OVEN on Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “OH MAN! Look at Wikkid thrashing around out there…Dutchman has that figure four locked in GOOD…and Kid Wikkid is in PAIN!”

Jason: “The ref starts to count…so Dutchman releases the hold…and rolls into the ring to break up the count…now The Flying Dutchman gets on the apron and drops the elbow to the outside!”

Ryu: “MAN! Let’s see a replay of that…look at the height that The Flying Dutchman got on that elbow…and the impact it had on BOTH men as he landed on the concrete!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman hits a neckbreaker on Kid Wikkid on the floor…while the ref admonishes both men and instructs them to get back into the ring…Kid Wikkid slowly crawls back between the ropes and The Flying Dutchman gives him a legdrop between the ropes…and follows with a double arm DDT!”

Ryu: “That HAS to be it! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”


Jason: “The Flying Dutchman picks Kid Wikkid up and piledrives him! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…He covers a second time ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! The Flying Dutchman crawls over and rolls Kid Wikkid over hooking the leg and again ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “WOW! The crowd going nuts! Kid Wikkid won’t stay down!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman goes nuts and gets right in the ref’s face…he is cussing him out pretty bad and holding up three fingers…it’s obvious that the Dutchman thinks the count is slow!”

Ryu: “You know what? In my opinion it HAS been slow!”

Jason: “You ALWAYS say that! Out at ringside…The Fist throws in a chair to the Flying Dutchman! The referee forces him to get rid of it.”

Ryu: “Well…this is NOT a no DQ match and it’s pretty clear that The Flying Dutchman and The Fist are getting frustrated with Kid Wikkid’s resiliency!”

Jason: “While The Flying Dutchman is arguing with the ref over the chair…Kid Wikkid runs off the ropes and hits a spinning leg kick!…now Kid Wikkid punching away, and stomping The Flying Dutchman…scoop slam – Kid Wikkid heads up top…”

Ryu: “HIGH crossbody… COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by The Flying Dutchman! Now it’s HIS turn to frustrate Kid Wikkid!”

Jason: “Wikkid goes back up, but gets shoved by The Fist and crotched!”

Ryu: “Oh MAN! That hurts just looking at it!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman now up to the top rope…don’t forget he’s plenty comfortable up there too…and SUPLEXES KID WIKKID BACK AND BOTH GUYS LAND ON THE FLOOR!”

Ryu: “DAMN! That was quite a visual!”

Jason: “Both men laying on the floor stunned…The Fist helps The Flying Dutchman up first and hands him a chair…while Kid Wikkid wisely rolls back into the ring…The Flying Dutchman goes up to the top with the chair…and comes off …but Kid Wikkid dropkicks the chair into The Flying Dutchman’s face!”

Ryu: “THE BELL RINGS…was that a DQ?”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…THIRTY MINUTES HAVE EXPIRED…and since neither fighter has registered a decision…the referee has no choice but to rule this contest…A DRAW! THIS MATCH IS DECLARED A DRAW!”

Ryu: “Ah…that’s BULLSHIT!”

Jason: “Well…it sounds like the crowd agrees with you…they are booing! Both men laying on the mat exhausted…all I can say is that I am totally impressed with BOTH men…they went at it full tilt for 30 minutes…there was not ONE rest hold in there!”

Ryu: “Well…that’s true. I wonder if we are going to see a rematch…”

Jason: “That depends if The Flying Dutchman WANTS one…but if he does…I for one will give it to him…”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…as a result of the draw…your DOJO CHAMPION remains…KID WIKKID!”

("Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play as the ref hands Kid Wikkid his belt…Wikkid rolls out of the ring exhausted and stumbles up the ramp…The Fist helps the Flying Dutchman to his feet…and raises his arm as the crowd jeers.)

Jason: And here is our first semifinal match for the Master of the Mat tournament.

“Symphony of Destruction” begins to play and Ben Jackman walks out onto the stage with a determined look on his face.

Samantha: “And NOW…firstly, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN!

Jackman gets to the ring and stands on a turnbuckle yelling at the crowd.

Ryu: Blackout has no chance in this match.

Jason: I wouldn’t say no chance, he’s an excellent competitor.

Ryu: No chance.

"Parabol/Parabola" by Tool begins to play. The monster. The giant. King Ty Jackson walks onto the stage. He cracks his neck and begins walking towards the ring, never taking his eyes off of Ben Jackman.

Samantha: “Now entering the ring…standing 6 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 295 pounds… ‘King’ Ty Jackson!”

Samantha jumps from the ring and takes a seat at ringside. Jackson gets to the apron and jumps up onto it. Jackman nails him with a baseball slide, knocking him off of the ring.

Jason: Jackman is starting right off.

Ryu: It’s the only way to survive against King, attack early.

Jackman springboards himself over the ropes, going for a crossbody, but King catches him. King charges at the ringpost and Blackout’s body slams into it, the crowd groans, seemingly having felt the collision.

Ryu: Well, there goes his hip.

Jackson stands over Jackman. He lifts the master of the blackout-bomb up and rolls him into the ring. King jumps onto the apron and steps over the ropes. The bell sounds.

Jason: We’re officially under way now. This should be an interesting contest.

Ryu: The only way this is going to be interesting is how quickly King decides to pin Ben Jackman.

King stomps on Jackman. King picks Jackman up and throws him against the ropes.

Jason: Big boot right to the teeth!

King stalks around the fallen Jackman, occasionally placing a kick to his head or chest. Jackman gets to his feet only to be met by a kick to the gut and King nails him with a gutwrench powerbomb.

Jason: Look at Ty smile.

Ryu: It’s a testament to his good humor that he can laugh at a pathetic opponent here.

Jason: Since when were you the president of the King Ty Jackson fan club?

Ryu: He doesn’t have one yet dumbass!

King picks up a stunned Jackman and throws him into a corner, hard. Jackson charges at Blackout but he gets a foot up and hits King in the face. King stumbles back and Jackman leaps out of the corner and grabs Jackson from behind.

Jason: Viscous German suplex on the monstrosity! My God what a sight that was!

Ryu: Come on Ty! You can do better than that.

Jason: Don’t sell Ben Jackman short.

Ryu: Look, see! Jackson is already up from the suplex.

Ben Jackman charges at Ty Jackson and tries to spear him, but Ty, laughs and dodges. Jackman slams into the corner and Jackson comes after him.

Jason: Right hands by the gigantic Ty Jackson. This man is a beast!

Ryu: He’s tearing Jackman apart!

Ben Jackman is already bleeding as Jackson continues to wallop him with right hands. Jackson takes a step back and surveys the situation. A cold grin crosses his face and he grabs Jackman by the neck. He picks Jackman out of the corner. Jackson picks him up for a chokeslam…

Jason: OUT OF NOWHERE! Diamond Del Carver!

Ryu: He just came out of the crowd Jason!

Ty Jackson turns and sees the other member of Hardcore Style. Carver runs at Jackson but Jackson grabs him by the neck and in one motion chokeslams him almost through the mat. Carver is a mass of twitching flesh. Jackson walks over and picks up Diamond Del Carver’s body and throws him through the ropes. He laughs.

Jason: How will Carver be ready for his semifinal match after that?

Ryu: His interference here could really cost him in the long run.

Jackman is slowly rising. Jackson turns and walks over to him. Jackson calls for the Pain.

Ryu: This is it folks. This is it.

Jackson grabs Jackman, but Jackman low blows Jackson!

Ryu: Ref! DQ him!

Jason: Ben Jackman has life!

Jackman runs back against the ropes and nails a running DDT!

Jason: For the first time in this match Ben Jackman is in control. Ty Jackson is down!

Ryu: Jackman is going up to the top rope. This could spell the end.

Jackman climbs up to the top rope.

Jason: what the hell?

Ryu: Finally! Here comes Aaron Green

Aaron Green is walking down the ramp towards the ring with a concerned look on his face. Jackman hits a moonsault, and goes for the pin…

Jason: He has him!

Green jumps into the ring and the referee jumps up and starts jawing at him, thus ignoring the pin. Jackman gets up in frustration and starts yelling at Green. Green laughs in his face as he notices that Ty Jackson is beginning to stand. Jackman takes a swing at Green and Green jumps down off the apron safely. The referee jumps out of the ring to escort Green away from ringside.

Ryu: He has every right to be at ringside!

Jason: He cost the match for Blackout! Look! Jackson is approaching Ben Jackman now.

Jackman is still jawing at Green when Ty Jackson grabs him from behind. He picks Ben Jackman up and is about to powerbomb him when Del Carver springboard’s himself across the ring and nails a dropkick to the back of Jackson’s knee. It buckles and Jackson falls on his back. Jackman lands on him.

Ryu: Cost him the match, huh?

Jason: Carver just took out Ty Jackson!

Aaron Green is livid and is screaming at the referee, but the referee is ignoring his pleas to turn around, instead he continues to order Green to the back. Jackman and Carver meanwhile have picked up Jackson and throw him into the ropes.

Ryu: No, no, no, no…

Jason: They’re going for something big here!

Jackman and Carver take the running Jackson and give him a viscous double spinebuster. Carver and Jackman slap hands and Carver jumps out of the ring. Green is going crazy at ringside and Carver nails him with a running forearm. Green falls into a crumpled heap and Carver throws him up the ramp. The referee turns back to the ring.

Jason: Jackman is ready for the referee, he has the pin on.

Ryu: No, no, no, no…



Milliseconds after the three-count Jackson kicks out, but it is too late.

Jason: What an upset! Ben Jackman has beaten the man that many said was an unstoppable force!

Ryu: No, no, no, no…

Jackman is up and celebrating. Jackson is up and livid. He charges Jackman and nails him in the back. He immediately nails Jackman with the Pain. Jackman is down.

Ryu: Yes! Get your revenge Ty!

Jason: Stop this! Did you see Ben Jackman’s neck snap back there?

Jackson is staring down at Jackman, his nose flaring. He picks Jackman up again and throws him into the ropes. Jackman bounces of the ropes and Jackson backbody drops him way into the air over the top rope.

Ryu: Incoming!

Jason: Christ!

The announcers scramble from the booth and Jackman’s body crashes through the announce table. His body twitches as Tool’s Parabol/Parabola blares from the sound system. Jackson spits on the crushed body and walks from the ring with a scowl on his face.

Jason: God. God. Get a paramedic out here. Quick…

A couple paramedics run out, with a stretcher. They begin working on Ben Jackman.

Jason: God. My God. That was cruel, viscous and uncalled for.

Ryu: So was the interference.

Ben Jackman is in the locker room being worked on by a doctor.

Jackman: Just let me go back out. I have the finals later.

Doctor: No, you are in no condition.

Jackman: I can wrestle tonight, believe me. I’ve been in worse condition and fuckin’ gone out there and won.

Doctor: Well I’m here, and I say no. You have to go to the hospital for observation.

Jackman jumps up and grabs the doctor by the lapels.


Several police officers burst in and grab Jackman, they place him in handcuffs and carry him off.

Doctor: Take him to the hospital!

Aaron Green steps in. Several fresh bruises adorn his face, along with a look of disgust.

Green: Excellent job Doctor. You will be well reciprocated for your actions. That trash is going nowhere near the finals match that King Ty so rightly deserves.

Doctor: Too bad he can’t get into the match now that he lost.

Green: Don’t be so sure…

Aaron Green walks out. The Doctor has a puzzled look on his face. The camera cuts to the arena and the announcers.

Jason: What the hell did Aaron Green mean by that?

Ryu: Who the hell cares as long as Ben Jackman is out of the building?

“Bone Cracker” by Shocore begins playing.

Jason: And here we are at the other semifinal match. And another interesting matchup.

Samantha: Standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 250 pounds…the DOJO Champion… “Diamond” Del Carver!

Del walks out onto the stage and walks down.

Ryu: This is the bastard that cost King Ty his match.

Carver gets to the ring and the lights go out.

Jason: What the..?

The lights come on to reveal King Ty Jackson standing behind Diamond Del Carver. He spins Carver around and hits him with Pain. He stands over Carver’s body as a sea of referees come storming out. Before they get to the ring, Jackson leaves the ring and goes through the crowd.

Jason: God, what a monster. He just destroyed Carver.

Ryu: Serves him right!

The chaos around the ring is interrupted by “Fuel by Fire” by Prodigy and Chris Lee walks out along with Maria Enriquez Lee. Carver is climbing up the ropes, trying to get to his feet. Samantha has already left the ring and can’t give the introductions. Chris Lee gets down to ringside just as Del Carver gets to his feet.

Ryu: Why isn’t he charging in and taking advantage?

Jason: Oh I don’t know, because he’s an honorable person who I’d be proud to have as our Master of the Mat champion!

Chris Lee gets into the ring and motions to the crowd, which cheers loudly, despite its small size. Carver is coughing as if he’s about to throw up.

Jason: Man, Del Carver is really shaken up after Pain.

The bell rings, and Chris Lee looks ready to go. He motions to Carver to come towards him. Carver does cautiously. Lee puts his hand out.

Jason: A class act.

Ryu: This is making me sick.

Carver reaches his hand out but then kicks Lee in the stomach. Rights by Carver, knocking Lee back.

Ryu: I must say, I’m starting to like this Carver character.

Diamond Del takes a step back and then hits a short arm clothesline, knocking Lee to the mat. Carver collapses to one knee and holds his neck in obvious pain.

Jason: That move Pain by Ty Jackson really hurt Del’s neck. This could come into play with a smart wrestler like Chris Lee going against him.

The pause by Carver allows Lee to get back up. He wipes some blood from his lips and dropkicks the still kneeling Carver. Lee walks to Carver and starts kicking him in the back of the neck. Carver lets out a yelp of pain and lays helplessly on the mat.

Jason: Legdrop by Lee he goes for the pin…




Ryu: If King Ty hadn’t attacked Carver before this match, that wouldn’t have even been a one count.

Jason: Don’t forget the massive bludgeoning he got from Skull at the last Oblivion.

Lee goes back on offense with a knee to Carvers face. Carver holds his jaw. Lee goes for a kick to the neck but Carver is able to grab it. Carver twists his body and flips Lee to the ground. Carver locks in a leglock and Lee screams in pain.

Lee is gradually trying to inch toward the ropes. He almost gets there when Carver releases the hold. Lee gets up, and Carver immediately greets him with a Northern Lights suplex. Carver staggers to his feet.

Jason: How is this man even competing after the beating he took last week AND earlier tonight.

Ryu: Sheer guts. And stupidity. He should be in a hospital along with his tag team partner Ben Jackman.

Jason: Don’t even get me started on that.

Carver is leaning against the ropes. He gets up and approaches Chris Lee who is laying face down. He grabs his wrist.

Jason: He’s going for the Diamond Dislocation!

Lee frantically fights his way to the ropes and gets there. The ref pulls Diamond Del Carver off of Lee. Carver looks exhausted and incredibly frustrated. Lee pulls himself to his feet and ducks under a clothesline from Carver. Carver hits the ropes and Lee nails him with a knife-edged chop to the chest.

Ryu: Man!

Lee hits several more chops; each followed by a faint “Woo” chant. Carver is gasping for breath. Lee hits a face-plant Russian legsweep and puts Carver down. He begins working the neck over again.

Jason: Very well thought-out plan of action.

Ryu: If Carver has to be paralyzed to lose, then Chris Lee is going to try to paralyze him.

Lee picks Carver up and goes for a piledriver for Carver back body drops Lee. Carver is pumped up.

Jason: Where is he getting this energy?

Ryu: Red Bull does give you wings.

Carver pounces on Lee and locks on the Diamond Dislocation. The referee is down looking for the submission.

Jason: My God! Out of nowhere he locks on the Diamond Dislocation!

Ryu: This could be it!

“Parabol/Parabola” plays over the loudspeakers. Aaron Green steps out on stage.

Green: Referee, this is now a no Disqualification match.

Green walks backstage as King Ty Jackson runs through the crowd and into the ring. He powerbombs Del Carver, and picks up Chris Lee, puts him on his shoulders and nails him with the modified piledriver known simply as Pain. The referee looks helpless.

Jackson steps out of the ring and goes back up the ramp. He smiles as both men lay in the ring like dead dogs. The referee seems to be getting his legs back and begins the count.

Carver begins to crawl towards Lee.

Chris Lee is still motionless. Carver is getting closer.

Carver is upon Lee’s motionless body. He lifts his arm up about to drape it over Lee.

His arm lands on Lee, the referee drops to his knees to count the pin.

Jason: Could King Ty decide this match?

Jason: My God! Del Carver did it again! He defeated one of Shoot’s all –time greats!

Ryu: And he was torn up to shit!

Aaron Green walks out on stage, clapping mockingly.

Green: Excellent job Diamond Del Carver. Excellent job. I never expected you to beat the Flying Dutchmen in all honesty, and now you go into the finals of the Master of the Mat tournament for the Rule of surrender championship. Exciting isn’t it?

Carver nods slightly, while holding his neck in pain. Lee is slowly getting to his feet, seemingly in a daze.

Jason: “Ryu…we are about to see a match from two tough men…to determine WHO will be the NEW SHOOT PROJECT Rising Star Champion.”

Ryu: “Yeah…PLUS it’s a LADDER MATCH!”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…)

“This next match is a LADDER MATCH to determine WHO is the SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION!”

(The crowd roars as "Fuel by Fire" by Prodigy begins to play…CHRIS LEE begins to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 251 pounds…here is CHRIS LEE!”

Jason: “The great thing about this Pay Per View is that these guys…even though they didn’t get a chance to go after the Rule of Surrender or World Title…get to take a shot at The Rising Star Championship…”

Ryu: “Yeah…but is fighting in a LADDER match really a consolation after you’re been through a fight ALREADY tonight like these two guys have?”

Jason: “Good point.”

("Parabol/Parabola" by Tool begins to play…as Ty Jackson steps into the spotlight and starts to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 295 pounds…TY JACKSON!”

(Ty Jackson enters the ring and immediately goes face to face with Chris Lee. Both men start jawing at each other…)

Ryu: “HA! Both these guys look PISSED off…which should add an extra element of excitement to this fight…”

Jason: “Both men facing each other…both throwing sideways glances at that 15 foot ladder which has the Rising Star Championship hanging above the ring …both men appear to have some…anxiousness… at the sight of the ladder.”

Ryu: “The bell rings… HERE WE GO!”

Jason: “Brawl right after the bell to start us off…elbow by Chris Lee, right by Ty Jackson, elbow by Chris Lee, right by Ty Jackson, elbow by Chris Lee, right by Ty Jackson, elbow by Chris Lee is cut short by a knee from Ty Jackson…right cross into the ropes…reversal…Ty Jackson rolls under Chris Lee’s kick…Ty Jackson grabs a waistlock…standing switch by Chris Lee…back elbow out by Ty Jackson, back elbow out…off the ropes but into a HIGH drop kick from Chris Lee! Ty Jackson rolls outside!!”

Ryu: “WOW! What a flurry of action to start this match…you can tell these guys really know each others moves…they scouted each other out in preparation for this tournament!”

Jason: “Obviously…and the crowd comes to their feet in appreciation for that lightning fast exchange!…Whoa!…Chris Lee wastes no time heading to the ropes…up and over with a pescado!”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson sidesteps and throws a right on his way down! OUCH! Ty Jackson pulls Chris Lee up…a whip is reversed and Ty Jackson collides with the ringpost!”

Jason: “Chris Lee with a stabbing right cross to the jaw of the dazed Ty Jackson…now smacking his head to the apron…going for the suplex…and drops him gut first on the security barrier!”

Ryu: “Oh mama! That’s gotta hurt. Chris Lee just left him hanging over the barricade! That’s harsh!”

Jason: “Chris Lee with a clubbing forearm to the back of Ty Jackson…now climbing up on the apron…jumps and drops the leg on Ty Jackson’s back!”

Ryu: “WOW! Very impressive move…but kind of stupid…that hurt both men…”

Jason: “Chris Lee is up first…he grabs Ty Jackson and rolls him into the ring…picks him up…whip is reversed…and Chris Lee runs RIGHT into the ladder HEAD FIRST!”

Ryu: “Well…we knew it was only a matter of time before the ladder became a factor!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson takes charge now…stomping and kicking the HELL out of Chris Lee! Now Ty Jackson locks on the front facelock and suplexes Chris Lee right out on the floor!”

Ryu: “WOW!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson takes the ladder now…and throws it DOWN onto Chris Lee!…Ty Jackson folds up the ladder…rolls Chris Lee between the legs of the ladder and closes it on him!”

Ryu: “Man…the crowd groaned at that one…that’s a tight pinch!” Jason: “Ty Jackson now tosses the ladder aside and rolls Chris Lee back in the ring…Ty Jackson in control…shoves Chris Lee back into the corner…and starts blasting him with stiff right hand shots to the face…now throws Chris Lee into the ropes…BIG back elbow snaps him to the mat! Elbow to the back of the head…Elbow to the back of the head…there were about six there, actually!”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson really in the drivers seat now!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson outside now…pulling Chris Lee by the legs across the mat…now wrapping Ty Jackson’s right leg around the ringpost…I don’t like where this is going…Ty Jackson grabs a chair from the ringside area…wraps Chris Lee’s leg around the ringpost a second time…then collects the chair and CRACKS Chris Lee’s leg!”

Ryu: “OW! OW! OW! Did you HEAR that crack? Chris Lee can’t climb a ladder on one leg, I suppose…”

Jason: “Ty Jackson back in and starts stomping away on Chris Lee who is clutching his leg….Ty Jackson pulls him up…Chris Lee limping badly…Ty Jackson grabs him by the leg and SPIKES his injured right knee into the canvas…now Chris Lee’s head smashed into to the buckle by Ty Jackson…Chris Lee fires back with a wild roundhouse…answered with a right jab by Ty Jackson, right cross by Chris Lee…another right jab by Ty Jackson…now he grabs Chris Lee and whips him into the opposite corner…reversed…Chris Lee drops down to deliver the monkey flip!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Chris Lee but did you notice that with one bad leg…Ty Jackson just doesn’t spring as high as normal?”

Jason: “No doubt…Ty Jackson did some damage to that leg…STIFF kick by Ty Jackson to the right leg and Chris Lee’s down again…now Ty Jackson pulls him to his feet…POWERBOMB!”

Ryu: “WOW! Ty Jackson takes advantage of the stunned Chris Lee and goes back outside and gets the ladder.”

Jason: “Yeah…but Ty Jackson takes a bit too long carrying the ladder to ringside…Chris Lee winds up and kicks the ladder right into Ty Jackson’s face!…Ty Jackson whips back to the barricade, getting sandwiched by the ladder!…Chris Lee quickly springs to the apron and off with a moonsault attempt…but lands on the ladder when Ty Jackson uses it as a shield!…Ty Jackson has the ladder and runs it RIGHT into Chris Lee’s head!”

Ryu: “What a brutal exchange…these guys are really using the ladder as a weapon now!”

Jason: “Both men slowly crawling into the ring…Ty Jackson has the ladder underneath the title belt…up six steps…but Chris Lee quickly heads to the corner…up to the top rope…and off with a kick to the ladder…sending Ty Jackson sprawling to the mat!”

Ryu: “WOW! Chris Lee may have finally turned the momentum back his way…stomps Ty Jackson but Chris Lee is still limping noticeably…”

Jason: “Chris Lee pulls Ty Jackson to his feet and throws him into the ropes…backbreaker! Chris Lee placed Ty Jackson’s body on the ladder…and Chris Lee comes off the ropes with a HIGH elbow smash onto Ty Jackson…driving his back into the ladder!…Chris Lee sets up the ladder for HIS try at the belt…”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson climbs the other side of that ladder…right by Chris Lee…right by Ty Jackson…right by Chris Lee…Ty Jackson grabs his head and rams it into the top step FIVE times…then…HOLY SHIT!!!”

Jason: “TY JACKSON flipped OVER the ladder and took Chris Lee down in a super sunset flip! I’m amazed he didn’t break his ankles on that landing! Ty Jackson sets up the ladder…but this time it appears he’s more interested in landing something on Chris Lee than grabbing the title belt…Ty Jackson up and over with a SENTONBOMB!”

Ryu: “DAMN!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson goes outside again for the chair…back in…SMASHES Chris Lee’s back…and now SMASHES the right leg of Chris Lee…the same leg he’s been attacking all night!…Ty Jackson puts the chair in the corner and tries to ram Chris Lee’s head into the chair…but Chris Lee BLOCKS…then rams Ty Jackson’s head into the chair!…now Chris Lee grabs the chair…gets a running start, then lands the dropkick to the chair to the head!”

Ryu: “OH SHIT!”

Jason: “Chris Lee with a legdrop on to Ty Jackson…places the ladder on Ty Jackson…Chris Lee climbing up to the tops rope…slowly as he’s still favoring that right leg…off the top with a FLYING LEG DROP!”

Ryu: “Of course, that hurts Chris Lee just as much…both men are down…”

Jason: “Chris Lee is slowly back up…and now the ladder is as well. Chris Lee grabbing his leg, slowly climbs to the fifth step…Ty Jackson up from behind…pulling him back to the mat…Chris Lee collapses…Ty Jackson grabs him…snap suplex into the ladder!”

Ryu: “Boy, both these guys are really using this ladder to their advantage…oh man…what is Ty Jackson doing?”

Jason: “Ty Jackson folds the ladder up and puts it into the corner…grabs Chris Lee…he’s going to whip him back first into that ladder…but the whip is reversed and it’s TY JACKSON hitting the ladder!…Chris Lee pulls Ty Jackson out and puts the ladder on top of him Chris Lee stomps on the ladder…runs…and drops a BIG legdrop on that ladder while Ty Jackson is underneath!”

Ryu: “Once again…GREAT move…but it hurts Chris Lee almost as much as it does Ty Jackson!”

Jason: “Both men are down once again…Chris Lee is the first one up…still limping quite badly…Ty Jackson slumps in the corner…while Chris Lee sets up the ladder…but Ty Jackson to his feet and manages to drop Chris Lee with a running clothesline!…Ty Jackson grabs the chair…but Chris Lee puts a leg up and kicks the chair into Ty Jackson’s face! Chris Lee puts the ladder in the corner and climbs up to the very top…but he can’t keep his balance and crashes back to the mat when the ladder topples!”

Ryu: “The crowd gasping at that…what a fall!”

Jason: “Now Ty Jackson crawls to the corner and climbs up…but Chris Lee makes it over to the corner in time…HE GRABS THE CHAIR AND SMASHES THE LADDER WITH IT! Ty Jackson flies right off the top of the ladder…RIGHT OVER the top rope and face first into the barricade on the floor!”


Jason: “Chris Lee sees his shot and takes it…ladder under the belt…climbing up to the top step…reaching…pulling himself up by the belt for support…trying to undo it…and undoing it! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION!”

(The crowd cheers…"???" by ??? begins to play, as pyro explodes in the rafters and laser lights flash…)


Green: And whom will you be facing in the finals? *Feigns sorrow* Oh, sorry, Ty Jackson has been taken to the hospital for observation.

Jason: Green paid the doctor off to force him there!

Ryu: Let the man speak!

Green: Well, let me look at the contract and see what I should do.

Green pulls out a packet of papers. He begins reading.

Green: Let’s see. Article 8, Section 24f states: If One party is unable to take part in a tournament match two actions may be taken: 1. The other participant is to be declared victor via forfeiture, and moves on, or 2. A governing body may appoint a worthy opponent to replace absent party.

Jason: Shit, I can see where this is headed.

Ryu: Where?

Green: Therefore, since the finals match is set to be for a title… I shall appoint a worthy party. That party being…

“Parabol/Parabola” hits the loudspeakers and King Ty Jackson steps onto the stage, smiling.

Jason: This is just ridiculous!

Ryu: Ty is the most deserving competitor!

Tool continues to play over the loudspeakers as Chris Lee and Del Carver walk up the ramp towards Green and Jackson, both united by their fury over how Green and Jackson have turned the entire tournament into a farce. Green and Jackson step backstage .

Green: And whom will you be facing in the finals? *Feigns sorrow* Oh, sorry, Ben Jackman has been taken to the hospital for observation.

Jason: Green paid the doctor off to force him there!

Ryu: Let the man speak!

Green: Well, let me look at the contract and see what I should do.

Green pulls out a packet of papers. He begins reading.

Green: Let’s see. Article 8, Section 24f states: If One party is unable to take part in a tournament match two actions may be taken: 1. The other participant is to be declared victor via forfeiture, and moves on, or 2. A governing body may appoint a worthy opponent to replace absent party.

Jason: Shit, I can see where this is headed.

Ryu: Where?

Green: Therefore, since the finals match is set to be for a title… I shall appoint a worthy party. That party being…

“Parabol/Parabola” hits the loudspeakers and King Ty Jackson steps onto the stage, smiling.

Jason: This is just ridiculous!

Ryu: Ty is the most deserving competitor!

Tool continues to play over the loudspeakers as Chris Lee and Del Carver walk up the ramp towards Green and Jackson, both united by their fury over how Green and Jackson have turned the entire tournament into a farce. Green and Jackson step backstage

Jason: “This is it. All the weeks and months of hard work all led up to this. We’re here. The FINALS…the Submission Match to determine WHO will be the MASTER OF THE MAT and the NEW SHOOT PROJECT Rule of Surrender Champion.”

Ryu: “Yeah…and who will go home empty handed.”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…)


(The crowd roars in excitement…"Bone Cracker" by Shocore begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing at 6 Feet 0 Inches Tall, weighing in at 250 pounds…here is DEL CARVER!”

(DEL CARVER begins to make his way to the ring…his face is expressionless…)

Jason: “Man…look at the look of total concentration on Del Carver’s face.”

Ryu: “Exactly. He is totally focused on this fight and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that this is the biggest fight of his life.”

Jason: “No doubt about it. That could be said for both of these men.”

("Parabol/Parabola" by Tool begins to play…as TY JACKSON steps into the spotlight and starts to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 295 pounds…TY JACKSON!”

(Ty Jackson stands on the apron as the crowd cheers…Ty Jackson enters the ring and immediately goes face to face with Del Carver. Both men stare each other in the face without blinking…)

Jason: “Here we go! The two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Ryu: “ALL RIGHT! Time to go!”

Jason: “Both men circling each other…both men are bent over…in a crouch position…like they are ready to spring at any second…”

Ryu: “This match is going to have a totally different feel and dynamic to it…”

Jason: “Exactly right. You can hear the crowd getting restless as both men remain crouched over and circle each other slowly…both men extending their hands…trying to get a hold on the other…but then pulling them back…”

Ryu: “They look like two cats about to fight…”

Jason: “Good observation…and there is a reason for that. This is not your standard match…this is a SUBMISSION MATCH…so these men will not be going for a lot of your standard high risk moves…because ONE mistake by either man could put the other in a position to apply a submission hold…WHOA! High kick to the head of Del Carver by Ty Jackson!”

Ryu: “That caught him right upside the head!”

Jason: “Del Carver backing off cautiously…as Ty Jackson fires a stiff left jab to the jaw of Del Carver…Del Carver answers with a left cross…”

Ryu: “Both these guys still fighting from that half crouch position and circling each other as they throw punches…”

Jason: “Ty Jackson answers with a right hook of his own…and like Ryu said…IT’S ON! We have ourselves a BRAWL folks…lefts and rights been thrown back and forth now in a total slugfest…Del Carver…Ty Jackson…Del Carver…Ty Jackson…Del Carver…Ty Jackson…both men standing toe to toe and trading shots with neither willing to step back…”

Ryu: “It’s a back alley fight now!”

Jason: “Both men locking up now…they are still standing but have grabbed each other and are grappling back and forth…each man trying to throw the other to the ground…jostling all over the ring…but neither will go down…”

Ryu: “You KNOW what they are trying to do here…the guy who lands flat on his back is at the total disadvantage…he leaves himself open to any number of submission attempts…”

Jason: “It’s true…whoever lands on their back may be the man to lose this match…Damn! You can see that while the fighters have each other locked up in the clinch and are grappling in mid ring trying to gain advantage…both men are firing stiff uppercuts to each others midsections…at such short range those jabs must be killer…”

Ryu: “And don’t forget…both these guys are exhausted from what they went through to get here…”

Jason: “Del Carver gains the temporary advantage and slaps a side headlock on Ty Jackson…but no…Ty Jackson powers out…he shoves Del Carver forward…and goes back to the clinch position with the two men grappling…trying to gain the advantage and throw the other to the mat…”

Ryu: “Man, just when you think one of these guys has grabbed a hold that gives them the advantage…they go back to the clinch!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson goes over…side suplex! Ty Jackson nails Del Carver with what some people call the ‘Side Walk Slam’ and has Del Carver on his back…Ty Jackson gets Del Carver in the Full Mount…”

Ryu: “This is the position in Submission Grappling that you DON’T want to be in…Ty Jackson now has total control…”

Jason: “Exactly…Del Carver on the bottom knows he is in trouble here! Del Carver attempting to grab Ty Jackson’s arms and lock them up…trying to prevent Ty Jackson from locking on any Submission holds…now Del Carver locks his legs tight around the midsection of Ty Jackson…”

Ryu: “Smart. If you’re on the bottom…the only way to deal with being in the full mount is to try and lock your opponent up…and hope the ref calls for a break…”

Jason: “Del Carver now lets the arms go from the bottom and starts throwing jabs at the head of Ty Jackson…”

Ryu: “The thing is…those punches really won’t have any significant effect…when you are laying flat on your back and throwing punches upwards…they don’t have much behind them…”

Jason: “Good point. The other thing to consider is that keeping Ty Jackson locked up in with his legs wrapped around his body and squeezing…that is taking a lot of energy away from Del Carver…especially when you consider…like you said…both these guys are already exhausted…”

Ryu: “Yeah…this match may not be a long one…”

Jason: “Ty Jackson moving around on top of Del Carver…he stays on top but has now grappled his way over so that his head is down by Del Carver’s legs…he grabs Del Carver around the leg…could he be going for a knee-bar?”

Ryu: “Smart move by Ty Jackson…he’s keeping busy up there…”

Jason: “Del Carver kicking his legs furiously…Ty Jackson can’t get the hold locked in…he gives up and slides back over…locks in a front face lock…”

Ryu: “If he can squeeze this hard enough…this is a good Submission hold…”

Jason: “It sure is…if you apply enough pressure from the front facelock position you can very easily choke your opponent unconscious…but Del Carver is fighting his way back to his feet…Ty Jackson keeps that front facelock locked in…and leans back suddenly! DDT! DDT! DDT!”

Ryu: “OW! Ty Jackson had some wicked torque on that front facelock…and Del Carver fought back to his feet so Ty Jackson just slammed him back to the mat with that DDT!”

Jason: “The only problem with that move is that your opponent’s body ends up right on top of you…Ty Jackson quickly slides out from underneath Del Carver’s stunned body…but Del Carver rolls onto his back…and grabs the arm of Ty Jackson as he tries to stand up…he locks his knees on the elbow of Ty Jackson as he tries to stand up…and PULLS…ARM BAR! ARM BAR! ARM BAR!”

Ryu: “What a quick move! Del Carver was so smart to pull that off…because he now has gravity on his side! As Ty Jackson tries to stand up…the pull on his arm gets worse…and Del Carver stays laying on his back and just PULLS!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson quickly drops to his ass…the force of that pulls his arm free! Both men nip up to their feet and just stare at each other…and the crown goes NUTS!!!”

Ryu: “WOW! You can barely hear yourself in here! Both guys start circling each other again…”

Jason: “What a display of Submission fighting! Both men EXTREMELY cautious now…Ty Jackson goes for a high kick…Del Carver sees it coming and backs up…so it misses…he shoots back out and grabs Ty Jackson in the clinch…both men begin grappling again…pushing each other back and forth…each man trying to gain the advantage and get the other down…”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson firing some wicked knees upwards to the midsection of Del Carver…that’s the one disadvantage to this clinch position…it gives the fighters a chance to do some body work…and Ty Jackson is taking full advantage of that opportunity…not only trying to grapple Del Carver to the ground…but knock him to the mat by driving the air out of him with those knees…”

Jason: “Del Carver responding with some weak jabs to the midsection of Ty Jackson…Del Carver takes a wicked knee to the midsection…he doubles over! Ty Jackson slaps on a side headlock!”

Ryu: “If he cranks this on hard enough…it could be a submission…”

Jason: “NO! Del Carver stands up straight and throws both men to the mat with a back suplex as the crowd comes to their feet again!”

Ryu: “Great counter by Del Carver!”

Jason: “Now Del Carver has Ty Jackson in the full mount…but Ty Jackson isn’t taking that easy…Del Carver trying to grab Ty Jackson’s arms…Ty Jackson grappling his way free…and a quick go behind for the choke hold…HE’S GOT IT IN!”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson has a full choke hold locked in on Del Carver!”

Jason: “Whoa! Incredible display of strength and determination here…as Del Carver STANDS UP while Ty Jackson has him in the choke hold…now Del Carver deliberately falls backwards…right on top of Ty Jackson!”

Ryu: “Brilliant last ditch move by Del Carver! He fell back right on top of Ty Jackson and drove the air right out of him…forcing him to release that choke!”

Jason: “Del Carver rolling back over and assuming the full mount position on Ty Jackson again!”

Ryu: “Del Carver working the classic ‘Ground and Pound’ strategy now! Del Carver laying on top of Ty Jackson and just burying brutal shots into his sides!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson trying to fight back…wraps his legs around the midsection of Del Carver and squeezing with all his might…trying to drive the air right out of him! Just as Ryu pointed out…Del Carver still laying on top of Ty Jackson and pounding heavy bodyshots into his sides!”

Ryu: “…Ty Jackson will only be able to take so many of those…”

Jason: “Del Carver really going to town now! He’s up to his knees…he locks one of Ty Jackson’s legs up with one arm and begins twisting it…as he continues to pound on Ty Jackson’s head with that left jab…”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson thrashing around…he’s busted open…I think Del Carver broke his nose…but he won’t submit to that leg crank!”

Jason: “He’s tough as nails…Del Carver dropping down…laying across Ty Jackson’s body in the ‘Side Mount’ position…going for an arm but Ty Jackson won’t have any of that! He starts firing stiff shots to the face of Del Carver!”

Ryu: “Man…neither of these guys can maintain an advantage!”

Jason: “Del Carver has had enough of those shots and slides back into the full mount so he can lower his head in protection against those punches from Ty Jackson!”

Ryu: “We have a sort of break in the action at this point…Del Carver more or less just laying on top of Ty Jackson in the Full Mount position…Ty Jackson trying to regain his wits as well…”

Jason: “That’s it…the ref orders both men to their feet…as the crowd applauds…”

Ryu: “Man…look at these guys…they are both soaked with sweat and exhausted.”

Jason: “The ref motions them together and yells ‘Fight!’…. both man go back to the half crouch position and circling each other as they throw punches…lefts and rights been thrown back and forth now in a total slugfest… Del Carver… Ty Jackson… Del Carver… Ty Jackson… Del Carver…Ty Jackson…both men standing toe to toe and trading shots…OH MAN! THERE IT IS!”

Ryu: “HIGH KNEE by Ty Jackson to the face of Del Carver!”

Jason: “Del Carver obviously stunned…he immediately falls back on all fours…shaking his head…Ty Jackson begins circling and laying in brutal kicks to the body…”

Ryu: “Why the hell is he doing that? Why isn’t he going in for the submission?”

Jason: “I don’t know…but it is proving to be a big mistake as Del Carver has now staggered to his feet…”

Ryu: “I can only guess that Ty Jackson has decided that he doesn’t want to go to the ground any more with Del Carver…”

Jason: “Well…it is obvious that Del Carver is a good Submission fighter…and in this fight at least, Ty Jackson is gaining the advantage when he throws punches…and it’s WORKING! OH MAMA!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP! Ty Jackson totally ROCKS Del Carver with a wild roundhouse that connected perfectly right upside Del Carver’s head! He’s staggered!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson follows up by planting a textbook picture perfect dropkick to the face of Del Carver…he staggers wildly back into the corner…I think the only thing holding Del Carver up now is that corner…Ty Jackson follows him in and starts burying some body shots…he’s knocking Del Carver around like a rag doll…now he’s stomping Del Carver in the midsection…”

Ryu: “Ty Jackson has the advantage now…he has Del Carver rocked…”

Jason: “Ty Jackson goes in…locks Del Carver up…OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!”

Ryu: “Man…Del Carver is in big trouble…”

Jason: “Ty Jackson gets Del Carver in the Full Mount…working the ‘Ground and Pound’ strategy…laying on top of Del Carver and burying brutal body shots into his sides…it looks like Del Carver is OUT! It looks like he has passed out…”

Ryu: “Del Carver is motionless…this means that all Ty Jackson has to do is slap on whatever hold he wants…and once the ref determines Del Carver can’t continue…we’ll have a Del Carver…OH SHIT! OH MY GAWD!”

Jason: Ty Jackson going to stand up…and Del Carver reaches up and grabs the arm of Ty Jackson as he tries to stand up…he locks his knees on the elbow of Ty Jackson as he tries to stand up…and PULLS…ARM BAR! ARM BAR! ARM BAR!”

Ryu: “He was playing possum! This is the SECOND time Del Carver has tried this during this fight! You can tell now that this move has been his strategy all along! Del Carver again has gravity on his side…as Ty Jackson tries to stand up…the pull on his arm gets worse…and Del Carver stays laying on his back and just PULLS!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson has nowhere to go…and Del Carver has his knees firmly locked solid on Ty Jackson’s elbow! If Ty Jackson goes to the ground, Del Carver will TWIST it…but if he stays standing up…his arm will get ripped out of his socket!”

Ryu: “Look at the looks on the fighters faces! Del Carver’s teeth are bared…you can see he has both his hands locked around Ty Jackson’s wrists…he ain’t letting go! Ty Jackson is just screaming in agony…how the hell is he hanging on this long? HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED!”

Jason: “Ty Jackson finally submitting…he taps frantically on Del Carver’s arm…Del Carver immediately releases the hold…Ty Jackson collapses to his knees…holding his right arm in agony…Del Carver to his feet with his arms raised over his head as the crowd goes nuts!”

(The crowd cheers…"Bone Cracker" by Shocore begins to play, as pyro explodes in the rafters and laser lights flash…)


(Del Carver accepts the RULE OF SURRENDER Title Belt from the ref…and goes to each corner…stands on the second turnbuckle and holds the belt over his head as the fans cheer and clap appreciatively…Ty Jackson rolls out of the ring with his arm cradled in his hand and begins to walk slowly up the runway…he has a look of total disappointment on his face… The camera goes to…)

Jason: We’re going nonstop here.

Ryu: It’s been straight action ever since the get go. Del Carver is back in the back, waiting to come out.

-“Praise” by Sevendust hits the PA and the crowd looks to see no one. No Cronos Diamante. Quickly, we go backstage. The camera shows backstage, and Cronos Diamante in a puddle of blood, unconscious. The boots of someone are standing by the downed Diamante.-

Jason: What the hell?

Ryu: It doesn’t look like Cronos will be competing tonight.

-The camera pans up the figure, and the Real Deal is shown. The fans go nuts! They haven’t seen this man in about a month, and you can tell that they miss him.-

Jason: Will he have an impact tonight?!

Ryu: I guess this is the special appearance that they were talking about! And Cronos as a target made sense!

[Just as Stoned Cold’s theme begins to play, he has already placed himself in the ring by running in through the crowd. The announcer begins announcing and all of the sudden, "Fuel by Fire" erupts on the PA. Chris Lee comes out from behind the curtains to a fairly loud amount of boo’s.]

Samantha Coil: Making his way down to the ring at the moment *Talking to get over the boo’s* Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, at a wieght of 251 pounds… Chris Lee!

[Louder boos are heard, and The announcer shakes his head and continues standing in the ring. Del Carver’s theme music begins to play, yet no one is coming out… after about 30 seconds of no sight of Del, the ring announcer step out of the ropes and attains his seat at ringside.]

Jason: Well, this isn’t quite good, it seems Del hasn’t even appeared tonight… I swear I layed my eyes upon him earlier.

Ryu: Jason *bell rings* No time for conversation Jason we are underway anyhow, Chris Lee and Stoned Cold are circling each other. They appear to be trying to lock up, but the Chris Lee nails Stoned Cold hard in the gut with a knee. Stoned Cold goes down and Chris Lee takes control with a double axehandle to the back of Stoned Cold. Stoned Cold clutches his back as he gets another one as well. Chris Lee pulls Stoned Cold up to his feet, and locks him in. He nails him with a lightening fast snap suplex. Chris Lee drops an eblow and goes for the cover 1…..kickout.

Jason: Chris Lee picks Stoned Cold up once again and body slams him down hard, setting him up infront of the turnbuckle. Chris Lee heads near the corner, and steps on the bottem ropes. He bounces on them a couple of times, then jumps off. He lands a boot across the face of Stoned Cold, who holds his face in pain. Chris Lee steps up on the bottem ropes once again. He bounces a few times, then comes down with another boot to the face. This time, Stoned Colds nose splits open and blood curdles onto the mat. Chris Lee, oh my, is doing it yet again. He jumps up onto the ropes, he leaps off and it appears he is going for a kneedrop this time, but Stoned Cold moves and Chris Lee nails his knee hard off the mat. Stoned Cold is quickly up and looking for control.

Ryu: Stoned Cold grabs a handful of the Chris Lee’s hair and pulls him up to his feet. Stoned Cold backs him into the ropes and is looking for an irish whip. Chris Lee reverses it and Stoned Cold is sent into the ropes. Chris Lee comes off the opposite ropes with a big cross body block. He nails it perfectly and the referee is counting 1… 2… kickout. Stoned Cold rolls himself out of the ring, and is catching a breather. Smart move by Stoned Cold.

Jason: Indeed it is, but not for long… OVER THE TOP GOES Chris Lee! He slingshotted himself over the top ropes and planted himself right on Stoned Cold. Ouch, nice manouver there. Chris Lee is continually stomping down hard on Stoned Cold, he is now picking him up and rolls him back into the ring. Chris Lee is climbing in after him and goes for another cover 1……2……kickout by Stoned Cold. He got the right shoulder up in time. Chris Lee starts to argue some with the referee about the count, and from behind a low blow by Stoned Cold. Chris Lee goes down, holding his unmentionables. Unmentionables need to be said because I don’t want any comments from any woman commentators, or gay men…

Ryu: Why Jason….I never knew!

Jason: Fuck you! Are you that stupid, I wasn’t talking about myself!

Ryu: Ahhh….I see….You don’t want anyone to know. Your secret is safe with me. Chris Lee is back in control now, and lays in a huge boot to the ribs of Stoned Cold who is back down on the mat from a leg sweep. Chris Lee pulls Stoned Cold up, and locks him in. He nails a beautiful vertical suplex, planting him near the end of the ring. Chris Lee, is now bouncing himself off of the ropes and nails a leg drop across the throat of Stoned Cold. Chris Lee is stopping here however, as he ties Stoned Cold into a head lock. He is squeezing tightly, applying pressure to Stoned Cold’s head. He’s trying to get the blood flow to stop in his head. Not a bad move. He now pulls him down to the mat, and wraps his right leg over Stoned Cold’s left leg. He’s still applying pressure with this hold. The referee is over there, checking to see what is happening. While he’s checking on Stoned Cold, Chris Lee is grabbing the bottem ropes for extra leverage. He continues to yank back the rope, but the referee is now coming over and he releases the rope.

Jason: Now that was a good move, adding more pressure to the hold. Look, he’s doing it again! Right on! He’s squeezing tightly with this hold, very painful stuff! The referee is coming over to check again. He see’s Chris Lee is using the ropes. He starts a five count…1….2…..3…..4, Chris Lee releases the ropes and the hold. He covers Stoned Cold 1……2……. Chris Lee gets off of Stoned Cold.

Ryu: He pulls Stoned Cold up again, and delivers a nice looking northern lights suplex. The ref is down counting 1……2….. Chris Lee release on purpose again! He pulls Stoned Cold up and whips him into the ropes, he is looking for something, but just sprints and spear! That’s the setup move for the frogsplash Chris Lee is on the top turnbuckle, taunts a bit and jumps. The vertical on that jump is unbelievable!

[Just as Lee goes to pick Stoned Cold up, Del from behind with a big boot to Chris’ head. Del stumbles foward and gets hung on the middle ropes, tripping over Stone Cold’s Body. Del laughs and drop kicks Chris’ back, causing his throat to jam into the middle rope. Chris falls onto Stoned Cold grabbing his own neck in a weary pain. Stoned Cold applies a sleep hold on Chris, and Del stomp away at the mid-section.]

Jason: This isn’t a new thing in a match like this, one man usually does have to take sides in a match. Always happens in a triple threat match. I am betting on Stoned Cold for a victory here. He is smart in the ring, moves around well. Look at him stomp away on Carver. Oh wait, Carver is elbowing Chris Lee in his gut, forcing him to release the sleeper hold. He grabs Stoned Cold’s foot, trips him, and applies a Boston crab! Stoned Colds long legs are in the arms of Carver, and Carver is rearing back hard. Stoned Cold has a exscrutiating look of pain on his face. Meanwhile Chris Lee catches Carver in the throat with a chop!

Ryu: All three of these men have put together alot of action so far. Carver clutches his throat and stumbles into the corner. Chris Lee runs at Carver, and it is almost as Carver knows Chris Lee is coming he steps out of the ring temporarily. And Chris Lee blasts himself into the turn buckle. Stoned Cold has gotten back to his feet and he has Chris Lee from behind, devestating backbreaker! Carver gets his composure back on the outside and slides back into the ring and waits for Stoned Cold to get up from the move he just delivered to Chris Lee. Stoned Cold is up, and Carver wraps his arms around him, in the air and over Carver’s body goes Stoned Cold, 90 degree underhook suplex! Stoned Cold is clutching his shoulders in pain. Carver to his feet, he lifts Chris Lee up, who connects with a low blow on the way up.

Jason: Oh! Cheap but very effective move by Chris Lee. Stoned Cold has recovered some and when Carver doubles over, he hits Chris Lee with a big clothesline almost taking Chris Lee’s head off. Chris Lee is down, and Carver is hopping around a bit. Stoned Cold walks over to Carver and lifts him into the air, He Gorilla presses him up into the air and throws Carver onto the ropes.

Ryu: What a Snake Eyes there! Carver again is grabbing his neck in pain. A though seemed to strike Stoned Colds mind as he look down at Carver’s already injured leg from Skull. Oh my god, he just jumped onto the leg of Carver. Carver comes up into a sitting position right as he is kicked in the face by Stoned Cold. Chris Lee is on his feet with an angry look towards Stoned Cold. Chris Lee walks behind Stoned Cold, lifts him into the air, and German Suplex’s him. Ref counts… one, quick kick out as Chris Lee couldn’t get a grip on Stoned Colds stomach to hold him in the pinning combination.

Jason: Chris Lee almost won this shibang there. Bad technique on the German Suplex might have blown the match for Chris Lee. Carver is limping to his feet now, and Chris Lee looks up at him. Stoned Cold then punches Chris Lee in the stomach as Chris Lee keels over. Carver leaps over Stoned Cold and a knee strikes Chris Lee in the face, Chris Lee flies back onto his back from the impact of the knee. Carver falls to aknee clutching his leg, and recouperates quickly. Stoned Cold is up to his feet finally and locks a head lock on Carver. Carver Elbows once… twice… thrice… four times to brake the hold of Stoned Cold’s headlock. Carver pushes him into the ropes and Dropkicks him just under the chin.

Ryu: Chris Lee is stirring up now, he is to his feet, he runs toward Carver who catches him and flips him over the top rope out onto the floor. Carver stomp away on Stoned Cold, but isn’t ready for Chris Lee to pull him onto the outside of the ring by that injured leg.

Jason: Tha leg is really getting beat arond and bumped tonight Ryu. Wait Chris Lee has Carver’s legs tied and he is doing a hanging figure for off the turnbuckle. Carver screams out in pain, but no one is to help. Wait Stoned Cold is going to the top, he’s going to hit Chris Lee, Oh wait! He jumps the other way and catches an elbow right ontop of Carver’s neck! Carver is in extreme pain as the ref makes Chris Lee brake the figure four lock on Carver. Carver crawls away from the corner slowely and is met by the legs of Stoned Cold. Carver looks up and Stoned Cold kicks him in the ribs, causing him to collapse again.

Ryu: Wait, who is this coming out here?!?!

Jason: That’s RAINMAN!! Chris Lee recognizes him!! Chris tries to stay focused, as Rainman comes out and hits Maria with a steel chair! Chris is FURIOUS!! He totally leaves what he’s doing, and runs off Rainman. Rainman goes to the top of the ramp, and stands watching.

Jason: INNOVATOR OF PAIN!!! What the hell is this?! Two of the AWF’s old guard are here and IOP has knocked Rainman into next week!! IOP is making his way to the ring… I wonder what he’s here for… Oh yeah, that’s right, I signed both of those guys this week. Go figure.

Ryu: Wait a second… you signed them?! You knew they were going to be here?!

Jason: Why yes, yes I did. And Romeo Viatchi, who has been quite idle this match is trying to admonish IOP from the ring. Wait, Chris Lee is behind Romeo! He chops his knee! IOP runs into the ring, and grabs Stoned Cold, who is getting up. He plants him with a reverse Russian Leg Sweep! Stoned Cold is OUT!!! Del Carver, who is very groggy comes up behind IOP in an effort to curtail this interference, but he’s caught with a mule kick to the stomach!

Ryu: Del is doubled over, and IOP floors him with the Unforgiving Pain!! Del is ALSO out cold!! IOP rolls out of the ring… Chris Lee is up, Romeo Viatchi is up… Chris Lee picks up Del Carver…

Jason and Ryu at the same time: EGO KILLER!!!

Ryu: This should be over!! Chris covers!!

The crowd joins in for the count!!





Ryu: This was a FLUKE!! An Out and out fluke!! Chris Lee should not be your champion!!

Jason: WAIT!!!

[That Oh So familiar rock riff hits the PA…]

Now I’ve told you this once before

You can’t control me

If you try to take me down you’re gonna break

Now I feel your every nothing

That you’re doing for me

I’m picking you outa me

You run away


Ryu: He was NOT supposed to be here!!

Jason: Listen to the fans!! They’re going CRAZY!

Ryu: I repeat!! He was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!

Jason: Look at Chris Lee!! He doesn’t know what to do!!

Ryu: Well!? Is Real Deal going to do anything?!

Real Deal: You know Chris, I could come down there, right now, and end you like I ended Cronos Diamante a few weeks ago, but I won’t give you that pleasure. Instead, you’re going to get a warning. The warning is simple… I haven’t booked my Triad match yet. Yeah, that Triad that you just aren’t good enough for these days. I haven’t booked that match yet. So here’s the deal… In two months, we have another one of these super card deals. That’s right, two months means that the next Super Card is in August.

[The Real Deal comes out of the shadow, showing that he’s only sporting an arm sling instead of the crutches. The crowd pops for this.]

Real Deal: So, now that you have my world title around your waist, just be waiting. Be waiting for the inevitable fact that I’m going to be back here, and it’s going to be you and I somewhere down the road in that match that you seem to be creaming your pants over every time I watch you on TV. Cronos Diamante is a nonfactor. Del Carver is a nonfactor. Stoned Cold is a nonfactor. Your obsession for the next two months, Chris, should be me. You should lose sleep at night over the fact that I’m going for you, and that I’m coming back. And it’s going to be good.

Real Deal: Have a nice two months, ok?

Jason: That’s all the time we have!! Oh man, what a gauntlet that Josh Johnson has laid down.

Ryu: Wow… Just… wow.