Wrestling Style:Adaptive/Mix
Weight:229 lbs
Date of Birth:11/04/1980
Finisher Name:Wrath
Finishing Move:Katahajime
Theme Music:"No Quarter," Led Zeppelin
Signature 1:Entropy - flatliner
Signature 2:Octopus stretch
Signature 3:double-arm DDT
Signature 4:Wrath of the Demon - shoulderbreaker
Bio:Milton is the last vestige of what was a great competitor. His body ravaged by the passing of time, the harsh reality of 20 years of hardcore and brutal fighting, both in and out of the ring. A red suit, to match the blood he's spilled. Black gloves, to symbolize the horrors his hands have committed. A mask to cover his burned and grotesque face, both a symbol of his changed outlook, and a final insult to the man who once wore the red skull with a crown of horns. He is cold, calculating, a cunning manipulator, a vicious killer, a polite and charming mastermind with no remorse. The only thing he is not, he will tell you, is a liar.