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Master of the Mat 2008

A warning siren blares as we open to shaky footage.  Ahead smoke rises from large crevices in the ground, planes fly by, tanks are seen off in the distance.

“A war is on the horizon.”

A cut as gun fire is heard, and men in uniform, wearing helmets, and carrying guns run back and forth amidst the wasteland around them.  At the epicenter of all the fighting, the chaos is ground zero, a building in total ruin.

“Battles are being fought for ultimate supremacy.”

A pan up reveals the very base floor of this ruined building, and etched into the floor, the SHOOT Project logo.

“For everyone wishes to be Master…”

Suddenly the opening guitar rift of “Indestructible” by Disturbed picks up and the SHOOT Project logo seems to glow as a fast zoom in moves towards it.

“Master… Of the Mat!”

The camera breaks through the floor and seems to twist and turn through a series of blue tunnels.  As it winds through various clips and images are shown of the SHOOT Project soldiers.

“Another mission

The powers have called me away

Another time

To carry the colors again

My motivation

An oath I’ve sworn to defend

To win the honor

Of coming back home again”

Up ahead you see almost transperent images of Long Island Hardcore battling it out in a backstage setting against Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Super Fan.  The camera zooms right through it though as it continues on its journey.

“No explanation

Will matter after we begin

Another dark destroyer that’s buried within

My true vocation

And now my unfortunate friend

You will discover

A war you’re unable to win”

The next footage seen is Jack Heart slapping Crush Heart, then Crush Heart pounding on Jack, but transparently seen faintly over it all is the horrific image of Crush being burnt during his baptism.  The camera zooms through the footage…

I’ll have you know

That I’ve become…”

As the chorus kicks in we see a rapid fire montage of the competitors involved in the night’s TRIPLE main event.  Jester Smiles hits a moonsault, Jonny Johnson smirks with Cade at his feet.  Adrian Corazon assaults Donovan King with a baton.


Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side

A terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable”

Cade Sydal crying out for The Defiler to tap, Trevor Worrens hittins the Busaiku knee kick to NC-17, and finally a beaten up Donovan King standing strong in the ring, flipping off the back.

“Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive

I’m an indestructible master of war.”

As the musical break plays we go back to the visual of zooming through intertwining blue tunnels.  The Revolution Championship is situated, albeit somewhat transparently, and as the view zooms through it, we see clips of Sinnocence and NC-17 in action on each side of the tunnel until they come together up ahead showing their recent tag match against one another.  The view takes a sharp turn to the left and keeps moving quickly.

“Another reason

Another cause for me to fight

Another fuse uncovered

Now, for me to light

My dedication

To all that I’ve sworn to protect

I carry out my orders

Without a regret”

Next seen is a clip of Christopher Davis straight ahead, but on the sides of the tunnel you see the rage-filled sinister faces of The Family. Kenji Yamda, Roland Caldwell, and Sammy Rochester.  Then the footage of Davis taking a beating at their hands, but then replaced by Davis fighting back, taking the battle to them.

“A declaration

Embedded deep under my skin

A permanent reminder

Of how we began

No hesitation

When I am commanded to strike

You need to know

That you’re in for the fight of your life”

The view seems to hit a dead end as the tunnel reaches a caged enclosure.  Behind it though is footage of Timothy Roy and Azraith DeMitri glaring at one another, ready to spill blood.

“You will be shown

How I’ve become….”

The view swivels left, then right… and as the chorus kicks in for a second time, the view swivels up and BREAKS through the ground back up to the surface.  Seen right in front of the view is The Thomas and Mack Center.


Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side

A terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable”

We see a repeated clips of Jonny Johnson, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, taking down countless number of opponents with The Demoralization Process.

“Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive

I’m an indestructible master of war

Next seen are repeated clips of Adrian Corazon’s brutal ways. His attacks on men like Del Carver, Dave Marz, others like Ron Barker, and of course the stabbing of Jonny Johnson. And we see his assault yet again on Donovan King.



Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side

A terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable”

After that repeated clips of Cade Sydal putting down opponents with the Ninjagurai. Snapping off shot after shot throughout his career.

“Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive

I am indestructible (indestructible)”

Following clips of Cade we see clips that show case the rise of Donvan King. His fights with Jester Smiles, with Cade, and then we see him standing… a changed man, and leader of the Sons of Liberty.


Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side

A terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable”

The last footage seen is Trevor Worrens and Jester Smiles standing in the ring, together.  Jester offers a handshake and Worrens gladly accepts.  The music starts to fade out from there.

“Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive

I’m an indestructible master of war”

“Live From the Thomas and Mack Center… It’s The 2008 Master of the Mat Pay Per View!”


Inside the sold out Thomas and Mack Center, the chorus of “Indestructible” continues to play loudly, adding to the noise being made by the insane SHOOT Project fans.  The focus is placed on the entryway.  The Video Screen frame is created out of pitch white steel, with rough, jagged patches of red splattered in various locations.  On the stage, two large suits of red armor stand with swords raised, creating an archway just over the ramp that leads to the ring.  A red felt carpet lines the ramp and the ring, which normally sports the Revolution apron, has the words Master of the Mat written on all four sides.  The camera makes its way around the entire inside of the arena, capturing the excited fans.

Dave Dymond: It is the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat Pay Per View, it is live, and it is SOLD OUT here in Las Vegas Nevada!

Other Guy: The SHOOT Project faithful are packed in here… to the point where the organization opened up some STANDING ROOM ONLY sections along the ramp.  It’s insane tonight, Dave.

Suddenly quick blasts of red pyrotechnics shoot up over the video screen while red and orange flames burst from along the edge of the stage platform.  The crowd gets louder after the pyros die down and the focus shifts to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Thomas and Mack Center, but it’s not Revolution, its not just another night of exciting SHOOT Project action, it’s a Pay Per View that will have a huge impact and even BIGGER implications on the very future of this organization.




And just like that, the SOLD OUT CROWD RISES TO ITS FEET and begins throwing out a hefty smattering of BOOOS and JEERS! The opening guitar part is a soft, simple rift… But not for long.


“Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies takes over the sound waves!

A very basic pyrotechnic display goes off at the entrance, the curtains rustle and JASON RILEY and TOM QUINN come out from the back! Both guys look EXTREMELY energized, with Riley immediately running out to taunt various members in the crowd. A few seconds behind them is an also very pumped up “SUPER FAN”, TIM CALAHAN who holds his arms up, sporting a pair of GIANT ORANGE “#1” FOAM FINGERS!

“With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Your head will collapse

But there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself”

Dave Dymond: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not wasting ANY time tonight! SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM TITLES ON THE LINE! And here come the EXTREMELY controversial contenders… Jason Riley and Tom Quinn.

Other Guy: Some way to kick off this mother fuckin’ show! How about we set this tone right and early, Dave! I wanna see those boys from Long Island whoop some ass!




Riley gets into it with a few fans, while Quinn methodically heads toward the ring. Super Fan attempts to get a chant started, though is only met with scathing remarks in response.

“Way out in the water

See it swimmin’

Super Fan: (Chanting into the Camera) ROGUE AND RILEY!

He claps the foam fingers together.


Quinn slides into the ring, while Super Fan actually teams up with Riley, as the pair chat it up with a female fan. The girl actually seems to be into the young guys and leans forward to give Riley a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Super Fan freaks out and starts patting Riley on the back.

“I was swimmin’ in the Caribbean

Animals were hiding behind the rocks

Except the little fish

But they told me, he swears

Tryin’ to talk to me, coy koi”

Dave Dymond: From what I understand and from what I’m seeing, there has yet to be any NOVA LYNN JACKSON sightings this evening, which is a little troubling all things considered, OG.

Other Guy: Dude, this shit with Nova has been fucked since day ONE, man. I mean, no cops, no follow up. Unless there was some behind the shit I don’t know about… But I hope the girl is safe, Dave. These three are as tasteless as they come, and like I said… I wanna see Long Island Hardcore keep their titles and then I wanna see ‘em leave with a healthy Nova Lynn.

Dave Dymond: Assuming she’s even here, which we are gonna hope she is.

Walking backward for a moment, Riley gives a school-boy wave to the girl, but then turns around and charges toward the ring. Super Fan keeps a casual stride, watching his two Friends ascend to the top rope of opposite turnbuckles.

He begins to cheer them on, but the cameras switch off of him and move in closer on Rogue and Riley. They’re in matching yellow wrestling trunks, which become illuminated as several hundred flash bulbs go off. Riley has “Riley” written on the back of his trunks, and Quinn has “Rogue” on his, both names in orange. Quinn has on a white armband that has “HOPE” scrawled across in black marker.

Both men eventually hop down and move to their corner to talk strategy, while Calahan wraps around the ring and moves closer to them as well. Referee SCOTT KAMURA looks to check them in, and while they oblige, they’re very dismissive and disrespectful of the SHOOT PROJECT HEAD OFFICIAL. At the same time, SAMANTHA COIL seems to be preparing herself to make the opening announcements.

“Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies starts to fade.

Dave Dymond: Such a strange story heading into this one. And the pieces still don’t exactly make sense. There was a video posted just before our broadcast, about twenty-four hours ago, and all I got from it was that Nova apparently escaped wherever she was being held captive over two weeks ago.

Other Guy: But no one knows who’s responsible. Hell, our boys LIHC might have her and are gettin’ back at these three punks for all the pain they put ‘em through. Wouldn’t that be a sweet story, man? Ha! Can ya tell I’m ready to watch these bitches get beat?

The house lights black out, and the crowd goes insane as a single white spotlight hits the entrance in time with the intro of AC/DC’s "Back In Black."

Dave Dymond: Well we don’t have to wait! HERE COME THE SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!
CJ NELSON and JARED WALSH, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE, step out onto the stage, black pants, boots, elbow-pads, gloves and sunglasses. Jared has both of the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship belts on his shoulders, and he drops to his knees on the stage, holding his arms out (a belt hanging off of each), while CJ flexes his biceps behind him.

A series of white fireworks shoots off from the stage, from outside to in, and Jared hops back to his feet, tossing one of the belts to CJ. The spotlight follows them down to the ring, the pair slowly strolling, belts on their shoulders. Jared points down at RnR, screaming something inaudible.

Dave Dymond: The weird thing about this, OG. Less than three months ago, these guys were all kind of on the same page. I won’t say Friends, per say, but they were all fighting under the same banner.

Other Guy: But this Nova thing got way out of hand, and CJ and Jared finally buckled down and did the right thing. Whether ya like the Tag Champs or not, these boys deserve some credit for showing the goddamn GUTS to fight for what they think is right.

CJ climbs over the top rope as Jared slides into the ring, and both men run to opposite corners, holding the belts high in the air with one hand, camera flashes from all over the arena illuminating the dark audience. CJ and Jared both run to the other corners, hopping up again onto the second turnbuckles, and hoisting the belts in the air. CJ and Jared take off their sunglasses, Jared tossing them into the crowd, and CJ throwing them right at Riley!

Kamura IMMEDIATELY steps in, and Riley puffs his chest out and starts running his mouth!

Riley: (Off Mic) Oh you want some?! HUH!?

Quinn pulls Riley back, while Long Island Hardcore ignores the situation.

They hop off the turnbuckles, and Jared tosses his belt to CJ, dropping to a knee in the middle of the ring, and holding his arms out, soaking in the crowd’s response. CJ leans over top of him, a belt hanging off of each arm, letting them drape across Jared’s shoulders.

A white pyro flies out of each ring post, detonating in the air with a GIGANTIC POP!!!


They finish their pose and start to hand their SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles over to Kamura, while the house lights come back up. ”Back in Black” by ACDC starts to fade and LIHC assembles in their corner.

The fans get a louder after the music fades, and it’s clearly going to be a SUPER HOT NIGHT!

Dave Dymond: Here we go!

Riley and Quinn hop up and down, doing what they can to get loose, while Samantha Coil raises her microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: This opening bout is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute, Pay-Per-View time limit! And it is for the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

The fans pop loudly.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, (Gesturing to the proper corner) The CHALLENGERS! Weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred, sixty-eight pounds. They are from Chicago, Illinois. TOM QUINN! JASON RILEY! ROGUE ‘N RILEY!!!

The fans break into a small frenzy of BOOOS, which only prompts a smirk from a VERY amped Riley! Quinn, as usual stays focused and seems to be as disinterested as humanly possible at how the fans react.

Dave Dymond: So we get the official announcement that it will indeed be Quinn and Riley representing their team. Which means Super Fan is only out here as a spectator.

As Coil finishes taking her appropriate pause, CJ and Jared start to get a little more into things. Jared starts nodding his head and bobbing up and down, while CJ stands as stoic as ever.

These fans start going pretty nuts with their CHEERS before Samantha even starts!


Samantha Coil: And introducing their opponents. THEY ARE THE SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. Weighing it at a combined Five Hundred, Forty-Five pounds… From Westhampton Beach, New York… CJ NELSON, JARED WALSH… Here. IS. LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!!!

Coil makes her exit while CJ and Jared soak in the very positive atmopshere. Jared definitely looks as pumped up as he can be, and CJ has the look of a man ready to kill someone.

Scott Kamura raises the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship Belts!!!

The fans POP!!!

Riley and Quinn talk briefly, but Riley quickly pats him on the back and steps out first for his team. Quinn nods and heads to the apron. Kamura walks over and leans between the ropes, handing the belts to a ring attendant! He then points at MARK KENDRICK, who nods and SOUNDS FOR THE BELL!!!


Dave Dymond: We are ready to kick off MASTER OF THE MAT, TWO-THOUSAND EIGHT!!! Tag Team Titles on the line! Jason Riley starting out for his side, and…

CJ eyeballs Riley and then smirks. He pushes Jared aside and strides toward the center of the ring.


The fans LOVE IT!!!

Dave Dymond: AND it’s CJ NELSON for the Champs! Jason Riley has just found himself at a HUGE size disadvantage!!!

Riley hesitates for a moment and looks around the ring.



Riley shakes his head at the fans chants and then looks up at CJ. Nelson smirks and waves for Riley to bring it.

Riley glares at Nelson, but then takes two quick steps back and tags in Tom Quinn!


Other Guy: Riley wanted no Goddamn piece! Don’t matter to me! CJ gonna mess up either one of these two.

Quinn, who is about an inch or two taller and maybe about twenty pounds heavier, enters the ring, cool as can be. He nods at his imposing opponent but doesn’t waste time circling around. CJ nods and seems pleased that Quinn is ready to fight.

Dave Dymond: Quinn a little more confident, but OG, the kid is still giving up OVER a hundred pounds and about seven or eight inches out there! Maybe even close to nine!

Other Guy: Well, I think if Calahan had a little more experience under his belt, he may have been the better guy to have in here, but Riley and Quinn are without a doubt the two best WRESTLERS of this trio. But at the end of the day, I don’t think there is SHIT that’s gonna save these boys from the beating they deserve.


Super Fan is heard cheering loudly on the outside, only for the fans to respond with a HEFTY BOOOOOOO!!!

Quinn circles the ring and sizes Nelson up. Nelson is confident enough to wait for Quinn to make a move! Quinn comes in, but Nelson quickly wraps him up and violently shoves him as hard as he can! Quinn FLIES BACK and stumbles back first to the mat about four or five feet away!!! Nelson goes into KILL MODE and follows his prey! Quinn tries to get up but Nelson bull rushes him and takes him back down with a chaotic, clothesline, STO, shove type conglomeration of moves!!! CJ dips down and CLOBBERS Quinn with a right hand! And then lands ANOTHER!!! He pulls Rogue up by his chin length hair and bullies him into the corner!!!

CJ Nelson: We’re not bluffing, BITCH!!!

CJ charges in with a close range clothesline and SMASHES Quinn up against the turnbuckle! Quinn falls down to his ass, but CJ is totally unrelenting! HE BEGINS FIRING A SERIES OF OVERHEAD RIGHTS!!!

Other Guy: This is what I’m TALKIN’ BOUT!!! GET HIM CEEJ!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson is absolutely UNLOADING!!!


The fans POP HUGE!!! Kamura charges toward the action to break it up! Riley ducks in between the ropes, but Jared mirrors him and Jason stops!!! Kamura tries to get in the middle of the action, but Nelson will not stop! He continues to throw VICIOUS SHOT after VICIOUS SHOT until Kamura is able to push him far enough back away!

Quinn stays covered up in the corners, hands over his head, doing everything he can to protect himself. Nelson pushes Kamura out of the way and moves in on Quinn! He pulls him up, but Quinn is able to land a LOW BLOW unbeknownst to Kamura!!!

Jared cringes and slaps the top turnbuckle at his corner!

Dave Dymond: Look out!!!



Nelson stumbles forward, with Quinn having connected pretty squarely on the attack. He then ducks around and behind Nelson and quickly falls forward with a shoulder tackle to the right leg!!! CJ falls to a knee but is able to get his hands up on the middle turnbuckle padding to brace his fall. Riley begins to applaud from his corner, while Super Fan lets out a victorious “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

The fans, however, continue to boo!!!


Dave Dymond: An underhanded tactic, but he essentially did what he had to do, and Nelson may have walked right into that one.

Other Guy: Kid took his licks and that’s just wrestling ONE-OH-ONE, unfortunately. CJ and Jared are going to have to maintain their tempers a lil bit, Dave. Especially with Quinn cause as much as I don’t wanna give him props… Dude’s smart as hell in there.

Rogue follows up with a forearm shiver into CJ’s spin and then follows with that with a CRACKLING KICK TO THE BACK!!! Quinn takes a couple steps back, charges forward and the lands a DROP KICK to the same right knee he had targeted a few moments earlier with the shoulder tackle. Nelson drops to his knees again, after almost having been able to get to his feet. Jared shouts for his partner to recover, but Quinn isn’t going to give them anytime for that. Quinn grabs CJ’s right leg and executes a single leg take down to an off balance opponent, and Nelson actually falls to his side! Quinn pushes him the rest of the way onto his back and grabs the other leg and tries to drag Nelson! However, with CJ being WAY stronger, he manages to dip his hips and PUSH QUINN AWAY WITH HIS LEGS! Rogue falls off to the side and Super Fan runs over to action-side.

Riley then steps into the ring and makes a move toward the corner! Nelson is up to his feet! Jared tries to come in, and Riley backs off, only for Kamura to start his run to the other side! In the meantime, SUPER FAN reaches under the bottom rope and pulls CJ’s legs out from under him!!!

Dave Dymond: Damnit!

Other Guy: Come on Kamura!

Jared sees the illegal double team and starts to make a move, which of course only prompts Kamura to spend that much more attention! Rogue sees CJ down, charges toward the rope, springboards off, spins in mid air and comes down with a DOUBLE KNEE DROP across Nelson’s back!


Quinn rolls through and pops up to his feet!

Rogue: (Shouting) REF! TAG!

Kamura hears Quinn and turns around to witness the tag in to JASON RILEY!!!


Dave Dymond: I have not found one LIKABLE quality about this kid.

Riley springboards over the top rope and lands on his feet. His gaze shifts down to CJ who is still on the mat, holding his back.

Riley pats his chest with both hands and starts taunting CJ. He then looks up to Jared.

Riley: You wanna fuck with me?

Unfortunately, Jared is a HUGE hot head and angrily ducks into the ring! Kamura has no choice but to turn back and stop him! In the meantime, Riley LUNGES at Nelson and BEGINS TO CHOKE HIM OUT FROM BEHIND!!! He has a sloppy, camel clutch, rear naked choke kind of thing going on, but it’s effective!!! Riley’s eyes are firery as he pulls back harder and harder!!!

Other Guy: FOR FUCK’S SAKE KAMURA!!! This is terrible!!!

Dave Dymond: And Riley seems to be exacting his own brand of revenge on Nelson, who showed him up a little bit at the start of this contest!!!

RILEY CHOKES HARDER AND HARDER, but also gets a little sloppier and sloppier with his grip! CJ manages to find some leverage and actually starts to push himself up!!! Riley is still hanging on to his back! Kamura turns back around!! Nelson drops back toward the corner and SQUASHES Riley into the turnbuckles!!! However, Before he can follow up, a properly shielded Calahan GRABS NELSON’S LEGS ON THE OUTSIDE!!! NELSON FALLS BACK TO THE MAT, HIS LEGS STRADDLING THE BOTTOM OF THE RING POST!!!! Riley releases his grip and rolls off, holding at the small of his back as he makes some distance following the aftermath of Calahan’s blatant trip!

Kamura had no chance of seeing that! However, Jared did and like a bat out of hell, JARED STORMS ACROSS THE RING APRON AND LAUNCHES HIS BODY AT SUPER FAN!!!




And he isn’t done!!! Walsh throws SHOT AFTER SHOT AFTER SHOT!!! WILD, FRANTIC BLOWS, but Calahan is getting BEAT!!! Quinn charges to his friend’s aid!!! He goes after Jared and catches him off guard momentarily!!! However, Jared regains his balance and HAPHAZARDLY TOSSES QUINN FACE FIRST INTO THE NEARBY STEEL STEPS!!!


Riley is up to his feet and sees that Jared isn’t looking in the ring!! CJ is starting to get to his feet but doesn’t seem like an initial threat!!! Kamura is trying to regain control of this one, but before he can say anything to Walsh…


Dave Dymond: OH MY GOODNESS!!!


Riley is slow to his feet, but does manage to point down at Jared and shout at him! However, much like his fallen opponent…

He doesn’t bother to watch the ring.


Dave Dymond: OH LOOK OUT!!!






Dave Dymond: Un-REAL!  One match in and we’ve got our first mark out moment of the night already!!! GOOD GOD, OG!!!

CJ is up to his feet and lets out a HUGE BARBARIC-LIKE YELL!!!  He looks down at Riley only to be JUMPED FROM BEHIND by a frantic TIM CALAHAN!  Kamura sees the attack, but isn’t going to call for a bell!  Calahan nails a double axe-hand smash!  CJ falls forward, but starts to turn his body around in the process!  Calahan moves in for another attack, but this one turns out to be ill fated!  CJ EASILY catches him, spins around and RAMS HIM INTO THE SIDE OF THE APRON!!!  Calahan is in PAIN!  He stumbles forward, holding his back!  He tries to turn around…



The “HOLY SHIT” chants continue!!!  Nelson is a little slow to get up, having crashed into the guard railing himself, which gives time for a BLOODY Tom Quinn to COME THROUGH WITH A WICKED YAKUZA KICK TO THE SIDE OF CJ’S HEAD!!!  Nelson falls to the floor!  And Quinn stops to rubs at his face!  His hand is covered in blood after taking that trip into the steps from Jared.  Quinn looks up at Kamura and then over to the carnage outside, before deciding to slide back into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Quinn back in the ring, but these fans are AMPED!

Other Guy: I think CJ and Riley are still the legal guys, right?

Dave Dymond: I lost track, OG, but that sounds right.  Kamura keeping a very lax approach to this contest, as he should.  Issuing a very slow ten count as all three men begin to stir.


Quinn realizes with Calahan out, that Riley is gonna get killed since everyone is starting to get up at the same time.  He sighs and ducks out of the ring.  He lays a quick boot to a recovering Walsh and then moves over to grab Riley.  He helps his partner up off the ground and leads him back toward the ring.  Riley is dazed though and stumbles QUITE  frequently.  HOWEVER, Quinn is able to get him back in the ring.

Kamura continues his count!




As he reaches a SLOOOOOOW four count, Walsh has managed to pull himself up using the ring apron.  CJ is not so fast, but is showing signs of life.  Rogue tends to Riley, while Walsh slides back into the ring.  Quinn realizes that Riley is in pretty bad shape and charges after Walsh himself!  However, Kamura stops him mid track!

Scott Kamura: Nelson and Riley, Quinn!  You get out!!!

Walsh stirs and, in a daze STORMS at Quinn!!! Kamura is REALLY annoyed and tries to pull the two men off each other as they fall to the mat in a SKIRMISH!!!

Dave Dymond: It would take an army to control a match like this!!!  Kamura trying to break these guys up!!

Walsh and Quinn are REALLY going at it now!!! They roll around across the ring throwing punches where they can, each man taking and giving his fair number of shots!!!  Riley shakes the cobwebs and tries to get his barrings and CJ has actually made it back to the apron, where he slides in under the bottom rope!!!  Riley sees him entering and CHARGES WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE KICK RIGHT TO THE TOP OF CJ’S HEAD!!!  The big man is stopped in his tracks, half his body in the ring, his legs dangling out!!!  Kamura manages to pull Quinn off Walsh and Riley tries to drag Nelson all the way into the ring!!!  Of course, he has to get on his knees and pull back with two hands, but he slowly starts to make progress!!!

Dave Dymond: It looks like Jason Riley is going to…  He’s gonna try and make a cover here!

Riley pulls CJ back into the ring and, with all his strength awkwardly pushes him on to back and falls on top for a weak cover!!!  Kamura sees the pin fall and tries to get into position!!!

However, before he can even make a count, Jared grabs him and spins him around!


TOM QUINN CHARGES BACK IN AND NAILS WALSH AGAIN!!!   But Jared spins him around down to the mat to counter!!!  Riley is still on top of CJ!!!  Kamura drops down to make a count!




Riley slithers forward and off his opponent!  At the same time Jared is just BEATING THE HOLY CRAP OUT OF ROGUE!!! Right hand after CLUBBING RIGHT HAND!!!  Quinn is losing blood at a DISGUSTING PACE!!!  Kamura tries to pull him off, but Walsh WILL NOT STOP!!!

Jared Walsh: WHERE IS SHE!!  HUH!!

He connects on ANOTHER all-or-nothing blow!!!

Jared Walsh: FUCK…  YOU!!!

Kamura pulls Walsh back, but Jared is able to get in one last VICIOUS attack, landing a STIFF BOOT RIGHT DOWN ACROSS QUINN’S FACE!!!  Kamura grabs him back by the waste and begins reaming him out!  Jared FLIPS HIM OFF and starts to turn around…


Dave Dymond: DAMN IT!!!


Walsh falls face first to the mat.  The impact was solid, but with Riley being out of it still, it wasn’t the strongest blow in the world.  Walsh braces his fall with his hands and then holds at the back of his head.  Riley looks down at Quinn and realizes how badly beaten his partner is.

Riley: FUCK!

Riley looks back to check on Nelson who is stirring but barely and then quickly looks back to Jared who is clawing his way back to his feet.  However, before he can get all the way up, Riley comes in and positions himself in such a way to be able to execute a VERY QUICK scoop slam!  He then looks back again at CJ, who is on his knees, but facing away from the action, and then over to the empty, nearby corner!


Riley walks away from Jared and heads for the corner.  He ducks to the outside and rests for a moment before starting his climb.  The fans begin to get EXTREMELY ANXIOUS as Riley makes his way up!  However, around the time Riley is gaining his balance, CJ IS BACK UP TO HIS FEET!!!  Riley realizes this and suddenly freezes!!!  CJ turns around and instinctively lunges his body at the ropes connecting Riley’s corner to the corner across from it!!!



CJ stays leaned up in the ropes, while Riley painfully slides off the top turnbuckle, spinning himself around so that his back is toward the center of the ring.  His feet rest on the first turnbuckle, his head forward across the top as he tries to deal with the pain.  Quinn is unmoving in the middle of the ring, his face coated in blood.  Jared is stirring, but it’s CJ who looks like he has a plan!

He quickly moves behind Riley, drops his body below his waist and then stands back up, lifting Riley up into an ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP POSITION!!!  Riley is hoisted all the way into the air!!!

CJ looks at his recovering partner!!!

CJ Nelson: JARED!!!

Jared shakes his head and looks at CJ…  Without another word, Jared moves to the corner!!!  Riley offers minimum resistance, fatigue having taken a GIANT toll!!!  Jared scales to the top rope!!!




The challengers are both out COLD!!!  Jared falls to the mat, while CJ goes to make the cover on Riley!  Pushing Jason’s legs forward, Nelson sets all his way down across his opponent!!!


Dave and Other Guy let the moment tell its own story!





The echo is resounding.


KAMURA CALLS FOR THE BELL AND CJ FALLS FORWARD TOWARD HIS PARTNER!!!  “Back in Black” by AC/DC starts to play again and this crowd is INSANE HOT!!!!

Dave Dymond: THEY DID IT, GODDAMNIT!! YES!!  Ha! I don’t want to be accused of being biased later on, but, man, OG, what an AWESOME WAY TO KICK OFF MASTER OF THE MAT!!!

CJ puts his arm around Jared’s head as he helps his partner off the mat.  Kamura rushes toward them with their belts!  Nelson takes one and a recovering Jared takes the other!!!  The fans are on their feet applauding the amazing effort!!!

Samantha Coil: The winners of this match, and STILL SHOOT Project TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…  Jared Walsh, CJ Nelson…  LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!!!

CJ seems to be pointing at something and Jared nods and slides out of the ring.  Both men drop their title belts in the center of the ring.  CJ slowly makes it to his feet and walks over toward the ring ropes closest to Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil.  He waves for one of them to come over, and it’s Coil who obliges.  In the meantime, Walsh has retrieved TWO steel chairs from the outside and throws them in under the bottom rope, sliding back in after them.

Coil nods at Nelson and hands him her microphone. Jared pulls one out of the timekeeper’s hand.

Jared grabs both chairs and walks over to his partner, handing him one and keeping the other.  They both then turn to face the nearly lifeless victims they just official beat a few short moments ago.

Jared looms over Rogue and CJ is by Riley.  Both men have their chairs pointed town, the top edge hovering across both guys’ throats.

CJ Nelson: (Mic in his left hand, chair in his right) Time to pay the fuckin’ piper, kids. Where… the fuck… is Nova?

Obviously neither man responds.

CJ and Jared both shake their heads.

Jared Walsh: You’ve got five seconds to give us a fucking answer, or I swear to God I’m turning your trachea into mush. WHERE IS SHE?!

CJ and Jared both press their chairs into Rogue and Riley’s throats with QUITE a bit of pressure!!!

CJ Nelson: You’re down to three now, douchebags.  (Glaring down at Riley, while Jared does the same to Rogue) Two…


A frantic, female voice suddenly shouts over the PA system!!!  CJ stops and Jared, as if more relieved than ever, turns back toward the entrance curtain.  Jared drops his chair IMMEDIATELY as NOVA LYNN JACKSON starts running out from the back!!!


Jared drops his microphone in stunned silence, looking out to her.

Nova runs to the ring, a microphone in hand, and she looks absolutely AMAZING!  (In a totally slutty way, but still) She’s has a very short yellow and black plaid skirt, high heels, and a white tank-top which reveals a small portion of her midsection.

Dave Dymond: I’ll say it again, OG…  what a way to kick off Master of the Mat!!!  She’s back OG!!  NOVA LYNN JACKSON HAS SURVIVED!!!

Other Guy: You want to talk Soldiers?  After the ordeal she’s been through!  GIVE HER A GODDAMN PUSH!!!

Nova carefully makes her way up the steel steps and LUNGES HERSELF INTO JARED’S ARMS!!!


CJ drops his chair and moves now too!!!  She turns from Jared and rushes at CJ who scoops her up and lifts her into the air with a POWERFUL embrace!!! 

There is relief in Jared Walsh’s eyes.

The fans applaud loudly!!!

Nova is visibly weeping!  Tears swell up in her eyes!  And CJ and Jared both move in to hug her.

Dave Dymond: What an amazing moment!  Somehow, someway, that goddamn girl fought and fought and now she is BACK and able to celebrate with CJ and Jared!!!

Other Guy: Heh…  Doesn’t look like CJ and Jared are quite finished with business, Dave!  I think we’re gonna see a two for one deal!!!

Jared grabs the microphone from CJ and moves away from Nova.  He picks up his chair and CJ follows suit and does the same.  Quinn and Riley still seem to have NO IDEA where they are or what is going on!!!

Jared Walsh: Ya know, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.  I didn’t know if I’d still hate you two amateur night, internet-meme-spouting, total douchebag mother fuckers once we had Nova back.  But I know now.  And we’re gonna go ahead and make sure you NEVER get back in a wrestling ring AGAIN!  (Shouting) I HOPE YOU’RE WATCHING, JONNY! THIS IS FOR YOU, from your good Friends, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE! TAKE A BOW! You earned it!

Jared drops the microphone and he and CJ both grip their chairs with two hands and…

Nova Lynn Jackson: WAIT!!!  Wait!!!

Jared turns around and looks confused as does CJ.

Nova Lynn Jackson: You can’t hurt them!  Cause like…

She pauses and her face gets deathly serious.

Nova Lynn Jackson: They’re my friends, Jared.

Dave Dymond: WHAT?!?!

The crowd is confused when all of a sudden…


Dave and Other Guy fall silent!



Jared turns around and wants to charge Calahan,  but NOVA DROPS HER MIC AND IMMEDIATELY GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND!  CALAHAN THEN CHARGES FORWARD AND NAILS JARED IN THE FRONT OF HIS LEFT KNEE WITH THE PIPE!!!   Jared SCREAMS IN PAIN and Nova pulls a CAN OF MACE OF OF HER SKIRT POCKET!!!  With Jared trying fight back up from his knees, She pulls back on his face and SPRAYS THE CONTENTS DIRECTLY INTO HIS EYES!!!

Everyone watches on in terror!!!

Super Fan tries to start a “HOLY SHIT” chant, but no one responds…  Obviously.

Jared struggles desperately, and holds at his face, SCREAMING IN PAIN!

Nova watches him and then picks up her microphone.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Why didn’t you come for me, Jared?  Huh?  Like, Like…  (Almost crying again, but this time in pain)   Jared, Why didn’t you guys EVER COME FOR ME!?

Jared tries to wipe his eyes and shouts something at Nova, but Super Fan comes up from behind and lands ANOTHER PIPE SHOT!  THIS TIME TO THE BACK OF JARED’S NECK!!!  Walsh falls to the mat, his face landing just in front of Nova’s feet.

Rogue and Riley are just now starting to realize what’s going on, as they slowly back themselves up against the ring ropes.  They watch Nova, as does this entire crowd.  Tears are streaming down her face!!!

She drops down to Jared’s level and pushes him onto his back!!!

Nova Lynn Jackson:  You just…  (Sniffling) You just left me! I was hungry and scared and lonely and you didn’t get me! I, like, CALLED you! (Sobbing hysterically) You’re a big ol’ JERK and I don’t like you anymore!

In a fit of rage she pushes him over, takes one of her heels off with her and BEGINS TO SMASH HER SHOE INTO THE SIDE OF JARED’S FACE!!!  OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  JARED IS BLEEDING PRETTY BADLY!!!

She slams the microphone (which she is still holding in her left hand) into his chest and falls forward.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Oh Jared!!!  I’m sorry!!! I’m so…  so….  so (The crying gets worse and worse as she makes high pitch sounds) I’m so sorry!

She moves in closer and plants her lips softly over his.

No one knows how to react.

Other Guy: What the hell is happening?  DAVE, man…  WHAT THE HELL???!

After a moment or two, She stops and Calahan moves over to help lift her up.  Riley and Quinn are stunned, but it doesn’t stop either of them from spotting the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles laying on the mat.

They scoop up both belts, like weasels…  pack rats… and fall back toward the ropes. 

Calahan helps Nova up, and they both turn away from Jared.  Rogue and Riley then duck out straight back between the ropes and slink to the floor, while Super Fan and Nova exit at the left side, Nova leaning on her Friend for support, as she is still shaking.

Quinn and Riley’s eyes stay silently on Jared and CJ.

Long Island Hardcore were still officially the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions.

But in such dark times…

Possession might hold more weight.

They all began their bizarre, wordless departure to the back.

The four of them…. Tim Calahan, Tom Quinn, Jason Riley…

And Nova Lynn Jackson.

No one looks back.

The cameras cut elsewhere.


Osbourne Kilminster perches, crouched atop the plain beech benches of the small changing room, feeding upon a still-warm chicken breast sandwich as he watches Sinnocence lace up her boots. He stops eating as he suddenly becomes aware of the perfect angle afforded by his vantage point, paying CLOSE attention to her rear and quickly staring at his sandwich as she stands.

Sinnocence: I don’t care if you stare at my ass, Ozzy, just don’t try to hide it like a kid that just got caught jerkin’ off by grandma.

She turns around, giving him a wicked grin while straightening out her leather top and making sure the girls were in their proper place.  Her title match with NC-17 was in a few moments and she was getting ready. Smirking, he jams the rest of his sandwich into his mouth and steps off the bench, placing his hands on her shoulders and pulling her in tight.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re going to whip this chump, baby. And when you do, we’ll be off to that massive party at the club. It’s going to be your night tonight.

She laughs softly, running her hands down his back to goose his ass.

Sinnocence: That’s what the last few months have been all about, darlin.  Getting that title off of him and around my waist. 

Sinnocence licks her lips and gives her viking a hungry kiss after he swallows the sandwich. More than enjoying their kiss, Osbourne breaks it off reluctantly as a banging on the door signals that they have to be making their way to the curtain.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s time to go show them all how amazing you are.

Kissing her forehead softly, he takes her hand and opens the door.

They are met in the hallway by Joyce McGuire.  The daughter of Ed Johnson simply smiles at her charge and nods at Osbourne.

Sinnocence: No matter what, you have to stay in the back.

McGuire: I know, Sinn.  Show the fucker just how much you really want that belt.

McGuire laughs heartily as she walks away and Sinn just glances to Ozzy.

Sinnocence:  This is going to be very fun…

Osbourne Kilminster: I know, baby. I’ll wait right here for you. Bring that belt home for Liam.

He holds her tightly as the technicians rush about them, kissing her softly.

She pulls away after the kiss is over and smiles.

Sinnocence: Victory or Valhalla, Sweetcheeks…I’ll see you later.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and has a thirty minute time limit!

The abrupt, angry opening chords of “Frantic” by Metallica blast through the PA system, and the fans all get up on their feet! Crush Heart steps out onto the top of the ramp in his signature cowboy hat and black leather trench coat, a sick grin on his face as he raises one arm high in the air, bible in hand. He stands there for a moment, letting the music guide his head up and down, the cheers of the fans getting his adrenaline pumping. Then he begins to make his way towards the ring, his pace deliberate; he’s obviously savoring the moment.

Dave Dymond: And here! We! GO! While following Long Island Hardcore and Rogue N’ Riley might be difficult on any other night, tonight is not the case! We’ve got ourselves a real down and dirty grudge match here, folks, and—I can hardly hear myself over all the noise!

OG: No doubt, Dave, there’s gonna be some blood spilled during the course of these next thirty minutes—if it even gets that far. You’ve got two guys that absolutely despise each other, in what may very well be the last chance to prove themselves the greater man! Classic SHOOT Project dramatics if you ask me, and I can’t WAIT to watch it unfold.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 278 pounds and standing at 6’8! They say he believes in angels! CRUSH! HEEEAAART!

Crush reaches the top of the steel steps and wipes both of his boots on them, raising his arm one last time. The fans let out another raucous bout of cheers before the big Southerner swings his legs over the top rope, his head tilted back as if he’s receiving orders from God. Austin Linam brings him back to reality, checking both hands and asking Crush to remove his hat and coat. Heart complies and heads to his corner, obviously distracted with the atmosphere.

Dave Dymond: As you can see, Heart STILL bears bandages on that one arm from the…BRUTAL fire attack carried out by Jack some months ago. Whether or not that comes into play here remains to be seen.

OG: But if I know Jack Heart, injuries are fair game. This cat is ruthless, and I expect him to capitalize on his brother’s apparent weaknesses without a second thought.

Dave Dymond: Up against that monster in the ring…it may be his only chance.

The ominous opening of “Daylight Dies” by Killswitch Engage suddenly roars through the speakers, and the lights dim considerably. The fans begin to hiss and boo in anticipation of the entrance, the drums and symbols just now kicking in. Red lights shine by the entrance way, revealing Jack Heart standing with his back to the ring in unusual apparel. The lyrics to the song suddenly kick in with the guitar.

Slowly we watch….

…the degradation…

…of civilization…

And the rise and fall…

…of all we are…

Stand before us.

Jack swings around, shaking water droplets out of damp hair, his eyes narrowed and his face as serious as its ever been. He’s wearing a bloody number ten soccer jersey with the name “Di Canio” imprinted on the back, and as he trots down to the ring he sneers and points, slashing his throat with a finger. The screaming of the song clashes with the tremendous reaction of the crowd, but Jack’s focused on one thing and one thing only. Settling the score.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Fighting out of London, England and weighing in at 172 pounds! He IS the British Kicking Machine! JAAAAAACK HEART!

Dave Dymond: This Las Vegas crowd is DEFINITELY in Crush’ corner tonight as you can see by the startling level of animosity being shown here.

OG: People do NOT like Jack Heart and for good reason. He’s irritating, pompous, conniving, but most of all, it’s because he opposes THIS man. In just a few minutes, we FINALLY get to see it all come to a head! I love it!

Heart snaps his arm away from reaching fans and climbs the steps, opting to slip in between the ropes rather than his normal flip into the ring. He IMMEDIATELY goes to meet Crush but is stopped by Linam, who’s insisting on checking Heart for weapons. After a moment or two, Linam comes up with a railroad spike that was in Heart’s boot, who shrugs as if he didn’t know it was in there. Linam slips it in his back pocket and points sternly at Heart, issuing an early warning. Jack’s lips mouth “Fuck off”.

Dave Dymond: You’re right, OG…we already can see where Jack’s at mentally. This is do or die for BOTH Heart brothers!

OG: I hope Linam brought his balls with him. He’s going to need them to ref THIS bitch.

As Linam turns his back on Jack, presumably to signal for the bell, Crush charges forward for a clothesline, but Jack ducks and replies with a super kick to the back that sends the big man stumbling! The bell does indeed ring as the much younger Jack surges forward with some overhand fists to Crush’ back, who’s slumped on the ropes. Not wasting any momentum, Jack grabs his brother’s arm and heaves him across the ring, running behind him in the process. As Crush bounces off the ring ropes, Jack hits the air with a BIG crossbody that puts Crush on his back. He hooks the leg for the pin and Linam drops.



KICKOUT! The British Kicking Machine’s strategy has become more than evident as he slaps the mat in frustration and hooks in a headlock before Crush can even blink. Linam drops to one knee and checks with Crush, who shakes his head adamantly and actually BREAKS the lock with his hands! Jack attempts the move again but his brother turns around from where he’s sitting and pops him one in the face. He pushes himself up to his feet somewhat heavily, the younger Heart sibling taking the opportunity to land some stiff martial arts kicks to Crush’ side, and then manages to catch one of Jack’s legs, forcing the Englishman into hopping on one foot. ENZIGURI! Crush stumbles back stunned from the attack.

Dave Dymond: And already this match is off to a heckuva start, with Jack Heart landing most of the offense thus far!

OG: He’s come flying out of the gates, Dave, and I’m not sure if that’s more out of fury or strategy!

Dave Dymond: Well it seems to be working, whichever it is.

Scrambling up to his feet, Jack charges his wobbling brother again but gets caught with a hip toss, at which the fans begin to cheer. Crush stands stock still, waving both hands at his brother to “bring it”, as the atmosphere definitely gets a little more electric. Jack looks around uneasily before he curses and runs at his brother, who LEVELS him with a big boot! Crush stomps across the ring from the momentum and turns back around, issuing the same gesture. Jack sits up on the mat, still shaking out the cobwebs but watching his older brother out of the corner of his eye. He starts sliding himself backwards away from Crush, prompting a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. Crush stands there with his hands on his hips shaking his head, but allows his brother to get up a safe distance away from him.

OG: Unfortunately for Jack, he can be as angry and vengeful as he wants, but it’s not gonna do him any good here. Its like trying to beat up the Sears Tower!

Dave Dymond: And believe me when I say Crush isn’t exactly thrilled with his brother or the treatment he’s gotten since they first began this blood feud either. You can bet he’s got his OWN brand of vengeance to deal out.

Now both on their feet, the two mismatched opponents circle each other warily, Jack looking for some sort of opening. He darts in and the two lock up in a grapple, but Jack breaks it up with a HARDY kick between the legs. Crush doubles over and his brother takes advantage with a one-handed bulldog, but Linam won’t count the pinfall. He makes Jack stand up and angrily WARNS him, informing him that one more mis-step will earn him a disqualification! Heart doesn’t even argue, opting to take the moment to nail a running stomp on Crush Heart’s head. He grabs the ropes and continues to stomp on Crush’ head until Linam steps in and pulls him off. At this point Heart starts to argue.

Dave Dymond: Jack and Linam exchanging words…

OG: Let the guy do his job! Sheesh!

Heart eventually lets it go and meets his brother as he goes to stand up, delivering a swift kick to Crush’ burnt arm. Crush grabs it, his face contorted in pain, allowing for Jack to land another one. The younger brother starts trash-talking the big southerner, bumping his head to Crush’ chest and even shoving him, but Crush doesn’t take it lightly. He nails Jack with a BIG lariat and the fans get up, an unmistakable reaction ringing throughout the arena. Flexing his good arm, Crush drops an elbow on the smaller man and goes for the pin.



SHOULDER! Unphased by Jack’s speedy reflexes, Crush rolls over and up on his feet, leaning down to pick his brother up. He wraps an arm over Jack’s chest and hoists him up, delivering a mighty sidewalk slam. He goes for the pin again.



KICKOUT! Picking his brother up by his hair, Crush slings him over his shoulder and goes charging across the ring, bringing the lighter Heart down with a ring-shaking running powerslam! This time instead of going for the pin he gets up and heads over to the turnbuckle, which surprisingly enough he starts to climb! As he reaches the top rope he raises both of his thick, muscle-bound arms before turning around and JUMPING OFF! FLYING ELBOW DROP! The entire ring quakes AGAIN as Jack’s body spasms from the impact!

Dave Dymond: Did you feel that? I think the ARENA shook with that impact!

OG: No, wait…you’re sitting on my cell phone.

Crush Heart hooks the leg again and Linam drops.




SHOULDER! The fans “oooh” at the close count but Crush doesn’t even blink. Instead he gets up and starts undoing one of the turnbuckles, intent on delivering as much punishment as possible. Slogging over to where Jack is laying, Crush picks him up by his tights and Irish whips him into that bare turnbuckle, making him buckle and yell out in pain! Crush charges after him intending to smash him with his body, but the faster Heart brother ROLLS out of the way, forcing Crush to splash an empty corner on his bad arm. He bounces forward, giving Jack enough space to get a running jump onto the ropes and hit Crush with a springboard spinning heel kick! Both competitors drop to the mat like a couple of rocks, and the arena is buzzing as Linam checks both of them.

Dave Dymond: A tidy bit of evasion there by Jack. You don’t want to let Crush get too much of a rhythm going. We’ve seen what he can do when he’s motivated against superstars like Jester Smiles and NC-17.

OG: Yeah, don’t forget Doug Kinsella and Gutter Rat either.

Jack stumbles to his feet first, grabbing onto the ropes, jumping up onto them, and moonsaulting off to catch a recovering Crush Heart! As he gets up off the mat he tears his blood-stained jersey up off of his head and swears at Crush, aggressively sitting atop his back and wrapping it around Crush’ throat! He starts to choke his brother mercilessly much to the disbelief of Austin Linam, who tries to break it up…but he can’t! Jack swats Austin away and squeezes tighter with the jersey, his bloodthirsty actions rewarded with a round of intense booing. The British Kicking Machine lets go and Linam tears the jersey away from him as he struts across the ring, beating his chest and yelling, spittle flying out of his mouth.

Dave Dymond: Jack’s definitely got something to prove here.

OG: That clothing should be outlawed from wrestling matches? I can see it now…naked Sinnocence versus naked-

Dave Dymond:…HantaKira?

OG: Yeah, I’ll stop now.

As Crush groggily gets up on his fours, Jack meets him with a NASTY running soccer kick to the jaw! Crush collapses back onto the mat and Heart now attempts something we’ve rarely seen him do….an ankle lock. Grabbing up Crush’ leg, Jack locks his arms around the ankle and twists, his big brother responding in anguish. The southerner tries to stretch for the ropes but he’s too far away. Wrapping his legs around the leg in question, Jack drops onto his back and extends his full body, trying to pull that leg out of its socket. The audience is buzzing as Crush calls out with a gurgled holler, using his own big hands to try to pry Jack off of his leg. Suddenly the lights start to…they start to flicker! They go out!

Dave Dymond: Wait a second, what-what the hell? We’ve lost visibility!

OG: Is that you touching my leg?

They flicker back on and standing next to Austin Linam is a little girl with angel wings! She points mystically at Crush amidst the panicked screaming from the crowd before the lights fade out…and back in again…the little girl now gone. Jack stares on at the space she was standing, unsure of whether to be surprised or horrified, when suddenly Crush BOOTS him off with his other leg! Jack goes flying forward and falls on his knees and the crowd gets up with Crush as he tears his elbow pads off and starts forward!

Dave Dymond: Uh oh.

OG: The elbow pads have come off!

As Crush stomps across the ring to meet his brother, Jack startles forward like he’s going to attempt something, but gets a gut full of boot instead. The big southerner jams Jack’s head between his legs and pumps hist fist in the air, rallying the crowd behind before he hoists Jack in the air and POWERBOMBS him with authority. Immediately afterwards he lays over Jack’s prone body, prompting Linam to count.




KICKOUT! The audience “ooh’s with the narrow pinfall, but Crush just keeps on with his work. Rolling Jack out of the ring, he takes Jack by the head and walks him out to where the steel steps are, POUNDING his brother’s skull into the naked ringpost. Not wanting to give Jack the benefit of recovery, he SLAMS it again, this time into the steel steps! In the ring Linam continues a low count-out, placing his fists back into his pockets when the two slide back in.

Dave Dymond: That little girl appears to have given Crush a sort of…spiritual boost!

OG: Yeah, Jack’s probably having second thoughts about that whole ‘revenge’ thing he had going on.

Crush drags Jack to his feet and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle HARD, charging after him like a bull for another attempt at a body smash, but once again Jack dives out of the way! This time Crush stops short though and redirects himself, intent on getting his hands on Jack. Ever the evil mastermind, Jack suddenly shoves Austin Linam in harm’s way, causing Crush to LEVEL him with a clothesline! The crowd boos as Crush stands there helplessly, unsure of what to do now. But as Jack stands, points, and laughs, it becomes evident. Crush leans down and pulls the railroad spike out of Linam’s pocket, licking his lips with anticipation. Jack’s laughter immediately ceases as the crowd starts cheering manically.

Dave Dymond: While that may have been a clever move to start with, I dunno if that was smart in the long run.

OG: Are you kidding me? Quick and painless…probably feels much better than a Crushing End too!

Crush starts chasing Jack around the ring almost comically, the spike held high in his hand, until he manages to corner Jack in a turnbuckle. He darts in to stab him but gets it caught in the corner and is unable to remove it. He turns around to be met by Jack, who grabs his ears and hits him square between the eyes with a “Sit Daaaaahn”, a nasty headbutt followed by a thrust kick to the jaw. Crush wobbles but does NOT go down, prompting Jack to try it again. He gets much of the same as Crush just stands there, trying to keep his footing. At this point Linam is starting to stir across the ring.

Dave Dymond: Crush is just absorbing those headbutts like a sponge!

OG: Jack better figure out something quick…I’m not too sure Linam’s gonna take kindly to being shoved around like that!

Jack goes for a third and final “Sit Daaaahn”, but as he does so, Crush snaps Jack’s hands off of his ears and nails Jack with his OWN massive headbutt that absolutely ROCKS him. Jack stumbles back and Crush kicks him in the gut, raising his arm for some audience lovin’ before hoisting Jack up on his shoulders!


OG: Why are you screaming?

The big Heart brother hits his signature move as the arena goes nuts, and rolls his brother over for the pinfall.





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! Here is your winner….CRUSH…HEEEAAART!

The big Heart brother gets to his feet and Linam raises his arms in victory, a look of content on the religious man’s face. He casts one last look at his brother rolling around on the mat in pain before he grabs his hat and coat and exits over the top ropes, the crowd cheering him the entire way. The camera cuts to Dave Dymond and OG at the announcing table.

Dave Dymond: So the Heart saga finally comes to an end here tonight, at Master of the Mat. Any thoughts, OG?

OG: A hard-fought match Dave that saw its ups and downs for both competitors…but in the end, there could only be one victor. When you’re as big as Crush Heart, and when you’re as dominant as Crush Heart, it’s hard for me to see somebody like Jack getting the “w”. Good effort on his part, but he’s gonna have to go home and deal with the final word…and that’s the fact that his brother is the better man.

Dave Dymond:Well I must echo your sentiments…this was in fact a terrific match, and a great way to get Master of the Mat kicked off. But there’s plenty of more action where that comes from! COMING UP NEXT! Sinnocence versus NC-17 for the Revolution championship, Cade Sydal takes on Jonny Johnson, and Trevor Worrens faces off against Jester Smiles in what could potentially be the match of the year. Don’t touch that computer mouse, folks! We’re just getting started!


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman! The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall, and is for the REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans get to their feet with the mention of championship gold and the anticipation of NC-17 versus Sinnocence, the loud reaction a telling one. The camera pans to the entrance way and all of a sudden pink fireworks go off as “Feva For the Flavor” by Hot Action Cop hits the arena. The cheers escalate with the appearance of the Revolution Champion, NC-17, at the top of the ramp, the belt affixed around his waist and in his usual hot pink wrestling tights and white boots. He jumps up and down in place with excitement before sprinting down the ramp, high-fiving fans on either sides of the guard railing. Noticeably absent is his valet Barbara Kellers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Gary, Indiana and weighing in at 234 pounds! The CREEEAAAM OF OBSCEEEEENE! N…C…Seven-TEEEEEEN!

There is another huge pop as Samantha bellows NC-17’s name, and he grins and flashes a “what’s up” nod at her. He does a couple runs around the ring, continuing to high-five fans and even going so far as to sign autographs, finally sliding into the ring at his leisure. He strides over to where Dennis Heflin is standing and unlatches his gold, handing it over without a hitch before he runs and jumps on a turnbuckle, lifting both arms.

OG: Gee, you think he’s enjoying the attention?

Dave Dymond: Well it is his first Pay-Per-View appearance in SHOOT Project, a sort of humbling revelation if you think about the time he’s spent here.

OG: You mean the time he’s spent here goofing off?

Dave Dymond: Will you stow it already? They’ll announce Sinnocence in just a moment here.

“Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry cuts the music in half and the dangerous seductress Sinnocence wanders out from behind the curtain, a sexy sneer on her face and a single hand on her leather-bound hips as she poses for the camera. The crowd reaction melts into loud and forceful booing, though admittedly there’s some catcalling amongst the audience members. Much like Seventeen, she seems naked without Joyce McGuire, but she doesn’t even cast a glance behind her as she struts down the ramp, her hips swaying from side to side. She stops just outside the ring, glowering at the energetic NC-17 in the ring, who doesn’t even pay her any heed. She then makes her way up the steel steps and across the apron, grabbing the ropes with both hands.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT! Stripping out of LAS VEGAS, NEVADA and weighing in at 160 pounds! You all know her as the Killer Queen! SINNOCENCE!

The boos get louder as Sinnocence shakes her pelvis and seductively runs her hands over her body, but they quickly turn into cheers as Seventeen DARTS ACROSS THE RING and hits her with a shoulder block, sending her FLYING off the apron! Heflin waves for the bell as Seventeen grabs the ropes and THROWS HIMSELF OVER, absolutely flattening Sinnocence! The crowd loves it!

Dave Dymond: WHOA-HO! Seventeen not even allowing her to get in the ring! He’s ready to start this thing right here right now, minus the formalities and rules and reg-

OG: Please, Dave. He’s fighting a WOMAN. I like the guy as much as the next person, but he could be a little classier.

Heflin stands in the ring and flashes both fists, indicating that he’s starting the count-out, but Seventeen doesn’t even acknowledge it. He grabs Sinnocence up by her hair and SLAMS her head into the barricade as fans reach out to touch both of them. He repeats the move, walking her over to the OTHER barricade and slamming her head into THAT one. This time he hits some high-fives, even complimenting one fan on his cool NC-17 t-shirt, before he Irish Whips Sinnocence down the ramp and into the apron!





Seventeen rushes down the ramp but is met with a back elbow from the resilient Sinnocence, who looks rather flustered at the moment. She follows the staggering Seventeen and slaps him hard in the face, eliciting a chorus of “OOH’S” from the people in the front row. She backchops him in the chest and he grimaces before she grabs him in an Irish whip of her own and sends him careening over the steel steps!




Sinnocence slides into the ring, now wary of the count-out and spins around in anticipation of Seventeen’s arrival. He yanks himself up off the floor…





…and takes his time rolling into the ring, Sinnocence meeting him with some hard stomps to the body.

Dave Dymond: A brutal exchange to start off the match!

OG: There’s a lot of hard feelings towards Sinnocence, but Seventeen has to be careful they don’t take precedence here. This IS a championship match.

Sinnocence backs off, allowing Seventeen to get up, but she swiftly hits the ropes and nails a scissors kick on Seventeen, sending him back to the mat face first. She rolls him over and appears to be going for a pin when she changes her mind and instead hooks in an armbar. Heflin checks with Seventeen, who tries to inch his way to the ropes, but its to no avail. He clubs on Sinnocence with the other arm, who eventually lets him go and stands up, waiting for him to do the same. The crowd is buzzing in the background as a frustrated Seventeen also plants his feet firmly on the mat, his eyes now staring back at his opponent.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence showing off her technical prowess here. Let’s not forget, she’s in a romantic relationship with one of SHOOT’s most DEADLY mat technicians…I’m sure she’s been picking his brain the last few weeks.

OG: While NC-17’s been picking his nose. It shows.

Dave Dymond: Well we ARE only into this thing the first few minutes.

With a great degree of certainty Sinnocence starts forward, landing a high kick to Seventeen’s head that sends him stumbling back. She follows it with a low kick and a flying knee that puts the Cream of Obscene against the turnbuckle. Rapidly the Killer Queen begins to unload punches and kicks to the gut, until she’s sure that Seventeen is hurting. Then she jogs across the ring to the opposite corner, where she grabs the ring ropes and stomps both feet, raising her arm. The crowd boos, her signal to charge, and she delivers a MEAN shoulder to NC-17’s midsection, causing him to double over and fall to his knees. Sinnocence wastes no time in dropping a heel on the back of his head, and as he slumps to the mat she locks in a camel clutch.

Dave Dymond: Now with the camel clutch! Extra emphasis on the mat work this week?

OG: Maybe should talk to Kilminster about some lessons.

Heflin drops to the mat and checks with NC-17, who’s gritting his teeth but resisting the urge to submit. Sinnocence puts some extra vigor into the move but Seventeen won’t have it. Slowly and shakily he begins to raise his arm, hooking it behind Sinn’s. He wrenches it out from under his chin and tries to turn over, sending Sinn sprawling. Seizing the opportunity, Seventeen pounces on top of her, delivering close-fisted punches directly to her face. Heflin steps in and pulls the Revolution Champion off of her, motioning that the closed fist is in fact illegal, but Seventeen isn’t listening. He watches as Sinn gets to her feet, pushes Heflin away, runs, and flips over her TAKING HER WITH HIM, and setting her up for a pinfall! Heflin drops!



KICKOUT! Surprised and frustrated, Sinn scrambles to get away from Seventeen, but he grabs her by her hair and yanks her down HARD on her back! He follows up with a quick leg drop across the body, sweeping his legs off of her and immediately looking to the crowd for a response. They cheer loudly and he continues his assault, stomping on Sinn’s back before pulling her up to her feet.

Dave Dymond: The momentum has swung in NC-17’s favor as he now controls the match.

OG: Hair-pulling? HAIR-pulling? What’s he gonna do next? MILK HER?

NC-17 stuffs Sinn’s head under his armpit and he gets her in a side headlock, tugging on her for just a minute or so. He lets go and slaps her in the back of her head to add insult to injury. Looking up at the audience with a crazed look in his eye, he waits for their cheers before he repeats the motion AGAIN, visibly angering Sinnocence! He goes for a third time but she blocks it with her forearm, kicking him in the gut and springing up off the mat for a…TORNADO DDT! HUGE MOVE and Sinnocence slaps her body over Seventeen’s, eager to end this thing early!



KICKOUT! She follows up by maneuvering her arms around Seventeen’s body and hooking him with an Anaconda Vice, which she locks in with as much extra strength as she can muster. The crowd boos as she tugs and tugs, forcing Heflin to check on Seventeen, who CERTAINLY does not want to give in yet. The struggle goes on for a while as the crowd hoots and hollers, but gradually Seventeen starts to get to his feet and before long both athletes are standing. The raw power of Seventeen too much, he breaks the hold and sends Sinnocence flying towards the ropes, following her and landing A CLOTHESLINE OVER THE TOP ROPE!

Dave Dymond: Looks like this thing’s headed right back where it started!

OG: Both superstars REALLY putting on a show here!

Heflin signals that he’s starting the count-out as Seventeen strides over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope, waving both arms in the air! The crowd pops as Sinnocence stumbles to her feet outside the ring, still trying to figure out where she is. Without any warning, Seventeen FLINGS HIMSELF OFF THE TURNBUCKLE and flips in the air, SQUASHING SINNOCENCE to a MASSIVE roar of applause! The fans are going nuts as both superstars lie outside the ring, struggling to find the willpower to get up!





Seventeen’s now starting to stir, using the apron to help pull himself up. Sinnocence is also alive, crawling on her knees and using the announcer’s table to aide her.




Now up and about but in obvious pain, Seventeen makes his way over to Sinnocence and SLAMS her head into the announcer’s table, causing Dave Dymond and OG to startle. He does it again before he walks around the table and…grabs a headset?

NC-17: Hey Dave, hey OG. I just wanna say hi to my mom, my dad, Barbie, Jason Johnson, uh, our pet dog Rufus and…oh, and to President Bush. Keep up the good work dude!

Dave Dymond: Hahahaha ladies and gentlemen that was NC-17 with a quick shoutout.

OG: Wow. Just…wow




Seventeen grabs ahold of Sinnocence and rolls her in the ring, following her in. He drags her to the center and hooks her leg, prompting Heflin to drop for the count.




KICKOUT! Although Seventeen doesn’t look particularly upset, we can tell the match is starting to wear on him. Nevertheless he grabs Sinnocence up by her hair and Irish whips her into the turnbuckle SO HARD she slumps to the mat, setting him up for….OH NO! THE BAREBACK RIDER! The fans cheer again as NC-17 circles his finger in the air, pulling that extra large rubber condom out of his tights and tossing it to the audience! He charges with a renewed sense of vigor, BUT SINNOCENCE GETS OUT OF THE WAY! But wait! Seventeen saw it coming! He’s stopped in his tracks and pointing at Sinnocence, letting her know he anticipated the move! LOWBLOW! Boos reign down on the ring as Seventeen drops to his knees, and a raggedy looking Sinnocence sneers and KICKS HIM IN THE FACE!

Dave Dymond: I think that kick just split Seventeen open!

OG: We got a bleeder!

Seventeen falls onto his back holding his face and Sinnocence goes to work, grabbing both of his arms, turning him over, and flipping over him into a bridged double chickenwing! The crowd boos as Seventeen struggles FRANTICALLY, unable to get out of the potentially match-ending wrestling hold, Heflin at his side to check whether he wants to submit or not.

Dave Dymond: This may be it folks! Sinnocence came to this match with the intent of exploiting NC-17’s one glaring weakness, and that’s submission holds! Something Osbourne Kilminster has turned into his bread and butter!

OG: I don’t see how he’s going to get out of this one. He’s gotta be feeling some of those earlier moves…and he’s not ANYWHERE near a rope break!

Trying to force himself up on his knees, its Seventeen’s strength against Sinnocence’s as he pushes her arch further up out of desperation. To the pleasure of the thousands in attendance, he BREAKS the bridge but collapses on the mat, exhausted from having to constantly muscle his way out of submissions. Sinnocence seizes on the moment and grabs up Seventeen in a Crossface Chickenwing, causing another round of intense booing. The normally sexy stripper looks absolutely BARBARIC as she screams and locks the move in tighter, red lipstick smeared all over her face from the punishment of the match. Blood’s OOZING down Seventeen’s face as his body starts to fade, and it looks as if Sinnocence might be choking him out!

Dave Dymond: Yet another hold! We may have to start calling Sinnocence Jada Malenko!

OG: The contest has definitely gotten a lot more interesting in the last ten minutes. I dunno, Dave…we may very well have a new Revolution Champion when this thing is over.

Heflin continues to check Seventeen’s wrist, as it doesn’t look like he’ll be tapping out anytime soon. At one point Heflin’s holding a limp wrist, and it looks like he might signal for the match to end!


SEVENTEEN COMES TO LIFE! He tosses and twists his body, trying to shake Sinnocence off of him, and she struggles against him helplessly until she’s finally rolled off of him! The crowd is on their feet again as Seventeen stumbles away, grabbing onto the ropes as he gasps for air! Sinnocence looks absolutely ENRAGED and slaps the mat several times in anger before she charges at Seventeen, intending bronco bust him on the ropes. HE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY and she slips through the ropes, tumbling to the outside clumsily as the Cream of Obscene tries to regain his vitality. He wipes the blood from his face and rolls out of the ring, staying on Sinnocence with some overhand punches to the back. Heflin starts another count.

Dave Dymond: I’ve lost count of how many times this thing went outside the ring!

OG: Uh, this would be the third Dave. Settle down there.

NC-17 delivers a couple more strikes to the back before he rolls Sinnocence in the ring. He gets up on the apron and looks to be following her in when….THAT’S JOYCE MCGUIRE! JOYCE MCGUIRE’S UNDER THE RING! She slips out unseen and pulls Seventeen down by his legs, causing him to SLAM his head on the apron. The crowd boos as McGuire slithers back under and Heflin doesn’t even notice! Seventeen now holding his face, Sinnocence CARTWHEELS and MOONSAULTS OUT OF THE RING, putting BOTH of them on their backs. There’s a HUGE BUZZ going on in the audience as Heflin starts ANOTHER count-out.

Dave Dymond: Spot after spot after spot…these two are leaving no spot unturned!

OG: At this point, I’ve got no idea what’s going on. It’s anybody’s game!





Seventeen is actually up first surprisingly, albeit very slowly and more than apparently injured. He hobbles over to the ring, resting his shoulder on the turnbuckle as Sinnocence tries to roll herself up. The crowd doesn’t know HOW to react…they’re just being LOUD. Rolling into the ring on his back, Seventeen lies there a moment before he heaves himself up, now sitting with his arms around his knees.





Sinnocence is up and she’s holding her head. She looks rough but definitely not out. As Seventeen struggles to his feet, Sinnocence slides in the ring behind him like a shark, hooking in a half nelson! She SWEEPS Seventeen’s legs out from under him and the two hit the mat with a thud, Sinnocence wrapping her legs around her opponent in a body scissors! She’s got a modified Tazmission hooked in! It’s her finisher, the Iron Maiden!


OG: Just like that! She smelled blood and WHAM! She’s got him!

Seventeen struggles wildly, waving his one free arm in the air frantically. The crowd is urging him on as he tries to get to his feet, but Sinnocence sweeps them out from under him AGAIN and his body SLAMS the mat! He’s now trying to pry Sinn’s arm off of his neck! The blood’s flowing freely from his nose!



NC-17’s arm slaps the mat repeatedly in desperation and Heflin pries Sinnocence off of him, who’s raising both arms in the air emphatically. McGuire rolls out from under the ring and goes sprinting around the squared circle as the fans light up the arena with a mighty chorus of boos, obviously not happy with the outcome. McGuire slides into the ring and grabs Sinnocence up in a hug as Heflin grabs the Revolution championship from the timekeeper, handing it to an overly arrogant Sinnocence. She spits on NC-17 and kicks him in the ribs for good measure, sending him rolling out of the ring. He sits slumped against the apron dazed and confused as Sinnocence stands in the center of the ring, the Revolution championship dangling from her hand. Trash piles up outside the ring as Coil makes the announcement.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! Here is your winner, and the NEW…REVOLUTION CHAMPION! SINNOCENCE!

The boos get louder as “Crazy Bitch” hits the PA and both Sinnocence and Joyce McGuire mouth off at the audience, laughing at Seventeen as they make their exit. They both make their way up the ramp, Sinnocence still woozy but extremely ecstatic over her win. The camera cuts to Dave and OG at the announcer’s table.

Dave Dymond: What a HELL of a match, OG. Jada Kaine came out to this ring and made a STATEMENT. There’s more to Sinnocence then manipulation…there’s an ATHLETE under all of that.

OG: And a vicious one at that. Props to Seventeen for sticking in there, but whatever Osbourne’s been showing her…it really did the trick here. Unbelievable display of technique…with a set of milk jugs to boot, too. I think I’m in love, Dave.

The crowd lets out a tiny pop as Barbie Kellers rushes down the rampway and over to Seventeen’s side, helping him up. He hobbles up the rampway with her, his arm around his shoulder as the fans cheer them on.

Dave Dymond: Tough, tough loss for NC-17, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He’s a tough cookie though, no doubt, and I wouldn’t put it past him to be in that ring again next week.

OG: Look…he’s a cool cat. Gets the crowds going, has all the goofy moves…but he’s inconsistant, Dave. You wanna make it here in SHOOT, you better bring your A game every week or you’re gonna get sunk. Hopefully this puts the idea in his head that he needs to start taking this stuff a little more seriously.

Dave Dymond: Alright, well still to come! Chris Davis takes on The Family! Azraith DeMitri squares off against Timothy Roy! And in our main event of the evening, Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens battle it out for an opportunity at stopping the Jonnydemic here in SHOOT…

OG: The Jonnydemic! Haha! Don’t forget, Dave…Cade Sydal’s going to have that opportunity TONIGHT, and I wouldn’t put it past him to pull it off.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a two out of three falls match!

The fans already start to make some noise, buzzing with excitement, but also filled with nervous anticipation.

Dave Dymond: At Reckoning Day one could say the odds were stacked against The Family when Sammy Rochester went into a three on one handicapped situation.  Almost three months later, the odds have been flipped and turned against Christopher Davis who now faces the Family in full.

Other Guy: Three becomes the magic number Dave.  So it’s gonna be in Chris Davis’s best interest to try and score two consecutive pin falls and get out of this one.  Course I don’t see that happenin’ given who Davis is up against.

Dave Dymond: While other wars have just started, this one between Chris Davis and The Family may be reaching its final end here tonight.

The arena goes completely dark for a few seconds and then a female child’s voice is heard over the sound of a heart beating.

"Yea, tho I walk through the shadow of death"

 A second child’s voice joins the first. The speed of the heart beat increases slightly.

"I will fear no evil. For thou are with me."

Now a third child. The heartbeat increases its speed.

"Thy rod and staff, they comfort me."

The SHOOT Project video screen blinks to life displaying a picture of all members of The Family. The number of children’s voices increases. The heartbeat is moving very fast now.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

The voices get louder as the heart beat gets faster and louder.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

Blood begins to cover the picture of The Family on the screen.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

Flat line, followed by silence and once again the arena is dark. A few seconds past and a single white spot light hits the entranceway. The light illuminates a figure dressed in all white, a full-length hooded white robe.

Other Guy: Already I’m feelin’ the intensity of this match and it hasn’t even started yet.

Dave Dymond: It’s about to get started!

The figure stands with head bowed. Slowly he raises his arms, forming a cross with his body.

He locks his arms at his side, setting off a pyrotechnic machine gun display in front of him.  The crowd starts cheering loudly!

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the video screen now in white block letters, the fans rise to their feet, the noise level increasing.

“Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)”

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Battle Creek, Michigan… he weighs in tonight at 271 pounds… THIS. IS. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis flips off the hood, his eyes intense and focused.

Dave Dymond: Look at those eyes, OG, they mean business tonight!

"Un-fucking-believeable Lil’ Waynes the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena as Davis finally begins his stride towards the ring removing the robe as he walks.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with

Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me

And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care”

The fans have worked themselves into a fever pitch as Davis steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring. He again raises his arms forming the all too familiar cross.

"Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me"

"Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me"

"And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care"

Other Guy: Not a lot of men would willingly march into possible destruction, Dave. But that’s what separates this soldier from the others in my mind.  Hell, this match up, his mentality, it’s what makes Christopher Davis worthy of the title of legend and hall of famer.

Dave Dymond: A message is going to be sent someway, somehow in this match up. The question is what will that message be, and will it be Chris Davis or The Family sending it.

The music slowly fades out as Christopher Davis stands in the ring, taking in the capacity crowd.  He nods his head in acknowledgement of them, but his focus turns to the entryway the second “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails, it’s driving drumbeat almost causing the entire Thomas and Mack Center to pulsate.  The video screen comes alive with various clips, but they all involve Christopher Davis being assaulted at the hands of the Family.

Samantha Coil: And his opponents…

Davis hit with a rusty pipe at the hands of Kenji Yamada. Davis kicked in the throat by Roland Caldwell. Davis manhandled by the monster child Sammy Rochester. The clips continue to play out in grainy black and white fashion, with Davis’s blood the only thing seen in color.  Dark red.

Dave Dymond: Sickly images displayed on the video screen, and I mentioned messages, I’d say the Family is already sending one.

Other Guy: I got a sudden bad feeling, Dave.

Dave Dymond: You and me both, partner.

The crowd has already quieted down, but the second Roland Caldwell, Kenji Yamada, and Sammy Rochester step out, the fans boo loudly.

Samantha Coil: They are Roland Caldwell, Sammy Rochester, and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion Kenji Yamada… THIS. IS. THE FAMILY!!!

Yamada walks slightly ahead of both Roland and Sammy, with Roland keeping almost in stride, while Sammy looms behind both.  None of them take their eyes off of Davis as they approach the ring, and once at ringside they spread out, standing three in a line across, while Davis stands in the ring.

Other Guy: I guess Davis’s saving grace here is this ain’t a handicapped match. And with a new family member stepping in, it’s almost like a gauntlet.

Dave Dymond: Indeed BUT Davis doesn’t get to tag out or have a replacement. So each fall means a fresh competitor. And with the first two falls being left up to Roland and Kenji, it’s going to be difficult for Davis to get through this one without having to find himself face to face with Sammy.

The music continues to play as Roland, and Roland alone breaks from the line, pulling himself up onto the ring edge and then enters the ring.  The music cuts out and the noise of the crowd is all that accompanies the two men standing in the squared circle.

Referee Willie Dean checks in both men, and as Davis is being checked in, Roland holds up three fingers and flashes a sinister smirk.

Other Guy: What’d I say, Dave? Three is the magic number. Roland lookin’ for his third victory against Davis, in a possible three fall match up.

Dave Dymond: Magic numbers won’t win this match up though, and Davis is more than prepared. On a personal note, I hope he can pull this night off and still be able to walk into the next Revolution.

Other Guy: I’ll settle for him bein’ alive. If the cat needs healing time, it’ll be well deserved.

The bell sounds and Roland comes in hard and strong at Davis. Davis does not back down one inch, meeting Roland dead center of the ring in an elbow collar tie up.  The two struggle to overcome one another, but Davis breaks from the grapple and at the same time turns his body to the side to CONNECT with a hard European uppercut! Roland stumbles back and before he can recover Davis IMMEDIATELY DIVES WITH A SPEAR!!!

Dave Dymond: And Davis not holding anything back as he drives Roland down to the canvas with that spear… and now the onslaught of punches!

The fans are already on their feet as Davis just ASSAULTS Roland with closed fist after closed fist.  Yamada slams his hand on the side of the mat with anger, while outside the ring, Nightmare, who has been sitting in the front row the whole night, cheers on Davis with the fans.

Dave Dymond: Nightmare amongst many of the SHOOT Project superstars who want to see Davis succeed tonight, but apparently watching from the back just isn’t enough for the member of the Sons of Liberty.

Other Guy: Gotta be up close and personal to REALLY enjoy watching Davis drive those fists into Roland’s face.

After a few more solid punches, Davis pulls Roland up off the mat, first in a headlock position, but then he stands him all the way up and whips him into the ropes. Roland comes bouncing back and Davis with a THUNDERING clothesline! Roland is knocked CLEAR off his feet and Davis drops to make a quick and early cover.



Dave Dymond: Not quite a two count but Davis able to take Roland directly off his feet there. Not an easy task by any means… not in one hit at any rate.

Other Guy: No doubt, and you can see Chris Davis’s strategy already, hit hard and hit fast. The quicker he can get through the first fall, the more energy he has in store for the definite second fall and the potential third.

Dave Dymond: Davis staying in control of this one still, hard stomp to Roland’s body, keeping his first fall opponent grounded.

Roland works on sitting up, but Davis with another stomp down into the chest puts Roland back on the mat. Davis then LEAPS in the air, looks for a knee drop, but Roland rolls to the side. Davis is quick up, despite wincing in slight pain, only for Roland to SCOOP Davis up and slam him down with a hard body slam!  Davis sits up and Roland DIVES at him with a punch square to the back of the head!  Davis slumps over and Roland just grabs him by the top of the head and YANKS him right back down, slamming him back of the head first onto the ring mat.

Davis clutches at his head and Roland now lifts his foot high and STOMPS right down on the forehead of Davis.  Davis kicks his heels into the mat, his body rocking back and forth somewhat as he does so.  Roland slowly pulls him up off the mat, and right into a front facing headlock.  Davis throws a couple of punches into Roland’s sides looking to break from the headlock, but Roland just DROPS back with a hard DDT.

Dave Dymond: DDT executed by Roland, and now the cover… but is it enough…


Other Guy: I doubt it.


Kick out by Davis! The fans cheer but Roland silences them quickly by lifting Davis up off the mat and violently whipping him into the upper right corner of the ring. Roland follows up and turns his body SMASHING his elbow into Davis’s face! Davis slumps and Roland now starts BLATANTLY choking Davis as he pushes his body up against the corner turnbuckle pads!


The crowd is up in arms now as Davis gasps for breath while trying to break Roland’s grip. Referee Willie Dean is over by the corner now as well, shouting at Roland to break the choke.

Other Guy: Ya knew this was gonna come into play at some point.  The Family wants Davis destroyed.

Dave Dymond: And the question still is why?  Is it because of Real Deal, or Jason Johnson? Is it just their sick game?  Obviously there’s the Vincent Mallows factor, but he is surprisingly absent from ringside tonight.

Despite Dean’s warning, Roland continues to choke Davis and the referee starts the disqualification count.

One! Two! Three!

Davis suddenly DRILLS Roland in the gut with a lifted knee!  Roland stumbles back as the fans cheer and Davis with a double axe handle to the back of Roland’s head! Roland drops to one knee and Davis delivers a boot to the face, knocking Roland onto his back.  Another cover attempt by Davis.

Fans cheering…



Other Guy: Two count only!

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell very much keeping this first fall alive.  But you have got to imagine that both Kenji Yamada and Sammy Rochester are itching to get into this thing.

Other Guy: Yeah and if this one lasts too long, ya might see their involvement anyway.  Hell we heard Kenji in that shoot project dot come exclusive; he only cares about his own redemption tonight.

Davis doesn’t get discouraged by the kick out as he is right back up to his feet and he waits as Roland starts to sit up.  Yamada starts shouting on the outside of the ring, while Sammy just CLINGS to the upper left ring post, his hand gripped tightly around it.  Davis turns to Yamada for a moment, eyes narrowed, but then realizes quickly he should keep his focus on Roland. Davis turns just as Roland is up to his feet and he meets him with a straight punch to the face.  Roland reels from the punch, only to come back with a hard punch of his own.  Davis reels and Roland follows right up with a boot to the gut, but as Davis doubles over and Roland pulls him in, possibly for a powerbomb, Davis LIFTS his body up and JUST gets Roland up and over with a standing back body drop!

The crowd pops and with Roland down, Davis suddenly CHARGES to the edge of the ring… BASEBALL SLIDE TO YAMADA!

Dave Dymond: Yamada caught off guard as Davis put on the speed like NOBODY’S business!

Yamada hits the mat and Sammy stomps his feet in anger but does NOT let go of the ring post.  Davis turns right back around and as Roland works his way up to his feet Davis lifts him the rest of the way up… and then HOISTS Roland up onto his shoulders so that Roland is looking up towards the rafters!

Other Guy: This could be it… fall one in Davis’s favor if he hits this!

Roland struggles but Davis TAKES HIM DOWN WITH ANGELA’S ASHES! And the crowd is going absolutely nuts!

Dave Dymond: He hits the inverted DVD DDT on Roland… and the cover!


Willie Dean argues with Kenji Yamada who is up on the ring apron now, going nearly ballistic!

Other Guy: Oh c’mon!

Dave Dymond: Yamada distracting the referee, but Davis somewhat brought this upon himself, as much as I hate that.

Other Guy: don’t mean any of us got to like it.

Davis slams his hand three times on the mat, obviously symbolizing that he has Roland for the three count.  The crowd continues to boo and finally Davis gets up to his feet and heads right for Yamada and Willie Dean. Yamada drops down off the ring edge and the referee turns around only to get an earful from Davis.  He points to Roland, who is still down on the mat.

Christopher Davis: Keep it focused, Dean!

Davis stomps back towards Roland and makes the cover. Dean hits the mat.



Kick out by Roland!

Other Guy: Too much time elapsed and Roland’s back in this thing.

Davis, somewhat frustrated, gets up to his knees, the rises up to his full vertical base with his hands on his hips. He shoots the referee a quick glare before grabbing Roland and pulling him up to his feet once more.  Davis with a quick boot, then a hook for a vertical suplex… NO! Roland snaps out of the suplex, turning his body to the side, while turning Davis as well, sudden NECKBREAKER from Roland to Davis!  Davis goes down hard but sits back up, grabbing at the back of his neck.  Roland pulls him right back up from behind and works on a half nelson, applying the pressure directly to Davis’s neck!

Dave Dymond: Roland focusing in on the neck of Chris Davis now, something that has been a re-occurring theme in EVERY encounter these two men have had.

Other Guy: the neck has healed since their encounter prior to Redemption, but it doesn’t mean his neck is strong, Dave.

Davis winces but fights against Roland who looks to apply a full nelson, but Davis uses his arm strength to break from the hold.  Davis quickly turns around, looking for a right hook, but Roland ducks out of the way and then GRABS Davis around the neck, but Davis brings his arm back the other way and knocks Roland in the side of the face with a quick elbow. Roland rubs the side of his head with his hand only to come back with a stiff punch to Davis, then another one… and another one. Davis reels from each punch and Roland winds up… PUNCH BLOCKED!  Davis takes a hold of Roland’s arm twists it once, but Roland twists back the other way…


Dave Dymond: Davis taken down, cover made by Roland…. the count!



The fans cheer as Davis gets the shoulder up, but Roland from the pin LIFTS Davis up, showing a TREMENDOUS amount of strength as he holds Davis across his body… FALL AWAY SLAM!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Dave Dymond: Big time impact move from Roland Caldwell but being able to lift Davis like that, well it took something out of Roland as well.

Both men lie on the mat now. Roland takes a moment to sit up, while Davis rocks back and forth on the mat in pain.  Eventually Roland turns to look behind him, and seeing Davis still on the mat, he moves slowly, but makes a cover via hooking Davis’s right leg.  Referee Willie Dean makes the count…




Dave Dymond: Near fall there, but Davis kicks out at two and a half.

Roland stands up, only to lunge back to the mat, driving his knee into Davis’s side. Davis rolls over onto his stomach and Roland now back up and he moves to the corner. The fans buzz with concern as Davis lies on the mat, exposed to Roland who ascends to the top rope.

Other Guy: Oh god no… this was the beginning of the end for Chris Davis back before Redemption, are we gonna see a repeat tonight!?

Dave Dymond: Roland a BIG man, and any time a big man goes to the top rope it’s not a good thing!

Roland steadies himself amidst the worried crowd, when suddenly Davis POPS up off the mat and SPRINTS to the corner!  Davis shows AMAZING agility and balance as he runs up the turnbuckles, grabs Roland from the front…. BELLY-TO-BELLY TURN AROUND SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!


Davis and Roland both lay on the mat next to each other, both men sprawled out. Davis breathes heavily as the crowd continues to chant his name.

Dave Dymond: What a move by Davis, and talk about a turning point.

Other Guy: It coulda been REAL bad if Roland connected with that high impact leg drop, but damn it if Christopher Davis doesn’t wow the crowd yet again.

Dave Dymond: Proof he knows he has to put it all out there tonight. Every burst of speed, every showing of strength… Christopher Davis NEEDS to survive this match.

Davis sits up first, then gets up to his feet and with Roland down on the mat, it looks as if Davis is going for the cover…but he suddenly turns Roland over onto his stomach… and without hesitation snaps on the rings of Saturn!!!!

Dave Dymond: The submission hold applied! Davis isn’t looking for a quick victory now, he wants Roland to tap out!

Other Guy: Oh man this will be a huge F YOU to the Family in fall number one if he can make Roland tap!

The fans are right back up to their feet as Roland SCREAMS out in pain while Davis yanks on the extended arm with the submission.  Willie Dean hovers over the action, asking Roland if he gives up, constantly checking on the situation.

Roland Caldwell: NOOO!!!

Roland kicks his toe into the mat a few times, while still shouting in pain, and as he struggles, Davis moves with him, keeping the submission hold locked on tightly.


Dave Dymond: The crowd getting behind Davis fully and completely as they call for Roland to tap out.

Other Guy: He don’t got much of a choice, Dave. Roland not close to the ropes, and the rings of Saturn isn’t a move that is easy to just break out from.

Davis nods his head and continually shouts “ASK HIM!” to the referee.  Each time Willie Dean asks if Roland gives up though, Roland shakes his head no.  Davis twists the arm slightly now as he wrenches back on it, sending another burst of pain shooting through Roland’s arm.  Roland tries to turn his body over, but Davis keeps pushing on Roland’s back, preventing him from countering the submission.  Yamada shakes his head furiously on the outside, shouting something at Roland in Japanese.  Sammy tugs at his hair with one hand, but again keeps a firm grip on the ring post with the other hand.

Dave Dymond: The other members of The Family not happy with what they’re seeing, and I have to ask what is the deal with Sammy?  He hasn’t let go of that corner post the entire time.

Roland continues to fight against the submission hold and he suddenly rolls over onto his back, with Davis under him… Davis’s shoulders pinned….

And the referee counts.



Davis pulls both his shoulders up off the mat and suddenly Roland sits up, despite Davis STILL pulling on the extended arm!

Dave Dymond: Oh… no way! 

Other Guy: I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

Roland starts to stand up with Davis now trying desperately to pull him back. The crowd buzzes in shock as Roland reaches his full vertical base and with a LOUD adrenaline filled grunt Roland HOISTS Davis up onto his shoulders, wincing in pain as he does so though… but he HAS Davis in position!

Dave Dymond: Roland looking to end this one just as Davis planned on it… only it’s The Burning Hammer!

Other Guy: Burning Hammer, Angela’s Ashes, call it whatever ya want, bottom line is it’s a match ender!

Davis IMMEDIATELY starts throwing knees into Roland’s head, making it difficult for him to execute the move, and finally Roland’s arm actually gives way and Davis is able to land on his feet on the mat.  The crowd pops as Davis turns Roland around, but Roland… BOOT TO THE THROAT!!!

Dave Dymond: Davis down! What a kick to the throat!

Other Guy: That’s the message, right there Dave. That’s what took Davis out before and Roland using it again.

Dave Dymond: Roland now calling for an end, and this crowd NOT happy.

Other Guy: And to think, Davis has at LEAST one more fall to go after this.

Roland looms over Davis who clutches at his throat, gasping for breath. The crowd boos loudly as Roland punches his fist into his hand and then pulls both of his arms quickly down to his side.  Roland starts to reach for Davis… when suddenly “Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible) – SHOOT Project Remix” by Fat Joe suddenly starts to play and the lights flash alternating red and white.

Dave Dymond: It’s Eli Storm!

Other Guy: Roland tried to be done with him, but I guess Eli ain’t done with Roland!

The crowd turns their attention to the entryway, as does Roland who glares as he mumbles something to himself.  Yamada and Rochester also look to the entryway, with Yamada starting up the ramp, looking to cut off the problem before it occurs.  Storm is nowhere to be seen though, and the fans suddenly POP BIG TIME!

Other Guy: Davis is up! And he’s got his target set on Roland!

Dave Dymond: And no sign of Eli… so it looks as if he pulled a fast one on Roland using his music as the distraction.

Roland turns around… SNAP SUPER KICK TO THE THROAT, NO!  Roland side steps it and Davis kicks through. He plants his foot though, pivots right back around, and grabs Roland from behind… hooks both the arms… turns… REVERSE UNDERHOOK DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: He connects with The Abyss!  That’s Old School Davis!

Davis quickly turns Roland over onto his back, the hook of the legs.  Willie Dean makes the count… the music stops playing.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!

Yamada turns back around, eyes wide with rage!@


The fans cheer loudly as Willie Dean calls for the pin fall.  Kenji Yamada SPRINTS to the ring and dives under the bottom rope.

Dave Dymond: So Christopher Davis picks up the first fall… but Yamada right on top of things to start the second fall!

The once cheering fans immediately begin to boo as Yamada ASSAULTS Davis the second he is up to his feet, firing stinging knife edge chops to the chest and throat. Davis reels from each chop and Yamada then spins around and drive a foot into Davis’s gut!  Davis doubles over and Yamada leans back then snaps forward with a punt kick RIGHT up into Davis’s face! Davis LURCHES upwards, clutching his face and Yamada then goes low right away, swift leg sweep and Davis is taken down onto his back!

Other Guy: Not a moment of rest or a moment to celebrate a first fall victory. Kenji Yamada has taken over and is dominating.

Dave Dymond: Hence not your average two out of three falls match up as Yamada is fresh and Davis has already been through hell thus far against Roland.

Roland comes to enough to roll out of the ring now while Yamada continues to go to work on Davis.  Yamada pulls Davis up off the mat and whips him into the ropes. Yamada then summersaults forward, springs up to his feet, and SMACKS Davis straight in the face with a stiff arm shot!

Davis’s head snaps back and Yamada LEAPS with a flipping dropkick that sends Davis back up against the ropes and then Yamada charges in, just as Davis staggers past him… and Yamada leaps up onto the second rope, twists his body around as he comes back and DRIVES Davis face first via a bulldog take down!  Yamada springs right back up to his feet, tilts his head back and shouts out something in Japanese.


The fans react as Yamada then goes to the corner now, with Davis down on the mat.  Yamada up to the second turnbuckle and he leaps DRIVING a double foot stomp down onto Davis’s back! Davis writhes in pain and Yamada, from standing on Davis’s back LEAPS up and then drops a double leg drop to the back, then turns, and stands up, but pulls both of Davis’s legs up with him to lock on a Boston Crab submission.

Dave Dymond: Yamada now wearing down Davis as best he can. The Iron Fist Champion not about to match Davis in the strength department, but Yamada’s speed and knowledge of painful submissions gains him an advantage in this second fall, especially with Davis already hurting.

As Davis struggles, wincing in pain as he can feel the pain and pressure in his back, the crowd starts clapping their hands and stomping their feet, trying to get a rally going behind Davis.  A quick camera cut shows Nightmare leading the front couple of rows in the rally as well, and then another cut goes to Sammy who shakes his head back and forth while gripping the ring post tightly.

Other Guy: Davis in a bad spot as Yamada’s pretty much got those legs bent over Davis’s entire body.  Can’t feel good after you’ve been beaten on like Davis has.

Despite being in immense pain Davis fights with the best of his ability, trying desperately to army crawl towards the ropes.  Yamada keeps pulling back though; trying to keep Davis from reaching the ropes… but Davis continues to make the scramble… almost at the ropes…

Reaching out…. reaching…

And Yamada breaks the hold on his own runs to the side, bounces off the ropes… and KICKS Davis right in the side of the ribs!  Davis rolls over onto his back and Yamada drops for a cover. Dean counts.



Davis shoulders out!  Yamada yanks Davis up forcefully by the arm and looks to whip him into the down ring ropes.  Davis manages to counter though, sending Yamada instead and as Yamada comes bouncing back, Davis executes a belly-to-belly- overhead suplex… but Yamada flips all the way over, lands on his feet, but stumbles slightly.  He turns and Davis with a SURPRISING DROPKICK!

Dave Dymond: Yamada taken down, but Davis landing hard on his back, and that had to take a little something out of Davis as well.

Other Guy: Davis was hurtin’ well before that dropkick Dave that just reminded him that he’s been through one full fall already and he still has to find some way to beat Yamada.

Yamada is up first but Davis works on getting up as well.  Yamada fires a kick to Davis, but Davis catches the kick and shoves Yamada down to the mat, but Yamada brings his free leg up and DRILLS it into Davis’s sternum. Davis stumbles back and Yamada lunges up to his feet, hooks Davis by the head… and immediately pulls him so that Davis’s head is almost touching his own knee… and Yamada finishes with a violent twist of the body to hit a modified swinging neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: The Onifuusha Twister is hit on Davis and Yamada with another cover attempt… this could be it!





The fans pop loudly as Davis JUST able to get the shoulder up and stay alive in the second fall.  Yamada isn’t the least bit discouraged though and is right up to his feet, immediately grabbing both of Davis’s legs. Davis struggles but Yamada pulls open Davis’s legs and stomps through with a boot to Davis’s stomach.  Davis groans in pain and Yamada now steps through both of Davis’s legs, planting his feet on both side of Davis’s head, wrapping them around the neck… then TURNS his body while still holding the legs… COMPRESSING Davis’s spine with the LETHAL SUBMISSION!!!

Dave Dymond: Onifuusha Typhoon Breaker! And Chris Davis has NOWHERE to go!

Other Guy: He’s got no option but to tap, Dave. If Davis tries to hold on or fight this, he’s just settin’ himself up for a world of hurt.

Willie Dean immediately checks on the situation as Yamada has the hold locked on tightly.  Davis can barely even move, his body contorted and twisted.  The fans cheer for a bit, but Davis’s face turns redder from shouting in pain and struggling… and the fans start to fall into a silent despair.  Yamada grinds his own teeth; a look of sadistic pleasure is plastered on his face.  Davis seems to give a last ditch effort… trying to fight against the pain… to channel some strength.

But his head slumps and soon Davis starts tapping the mat repeatedly with his hand.  Willie Dean quickly motions for the submission to be called but despite the second fall being over, Yamada DOESN’T break the submission hold!

Willie Dean: Break it, Kenji… break the hold!

Yamada has to be physically forced from Davis’s body. But he SHOVES Willie Dean right back and looks to go back after Davis! Dean comes in between him again and starts shouting and Yamada just shouts back louder!

Dave Dymond: The second fall awarded to The Family, but apparently Kenji Yamada is not done here tonight!

Other Guy: The guy is insane, Dave. He beat Davis; he got his redemption here tonight, what more does he want?

The crowd boos loudly as Yamada stomps back and forth, refusing to leave the ring. Willie Dean continues shouting at Yamada and has to keep pushing him back from getting to Davis.  Behind Yamada and Dean, Davis stirs on the mat in pain, but is definitely showing signs of life.  Yamada goes for one more pass, shoving past the referee and finally Willie Dean points to Yamada and then MOTIONS TO THE BACK!!!

Dave Dymond: That’s how you do it! Way to put your foot down Willie Dean!

Other Guy: Kenji Yamada being EJECTED from ringside now… and to make sure he leaves, here comes SHOOT Project security!

The mood changes as security approaches the ring and Willie Dean pulls Yamada away from the action, FORCING him to leave.  As Kenji is escorted from the ring, the focus shifts to Davis who crawls into the corner, back up against the lower turnbuckle pad.  The fans cheer as Yamada eventually vanishes from sight, but as everyone returns to their focus to the ring, Sammy Rochester is seen walking up the steel steps and easily clearing the top ring rope as he enters.

Dave Dymond: So it comes down to this.  Christopher Davis outlasted Roland Caldwell tonight, but could not get by a hell bent on destruction Kenji Yamada.

Other Guy: Yeah and it ain’t gonna exactly be easy to finish this match with Sammy Rochester as your opponent… hell this might be damn impossible for Davis to win now.

Dave Dymond: I hate to agree, but Davis has been through a lot already between Roland and Kenji, and now to deal with the Monster-Child.  This does not look promising in the least bit for Christopher Davis.

Davis pulls himself up in the corner, a look of concern on his face as he breathes heavily and looks at Sammy across the ring. Sammy opens and closes his hands repeatedly as he stands in the upper left corner… and suddenly as fast as Sammy can go, he charges at Davis. Davis gets out of the way, but Sammy stops his momentum and avoids colliding with the upper right corner post.  Davis starts throwing hard forearm shots, trying to be the one to stay in control, but Sammy just SWATS his arm out to the side, which sends Davis staggering back.

Sammy stomps out of the corner and Davis comes right back at him, now driving the forearm shots to his face.  Sammy is barely moved by the attacks and he lifts his leg slightly for a boot that takes Davis down to a sitting position. Davis scrambles back up to his feet only for Sammy to jump, very slightly, and CLAP BOTH HIS FOREARMS AGAINST DAVIS’S HEAD!

Other Guy: That’s like two tree trunks sandwiching your head together, Dave!

Davis staggers a great deal, but Sammy keeps him from falling by grabbing Davis’s left arm, pulls him right back in only to SMASH him with a VICIOUS head butt! Davis collapses onto the mat and Sammy puts a foot on him for the cover.

Willie Dean drops to the mat.



THRE… Shoulder up by Davis!

The crowd pops and Sammy reaches down and just hoists Davis up with ease and FLINGS him into the corner.  From there Sammy starts wailing on Davis with repeated elbow strikes and mauling bear paw like punches to the face!  Davis reels after each blow, eventually slumping into a sitting position.  Sammy lifts him right back up though and goes for a HUGE side elbow…

but Davis JUST ABLE to pull himself out of the way!  Sammy collides with the corner and Davis now boot to the stomach, then another, then another, and another. Sammy starts to falter slightly but quickly shoots out both his arms and shoves Davis back.  Davis almost loses his balance but he stays standing, runs… LEAPING SPLASH TO SAMMY!

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis trying to mount a comeback… but has the damage already been done?

Other Guy: Maybe… maybe not, Dave. But Davis gonna pull out all the stops and just throw whatever he has left into this fight!

Davis backs away from Sammy, only to charge again… A SECOND SPLASH!  Sammy rests one of his arms out on the rope joining the corner post, and Davis comes at him with a third splash… SAMMY CATCHES HIM!

The once cheering crowd falls silent as Sammy walks out of the corner holding Davis in bear hug position, but Davis STARTS WAILING ON SAMMY’S HEAD WITH HARD PUNCHES!


Sammy loses his grip on Davis… Davis lunges upward with a punch… EIGHT!  Another one! NINE!

Sammy is staggering Davis runs full speed at the ropes, comes charging back…  DIVING SHOULDER BLOCK!  SAMMY IS KNOCKED OFF HIS FEET!!!  And the crowd is up on theirs!

Other Guy: What a come back by Davis… the cover now C’MON!!!!!


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!

NO!  Sammy kicks out with authority!

Dave Dymond: Only a two count, and not sure how much more Davis has to offer in this fight, especially when his opponent is Sammy Rochester.

Davis is up to his feet but Sammy is up pretty soon after that. Davis hits a couple of quick boots to the leg, trying to keep Sammy wobbling, and then he grabs Sammy by the arm… whip into the ropes…. NO Sammy pulls Davis right in and scoops him up… but Davis pushes up off of Sammy’s shoulders, and lands behind him.

Sammy throws a blind elbow, Davis ducks… and he tries to hoist Sammy up for a backdrop suplex… but no Sammy just grabs Davis by the back of the head and violently pushes him down onto the mat!

Other Guy: Davis tryin’ to lift the big monster-child, but no dice there.

Dave Dymond: It was the same issue he’s run into in their past encounter, and Davis just doesn’t seem to be able to muster up the strength to lift the big man.

With Davis on the palms and knees, trying to push himself up. Sammy bends over and lifts him up again… and ANOTHER hard headbutt.  Davis drops to one knee and Sammy picks him right back up, now holding him with both hands around Davis’s neck.  Davis struggles but Sammy turns with Davis and SHOVES him into the corner.  Davis hits back first but bounces right out of the corner with a YAKUZA KICK to the STERNUM!  Sammy ricochets off to the side and Davis runs down ring… picks up the speed… CLOTHESLINE!!

Sammy stumbles back and one of his arms gets tangled up in the ropes!  The crowd goes nuts!

Dave Dymond: Sammy is at a disadvantage now, one arm tied up and Davis is loving it!

Despite feeling pain throughout his body, Davis cracks a smile and slowly begins to nod his head.  The fans rise up to their feet as Davis raises his hand up and closes his fist tightly.  He then starts PUMMELING Sammy without mercy!  Sammy tries to fend off Davis, swatting his arm out, but Davis dodges the arm and keeps punching Sammy… DRILLING his knuckles into his forehead. Sammy tries to cover his head now, only for Davis to shove the arm away and CONTINUE PUNCHING HIM!

Other Guy: He’s a man possessed, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Fueled by pure adrenaline, Christopher Davis is looking to bludgeon Sammy with his own bare hands!!

The crowd continues to cheer as Davis unleashes on Sammy to the point where Sammy is nearly sitting.  Willie Dean finally calls for Davis to back up, but Davis hasn’t had enough and continues the all out onslaught… POUNDING his fist into Sammy’s head.

Willie Dean: Break it up now, Davis… ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Davis FINALLY pulls back and he looks at his knuckles, which have red smears on them now.  The camera gets a close up shot and then Davis raises the fist high into the air!

Dave Dymond: I think that was blood, OG!  I think Chris Davis has  blood on his right hand!

Other Guy: Who’s blood though… his own or is it… is…

As Sammy is untwisted from the ropes a camera shot shows his forehead… BUSTED WIDE OPEN!  And the fans go absolutely nuts!!!

Other Guy: It’s Sammy’s blood, Dave!  Davis made the monster-child bleed!

Dave Dymond: I can see!

Sammy rises up to his feet, a little unsteady and he puts his hand to his forehead.  Davis moves towards him, when suddenly Sammy looks at his hand, sees the blood… and his eyes go wide!


Sammy shouts out with almost a child-like cry and just as Davis charges….Sammy just WHACKS Davis across the face!  Davis stumbles to the side and Sammy starts stomping his feet repeatedly!

Dave Dymond: Oh dear god… I think Sammy Rochester is having a temper tantrum!

Other Guy: Yeah and at that size… that tantrum could wipe out a city!

Davis goes right back at Sammy, only for Sammy to LUNGE at him with a full on head thrust to the chest!  Davis collapses to one knee and Sammy goes at him… just MAULING Davis with wild and reckless flailing arms!  Davis brings his arms up, defending the best he can from the sudden fury of Sammy, but Sammy keeps coming at him, forcing Davis into the ropes.

Sammy then grabs a firm hold of Davis and whips him across the ring.  Davis hits the ropes and comes bouncing back right into the awaiting arms of Sammy.  Sammy has him ready for a choke slam, but Davis with repeated boots to the legs and then a couple of quick single axe handles to Sammy’s allows for him to break free.  Davis can’t get far enough from Sammy before Sammy lunges with a monstrous clothesline, but Davis ducks…

Sammy turns around and grabs Davis by the back of the neck and SQUEEZES tightly!

Dave Dymond: Davis caught in Rochester’s grip and this could be the final nail in the Davis’s coffin! Sammy lifts him up… NO!  Davis reaching blindly!

Davis has Sammy around the arm with both hands and now works to pry the hand away from his neck… Sammy squeezes tighter, but Davis DOES NOT GIVE UP!  HIS WHOLE BODY SHAKES… but he breaks free!!

Elbows to the side, repeatedly and forcefully!  Sammy stumbles a bit, Davis continues to work the side of Sammy, breaking him down with every last ounce of strength… and then suddenly… Davis starts to lift him up!


Dave Dymond: Sammy fighting it but Davis, legs looking like they’re about to snap… he has him up…  HE ACTUALLY HAS HIM UP!!!

The fans are GOING INSANE!  And just as it looks like Davis can’t hold Sammy up anymore… Davis SHOVES upwards and DROPS Sammy to the side… ANGELA’S ASHES!!!!


The chant rings out as Davis collapses onto the mat, right on top of the fallen Sammy.  Willie Dean quickly falls to the mat, makes the count….


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


The referee calls for the bell, “I’m Me” begins to play, the crowd is absolutely ecstatic!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this match

A loud buzz, then a pop. The crowd seems almost muted in their cheering, the music gone.  Davis, slowly rising up to his feet looks to Samantha Coil then to referee Willie Dean.  Both seem equally confused and then one by one the lights high above the ring go off.  Eventually bathing the ring area in darkness.  And then the rest of the arena lights go off, except for the lights that directly illuminate the curtained entryway into the ring area.  It is at that spot that the wheel chair and the man who has sat in that wheel chair from day one come into view.  The crowd’s boos can still be heard, but with all audio sources apparently cut off, they seem faint at best.

In his lap, a microphone.  Slowly he raises it with his right arm.  There is another loud buzz, somewhat of a crackle, and you can hear his breathing.

“Christopher Davis, despite the physical pain your body currently feels, despite the emotional pain you have been through having to worry about your lovely Ms. Chase, despite the mental pain you’ve dealt with as you tried to understand what is happening… despite all of that, you must feel very good about yourself.”

The lights directly above the arena go back on, showing Christopher Davis in the ring all alone.  Sammy Rochester has since vanished from sight; Willie Dean is no longer in the ring.  Davis just nods his head.

“After all that is what you’ve become used to.  Despite the battles, despite the anguish, at the end of the day it is Christopher Davis who wins out.  You willingly put yourself through hell, because of the strong belief inside of you that suggests there is something far greater at work…

And well, Christopher Davis… you figured it out.”

Davis leans against the ropes, looking straight out ahead and finally he turns and starts motioning for a microphone.  At first one of the plain-clothed ring crewmember doesn’t give him a microphone

“Oh no, please, allow him his moment… allow him his words.”

Davis nods his head again, shouting to the outside. The crew member enters the ring with a microphone in hand.  Again we here a buzz, a crackle… a slight pop, another audio source turned back on.

Christopher Davis: So then you did take my words into consideration?  And what is it?  Do you see the bigger picture? Do you see what’s happening here?

There isn’t a response at first. He brings the wheel chair closer to the ring, but then stops.

“Oh I see, Christopher Davis.  What I am trying to tell you, is you don’t see.  You don’t even know. You speak of puppets, Christopher. Oh you are right about puppets. We are all puppets, you and I… the masses who witness this moment. Every one of us played a part.

But it is not the name Johnson, you have to be concerned with.”

All the lights go out.

Dave Dymond: …riously lets… hold on… are we on?

Other Guy: Test… yeah I’m getting everything back in my headset Dave… what the hell…

The lights go back on. Everything goes back on, and the crowd can’t believe it.  He wears a dark red Armani suit. He holds a steel briefcase in one hand… and a microphone in the other.

Vincent Mallows: It’s the name Mallows!

Davis turns, Mallows drops the microphone and CRACKS DAVIS RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THE STEEL BRIEFCASE!!!

Other Guy: What the fuck!

The crowd sits and for a split second is in a complete state of disbelief.  However the boos immediately fill the Thomas and Mack Center shortly there after as Vincent Mallows stands in the ring.

Dave Dymond: It’s him, Other Guy.  That’s REALLY Vincent Mallows.

Other Guy: So this whole time… you got to be shitting me… no… no this can’t be right!

Mallows stands over Davis, a wicked grin on his face as he so innocently bends over and picks up the microphone. He looks down at the fallen Davis.

Vincent Mallows: The power of suggestion is a VERY effective tool.

And just like that, he leaves the ring, briefcase in hand.  The camera follows Mallows as he walks to the back, looking up at the video big screen to see Davis laid out.

Dave Dymond: I’m… I’ve got no words for this.

Other Guy: He was never…

Dave Dymond: No, what was revealed here tonight… clearly he wasn’t, Other Guy.

Other Guy: …. Fuck.


Faint images are seen of bodies lining up side by side.  Not one person is made out in detail.

“The lines of war have been drawn.”

Another line forms, bodies opposing the other.  Blank faces, silhouettes, standing across from one another.

“These lines are the markings of friendships and enemies.  Alignments and Rivalries.”

Slowly they march.

“Eventually it will happen.”

Step by step, beat by beat. The bodies they move.

“Eventually it will come to pass.”

They stop.  The unknown bodies stand directly face-to-face. A faint heartbeat,  faint breaths, the very atmosphere of nervous anticipation

“History will be made.  Change will occur.”

Two men, one from each side, step forward from their respective groups.  The intensity grows.

“Choose a side…”

The two men raise their arms high into the air… wait for it… wait for it.

“Or be chosen to be destroyed!”

The arms are dropped quickly and the sides converge in all out battle.  Darkened silhouettes colliding with other silhouettes.  Amidst the scuffle… the screen itself explodes.


The War Comes This November


Dave Dymond:  Alright ladies and gents, up next we’ve got Azraith DeMitri facing off against Timothy Roy in a Lumberjack Cell match!

Other Guy:  The big factor in this match is…well…who the hell Tim picked to lumberjack this match!

The camera cuts down to Samantha Coil, who is standing next to the guardrails as the Cell begins to drop.

Samantha Coil:  This next match is being fought under Lumberjack Cell rules, and has a sixty minute time limit!  Entering the ring first, The Ghost…AZRAITH DEMITRI!

“Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails blares over the speakers, but suddenly it’s cut off.

I hope they cannot see…I am The GREAT DESTROOOOYYEEEEEERRRRRR!!!

“The Great Destroyer” by the same band SCREAMS out as Azraith busts out of the entrance, the crowd booing loudly even though there were a small smattering of cheers.  The Aphex Twin-like breakdown of the song jarred the senses as Azraith calmly walks down to the ring, actually ducking under the falling cell as he slides under the bottom rope.  There was no fancy lights, no pyro, Az didn’t seem to notice anyone or anything as he moved to his corner.  He wears just his wrestling attire, no trenchcoat, no band T-shirt.  He simply paces back and forth in his corner impatiently, his eyes never leaving the entranceway.

Dave Dymond:  Az looks absolutely ready to go tonight, OG.

Other Guy:  I’m not so sure, Dave.  He isn’t usually this hyper coming down to the ring.  I think he may be nervous.

Before Samantha Coil has a chance to introduce him, a weird mix of “Enter Sandman”, “Zombie Nation”, and “Tattered and Torn” cut off Trent Reznor.

Exxxit light, eeeeennnter ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE NAAATTaaaaattteed AND TOORN!

Timothy Roy calmly steps out of the entranceway, and the crowd boos as they catch glimpse of him.  He was dressed, head to toe, like his uncle Damien.  Low-brimmed black cowboy hat that covered his eyes, long black trenchcoat and black denim jeans, with heavy steel toed boots.  A crazy smile was curving his lips as he brought a microphone up to his lips, letting the music stop before speaking.

Timothy Roy:  So here we are, Azraith.  You just keep walking into my traps.  You have to know they’re all traps by now…but you keep on walking.  You’re defiant.  Bold.  Dumb as all hell.

The crowd boos, but Tim laughs, nodding.

Timothy:  Alright, alright…I guess it’s been long enough.  Azraith, I’d like for you to meet the Lumberjacks for this match.  Some of them?  More familiar than you might be comfortable with.

Az’s brow furrows a little…but with no real music or fanfare, the first lumberjack makes his way out from the back…

…and it’s SEAN BODEN!  Sean walks right past Timothy, not even looking him in the eye as he makes his way down to the cell slowly, waiting outside of it while nodding to Azraith quietly.  Az returns the nod.

Dave Dymond:  Why would Tim pick Sean Boden?  Sean and Azraith have no bad blood…

Other Guy:  Who knows what this nutball is thinking, Dave…

“Strawberry Gashes” by Jack off Jill suddenly started playing over the speakers, and Az’s eyes go wide.

Dave Dymond:  Oh no…

After a second or two of confusion, Victoria DeMitri walks slowly out of the entranceway!  The crowd roars out at the shocking pick as Vicki sidesteps Tim, glaring at him coldly before rushing down the ramp to the wall of the cell.  Az actually rolls out of the ring and goes down to her, looking at her with confusion.

Victoria:  I had to…or else you’d never be able to…

Azraith:  Vicki…goddamnit…I…fucking…stay close to Sean, alright?  Sean, keep an eye on her!

Sean nods again, and Azraith slides back into the ring, screaming something that sounds awfully close to “FUCK YOU” to Tim.  Tim, back at the top of the ramp, bows with a sarcastic smile.

Meanwhile, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica starts playing as none other than Evan Roy and Sarah King make their way from the back!

Other Guy: Holy CRAP!

Tim’s OTHER uncle stops at the top of the ramp with his blonde ‘assistant’, saying some private, terse looking words to his nephew, before pausing and looking at the young man a moment, briefly patting his shoulder.  Evan looks like he’s always looked, like a businessman.  Head shaved bald, wearing a slick looking black suit with white pinstripes.  He makes his way down to the cage, glaring at Azraith while Sarah King finds a seat in the first rows.

Dave Dymond:  This is just getting crazy, who the hell does Ti…

Before Dave has a chance to finish the phrase, “Daremo inai ie” by MUCC blares over the speaker system, and KENJI YAMADA stalks out of the entranceway!  The crowd goes INSANE, booing heavily as the Family member grins sadistically, moving right by Tim down the ramp, his eyes moving between Azraith, and Victoria, who slides into a defensive position behind Sean Boden.  Az looks absolutely furious, but he has little recourse, simply pacing back and forth in the ring like a caged beast.  There’s a lingering anticipation crawling through the atmosphere of the Thomas Mack Center as each and every fan is abuzz with that "warm and fuzzy feeling" seated at the pit of their stomachs. Each and every attendee who hadn’t already been standing on his or her feet gently rise to the full upright position with all eyes directed towards the stage entrance area. The silence continues to linger, almost to an absurd degree… fans continue to look all around in every which direction so as to make sure no one was getting sneaky on them and coming down through the audience… or even coming down from the rafters.

Dave Dymond: Alright… so, who’s the next lumberjack?

Other Guy: I have no idea, but he, or she, is taking a while.

Still… there is only silence. Silence, as Azraith DiMitri remains situated in the ring. The camera pans beyond the fencing of the cell structure, trying to get a paparazzi-esque glimpse of all the faces watching the spectacle unfold before their very eyes. It’s at that moment when the lights suddenly go out. Pitch black… or at least it would be if cell phones weren’t glowing and glow sticks weren’t being waved around. Moments later, the fans SCREAM with uproarious approval as a singular appears on the SHOOT JumboTron.

Dave Dymond: NO… WAY!!

Other Guy: It couldn’t be… could it?!

Dave Dymond: There’s not a chance he would be on this show. Not a chance.

Other Guy: Didn’t he just win the WORLD FREAKING TITLE over there?!

The opening chords of Metallica’s brooding tune "Harvester of Sorrow" fills the arena with a delightful malice as the base pulsates heavily, evoking the sensation of a slight thrumming sound beneath the support of everyone’s feet. Then, almost in a bright flash, the lights come back on in full effect. Standing tall, with his loose-flowing, medium-length, dark-brown hair, hidden behind a backwards black and white "Instant Heat" baseball cap, is the former SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion… and current LEGACY World Champion, X-Calibur.

Dave Dymond: How?! Just… HOW?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave. But one things for sure, there’s probably going to be some legal ramifications coming from this. I would almost BET on it.

Dave Dymond: I’m in shock. Like, physical shock right now.

The entire audience claps with the utmost respect as X-Calibur stands there, nodding, smirking all knowingly while holding the giant gold championship belt over his shoulder. The LEGACY logo is inscribed beautifully in an intricate design atop the words "WORLD" and "CHAMPION", and X-Calibur displays this proudly to the cameras and watching audience. Then, in a truly surreal moment , X-Calibur takes the championship belt from his shoulder and raises it high in the air, with his free hand balled up into the air in a tightened fist. Looking out at everyone in the Thomas & Mack, X-Calibur continues nodding… almost like he’d been waiting for this moment for some time.

Dave Dymond: I never thought we’d see a World Champion from over there on one of our broadcasts… never mind HOLDING their World Championship belt!

Other Guy: I don’t know what to make of this, really. Timothy Roy really dug down deep to secure the biggest, baddest men to be his lumberjacks. We all expected to see some famous SHOOT alumni make an appearance, but I am absolutely STUNNED… STUNNED I tell you, to see what’s happening before us.

Dave Dymond: And if my math is correct, he still has one more to go!!

Adorned in a pair of black, steel-toe boots, dark faded blue jeans, and an equally dark gray t-shirt, which has the design of a jagged edged broadsword with a double headed dragon coiling up and around it going down the front (the very same engraving that had been etched across his back some time ago), X-Calibur slowly starts walking down the aisle. He walks with a general prudence, almost gingerly… as if he were still in pain from the recent grueling contest he was involved in to attain the very trinket hanging over his broad shoulder.

All eyes remain focused on X-Calibur, yet his were focused on one single man standing down inside the cell… Sean Boden.

Dave Dymond: Good lord. There’s A LOT of history there between those two. Spanning world wide, from places like OPW, NYSWF, and even SHOOT itself. It’s going to be interesting to see how these two lumberjacks will be able to coexist.

Other Guy: Considering the fact that X-Calibur is the man who ended Sean Boden’s career many years ago inside of that Human Torch match, I don’t think they WILL.

Coming down to the cell and ring, X-Calibur holds the championship over his shoulder with great resolve, feeling the daggers coming from all directions within the cell structure. Then, stepping into the lion’s den sort of speak, X-Calibur smirks widely as he comes within inches from Sean Boden. With both men ready for anything, Harvester of Sorrow dissipates into the atmosphere and X-Calibur stands almost nose to nose with Sean Boden. Loud chants of "X-Cal! X-Cal! X-Cal!" resonate through out the arena, as all participants inside of the structure prepare for the last lumberjack in the match.

Dave Dymond:  Who’s left?  Crimson Kidd?  Greyson Blade…?!

“The One” by White Zombie.


The crowd goes INSANE as Del Carver steps out of the entranceway.  Despite the huge reaction, he doesn’t look exactly thrilled.  He casts a cold look at Timothy Roy.

Other Guy:  This has chaos written all over it Dave!  Tim picked these people for no other reason than to absolutely distract the hell out of Azraith!  Kenji, Evan…VICTORIA…throwing Boden and X-Cal in the same cell together…and to top it all off, Maverick’s best friend, and a man who probably owes Azraith an ass kicking of a lifetime, Del freaking Carver!  This is INSANE.

Dave Dymond:  Understatement of the damn year, OG.

Slowly, the six lumberjacks…or should it be five lumberjacks and one lumberjill, make their way into the ring, everyone on pins and needles around one another as they find their spots around the ring.  Finally, Timothy steps in, motioning for the ref to shut the cell door behind him.  No locks are placed on the door, for obvious reasons.  Timothy brushes past Evan, not even glancing at his uncle as he steps into the ring.  Az is pacing back and forth, a nervous energy rushing through him.

Dave Dymond:  Az is sweating bullets in that ring right now…

Other Guy:  Are you freaking surprised?  Look at the talent in there!  Now think about exactly how many of these people Azraith has pissed off!

Timothy sheds the jacket and the hat, throwing them aside before walking to the center of the ring, Azraith soon following suit.  The crowd is on their feet as the ref finally motions for the bell, and Azraith just SLAMS a fist clean into Timothy’s jaw in the first second of the match!  The crowd gasps at the sudden, brutal impact, but Az just stands there, glaring down at Tim who’s sprawled on the canvas, laughing to himself as he stares up at Az.  Azraith just glares uncontrollably a second before grabbing the smaller man by the hair and ripping him to his feet.  Snarling, Az slams Tim into the corner and just starts to punch.  Wildly, missing most of them, he just starts to rage on Roy, over and over and over, screaming as he punches.  The crowd is split between two monsters as they boo heavily with several loose crowds cheering.

Other Guy:  Azraith finally, FINALLY getting his hands on Tim after all these long months of games.

Dave Dymond:  The lumberjacks are circling slowly, but Victoria seems to be instinctively staying as far as humanly possible away from Kenji Yamada, seeming to bunch up next to Sean Boden.

Indeed, despite Tim bringing all these people down to distract Azraith, at least two…Sean Boden and Victoria, were obviously on his side.  At the moment though, none of that matters to Az as he finally takes a few steps back from Tim, breathing heavily as he glares at the young man slumped down in the corner.  He screams something unintelligible at him, and all Tim can do is push himself to his feet, chuckling as he coughs, and slowly stalks up to Azraith, and in one swift motion CRACKS him across the face with a huge slap!  Az actually staggers back a step, looking at Tim with a mix of shock and absolute rage.  As Azraith lunges forward to gore Tim out of Maverick’s boots, Tim sidesteps just enough to snap a sloppy, but brutal knee upwards into Az’s ribs, dropping the bigger man in an instant in a fit of coughs!  From that position, Tim starts to wail away on Azraith with the steel toes, over and over, smashing them into any exposed part of Azraith’s body, focusing especially on Az’s fingers or hands when he tries to get up.  Tim’s motions are unorthodox, sloppy even.  He pushes dirty black hair out of his eyes before taking a step back, letting Az get up to his knees before snapping forward and driving a HUGE boot clean into Az’s face!  The crowd roars out at the spot, which actually sends Tim staggering forward into the turnbuckle from the sheer momentum he carried.

Other Guy:  It’s pretty obvious that Tim hasn’t had a huge amount of in-ring experience…

Dave Dymond:  I’d disagree.  I’m SURE Damien trained this kid, OG.  The way he carries himself is odd, yes…but I see it already just in the way he’s targeting whatever he can get out of Az.  Opportunistic, cunning, and brutal.

Outside of the ring, X-Cal was pacing at one of the corners, rolling his neck with a cold look in his eyes while Victoria and Boden seem to be huddling into the other, talking strategy.  Meanwhile, Carver and Evan Roy are standing close, but not TOO close to each other on one side of the ring, while Kenji simply stand next to the empty corner, his eyes NEVER leaving Azraith.  In the ring, Tim manages to pull Azraith to his feet only to drop him instantly to the mat with a snap DDT.  In that ground game, Tim kneels next to the downed Azraith, and just starts to choke him mercilessly!  Tim’s knee was pressing down into Az’s shoulder and arm, pinning him to the mat as he clenches his hands around DeMitri’s neck.  Az’s feet start to kick violently for a moment before he manages to calm down a little, think for a second, and using his free arm reach up and grab Tim by the hair, pulling down violently and kicking up at the same time, smashing Tim’s skull into his knee.  Both men skitter backwards and to their feet in their respective corners.  However, as both men get to their feet, they both lunge forward, Az ducking under a wild haymaker and Tim jumping over a feinting low kick, both men trading and blocking attacks before Azraith slams a vicious elbow strike into the side of Tim’s neck, causing the young man to drop to a knee.  That’s all Az needs as he wraps his arm around Tim’s neck and RIPS the young man off the ground, from a kneeling position, up and over with a stalling vertical suplex.  Right as Tim’s back hits the ground though, Azraith rolls through with it and pulls back violently, never letting go of Tim’s neck the entire time as he locks in a vicious looking Dragon Sleeper!

Dave Dymond:  When was the last time you saw Azraith lock on a submission like that?!

Other Guy:  People keep forgetting that Azraith is more of a technician than it usually comes across.  I’m just surprised he’s going for one here.

Dave Dymond:  Everything Az is doing in that ring is for one reason and one reason only…to punish Timothy Roy for all of the pain he’s caused him.

Az is screaming aloud as he rips back on Tim’s neck and spine for several more seconds before standing, STILL keeping his head locked down, and in one swift, violent motion, swings the young man between the top and middle rope, and throws him to the outside!  Tim rolls slowly, and actually lands at the feet of Victoria and Sean!  The two look at each other a moment, nod to themselves, and start to STOMP DOWN on Tim!  The crowd roars as the two go to town on Tim before Kenji suddenly lunges at the two!  Boden and Victoria scatter back a bit, enough for Tim to get to his feet in a burst of energy and roll back into the ring.

Dave Dymond:  Perhaps his little lumberjack plan backfired here tonight?

Other Guy:  I don’t think so.  Az is looking outside of the ring every five or six seconds, keeping an eye on his wife, looking at Kenji…or looking at Carver.  He’s distracted, and Tim is using that to his advantage.  I mean damn, X-Cal and Sean Boden in a CELL?!  Tim knew this would be chaos.

Tim looks out of the ring a moment, wiping a bit of blood from his mouth and smiling maniacally before looking back to Azraith, pointing to his wife and shouting to him.

Tim:  She’s a classy one, Azzyboy!

Az’s left eye seems to twitch somewhat as he glances briefly to his wife, but before he even has a chance to look back at Tim, the young Roy was upon him, leaping up and snapping Az down to the canvas with a sudden, violent neckbreaker.  Tim was actually laughing as he sunk both hands into Az’s hair, and just started to SLAM Az’s skull into the mat over and over.  The crowd boos loudly, but Tim seems to block everything out, laughing like a child as Az finally breaks away from him, getting up to his feet woozily, the numerous concussive impacts to the back of his skull taking a toll.  Tim, always the cunning one, takes the time to stalk Az a little, watching the big man intently before spiking a low kick clean into Az’s left kneecap, sending the large man into a kneeling position with a slight yelp of pain from the blue haired sadist.  In the same jerky, yet connected moves, Tim spins on his other heel and lunges forward and down, smashing Az back down into the canvas with a lunging clothesline.  Using what size he had to the best of his advantage, Tim presses his entire body weight down on Az’s throat using his knee and leg while clawing at Az’s eyes and face with a free hand, screaming down at Azraith while his wife watches horrified.  After several seconds though, Tim gets up and manages to haul the still dazed Azraith to his feet, only to drag him to the ropes and push him over the top one, having the big man land on his side and shoulder right in front of…Del Carver!

Dave Dymond:  Oh god…

Slowly, methodically, Del Carver kneels down, and grabs Azraith by the shoulder, pulling the man to his feet.  The crowd is going absolutely INSANE as the dazed DeMitri looks at Del.  Really, for the first time in YEARS, Azraith looks at Del Carver, at the patch over one eye, and the cold glare that’s coming out of the other…and Del?  He looks at Azraith.  The nervousness in his eyes, the eyes that keep darting to his wife, Victoria.  Del glances at the woman with his one eye, and looks back at Az.  Del says something to Az, and then throws him against the apron, hard enough to force Azraith back into the ring.

Other Guy:  What?!  No beatdown?  No eye-gouge?!

Dave Dymond:  I couldn’t tell what Del said there…but it looked like he just said “Later.”

Tim, for his part, looks mildly annoyed that Del didn’t lay into Azraith more, but simply shrugs and grabs Az by the hair, dragging the big man to the center of the ring before simply STOMPING down on his face full-force!  The single move causes a dull *CRACK* to echo throughout the arena, and instantly Az rolls onto his side and out of the way of any more attacks, his hands coming up to his face instinctively as blood quickly starts to pool.  Tim smiles, a true, genuine smile as he circles his handiwork, his right foot tracking a bloody footprint on the canvas.  He rubs his hands together before once again pulling Az to his knees, then to his feet.  The crowd groans softly as they see Az’s nose cocked just ever-so-slightly to the left, the blood pouring freely down it over his bare chest.  Tim nods approvingly before slamming another quick jab into it, then another…then another.  Most of his energy was just to keep Az standing upright, holding the man up while he punches him.  Finally, Az has the wherewithal to shove Tim away, staggering back into a corner and futilely wiping his nose.  Az is breathing through his mouth, not even looking down at the blood that was pouring.  Tim nods to Az with a glimmer in his eye, it was blatantly obvious how much the youngest Roy was enjoying this.

Dave Dymond:  This is sickening…I didn’t really think Tim would have such an advantage this early in the match.

Other Guy:  He’s using very simple, very brutal tactics combined with Az’s own doubt and confusion, mixed in with a lack of focus due to the numerous lumberjacks outside of the ring.  It’s a brilliant plan, if not an absolutely devious one.

Az slowly stalks out of his corner, his eyes narrowed into slits as he waves for Tim to come and ‘bring it’ again.  Tim laughs, shaking his head before calmly strolling over, a bit of arrogance suddenly costing him as Az ducks another lightning fast jab and grab Tim’s neck from behind.  Before Tim can react, Az has his leg hooked around Tim’s and he uses all of his body weight to SMASH Tim’s face downwards into the canvas with what can only be called a reverse STO!  The impact is enough to bust Tim open as well, and for his part Tim actually gets up faster than Azraith, wiping some of his own blood from his face with a scowl before glaring down at Azraith, his ‘jovial’ mood ruined.  Tim hauls Az to his feet and using every bit of power the young man had in him, he hooks Az’s arms and with a scream of effort after rolling, he hauls Az off his feet and takes a few steps forward before dropping down suddenly, SPIKING Az’s skull into the canvas with a poorly executed, but brutally effective vertebreaker!

Dave Dymond:  THE TURNPIKE!  How the hell did he even get Az off the ground!?

Other Guy:  The ‘lil guy has more power in him than I guess we figured, Dave.

Az lies motionless on the mat as Tim staggers to his feet, breathing heavily.  Still upset about the fact that he’s been busted open, Tim just stomps and kicks Az to the edge of the ring, and with a push of his boot he rolls him out, right in front of Kenji Yamada!  The sadistic Family member flashes Tim a truly genuine grin before kneeling down beside Azraith, both of his hands cupping Az’s slightly broken nose.  Throwing his head back and not even looking at his prey, Kenji’s eyes close as he snaps his hands to the side suddenly, and with another loud *CRACK*, he brutally ‘pops’ Az’s nose back into a forward position, the motion causing a large spurt of blood out of both of his nostrils onto Kenji’s hands and arms, and also causing Az to roll out of the way, screaming out in pain as he holds his face!  Victoria screams out and starts to run towards her husband, but Kenji hops to his feet and stands in the way, grinning insanely as he wipes Az’s blood on the canvas, screaming at Victoria.

Kenji:  He’s MINE…I’ll be damned if anyone else finishes this…!

While Kenji starts to advance on the retreating Victoria, Tim rolls out of the ring and pulls Az to his feet, wrapping his hands in Az’s hair again only to smash Az’s skull into the cell.  However, as Az’s head bounces off the steel cell he actually stands tall and turns to face Tim!  Tim looks confused for a moment before Az SLAMS a kick clean into Tim’s gut, and while the man is doubled over, he grabs him by the back of the neck and THROWS him into the back of Kenji Yamada!!  The two men stagger and fall atop one another, giving Victoria the chance to sidestep both of them and help her husband, pulling him back up from a kneeling position.  She seems completely non-phased by the blood, and wipes some of it away from Az’s face before placing a soft kiss on his cheek, whispering something in his ear that seems to actually make the blue haired sadist smile a bit!

Other Guy:  Behind every strong man…

Dave Dymond:  You got that one right, OG.  Say what you want about Azraith DeMitri, but he’d go to the ends of the earth and back to protect his wife.

However, the reunion was short lived as out-of-nowhere, Evan Roy SMASHES the back of Az’s skull open with a sudden blow, sending Victoria staggering back, and Az collapsing to the ground!  The crowd boos as Evan glares down at Azraith, screaming down something that sounds like “THAT WAS FOR DAMIEN YOU SON OF A BITCH!”  The crowd then roars to see what so easily busted Az open…Tim was wearing a thin black leather glove, but wrapped all around it was thin gauge barbed wire!  Evan rips it off his hand and throws it to Tim, who quickly puts it on, that bright, absolutely psychotic smile once again curving the youngest Roy’s lips.

Dave Dymond:  What a crazy little…

Other Guy:  Remember when you used to say that about Azraith?  Wait, look over there!

As Tim drags the absolutely bloody and disgusting looking Azraith to his feet, Evan backs up with a small, content grin on his lips before he bumps into none other than X-Cal!  X doesn’t hesitate for a second, he doesn’t even look to see who grazed him before he lunges out suddenly and SLAMS the Legacy Championship into Evan’s skull, KO-ing the well dressed man with one hit!  The crowd cheers loudly as X looks down at the 2nd Roy with a small grin, but the grin fades as he looks back up at Sean Boden.

Dave Dymond:  This thing is quickly spiraling out of control.  Neither Azraith or Tim have even attempted to make a cover this entire match…the lumberjacks are splintering off and they look about ready to attack each other more than focusing on the two wrestlers!

Other Guy:  You have to wonder if this is what Tim wanted all along.  Pure and complete chaos while he has his way with Azraith.

In one swift motion that causes the crowd to roar, Tim shoves Azraith out of the door of the cell.  Tim looks down to Az, who seems to be quicker to get to his feet than he was minutes ago.  Tim leans down as Az is still dazed, and mutters something that looks to be “Catch me if you can, Azzyboy…” before actually turning away from Azraith, and climbing up the cell!  The crowd gets to their feet as Tim taunts Az all the way up the cell, until by the time Az was actually standing tall, Tim was standing at the top of the cell, laughing down at him!  Az looks down at his hands, they were shaking.

Dave Dymond:  I don’t even know if Azraith has the strength to climb the cage…but by God he is!

Other Guy:  After all of this?  Look at Azraith, he’s GRINNING!

Indeed, Az has an absolutely insane grin on his lips as a rush of energy slams through him.  Ignoring the lumberjacks, ignoring the crowd, ignoring everything, he climbs up the cell in record time, meeting his opponent at the top.  Tim actually lets Az get to his feet before lunging at him, grabbing him by the neck and attempting to pull him to the center of the cell.  While Sean Boden and X-Cal slowly circle each other, Victoria has found a very strange protector/non-enemy in Del Carver, who both look upwards intently, Del constantly glancing down to watch the rest of the lumberjacks.  Back at the top of the cell, Az breaks out of Tims grasp, and in a sudden, brutal move, he spikes a kick into Tim’s gut and hooks his arms!  The crowd goes INSANE as Az starts to lift Timothy up for an Extinction…

…but he stops!

Dave Dymond:  What’s wrong with Az?  Is he hurt?!

Other Guy:  I can’t tell from this angle, Dave.  It didn’t look like he was hurt when he was hauling ass up the cage, but maybe he ran out of steam…

For whatever reason, when Az hesitates, Tim uses that freakish burst of strength to lift upwards, smashing Az up, then down into the cell roof with a desperation back body drop.  Az’s back arches as soon as he hits the unforgiving cell roof, but Tim wastes little time in hauling Az back to his feet and smashing a forearm into Az’s face to stagger him back.  Before long Az’s heels were up against the edge of the cell, and Tim was slowly stalking up to him.  However, as Tim gets close enough to reach him, Az grabs him by the arm and seems to try and toss Tim over his shoulder and clean off the cell, Az underestimates how close he is to the edge of the cell, and his left foot slips off!  This causes his body weight to shift, and before he knows it his right foot slips loose as well, and in a matter of a millisecond Az is holding on for his life by digging his fingers into Tim’s arms and shoulders!  Tim is groaning out in pain as he drops to his knees on the edge of the cell, his own hands digging violently into Az’s arms, trying to get some kind of leverage so that he doesn’t fall off the cell himself!

Dave Dymond:  Oh god…this is…

Other Guy: …

Tim finally manages to get some kind of footing on the cell, actually sitting back on his rear end and using both of his feet as a bracing against the tubed edge of the cell roof.  Tim’s mouth suddenly curled up in a grin as he looks down at the hanging Azraith.  Az’s hands slip, and he slides down another foot, his hands desperately grabbing onto Tim’s now solid legs and ankles for support!  Tim looks down at Az, his grin downright sadistic as the crowd boos heavily.  However, just as he reaches down to start to pry Az’s fingers off his legs…he stops.

Dave Dymond:  What…what in the hell?  Is Azraith…?

He was.  He is.  Azraith was smiling.  It was weak, barely there considering the amount of blood he has lost in the course of this match.  Tim stares down at Azraith with confusion, but his eyes widen as Az says something to him.

Azraith: I’m sorry Tim.  I’m so sorry…

With those simple words of humility and sadness that nobody manages to hear over the roar of the crowd, Az lets go of Tim’s legs.

The entire crowd pitches from a roar, to a SCREAM, to absolute silence as a two hundred and eighty pound man falls like a ragdoll down from a top of a cell, landing with a disgusting impact high on his neck and shoulders on the ground twenty feet below.  Victoria screams bloody murder and pushes past a shocked Del Carver, kneeling at her husband’s motionless body.  Sean Boden moves past a speechless X-Cal to kneel beside Az as well, screaming at the top of his lungs to get some EMT support from the back.  Kenji is wide-eyed at the other side of the cell, his hands on his mouth in shock before he starts to scream, his hands running through his hands in an insane fashion.


It was easy to hear Kenji, the crowd was silent, everyone on their feet to try and catch a glimpse of the unmoving DeMitri.  Timothy skitters down the edge of the cell, and when he gets down to the bottom he just stares down at Azraith in a mix of horror and shock.  There’s confusion in his eyes, perhaps anger as well as he walks backwards up the ramp, staggering a bit and nearly tripping as well as he can’t seem to look away.

Dave Dymond:  I…Azraith isn’t moving.  Is he breathing?  Oh my god…

Other Guy:  I don’t know…the EMT’s are down here, Jesus guys be careful with his neck…

The announcers fall silent as the EMT’s gently move Az’s lifeless body onto a gurney, and in swift motions they put a neckbrace on him and move Azraith out of the lower entrance, Victoria following right beside them, both of her hands grasping Azraith’s left hand.

Other Guy:  I don’t know what we’ve just witnessed here folks…love Azraith or hate him…I don’t think anyone expected to see this tonight.

Dave Dymond:  Kenji is pacing back and forth in the ring, and X-Cal has made his way to the back.  Evan and Sarah King have both disappeared, and both Sean Boden and Del Carver are following after Victoria and the EMT’s.  I just…I don’t know.  Can we cut to the back please?



The scene opens on acting SHOOT Project President, THE REAL DEAL.  Josh is checking himself out in a mirror, seeing how he looks in his black and white striped, official’s uniform.  He tugs at the bottom of the shirt a little and seems genuinely pleased with the esthetics.

So much so that he doesn’t stop looking in the mirror after a KNOCK at his door.

Real Deal: It’s open.

Through the mirror, we see the door swing open.

And standing in the entrance is THE DEFILER.  World Title slung over his shoulder…  Blue Hoodie and Brown Corduroys.

Josh nods and Jonny watches him.

The DEFILER: Looking good…  (Pausing) Boss.

Real Deal can’t help but smirk and then slowly turns around.  The camera follows him, as they turn from the mirror.  He faces Jonny, the two men about six or seven feet apart.

There’s a surprising amount of tension in the room.

Real Deal: (Coy as ever) Something I can do for you, Champ?

Jonny waits a second or two before responding.

The DEFILER: Actually.  Yeah.  (Staring at Josh) We need to talk.

Real Deal raises an eyebrow.

Real Deal: Oh?

Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: Yeah…

He pauses again.

The DEFILER: Do you think you and Jason could change your last names to something that isn’t MY last name?  I get so… FUCKING confused.

Real Deal’s eyes are blank.

Real Deal: …

Jonny looks like he wants a real answer, and Josh sighs.

Real Deal: Get the fuck out of my office.

The World Champion smirks and starts to back away.

The DEFILER: (Pointing at Real Deal) Hey…  Keep the press out of my way tonight, okay?  No interviews.

Josh returns the smirk.

Real Deal: Just get out.

Jonny’s smile widens, though it’s as fake as ever.

The DEFILER: Bye Josh.

Real Deal turns back to the mirror and Jonny leaves.


All of a sudden, the sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system.  The fans instantly start to give a loud mixed reaction.


The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in and the lights dim out.  The SHOOT Tron shows one single symbol.




Dave Dymond:
  That’s the truth, OG!  This is going to be the second meeting between these two men, their first at Revolution 40, which was muddied down in a lot after match controversy.

The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance.  The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the cheering, but it is MASSIVE.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest, his lone tattoo across his right breast of “est. 1983” in plain view of the camera.  On the rear of his trunks is that same Sons of Liberty symbol from last week.  Standing beside him at the entrance is Ainsley Lake and Eli Storm, who both are wearing their Sons of Liberty t-shirts.  He slaps hands with them as he walks down to the ring.


King slides under the bottom rope and pops up, pointing out to the fans, running backwards, shouting to them to get up, which they actually do.  He is still peppered with boos, but he pounds his chest and jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle, still pointing out to the fans.  He points down specifically to Nightmare, smirking.   He hops down as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.

Dave Dymond:
  King looking a lot better here than he did against Corazon a few weeks ago.  That healing time certainly seems to have paid off.  Not to mention he’s got the entire Sons of Liberty around the arena en masse, Nightmare even being a ticketholder in the audience.

Other Guy:
  Corazon technically came away with the win at Revolution 40, but you have to wonder how the match would have played out, had the beatdown not, essentially, be ordered, by The Real Deal.  Gotta wonder what the Sons’ll do if given the chance here tonight.







Static hits the PA.  The fans go quiet.  Then…  the lights go out. 



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system!  The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson.  Then they stop.  What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans give a very split mixed reaction when his silhouette is revealed. 

Dave Dymond:
  Well OG, there he is, a man who has gone through a lot to get back here, and a man who will go through even more, should he come out on the losing end of this contest.  Any predictions?

Other Guy:
  With Real Deal as the special guest referee, I’ve gotta tell you I can’t see how Corazon loses, though I suppose he’s been awfully belligerent lately, so maybe that’ll work in

King’s favor.  It’s so hard to call.  Speaking of which…


“Hero” by Nas explodes over the PA, cutting Samantha Coil off, as the crowd in attendance erupts into a sea of boos and jeers.  Real Deal, wearing a basic SHOOT referee’s shirt appears at the top of the ramp, igniting the hatred even more. 

Dave Dymond:
  I gotta be honest, lots of hate here for the Real Deal.  I don’t think that he’s done anything to subvert that hatred, so the atmosphere here is really electric.

Cameras zoom in on the Real Deal, who proudly has a nametag on his shirt. 

Other Guy:
  That fuck!  Do you see that nametag? 

Dave Dymond:
  WOW.  TONY LORENZO?  Real Deal REALLY rubbing it in here. 

Samantha Coil:  And now…  ladies and gentlemen…  the special guest referee for the evening, none other than SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and legend, former World Heavyweight Champion…  THE REAL DEAL!!


Corazon and King are in the ring already, as Real Deal takes his sweet time, making sure to show Donovan King the nametag displaying the name of former SHOOT referee Tony Lorenzo!  This incenses Donovan King who just shakes his head, and licks his lips.  Real Deal looks to Corazon, then looks to King, and as Samantha Coil exits the ring, Real Deal calls for the bell!

Dave Dymond:  Here we go, here we go! 

Other Guy:  LOTS of eyes here, and in the back, are gonna be watching this.  This is an important event in SHOOT Project history!

And that event kicks off, as King and Corazon meet in the center of the ring!  Corazon is the aggressor with a collar and elbow tie up, which he then silkily maneuvers into a rear hammerlock, torquing the shoulder of Donovan King.  King maintains his cool, allowing Corazon to do his work, relaxing to minimize the damage.  Corazon drops a shoulder into King’s elbow, and King pulls up, in pain.  Corazon hangs onto King’s elbow and simply short shoulder blocks into the Sons of Liberty leader’s shoulder.  King grits his teeth, and focuses.  Corazon is reversed, as King finds a way to create some space between the two, and then he FLIES at Corazon with a NASTY shoulder block of his own! 

Other Guy:  This is almost tentative here, Dave.  I would have expected at LEAST an initial burst of rage from one of these guys. 

Dave Dymond:  You’re right, OG.  It’s like Corazon and King are feeling each other out here, which surprises me, given their match a couple weeks ago.

Corazon grimaces, holding his shoulder now, as King follows up, delivering a series of right hands, that rock the former World Heavyweight Champion!  The crowd is behind him every step of the way, but immediately turn, as Real Deal steps in between King and Corazon due to Corazon’s being against the turnbuckle!  King raises his fist, but pulls back and separates.  Corazon moves from the turnbuckle and the two are back in the center of the ring.  King immediately ties Corazon up, collar and elbow style, and pulls his head down and then lifts him up and brings him down viciously with a vertical suplex!  King floats over and immediately begins a ground and pound, applying pressure to Corazon’s arms, AND hitting him in the face!  Real Deal checks on Corazon, who says no! 

Dave Dymond:  King turning it up right here, wanting to push the pace a little bit. 

Other Guy:  That doesn’t bode well for a guy like Corazon, who likes to control things a bit more.  King’s imposing his will at this point.

Corazon reaches the ropes, and King breaks without intervention from the Real Deal.  Corazon begins to get to his feet, but King delivers a soccer kick to Corazon’s upper back, in that shoulder area!  King pulls Corazon to his feet, grabs his arm, and irish whips him across the ring.  Corazon comes back with a lariat, but King ducks!  Corazon immediately stops in his tracks, grabs King’s head from behind, and falls to the ground, delivering a sickening neck breaker!  The crowd pops, as Corazon covers!  Real Deal hits the mat for the count…



Other Guy:  Fast count!

The count is a bit fast, but King kicks out!  The fans boo and cheer at the same time.  Corazon glares at the Real Deal, who smirks at the former champion.  Corazon rolls up and gets to his feet, allowing King to do the same.  They both go for a collar and elbow tie up, but Corazon ducks and hooks King’s arm, twisting him around, and attempting a DDT, but King shoves Corazon as Corazon is in the downward motion.  Before King can follow up, Corazon gets to his feet and runs at King, who moves out of the way.  Corazon bounces off the ropes, but King is waiting and lands an elbow FLUSH in the face of Adrian Corazon.  King drops for the cover, and Real Deal follows.


Dave Dymond:  Really?


King just gets off of Corazon, who kicks out anyway.  King gets in Real Deal’s face, but Corazon gets up and spins King around.  King throws a punch, Corazon blocks, Corazon throws a BIG right hand of his own, which rocks King!  King is wobbly, and Corazon looks to hit the Act of Inhumanity from the corner, but King holds onto Corazon’s legs!  King DRIVES Corazon down, back first, and rolls through, catching Corazon in a pin!  Real Deal drops for the count!



Corazon kicks out!

Other Guy:  That was a much better count that time!

Real Deal sighs.  King chooses not to get in Real Deal’s face this time, not allowing Corazon the time to recuperate.  King chooses to almost assist Corazon to his feet.  He puts Corazon in a front chancery and does a little bit of showboating to the crowd.  He drives Corazon’s face into the mat with a spike DDT!  King covers!




Corazon kicks out, and Real Deal breathes a HUGE sigh of relief. 

Other Guy:  I’m a little surprised that Real Deal’s playing this safe, and not being too overly accommodating to Corazon.

Dave Dymond:  Well, that goes back to what was said earlier about Corazon being a bit belligerent lately.  You have to feel, though, that Real Deal’s not going to let his dream end here tonight, at the hands of a guy he loathes as much as he loathes Donovan King.

Corazon’s groggy and on one knee, and King is hovering.  King tries not to let Corazon finish getting to his feet, but Corazon throws a desperation right hand into King’s gut.  Corazon hits him two more times, and King is sufficiently stunned to allow Corazon back to his feet.  Corazon throws King against the ropes, and King rebounds.  Corazon catches him with a nice elbow, and King clutches his face.  Corazon boots King in the gut, doubling him over.  Corazon moves behind King and hooks his arms in, pulling him over in a MALICIOUS half nelson suplex!  King and Corazon BOTH fall to the mat!

Dave Dymond:  What’s Real Deal gonna do if neither men can answer his count?

Real Deal answers Dave unintentionally…by not even acknowledging the two men being down.  The fans boo as Real Deal looks out to them, shrugging his shoulders.  Real Deal looks out to Nightmare, motioning to him that King is finished and, with him, the Sons of Liberty.  After a while, Corazon slowly gets to his knees and begins to pull himself up the rest of the way.  He shakes his head.

Dave Dymond:  Excellent referee work from Real Deal here tonight…no mandatory ten count or anything of that nature.

Other Guy:  Pathetic, you ask me.  Corazon must’ve been told by Real Deal to forgo pin attempts, just punish King tonight!

Corazon goes to pick King up and whip him to the ropes.  He picks King up and NAILS a back body drop on him!  Corazon paces around his foe as King grimaces in pain, his old injuries starting to show that they’re not…totally healed.  King clutches his back as Corazon lifts him back up and whips him to the ropes yet again!  This time, however, King DUCKS Corazon’s clothesline attempt…AND NAILS THE REALITY CHECK ON CORAZON.  The fans ERUPT as Corazon DROPS.


King is on his knees, out of it until he spots Real Deal, glaring at him.  King looks over to the Lorenzo name tag and then to Real Deal’s face again.  King is still on his knees and suddenly, he starts to laugh at Real Deal!  The fans are popping as King continues to laugh at his nemesis!  Real Deal looks infuriated until…King FLIPS REAL DEAL OFF.  The fans RIP into cheers as King gets back on his feet, face to face with Real Deal!  The two foes circle one another, both of them locking eyes completely with the other!

Dave Dymond:  This is what King’s been waiting for…but can he throw away the Sons of Liberty and risk a disqualification by taking Real Deal out here and now?!

Real Deal points to his shirt, laughing and taunting King as King continues to circle his prey.  Real Deal suddenly removes the name tag and flicks it at King, the fans booing!

Other Guy:  Tony Lorenzo is a good man, Dave, he doesn’t deserve to be mocked like this!

King looks down at the Tony Lorenzo name tag and picks it up.  He looks at the name tag for a long moment before he’s suddenly grabbed from behind!  The fans pop, but it’s boos as Corazon LITERALLY TOSSES KING OVER WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!  King doubles over on the mat and Corazon has him back up, hooking him up in a vertical suplex!  King SLAMS on the mat, but Corazon’s not finished!  Corazon picks King up once again and NAILS him with an EXPLODER suplex!  King is flat on the mat, Tony Lorenzo’s nametag is kicked out of the ring by Corazon, the fans LOUDLY showing their disapproval!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon back in control here, OG.

Other Guy:  I really hope Donovan King can bounce back, but after that trifecta of suplexes, Dave, King’s chances are starting to dim right out.

Corazon looks over to Real Deal as he picks King up, and Real Deal gives an approving smile.  Corazon puts King’s head in between his legs and hooks the arms!  The fans are booing as King looks helpless in Corazon’s grasp!  Corazon looks over the fans and then back to Real Deal who is frantically jumping up and down, signaling for Corazon to take King out once and for all!  Corazon looks down to King and goes for the Original Sin…NO!!!!  KING COUNTERS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!!  Real Deal STANDS there, FURIOUS Corazon took so long!


Real Deal gets down on his knees, but Corazon kicks right out!  King wobbly gets up and Corazon charges at him, going straight for the Act of Inhumanity, but King swats it away yet again!  King bounces off the ropes, trying to get hit wits about him, and Corazon is INSTANTLY back up, throwing King callously up onto his shoulders!


Corazon CONNECTS with the Fury of the Dark Heart!!!  King is DOWN on the mat and Corazon is sitting next to him, glaring at his fallen foe!  Real Deal walks over to King, nudging him with his boot.  The fans boo as King doesn’t respond.  Real Deal smirks as Corazon stands up, both men standing over King.  Real Deal looks at Corazon and holds his finger up, signaling Corazon needs to hit King with that one more time.  The fans again voice their displeasure as Corazon picks King back up and throws him back up onto his shoulders!

Dave Dymond:  Oh no…this one will DESTROY King!

Other Guy:  God damn it.  GOD.  DAMN.  IT.

Corazon walks around the ring with the fallen King on his shoulders, and takes one final look at Real Deal, who is grinning from ear to ear.  Corazon WHIPS King around for ANOTHER FURY OF THE DARK…NO!!!  KING USES THE MOMENTUM TO LAND ON HIS FEET!!!  Corazon is shocked, King is STILL groggy, BUT KING NAILS THE ACE CRUSHER ON CORAZON!!

Other Guy:  THE ACE CRUSHER!!  King’s finishing touch on his finisher, the KTFO.  I’mma call THAT the One Hitta Quitta!!

Dave Dymond:  One man, ONE shot!

King hooks Corazon’s legs with all of his might, both legs, completely pinning Corazon’s shoulders to the mat!!  Real Deal goes to count the pin…but Real Deal’s holding his face!  Real Deal is rubbing his eyes, complaining that he’s got something in his eye!!  The fans BOO, counting the pin for him!!!




Mark Kendrick, the time keeper, gets out of his seat and goes to offer Real Deal some Visine, but Real Deal swats it from Kendrick’s hand and into the stands!  He glares furiously at Mark Kendrick as King finally releases the pin on Corazon, getting back to his feet and pacing the ring, glaring pure HATE at Real Deal!

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King should have known, OG.  He can’t beat Real Deal here.  Everything he does to Corazon, Real Deal will ignore.  Whenever Corazon wants to go for a pin, you can bet Real Deal’s gonna count it so fast, you won’t even think his hands ever left the mat!  King stands no chance of victory here tonight, OG.

Other Guy:  It’s a Goddamn shame, Dave.  A low down, fucking, God damn shame.  Ever since Real Deal targeted King, he’s not had a single victory whatsoever.  Not only can he break his losing streak here, but he could proclaim ownership over Corazon and, as he said, shake the very foundations of SHOOT Project and, presumably, terminate Corazon right here and now!

Dave Dymond:  King is resting against the ropes now, still feeling that Fury from before.  Corazon is barely stirring now.  It’s a small lull before the final storm, I think.

King continues to watch Corazon, who Real Deal is helping get to his feet.  King shakes the cobwebs off, focusing totally on his chosen prey.  This time, however, it’s obvious he’s watching Adrian Corazon, NOT The Real Deal.  King slides down to the corner and balances himself into pouncing position!  He summons the fans to start to cheer as he waves his arms!  The fans are cheering LOUDER AND LOUDER…NIGHTMARE IS ON HIS FEET…THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET…KING IS READY TO POUNCE…CORAZON IS UP…KING CHARGES…CORAZON NAILS KING HEAD ON RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH A YAKUZA KICK!!!!!!  KING IS OUT!!

Dave Dymond:  MY GOD!!!

Blood trickles from King’s right eyebrow before it starts to just…GUSH.  Corazon staggers out of the corner as King rolls to his side, blood starting to puddle on the mat from his open wound on his right eyebrow.  King’s right eye is starting to swell, and within moments, King shuts his right eye completely, just letting the swelling come.  Corazon picks his foe up and stands him up, trying to make sure he’s properly balanced.

Other Guy:  He looks like he’s gonna hit the Act of Inhumanity, Dave.  This time, I don’t think King’s got the wherewithal to counter.

King staggers a few more steps, but he’s soon brought perfectly to the center of the ring.  Corazon measures him one final time, and he bounces off of the ropes.  He charges forward, and he reaches up, grabs King’s head with his right arm, LIFTS HIS KNEES UP FOR THE ACT OF INHUMANITY…KING’S ARM SNAKES THROUGH CORAZON’S!!!  KING COUNTERS INTO THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE ON THE WAY DOWN TO THE MAT!!!  KING IS DEAD CENTER IN THE RING, AND CORAZON IS LOCKED IN THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!!  THE FANS ARE FUCKING GOING INSANE!!!!



The camera looks at the picture perfect Carolina Crossface, Corazon is TRAPPED.  King pulls back HARD on the move, blood dripping off of his face, his mouth wide, shouting in a primal scream, blood dripping down into his mouth as he continues to sink the move in deeper and deeper!!

Dave Dymond:  If Corazon taps out, and Real Deal refuses to count it, he risks permanently injuring Corazon!  If he acknowledges the submission…CORAZON IS TAPPING!!!!  CORAZON IS TAPPING!!!

The fans fucking ERUPT as CORAZON IS TAPPING OUT.  Real Deal looks down and screams “FUCK!!”.  King glares dead at Real Deal, who is glaring back at him.  King’s one eye burns a hole through Real Deal as he keeps the hold locked in, Corazon STILL tapping out!  Real Deal shakes his head…AND HE CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!  “Out Here Grindin’” kicks in almost AUTOMATICALLY!!



Nightmare LEAPS over the guardrail and slides into the ring, helping King to his feet!  King continues to GLARE at Real Deal as “Out Here Grindin’” dies out.  Corazon is slowly picking himself up, clutching his face.  Real Deal helps him get the rest of the way up, slapping him across the face to help him come to.  He slides from the ring, reaching under the ring for something before he takes the microphone from Samantha Coil, the fans booing.  He gets back in the ring.

Real Deal:  Okay…okay.  YOU.

He points to Nightmare.

Real Deal:  You’re here as a spectator.  Since you paid your fucking money, I’ll be kind to you and tell you to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS RING BEFORE I HAVE YOU ARRESTED.

The fans boo LOUDLY as King looks at Nightmare, telling him it’s okay.  Nightmare backs up, ready to strike at Real Deal and possibly beat him mercilessly, but he leaves the ring and is escorted by security back to his seat.

Real Deal:  And…you…YOU…

He glares at King.

Real Deal:  So that’s it, huh?  That’s the end, huh?  What?  You gonna…just end the career of the BEST fucking athlete to come to this goddamn company since me?!  You’re gonna…ruin this man’s career?!  Go ahead, you selfish son of a bitch, you own him now, right?!  GO AHEAD!!

Real Deal motions for Mark Kendrick to bring the paperwork into the ring.  Real Deal rips the paperwork from Kendrick and shoves him to leave the ring as soon as he enters it.  Corazon is completely conscious now, standing on one side of the ring, King on the other, and Real Deal in the middle.  Real Deal shoves the papers in King’s chest.

Real Deal:  You said you wanted to shake the foundations, so GO ON!!  But, you know what?

Real Deal reaches to his back pocket, where he had stashed what it was he had reached under the ring to grab in the first place.  The fans boo as Real Deal shows it to Donovan King before he hands it to Corazon.

Real Deal:  You go ahead and try it, King.  When this man’s got nothing else to lose, I’m just gonna tell him to go for broke.  If SHOOT Project is gonna be without Adrian Corazon…so help me…SHOOT Project’s gonna be without Donovan King, too!

Real Deal is sickened, slamming the microphone in King’s chest as well.  Real Deal stands back, Corazon slowly walking to Real Deal’s side, his face trembling with hate.

Donovan King:  Well…damn.

King slowly grins.

Donovan King:  Dis, ladies and gentlemen…is Adrian Corazon’s contract.

He holds it up to the audience, so they can see.

Donovan King:  I been sayin’ there’s only one thing I’m gonna do wit’ dis.  I see you standin’ there wit’ dat baton, thinkin’ it’ll get me to change my mind…but trust, I can handle you, boy.

King glares at Corazon, the fans cheering.

Donovan King:  You ready, Adrian?  Ready for my fucking decision in regards to your future here, man?

Real Deal and Corazon both glare at King.  Corazon snaps his arm down and the baton extends menacingly.  King pops his neck from side to side, getting ready.

Donovan King:  I’ve decided…Adrian Corazon’s contract…should be…

He grins.

Donovan King:  …HIS TO CONTROL.

Real Deal’s eyes go wide, as the fans are slowly but surely cheering!




Corazon NAILS Real Deal AGAIN in the back!!


Real Deal rolls over, and Corazon NAILS him in the chest!!!  The hit is HARD, but not as hard as the hit Corazon SLAMS down across Real Deal’s cheek!!

Donovan King:  What you did to your own student, Real Deal…what you reap, you sow, mother fucker.

King gets down to his knees, forcing the bloodied Real Deal to look his bloodied rival in the face.

Donovan King:  The Sons of Liberty just got a little bit stronger.

The fans LOSE it at that!  King continues to glare at Real Deal before he gets back to his feet, grabbing Corazon’s hand and LIFTING IT HIGH!!  The fans pop BIG time as Nightmare comes to the guardrail, throwing a black bit of cloth into the ring!  King walks over, grabbing it, and unfolding it to reveal the Sons of Liberty emblem yet again!  King backs up, leaving Corazon to glare down at his mentor.

Dave Dymond:  But…what did The Real Deal do?!

Real Deal groggily grabs the microphone King dropped.  Corazon begins to walk away from Real Deal.

Real Deal:  Wait…wait…Adrian…please…

Corazon stops, turning his head.  He looks at his mentor once again.

Real Deal:  How could you…do this?  I know…I know…I know what I did…was…fucked up.  But, man…I needed you to…break him!  Don’t you…see?  This son of…a bitch…he’s turned you against me!  Against…us!!  I…had to get you…to break him, Adrian!

Corazon walks back to Real Deal, who is up to his knees now.

Real Deal:  …is that it, then?  You gonna just…turn your back…on EVERYTHING we gave you?!  EVERYTHING WE WORKED FOR?!!?!  FOR WHAT, ADRIAN?!?!  FOR WHAT?!  THEY ARE NOTHING, ADRIAN!!  THEY ARE NOTHING!!  THEY WILL FALL, ADRIAN!!  THEY WILL FALL AND THEN WHAT??!  THEN WHAT?!?

Corazon kneels down, taking the microphone from Real Deal.  Real Deal is still on his knees and gets to his feet as Corazon stands up, looking at his mentor and teacher.

Corazon:  I think I’ll take my chances.

Corazon drops the microphone…REALITY CHECK!  CORAZON HITS HIS MENTOR WITH THE REALITY CHECK!  REAL DEAL IS OUT!!!!  “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine kicks up in full force as Corazon walks over to King, taking the shirt from him, pulling it over his head and putting it on.  He helps King leave the ring, the two men entering rivals…and leaving allies.

Dave Dymond:  With EVERY Donovan King match, every answer we get…just gives us more questions!  What exactly did The Real Deal do to deserve what Corazon just gave him?!

Other Guy:  EMTs are rushing down to help Real Deal, because he’s definitely gonna need it after THAT.  Whatever Real Deal did…I wanna know just how long Corazon and King have had this planned!

Dave Dymond:  I can only wait with you, man, but my GOD do I wanna get some answers!

The camera goes back to the SHOOT-Tron…and the soon to be infamous emblem of the movement that’s made one hell of a mark here tonight…



The shot pans around the Thomas and Mack Center, showcasing various SHOOT Project fans who are still trying to soak in everything that has happened tonight.  With Adrian Corazon and Donovan King having reached a conclusion just a few short moments ago, that is what most of the anxious chatter is about.  These people have the look of an extreme satisfied crowd, and on any other normal night, they could have felt happy to go home.

But not tonight.

August 31st.

The marks let their goose bumps settle and the smarks giddily put together their bookings for future editions of Revolution.  However, smark, mark, or in between, they all know how HUGE the next two matches on the card are.

The Master of the Mat finals will headline the show.

But who will the winner of such a prestigious tournament go on to do battle with?

One fan is seen wearing a red T-shirt, with white letters that read…

“I Just Marked For Cade Sydal”

While another fan raises a sign that says…

“Give Us Cade, or Give me My Money Back”

Dave Dymond and Other Guy begin providing commentary over the shot.

Dave Dymond: Well, we are at the second of our unofficial TRIPLE MAIN EVENT, and it looks like our fans are starting to speak out.  What a CRAZY twenty-four hours or so it’s been.

Other Guy: All thanks to the internet, Dave.  There was a HUGE outpouring of support for Cade Sydal on our SHOOT Project message boards leading into this Pay-Per-View broadcast.

Dave Dymond: An already heated affair turned EVEN UGLIER when fans began threatening to hold protests and RIOT if Cade Sydal did not walk out of tonight as SHOOT Project Champion.

Amidst their discussion, the shot cuts over to Dave and OG at the booth, with Dave looking into the camera and then over to Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: And I know that made both of us smile just a little bit bigger.

OG laughs and nods his head.

Other Guy: It was going to be a matter of time before shit started getting real, and you can only cover up this kinda garbage for so long before your fan base turns on ya.  And turn they have.  KUDOS to you fans who showed up let our fucked up management and our Champion of Asterisks hear your voices!!!  MAJOR, MAJOR KUDOS!

Dave nods and moves on.

Dave Dymond: So it’s Cade Sydal challenging The DEFILER, Jonny Johnson for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, and  ANY disqualification, count-out, OR interference of any kind on the Champions behalf WILL RESULT in a TITLE CHANGE!  That’s HUGE, OG.

Other Guy: Damn right.  And Jonny can say all he wants, and he can spin the world for as long as he choses, but at the end of the day I WHOLE HEARTEDLY feel that that coward motherfucker is TERRIFIED of Cade Sydal.  (Getting emotional) I want Cade to beat that bitch’s ass, man.  I really do.

Dave Dymond: He is the underdog in Vegas, but not to these fans who came out in DROVES tonight to support him.  According to the contest stipulations, this is Cade’s last shot at being, well as Jonny Johnson put it “A SHOOT Project Main Eventer”,  but if you know this man at all, and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cade for several years…  You’ll know that when the going gets tough…

“Cade Sydal seems to get a little bit tougher.”

The screen momentarily goes black.

And then a video begins to play.


As the instrumental opening of “Believe” by Staind begins to play, the video fades in to a black and white image of Cade Sydal walking alone down an empty hall.

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands

His shadow cast on the floor behind him as he walks towards the glaring light further ahead.

Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your past, to be the one responsible for a future

“I sit alone and watch the clock

Tryin to collect my thoughts

All I think about is you”

He is lost in the light and we fade to a faint image of Cade Sydal proudly holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. But the image goes away quickly, begging the question, was it even there to begin with?

“And so I cry myself to sleep

And hope the devil, I don’t meet”

Blurred still shots of Cade sitting at a table, bent over, face buried in his palms. Then a quick shot of Cade collapsed up against the edge of a couch.

“In the Dreams that I live through”

It all goes away though as the chorus kicks in and the blurred images are replaced by clear footage of Cade Sydal in wrestling action.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long”

Cade flips off the top rope in slow motion, executing the 469 2k8.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

Cade unleashes a series of kicks in slow motion, then the footage cuts to Cade diving out of the ring with a suicide dive.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

Another slow motion clip shows Cade delivering a DDT out of a head scissors… then the footage wipes to Sydal on his knees after a near fall, shaking his head as if to say “almost had him.”

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

Cade jumps with the Ninjagurai, and the second it connects with the head of an unknown opponent, it freeze frames and cuts abruptly. We then see a series of defeats over time, and Cade’s face looks tired, distraught, upset.

“All the smiles you’ve had to fake

And all the shit you’ve had to take

Just to lead us here again”

Slow motion clip of Cade delivering a backstage interview. He shows intensity, but his frustration also shows through.

“I never have the things to say

To make it all just go away”

Next seen is Jonny Johnson hitting the Demoralization Process on Cade, allowing for an eleven-minute time limit to expire.

“To make it all just disappear”

The depressing moment is replaced once more by the uplifting footage of Sydal’s in ring ability.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long

Cade is seen going all out against Donovan King in their death match at Redemption.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

Next we see Cade delivering a double foot stomp in slow motion from the top rope during a Sky High match.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

Cade is lifted up from a wheelbarrow position but then he counters into a bulldog. And then he goes right into a standing moonsault after that.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

Again we see Cade going for the Ninjagurai, and before we can see who he is hitting, it freezes and fades. There is a brief instrumental interlude following the footage.

To defeat a demon you have to face your demons.

“It’s my life”

A close up shot of Cade’s boots being laced up.

“It’s my choice”

A close up of Cade’s wrist being taped up.

“Hear my words”

A shot of Cade’s kick pads being adjusted.

“Hear my voice”

Then a shot of Cade Sydal standing confidently in his locker room.

“and just believe”

The shot fades out as the music plays softly, but the lyrics are still heard strongly.

“I sit alone and watch the clock

Tryin to collect my thoughts

All I think about is you”

The video comes back up from black to reveal a slow full circle camera pan of Cade Sydal standing in the center of the ring.

“If you believe in me

Life not always what it seems”

The full circle pan picks up in speed as Cade lifts his arms over his head.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

The music picks back up in full and so does the action montage of Cade Sydal in action.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long.”

The montage showcases a series of Cade Sydal victories over his career, each time the referee just hits the three count and Cade either gets up after a cover or breaks a submission hold.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

The footage now cuts back and forth between Cade Sydal walking to the ring and fighting in the ring, the whole time the images slowly start to fade.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

One last time we see Cade Sydal attempt the Ninjagurai, there is hope in his eyes… but even still we do not see the opponent he hits the move on.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

The last shot is of Cade Sydal, back in the hallway, just before disappearing into the light he looks back over his shoulder and then walks straight ahead. The music cuts out, and Cade vanishes from sight.

Believe in something. Believe in someone

The video fades to black.


We return to the arena.

The fans know EXACTLY what is next and they ALREADY begin to roar!


Dave and OG let the atmosphere speak for itself and stay silent.




”Broken Bones” by Nonpoint breaks into its opening lyrics!

“You forget I got this far without yoooooou!!!

I’m not the person that you think I am”

The curtains rustle and the crowd ABSOLUTELY GOES BERSERK!!!


“The life I want to lead needs no approval!

From someone who will never understand!”

Sydal arrives to an adoring fanbase and he looks more amped up than he has in YEARS!!! Adorned in his usual ring attire; red wrestling shorts, trimmed, in white… kick pads, knee pads and red footwear with the intricate design of a dragon running down in white, Cade wastes no time making an inspired march to the ring! He slaps hands with fans all the way down the aisle, though, maintains a very specific sense of focus. His eyes very rarely shift from the ring, and you’d be an idiot not to realize how prepared he is for tonight’s GIANT challenge.

“You’re forgetting my broken bones

Forgetting I’m not alone

Hard to stand alone

When this feels like home!”

As the song breaks into its chorus, Cade runs to the apron, readily slides under the bottom ring rope and enters the ring. He makes his climb up the nearby turnbuckles and, at reaching the second, raises his arms in the air and EXCITEDLY shouts to all the thousands of fans who are CHEERING THE HELL OUT OF HIM!!!


Flash bulbs go off all over the place!!!


He steps down from the ropes and pumps his fist as he heads to the center of the ring. He checks in with referee AUSTIN LINAM and gives a smile and nod to ring announcer Samantha Coil.

“Broken Bones” by Nonpoint comes to a slow close as the music begins to fade, and the wild cheers and adoration slowly dissipate into something much…


Cade wades through the anxious silence.

He focuses on what he needs to do. He stretches. He anxiously leaps up and down, throws a few shadow strikes.

But the fans can’t help but focus on their own eerily anticipation.

And at that precise moment…

The foreboding chimes begin to ring.


Anyone who sat back down starts to rise again…

A guitar croaks out a single note.

Followed a straining, WHINY violin that screeches over the P.A. system.



The crowd’s roar is UNFATHOMABLE!

 Pink spotlights begin circling the arena in rhythm with the siren like intro of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene, creating an atmosphere of unpredictability and insanity.

Not one person is sitting.

It’s likely that this sell out crowd is BOOOOOOING their hears out, but there is so much noise, that it’s impossible to pin-point a clear-cut sound. All the while, the song’s maddening dissonance continues to swell…

And swell…

And swell, and swell, and swell until finally…





“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

With the first sound of the opening lyrics, the curtains FLY OPEN and the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION arrives from the back! And as impossible as it would seem, the arena gets EVEN MORE F’ING LOUD!!! Jonny begins his stride to the ring, World Title dangling off his left shoulder. As he occasionally does, he ignores the fans entirely tonight. Not even a single glance. His cruel, icy blue eyes stay locked on his challenger every step of the way.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

As he gets closer, he stops moving and just stares. There’s a hint of a smirk on his lips… just enough to make you want to slap him so hard he bleeds, and he knows it. He literally just stands there, in his black trunks, black boots and white-taped knuckles.


”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Cade, fire eyes and all, doesn’t look away and Jonny starts walking again. He makes his way to the steel steps. The song slows into its chorus, and with it the lighting evolves into something of dripping, trippy lights that almost seem to ooze down from the Arena’s ceiling.

Jonny stalls on the apron and turns his back on Cade, his World Title now secured in both hands, near his waist.

His smile seems to grow wider as he watches the people who despise him.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”




“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

The pink spotlights return and Jonny flips the title on his shoulder and spins back to face Cade as he ducks in between the ropes and enters the ring. Sydal keeps his distance, but maintains a sick degree of focus and intensity. Jonny definitely notices his demeanor and is up to the task of matching it.

He briefly checks in with Austin Linam while “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene fades, and then hands him the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. Linam nods and Jonny turns his back on Cade and uses the nearby ropes to stretch out, pulling back on them as hard as he can.

The lights start to come up and after a couple of neck rotations, Jonny turns back around to face Linam, Coil…

And Cade Sydal.


Dave Dymond: (As an aside) Wish you guys could be here live.

Other Guy: He aint bullshittin’, guys. Unreal the vibes in this place.

They both go back to being silent, as Samantha Coil seems ready to give the introductions. She and Linam stand between Cade and Jonny.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is schedule for ONE FALL with a set time limit of ONE HOUR, and it is for the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD! AND… as per the rules of this bout, any disqualification, count-out, or act of interference WILL RESULT IN A TITLE CHANGE!!!

If Jonny’s afraid of the stipulation, he certainly isn’t showing it. His eyes are as unreadable as ever.

Coil continues.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first to my left… THE CHALLENGER! He weighs in at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds… From South Port, North Carolina… CADE SYDAL!!!

THE CROWD ROARS!!! Fists are pumping, people are ON THEIR FEET.


Sydal stays focused, and Jonny casts a grin again, rolling his neck from side to side.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent. He is the CURRENT SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… Weighing in at Two Hundred twenty-seven pounds… Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. HE IS…. “THE DEFILER”… JONNY JOHNSON!!!

And just like that… the chants evaporate into VENOMOUS BOOOS AND TAUNTS!!!




Dave Dymond: Unbelievable stuff.

Other Guy: Please fuckin’ do this, Cade.

Austin Linam raises the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE over his head!!!


Jonny seems intrigued by the atmosphere, but stays in his corner while Samantha Coil departs after taking the World Title from Linam. Cade and Jonny continue to stare, both men ignoring the crazy fan interaction going on around them.

Satisified with both competitors, LINAM CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!!


Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal… The DEFILER. World Title, OG.

Other Guy: C’mon Cade! Do it, cat! DO IT!

Cade is the first one out of the gate, moving to the center of the ring with some serious authority. Jonny actually sighs and pushes himself out of the corner as if saying, “Oh do I have to?”. Linam stays actively cautious, obviously realizing how important this bout is to the future of SHOOT. He stays on guard for any unsporting behavior as the two competitors meet each other mid-ring.

Cade stares at Jonny, who stares back at Cade.

Jonny takes a couple steps back, though and then actually turns his back on Sydal completely. He rests his arms up on the top rope and watches the crowd with a bizarre sense of smug satisfaction.

Other Guy: Is this dude for real? KICK THE BACK OF HIS HEAD, CADE!!!

Cade isn’t happy with the showing, but he’s also not dumb enough to make a move. There’s enough distance between the two, where an “anger inspired” attack could easily backfire.

So instead he keeps his cool.

And Jonny slowly turns back around. He brushes his nose and watches Cade. Linam urges the two men to begin their battle and finally Cade starts to circle the ring, with Jonny following in line. Cade waves at Jonny to make a move, but the DEFILER coyly declines. Eventually the opponents LOCK UP and the crowd actually POPS (That’s how into this they are!) Cade pushes with everything he has, but he’s giving up almost fifty pounds and about three or four inches to the larger World Champion, so it’s a bit of a struggle early.

They stall and Cade tries to jockey for position, only for Jonny to counter into a standing hammer lock. Cade glances over his shoulder and then makes a VERY SLEEK re-counter with a hammer lock of his own! However, right as he does, Jonny strikes with a BACK ELBOW that cracks Cade in the right side of his jaw! Cade is bullied out of the hold! Jonny turns around, but Sydal, perhaps overselling the impact just a bit, fires with a STUNNING kick just under the ribs!!! Jonny winces and seems annoyed! Cade, already near the ropes, toward the ropes and makes a springboard effort!! He flips at Jonny, but the Defiler ducks his head and runs through! Cade lands on his feet, but Jonny charges back with a CLOTHESLINE! SYDAL DUCKS JUST IN THE KNICK OF TIME! Jonny turns back around!!!


But Jonny sees it and simply moves a step back!

Cade, though, quickly moves into a guarded stance from his knees and nods his head.

Both men stare at each other and the crowd POPS!

Jonny doesn’t let the series effect him at all and just stands back, watching.

Dave Dymond: A very interesting pace early on. Cade is not going to mess around, and that’s really the smartest thing you can do against Jonny.

Other Guy: Yeah, we’ve said it a bunch, and I hate complimenting the guy, but The World Champ is possibly one of the greatest “Defensive” Competitors in our sport. He literally will do everything he can to get his opponent to make a mistake… But the quicker the pace, the more frequently you keep him on his toes, and the more likely it is that Cade can get HIM to make the mistake.

Sydal pops back up to his feet and both men reconsider their strategies as they circle the ring.

Dave Dymond: Jonny and Sydal circling the ring again, and what must the Champ be thinking.

Other Guy: That he’s dead.

Cade moves in on Jonny. Jonny prepares for grapple, but suddenly Cade drops down and spins around with a SWEEP KICK! Jonny leaps over! Cade is vulnerable momentarily! Jonny drops down with an elbow! Cade slides out of the way! Jonny hits the mat! Cade flips with a standing-swanton attempt! But Jonny ducks and rolls up to his feet! Cade uses his momentum to get back up quickly, but Jonny follows through with a knee to the midsection! Cade momentarily keels over, and Jonny grabs him by the side and the tights and HURLS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!

Cade flies between the top and middle ropes and CRASHES to the floor outside!

Dave Dymond: LOOK OUT!

Jonny immediately shakes his head and frustratedly shouts out “FUCK” for whatever reason. However, he doesn’t stay annoyed for long and goes back to work. He exits the ring from the opposite site that he through Cade out and drops to the floor. Linam protests momentarily, but backs off and starts issuing a moderately paced ten count.

Dave Dymond: Jonny now stalking Cade who is recovering on the outside.

Other Guy: He’s definitely frustrated early… I don’t like it!



Jonny stalks around the ring and moves in position behind Cade! He sees his prey laying unknowingly and charges! But Cade suddenly springs up and uses Jonny’s momentum to THROW HIM INTO THE RING POST! Jonny hits HEAD FIRST!! The Champ is in a momentary daze, grabbing at his face! Cade moves up behind Jonny, wraps his arms around his waist and EXECUTES A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE OUTSIDE!!!


Dave Dymond: OH WHAT A MOVE!!!

Linam stops his count to yell at Cade, who rolls into the ring to break the count, but then quickly rolls back outside! Linam urges the competitors to come inside, but with it being as early as it is and with the bout being as important as it is, he is somewhat lenient. Cade aggresses on Jonny and starts to lift him! He lands a forearm strike and then grabs Jonny by the back of the head and starts to run him toward the guard railing!

The fans sense the impact coming!



Dave Dymond: Jonny with a reverse! And just like that…

Other Guy: DAMNIT!

Dave Dymond: …things quickly spin back in his favor.


The fans shout at Jonny, who looks down at Cade for only a second or two before turning around and sliding into the ring. His return breaks the ten-count, but unlike Cade, he stays in the ring, comfortable with the prospects of gaining a victory however he can.

He wipes at his face, checking for blood and then runs his hands through his hair.

Linam starts his ten count again.

Dave Dymond: A shot like that could really play a factor later on, and you have to wonder if maybe Cade was just a little too aggressive.

Other Guy: I don’t think so. He’s gonna answer this ten count easy, and he’s gonna go back to work. You got a guy like Jonny… you have to take risks. I mean, HAVE TO, Dave. Cade plays it cool and waits for Jonny to come back in the ring…? he slows the pace and then we’re wonderin’ what happens if he stays aggressive. Ya know, man? That’s how this sport works. We can always find a what if… but not tonight. I’m stickin’ by my pony because Cade HAS TO DO THIS!






Linam hits five and Cade is stirring. It’s not the fastest count in the world, as most wrestling official counts go, but it’s enough to strike a sense of urgency into the troubled Sydal. He holds at his back and pushes himself up. Jonny watches, but he doesn’t stray from the far corner, leaving Cade with plenty of room to re-enter.


Cade holds himself up on the guard rail for a moment, and arches his back before turning to face the ring.


Dave Dymond: So Cade up and it looks like he’ll answer this count.

Sydal steps toward the ring and carefully climbs back up to the apron, cautiously entering from a standing position, eliminating the possibility of Jonny sneaking in with an attack. However, the point is mute as the DEFILER stays put, opting to watch Sydal.

Dave Dymond: Cade back in and the Champ is docile.

Other Guy: Maybe in body, but not in mind. Those eyes are scary, man. He’s cookin’ some shit up.

Cade looks on at Jonny as if to say “You got me, but I’m nowhere near done.”

Jonny doesn’t seem to care one way or another.

His eyes show nothing.

Other Guy: Cade needs to stay aggressive, Dave. This is the time to show Jonny something special.

Cade moves in quickly and comes high with a kick. Jonny gets his arms up and blocks, though! He gets a hold of Cade’s leg and shoves him away. Sydal stumbles back but then suddenly leaps forward with a spinning heel kick attempt! Jonny ducks!!! Cade flies over the top of him, but softens his fall and is able to roll through across the mat! Cade hops to his feet! Jonny turns around! Cade jumps into him with his knees brought in, but then extends his legs and catches the Champ with a MONKEY FLIP!!!

But Jonny lands on his feet!

He turns around.

Cade spins around.

Dave Dymond: We saw shades of this from Jonny and Corazon at Reckoning Day, and we’re now seeing it tonight. That has to be frustrating for any opponent.

Other Guy: Like I said. Cade needs to stay active. He’s a beatable opponent if you stick to your guns. Adrian Corazon did it, and Cade can do it.

Cade wastes very little time. He moves in on Jonny and the two men lock up in a grapple. Sydal shoves him back toward the ropes, but Jonny spins around, and it’s now the DEFILER that has Cade back in the ropes! Using the ropes as leverage, He throws his smaller opponent across the ring. Cade bounces back and Jonny attempts a tilt-a-whirl maneuver! Cade, though, repositions his body in midair to be able to counter with a HURRACANRANA! Jonny skids across the mat! Cade moves to one of the nearby corners and hops over the top rope to the outside, and then from the apron, leaps to the top turnbuckle! Jonny turns around! CADE DIVES FORWARD! Jonny DUCKS, but CADE GOES OVER THE TOP AND BRINGS JONNY DOWN WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!!

Dave Dymond: We have a pin fall attempt!!!

Linam drops down to make the count!!!


Jonny scissors his legs together across Cade’s head and breaks the hold. Cade falls back. Jonny rolls backward up to his feet! Cade turns around, but Jonny catches him off guard with a double leg take down! Sydal hits the mat! Jonny flips forward into a bridge!!! Linam drops to count the fall!

Dave Dymond: Jonny with a fall of his own!



Cade kicks out before two! Jonny gets to his feet, but a feisty Sydal beats him to it. The Champ turns around and Sydal is right there to reel off a SICK KICK THAT CATCHES HIM RIGHT IN THE MIDSECTION!!! Cade then leaps, spins, and catches Jonny with a spinning back kick! The DEFILER falls into the ropes!!! Cade charges forward with a splash, but Jonny, though pained, side steps and Cade goes front first into the corner! Jonny follows with a forearm shiver to the back as Sydal starts to stumble out of the corner. The impact sends Cade back toward the post and Jonny positions himself with Cade’s right arm wrapped his left shoulder. He hoists Cade up like he’s going for some kind of standing side suplex, but instead plants the challenger on the top turnbuckle! With Cade dazed and perched on the top rope, facing the crowd, Jonny begins to climb up to the second turnbuckle. He wraps his arms around Cade’s waist and seems to be looking for a German Suplex.

Dave Dymond: What is the World Champion gonna do here?

Jonny is wrapping his legs around the turnbuckle now and it looks like he wants to connect on a SPIDER SUPLEX! He hoists Cade into the air, but CADE FLIPS AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! Jonny has no choice but to finish extending his body, and CADE RUNS AT THE DEFILER WITH A LEAPING BASEBALL SLIDE DROP KICK TO THE FRONT OF THE FACE!!!



Dave Dymond: What a move from Cade!!! Jonny with a failed spider suplex and Cade WITH A SHOT OF ALL SHOTS!!!

Other Dave: Whoa! He’s not done Dave!!!

With Jonny now hanging in a Tree-Of-Woe position, Cade throws a kick into his chest and ribs. He then braces himself and catapults up to the top rope, over the DEFILER!! He steps on Jonny’s knee, which forces the champ to sit up and then LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE, COMING DOWN ON JONNY’S HEAD WITH A DOUBLE FOOT-STOMP!!!



Dave Dymond: THE IMPACT!!! OG, this could do it! Jonny is writing in pain!!! Cade rushes for a cover!!!

Other Guy: COME ONE!!

Cade throws his body on Jonny, spinning him away from the ropes and pushing him down to the mat with everything he has!!!

Linam makes a count!!!

The fans count along!!!





Jonny shoulders out at two and the crowd looks frustrated!!!

Dave Dymond: NO!

Other Guy: Damn it!

Cade stays cool and collected, but continues to work with a sense of urgency!  With Jonny still down, Cade takes two steps forward back toward his opponent, and then EXECUTES A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!


Dave Dymond: What a move!!!  Cade on top for another cover!

Other Guy: Keep going! Yes! Please Linam!  C’mon, cat!!!

Cade stays on top hooks the leg!!!

Linam with another count!!!




Jonny shoulders out AGAIN!!!  And the fans let out a disappointed “OOOOOOH!” again, the ones in the front row banging on the guard rail in frustration.

Dave Dymond: Another near fall, but OG, the DEFILER remains as tenacious as ever!

Cade stays on Jonny.  He lifts him off the mat so he’s in a seated position.  Cade fires off a SICK SOCCER STYLE KICK to the back!  “CRACK!”  And then ANOTHER ONE WITH THE OPPOSITE LEG!!! “CRACK!”  Cade then comes across his body and looks for a KILL SHOT WITH A KICK TO JONNY’S FACE…

BUT IN IMPROBABLE FASHION, Jonny dips his body down and does a MATRIX-LIKE LIMBO move to DODGE THE ATTACK! (“OOOOOOH!!!”) Cade loses his balance momentarily and Jonny, positioned underneath Sydal, grabs a hold of his trunks and PULLS HIM INTO A ROLL UP!!!

Linam with the count!!!



Dave Dymond: Yes!  Cade out at two!

Cade tries to turn around as fast as he can, but Jonny catches him with a DESPERATION SPINE BUSTER!!!

And the pace finally slows for a moment.

Dave Dymond: WOW!

Other Guy: (Frustrated) I hate this.

Jonny is quick to roll out of the way, giving him some time to continue recovering from the flurry of offensive strikes he took from Cade.

Dave Dymond: Another impact attack on that back.  Let’s see if slows Cade down at all.

Sydal does actually hold at his back, and is a tad slower to his feet.  Jonny slaps the mat, obviously frustrated and in pain and starts to get back up as well.  He manages to make it up before Cade and moves in on him.  He lunges with a sole-first kick to the head and connects!  Cade, who had been trying to push himself up, falls to his side after the shot, but the rolls back on his stomach and tries to fight through again.  Jonny Tees up and charges forward with a KNEE!  He catches Cade RIGHT UNDER THE JAW and CADE’S BODY FLAILS BACKWARD TOWARD THE CORNER!!!

Dave Dymond: No wasted movement from Jonny.  Once he sees an opening, he will strike.  It’s not flashy.  It’s often times not even fun.  But that’s the style he has perfected since returning to the States last January.

Using the bottom ropes, Cade tries to push himself up, but Jonny is there to land a boot to the midsection.  Cade falls back down and Jonny grabs a handful of hair and pulls him up.  He snarls at Cade and then snaps off an OVERHAND CHOP to the chest!!!  STIFF AS HELL!  (“WOOOOOO!”)  Jonny pulls Cade’s head back and NAILS HIM straight on with a forearm!  Cade reels!  Jonny follows with a back, left elbow to the nose and then spins 180 degrees and connects on a STIFF, STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND TO THE SIDE OF THE FACE!!  The blow drops Cade to his knees, and Jonny helps him fall the rest of the way by maliciously throwing him down by the back of his head!

Other Guy: (Still clearly frustrated) It’s that one mistake with him.  Damn it.

Jonny cruelly executes a KNEE DROP on the back of Cade’s neck!  He lets the pain settle and then methodically goes back to work.  He starts to lift Cade up off the mat, and gets him into position for a vertical suplex, or at least that’s what it looks like with Jonny standing up right, and Cade bent over, facing him, arm draped over the back of his shoulder.  Jonny then hoists Cade up into the air and DROPS HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE WITH A SUPLEX!!!



Dave Dymond: OOOOH MY!!!

Other Guy: JESUS!  (Desperate) No!

After almost fifteen, twenty minutes, The DEFILER finds the time to enjoy himself.

He stays seated on the mat, facing away from Cade, smirking.


The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion rolls his eyes and rotates around, now watching Cade.  He drags him by his left arm out of the corner and drops down to make a lazy pin attempt!

Dave Dymond: Jonny with a cover.  This could do it.

Other Guy: Kick out, Cade…  Kick out, Cade…

Linam drops to make the count!!!




CADE KICKS OUT!!  Barely, but he does!!!


Jonny keeps collected and Cade tries to get back up.  Jonny gives him some room, but as soon as Cade starts to push himself up, Jonny falls forward with a CHOP BLOCK TO THE BACK CADE’S LEFT LEG!!!  Cade falls to the mat, and Jonny stays focused on the leg!

Dave Dymond: The back…  the legs…  Jonny wants to keep Cade slow and grounded for the remainder of this bout.

Jonny pulls Cade up by the back of his left leg!  Cade, with his back to Jonny, has to hop on his left leg to stay balanced!  The DEFILER seems poised to strike with a big attack, but all of a sudden CADE CHAOTICALLY LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND CONNECTS ON WHAT COULD ONLY BE CALLED…



But Cade isn’t done!  He reacts quickly and reaches for Jonny’s right arm!!!


Other Guy: YES!!!  HOLY…  HOLY FUCK, DAVE!!! I’ve never seen that before!!! What a counter!!!

Dave Dymond: And that’s Jonny’s right arm and shoulder!!! Perhaps capitalizing on what happened last week!!!

Cade REALLLLLLLLLY pulls back hard!!!  Jonny is in pain, but manages to get to his feet and keep bent at the waist!  Cade rolls back and forth, trying to get Jonny completely cinched in, but the DEFILER holds his ground and actually starts to try and counter out!  He swings his body and is able to WHIP CADE OFF OF HIM!!  Sydal scoots across the mat, and Jonny shakes out his right arm!!!  Cade charges back and lands a KICK TO THE RIGHT SHOULDER!  Jonny SCREAMS in frustration and turns his body away from Cade!

Dave Dymond: And Cade staying on his game!  He’s trying to fight back into this one!!!

Though his body is turned from Cade to protect that arm, Sydal is NOT DETERRED!  He leap frogs over Jonny, flips in midair and brings Jonny’s JAW DOWN ACROSS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!!!  Jonny’s head bounces back and he halls to the mat!!!  Cade rushes to the right arm now!!!  Jonny is leaning back on it.  Cade makes a move, but JONNY LIFTS THE RIGHT ARM AND CONNECTS ON A LOW BLOW!!


Dave Dymond: I don’t think he saw it!  Jonny’s right arm tucked out of sight, and Cade’s body blocked his view!

Cade starts to fall forward and the fans “BOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Linam has an idea of what happened, but couldn’t see, so all he can do is half-heartedly yell at Jonny.

Other Guy: FUCKING JONNY!  Someone go in that ring and shoot him!

Dave Dymond: OG c’mon man.

Other Guy: I’m Goddamn serious…  I’m SICK OF THIS CRAP!

Linam yells at Jonny, who doesn’t seem concerned in the least as he backs away from Cade.  Jonny stands up and looks down at Cade.  He grabs a handful of hair, deliberately so the referee can see and lifts Cade off the mat as well.  However, Cade suddenly SWATS Jonny away AND LEAPS UP WITH A NINJAGURI!!!  JONNY DUCKS!!!



Other Guy: NOOO!



He flips Jonny over his shoulder!!!

He then grabs Jonny’s right arm!!!

Dave Dymond: Kimura lock???

Cade struggles to get Jonny into position!  Jonny fights off the attempt!  Cade loses his grip!  Jonny scurries away!  Cade goes after him!!  Jonny turns around!  Cade charges!! 



Cade is in pain and falls out of the corner!!!


Other Guy: CADE NO!!! TURN!!!





The shock is followed with BOOOOOOOING!!

Jonny drops down and hooks the leg!!!

Other Guy: KICK OUT!!!! KICK OUT!!!!!

Linam with the count!!!




Other Guy: (Defeated) Damn it!

Austin Linam calls for the bell!


The haunting chimes at the start of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” begin to ring out and this crowd is absolutely deflated.

Jonny slowly rises to his feet, looking down at Cade, waving “Goodbye” in taunting fashion.  Linam retrieves the World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Jonny, who accepts it.

Linam then raises the DEFILER’S hand, but Jonny never looks away from the fallen Cade Sydal.


The fans are stunned.

Dave Dymond: Wow, OG.  Just…  Wow.  I am in shock.

Other Guy: That fucking low blow.

Jonny adjusts the World Title over his shoulder and slowly starts to turn away.

He’s done with Cade Sydal.

But is Cade Sydal done with him?

Done with his chase?

Sydal starts to regain consciousness and can hear the Broken Social Scene song, realizing he must have just lost. 

He slaps the mat in sheer frustration.

Other Guy: I thought he was going to do it.  I’m so fucking pissed right now.  I swear to God…  SOMEONE just kill Jonny Johnson.

Dave Dymond: OG, seriously.  We can’t say that.

Other Guy: What?  Now they got to you?

Dave Dymond: No.  I just know our fanbase, and I don’t want to be responsible for anymore legal bullshit.  Jonny’s day is going to come.  It has to.

Jonny never once looks back at Cade as he heads down the aisle, making a quick departure.

Other Guy: (Clearly frustrated) And what if it doesn’t?

Dave Dymond: Eric or Trevor is gonna do it, OG.  Someone has to!

Other Guy doesn’t have a response to Dave’s optimism.

And both commentators fall as frustratingly silent and shocked as the fans.


We fade into a locker room.  Trevor Worrens stands, looking somewhat wistfully, but intensely out in front of him, the camera capturing this from the side.

Trevor Worrens: When I first stepped into SHOOT Project… I didn’t realize what this all meant.  I didn’t see the big picture.

The shot cuts now to Jester Smiles, he also stands in a locker room, his focus straight ahead, his eyes showing determination, yet he has a smile on his face.

Jester Smiles: When I first stepped into SHOOT Project, I didn’t expect much out of myself. I didn’t see me for what I could do and what I could become.

We cut back to Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: I wanted the World Heavyweight Championship for all the wrong reasons.  I had no respect for the business, I had no respect for that title, I had no respect for anyone who came before me.

We cut back to Jester.

Jester Smiles: Titles? I was practically begging not to win them. I didn’t think I deserved them. I was either all jokes and no actions, or moping and depressed. It’s amazing I still had a job.

Another cut back to Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: It’s when I lost it, when I lost that World Heavyweight Championship that I realized what this business actually meant, and more importantly what it meant to me.

Another cut back to Jester.

Jester Smiles: But you know what? No matter what my attitude, I kept winning titles. I won the Revolution Title twice. I won the Laws of Survival Championship. Pretty soon, I couldn’t ignore the obvious. By god, I was good enough.

A cut to Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: I felt the rush inside of me. I felt the passion grow.  And ever since that moment I saw continued success. I felt alive, I felt good, and I felt proud.

Back to Jester.

Jester Smiles: It’s the greatest feeling in the world to know you are good enough, but then I realized something. I had to get better. I had plans, I had dreams, and I had desire, and it was going to take more than just being good enough. I had to become great. I HAVE to do something…bigger.

A cut right back to Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: That rush, that passion, it NEEDED to be applied to something more than just surviving.  I established my survival instincts, I showed the world what I was willing to go through… but that passion… that rush it had to lead to something, eventually… bigger.

It cuts back to Jester, who’s grin is wider.

Jester Smiles: Then it came. Master of the Mat. I went in uncertain, but as I kept winning, as I kept getting closer, I started to realize how close I was. It’s here. It’s my chance. And I’m not going to let a damn person stop me now. Because I can win this. I CAN be something greater.

A cut to Worrens, a slight grin on his face but he does his best to maintain his serious expression.

Trevor Worrens: Then came Master of the Mat.  Another tournament, a second chance.  And I took it.  For everything it was worth and more, I took the chance and here I stand. And I’m not going to let anyone stop me now.  I can win this.  I can be the absolute best!

Another cut puts Jester Smiles back in focus, but he looks playfully annoyed.

Jester Smiles: Oh, REAL clever. Cuz, you know, I didn’t JUST say the exact same thing.

The scene cuts back to reveal that Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens are in the same room, staring each other face to face.  Worrens breaks his serious expression.

Trevor Worrens: Well, honestly, there is only so much either of us can say.  Plus it wasn’t the exact same thing, I said absolute best, you said something greater.

Jester puts on a mock smug look.

Jester Smiles: Oh, sorry. I didn’t finish. Something greater…than Trevor Worrens!! OH! THAT’S RIGHT!! I WENT THERE!!

Worrens can’t help but laugh.

Trevor Worrens: We probably shouldn’t have done this thing in the same room, Eric…

Jester nods in agreement.

Jester Smiles: Yeah, but they were going to charge extra if we used to separate rooms, and, really, I don’t want you to spend too much money. After all, when I win tonight, you are going to buy the alcohol.

Worrens looks down for a moment, shaking his head with a smile.

Trevor Worrens: You mean when I win, you’ll buy the alcohol, so you can drown the slight sorrow that comes from being…

Worrens leans in and pinches his fingers together close, but so they’re not touching.

Trevor Worrens: This close.

Jester grins.

Jester Smiles: I knew I’d rub off on you eventually.

Jester extends his hand.

Jester Smiles: Good luck out there, man. No jokes, no hidden meanings, nothing. If I weren’t in this match, I’d be cheering you on. May the best man win and go on to represent SHOOT Project as the World Champion.

Worrens shakes Jester’s hand and then afterwards pats him on the back.

Trevor Worrens: I’ll second that, Eric.  It’s our time, our moment.  You ready?

Jester grins from ear to ear. He’s so excited he’s actually bouncing on his heels.

Jester Smiles: Oh hell yes.

Worrens takes one deep breath, and as he lets it out a smile spreads across his face.

Trevor Worrens: That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Jester pats Trevor on the shoulder before letting go of the hand. With a big smile still on his face, he exits.  The focus remains on Worrens for a moment who looks on after Jester.  Then the scene fades out.


There is a buzz in the arena as the fans anticipate the final match of the night. The lights begin to flicker, and there is a static hum that softly sounds from the PA system. The crowd grows a little louder, a few cheers here and there throughout the Thomas and Mack center. However, it stays mostly quiet, as no one is really sure who is about to come out.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for ONE FALL, and is for the title of 2008 Master of the Mat!!!

Suddenly, the lights go completely out, which causes a rather loud pop, though, again, many fans are still completely silent in anticipation. The static hum is matched by a static screen on the video screen. The opening to "Survive" by Rise Against begins, with the slight bass beat and drum line echoing through the arena. Two blue spotlights shine on the video screen, which comes to life when the guitar line kicks in. We see Jester Smiles at Revolution 34, making his intentions to enter Master of the Mat heard. There is no audio to this, so the only thing heard is "Survive". The scene then cuts to Revolution 35, and we see Jester Smiles hitting, in slow motion, the Last Laugh on Crush Heart and making the pin fall for the victory. Cut to Revolution 36, showing, once again in slow motion, Jester Smiles hitting the Last Laugh on Dan Stein and pinning for the victory. The fans can be heard growing louder at this point. Cut to Revolution 37, showing in slow motion Jester Smiles hitting a hard hook kick on Chris Davis and dropping down to make the pin fall. It shows Jester Smiles standing on the middle turnbuckle, absolutely exhausted, but holding his arm highs high in victory. Cut to Revolution 42, and we see Jester Smiles embracing Trevor Worrens and then holding Trevor’s arm high, both men eating up the crowd’s applause.

Dave Dymond: It has been a tremendous journey for Jester Smiles that culminates here tonight in that very ring before us, Other Guy.

Other Guy: No doubt, and regardless of everything else that has happened tonight.  Nothing is going to stop this moment from meaning everything to the two Master of the Mat Finalists. This is huge purely on the level of competition and respect, Dave.

The screen then fades out to real time. The blue spotlights shine on the entrance ramp, and there is a mist rising up from the ground all over the ramp. From the back, in a black hooded robe with purple and green splotches all over it, Jester Smiles emerges from the back. The crowd erupts, but Jester Smiles simply keeps his head down, his arms to his side. He stands at the middle of the ramp and stops, facing the ring, his face still down. He then slowly begins to raise his arms, holding them out to his sides, stopping when his hands are aligned with his shoulders. He motions with his fingers for more noise from the crowd, which they oblige. As the entrance to "Survive" fades out, Jester removes the hood, and the blue spotlights are replaced with a single bright spotlight. Jester is seen, looking at the PACKED Thomas and Mack Center, and he looks overwhelmed and happy. With the camera zoomed in on him, and the image appearing on the video wall, we see Jester mouthing ‘thank you’.

Finally, the guitar begins to really pick up, and Jester begins undoes his robe. He tosses it to one side of the audience, allowing some lucky fan to go home with the robe. This reveals his attire. He wears the usual baggy green and purple camo wrestling pants, his purple and green MMA gloves, and his blue smiley face sock cap. He also wears a "In Jester Smiles We Trust" t-shirt and two white wrist bands, the ones he wore the show after his parents died, with the A for Allen and R for Resa in black When the music pauses, Jester leaps in the air, and when the music starts back up, he lands, throwing his arms out, green pyros erupting to right of him, purple pyros erupting to the left.

Dave Dymond: And here we go!

Samantha Coil: INTRODUCING FIRST! Tonight, he weighs in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, but representing Richmond, Virginia, he is the Hero of SHOOT Project, JESTER SMIIIIIIIIIIIIILES!!!!

Jester has launched himself at the top of the barricade, in front of the ramp on the right side, and he is hanging over the side, leaning on the fans and high fiving as many people as he can. He rips off his sock cap and tosses it in so a fan can have it. After getting the right side ready, he goes and does the same for the left side! First, he takes off the "In Jester Smiles We Trust" t-shirt and tosses it in, revealing a green and purple camo sleeveless t-shirt. Jester leaps into the fans, leaning on the barricade, high fiving and fist pounding with everyone, giving a few fans hugs and rubbing a few people on the head. A large crowd gathers around Jester, and one fan actually crowd surfs his way to Jester. Jester high fives the fan before getting down. He makes his way down the entrance ramp, jumping back and forth between barricade sides, high fiving as many people as he can.

Other Guy: The crowd in love with the clown, but he’s gone WAY beyond that simple image, Dave. We are looking at a Jester Smiles who fought with tons of determination to get where he is tonight.

Dave Dymond: Indeed. In the dark times that seem to be plaguing SHOOT Project, these fans recognize just what Jester Smiles represents.  What Trevor Worrens represents, and most of all, what this VERY match represents.

When Jester reaches the ring, he leaps on the barricade and proceeds to balance his way around it, once again, high fiving as many people as he possibly can. Once he is next to the announce table, he gets off the barricade and stands in front of the announce table, staring at the people behind it. The fans proceed to go nuts as Jester leaps ONTO the announce table and makes his way past Dave Dymond and OG to interact with the fans behind them!

Other Guy: (looking back over his shoulder at Jester) Well thanks for joining us, Jester.

Jester stops for a moment and shakes Dave’s hand, then he shakes OG’s, and then he precedes to high five as many fans behind the two as he possibly can.

Jester climbs back onto the announce table and makes his way around the other side, finally getting to the "I Love Jester" contest winners. It’s the crowd of fifteen people all wearing "In Jester Smiles We Trust" t-shirts. Jester high fives them and interacts, and then he leaps onto the ring apron. He is about to get in the ring but he stops, looking back at the contest winners.

Dave Dymond: There you see the fifteen lucky fans sitting ringside, and Nightmare in that front row right along with them, he’s been there all night taking EVERYTHING in.

Other Guy: Kinda hard to be ignored now, eh Dave?

Dave Dymond: That’s one way of getting on airtime, yes.  And I’m guessing that’s exactly WHY Nightmare has situated himself at ringside throughout the night.

Jester then leaps off the apron, climbs over the barricade, and begins to high five, hug, and just generally play up the fans directly behind the barricade. He takes off the camo sleeveless t-shirt and hands it to a young fan who is with the contest winners. He rubs the kids head and then jumps back over the barricade, leaping onto the ring apron and climbing into the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs it, and holds his arms high, and by this point, the crowd is on their feet, erupting for Jester Smiles! Jester face is one of shock and joy as he smiles, once again mouthing ‘thank you’. He leaps off the turnbuckle and goes to the center of the ring, touching his wristbands and pointing to the sky. He can be seen mouthing ‘I love you’. He then steps back and leans against the ropes, staring down the entrance ramp and waiting, the biggest, happiest smile in the world on his face.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The focus then shifts from the ring to the Master of the Mat video screen, and shown is a plain white room with a number of people standing inside of it, all wearing black pants and black turtlenecks. There seems to be an endless sea of them, all with no expression on their faces, all looking exactly the same, until the pan reveals Trevor Worrens, and the fans begin to pick up.  “Anthem for the Underdog” by 12 Stones starts in immediately.

“You say you know just who I am

But you can’t imagine

What waits for you across the line

You thought you had me…”

The video screen shifts as Worrens walks through the sea of people and the music builds up to the chorus.

“But I’m still here standing…

and I’m tired of backing down!”

The pyros erupt high above the entryway, raining down in gray and white colors.  Trevor Worrens BURSTS out from the back and he immediately points down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: We heard it earlier from Worrens’s own mouth, this night is his moment for a second chance.  And a victory for Worrens would be his second tournament victory in one year.

Other Guy: He’s got the ability, he’s got the mind set, now he just has to overcome a man who has that same ability and same mind set.

“And I’m here now feeling the pain

of a thousand hearts

been to hell and back again

I won’t take this!”

Worrens tags hands with some of the fans en route to the ring, nodding his head slightly to the beat of the music.

Samantha Coil: He weighs in tonight at 234 pounds… hailing from Claremont New Hampshire, he is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… THIS. IS. TREVOR WORRENS!!!

The video screen behind Worrens changes to play clips of him in action, specifically those matches that led him to the Master of the Mat Finals.  Worrens stands right outside the ring, looking directly at Jester Smiles who stands inside. Worrens nods his head with a smile and then walks to the corner and jogs up the steel steps.  He stops there and points out to the fans once more and then points to Jester.  Worrens walks the length of the ring edge and then enters through the ropes on the other side. Worrens then immediately turns and ascends to the second turnbuckle, removing the Laws of Survival Championship from his waist and holding it vertically by the strap.

Dave Dymond: The Laws of Survival Championship NOT on the line tonight, but Worrens representing the title in his quest to be named the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat.

Other Guy: It’s a honor, and just like Jester said earlier in the week, it’s a title NOBODY can take away from you. The gold… it comes and goes, but once Master of the Mat… ALWAYS a Master of the Mat.

Dave Dymond: I couldn’t have put it better myself, partner.

The music fades as Worrens passes the Laws of Survival Championship out of the ring and then turns his full attention to Jester Smiles.  Senior Official Scott Kamura calls both men to the center of the ring.  The two meet and with the crowd buzzing, Kamura goes over the match rules with both participants, and every so often Jester or Worrens nod their heads.  Kamura then motions both men to separate corners, but before breaking away Jester and Worrens shake hands, which gets a pop from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: The show of respect once more as these two competitors shake hands right in the center of the ring.

Other Guy: Ya know, some people are just waitin’ for this to explode into personal animosity, but it ain’t happenin’ Dave.  Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens are legit. Legit competitors and legit friends.  Ya gotta respect and love that.

Dave Dymond: My hats off to both men, and its one of those rare instances, Other Guy, where we can sit back and call this match up knowing full well whoever walks away victorious tonight, sure as hell will have earned it.


The bell sounds, signaling the official start of the match, but for a moment Jester and Worrens stand in opposite corners, taking in the energy and excitement of the crowd.  Worrens shakes his head with a smile after looking around at the sold out crowd and Jester steps forward and raises both of his arms up in the air.


Jester nods his head with a satisfied and playful smirk.  Worrens turns his back to Jester and ascends to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms up.


Dave Dymond: Think that constitutes as a crowd excited about both these competitors?

Other Guy: Uhhh… yeah, I think its safe to say so.

Worrens hops down from the second turnbuckle and looks back to Jester.  Jester nods his head and starts to circle the ring. Worrens moves as well, both competitors sizing each other up, but neither man quick to go in for the first attack.  They make one full circle and the crowd starts up as the two continue to move about the ring.


Jester suddenly stops a moment, as does Worrens, both men standing across the ring from left to right.  Jester starts to raise his arms up, and then moves in towards Worrens.  Worrens looks to meet Jester in the middle of the ring, but suddenly side steps, causing Jester to spin his body around to stay in front of Worrens and both men begin to circle again. The chanting continues and now Worrens lifts his arms up as well and moves in at Jester. Jester goes low, looking for a potential leg lift so Worrens pulls back, only for Jester to lunge upwards and catch Worrens in grapple.  The crowd pops as the two finally lock up and Jester works Worrens up against the right side ring ropes, only to whip him across the ring.

Worrens comes bouncing back and right away Jester looks for his signature shuffle sidekick.  Worrens leans his body as he swings around to the side though, the kick JUST missing Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Worrens avoiding the Virginia side kick, having it well scouted, and both Jester and Worrens know how close that one came.

Other Guy: These two have studied each other for weeks now, not to mention have fought before… so tonight you know both Smiles and Worrens are gonna have to pull out everything they got to win this one.

Dave Dymond: Definitely a feeling out process right now as neither man to quick to dictate the pace as once again Worrens and Jester circling the ring, looking for the right opening that could really set this match off.

As Worrens and Jester circle the ring once more, Worrens comes in quicker this time, looking for a lock up, but Jester turns his body and hooks Worrens under the left arm, snapping him down to the mat. Worrens hits but springs back up to his feet.   Jester comes at Worrens with a low kick to the legs, but Worrens dodges and as Jester plants his foot on the mat Worrens swings with a palm strike to the face!


Jester’s head snaps to the side, and Jester brings his hand to his face rubbing it slightly. Still he smiles at Worrens and Worrens taunts him, in turn, good-naturedly.  Jester charges in hard at Worrens, and once again the two lock up, but Jester quickly turns out of the grapple, whipping behind Worrens and applying a waist lock.  Worrens struggles to break the waist lock but as he pries at Jester’s arms, Jester lifts his arms up under Worrens’s, going to lock on a full nelson submission, but Worrens turns his body before Jester can fully apply the hold, Just as Worrens faces Jester, he looks for another palm strike, but Jester fires first, spinning around with a backhanded judo slap!

Dave Dymond: Worrens the first to fire but Jester coming right back with a quick strike of his own.

Worrens stumbles off to the side, and Jester stays right on top of him now, grabbing a hold of his arm and whipping him into the lower right corner of the ring.  Worrens hits the turnbuckles but comes running right back out, only for Jester to leap with a dropkick!  Worrens hits the mat quickly and the Jester fans pop.  Worrens gets up to his feet just as Jester hits the up ring ropes for added momentum. He charges at Worrens and Worrens quickly drops down onto the mat. Jester leaps over and Worrens back up to his feet and runs right behind Jester.  Jester is CLOCKED from behind with a hard forearm shot to the back of the head, just as he reaches the ropes, and he spills to the outside… No!

Jester holds on to the top rope and flips over, but Worrens right there, catching Jester by the legs.  He tries to shove Jester back down, but Jester instead wraps his legs tightly and flips Worrens over to the outside! Worrens lands on his feet and Jester flips back over the top rope landing on his feet inside the ring.  He looks to vault over the top rope but as he LEAPS, Worrens slides back into the ring.

Other Guy: Quick thinkin’ by Worrens, but even quicker by Jester who drops down onto the ring edge!

Dave Dymond: Worrens not aware… INCOMING!

As Worrens turns around Jester is already in mid air and he CRASHES down with a cross body!  Once again the Jester fans cheer with approval and Jester with a hook of the leg…

Dave Dymond: First cover of the match…


Strong kick out by Worrens after one.  Jester stays on the offense though, pulling Worrens up to his feet. Worrens pushes Jester back though, breaking from his hold, and Jester lunges back forward with an attempted kick to Worrens’s chest, but Worrens grabs the leg in mid kick and then pushes forward with a sudden STO Take down.

Dave Dymond: Leg capture STO by Worrens pin attempt, no Jester quickly shoves Worrens off of him.

Other Guy: Man these two ain’t gonna give an inch in this one.

Dave Dymond: The title of Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat is on the line, and both these men promised one another that they were going to give their absolute best fight tonight.

Jester scrambles up to his feet, but Worrens is already up and waiting, quick knee strike to the gut. Jester doubles over and Worrens hooks him into a front facing headlock, looking for a possible fisherman’s suplex to follow up with… and he hits it! Now Worrens makes a stronger cover on Jester and Kamura hits the mat and makes the count.


TW… not quite a two count as Jester shoulders out from under Worrens.  Worrens up to his feet, Jester up to a sudden crouch though and he hooks Worrens from behind with an arm, sweeping Worrens’s feet out from under him. Worrens lands on his back, cover by Jester…



Kick out by Worrens.  Jester gets up, pulls Worrens right up into a whip into the ropes, but Worrens reverses…. Jester reverses back in the other direction!  Worrens hits the ropes and comes running back at Jester, Jester for a spinning heel kick, but Worrens ducks under. Jester spins all the way around to face Worrens and brings both his arms up in a defensive stance.

Worrens pulls back his arm, but doesn’t strike as both just stand there for a moment. The crowd applauds both Jester and Worrens and Jester lowers his arms slightly nodding his head in agreement with the fans.

Other Guy: I’d say that right there ends the feeling out period a little exhibition if ya will from Jester and Worrens as neither of these cats able to really get somethin’ goin in their favor.

Dave Dymond: you have to appreciate the fans who in turn appreciate the sportsmanship and the competitive nature that we are witnessing in this match.  You know that the way they’re pacing themselves now is a CLEAR indication that they know they’ll have to exude plenty of energy and strength as this fight continues.

Jester backs away from Worrens now, giving him some space and Worrens rotates his right arm a bit, obviously stretching it out some as he goes back to circling the ring.  Jester goes right after him though instead of circling, and again forces Worrens into grapple.  Jester takes the left arm out of grapple and twists it around once, applying a wristlock and then he fires with a kick to Worrens’s mid-section. Then another one…. And a third kick.  Worrens doubles over, with Jester still holding onto the wrist, he steps over Worrens’s arm through his own legs and KICKS back his heel, driving it into Worrens’s face! Worrens’s body snaps back and Jester turns, grabs him by the arm and quickly pulls him in… belly-to-belly suplex….

Attempted but Worrens hooks his arm around Jester’s neck and whips his body backwards DRIVING Jester head first into the mat via a DDT!  The Worrens fans now cheer loudly as he covers Jester.



Jester kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Two count there, but Worrens staying in control, making sure not to give Jester a lot of room now by pulling him tightly with that front face headlock.

Worrens hits a couple of quick knee lifts to Jester’s body, keeping him groggy, but Jester gets RIGHT back into things as from a doubled over position, he drops to one knee and DRIVES his shoulder into Worrens’s gut.  Worrens staggers back and Jester stays after him, only for Worrens to rise up to his full vertical base and fire off a quick palm strike.  Jester takes the blow and fires back with a swift KENTA kick to the head that knocks Worrens for a loop!  Worrens spins around to the side and Jester picks up speed by bouncing off the ropes and he runs at Worrens from behind, looking for a bulldog but Worrens manages to push Jester through.

Jester stumbles forward and Worrens now attempts a running bulldog take down of his own… but Jester LIFTS him up and TOSSES him into the ropes!  Worrens’s feet hit the top rope at an angle, causing him to bounce off slightly as he falls onto his shoulders on the mat.  With Worrens down, Jester runs to the upper left corner of the ring, LEAPS to the top turnbuckle and then turns off CRASHING DOWN towards Worrens for a leg drop, but Worrens rolls out of the way!

Other Guy: Nobody there for Jester!

Dave Dymond: Worrens now has a shot to capitalize on Jester’s missed opportunity.

As Jester sits, wincing in pain, Worrens is up to his feet and he hits the ropes.  He bounces back towards Jester, and Jester looks to counter by laying on his back and putting both feet up. Worrens stops though and quickly grabs both of Jester’s legs.  He hooks both of Jester’s feet under his arms and turns his body so his back is to the upper right corner of the ring.  The Worrens fans begin to buzz as Worrens looks to catapult Jester into the corner.

Worrens WHIPS his body back and sends Jester into the corner, but Jester lands feet first on the second turnbuckle then steps up and just as Worrens stands, Jester FLIPS backwards with a moonsault into a DDT…

NO! Worrens lifts Jester up and nails an inverted atomic drop!  Jester staggers backwards, clutching at his lower region in pain and Worrens looks to finish big as he hits the ropes once again… but Jester recovers just in time and sends Worrens WAY UP AND OVER with a belly-to-belly over head suplex!


Dave Dymond: Big impact move from Jester, and that definitely woke up his fan base.

Other Guy: Yeah and maybe even sent a wake up call to Worrens that now its time to turn it up a couple more notches.

Worrens rocks back and forth on the mat, and eventually sits up, pressing his left arm against his back.  Jester gets up to his feet and runs at the ropes in front of Worrens and comes back CONNECTING with a sitting dropkick that sends Worrens flat on his back. From there Jester shifts his body, making a cover on Worrens, making sure to hook the leg.

Kamura hits the mat and the Jester fans continue to show their excitement.



Kick out once again Worrens.  The fans settle a bit after the two count, but Jester stays in control, rolling Worrens over onto his back and from there lifts Worrens from the mat with a bridging German Suplex… and Jester STAYS bridged for another pin attempt!




Dave Dymond: Near fall that time as Jester Smiles using those suplexes to wear Worrens down.

Other Guy: Definitely almost had the three count, but like the sayin’ goes, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  And definitely NOT inside the squared circle.

Jester gets up as Worrens struggles to get up to his feet. Jester goes to grab him, only for Worrens to quickly dart his left arm out with a palm strike to Jester’s gut.  Jester absorbs the blow and keeps after Worrens, but Worrens just fires with a second palm strike, but also shoves Jester back in the process.  Worrens gets up to his feet and he shakes his right arm a little bit, wincing in pain.  He continues right on after Jester though and before Jester can restart up an offense, Worrens DRILLS Jester in the left thigh with a left knee strike. Then he drills him in the right thigh.

Then a palm strike to the sternum.  Jester sways in place and Worrens winds up and goes for a palm strike to the side of the face and CONNECTS! The impact sends Jester spinning around in place and Worrens IMMEDIATELY nails a clothesline from behind!

Dave Dymond: A classic Worrens combination of strikes there, and Jester sent to the mat.

With Jester on his stomach, Worrens quickly drops down and locks on a camel clutch submission, yanking up under Jester’s chin.  Jester grinds his teeth in pain, and the sudden submission wakes Jester up as he fights against the hold, trying to pull Worrens’s arms away from his chin and neck.  Worrens keeps pulling up though, adding more pressure as he sits down on Jester’s back.  Jester stops trying to break free with his arms, and instead uses his arms to try to get to the ropes.

Worrens quickly breaks the camel clutch submission on his own, only to drop back down and apply it a second time.

Other Guy:  Worrens not lookin’ to win with the camel clutch, but he’s makin’ use of it as a way to break Jester down.

Dave Dymond: A smart strategy, especially if Worrens is looking to attempt to lock on his signature arm hook sleeper.

Other Guy: That would be a match ender for sure as ANY time Worrens has locked that hold on, nobody escapes it.

As Jester struggles against the camel clutch hold once again, many of the fans in attendance start clapping and cheering for Jester, showing their support and encouragement for him.  Jester fights it, as the rally behind him continues, but suddenly Worrens shifts his body to plant both of his knees firmly on Jester’s legs and then he ROCKS BACK, pulling Jester up from the camel clutch into a bow and arrow choke!

Worrens shifts his knees so one is pushed into Jester’s back and the other planted on the mat in between Jester’s legs.  Jester moves his arms about now, once more looking to pry Worrens’s hands away from his neck.  Scott Kamura checks on the situation, but Jester refuses to give up and he fights against the submission, now trying to get up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Worrens going from submission to submission but Jester not about to let this one end here.

Jester continues to fight and Worrens rises right up with Jester, having to reach just slightly to keep his grip around Jester’s head and neck.

“JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER!”  The chant echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center as Jester NEARLY breaks away from Worrens, only for Worrens to let go with one arm, turn his body, and then bring Jester down FORCEFULLY across Worrens’s own back!

Dave Dymond: Jester’s come back stopped short with the inverted backbreaker from Worrens.

Other Guy: And just like that Worrens gets this one back in his favor.

With Jester on his knees, clutching at his back, Worrens follows up with a STIFF knee strike right between the shoulders!  Jester winces in pain and Worrens grabs him now, pulling him up from behind…

Dave Dymond: Worrens looking for a reverse DDT… no he’s grabbing Jester by the waistline of his pants… reverse suplex….

The fans hold their breath as Worrens hoists Jester up… but Jester’s lanky legs help carry him over so he lands behind Worrens.  Jester immediately applies a half nelson and the fans up on their feet!

Jester looks for the half-nelson barrel roll suplex, but Worrens quickly breaks free, but as he looks to put distance between himself and Jester, Jester reaches out with both hands, grabs Worrens by the head, and DROPS him down with a reverse face plant!  Jester reaches over, legs on both side of Worrens, and he pulls up on Worrens’s own legs for the pin.

Kamura hits the mat and makes the count… the Jester fans once more cheering loudly!



Worrens kicks his legs out, allowing him to break the count.  Jester rolls Worrens over onto his stomach from there, but Worrens starts pushing up off the mat, forcing Jester to change up his game plan. He pulls Worrens up to his feet from behind, turns him around and fires a quick forearm strike, with Jester’s elbow catching part of Worrens’s face as well. Worrens stumbles back but returns with a palm thrust strike of his own.  Jester stumbles, comes back, goes for another KENTA kick, but Worrens ducks and as Jester’s foot is brought back down on the mat, Worrens is on his back, ROLLING UP JESTER!!!

Dave Dymond: roll up pin!

Other Guy: Jester caught off guard!




OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Both the Jester and Worrens fans react to the close count but Kamura only shows two and motions for the match to continue.

Other Guy: Worrens almost had Jester on that surprise roll up.

Dave Dymond: that he did and now Jester and Worrens both back up to their feet, Worrens with a quick palm strike and then another! He has Jester reeling.

The Worrens fans pick up as Worrens lands palm strike after palm strike.  Jester staggers a great deal, and now Worrens backs up… only to run full speed at him!  He LEAPS attempting The Busaiku Knee Kick which has the fans buzzing, but Jester drops down flat on the mat, avoiding the kick…. BUT in an amazing display of balance Worrens lands on the second rope, holds onto the top rope to keep the balance… and then LEAPS WHILE TURNING!

Jester is up just as Worrens FLIES AT HIM with arm extended!

Dave Dymond: The takedown clothesline connects!




And a kick out by Jester!  Worrens gets right back up, but as he turns away from Jester, Jester suddenly maneuvers his body… and SNEAKS A ROLL UP ON WORRENS!  The crowd reacts; many on their feet as Kamura has to quickly drop right back down to make the count.




Other Guy: I thought he had em’!

Dave Dymond: Judging by the reaction from these fans, so did a LOT of people! Jester Smiles trying for a quick roll up in response to Worrens’s roll up just moments ago… but Worrens JUST able to kick out.

Worrens is up to his feet, Jester up to his.  Worrens fires off a knee strike that Jester attempts to dodge, but it just grazes his ribs.  Jester somewhat falters and Worrens follows up by hooking Jester, looking for a vertical suplex, but Jester lifts Worrens up instead and then drops him stomach first down onto the top rope!  Worrens is doubled over on the ropes and Jester now moves quickly to the corner….

The Jester fans are on their feet as Jester is on the second turnbuckle, then he steps up to the top turnbuckle, and this time he CONNECTS with a leg drop across the back of Worrens’s head! Worrens body bounces off the top rope and he falls backwards, SPILLING to the outside.  Jester is right back up to his feet and with Worrens stirring to his feet on the outside, Jester nods his head, jumping up and down at first, feeling the energy and the crowd gets into it.

Other Guy: Jester gettin’ the adrenaline flowin… he’s feelin’ this now, Dave.  Jester Smiles is in control!

Jester runs to the far end of the ring, bounces off the ropes and picks up speed.  Worrens is up to his feet, holding the back of his head and he doesn’t have time to react as Jester DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE AND TOP ROPE AND CRASHES INTO WORRENS!!!

Dave Dymond: The suicide dive was anything but suicide as it meets its mark and both Worrens and Jester are down right here in front of us!

Other Guy: The perks of being a SHOOT Project commentator, as close to ring side seats as you can get.

The crowd is buzzing with excitement as Jester lays somewhat on top of Worrens but rolls off to the side and starts to sit up.  Worrens rocks back and forth on the mat and Jester looks out to the crowd and raises an arm up.

JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER!  The Jester fans get going once again and now Jester pulls Worrens up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring.  Jester slides in after him… and now the cover after the high-risk…



THR… No dice as Worrens shoulders out once again.  Jester takes in a deep breath for a moment but keeps going, pulling Worrens up to his feet and pushing him back first against the ropes.  Jester fires a couple of quick strikes, but referee Scott Kamura calls for Jester to pull it away from the ropes.  Jester does as requested, pulling Worrens away from the ropes and then he swings him across the ring. Worrens manages to snap back in things though and stops his momentum, turning his body and grabbing onto the ropes.

Jester quickly charges in, and Worrens looks for a back body drop.  Jester is sent UP and OVER, but he holds onto the rope and pulls his body back down onto the ring edge.  He then grabs Worrens quickly from behind and looks for a reverse suplex out of the ring.

The fans buzz with nervous anticipation and concern but Worrens has one arm hooked around the ropes, keeping himself from being lifted all the way up.

Dave Dymond: Jester looking for a very dangerous execution of a reverse suplex here, and its no surprise that Worrens is fighting against it for dear life.

Jester continues to try to lift Worrens up but Worrens instead now pulls down on the ropes with one arm while grabbing at Jester’s head with the other… and he NAILS a make shift stunner!  Jester almost falls off the ring apron, but he gets a hold of the second rope as he collapses on the edge, half his body dangling off.  Worrens slowly stands up, wincing though for a moment as he grabs at his right shoulder.  He seems to shake it off though and he reaches over the top rope and pulls Jester up from there by Jester’s left arm.  He hooks him now and brings him back into the ring with a vertical suplex…

And then Worrens floats over and in a mounted position starts firing off quick alternating palm strikes, knocking Jester’s head from side to side. After a solid round of strikes, Worrens turns his body to the side, for a pin.

The count… and the Worrens fans perk up…



Jester shoulders out, but Worrens pushes his body back down, making another cover attempt.  Kamura counts again.


TW… Jester up and Worrens pulls him up, hooking him right away into a swinging neck breaker, but Jester manages to turn it into a backslide pin in his favor…. NO! Worrens flips his legs all the way over and DRILLS Jester in the back of the head with a hard knee! Jester’s entire body falls flat, stomach first, onto the mat Worrens rolls Jester over onto his back and goes for his third consecutive pin attempt.



THR… Jester shoulders out a third time.  Worrens seems to become slightly frustrated, but he smiles.  He gets up to his feet and points at Jester for a moment mouthing the words “he’s determined” some of the fans pop and Worrens now pulls Jester up off the mat and looks to send him into the lower left corner… Jester gets back into things, despite being somewhat groggy, and reverses on Worrens, sending him back first into the corner.

Dave Dymond: Worrens sent into the corner, and Jester coming on strong…

Jester DIVES at Worrens with a spear/shoulder take down attempt, but Worrens catches him quickly around the neck and DRIVES Jester’s head down with a DDT ONTO THE FIRST TURNBUCKLE!

Other Guy: Oh damn, Worrens hits that DDT, just usin’ Jester’s momentum against him!

The Worrens fans pick up now as Worrens sits up against the corner, Jester slumped right near by.  Worrens pushes him away and pulls up on the ropes to get up.  Jester struggles to get his bearings as he sends his arms out trying to get a hold of the ropes, but seems to be woozy.  Worrens pulls him up from behind, but it’s a little slower going as Jester has trouble standing.

Worrens attempts to lock on a full nelson, but Jester uses his long legs to push himself out of the corner and in turn his body knocks into Worrens sending him back.  Jester stumbles forward back into the corner and Worrens recovers quickly… moves in at Jester…


Dave Dymond: WHAT A KICK!

The crowd pops as Worrens falls instantly to the mat and Jester now back to Worrens, ascends to the top turnbuckle…. PICTURE PERFECT MOONSAULT!!!

Other Guy: The cover… is Jester Smiles the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the mat!?





Dave Dymond: Oh man oh man.  Jester with that Virginia Sidekick, then the moonsault, but Trevor Worrens digging down deep and is able to keep this match going.

Jester sits up and seems to second-guess the count, but when Kamura only shows two, he just shakes it off and continues.  Worrens rolls over onto his stomach now, and Jester picks him up half way, keeping Worrens bent over, and while standing to Worrens’s side, Jester fires off a few quick kicks into Worrens’s chest, and Worrens looks to fall to one knee but Jester keeps him up… only for Worrens to SNAP OFF A PALM STRIKE OUT OF NOWHERE!  Jester’s head reels to the side and Jester fires with a boot, but Worrens captures the leg… Jester LEAPS FOR THE ENZEGURI…

Worrens ducks it as the leg clears his head.  Jester falls onto the palms of his hands and Worrens now steps over the one leg he’s holding, turning his body, looks to apply a single leg crab, but then turns his body even more while grabbing Jester’s other leg and with both legs intertwined… he drops with the Indian Deathlock!

Jester shouts out in pain, but Worrens doesn’t keep it locked in long and quickly breaks the hold.

Dave Dymond: Worrens making use of that Indian Deathlock, but not something from his usual arsenal of moves, but he makes it effective never the less.

Other Guy: Yeah, kinda looks like Worrens is tryin’ to take Jester’s legs out of this equation, but from what we’ve seen of Worrens he has his focus on the back, neck, and head in most of his matches.

Worrens brings Jester right up to his feet after the quick Deathlock submission, and once more goes to some quick knee strikes to the thighs.  Jester falters from the attack and throws out a quick chop.  The sting stuns Worrens for a moment, but Worrens right back with a knee to the gut.  Jester doubles over and Worrens brings him into a vertical head scissors.  Worrens then looks to leap over Jester for a sunset flip pin…

Only for Jester to rise up slightly and WHIP Worrens back down in the other direction! Worrens’s head bounces off the mat!  The fans let out a collective OOOOOOOOH as Worrens clutches at his head, rocking back and forth in pain.  Jester goes to follow up, bending over Worrens, but Worrens throws a desperation boot right up into Jester’s face, sending Jester staggering back.  Worrens rises up to his feet and goes for a grapple lock up with Jester, but Jester gets right back in the fight with another well placed kick to the gut.

Worrens doubles over, Jester goes for a quick DDT, but it appears that Worrens shoves him down on his back… but no!  Jester PULLED him over, and he has his legs locked up around his head and neck… with the left arm extended downwards towards Jester’s body!

It takes a moment for full realization to set in, but soon the Jester fans are cheering once again!

Dave Dymond: Smiles has Black Mardi Gras locked on… that signature triangle choke and he pulled it off after what seemed like Worrens countered a DDT attempt.

Other Guy: And Worrens has nowhere to go, Dave!  Jester’s got that applied straight on!

Worrens flails his right arm, shouting in pain as he struggles against the triangle choke.  Scott Kamura stays in close, checking on the situation as Jester looks to the referee asking him to ask Worrens.

Scott Kamura: Worrens, do you give up?

Trevor Worrens: No!

Worrens shouts out and his fans pop.  The crowd is on the edge of their seats as Worrens continues to fight the hold, trying to find some way to shift his body or break away.


The mixture of chants fill the Thomas and Mack Center as Worrens continues to fight against the pain, and also fights to stay conscious.  Jester shouts to the referee “ASK HIM!” again.  Worrens, through clenched teeth, shouts no and moves his right arm to the side of Jester.

Dave Dymond: Worrens looks to be in bad shape as Jester has the Black Mardi Gras snapped on tightly.

Other Guy: I gotta admit, doesn’t look like there’s a way to break that hold at all.

Dave Dymond: Still these fans cheering and rallying behind both Worrens and Jester, and this could be the moment, Other Guy… is this the move that crowns Jester Smiles the Master of the Mat?

Worrens starts punching Jester repeatedly in the side with his right hand, trying to cause Jester to loosen up his grip. Jester keeps it on tightly and Worrens now pushes his feet firmly into the mat, trying to rock the leverage in his favor as he still throws punches. Jester won’t let up… but Worrens pushes just enough forward to get Jester’s shoulders on the mat.

Kamura counts.





Jester JUST sits up in time to break the count, and he still keeps the hold locked on tightly. Worrens throws a few more punches now and then Jester turns very slightly on his side, trying to keep his body away from Worrens’s fist, but Worrens pushes his arm under Jester now… and ATTEMPTS TO STAND UP WHILE LIFTING JESTER WITH THE ONE ARM!!!

Dave Dymond: Worrens actually trying to lift Jester up while he’s still applying the triangle choke… does he have the strength though!

Other Guy: It don’t look like it Dave, he can barely hold Jester up.

Worrens grunts loudly, his face showing extreme pain, Jester tries to yank back down and Worrens has JUST enough in him to drop to a sit out position with a very sloppy make shift powerbomb!  The impact forces Jester to break the submission hold, but Worrens falls backwards immediately after as well, clutching his right arm screaming in pain!

Dave Dymond: The triangle choke successfully broken, but at what cost now.  Worrens is hurting, Other Guy.

Other Guy: No doubt, we knew about his previous injury at the hands of Osbourne Kilminster, so ya gotta wonder if what Worrens just pulled off re-aggravated it, or worse… injured that arm even more.

Dave Dymond: Worrens was cleared to wrestle for tonight… so it’s uncertain as to what extent the injury was even to begin with… but really we have to ask is Worrens able to continue this match?

The crowd settles in as Worrens continues to shout in pain.  Kamura moves in close as Worrens sits up and starts asking Worrens something. Worrens just motions for him to get out of the way with his left arm and the crowd starts cheering loudly, and an overall applause of respect fills the arena.

Other Guy: Well that answers that question.

Worrens rises up to his feet with Jester slowly getting up to his. Worrens, with right arm held tight to the side of his body FIRES with a hard palm strike to send Jester stumbling back.  Worrens throws another, and another, and another! Jester is up against the ropes and Worrens just winds up… BIG TIME standing clothesline!  Jester flips over the top rope and falls to the floor on the outside.  Worrens steps through the ropes, maybe going to the outside himself, but he stays on the ring edge, watching and waiting.  Slowly Worrens backs up towards one of the corner posts, putting distance between himself and Jester… and still he watches.

Jester stirs on the floor, slowly pushing up to his feet, and as he does Worrens starts lifting his left arm up into the air repeatedly, and the Worrens fans start getting louder!  Jester is up to his feet… turns…

And Worrens runs the length of the ring edge and LEAPS off… AND DRILLS JESTER IN THE FACE WITH THE BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!!!


Dave Dymond: The knee kick connects from apron to floor!  And that kick,  its been Worrens’s knock out shot as of late, but both men are down on the outside!

Other Guy: Worrens has GOT to get Jester back in the ring now and make the cover… because if he does, Dave, this one is over… and it’s Trevor Worrens who becomes the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat.

Jester seems to be out cold and Worrens is on the floor nearby, struggling to get back up.  Slowly and surely, however, Worrens starts up and despite the pain in his right arm he tries to fight through it and uses both arms to lift Jester up and slide him back into the ring. Worrens, fairly exhausted, slides in after him and drapes over Jester for the cover.

The fans are on their feet.  Kamura hits the mat to make the count.


Worrens’s fans echo one!


Worrens’s fans echo two!




Scott Kamura: ONLY TWO!


Worrens throws his body to the side as he sits up, eyes showing a state of disbelief.  Slowly Worrens gets up to his full vertical base, and he just stands there staring down at Jester who rocks slightly on the mat, showing he’s still in this thing. Worrens grabs him, mostly with the left arm, while favoring his right.  He whips the only somewhat conscious Jester into the lower left corner of the ring, then turns to run in one direction, only to whip around and SPRINT at Jester!  Jester throws his body out of the corner with a reckless elbow shot that just happens to catch Worrens in the face!

Worrens staggers back, but comes right back at Jester.  Jester lunges in low, shouldering Worrens in the gut, and just as Worrens doubles over Jester HOISTS him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position!  He tries to walk out of the corner but Worrens reaches out and grabs the ropes, keeping from being taken down.

Dave Dymond: Worrens again fighting… but Jester YANKS him away from the ropes!

The crowd cheers as Worrens is then lifted up from the Fireman’s carry, and DROPPED with a GUTBUSTER!!!!

Other Guy: The Side Splitter!  See ya Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Somehow Jester gets right back into this, but I’m not sure Jester is fully with it even.

Worrens clutches at his stomach in pain as Jester sprawls out over him for the cover.  Kamura counts.




NO!  Worrens barely can get his left shoulder up… but he does.  Jester shakes his head, eyes somewhat rolling back a bit. He sways as he rises up to his feet then he turns from Worrens and climbs the corner turnbuckles… trying to steady himself.  Once more the Jester fans are on their feet… but as Worrens sits up, the Worrens fans get right into it as well!

Other Guy: Jester’s gotta look out!

Dave Dymond: Worrens climbing now… and this is unusual!

Other Guy: Well what else is he gonna do, Smiles kicked out after the knee kick, Worrens has to find SOMETHING that will keep Jester down.

Jester throws some back elbows to try to knock Worrens down from behind him, and after five hard shots, Worrens goes back down onto the mat, flat on his back.  Jester steadies himself on the top rope, raises both arms into the air.

But Worrens RIGHT back up now and he runs up the turnbuckles. Jester and Worrens fight it out, but quickly push each other both to the side and both catch their bodies on the adjacent ropes connecting to the post!

Dave Dymond: And BOTH men down now as this one still continues on… neither man has been able to put the other away but eventually SOMETHING has to give.

Worrens dangles on the outside edge of the ring, while Jester falls inside the ring, and works his way up to his feet from there. He charges at Worrens, but Worrens drops in between the ropes and sends a shoulder into Jester’s mid-section. Jester staggers back, allowing Worrens to get back into the ring.  Jester recovers from the shoulder to the gut and stands back up straight… only for Worrens to be right there with a clothesline.  Jester goes down and Worrens shouts for him to get back up, all the while holding his right arm still close to his body.  Jester works his way up to his feet and Worrens charges with another clothesline.

Jester is prepared this time and ducks under.  Worrens has to react quickly and he spins around… but Jester right there behind him… lifts up… AND A HUGE SPINEBUSTER!!!






Other Guy: That was damn close!

Dave Dymond: Indeed, this match has boiled down to the point where any impact move could be enough to end this.  And both men just trying to find some way to keep the other one down for three seconds.

Other Guy: It sounds easy, but in that ring, three seconds can be an eternity.

Jester slowly gets up, breathing heavily now as he takes a moment to just think of what to do next. Worrens rocks on the mat, once again clutching his right shoulder as his face contorts in pain.  Jester grabs Worrens by the left arm and pulls him up to his feet. Worrens is barely able to stand on his own, but throws out a desperation punch. It connects, but it’s weak and Jester easily fires back with a quick chop, then a judo slap, then another chop, then a hooking jab up into Worrens’s left shoulder. Worrens spins slightly, but Jester pulls him back to facing him and then hits a KENTA kick!  Worrens stumbles back into the ropes, his left arm dangling over the top, with the rope itself wedged up into Worrens’s armpit.

Jester moves in close to Worrens, only for Worrens to kick out his leg, but Jester catches it and shoves it back down onto the mat. Jester then grabs at Worrens, only for Worrens to push off the ropes just before Jester can get him. He ducks under Jester’s outstretched arms and DRILLS Jester in the back with a knee strike, then he plants his foot right away and KICKS Jester’s legs out from under him.  Jester falls to the mat, but Worrens on a burst of energy lifts Jester up into a sitting position and quickly pulls one of Jester’s arms back, locking his wrist into Worrens’s arm pit… and then he wraps his other arm around Jester’s chin… pulling it through Jester’s trapped arm… and squeezes tightly to lock on the Arm-Hook Sleeper!

Dave Dymond: Broken Beyond Repair is locked on!

Other Guy: And that’s it Dave, it’s tap out or pass out time for Jester Smiles.

The fans are on their feet cheering on Worrens, others are encouraging Jester to break free, and Scott Kamura is right on hand to check the situation.  Jester struggles but Worrens keeps his knee firmly in Jester’s back making it hard for him to break away or really move anywhere. Jester twists his body but Worrens, despite being in pain himself, stays with Jester, not breaking the hold.

Scott Kamura: You give up, Jester?

Jester Smiles: NO!

Worrens squeezes a little tighter, as his arms tighten up around Jester’s neck and arm.  Jester continues to struggle and he starts kicking the heel of his foot into the mat.  The fans start stomping and clapping along with Jester who tries to get some sort of rally going.  Jester continues to kicking his heel and then he tries to kick his leg outwards trying to get a foot on the bottom rope.  He’s JUST out of reach.  The stomping and clapping continues…

Jester SHOUTS in pain as Worrens squeezes a little tighter still.

Scott Kamura: Come on, Jester, do you give up?

Jester Smiles: AHHHH… NO!!!!

Jester keeps kicking his legs out, inching his body as much as he can… Worrens goes to pull Jester back but just as he is about to, Jester LURCHES his legs as far as he can and JUST gets his left foot onto the bottom rope.  Kamura sees the foot and quickly calls for Worrens to break the hold!


Dave Dymond: Jester held on there and was fortunate enough to be close to the ropes, otherwise, I don’t think there was an escape.

Worrens breaks the hold and pushes Jester away as he gets up to his feet.  He’s breathing heavily, sweat dripping from his face.  Jester gets up to his feet after a moment of being by the ropes… exhausted as well.  He pulls himself up, racked with pain and Worrens just hap-hazardly charges at Jester, looking to take him right back down…

Jester ducks, spins around and shoves Worrens chest first into the ropes.  Worrens bounces backwards and Jester slips his arm and under applying a half nelson…. Right into a BARREL ROLL SUPLEX!

Dave Dymond: The Last Laugh!

Jester stays on top of Worrens with Worrens’s legs doubled over his body.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


And it’s the Worrens fans who cheer as he JUST pushes out from under Jester with his legs!

Other Guy: Worrens kicks out now! Worrens kicks out of the Last Laugh.

Dave Dymond: Which means it wasn’t the last laugh at all… this match STILL continues.

Worrens is barely moving on the mat, Jester gets up again bringing Worrens right up with him… hooks the half nelson again… A SECOND BARREL ROLL SUPLEX!

Jester just all out collapses on top of Worrens this time, making the pin.  The fans remain on their feet, Kamura drops to the mat again.

Dave Dymond: The count made after a second Last Laugh!




That’s it.  Scott Kamura calls for the bell and after holding their breath, the Jester Smiles fans ERUPT with near deafening cheering!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and YOUR Two Thousand and Eight MASTER OF THE MAT… JESTER SMILES!!!

“Pressure” by Skindred plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Center as Jester slowly rolls off of Worrens, barely able to stand up himself, but he rises up to his feet, he starts feeling the crowd, and he smiles!

Dave Dymond: So after everything Jester threw at Worrens, including TWO Last Laughs, he stands victorious.  Jester Smiles fought every step of the way to get to this moment, and now we see a proud Master of the Mat, Other Guy.

Other Guy: That’s how ya do it, Dave.  There may be bad times ahead, but right now we can live in this moment.  Two determined competitors, a hell of a match put on for the SHOOT Faithful… this is good… this is a damn good moment.

Scott Kamura raises Jester’s hand in victory and he starts pumping is other fist high into the air. Everyone is on their feet cheering, clapping, just making noise.  Jester breaks from Kamura then and starts walking around the ring, playing up to the fans, mouthing thank you as he looks out at them, grinning through pain and exhaustion.

As he celebrates, Worrens is helped to his feet by Kamura, and Jester sees this, immediately coming to the aid of his opponent.

Dave Dymond: And of course this match would not be complete without this ultimate show of respect. Jester Smiles helping the fallen Worrens and Worrens is barely able to stand but look at that!

Worrens has enough in him to raise Jester’s hand in victory and then Jester pulls Worrens in for a hug.  Worrens seems to half rest on Jester’s body but then he manages to pull away.  Worrens starts applauding with a nod of his head. 

Trevor Worrens: Way to go, Eric.

Worrens gives Jester a pat on the back and starts out of the ring.  As he does so, Jester turns towards Samantha Coil on the outside of the ring and calls for the microphone.  He’s handed the microphone and Jester turns towards the entryway.

Jester Smiles: Hold on, cut my music.

The music cuts out and Worrens stops and turns to look back in the ring.

Jester Smiles: We did it man.  You and I, we fought hard, and we gave these fans, and each other, everything we had.  You’re just as big a part of this as me, Trev.

Jester looks past Worrens to the back.

Jester Smiles: So go ahead and play HIS music now.

The crowd continues to cheer loudly as “Anthem For The Underdog” by 12 Stones begins to play.  Worrens shakes his head with a smile and mouths the word “thanks” to Jester. He raises his left arm in acknowledgement of the fans, with his right arm pushed tightly against the side of his body.  He heads to the back, and once there, “Pressure” begins to play again and green and purple confetti rains down from the rafters!

Dave Dymond: What a night it has been, but then again it’s always something incredible when it’s SHOOT Project and it’s Pay Per View.

Other Guy: Amen to that, Dave. Master of the Mat ends with that man, Jester Smiles, realizin’ his dream, and now he gets what he’s wanted for some time, a shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

The camera continues to focus on the in ring celebration and Jester motions to the fifteen contest winners in the front row and motions for all of them to come into the ring.  They are eager and quickly rush the ring the second security lets them by. They join Jester in the ring, and the fifteen plus Jester start a friendly mosh pit.

They’re all looking at him… Jester Smiles.

The Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat… and the possible Hero of SHOOT Project.

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for ordering Master of the Mat, we’re back in the Thomas and Mack Center in just about two weeks time for more Revolution action.

Other Guy: Yeah never much rest for the soldiers of SHOOT Project. For Dave Dymond and myself, The Other Guy, goodnight everyone!

The event comes to an end, and the screen fades to black.