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Master of the Mat: 2010

The screen goes black as the beginning sounds of ES Posthumus’ “Unstoppable” is heard.  The skyline of the Sin City, Las Vegas, is shown fading in as the narrator begins to speak.

“Mere months ago…Las Vegas suffered something of a relapse.”

As the music picks back up, the scene shifts to the SHOOT Project Epicenter, more aptly, the Arena.

“With the call for battle sounded…the fight was to begin all over again.”

A bell is heard as we see Azraith DeMitri slowly looking up, as if beckoned by the call.  Shortly afterward, we see Trey Willett wrapping wrist tape around his wrist.  Following that, Cade Sydal runs his fingers through his hair and inhales deeply before reaching down to pull his shirt off.

“The call was heard…and the Soldiers rallied once more.”

Jester Smiles looks in the mirror, working up the strength to smirk.  Dan Stein tenses up his muscles and purses his lips, nodding as he does so.  Sinnocence licks her lips to wet them, bending over and placing her hands on her knees, readying herself for action.

“Tonight…is the culmination of their struggles.”

A silhouette of Donovan King looking over the Arena from a box seat followed immediately by Corazon in the rafters, squatting down and staring at the Arena as well are shown.

“Tonight…is the first of their wars for dominance.”

Crash Carver and Del Carver look at one another before Del smiles, putting his hands on Crash’s shoulders.

“Tonight…there will be wars waged.”

The UK Dragon is shown in action this time, in pain from Jaime Alejandro’s victory over him.

“Tonight…there will be sacrifices made.”

Lennox Ferguson cries out in victory after he defeated CJ Nelson and Jaime Alejandro.

“Tonight…there will be a champion for this city crowned.”

Charles Brandon Magnus grins as Mr. Heart throws Euros are the screen followed immediately by Jaime Alejandro clenching his fists while The UK Dragon adjusts his mask, picking himself up from the mat.

“Tonight…there will be a new King…of the Iron Fist.”

Lennox Ferguson nods his head as the camera shifts over to Dan Stein, who seems somewhat uncomfortable with the situation he finds himself in tonight.  Immediately following that, Cade Sydal smirks as the camera shifts over to Dave Marz who cracks his knuckles.  Finally, the camera shows Jester Smiles, grinning from ear to ear while wearing an “I BEAT A CARVER” t-shirt.  Of course, the final image is of ‘Diamond’ Del Carver, sneering, his furrowed brow as evident as ever.

“Tonight…there will be a World Heavyweight Champion decided.”

Sinnocence cracks a strange sort of smile, one seemingly filled with hope for her impending victory.  Azraith DeMitri, however, bounces from one foot to the other, ready for war.

“Tonight…in Las Vegas, Nevada…”

Each and every soldier participating is shown once again.

“…there will be…”

Finally, the image settles on Azraith DeMitri and Sinnocence, eyes locked at one another, with the World Heavyweight Championship shown between them.

“…a Master…of the Mat.”

As the music hits its crescendo, we are immediately thrust into the pyro as it EXPLODES in the SHOOT Project Epicenter Arena.  The fans have packed the place to the gills, “Unstoppable” by ES Posthumus RIPPING through the PA system.  There is no commentator jargon yet; you just need to soak this in.  The fans are pumping their fists, almost in unison, calling out for SHOOT.  The camera moves to the ringside area, where we see Eryk Masters and The Other Guy sitting back and just listening.  It is truly a surreal moment for all involved here, until finally…


Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…WELCOME TO MASTER OF THE MAT!

Pyro EXPLODES yet again as the music kicks back up once more, looping the crescendo over.

Other Guy:  What a night we have tonight! 

Eryk Masters:  Less is more tonight, OG, as we have three matches…but they are ALL for titles!

Other Guy:  That’s right, E.  Tonight, we’ve got the World Heavyweight Championship, and the Master of the Mat Finals for our main event, with Sinnocence, the woman who has defied all odds to make it here tonight…going up against the former Avatar, Azraith DeMitri!

Eryk Masters:  Azraith has seen his fair share of ups and downs in SHOOT Project, more than most I’d say.  His main eventing this evening’s show with the World title on the line makes more than a few people want to call this evening’s event Redemption!

Other Guy:  Too bad there’s no Rumble tonight, huh?

Eryk Masters:  But, before that, we have the epic…and boy, do we mean EPIC…Iron Fist Gauntlet for the vacant Iron Fist Championship title!

Other Guy:  Break that match down by the numbers, E.  Six Soldiers.  Three have held Iron Fist gold before.  One has only had a handful of matches to his credit to qualify for this.  One is a bonafide legend in this business, much less this company.  I mean…this match is huge, E.

Eryk Masters:  Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, ‘Diamond’ Del Carver is making his return to a SHOOT Project wrestling ring!  What kind of ring rust will the Old Outlaw have?  Can he handle the passionate might of Lennox Ferguson?  Can Jester Smiles take down Carver yet again?

Other Guy:  I’m more than a little hyped up at seeing if Dan Stein and Cade Sydal find themselves against one another in this match, E.  Stein’s unwilling to admit it to himself, but Cade Sydal’s not gonna be watching Dan Stein’s back anymore!

Eryk Masters:  Then there’s the Dark Horse, Dave Marz.  Can the man they call Die Hard steal a victory here tonight?

Other Guy:  I sincerely doubt it, E.

Eryk Masters:  Well, be that as it may, OG, even before THAT match up, we shall see the first ever Sin City Championship match!

Other Guy:  With an homage to Sin City and every other belt like it that came before, the Sin City Championship will be here to show off some of the brightest stars coming out there to the fans of SHOOT!

Eryk Masters:  No introductions are needed by us here, take it away, Samantha Coil!


Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The camera focuses in on the Sin City Championship, sitting in a glass case alongside the Iron Fist Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship.  Suddenly, “Kiri” by MONORAL kicks up and the fans cheer for the mellow entrance music for Jaime “The Saint” Alejandro.  He steps out from the back, wearing his solid white pants with red flames.  He looks out at the sea of fans and nods his head quietly, slapping very few hands as he walks towards the ring.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…from San Antonio, Texas…weighing in at 235 pounds…he is THE SAINT…JAIME…ALEJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDRO!

Jaime nods as he rolls into the ring and shakes the hand of referee Austin Linam.  His music dies off and is replaced by…nothing.  No music is played as out from the back The UK Dragon comes out, popping his neck side to side as he prepares himself to face off against Jaime Alejandro all over again.

Other Guy:  He has no music?  We couldn’t give him, like, something some British band did?

Eryk Masters:  Like The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”?

Other Guy:  I was thinking Take That’s “Back For Good”.

The Dragon slides into the ring.

Other Guy:  Wotevah oy said oy didn’t mean it…oy jus’ wont you back fuh guuuuud…

Eryk Masters:  I hope he gets an entrance theme soon.  I can’t listen to your cockney serenade again.

Other Guy:  He wins this match, E, I’m gonna do the whole fucking song.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…from…the United Kingdom…weighing in at 185 pounds…THE UK…DRAAAAAAAAAAAAGON!

Eryk Masters:  …please don’t, OG.  I mean it.  Please.

Other Guy:  You’re the tool who spells ‘Eric’ with a Y and a K.  Nerd.  I bet you play WoW.

Eryk Masters:  What?

Other Guy:  Just saying.  Don’t hate on my British.

Dragon glares at Alejandro as “The Almighty Dollar” by Ozzy Osbourne kicks in.  The fans boo somewhat as out from the back emerges Mr. Heart.  He wears his normal wrestling gear, the same he wore to take Ron Barker down.  He nods his head and finally enters the ring.  He has no entrance gear on tonight, he is completely ready for battle.

Samantha Coil:  And their opponent…from London, ENGLAND…weighing in tonight at 225 pounds…he is…MISTER….HEAAAAAAAAAART!!!

Heart enters the ring and laughs as his music dies off.  Slowly, he saunters over to the corner of the ring and climbs out, the fans booing his casual and arrogant nature.  Suddenly, Trevor Morris’ “The Tudors” begins to play.  A single spotlight shines down at the entrance as we see none other than Charles Brandon Magnus.  He wears purple and black tights running the length of his legs with the SHOOT Project Helmet on both sides, forming the M in MAGNUS.  His long brown hair wet and slicked back behind his head, his beard perfectly trimmed.  Once the music hits its stride, so does he.  He paces himself to be perfectly aligned with the music.  He walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, quickly moving towards Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil:  And their final opponent…hailing from…

Magnus takes her microphone and holds his hand up to her face.  His music dies down.

Other Guy:  God, Samantha, shut up!

Eryk Masters:  Telling an announcer to shut up.  Brilliant.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ladies and gentlemen…my name is CHARLES…BRANDON…MAGNUS.

The fans boo.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I stand…at a perfect six feet, four inches.  I weigh…at a flawless two hundred and thirty-five pounds.

He clenches his jaw.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I am here tonight…to take that which belongs to me.

The fans boo.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Alejandro, Heart, Dragon…don’t take it personally that I have a little bit of mic time before the match and the three of you didn’t.  You see…unlike you three…I take what I need.  I take…what I want.  I survive…I THRIVE…by being the absolute BEST at what I do.

Magnus storms over to where the three of them are standing.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  So get in this ring, the lot of you, because tonight…I hunt the three of you down like the prey you are…and TONIGHT…I become the SHOOT Project SIN…CITY…CHAMPION.

At that moment, Alejandro’s had all he can stand.  He slides into the ring, followed by The UK Dragon.  Austin Linam calls for the bell and IMMEDIATELY the UK Dragon flies at Magnus with a spinning wheel kick that Magnus quickly dodges, only for Alejandro to grab Magnus from behind!  He goes for a German suplex, but Magnus quickly rolls through the move, shoves Alejandro into Dragon, who goes down, and Magnus spins Alejandro around and SMASHES his face with a ROARING ELBOW.  Magnus takes a step back and measures Dragon and quickly snaps off an elbow drop to the prone body of Dragon!  Magnus picks himself up quickly and stomps at Alejandro’s body before Alejandro can get up, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a knee drop to Alejandro!

Eryk Masters:  …WOW.

Other Guy:  Magnus is definitely…DEFINITELY…not fighting like I thought he would.  He’s not playing it smart, he’s playing it DOMINANT.

Magnus nods his head as the fans boo him and he points to the sea of fans, breathing as he looks over to see Heart clapping for him outside the ring.  He motions for Heart to get into the ring, but Heart waves him off before holds his hands up and saying he will not enter the ring at this time.  It seems to agitate Magnus, but unfortunately Magnus finally makes something he did not want to make…a mistake.  Dragon RUSHES at him from behind and BULLDOGS MAGNUS NECKFIRST INTO THE ROPE AND HE FLIES ONTO HEART ON THE OUTSIDE…HURRICANRANA!!!!

Eryk Masters:  WHAT?!?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  THE UK DRAGON…WOW!!!

Dragon gets up, screaming to the fans as Magnus and Heart clutch their respective body parts that have just felt Dragon’s wrath.  The fans are popping BIG as Dragon measures Heart, who is slowly picking himself up…AND FLATTENS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD.

Other Guy:  I know Dragon’s not normally a high flyer…you can totally tell he just thought of that Bulldog into a Hurricanrana on the fly.

Eryk Masters:  Oh, I know.  His bio says he’s catch as catch can style, you know?  He definitely caught Magnus and then caught Heart!

Other Guy:  Oh God, Eryk.  Don’t do that again.

Dragon inhales deeply and rolls into the ring.  As soon as he gets up, however, he is dropped FAST by a well aimed dropkick to Dragon’s knees!  Dragon buckles to the mat as Jaime Alejandro, who seems rather proud of himself.  He picks Dragon up and whips him to the turnbuckle, charging immediately behind him and SLAMS into him with a clothesline!  Dragon staggers out from the corner, but Alejandro is DROPPED by a Magnus neckbreaker!  Magnus pops right back up, ATOMIC DROP to Dragon!  Dragon staggers, Magnus THROWS Dragon onto his shoulders!  DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!  Dragon is DOWN.  Magnus looks to Heart and then to Alejandro and then hooks Dragon’s leg for the pin and Austin Linam is there!




Magnus gets up and picks Alejandro up, who shoves Magnus off of him RIGHT INTO A DRAGON SCHOOLBOY!!


Alejandro kicks Dragon HARD in the head!  Magnus gets up, glaring down at Dragon, incensed at Dragon’s attempt to beat him, but Alejandro locks his arms behind Magnus!  He HOISTS him up for a German…Magnus AGAIN counters, this time converting the suplex into a victory roll with a pin!  Austin Linam is there!




Alejandro kicks out with authority as Magnus bounces off of the ropes and leaps over Alejandro with a HARD neck snap ala Mister Perfect!  Alejandro clutches his head as Magnus immediately moves over to Dragon, but Magnus is NAILED from behind with a low blow from Mr. Heart!  Magnus clenches his teeth in pain and drops to his knees, allowing Heart to step over him and hook Dragon up for a Russian Leg Sweep, but Dragon manages to counter and hits his own Russian Leg Sweep!  Dragon picks himself right back up and sees Magnus down and then Alejandro is down!

Eryk Masters:  He’s all on his own!  The UK Dragon has a chance here to win this match and get that title!

Dragon picks up Heart’s arm and twists it around, hooks Heart’s leg…and he locks in a ZIPLINE!  Shades of Konnan’s Tequila Sunrise!  Austin Linam gets in Heart’s face, asking him if he wants to quit!  Heart’s face is quickly turning beet red!  The fans are popping BIG for Dragon!  Heart’s hand is raising!  HEART IS TAPPING!!  HEART IS TAPPING OUT!!

Eryk Masters:  WHAT!?!?!?  LINAM!!!  TURN AROUND!!!

The fans are LIVID as Magnus is USING Linam to pick himself up off of the mat, and Austin Linam does NOT see Heart tapping out!!  Dragon releases the zipline, resting himself against the ropes, holding his masked face in elation as he has just done it, or so he thinks!

Other Guy:  Oh, GENIUS, E!

Austin Linam finally gets Magnus to release him, and Magnus hooks Dragon up for a German suplex!  Dragon struggles, but Magnus has him locked in…AND ALEJANDRO HAS MAGNUS LOCKED IN!!  The fans ERUPT as Magnus is NOT letting go!  Alejandro calls out!  He shouts a visceral shout, calling forth his fighting spirit!

Eryk Masters:  NO WAY.

ALEJANDRO DEAD LIFTS MAGNUS AND DRAGON WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX.  The fans go NUTS as Magnus releases Dragon, sending the masked soldier hurtling across the ring!  Alejandro is down!  Magnus is down!

Other Guy:  LOOK!  Eryk, LOOK!

Alejandro pulls himself up…AND HE STILL HAS MAGNUS LOCKED.  The fans are going INSANE as Magnus gets caught up in a full nelson!  Suddenly, ALEJANDRO DEAD LIFTS MAGNUS WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!  The fans are still eating this up, as Alejandro STILL manages to pick Magnus up!  Alejandro hooks Magnus’ arms around himself, letting the new soldier do what we does best: love himself!  The camera zooms in on Alejandro’s face…and he is GRINNING.  X-PLEX.


Alejandro pulls himself up to a sitting position, glaring at the fans who are now CHANTING HIS NAME.


clap, clap, clap clap clap


clap, clap, clap clap clap

Alejandro nods as he rolls Magnus all the way over onto his back for the pin attempt!  Austin Linam is there for the count!




Eryk Masters:  WHAT.

Alejandro picks himself off of Magnus, shaking his head and laughing to himself as Magnus found it within himself to power out of that HARD combination!  Alejandro slowly stands up, looking at Dragon trying to get to his feet, and he turns around…HEART WITH A CLOTHESLINE NO!!! NO!!!  ALEJANDRO COUNTERS THE CLOTHESLINE, COBRA CLUTCH…STO!!!!  ALEJANDRO HAS PLANTED both Magnus AND Heart down to the mat with two INTENSELY POWERFUL MOVES!!

Other Guy:  Ladies and gentlemen…I GIVE YOU THE SAINT RIGHT THERE!!

Dragon looks at the carnage surrounding him as Magnus and Heart are both down between him and Alejandro!  Alejandro smirks as Dragon slowly walks over to Heart’s body…and rolls him from the ring!  Alejandro takes his boot and pushes Magnus from the ring!  The ring is cleared!

Eryk Masters:  Oh man…this is where it gets DAMN interesting!

Alejandro cocks his head to the side and beckons Dragon to come and fight him, and they meet in the center of the ring!  Alejandro with an attempted clothesline, but Dragon rolls underneath it, jumps to the middle turnbuckle, springboards off, KICK TO ALEJANDRO’S HEAD!  Alejandro staggers into the opposite turnbuckle and Dragon holds his arms out, ready…IMPERIAL LUNG BLOWER!!!  THE UK DRAGON CONNECTS WITH HIS FINISHER!!!  HE HOOKS ALEJANDRO’S LEG AND AUSTIN LINAM IS THERE!!!



HEART AND MAGNUS DRAG LINAM FROM THE RING!!  The fans are LIVID as the two of them argue with Linam.  Dragon gets up from Alejandro’s body, infuriated that his first real impact move to end the match was ruined!  He points at Heart and Magnus and SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE!  MAGNUS, HEART, AND AUSTIN LINAM ARE DOWN TO THE MAT!!

Other Guy:  Well, damn!  There goes Austin Linam!

The fans are chanting again!



There is NO referee as Jaime Alejandro is slowly picking himself up off of the mat!  The UK Dragon gets up, falls against the guardrail, and holds his fists in the air as he has, again, taken down Magnus and Heart!  The fans are loving this as Dragon picks Magnus and Heart back up, rolls them into the ring, and rolls in behind them.  However, as soon as he gets up, Alejandro SLAPS him with a strike that would make Antonio Inoki proud!  The force is SO strong it sends Dragon from the ring!  Alejandro picks Magnus up…BUT MAGNUS WAS PLAYING POSSUM!!!  MAGNUS HOOKS ALEJANDRO UP…COMPLETE SHOT!!!  ALEJANDRO IS DOWN!!!  MAGNUS GOES FOR THE PIN!!!






The fans are cheering LOUDLY as Magnus picks himself up and sees Austin Linam STILL down on the mat outside of the ring!  Magnus holds his face in frustration as suddenly from the locker room…WILLIE DEAN IS COMING!!!  The fans boo their ASSES off as Magnus hooks Alejandro’s leg once again, WILLIE DEAN IS THERE NOW!!!




Other Guy:  Oh MAN!  There’s no stopping this!  This is insane!

Dragon, still tangled up in the ropes, gets caught with a HARD kick to the face from Magnus!  Magnus kneels down and BEGINS TO UNTIE THE MASK OF THE UK DRAGON!!

Eryk Masters:  The fans are HATING this!  Can you believe this guy?!  He HAS to know the lineage, the…the RESPECT that goes into wearing the mask of The UK Dragon!  How DARE him!


Other Guy:  Wow…we could have SEEN Dragon’s ugly face…instead…he’s TYING THE MASK ON BACKWARDS.

Magnus grins as he tightens the mask HARD on Dragon’s face, kicking him one last time for measure!  He kicks Dragon once again and he picks him up, and sizes him up…HEART IS BEHIND MAGNUS!!!  He spins Magnus around!  DRAGON CONNECTS WITH A BLIND IMPERIAL LUNG BLOWER TO MAGNUS!!!  The fans ERUPT as Dragon connects WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING.  Dragon frantically reaches out, trying to find Magnus, but Heart NAILS HIM WITH THE PUMP KICK!!!  Dragon flops back and lands in the corner!  Heart grins sadistically as he beckons Dragon to get out of the corner…BUT HE DOES NOT KNOW JAIME ALEJANDRO IS BEHIND HIM!

Other Guy:  UH OH!!


Eryk Masters:  WHAT A MOVE!!!!





The bell rings and the fans LOSE IT.



The fans pop BIG as “Kiri” by MONORAL kicks in, and the injured Austin Linam hands Willie Dean the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship belt…who hands it off to Jaime Alejandro!  Alejandro holds the belt and smiles a knowing smile.  He reaches down and picks Dragon up, putting him against the corner.

Eryk Masters:  The UK Dragon was IMPRESSIVE, OG.  He took Magnus down, he took Heart down, he was more than a match for Alejandro…that boy has NOTHING to be ashamed of!

Alejandro, in a show of respect, unties Dragon’s mask for him and slowly spins it back around.  Dragon shakes his head as he sees the belt on Alejandro’s shoulder.  The fans are cheering loudly as suddenly, Magnus snatches the microphone from Coil yet again, cutting the music off.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  NO!

The fans boo as Magnus storms the ring.  He helps Heart get up and points Heart out to Alejandro and Dragon.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  That belt is MINE, Saint.

The fans boo as Alejandro looks down at the belt on his shoulder and then up to Magnus.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  GIVE IT TO ME.

Alejandro looks at Dragon, who looks back at him…AND THEY BOTH LEVEL MAGNUS AND HEART!!  The fans ERUPT as Magnus and Heart roll from the ring, licking their wounds!  Alejandro lifts Dragon’s hand up as “Kiri” picks back up!

Eryk Masters:  I have to admit it…we have a champion we can DEFINITELY be proud of here in The Saint…Jaime Alejandro.

Dragon takes the belt from Alejandro’s shoulder and buckles it up to the Saint’s waist, the fans applauding the show of respect as Dragon lifts Alejandro’s arm in victory now.  The screen fades to black as E.S. Posthumus’ “Unstoppable” picks back up.  The screen fades in on the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title face plate.  Suddenly, the husky, worn voice of Azraith DeMitri is heard.

What does it mean for me?  Well…to get to the finals of Master of the Mat in it’s own is an amazing feeling…

The voice fades away, giving way to the sultry tones of Sinnocence.

What it means to me?  Must be groping for material to ask a stupid question like that.  It means the fucking world to me…to do something no other woman in this company has been able to do…

She stops, Azraith taking her place.

After getting second place in that match to Sinn…and then battling all this way just to see her in the finals again? It’s like fate…

… to put down Azraith a second time…

It reminds me that no matter what I’ve done in the past…I’ve never done this.

What it means to me?  Most of all, to make my kid the proudest little boy in his class.  Besides my own personal glory, he’s the one I’m doing this for.

The belt slowly flickers away, revealing the haunting image of Azraith locking eyes with Sinnocence, the title between them, the music hitting its crescendo.

The match will be awesome, and I can guarantee you it will be one for the ages.  This is something that I need to do…to prove that I’m something beyond my infamy.

You’ll see me give it my all out there, nothing less.

That I deserve to be among the best SHOOT has to offer. That I’m not just a monster.

Sinnocence smirks her sexy, cocky smirk.

I’m not giving up until that title is mine.

That I am…that I could be THE best SHOOT has to offer.

Their images fade away, as does the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title belt.

The screen is black for a moment until the cheers of the fans are heard once again.  The camera focuses in on Eryk Masters and The Other Guy.

Other Guy:  It’s only getting hotter from here, E.

Eryk Masters:  Azraith DeMitri has MORE than earned his place here tonight.  After HIS journey?  Oh man, OG…imagine if Azraith DeMitri, the legendary Azraith…achieves something no one thought possible for him…what if Azraith becomes World Champion?

Other Guy:  You have to ask what about that woman?  Make no mistake, she’s been on a blistering tear since we came back from the brink.  Sinnocence is the one to beat in SHOOT.  Even though Donovan King has made his intentions clear through his attorney, I have to say nobody’s shouldering this company right now like Sinnocence.  That title can be hers…if she overcomes who might just be the toughest son of a bitch she’s ever faced.

The camera shifts to the backstage area.  A camera follows The Ox from behind as he walks backstage towards the locker rooms area. After about a minute he comes to the door labeled ‘Lennox Ferguson’ and opens it. 


The camera peaks inside the room, over The Ox’s shoulder, to find Sarah King sitting in the room on a fold-out chair, obviously waiting for Ferguson. Despite using lots of makeup, one can still make out a shiner around her right eye, which is still swollen. 


Sarah King: Have you come to apologize I hope? 


The camera steps back to try and get a better view of the conversation, catching Ox just looking straight ahead at Sarah, no change in his emotions. 


Ox: Actually I came to tell you not to bother following me down to the match. I’ve had you barred from ringside. 


Sarah’s surprise is masked by the swelling, but it’s still apparent in her body language. Not even waiting for a response, Ox goes to leave but stops himself before he’s completely out of the doorway. 


Ox: Oh, and if you DO try to come down to the ring… security has been told to remove you from the premises.  


Sarah just blinks and Ox nods. 


Ox: Glad we have an understanding. 


Lennox Ferguson steps out of the doorway and closes the locker room door behind him, leaving Sarah King in a stunned silence.  The bell rings as the camera focuses in on the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship belt.

Eryk Masters:  Well, arguably the man to beat here tonight has made things that much harder for himself!  You have to wonder as we move on to the Iron Fist Gauntlet what number he draws and whether or not his actions against Sarah King are going to work for him…or against him.

Other Guy:  Well, wonder no more because the IRON FIST GAUNTLET…IS NOW!!!



Eryk Masters:  No shiny intros here, people, Samantha’s getting the fuck out of the way, this match is going to be HARD.

The SO impressive Final Fantasy Victory Theme is heard and the fans LOSE IT.  “Chiron” by All That Remains kicks in as out from the back comes JESTER SMILES.  He slaps hands with the fans, but while he is maintaining a smile across his face.  He seems more than normally ready for tonight, dressed in his tights and, of course, the I BEAT A CARVER t-shirt.  He stops, sees a child in the front row, and pulls the shirt off, handing it to the child, prompting cheers from the masses.

Other Guy:  I know he can be a dark mofo, but Jester just makes me happy sometimes.

Eryk Masters:  I feel bad for him, though.  Drawing number one.  Ouch.

Jester, who passes the announce table as Eryk says that, Jester stops and leans over to the announcers.

Jester Smiles:  It don’t make sense to you?

Eryk Masters:  Huh?

Jester Smiles:  I’m number one in their hearts, man!

Jester laughs as he rolls into the ring.

Other Guy:  Yeah, dude.  Number one in the fans’ hearts.  Duh.

“My Apocalypse” by Metallica plays as out from the back emerges the ever-ready for a scrap ‘Die Hard’ Dave Marz.  He stands on the entrance stage and points to Jester and holds up…a steel chair.  The fans pop as already they’re being promised a smidgeon of hardcore tonight.

Other Guy:  That doesn’t bode well for Our Hero, does it?

Marz sneers at Jester, who nods his head before he pops his knuckles.  Marz rolls into the ring and Scott Kamura exhales, shaking his head at the chair.

Eryk Masters:  There’s a new thing we’re actively looking at here tonight, ladies and gentlemen, and Dave Marz is here to demonstrate.  For the most part, the Iron Fist is where the best of the best, the fighters, the warriors, come to test their mettle.  Sometimes…like in Dave Marz here…there’s hardcore avenues or submissions that can allow for knock outs.

Other Guy:  Really, in an instance like this, the Iron Fist title IS the TRIAD, isn’t it?  OH SHIT!

As soon as the bell rings, Jester NAILS the VIRGINIA SIDEKICK TO THE CHAIR…TO THE FACE OF DAVE MARZ.  The fans pop BIG as Marz is DOWN.  Scott Kamura looks at Marz for a second, stunned, before Jester shakes our veteran referee to make the mandatory count!






Jester leans back against the rope, staring at the unmoving Marz.


Other Guy:  Well…wow.




Other Guy:  Glass Jaw Dave Marz is OUTTA HERE!!!


Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…‘DIE HARD’ DAVE MARZ HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Jester shrugs, as Willie Dean and Dennis Heflin emerge from the back to remove our broken and defeated first competitor.  Jester does a small curtsy to the crowd, who are cheering their hero on.  Once Dave Marz is successfully removed and sent to the back, Jester, who seems just as refreshed as ever, eyes the entrance.  Suddenly, “Back to Shalla Bal” by Joe Satriani plays, and the fans pop BIG time!  The camera focuses in on Jester, who is grinning as wide as his face.

Eryk Masters:  Here we go!

CRASH CARVER bolts from the back to the ring.  He slides in and wastes no time, attacking Jester with punches!  Jester rallies, dodges a few of the shots, and delivers a few of his own!  The fans are eating it up as Crash ducks a punch, runs to the ropes, leaps off and springboards with a MID AIR ROUNDHOUSE KICK!  The fans have yet to die down, even as Crash’s theme stops.  Jester tries to scramble to his feet, but when he rolls over onto his stomach, Crash performs a standing moonsault onto him!  Without letting Jester breathe, Crash hits a PERFECT drop kick to Jester’s head!

Eryk Masters:  You don’t think Crash Carver is fighting with his family name on his mind, do you?

Other Guy:  I’m sure he has a soft spot for being that old no show’s kin, but seriously?  I think dude’s trying to be the Iron Fist Champion more than anything.  I reckon he’s done his cardio, because Crash Carver ain’t gonna stop tonight!

Crash does not even want Jester to be knocked out, he screams for him to get up from the mat!  Jester inhales deeply, shaking the cobwebs from his head.  Crash decides it’s not worth waiting, and he goes to pick Jester up, BUT JESTER SLAMS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!  Jester pops up, obviously playing a bit of possum as Crash calls out in pain!  Jester sprawls over Crash and hits him HARD in the face with a solid open palm strike!  He pins down one of Crash’s hands with his knee and grabs a hold of the other hand with one his own…allowing for one hand to be free for REPEATED strikes to the face!

Eryk Masters:  Now THIS is the type of fighting that sends you back to old school Iron Fist!

Jester finally pulls himself off of Crash after he’s sufficiently battered Crash’s face.  The camera focuses in on Crash, and it is clear his lip is busted, as some blood is trickling out from the corner of his mouth.  However, Jester does not give him the time to breathe, and lifts him up to his feet.  He takes a hold of Crash’s head and NAILS him with a jumping Muay Thai knee!  Jester points to Crash, who crumbles to the mat!  Scott Kamura makes the count!





Crash clutches his face as he groans back to life!


Crash slides back towards the ropes, reaching up to take them for assistance.


Crash QUICKLY snaps himself to his feet and, almost in one fluid motion, FLIES at Jester with a MODIFIED CRASH SCENE!!!  The fans POP as Crash shouts to them, slamming his hands down on the turnbuckles before he walks out to the ring apron.  He looks at Jester, who is DOWN as Scott Kamura makes the count!






Eryk Masters:  WHOA!

Crash clutches his stomach and screams for Kamura to restart his count!





Jester finally opens his eyes!



He’s up to his hands and knees, and Crash Carver immediately flies onto him, performing an inside cradle pinning combination, but putting Jester in a prone position for a FLYING KNEE DROP TO THE HEAD!  Crash points back to Jester and begs Kamura to start over!



Eryk Masters:  Good strategy here, OG, every time Jester tries to get up, Crash is right there with another impact move to keep him down!




Jester slowly picks himself up again.



He’s back to his hands and knees and Carver charges, but Jester rolls to the outside!  Crash glares down at Jester, who shakes his head at the almost psychotic assault from Crash Carver!  Crash, meanwhile, wastes NO time running to the opposite end of the ring, and in a full sprint, leaps OVER the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE BUT JESTER MOVES!!  Crash lands HARD on the ground!

Other Guy:  OUCH.  That’s why they call ‘em high risk!

Eryk Masters:  You’re tellin’ me!

Other Guy:  Why they call ‘em suicide dives!

Eryk Masters:  …yes, OG, that’s why.

Other Guy:  Why they call ‘em—

Eryk Masters:  Stop, man.  Stop.

Jester rolls back into the ring and Scott Kamura begins his count!






Crash slowly begins to pick himself up off of the ground!


Eryk Masters:  He’s running out of time!



Crash takes a hold of the bottom rope and pulls himself onto the ring apron!




Eryk Masters:  OH SO CLOSE!!

Jester measures Crash up, he goes for a strike, but Crash ducks it!  He goes for a crucifix counter…SAMOAN DROP!!  Jester counters into the Samoan Drop!!  Crash arches his back up in pain and Jester throws his hands up to the crowd, begging them to cheer him on and they most definitely do!!  Jester measures Crash up, and Crash pulls himself up before Scott Kamura can make the count.  Jester charges him, but Crash rolls underneath Jester!  He jumps to the middle rope for a springboard JESTER COUNTERS!!!  PUNCHLINE!!!  JESTER SMILES HIT A PUNCHLINE IN MIDAIR!!!

Eryk Masters:  I think I need a paper towel…BECAUSE MY HEART JUST PEED!!!

Scott Kamura makes the count!




Jester falls against the turnbuckle, breathing heavily as Crash is not moving!




Crash is SLOWLY picking himself up!!





Jester bends down, ready to pounce!  Crash slowly slides his hands to his side to pick himself up…


The bell rings and the fans ERUPT as Jester holds his head to the rafters, STUNNED he managed to knock out Crash Carver!


Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…CRASH CARVER…HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!

Crash picks himself the rest of the way up!  He looks at Jester and shows his frustration with a simple shake of the head.  He rolls from the ring and slaps the ring apron in anger!  He shoves Willie Dean and Dennis Heflin out of the way as he makes his way to the back!

Other Guy:  Crash Carver is DEFINITELY not happy with being eliminated by Jester Smiles here tonight!

Crash disappears to the back and the fans grow silent…waiting…


LENNOX ‘THE OX’ FERGUSON appears from the CROWD and storms down to the ring, READY!  “Lights Out” by Mindless Self Indulgence continues to play as Ox rolls into the ring and cuts a long, hard, glare at Jester! 

Other Guy:  The People Person, the Blue Collar Bad Ass, the Rugged Rookie, and the MAN to beat…LENNOX FERGUSON IS HERE!

Ox slides in under the bottom rope. Jester pushes out of the corner, and Ox meets him in the middle of the ring, both immediately begin to pummel each other with their fists! Ox swings hard and heavy while Jester jabs straight in with speed, and Jester starts backing Ox up to the ropes!  Jester whips Ox off the ropes, and Ox plants a foot to swing through and reverse, sending Jester off instead! Ox turns and rushes to catch Jester as he comes off the ropes with a back elbow smash across the cheek, dropping Jester to the canvas quickly! Ox drops to a mount on Jester and starts raining punches down on his face! Ox cocks his head back and drives it down into Jester’s forehead!

Other Guy: That might have done just as much damage to Ox as it did to Jester!

Eryk Masters: You’re not kidding, it looks like Ox has to clear some cobwebs himself!

Ox pushes off of Jester, shaking his head and blinking his eyes before pulling Jester up to his feet as well and whipping him hard into a near corner, following with a hard running forearm! Ox grabs Jester by the wrist and pulls him out of the corner right into a short-armed clothesline that dumps Jester down on the back of his neck awkwardly! The official looks at the motionless Jester for a moment before he starts counting!


Eryk Masters: Ox just nailed Jester with a quicker Clothesline from Hell!


Other Guy: Yeah, basically! He pulled him right in before taking his head off!

Jester turns over to his side. Ox stares intensely at him.


Jester rolls to a knee and starts pushing up.


Jester pushes up and gets his other foot under himself, breaking the count, Ox quickly grabs Jester by the head with both arms, but Jester pushes his arms up, breaking the hands away, Jester pushes up and into Ox with a knee to the ribs that doubles Ox over with a gasp and cough!

Eryk Masters: I was just about to mention that Jester hasn’t really managed to get back out of the blocks against Lennox Ferguson, but it looks like Smiles has picked his spot!

Jester drives a second knee up, this one into Ox’s chest, and a third follows quickly. Smiles grabs Ox by the wrist and whips him off the ropes, and as Ox rebounds Jester ducks down and sends Ox up and over with a high angled back body drop!

Other Guy: Smiles isn’t really in a hurry to dish out the heavy artillery though, and you’d think he’d want to put Ox away as quickly as possible!

Eryk Masters: He’s got to conserve his energy if he wants to make it to the end and become the Iron Fist Champion, and he knows that, OG!

Ox pushes to his feet, the brief moment to get up allowing Jester to collect himself a little better, Jester snaps a series of jabs into Ox’s face before swinging his left for a hard hook! Ox catches the arm and ducks under and twists Jester around before kicking him in the gut! Ox grabs Jester by the head and crank him around for a neck breaker, but Jester turns through and throws a sharp elbow to the side of Ox’s head that drops him to a knee! Jester hit’s the ropes and as he rebounds he leaps to drive the point of his knee into Ox’s face!

Other Guy: That knee was crucial, Eryk! Did you hear it?!

Eryk Masters: Hear it? I FELT it!

Ox feels it too as he drops to a heap on the canvas. Jester backs up to the ropes to catch his own breath and allow the referee to count.



Ox gets his hands under his chest as Jester Smiles stares at him hard.


Lennox pushes up, and Jester shakes his head, knowing the kid will get up he grabs Ox by the arm and helps him up before whipping him hard into a corner and follows behind him, throwing up a huge running Yakuza kick to Ox’s face! Ox crumbles out of the corner and Jester backs up again, allowing the official to do his job.

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles could be on the right roll to putting the Ox away!

Other Guy: More shots like that to the head will put anyone away.




The fans begin to buzz excitedly as Ox starts to stir finally.



Ox pushes up to his knees, breaking the count! Jester pulls him back to his feet again and sends him into another corner, this time rushing in and leaping with a body splash, but Ox moves out of the way!

Eryk Masters: Ox has absorbed some heavy punishment in the last few minutes!

Other Guy: But moving out of the way has opened the door for him to seize the advantage again!

Jester crashes with his ribs against the top turnbuckle and stumbles back, clutching his chest. Ox rushes off the ropes and as he rebounds Jester turns around, right into a thunderous Clothesline from Hell that sends Jester spinning head over hills, landing on his face!

Other Guy: Whoa! See, Eryk, what’d I tell ya?!

Ox pushes to his feet and the official begins to count Jester down!


Eryk Masters: That was a NASTY way to hit the canvas, right on top of his face like that!



Ox stares down at the motionless Jester.  Slowly, he holds his finger up, and the fans POP.

Other Guy:  Aw man!

Kamura stops the count as Ox picks Jester up, whips him to the ropes…AND LEVELS HIM WITH A SECOND CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL.  Ox on his knees now, and he looks over at Kamura to pick it back up again!



Eryk Masters:  …ouch.




The fans begin to murmur amongst themselves.


Jester starts to move his hands under himself, with Ox staring down at him the entire time.



Jester pushes up with both hands!



Jester’s arms buckle and he collapses back to the canvas, too late anyway, and the bell sounds!

Other Guy: Oh man! The Ox did it, he knocked out the Clown!

Eryk Masters: He’s still got two more to go to win the match, though!

Jester slowly rolls himself out of the ring, cradling his own neck, he starts up the ramp as suddenly, Ronald Jenkees’ “Rocky Song Remix” hits and the fans begin to buzz excitedly as DAN STEIN steps out from the back!

Other Guy:  Okay, HERE’S where the odds start to go against Oxymoron over there.

Eryk Masters:  Worked since we opened back up on calling him something clever, huh?

Dan Stein starts making his way down the ramp, making eye contact with Jester at the top of the ramp. The two of them exchange words, before Jester waves his hand dismissively at Stein and turns to walk to the back. Stein continues down the ramp, turning his attention directly to the Ox!

Eryk Masters: With Dan Stein coming out now, that can only mean that Cade Sydal has gotten the last and final spot in the gauntlet!

Other Guy: That’s exactly where he wants to be, too!

Eryk Masters: If Dan Stein’s lucky, he’ll get past the Ox so he can get his hands on Sydal!

Other Guy: You mean if he’s lucky, Ox will knock him out first so he won’t get embarrassed again.

Stein makes it to the ring and leaps up onto the apron and steps through the ropes, but as soon as he clears the ropes Ox comes for him and clubs him hard across the back! Ox continues to hammer Stein with heavy hands, dropping Stein to a knee before Dan throws sharp jabs into Lennox’s abdomen! Stein shoves Ox away from him with both hands and turns to springboard off the middle rope, he turns off the spring and twists to deliver a flying forearm smash to Ox’s face, taking him down!

Other Guy: The different styles may become a big factor against Ox, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: His inexperience could become a factor in adapting, but he’s going to have to get through that quick because Dan Stein isn’t going to give him time to adjust on his own with his fast pace!

Stein is to his feet quickly and Ferguson slowly pushes to his own feet, only to be dropped again with a dropkick, this time spilling through the ropes to the floor at ringside! Ferguson slowly pushes to his feet and Stein runs up the ropes in the corner before turning and flipping forward into Lennox, and both men hit the floor again!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein throwing caution to the wind to become a three-time Iron Fist Champion!

Other Guy: Taking risks like that aren’t very smart, if Ox moves out of the way the next time he goes for that, it could all be over!

Stein pushes to his feet first and throws his hands out, eliciting a loud cheer from the fans! Stein quickly bends and picks Ox up off the ground, stopping the referee from counting, and throws him in under the bottom rope. Stein jumps onto the apron, and he calls out for the fans’ support!

Other Guy:  Don’t be wasting time, pretty boy!  Knock him out or get knocked out!

Ox is up in time to take advantage with a clubbing forearm across the back of the shoulders! Ox grabs Stein by the neck and drops quickly, snapping the back of Stein’s neck across the top rope and Dan falls straight to the floor!

Other Guy: Now that was nasty, Eryk!

Eryk Masters: You’re telling me!

The official gets out of the ring and checks on Stein before starting to count him down!



Stein pushes to a knee!



Stein pulls himself up on the ring apron! Ox quickly gets out of the ring himself and grabs Stein from behind for a back suplex before turning and dropping him across the edge of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Lennox Ferguson just dropped Dan Stein’s entire back across the edge of the ring, and take it from me, that doesn’t feel good!

Other Guy: All of Stein’s high flying and showboating has gotten him to this though, he has no one to blame but himself.





Stein rolls to his chest and starts pushing up!




Stein gets both knees under himself and pushes vertically enough to break the count! Ox grabs Stein by the back of the head with both hands and pulls him the rest of the way to his feet.

Other Guy: There are some serious evil intentions in the Ox’s eyes!

Ox runs toward the ringpost with Stein’s head in his hand, but Stein gets a foot up and blocks the attempt to ram his skull into the post!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein with the wherewithal to block that attempt to scramble his brains!

Stein throws an elbow back, catching Ox right in the mouth and he releases his grip. He steps back and as Stein turns around he swings a hard clothesline, possibly a Clothesline from Hell, but Stein ducks under it and catches Ox in a waistlock! Stein launches Ox up and over with a release German suplex! Stein pushes to his feet and leans against the ring apron as the referee starts to count, the fans cheering for Stein.



Eryk Masters: That was an incredible German suplex!


Ox pushes his hands under himself.


Other Guy: If nothing else, it’s giving Stein enough time to try and collect himself I guess.



Lennox pushes to his feet! Stein pushes away from the edge of the ring and drives a forearm into the side of Ox’s face. Ox reels back and Stein grabs him by the wrist, sending him hard into the security barricade! Ox hit’s the barricade and steps away from it, and Stein rushes at him! Ferguson ducks down and sends Stein over the barricade with a back body drop, but Stein posts his hands on the top of the railing and turns through to land on his feet right in front of some fans at ringside! Stein jumps up onto the barricade as Ox turns around and catches Ox with a flying clothesline from the top of the rail!

Eryk Masters: Would we call that a Clothesline from Heaven?

Other Guy: Why because it came from Stein or because it came from above?

Eryk Masters: Because it came from above.

Other Guy: That’s stupid.

Stein pushes to his feet during the banter, and the referee starts to count again.





Ox pushes his knee under himself, pushing hard with his hands!



Ox gets back to his feet!

Other Guy: The Ox is back up, Eryk!

Eryk Masters: And Dan Stein is on the move again!

Stein grabs Ferguson by the arm and pulls him to his feet and whips him toward the ringpost! Lennox reverses and sends Stein into the post instead! Stein slumps against it as his face collides with the post, before Ox rushes at him from behind and crushes him with a Clothesline From Hell right into the post from behind! Stein collapses to the floor instantly.

Eryk Masters: …oh God…

Other Guy: That was awesome! A Clothesline From Hell to the back of the head, into a ringpost! Haha wow!

The referee starts to count, as Stein lies motionless, and the fans buzz with concern, though a fair portion begin to cheer for the Ox!







Stein finally starts to roll from his back toward his chest!




Stein pushes his hands under himself!


But it’s too late and the referee calls for the bell!

Other Guy: The Ox did it! He’s had two of the HARDEST guys to beat here, and he’s proved his mettle thus far!

Eryk Masters: He’s on a hell of a roll, but he’s got to be pretty well worn out, and the last guy he has to face has MORE than proven his endurance.

As members of the ringside crew help Dan Stein to his feet and up the ramp, the Ox gets back in the ring slowly and watches the ramp, knowing who’s about to come. Dan Stein is helped all the way to the back before “Almost Famous” by Eminem featuring Liz Rodrigues of the New Royales hits. 

Yeah, can’t stop now…

This may be the last chance I get, to be famous

The fans turn toward the stage.

You dream of trading places

I have been trading faces

You cannot fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

Wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You cannot fill these shoes

Cade Sydal slowly steps out from the back, the fans begin to boo a little at him. His mohawk is down, not spiked up, instead the wet hair hangs around his head.

I just wanna be famous!

But be careful what you wish for!

Cade starts down the ramp, his fists clenched and taped all the way up to his elbows he makes it to the ring and springs up onto the apron. Ox comes rushing at him, and Cade quickly drops off the apron with a smirk on his face as the music fades out.

Other Guy: Haha, Cade’s been paying attention!

Eryk Masters: Ox tried to get the jump on him, but you’re right, he knew it was coming!

Ox steps through the ropes and comes out after Cade, though, and Cade backs up quickly, he starts running! Ox chases after Cade, and Cade slides under the bottom rope into the ring! Ox slides in after him and Cade turns a sharp right and slides back out of the ring! Ox starts through the ropes again to continue the chase, but Cade quickly comes back and kicks hard into the front of Ox’s shin, sweeping his leg out from under him and Ox crashes face first on the edge of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Oh!

Other Guy: Now this is the Cade Sydal I’d been hearing about for years! Where the hell has HE been?!

As Ox spills from the ring, Cade backs up then kicks up hard into Ox’s face, snapping his head back wildly!

Cade up and shouts for the referee to start counting.




Ox gets to a knee, and Cade shakes his finger in the air before stepping back toward him and grabbing him by the hair. Cade points at the ringpost and shouts something at Ox before Ox pushes his hands off his head and throws both middle fingers up at Cade before punching him in the gut. Cade doubles over and Ox thrusts an uppercut into his chin from his knees that sends Cade reeling backward!

Other Guy: Uh oh! Ox is going after the money maker!

Eryk Masters: Oh God…seriously?

Ox pushes the rest of the way to his feet as the fans begin to cheer him on, Cade rushes at Ox, who ducks at the last moment and Cade misses his wild punch! Cade turns a little off-balance and Ox drives a hard punch into his face! Cade rocks back and Ox continues to drive his fist into Cade’s face, backing him up to the ringpost. Ox whips Cade toward the barricade at an angle, but Cade leaps up and lands balanced on the railing as Ox follows! Cade leaps up and backflips through a moonsault press, catching Ox and taking him down to the floor!

Eryk Masters: Incredible balance and agility from the smallest participant in the gauntlet!

Other Guy: Listen to you, Eryk…ragging on him for his size. Weren’t you high on him like, two weeks ago?

Eryk Masters:  Just calling it like…anybody’d see it, OG.  He’s the smallest guy in the whole gauntlet.

Cade pushes to his feet and points to his head with a smirk before pulling Ox to his feet and rolling him in under the bottom rope, Cade turns Ox around so his head hangs over the ring apron and backs up before running a throwing a Yakuza kick into the side of his head that sends Ox falling back out of the ring to the floor, and Cade throws up his arms in exasperation!

Other Guy: That kick was on point! Did you see the way Ox’s head rolled back before he fell out of the ring?!


Eryk Masters: Ferguson is in some trouble here, but he’s proven he can take a lot of punishment!



Lennox grabs the ring’s skirting to start pulling himself up!



Ox gets to his knees, and Cade shakes his head slowly before grabbing Ox by the head and rolls him back in, following right behind him onto the apron. Cade grabs the top rope firmly with both hands as Ox pushes to his feet, Cade springboards to the top rope and off, he snaps through a spinning wheel kick but Ox ducks under it and Cade crashes to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Sydal crashed and burned!

Other Guy: I’d hardly say burned, but okay, Eryk…

As Cade pushes to his feet, Ox hits the ropes and rebounds swinging hard for a Clothesline From Hell, but Cade ducks the fourth of the night and catches the arm to twists Ox around, Cade throws a high roundhouse, but Ox catches under the leg and lifts Cade up by it before spiking him down with an elevated sort of spine buster! Cade cradles his head tight.

Other Guy: Oh, well that could have been the burned part…

Eryk Masters: it definitely wasn’t helpful, unless you’re the Ox!



Cade turns to his chest and gets a knee under himself.



Cade gets to his knees and Ox grabs him up by the hair and whips him hard into the corner before rushing in at him! Cade lifts both feet up into Ox’s chest and shoulder, pushing him back! Cade rushes out of the corner, but Ox catches him with a sudden power slam, driving him back into the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Ox with a huge power slam!

Other Guy: He’s lost his mind if he thinks that’s going to keep Cade down for a full ten though.



Ox reaches for Cade, stopping the count as Cade starts to turn over. Ox starts pulling Cade to his feet, but Cade drops quickly with a jawbreaker! Ox stumbles back and Cade snaps off with a reverse roundhouse, dropping Ox to the canvas!  Cade looks out to the fans, who are booing him at this point.  He had no smugness, no arrogance, only focused rage.

Other Guy:  Oh shit.  He’s ready to end this.

Suddenly, Cade shrugs as Ox has yet to get up!  He slides from the ring and grabs a hold of the steel chair Marz was taken out with earlier in the night!  Kamura, however, is not counting!  He’s checking on Ox!

Eryk Masters:  What’s going on?

The camera moves in on Ox…and his mouth is FULL of blood!  He suddenly SHOVES Kamura out of the way just as Cade gets on the ring apron!  The two of them lock eyes as only the folded steel chair rests between them!

Other Guy:  Uh oh…it’s kinda…a sick twisted standoff.

Ox slowly starts to grin…and blood POURS from his mouth!  The drops hit his chest and he looks down at the blood, a sight he’s grown accustomed to, and he looks back up to Cade, whose lips are pursed!  The fans are popping as Ox is in a strange euphoric state!

Eryk Masters:  He’s…LOVING this!  I can’t tell if he’s bit a chunk off his tongue or what the hell’s got his mouth bleeding so terribly…but good LORD.

Cade RUSHES to get into the ring, but Ox…in one fluid motion, has the chair up, in his hands…AND DAMN NEAR TEARS CADE’S HEAD OFF.  The fans LOVE it as Cade crumples to the outside, clutching his skull!  Ox holds the chair high above his head, his bloody mouth laughing at the carnage he’s caused tonight.  He sits the chair up facing away from Cade’s body, and Kamura begins to count!



Ox looks at the chair and then looks down to Cade, who has rolled over onto his back.

Other Guy:  Dude…he’s got this one.


Ox calls for the fans to cheer…and they do.  The grin is still dripping blood as he gets down into a pouncing position.  He bounces off the ropes…AND THE OX LEAPS TO THE CHAIR AND LEAPS OVER THE ROPES…BUT HIS FEET TAG THE TOP ROPE.  In a FREAK moment, Ox’s body FLIPS completely from the feet hitting the ropes…and he NAILS the SLOPPIEST flipping senton…probably EVER.

Eryk Masters:  Ah…uh…


The fans seem to want to chant…but the chants are somewhat garbled…





Cade slides away from Ox slowly as Scott Kamura slides outside the ring, quickly turning the body on its side to avoid the flood of blood from choking the Stupid Genius, as it were.  Cade pulls himself to a sitting position and yells at Kamura.


The fans nearby boo their ASSES off as Cade DEMANDS a count for the possibly injured Ox!

Eryk Masters:  Seriously?  What the hell, man, give him a break!

Cade Sydal:  FUCK that, Masters!  You got a problem with it, I’ll KO your bitch ass, too!

Eryk Masters:  You didn’t even knock him out!

Cade walks over and slaps the headset off of Eryk Masters and the fans POP as Eryk shoves him back!

Other Guy:  Great.  He knocks you out, I’m demanding double pay for covering your unconscious ass for the main event.

Our two favorite referees from earlier in the evening, Willie Dean and Dennis Heflin, rush down and get between Eryk and Cade as Kamura slowly pulls Ox to a seated position.  Suddenly, Cade shoves Dean and Heflin out of his way and lifts Ox up HIMSELF!  Cade rolls his carcass into the ring and kicks the chair away, the fans booing the cocky veteran as he circles his prey.  Ox spits blood to the mat and pulls himself up, when OUT OF NOWHERE…a…fan?  A FAN storms the ring and lands a HARD punch to Ox!


Eryk Masters:  I missed it, what?

Willie Dean and Dennis Heflin tackle the fan, choking him and dragging him from the ring as Ox clutches his face, holding his rapidly swelling face as he holds himself up against the corner and Cade CHARGES…AND NAILS SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

Other Guy:  BLAST from the past there!

Eryk Masters:  Is…that a fan?  What the hell is happening?

Ox staggers forward, holding his fists up to Cade…and Cade waves goodbye to Ox…AND NAILS THE NINJAGUIRI!!!  Ox is OUT.  Scott Kamura sighs and starts the count!




Eryk Masters:  This is a foregone conclusion.  Damn.










Other Guy:  HOLY FUCK!

Cade slaps Ox across the face for DARING to even TRY to move once the first Ninjaguiri connected!  He picks Ox up and braces him against his own knees, as if he were preparing Lennox Ferguson for an execution.

Cade Sydal:  Any last words, you fucking moron?

Ox’s eyes are glazed over, and all he can do is muster a small, bruised, and bloodied smile.  Cade clenches his teeth…AND OX SPITS IN HIS FACE.  The fans ERUPT as Cade RAMS his THIRD NINJAGUIRI into Ox’s face!  OX IS DOWN!  Scott Kamura is counting!



Eryk Masters:  Lennox Ferguson wasn’t even there for that…that was…that HAD to be his DEFIANT spirit kicking into instinct!







Cade primes himself a fourth Ninjaguiri, but Ox has yet to move.


Cade smiles slyly before he flips the downed Ox off.



The fans RIP into boos as the three referees begin checking on Lennox Ferguson, who has yet to move.  Cade Sydal rips the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship belt from Samantha Coil’s clutches and holds it high above his head, “Almost Famous” kicking in once again from Eminem and Liz Rodrigues of the New Royales taking over from the chorus.

Other Guy:  Well…congratulations to the NEW KING OF THE IRON FIST…CADE SYDAL!

Eryk Masters:  Iron Boot, maybe.  But you wanna take a look at a man with the will of iron?  Take a look at that bloody mess down at ringside now.  Lennox Ferguson has NOTHING to be ashamed of tonight.

Other Guy:  And Cade does?  Cade Sydal’s now got the Iron Fist Championship ONCE AGAIN.  He’s intense on a whole other level now, man.

The camera focuses in on Cade Sydal, holding his Iron Fist Championship over the ring ropes, dangling it mockingly over Lennox Ferguson as the referees try to drag him to the backstage area.  Halfway up the ramp, however…while Cade is celebrating, Lennox looks up the ramp…AND THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK IS STANDING THERE.

Eryk Masters:  WHAT?!  What is Thomas Manchester Black doing here?!

Black applauds and nods as Ox is moved past him.  Cade looks at Black, his music still playing.  Black smirks and points to the Iron Fist Championship and shrugs, as if Cade knows exactly what his intentions are.

Other Guy:  WOW.  He’s not beating anybody down…but Thomas Manchester Black is DEFINITELY making a statement tonight!

Black slowly slinks to the back as the fans pop for his return.

Eryk Masters:  …you don’t think he was that Queen City King guy, do you?

Other Guy:  All I know is if Thomas Manchester Black is back in SHOOT…things just got a SHITLOAD more unpredictable.

Eryk Masters:  No doubt…

Other Guy:  What can we say?  If Dan Stein didn’t have a reason to attack Cade Sydal…he’s gotta have one now, right?

Eryk Masters:  He’s one of the biggest targets now.  More than the Lights are coming for him.  He’s definitely gonna have an Ox to deal with…and of course, Thomas Manchester Black.

Other Guy:  From a dumbass fan to a dumbass Ox stunt, I don’t think Cade’s gonna have to worry about Lennox Ferguson.  He’s a smidge of a moron, you know?

Eryk Masters:  Well, regardless…let’s go backstage for just a moment…where we understand that Abigail Chase is…with Rasheed Arif?  Donovan King’s lawyer?  What?

The fans boo as the scene shifts to Abigail Chase standing next to Rasheed Arif, who is wearing a tan suit with a brown shirt and chocolate brown tie.  Behind him stands…KILGORE STOCHANSKY.

Abigail Chase:  Thanks, guys.  I’m here with the attorney for Donovan King, Rasheed Arif…

Rasheed Arif:  …of Arif, Faulk, and Herveaux.  It’s all over the bus benches.

Abigail Chase:  …right.  So, Mr. Arif…what do you have to say the rumors that Donovan King will be making an appearance tonight, despite Jason Johnson’s edict basically forbidding him from doing so?

Kilgore steps between her and Arif.  He towers over her and laughs.

Kilgore Stochansky:  Don’t dive into such trivial things, girl.  Mr. Arif isn’t here to cater to shallow rumors.  He’s here to sign papers, get things moving.  Relax.  Azraith DeMitri and Sinnocence don’t need to look over their shoulders as they try to become Master of the Mat.  Donovan King is not going to be here tonight.

The fans cheer as Kilgore says this.

Kilgore Stochansky:  But make no mistake, darling. 

He turns to the camera.

Kilgore Stochansky:  None of you out there make the mistake of believing there is cause for celebration.  Don’t even bother with your tickertape parades or your fireworks.  No, SHOOT Project…we want you to be ready.  Stay ready.  I believe I can say this comfortably now, for all of you to hear.

Kilgore smiles.

Kilgore Stochansky:  Keep your disrespect coming towards me and my peers.  For you might not see it in front of your sad little faces…but we are always working, always preparing.  Not that any of you will listen to my warning.

Kilgore’s smile becomes a grin.

Kilgore Stochansky:  That’s what makes this that much sweeter.  You won’t even care until it’s too…late.

He glares down at Abigail Chase and walks away, leaving Arif alone with her.

Rasheed Arif:  So…yeah.  Doing anything after the show?

She clears her throat and looks back to the camera.

Abigail Chase:  Back to you guys!

Arif puts his arm around her, but she smoothly steps towards the camera, keeping the fake smile as the arm flops off to Arif’s side.


The arena has an electric atmosphere as the house lights fade, and spotlights illuminate the ring.  The timekeeper rings the bell three times to signify that it’s time for the Main Event, and a roar of excitement comes from the crowd.

"Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Seduction Mix]" by Rob Zombie starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls as the self professed “crazy bitch” Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain, and walks down the ramp. Sinn is dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin-tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring.

Sinn heads to the far corner of the ring and stands in place, as Tony Lorenzo walks up to her and gives her instructions for the match. The opening of "The Hounds" by The Protomen starts twanging over the arena’s speakers, and Az waits until the first main hit of the guitar and horns blares out before stepping out of the back to the top of the ramp.

Az looks over the crowd a bit, still getting that mixed reaction but a few more cheers than usual this time around. DeMitri is wearing his old ragged black trenchcoat and a black T-shirt underneath with a bloody red exclamation point on the front of it, with loose black leather pants and heavy boots finish the look.

As Azraith DeMitri marches to the ring he has a focused, calm look on his face, and heads straight to the ring after a second or two of soaking in the reaction. As he gets in the ring takes off the trenchcoat and shirt and tosses them to the ring attendant, taking his place across the ring from Sinnocence.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for your MAIN EVENT!

A deafening roar goes up from the capacity crowd.

Samantha: This bout is a one fall contest, scheduled for a 60 minute time limit, and is the finals of the Master of the Mat Tournament!  The winner of this match will be crowned your NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

Tony Lorenzo holds the new SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt over his head, as flashbulbs pop and the volume from the cheers of the fans goes up a little higher.

Samantha: Introducing first, in the corner to my right!  He hails from Omaha, Nebraska, stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs in at 260 pounds.  This is the “Broken Avatar” – AZRAITH DEMITRI!

There is a loud reaction for Azraith DeMitri, a mixture of cheers with some boos heard, but the cheers are definitely louder than the jeers, as Samantha turns and points in the opposite direction.

Samantha: His opponent, in the corner to my left, hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs in at 171 pounds.  Here is “The Killer Queen” – SINNOCENCE!

The crowd reaction to Sinn is similar to the one for Azraith DeMitri, although in her case the jeers may outweigh the cheers slightly.

Eryk Masters: Fans we are about to witness SHOOT Project history, and it is not an exaggeration to say that this match is one of the most important matches in the long history of this organization.  After this match, we will have a new World Heavyweight Champion, the first since the re-launch of this organization earlier this summer.

The Other Guy: I can’t believe that we’re a three count away from having a woman as our World Champion.  And while we’re talking about things I can’t believe, I can’t believe how damn loud it is in here!

The two competitors have slowly walked to the middle of the ring, where Tony Lorenzo has finished his instructions. For a long moment, the two wrestlers just stare at each other.  Finally, Azraith DeMitri extends a hand!

Eryk Masters:  Didn’t Az learn his lesson last week?  This whole mutual respect idea just didn’t seem to take!

The Other Guy: Who knows, maybe she’ll actually shakes his hand this time, since crazy Ozzy isn’t here to go mental every time he goes near her.

For a long moment, Sinnocence stares at the outstretched hand of Azraith DeMitri, and finally she extends her own, and half shakes, half slaps palms with DeMitri, in a begrudging show of mutual respect.  The sight of the handshake between the two competitors, the fans roar in approval, and this time the ovation is virtually unanimous. Samantha Coil exits the ring, and Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell…and we are underway!

As soon as the bell rings, Sinn ducks down, and falls to her knees!  Before Az can even figure out what she is doing, she spins around and using her speed and leverage, kicks the legs right out from underneath him!  Azraith DeMitri hits the mat like a ton of bricks, and instinctively grabs the back of his knees, yelling in surprise and a bit of pain.

Sinnocence leaps into the air, performs a breathtaking somersault, and lands across the head and neck of Azraith DeMitri with a legdrop!  Before he can gather his wits, she has grabbed his leg and goes for the cover!  Tony Lorenzo is on his game, and slides down for the count!



Literally yelling in anger and surprise, Azraith DeMitri bench presses Sinnocence off him, throwing her high into the air, where she hits the mat like a ton of bricks a few feet away!

Eryk Masters: WOW!  What a shocker!  Sinn knocks the pins out from underneath Az with a low spinning kick, and then almost gets him with a legdrop across his head and neck.  She almost got him!

The Other Guy: All credit to her, that was a great surprise attack by Sinnocence, but let’s be real here, Masters.  DeMitri is 6 feet, 5 inches tall and he weighs 260 pounds.  A legdrop from a 170 pound woman is not going to keep him down, surprise or not.

Azraith DeMitri is slowly getting to his feet.  You can see that he is a bit shaken by the legdrop on his throat, and that his knees are tender from the kick across the back of the legs by Sinn. 

Sinn is getting up a few feet away, where Az threw her.  She sees that he is slow getting up, and she takes advantage.  She scrambles up quickly, and leaps into the air, but low – aiming right for the knees of the rising Azraith DeMitri.  She nails him, dead on, right in the knees with a low, spot dropkick on the kneecaps!

Az grits his teeth in pain, and once again he grabs his knees in pain, rolling away and cursing under his breath.  The crowd is deafening, stomping their feet, and clapping their hands in unison, and as the camera scans the crowd we can see many signs being held high in the air, with the names of either Azraith DeMitri or Sinnocence.

Eryk Masters: Sinn staying on the attack here…

The Other Guy: I have to give it to her, she is trying to keep his wheels out from underneath him, and is doing her best to keep him on the defensive, with no chance to breathe.

Sinn starts to circle the prone Azraith DeMitri, and as he once again tries to get to his feet, she starts to aim a series of well timed and perfectly placed precision kicks, sharply to the knees and shins of her much larger opponent.  DeMitri is not all the way to his feet, and he is wobbling, unsteady as she stings him over and over again with the sharp kicks.  Every time he seems to be getting his balance, she fires another kick to his legs and sends him staggering.

Suddenly, Sinn drops to the mat again, and reaches over as if for an arm drag, but Az is still on his feet – barely.  She secures his leg, and with one smooth and brutal motion, she twists violently, and Azraith DeMitri spirals through the air, the victim of a wickedly executed Dragon Screw Leg Whip!  The crowd gasps audibly at the sight of Sinn violently wrenching Az’s leg so violently and sending him crashing to the mat.

As DeMitri lays on his back, holding his left leg – the same leg she just twisted so hard, Sinn gets to her feet and runs to the apron, and then scales the turnbuckles to the top rope.  The fans know Sinnocence – if she is going up top, something exciting is about to happen, so the fans rush to their feet and we see flashbulbs popping, taking pictures of the her poised on the top rope…

Eryk Masters: I think something very bad is about to happen to Azraith DeMitri…

The Other Guy: Here she goes…

Sinn gracefully leaps high into the air from the top rope, performs another somersault, but this one in midair, and then lands full force, across the knees of Azraith DeMitri with a flying legdrop!  As she lands full force, Az literally spasms from the force of the impact across his legs.

Sinnocence stands up, and executes a standing backflip into a bodypress cover! Tony Lorenzo slides down for the count!



DeMitri lifts the shoulder!

Sinn kips up, jumps into the air and drives her own knees down into the legs of the prone Azraith DeMitri!  You can tell it hurt her, but she sacrifices her own well being in order to inflict further damage on the knees and legs of DeMitri.  Once again, Sinn goes for the cover, and you can see that she is doing her best to hold the legs of Az DeMitri down, to prevent the kickout…




Azraith DeMitri kicks out.

Eryk Masters: Sinnocence is relentless, working away at the legs of Azraith DeMitri, trying to keep him down!

The Other Guy: She is not messing around here, she wants to get this match over with NOW! She wants that World Championship more than anything, you can just feel that with every kick she throws…she’s all business.

Sinn gets up, and starts stomping away at the legs of DeMitri.  The Other Guy is right, you can really feel the hunger and desire for the World Heavyweight Championship coming off with every kick, every stomp, every move aimed at the mobility of Azraith DeMitri.

Finally after landing a rapid succession of stomps to the kneecaps of her opponent, Sinn heads back outside to the apron, and scrambles up to the top again.  She takes measure, and then leaps off the top rope, aiming a perfect flying bodypress, right at his legs.  She soars through the air, as once again flashbulbs pop all over the arena, and as she lands…

Az moves.

The fans erupt as Sinnocence lands face first on the mat, with a bone shaking force of impact.  Azraith DeMitri rolls onto his side, and then uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet.  Finally, he stands up.  You can tell he is shaky on his feet, but he is up, as Sinn is on the mat, face down.  He looks down, his face strangely calm.

Eryk Masters: Uh oh.  We’ve seen that look on Az’s face before, and if I am right, it spells bad news for Sinn.  Sometimes I think this man can be more frightening when he is calm.

The Other Guy: I think for those of us who have seen Azraith DeMitri over the years here in SHOOT Project, he has always been close to being the top dog, close to being the #1 guy here, but he has always fallen short.  He set records for his domination during his reign with the OPW Championship, but he has never ruled over SHOOT in that same way, and this could be the last chance he gets to do it.

DeMitri leans down and grabs Sinn by the back of the head.  He literally clamps his hand over the back of her head like a claw, and in an awesome display of strength, he slowly and steadily hoists her prone body high into the air!

The fans go mental at the sight of Azraith DeMitri holding Sinnocence in the air, by the back of the head, as if she was in position for a chokeslam, but the other way around!  He holds her up for a long moment, and then in one concentrated effort he drives her back down, slamming her into the mat…


Sinn literally bounces twice from the impact of the face-plant!  Az has driven her face first into the mat, and she is now laying on her front, and her arms instinctively go to the back of her head, and she kicks her legs in agony.  Slowly she rolls onto her side…

Eryk Masters: Oh Good Lord.  Look at the face of Sinnocence! 

The Other Guy: Holy crap!  It looks like she got hit in the face by a truck!  If her nose isn’t broken, I’d be amazed.  Az just spiked her face first into the mat, and she didn’t get a chance to put her hands up or anything – she absorbed the total impact on her face.

Azraith DeMitri reaches down, and grabs Sinn by the back of the head again, pulling her to her feet.  All the fury and speed has been taken out of Sinnocence with one brutal smash to the face, and now the bigger man is in control.

DeMitri lifts Sinn into the air, easily spins her around, and then propels her into the mat with a crushing body slam. He reaches down and pulls her back to her feet by the back of the head again, and then casually tosses her into the corner, back first.  He limps over after her, and then holds her up with his left hand, and with his right hand, he starts to batter her mercilessly with a rapid succession of closed fists to the face!

Azraith DeMitri’s arm is almost a blur as he smashes Sinnocence in the face over and over with perfectly timed and places hammer-like punches to her face.  Sinn is writhing around, partially trying to escape and partially from the impact, but to no avail.

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri is now doing what he does best, and that is beating the life right out of somebody.  If there is a more powerful, dominating and impressive big man on this roster, I don’t know who it is.

The Other Guy: This is exactly what Sinnocence was trying to avoid with her strategy earlier.  Stick and move, and avoid getting hurt.  But he has her now, and he is taking her apart.

Referee Tony Lorenzo bravely grabs the right arm of Azraith DeMitri and hollers at him to stop with the closed fists.  DeMitri gives the ref a look that could melt lead, but he steps back.  As he steps back, Sinnocence slumps down into a seated position in front of the turnbuckle, semi-conscious, her face a blur of blood.

DeMitri looks at Sinn, takes stock of the situation, and then hoists one of his powerful legs into the air and stomps his foot downward, with his boot coming down right on the head of his opponent.  He holds himself in position by placing one hand on each rope in the corner to steady himself, and then he begins repeatedly stomping Sinnocence.

The fans continue to cheer loudly, as DeMitri has stopped battering Sinn with his fist but has picked up where he left off with a series of stomps that are threatening to pummel her right into unconsciousness.  The expression on DeMitri’s face remains the same, one of cold, calm and almost frightening determination.

Eryk Masters: Fans, what we are witnessing right now is nothing more than a good, old fashioned beating.

The Other Guy: Yeah, she’s getting mugged out there. And the sad thing is, he doesn’t even look like he’s angry at her over all those kicks, he just is doing what he has to do, to get the job done.  He wants that belt.

Tony Lorenzo finally calls for Azraith DeMitri to break off his brutal assault on Sinnocence, as he is using the ropes to keep her in place.  DeMitri holds his hands up, and back off.  He reaches down, grabs Sinn around the torso, and beal tosses her like a bag of cement, through the air.  Sinn sails across the ring and lands in the middle, flat on her back, bloody, stunned and dazed.

DeMitri walks over to where Sinn is laying.  You can see that Az is still limping noticeably and is favoring both knees as he walks across the ring.  As soon as he reaches Sinn, he grabs her by the wrist, lifts her up and then whips her into the ropes as hard as he can.

As Sinnocence rebounds off the ropes, Azraith DeMitri is there in the middle to meet her.  Using all of his 260 pounds of force, he extends one of his muscular arms and brutally bashes Sinn across the torso with an absolutely unbelievably powerful lariat style clothesline.  The impact is so hard that Sinn is literally lifted into the air and actually spins a full 360 degrees in the air before she lands!

Eryk Masters: OH MY GAWD!

The Other Guy: Okay, that might have been the most brutal clothesline I have ever seen in my career.  I’m amazed he didn’t break her in half.  To hell with JBL, THAT was clothesline from hell, right there.  We need to see a replay of that.

The shot goes to an instant replay, and we see Azraith DeMitri pulling Sinnocence to her feet and then deftly propelling her into the ropes as hard as he can, and then positioning himself.  Due to DeMitri’s immense strength, Sinn rebounds off the ropes with amazing speed, and we see Az putting all his weight into the clothesline and bashing Sinn with it so hard she spins in the air.

Back to live action, Az reaches down and pulls the barely conscious Sinnocence to her feet. He scoops her up, positions her across his shoulder, and then in a fluid, smooth and powerful motion he drives her into the canvas with an earth-shaking powerslam! 

DeMitri simply stays on top for the cover as Tony Lorenzo slides down to make the count…




The fans blow the roof off the arena, as Sinnocence lifts one arm defiantly, breaking the count.  For the first time in this match, we see a true expression of emotion on the face of Azraith DeMitri, and that expression is shock.  For a moment, he looks down at her, in pure amazement.

Eryk Masters: If anybody ever doubted the toughness of Sinnocence, if anybody wanted to play the “she’s a girl” card, or if anybody wanted to doubt her worthiness at being in this match – well you just got your answer.

The Other Guy: Not to go all historian on you here, but for those of you who saw it – that was the exact move that Azraith DeMitri used to defeat none other than Diamond Del Carver…that exact kind of lariat.  He hit The Hardcore Outlaw with it, and pinned him in the middle of the ring.  Now he just beat the living hell out of Sinnocence, and smashed her with the same move – and she kicked out.

DeMitri actually shakes his head, not believing it.  He simply lays back down across her with a press, holds her arms in place and uses his legs to hold Sinn’s legs down, as he calls for another count…




Sinn kicks out, and this time she does it harder than before! The fans are going mental.  DeMitri stands up, and reaches down to pull Sinn to her feet.  Sinnocence opens her eyes, and arches her back, snaking her legs around the arms of Azraith DeMitri, twisting him and rolling him downward onto the mat with a surprise small package pin attempt!

Lorenzo dives in for the count…



DeMitri kicks out!

Azraith DeMitri leaps to his feet in shock, but Sinn reaches up and propels him backward with a schoolboy rollup!  The look of shock on the face of Az is almost funny as he is forced backward and Sinn slides his shoulders to the mat…



DeMitri kicks out again, and this time he rolls away from Sinnocence before he gets up – and he keeps his eyes focused on her as he does so.  Amazingly, Sinnocence gets up at the same time!  The fans come to their feet in a deafening standing ovation for both competitors!

Eryk Masters:  I can’t believe what we just saw!

The Other Guy: It’s all about leverage, Masters.  Sinnocence used gravity, physics and surprise combined, and she came within one second of becoming the new World Champion.  Unbelievable!

The two competitors charge at each other.  DeMitri is limping, and Sinn is bleeding as they meet in the middle of the ring.  Sinnocence leaps into the air, reaches out, slaps both her hands around the back of Azraith DeMitri’s head, and drives one of her knees sharply upward as she flies, smashing the knee right into his face!

Az DeMitri stops charging forward and staggers backward, stunned by the Muay Thai Clinch into a flying knee smash!  He looks dazed, and Sinn leaps into the air and nails him spot on, right in the jaw with a dropkick!  DeMitri hits the mat like the proverbial ton of bricks, as Sinn makes the cover…



Az kicks out!

Sinnocence stays on the attack, and gets back up after the unsuccessful pin attempt.  She leaps into the air and drops a precision knee drop, right into the middle of Azraith DeMitri’s forehead, stunning him.  She gets back up, and repeats the process, battering her opponent’s cranium with a knee right to the temple.  Amazingly, she does it again, leaping into the air, and then coming down with all her weight right onto the head of Az DeMitri, with her knee!  Upon the impact of the third knee drop, DeMitri’s legs involuntarily spasm.

Eryk Masters: The tide has turned again, and now as crazy as it sounds, Sinnocence is laying a bit of a beating on Azraith DeMitri!

The Other Guy: I don’t care how big, or how tough you are. If a 170 pound person jumps into the air, and then drives their knee into your head, not once, not twice, but three time?  You’re going to end up with scrambled brains.

Indeed, it looks like Azraith DeMitri is stunned, and Sinnocence knows this is her chance to do some damage that could win her the match, but that her window of opportunity will not be open long.  She stumbles to the outside, and scales the turnbuckles, planning for a top rope maneuver that will result in maximum impact and damage.

Sinnocence balances herself on the top turnbuckle, and then leaps off with a picture perfect flying bodypress.  Her aim is dead on, and she lands dead center! She stays on Azraith DeMitri for the cover!



NO!  Azraith DeMitri lifts his shoulder, and then as the fans gasp in shock, he grabs Sinn around her waist and sits up, while she is still on top of him for the cover!  As the place comes unglued, DeMitri then stands up still grabbing onto her, and charges, goring her into the turnbuckles!


The Other Guy: She comes off the top rope with a flying bodypress, gets the two count, but he gets up with HER ON TOP OF HIM, and spears her into the corner?  This guy is a beast!

As the announcers go crazy for the amazing feat, we can see that Azraith DeMitri is not done!  He still has Sinnocence around the waist, and he smashes her into the turnbuckles three times, but he won’t let her go!

After goring her into the turnbuckles three times, DeMitri keeps the waistlock slapped on, and then hooks both Sinn’s arms so they are behind the her back. Azraith DeMitri links his hands together and lifts Sinnocence up so she is upside down…and then he leaps into the air and sits out, spiking Sinnocence right into the mat, on top of her head!


Sinnocence is hammered into the mat on the top of her head, like a nail hammered into a piece of wood. She crumples after falling victim to the crippling move by Azraith DeMitri, and he goes for the lateral press cover…




The Other Guy: Okay, what is her deal?  She kicks out of the Lariat.  Now she kicks out of the Smirking Revenge?  What the hell?

Azraith DeMitri gets up to his knees, and looks down at Sinnocence like he is looking at a ghost, his eyes wide in shock.  Every fan in the arena is on their feet, screaming themselves hoarse. 

DeMitri slowly gets to his knees, breathing heavily, with sweat dripping from his face.  He pulls Sinnocence to her feet back the back of her head.  Suddenly, she leaps up, and slaps a front face lock on him, in perfect position for the DDT!  The fans start chanting: “DDT!  DDT!  DDT!”  Sinnocence leans back as hard as she can, screaming with the effort, but Azraith DeMitri is just too big, and she cannot leverage her into the DDT, as hard as she tries.

As Sinnocence holds him in the front face lock, Az reaches up with his left arm he wraps it over the neck of Sinnocence, and pulls back!  The force of the pressure from DeMitri’s arm causes her to release her own face lock, and he stands up straight and secures her free arm, twists it, and then goes behind. As Sinnocence has been trying to power him back into the mat with a DDT, Azraith DeMitri has used his grappling abilities to maneuver and lock her up…


Sinnocence starts to squirm around violently, thrashing with all she is worth.  DeMitri has one arm over the head of Sinnocence now, and he is leaning back as hard as he can, pulling on her neck, while keeping her other arm locked up.  He has her locked up tight and is applying as much torque as he can.

Eryk Masters: What the hell, how did that happen?

The Other Guy: Look here on the replay Masters.  She has him in the front face lock.  He reaches up with one of his free arms, and because his arms are so much longer than hers, he actually manages to break her face lock and force her neck forward.  Then all he has to do is stand up, and slap this baby on!  She’s going to tap!

You can almost hear Sinn screaming in pain as the fans cheer.  DeMitri leans back, pulling on the head and neck of Sinnocence as hard as he can.  He shouts as the ref to ask her if she want to submit.  Tony Lorenzo goes to one knee and leans in, asking Sinnocence if she want to quit.  He looks at DeMitri and shakes his head, indicating no.

Instead, Lorenzo lifts her arm, and lets go, waiting for it to fall.  Instead, we see the hand of Sinnocence, giving the finger.  She shakes it and waves it around, as the fans cheer in approval.  DeMitri curses loudly and releases the hold, letting Sinnocence collapse to the mat.

DeMitri bends down to pick Sinn up, but she rolls onto her back and kips up, hitting Az right on the jaw with both of her feet as she does so!  Azraith DeMitri is totally caught off guard with the wicked up kick from Sinnocence, and he stumbles backward, holding his jaw.  Sinn stays low, and using her legs, sweeps the feet of DeMitri, knocking him to the ground! As soon as he hits the mat, she goes for the cover!

Eryk Masters: ONE!  TWO!

The Other Guy: NO!  DeMitri kicked out!  She didn’t get him!

Sinnocence pounds her hand into the mat in frustration.  DeMitri is still holding his jaw and rolling around on the mat, so she quickly heads out to the apron.  DeMitri is still on the ground, as Sinnocence scrambles up the turnbuckles, and leaps into the air.

The moment Sinnocence leaps into the air, Azraith DeMitri jumps to his feet.  As Sinnocence descends, he swings forward with his massive right arm, as hard as he can, meeting her in midair. Sinnocence was going for the flying bodypress, but Azraith DeMitri met her in the air with an absolutely brutal lariat, and has brought her crashing down to earth.  She lays on the mat, stunned.

Azraith DeMitri is still standing, and he reaches down and pulls Sinnocence to her feet.  He holds her in front of him, and she is limp, basically out on her feet.  He clamps his massive left hand over her throat, and then with an impressive show of strength, he hoists her high into the air, and holds her there for one moment, in position for a chokeslam. She kicks her legs frantically, but he holds her high.

In one smooth movement, Azraith DeMitri powers Sinnocence through the air toward the mat for a chokeslam, but suddenly he drops to one knee, and smashes her skull directly into his extended right knee!  Her head bounces from the impact, and collapses to the mat, out cold.

He covers…




The arena explodes in a combination of earth quaking cheers, as pyro explodes in the rafters, and music erupts from the sound system.  Tony Lorenzo grabs the exhausted Azraith DeMitri by the wrist, and hauls his arm into the air.



DeMitri accepts the new belt which is handed to him by the referee.  He looks down at the belt in his hands, his expression very emotional.  Finally, he slings the belt over his shoulder, but he stays on his knees, next to the fallen Sinnocence.

DeMitri reaches down and pulls the dazed Sinnocence to her feet.  To her apparent surprise, he grabs her by the wrist, and holds her arm high in the air, as the fans cheer.  He clasps his hand over her shoulder firmly in a show of respect and affection, and only then does he strap on his belt, and centers it around his waist.

Eryk Masters: We just witnessed the execution of The Hand of God, and now SHOOT Project has a new World Heavyweight Champion! The DeMitri era has begun in SHOOT Project!

The Other Guy: I think it’s safe to bet that in December we’ll be talking about this matchup as a potential Match of the Year, Masters.  One hell of a contest, and you can see that DeMitri was really impressed by the guts, heart, and unbelievable effort by Sinnocence.

Eryk Masters: You’d be crazy not to respect that.  I think Sinn is going to be leaving here tonight with more fans than she had when she came in.  She didn’t lose anything in anybody’s eyes tonight – not the fans, not the office, not her peers.  We haven’t seen the last of her.

The Other Guy: Well, tonight is all about Azraith DeMitri, but if I was him I’d grow a set of eyes in the back of my head, because there are a ton of guys on this roster who want that belt bad, and will do anything to get it.

The shot slowly scans the arena, and we see every fan on their feet, blowing the roof off the place with enthusiastic cheers.  The shot pans to the ring, where Azraith DeMitri stands in the middle of the ring, the World Heavyweight Championship Belt around his waist, and both his arms raised over his head in victory.