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Master of the Mat: Day 1

We cut backstage and we see Lunatikk Crippler walking down the hall, an ice cold bottle of Pepsi in his right hand. We hear the crowd pop in the distance, as they see what’s on the screen. He’s dressed in street clothes, jeans and plain white t-shirt. He takes a sip of his Pepsi and replaces the cap, and stops short in the hallway. He grins at something off camera, and then the camera turns and we see what he’s grinning at: "The Walking Triple Threat" Jack Reed.

Eryk Masters: This oughta be tense. We haven’t seen Jack Reed since he faced off against Lunatikk Crippler a few weeks ago in New York City.

Lunatikk Crippler: Jack, to what do I owe this honor?

Jack Reed: Save the shit, Crip.

Crippler: Calm down, man. Just trying to show you a little bit of respect.

Reed: And I don’t believe a word of it. After what you did to me the last time we met.

Crippler: What? Beat you? Made you submit? I didn’t do a damn thing, Jack, except for what you would do to me.

Reed: You think you’re funny?

Crippler: A little bit.

Reed hauls off and smacks The Crippler hard, right in the face. The crowd lets out an "OHHHH" collectively, as if they can’t believe Reed would do that.

Reed: You have a comeback for that, funny man?

The Crippler stands there for a moment, his hand grazing the spot on his face that Reed’s hand struck, a look of semi-surprise on his face.

Crippler: Just back off, Jack. I’m just here to support some friends tonight. I’ve got a match tomorrow. So do you, if I remember correctly.

Jack Reed nods in assent, before hauling off and smacking Crippler again, flush in the face. The crowd is silent now, as if waiting for Crippler to react.

Crippler: Seriously, Jack. This isn’t something either one of us wants to get into.

Reed: You think you can speak for me? You think I give a damn what you have to say?

Reed smacks The Crippler again. And a fourth time. And a fifth.

Other Guy: Why doesn’t Crippler just smack the piss out of him back?

Eryk Masters: He’s trying to show restraint. He’s got a huge opportunity tomorrow night, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize it. Still, something’s gotta give here.

Jack Reed hauls off for a sixth time and strikes Crippler square in the jaw with another slap. He winds back once again and The Crippler snaps into action. He spears Reed into a nearby wall, illiciting a loud chorus of cheers from the crowd watching on the screen.

Other Guy: He’s had all he can take! It’s on, now!

Crippler stands up straight and starts raining rights and lefts to the face and torso of Jack Reed. Reed doesn’t have a second to react, he’s being hit so fast. Crippler changes it up and drives his knee into Reed’s midsection, doubling him up. Reed gasps for air, and Crippler grabs him by the hair, and forces Reed to look him right in the eyes.

Crippler: This what you want, Jack? This is what you wanted me to do?

Crippler takes Reed’s face and slams it against the wall with a lot of force. The fans watching are still supporting Crippler here, and they are quite vocal about it. Crippler walks off camera and Reed is struggling to breathe and get to his feet. Reed gets to one knee, coughing, when he is blindsided by a steel chair shot. The fans pop for the violence as we see Lunatikk Crippler holding the steel in his hands, a look of insane fury on his face.

Eryk Masters: The eyes, OG. The eyes tell the story here. Crippler is a man possessed.

Crippler’s smile is replaced by a snarl now as he raises the chair above his head and brings it crashing down across the back of Reed. And again. And a third time. And now a fourth chair shot. The Crippler isn’t slowing down. He takes a step to the side now and aims and fires that chair right into the head and face of Reed. The cheers are still there, but it’s considerably quieter now as some of the fans in attendance are just shocked by this outburst of anger from The Crippler. Crippler still isn’t done though. He lifts up the chair and jams the end of it into Reed’s throat. Reed’s hands go instantly to his neck, and he is having a hard time breathing it seems. The blow kicks in some adrenaline, however, and Reed makes it to his knees. He is answered quickly by another steel chair shot, right to the top of the head.

Reed falls backwards, but is propped up by the wall. Blood is trickling down his forehead now, and quite profusely. You can barely see his flesh behind the crimson flow now. The fans are pure silent right now, too shocked for words. Crippler crashes the chair into Reed’s face, using so much force that the edge of the chair hit the wall and dented. We get a camera shot of a few fans in the crowd. There’s a teenage girl, with tears streaming down her cheeks, mouth covered by here hand, completely taken aback by what she’s seeing. There’s a young boy clutching onto his father, his face buried in his stomach so he doesn’t have to look at what’s happeneing.

Eryk Masrers: Okay, enough is enough. Somebody needs to stop this. Now.

Other Guy: I agree. This has gotten way out of hand. Reed could be seriously hurt.

It seems like the assault had stopped, but now Crippler slumps Reed’s head a little forward, which is easy since Reed is barely conscious. He wedges Reed’s head into the bent metal folding chair and pulls him to his wobbly feet. The rage us buring in Crippler’s eyes as he grabs both ends of the chair, in the front and back of Reed’s head.

Eryk Masters: No. NO! Crip, don’t do this!

He does it. Crippler uses all his force to slam the chair, with Reed’s head inside, against a brick wall. Reed falls to the ground, the chair still wrapped around his head. He’s lying there motionless as the blood continues to drip down his face. Finally, a team of security rushes in, alongside some paramedics, and get in between Crippler and Reed. The security shoves Crippler backwards away from his victim, as the EMT’s tend to "The Walking Triple Threat", who is in pretty bad shape. Fortunately, security is successful in pushing Crippler away from the scene, and hopefully Reed can get the help he needs.

Eryk Masters: This was just…..I can’t even describe it.

Other Guy: The fans are shocked, quite frankly, so are we.

Eryk Masters: Just….Just go to something else, ok? Get this off the screen.


The arena is bathed in darkness as we hear the familiar sounds of slot machines.  The fans instantly begin to cheer as the now infamous SHOOT Tron Slot Machine begins to scroll through.  We see the smiling face of Loco Martinez, the smirking face of Rocky Stellar, and the final slot belonging to $I as “The Joker and the Thief” by Wolfmother kicks in. 

Eryk Masters:  These fans are absolutely ELECTRIC! 

I said the joker is a wanted man

He makes his way all across the land

See him sifting through the sand

So I’ll tell you all the story

About the joker and the thief in the night! 

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is a FATAL FOUR WAY for the SHOOT PROJECT…WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  Introducing first…weighing in at a combined 508 pounds…they are Loco Martinez and The ICON Rocky Stellar…STELLAR…INSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANITY!! 

Always laughing in the midst of power,

Always living in the final hour

There is always sweet and sour

So we…are not…goin’ home! 

Loco Martinez and Rocky Stellar come out, both men sporting new Stellar Insanity shirts with their normal tights.  The shirts have a picture of a postcard on it, with Loco and Stellar posing with cheesy grins and thumbs up in front of the Las Vegas sign with the phrase “What Happens In Vegas…” on the bottom.  Both men saunter down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans.  Loco slides into the ring as Stellar merely walks up the ring steps. 

Other Guy:  I have to say…it’s really refreshing that we will get to have a Stellar Insanity match we can call without Bryan Harris to screw it up. 

Eryk Masters:  You have no clue how happy I am about that. 

Their music dies down as the arena grows dark.  “Black Session” by Katatonia begins to play, and the Las Vegas fans are brought to HARD boos.  As the music kicks in, the arena is bathed in blood red as the SHOOT Project Helmet is on the SHOOT Tron slowly being distorted on the screen until finally the screen looks to be tearing open. 

Other Guy:  Okay, these guys continue to give me the damn heebee jeebees. 

Eryk Masters:  Heebee jeebees? 

Out from the back emerges PROJECT:SCAR.  ADRIAN CORAZON and KENJI YAMADA appear on the stage being scary as mother fuck.  Kenji drops to his knees, his arms held straight out and his palms facing upwards while Corazon stands behind him, his arms slowly rising to bring the lights back on.  If the fans aren’t crying, they are jeering as the booing continues as the two monsters slowly saunter to the ring, glaring dead ahead. 

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents…weighing in at a combined 445 pounds…they are Kenji Yamada and Adrian Corazon…PROJECT…SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!! 

Their music dies off as “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Slayer kicks in, bringing the fans to their feet.  Out from the back come FRONTLINE II TURBO, as COREY LAZARUS and HIRO TAKAWA stand on the stage.  They hold their arms up and the fans give them a decent sized cheer. 

Other Guy:  You know…I’m pretty mad at those guys. 

Eryk Masters:  Why? 

Other Guy:  They’ve fallen off, man!  They go from the obvious heirs apparent to the Bad Ass Brotherhood throne at the top of the tag division to just kind of…being…there. 

Eryk Masters:  Personally, knowing the careers these two men have had…personally, I believe they are lulling these teams into a false sense of security.  My opinion?  They’re the dark horse. 

Other Guy:  So dark you can’t even see them. 

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents…weighing in at a combined weight of 450 pounds…they are Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa…FRONTLINE…II…TURBOOOOOOOOOOO! 

Their music dies down and the fans immediately begin to buzz with excitement.  Suddenly, the high intensity of “New Fang” by Them Crooked Vultures kicks in HARD.  The ominous and amazing drums from Dave Grohl bring the fans to their feet as SHOOT Tron shows the ever amazing BAB badge as out from the back comes THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKING BROTHERHOOD.  CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN step out from the back wearing matching black and grey tights.  The two of them stand at the entrance, staring down all six of the rest of their challengers and both men hold their arms out to their sides, showing the Las Vegas fans their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship titles. 

Other Guy:  Listen to these fans! 

Buck screams out to the fans as Magnus points out to the other side of the Epicenter.  They hold their titles up high for all to see as they roll into the ring. 

Samantha Coil:  And finally…their opponents…they are the REIGNING SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…WEIGHING IN TONIGHT…AT 491 POUNDS…they are Charles Brandon Magnus…and Buck Dresden…THE BAD…ASS…BROTHERHOOOOOOOOOOD!!! 

Tony Lorenzo gets Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa out of the ring, as Magnus and Buck also exit the ring after they hand their titles off to Lorenzo.  He holds them up high for all to see before he hands the belts to Samantha Coil. 

Eryk Masters:  This is it, folks.  Four of our top tag teams.  Four of the top tag teams PERIOD.  We have well over EIGHTY different title reigns amongst these eight men. 

Other Guy:  Proven legends Loco Martinez and Rocky Stellar have, on their own, something like half of those title reigns, right? 

Eryk Masters:  Exactly.  Of all the men in this match, those two have held the World Tag Team titles here in SHOOT.  They’re the only ones who have felt the weight of those titles around their waists. 

Other Guy:  I know for a fact Loco Martinez alone has held sixty-eight different titles. 

Eryk Masters:  Sixty-eight? 

Other Guy:  Yes. 

Eryk Masters:  He told you that himself, didn’t he? 

Other Guy:  A true reporter never reveals his sources. 

Eryk Masters:  He told me eighty-nine. 

Other Guy:  That bastard. 

Loco Martinez stands in the ring along with Kenji Yamada as Tony Lorenzo checks them out. 

Eryk Masters:  The rules are going to be as follows, folks.  Jason Johnson made the call earlier in the week that this match is going to determine once and for all who the top tag team in SHOOT is.  What that means is two men are going to be allowed in the ring at one time.  It will also be an ELIMINATION match. 

Other Guy:  Wow…seriously? 

Lorenzo calls for the bell. 

Eryk Masters:  Jason Johnson wants to know who deserves to be the best.  Pinning a guy in the middle of some insanity might net you a lucky win, but it won’t end the controversy.  Tonight, SHOOT wants answers and they’re gonna get those answers! 

Loco goes to lock up with Kenji, who immediately ducks under and NAILS Loco with a knee to the midsection!  Loco is doubled over as Kenji hooks Loco up for a vertical suplex and brings him up in a snapping motion BUT LOCO COUNTERS INTO A NECKBREAKER!  Kenji clutches his neck as Loco immediately rolls away from Kenji, gets to his feet, and NAILS a standing moonsault!  He goes for a cover and Lorenzo is there! 



Kenji powers out and Loco quickly has Kenji up and whips him to the ropes.  Kenji manages to counter and whips Loco to the ropes, who catches a blind tag from Frontline member Hiro Takawa.  Loco comes back and gets caught with a hip toss but he lands on his feet!  Takawa rushes in and Loco looks behind himself…and NAILS a Pele kick to BOTH Takawa and Kenji!  Loco is up and the fans are popping BIG! 

Eryk Masters:  Loco Martinez is giving these fans what they want here tonight! 

Takawa tries to get his wits about him as Lorenzo motions to Loco that a blind tag was made.  He argues with the referee for a moment or two before he shrugs it off and heads to his corner.  Takawa gets up and is pulled by his hair by Corazon to the SCAR corner.  Kenji quickly storms the corner and NAILS an Avalanche!  Takawa absorbs the blow just in time for Kenji to tag Corazon in.  Kenji hooks Takawa up in a Fisherman suplex and spins around, Corazon catches Takawa and FISHERMAN POWERBOMB BY PROJECT:SCAR!  Corazon for the pin! 



Lazarus makes the save!  Corazon is quick to get to his feet and rakes the eyes of Lazarus!  Corey staggers back to his corner just in time for Corazon to whip Takawa to the ropes.  He catches Takawa on the return and quickly NAILS the Act of Inhumanity!  Corazon is up, glaring down at the nearly unconscious Takawa, a smirk on his face as he looks at Hiro.  Suddenly, Corazon is spun around…LARIAT FROM BUCK DRESDEN!  Dresden rolls out of the ring quickly as Corazon is PLANTED!  Stellar shrugs and rushes Kenji, knocking him off of the apron!  Loco rushes to Hiro’s body and throws Hiro on top of Corazon! 

Other Guy:  NO!  NO WAY! 


Corazon QUICKLY kicks out, a look of pure FURY on his face.  He picks Takawa up and literally throws him at his partner, who tags in quickly!  Lazarus rushes Corazon fast and Corazon quickly rolls underneath a clothesline attempt from Corey and he tags in Magnus!  Magnus shrugs as Corazon slides from the ring, laughing to himself as Magnus gets into the ring and IMMEDIATELY Corey Lazarus is peppering him with blows! 

Eryk Masters:  Good GOD!  Corey Lazarus wants to make a name for himself and Hiro here in SHOOT Project and they are taking the fight RIGHT to the Brotherhood! 

Magnus shrugs off the attacks and staggers backwards to the ropes.  Dresden gets into the ring as Lazarus whips Magnus to the ropes, but Magnus counters!  Lazarus is whipped to the ropes and Dresden is there to HOIST Lazarus up onto his shoulders!  Magnus catches Corey’s head with a Codebreaker while Dresden NAILS THE DOUBLE KNEE GUT BUSTER!! 

Eryk Masters:  They call that tag team finish of theirs the RUINATION and Corey Lazarus just took every single PIECE of it! 

Magnus with the pin! 




Other Guy:  WHAT?! 

Eryk Masters:  WOW! 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…FRONTLINE II TURBO…HAS BEEN…ELIMINATED!!! 

Other Guy:  Wow…and just like that, the second of SHOOT’s two undefeated tag teams…goes down! 

Lazarus is clutching his chest and stomach while his head is down on the mat.  Magnus is up quickly, looking down at his prey.  He smirks to himself as their score is finally settled with the former number one contenders to the World Tag Team Championship.  The fans know it, too, and they are popping HARD for the Bad Ass Brotherhood defeating Frontline II TURBO.  Suddenly, however, Rocky Stellar takes it upon himself to schoolboy Magnus over! 




Magnus shakes his head at the quick attack by Stellar, who gets Magnus to his feet and is quick to hit him with an inverted atomic drop!  Magnus clutches his nether regions as Stellar quickly brings him down with a hip toss into a headlock!  He flexes HARD, trying to put Magnus down for the count! 

Eryk Masters:  Rocky and Magnus are without question the largest athletes in this event, so I think Rocky Stellar is going to use his vast knowledge of the ring to cut off Magnus from his partner and slowly bring the big man down. 

Other Guy:  Easier said than done, Eryk.  Magnus and Dresden didn’t win and own those titles for this long by being idiots! 

Stellar nods his head to the fans and motions for Loco to tag in!  Loco gets into the ring as Stellar picks Magnus up, whips him to the ropes and catches him with a back body drop that Loco combos up with a running senton bomb!  Magnus clutches his midsection as Loco pulls him in for a pin! 




Loco gets Magnus to his feet quickly and begins to pepper him with side kick after side kick!  Magnus tries to block, only for Loco to switch it up and kick him in the OTHER side!  Magnus is staggered and Loco is up for a spinning wheel kick but Magnus ducks!  Loco goes flying OVER Magnus, but the wily veteran lands on his feet!  He crouches down low as Magnus turns around and Loco TAGS Magnus with a perfectly aimed dropkick to his face!  Magnus flops down onto the mat and Loco leaps over the top rope to the apron!  He aims at Magnus who is slowly getting to his feet and he leaps up to the top rope to springboard off…BUT CORAZON IS IN THE RING QUICKLY AND NAILS THE ACT OF REALITY ON A MID AIR LOCO! 

Eryk Masters:  WOW! 

Magnus looks perplexed at Corazon, who quickly dives from the ring with a smirk STILL on his face!  Magnus hooks Loco’s leg and Tony Lorenzo is there! 



Stellar makes the save!  Stellar puts the boots to Magnus as hard as he can, and Buck gets into the ring, prompting the referee Tony Lorenzo to get in the middle of it all!  As the referee tries to get Rocky Stellar and Buck Dresden to their corners, Kenji gets into the ring and measures Magnus as he comes to.  Kenji gets behind Magnus and quickly hooks Magnus up…PROMINENT SCAR!  Magnus is doubled over on the mat and Kenji rolls out as well! 

Eryk Masters:  NO!  NO! 

Loco slowly drapes one arm over onto Magnus! 

Other Guy:  NOT LIKE THIS! 

Lorenzo is in position! 




Stellar is BACK in the ring now and the two men begin to brawl!  Magnus rolls to his side, trying to shake off the cobwebs!  Corazon grins as he tags Magnus on the shoulder and Lorenzo sees it!  Corazon picks Loco up and goes for the double underhook! 

Other Guy:  ORIGINAL SIN! 

Suddenly, Stellar and Dresden BOTH NAIL Corazon with a DOUBLE Lariat!  The fans pop BIG as the two brawlers get the fans riled up!  Loco slowly picks himself up and manages to counter a Kenji punch with a punch of his own!  With lightning fast speed, Loco leaps to the middle turnbuckle and LEVELS Kenji with a HARD kick to the temple, sending the Walking Genocide called Kenji Yamada FLYING to the floor!  Loco stands in the corner and looks back at Corazon, who is starting to come to!  Loco leaps to the top rope and looks back to Corazon…and he LEAPS OFF WITH A MOONSAULT AS CORAZON GETS UP!  He’s got Corazon in THAT WARM, FUZZY FEELING!  Loco hooks the leg! 



CORAZON DRAPES HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!  Tony Lorenzo shows that to Loco, who voices frustration from his move not putting the kibosh on the match.  He picks Corazon up and tags Stellar in.  Both men whip Corazon to the ropes and Loco catches him with a leg sweep at the same time Rocky Stellar NAILS an STO! 

Eryk Masters:  Shades of the Beautiful People there, a team Stellar Insanity have had a HUGE history with! 

Stellar hooks the leg up for a pin attempt! 



KENJI WITH THE SAVE!  Loco holds his face in horror as Corazon and Kenji continue to live to fight another day.  Kenji gets out of the ring quickly as Loco slowly picks Corazon back up.  He whips Corazon to the ropes…CORAZON COUNTERS WITH THE ACT OF DEFIANCE!  Loco falls to the mat HARD as Corazon quickly tags Kenji into the match and gets right back out of the ring.  Kenji throws himself OVER the top rope and SPLASHES onto Loco for a pin attempt! 




Kenji gets up and immediately begins to put the boots to Loco, and Stellar decides he’s had enough.  He gets into the ring, but Tony Lorenzo stops him!  Corazon is right back in the ring and puts the boots to Loco with Kenji, the fans booing LOUDLY! 

Other Guy:  Oh come on! 

Kenji and Corazon laugh to one another as they keep putting the boots to Loco…BUT CORAZON IS KNOCKED OVER THE TOP ROPE BY A BUCK DRESDEN LARIAT!  The fans POP as Kenji stops the attack on Loco only to get caught up in a Magnus SPINEBUSTER!  Buck and Magnus rush back to their corner, only to see Rocky Stellar looking at the two of them.  The three men stare at one another for a second until Rocky nods a sign of respect to the Brotherhood for the help.  Tony Lorenzo begins the mandatory ten count! 



Eryk Masters:  If both Kenji and Loco can’t answer the ten count, they’re both eliminated and the Bad Ass Brotherhood retains! 




Loco opens his eyes, breathing heavily. 


He drapes his arm over Kenji’s body and Lorenzo counts the pin! 



Kenji gets an arm up! 

Loco looks up and sees Stellar beckoning to get the tag, but Loco realizes he is closer to the Brotherhood’s corner and makes the crawl to them!  Corazon is back on his corner, his arm outstretched wildly to tag Kenji!  Kenji slowly stretches out his arm as Loco THROWS himself at the Brotherhood, tagging Buck in!  Kenji can only brush his fingertips against Corazon and Lorenzo calls it as an official tag!  Corazon and Buck are in and trading punches! 

Eryk Masters:  Look at Corazon and Buck go at it! 

Corazon keeps trying to trade punches with Buck, but it’s all for naught as Buck soon over powers Corazon and grabs him by the hair…AND LAUNCHES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! 


The fans…ERUPT.  Buck walks around the ring, nodding his head and soaking in the cheers of the fans as Kenji hops down to check on his partner.  He marches over to Project:SCAR and leans over the top rope, making sure to get Corazon and Kenji’s attention. 


Buck bursts out in laughter as Kenji and Corazon seem to become incensed.  He looks at Magnus, who is laughing with his partner.  He looks at Rocky Stellar and Loco Martinez, and they seem to both have their hands outstretched for a tag! 

Other Guy:  Loco can’t be at one hundred percent right now after going through all of that punishment from earlier. 

Eryk Masters:  Which is why Rocky wants in and wants Loco to recharge his batteries.  But you know Loco Martinez isn’t going to just go quietly…he wants in this match and he wants to win this for his team! 

Buck walks over to the two of them as they bicker amongst themselves.  Buck holds his hands up to get their attention.  Buck does not seem to want to tag them in!  Rocky holds his finger up and makes a motion of pounding his fist into his hand. 

Other Guy:  Ah…the age old stratagem to settle history’s greatest conflicts… 

Eryk Masters:  …Rock…Paper…Scissors. 

Loco, Rocky, and Buck all three start pounding their fists!  Loco with scissors!  Rocky with scissors!  Buck with paper!  Buck throws his hands up, he is out! 

Other Guy:  Scissor me timbers! 

Loco and Rocky again play the game…and Loco throws rock and Rocky throws scissors again!  Loco is in!  Buck sighs and tags Loco in only for Kenji and Corazon to bumrush the three of them!  They get Buck out of the ring and throw him to the mat outside while Corazon quickly hits the Acts of Brutality to Stellar, sending Stellar to the ground outside!  Corazon and Kenji have Loco caught up, and the two men Irish whip Loco to the ropes, but Magnus is in the ring!  Magnus HURLS Loco up with a modified back body drop…and LOCO CATCHES HIMSELF ON THE ROPES!  Loco bounces up…he springboards off and Magnus ducks AND LOCO HITS A DOUBLE WARM FUZZY FEELING TO BOTH CORAZON AND KENJI!  Magnus exits the ring as Loco rushes to the corner and looks down to see Corazon slowly coming to while Kenji is completely out! 

Eryk Masters:  Things aren’t looking good for Project:SCAR! 


Eryk Masters:  Corazon used the LAST bit of energy he had to get to his feet and hit his Act of Inhumanity to Loco Martinez and, my God…Loco Martinez is OUT! 

Other Guy:  That was God awful sloppy, but the end result was Loco’s face meeting Corazon’s knee and now both men are down for the count. 

Eryk Masters:  You have to think that if Loco had put that spin in like he sometimes does that maybe Corazon wouldn’t have been able to pull that off…but my God…things are NOT looking good for Stellar Insanity and Project:SCAR right about now! 

It is obvious that Corazon was unable to get all of the Act of Inhumanity as Loco is slowly coming to.  Kenji, however, is back to his feet.  He grins an evil grin as he looks at Loco starting to come to.  Tony Lorenzo is trying to get him to leave the ring.  He shoves Lorenzo away and quickly picks Loco up.  He looks at the fans and laughs as he has Loco by the legs and hoists him up…AND NAILS THE DEEP SCAR.  The fans boo LOUDLY as Kenji releases the hold and quickly baseball slides RIGHT into Rocky Stellar and Buck Dresden!   

Other Guy:  Loco is DEFINITELY in trouble now…he got ALL of that one! 

Kenji is back up and immediately rushes at Magnus, who is caught unawares by Kenji’s DEVASTATING Yakuza Kick!  Magnus FLIES to the floor and Kenji is quick to make sure everyone is down.  The fans are booing LOUDLY as Corazon begins to slide to Loco’s body. 

Eryk Masters:  Get up, Loco!  GET UP! 

Corazon slowly drapes one arm over Loco’s body and Tony Lorenzo counts! 



Stellar slides into the ring and rushes the pin! 


He breaks it up ONE second too late!  The fans are booing LOUDLY as Lorenzo informs he Stellar Insanity is done! 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…Stellar Insanity…HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! 

Eryk Masters:  And we are DOWN…to two! 

Other Guy:  The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship will be decided in this next fall, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens! 

Rocky slides over to Loco, who is breathing heavily but slowly coming to.  He rolls from the ring and helps his partner out while Corazon is being helped up by Kenji.  On the opposite side of the ring, however, Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden are standing.  Magnus is breathing somewhat heavily, but Buck seems ready to go. 

Eryk Masters:  The Bad Ass Brotherhood and Project:SCAR are the last ones left and whoever walks out of here?  Walks out the champions! 

Corazon smirks and beckons Buck to come fight him and Magnus gets to the ring apron and the match is back on!  Buck rushes for a Lariat but Corazon ducks underneath and catches Buck with an elbow, then another elbow and he whips Buck to the ropes.  Buck bounces back and Corazon drops to the mat, Buck jumping over him.  Buck on the return, Corazon in position to catch him, Corazon’s got him for a belly to belly but Buck counters with a belly to belly of his own and he goes for the pin and Lorenzo’s there! 




Buck gets Corazon up quickly and immediately scoop slams him to the mat.  He tags Magnus in and Magnus quickly hooks him up in a pump handle slam that Buck catches Corazon’s legs and PUMP HANDLE POWER BOMB SLAM FROM THE BROTHERHOOD!  Magnus for the pin now! 




Kenji puts the boots to Magnus, but Buck is back in the ring, Lorenzo in between Kenji and Buck to get them out of the ring.  Corazon slowly picks himself up off of the mat.  He picks Magnus up and Magnus rolls him up in a small package!  The fans count for him! 




Corazon rolls the small package over! 




Other Guy:  If Tony Lorenzo could get Buck and Kenji out of the damn ring he’d see that Corazon and Magnus have BOTH pinned one another here!  We could have a winner! 

Magnus finally kicks out and the fans are ROWDY now!  Magnus slowly picks himself up off of the mat and Corazon charges him, catches his head in an Act of Inhumanity but MAGNUS COUNTERS!  He CATCHES Corazon and lifts him UP!  He’s got Corazon on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry now!  Corazon scurries to try to get out of the hold, but Magnus manages to get Corazon flipped around, Corazon resting on one shoulder, facing downward at the mat. 

Eryk Masters:  Magnus has Corazon up into position for his new finisher!  If he connects, Corazon’s gonna be OUT! 






Other Guy:  NO! 

Magnus is up on his feet.  He looks down at Corazon and marches over to Lorenzo and Kenji, but Kenji throws Lorenzo out of the way, charges him and NAILS an STO!  Magnus is FLAT on the mat!  Kenji rolls from the ring as Buck hops off of the ring apron and charges at Kenji!  The two of them start trading punches on the outside of the ring and Kenji tries to whip Buck into the guardrail but he counters and Kenji is sent HARD into the guardrail! 

Eryk Masters:  Magnus and Corazon are alone in the ring right now and Buck has Kenji up against the guardrail…if the Brotherhood have any hope of taking this match this is it! 

Kenji staggers away from the guardrail and Buck catches him…BUCK SHOT TO THE HARD FLOOR!  The fans ERUPT as Buck brings Kenji down!  Corazon, meanwhile, is picking himself up off of the mat.  He staggers around as Magnus slowly gets to his feet.  Suddenly, Buck slides into the ring and Corazon gets his foot planted…ACT OF REALITY NO!  NO!  BUCK DUCKS THE KICK!  HE RUSHES AND GETS CORAZON ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!  MAGNUS BOUNCES OFF OF THE ROPES!  BUCK LAUNCHES CORAZON!  RUINATION!  RUINATION!  RUINATION!  MAGNUS HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE PIN! 







“New Fang” by Them Crooked Vultures kicks back in as Magnus cradles his World Tag Team Championship once Tony Lorenzo hands it to him.  The fans are ERUPTING as Buck hugs Magnus HARD as he holds his World Tag Team Championship. 

Other Guy:  WOW. 

Kenji slowly drags Corazon from the ring as the Bad Ass Brotherhood hold their titles high for all to see.  Buck Dresden gets on one turnbuckle and Charles Brandon Magnus gets on the opposite turnbuckle and they hold their SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts high for all to see. 

Eryk Masters:  They did it!  They did it!  My God The Bad Ass Brotherhood overcame Frontline II TURBO, Stellar Insanity, and Project:SCAR to stake their claim as THE top tag team…in the WORLD! 

Corazon and Kenji continue to glare at the ring as Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden continue their celebration.  They roll from the ring, slapping hands with the fans, ecstatic at their victory.  They walk to the back, the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts over their shoulders.  We see them one final time, slapping hands with one another…champions.


Standing outside the arena Tanya Black lights a cigarette and take a long drag of it before looking at Abigail Chase who seems a bit nervous about what is going on, the interviewers eyes shifting down to the briefcase at Tanya’s feet. Tanya however gives her a charming smile as she pops out a few smoke rings, her attire very formal and business-like including all the buttons on her blouse being used so there is no cheap cleavage shots to be found unlike Miss Chase.

Abigail: Miss Black it seems that there is a lot of talk going on about your reveal concerning this alliance with Cade Sydal. I mean Why?

Tanya: I came to SHOOT because after I was given a clean bill of health to get back in the ring to compete, I was contacted by Jason Johnson. Let’s keep this in mind Abby my dear. I was scouted I didn’t come here begging for work. I had a lot of offers but I chose SHOOT because of the quality of the matches and it’s reputation amongst the industry.

Abigail: I can certainly understand that. I can’t think of anyone who would refuse a chance to work for SHOOT Project.

Tanya: Exactly. I came here and I told the people of SHOOT that I was willing to start at the bottom and after proving myself get the title shots. I wasn’t demanding anything more than the most basic of opportunities to prove myself. Instead of fighting scrubs and other "unproved talents" like most got starting off before and after my signing, I was tossed into the mid-card right away. Sure I lost my first match but I pushed Ron Barker to the limit. Instead of being shunted back down I was put in the ring with the then-current Sin City Champion and an icon of SHOOT. I won. I won the right way and since it was so close I even begged the front office to give Jester his due rematch so there could be no question which one of us was most deserving of the belt. I conducted myself the way everyone is taught to in this business. With honor and respect. With dignity. I was "rewarded" by being ignored by the big names who didn’t expect me to win. Not one of them gave me a "good job kid" even though we are all told these people are the "role models" of the industry. I was "rewarded" by having some tart who the announcers treated like the Second Coming of June Cleaver and Real Deal put together being thrown into the rematch which means as the current champion my desires were ignored totally.

Taking another puff of her cigarette Tanya blew the cloud of smoke directly at the camera before leaning in and staring at Abigail who tries to smile confidently but shakes nervously.

Tanya: I had my rematch delayed for MONTHS while Laura put the title up against other people in violation of the legal guarantees I had before the title loss. I still didn’t pursue legal action out of respect for SHOOT, I let the company screw me over to show my "team loyalty" and I still was treated like an unwanted foster child. Yes I demanded a Street Fight because I knew Laura would never come up with any ideas of her own. It was a hell of a match, I won my belt back. Then before I could even celebrate I was put into a tournament designed to be so convoluted and so handicapping of the champion that it was all but guaranteed that nobody would have been able to go the distance while still champion. I was cheated by Jaime Alejandro and Dennis Heflin.

You want to know why Abigail? Because for several months I did EVERYTHING RIGHT! I beat the big names to show I belonged and I was ignored or painted as the villain for… wait for it… wanting to be competitive! For wanting opportunities! Oh My God! How dare Tanya Black! How dare this little girl who has spent several years busting her ass and bleeding all over the world just to push myself to this level want to win against the people Jason Johnson makes t-shirt money off of!

Abigail: Well I guess one could claim your accomplishments have been downplayed slightly but let’s be honest. You have been very outspoken about your disdain for other people’s actions.

Tanya: Well DUH! I’m a wrestler! Gods Jonas Coleman comes out and says "Hey I spent months getting my ass handed to me by a fatass no one had ever heard of before but because I won the Final Encounter I have the right to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong" and everyone agrees he has the RIGHT! I beat Former Legacy World Champion Crazy Boy clean! I beat Thomas Manchester Black, the guy Donovan King was afraid of! I drove the fallen hero Jester Smiles OUT of SHOOT Project when no one else could or would! Why Don’t I Have The RIGHT!

Abigail shakes in fear as she is inches away from the screaming Tanya. Finally Tanya Black backs off and lets Abigail breathe. After a moment of thinking about what words to use the nervous reporter finally speaks up.

Abigail: But why Cade Sydal?

Tanya: Because Cade came to me. Just like SHOOT came to me. Cade saw that I am something that can’t be stopped. I know he’s a douche. I know he is a liar and a manipulator. At least he admits it instead of hiding behind a facade of morality like Jaime Alejandro. The thing is Cade knows how to play the games around here. Cade can open doors so I don’t waste energy blasting them open. I am going to restore the Old Code to SHOOT. You know what I mean "Earn Your Opportunities Don’t Demand Them". "It’s not what you say that makes you a champion but what you do during a match". If I have to play the bad guy and do some harsh things to shake up the status quo in SHOOT because your heroes fear a system that exposes their selfishness, then that is my sacrifice. Cade and I are a business arrangement. I don’t have to like him to use him as he uses me.

Abigail Chase nods and with Tanya Black seeming to calm down the intrepid interviewer finally speaks up about something she had been pondering for the past few minutes.

Abigail: What’s in the briefcase?

Tanya laughs and picks it up. Opening the briefcase Tanya shows off a stack of t-shirts. Taking one out she carefully unfolds it and shows it off to Abigail and the camera. Red with black lettering the front reads "Legends Not Needed" and the back reads "I Bury Icons". Abigail looks at it with trepidation until Tanya snaps at her again.

Tanya: Put It On!

Abigail hesitates but when Tanya gives her that same cold stare she uses in the ring, Abigail sets her microphone down and begins to remove her blouse. Tanya just grins and stands between Abigail and the camera so we don’t get any naughty peeks though she faces Abigail thus gets the full view. Stepping aside once Abigail is done Tanya makes her model the shirt for the viewers.

Tanya: Tomorrow night I get to unleash upon six other people including some old friends who haven’t seen the truth quite yet. Tonight I have business to attend to. Keep the shirt as a gift to a dear friend. Dutch Harris doesn’t get a freebie.

With that Tanya Black leaves as Abigail Chase picks her microphone back up and looks around to make sure things are truly concluded.

Abigail: That was the former two-time Sin City Champion who seems more than ready to start the next phase of her career as Tanya Black challenges for the Rules of Surrender Championship as part of the Lucky Sevens Challenge at Day 2 of Master of the Mat. This is Abigail Chase and now back to ringside.

image Samanta Coil:  The following is a grudge match set for one fall.  There is no time limit! 

The Epicenter goes dark and then…  The lights in the arena turn blue, where the audience sees nothing but a sea of blue.  “Defy You” by Offspring stars up with the guitar riffs… 

You may push me around

But you cannot win

You may throw me down

But I’ll rise again

The more you say

The more I defy you

So get out of my face 

Eryk Masters:  This is the part of the show where you tell the kids that half of what they see isn’t legal in any of the fifty states, much like Project: SCAR. 

Other Guy:  The problem is, it’s all legal inside the Epicenter!  That might not be a good thing for Tyrone Smith. 

We see Jaime step out of the back slowly.  The spotlight drops down on him, as he stands at the top of the ramp.  The video wall shows clips of Jaime taking out Corsair.  Putting Tanya Black into Tranquility.  His C4 onto Maya Nakashima.  The Hydra-plex on Donovan King. 

Other Guy:  That video is what Tyrone has to compete with in SHOOT.  He wants to dethrone Jaime’s legacy.  He’s going to have to go to work. 

The crowd starts chanting at a fever pitch.   He goes down to one knee and keeps an eye on the ground.  As he does, the crowd starts singing the next part of the song… 

You cannot stop us

You cannot bring us down

Never give up

We go on and on

You’ll never break us

Never bring us down

We are alive! 

He puts his hands around his mouth and yells out, TIME FOR TYRONE’S BEATING!!! 

He springs up and punches the air hard as the largest single pyro bang shoots up into the Epicenter.  The crowd starts popping as they keep chanting Jaime’s name.  He points over to a special section of the Epicenter.  The weirdos dressed up… 

Eryk Masters:  The following known as the “Choir Boys.” If I need to explain that, you’d get a massive headache, folks. 

The wind blows

I’ll lean into the wind

My anger grows

I’ll use it to win

The more you say

The more I defy you

So get out of my way 

Samantha Coil:  The first competitor.  He comes in at six foot four and two hundred and eighty-five pounds.  From Mexico City, Mexico, he is… JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

He moves slowly to the ring, slapping hands on the way.  He’s dressed up in his gold trunks with the cross symbol.  The people see the new gold shirt on him.  As he looks to the ring, he takes the shirt off and tosses it to the crowd.  Then he jumps onto the apron and looks at the audience. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime looks rested and ready to go, OG.   Almost like he’s got a bit of a recharge. 

Other Guy:  He does, E.  But how much will it matter when he faces… 

All these stars you’ve been reaching after.

We been after,

We been after… 

Tyrone Smith, the man we know as Crazy Boy comes out to the ramp, as the dark red appears on the video wall.   He glares at the ring with a sick and twisted smile.  

Samantha Coil:  Coming to the ring.  He comes in at six foot two and two hundred and twenty seven pounds.   From Biloxi, Mississippi, he is…  CRAZY BOY! 

I could disappear

live only in your tears.

Just you whisper in my ear

and say good night to the world. 

He moves down with his slick black pants with spikes along the sides.  We see that his black hair falls over his face.  He keeps walking slowly, keeping his eyes on Jaime.  Jaime keeps looking at him. 

Eryk Masters:  You know that Smith is thinking about various ways to hurt Alejandro.  The problem is, how many ways is Jaime thinking about hurting Smith? 

Other Guy:  I wouldn’t want to guess.  Jaime’s been calm and rational, save for the Tanya Black match, which he won’t even mention her name after that. 

Eryk Masters:  This should give you an idea on how angry Jaime is at the moment, they keep saying he’s barely talked to Laura Seton at all. 

Other Guy:  He’s probably borderline pissed the fuck off. 

Smith slithers into the ring and shoots up.  He goes right to Jaime’s face, as Kamura interjects his decent sized Asian frame into the picture.  He realizes that he’s probably there to count to three, ten and see if anyone’s passed out. 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t admire Scott Kamura’s  job at all.  He’s got to control a psycho and a pissed off Jaime. 

Other Guy:  I hope Kamura’s got hazard pay for this one… 

Kamura looks over at Kendrick and calls for the bell.  Both men are still staring at each other. 

Other Guy:  This doesn’t look good.  They’re both glaring at each other, E 

Eryk Masters:  Which means, the first one who moves will get hit. 

Jaime snorts at Tyrone.   Tyrone hocks up one and spits right in Jaime’s face.  Jaime turns around for a second and wipes his face with his left hand.  As he comes back around, he knocks Crazy Boy hard with a huge backhand from his right hand.  CB doubles back and meets a hard left to the jaw.    He goes to the mat hard and rolls to his right side! 

Eryk Masters:  What did he expect spitting at Jaime?  A love tap?!! 

Other Guy:  That was ballsy, man, but not very smart. 

Smith pulls himself up and nails Jaime in the knee cap with a heel kick.  Jaime goes down for a second as Smith keeps firing a series of lefts into Jaime’s face.  Jaime blocks the hits and fires back with a series of rights to CB’s jaw!  Both men are firing jabs to each other’s faces not caring about even guarding or blocking anything.  We can see them wailing into each other, as Kamura tries to separate them, to no avail! 

Other Guy:  Hey, Scott!  Let those two potato each other up, man!  This might make up for the tag match! 

Eryk Masters:  Look at this, they’re just going for brutality and violence. 

Other Guy:  Hell, the match after this one might top that.  But at least they’re preparing the people for it. 

Jaime fires a left hand, which is caught by CB.  The Crazy One rares back and nails JA right in the ballsack.  Kamura yells at CB, who simply shoves the middle finger in his face.  As Jaime goes to the ground,  CB goes down and starts to do his version of facial reconstruction by pounding his fists into the older man’s jaw.  Then he plants a vicious headbutt to Jaime’s nose.  We see the blood coming out of JA’s nose, as he’s trying to hold it.  He keeps up a guard to keep from getting hit even more. 

Eryk Masters:  Shades of the Tanya Black Match, sadly.  Crazy Boy going for making Jaime bleed. 

Other Guy:  He might get the big one over Jaime, or it’s going to bury him. 

CB tries another series of fists until Jaime traps the arms.  He tries to fight this, but the big man rolls them over.  Now Jaime comes down with clubbing shots towards the face.  But, CB doesn’t block it, either.  He’s cackling with every hard shot.  He keeps doing so until Jaime comes down with a head butt of his own to CB’s Nose.  He rares back again and nails his opponent on the forehead.  Smith is not laughing as we see the potato forming on his forehead. 

Other Guy:   Jaime proving that he can use the Oxford Education for more than intellect.  He can also pull out the Oxford street education to knock CB silly as hell. 

Eryk Masters:  And CB forming a very nasty potato on his head.  Almost like Jaime’s planting them as many as he can. 

Other Guy:  He’s got to watch his head.  One good shot from Jaime, and that’s coming open. 

Jaime backs off, as Tyrone is fully dazed from the head shots.  He then pulls up his opponent and tries to stand him up.  CB is wobbling a bit as Jaime keeps him standing.  Then, Jaime kicks CB right in the gut hard.  As he’s leaned down with his stomach held, JA hooks his arms, with his head under Jaime’s rear.  Then the big man turns him around where CB is on his back, looking out to the audience, his head pointing to the ground.  Then, Jaime pulls the ankles in and keeps the arms trapped and starts pulling the legs back hard. 

Eryk Masters:  Reverse Gory Special!  That’s the ultimate fuck you to anyone! 

Other Guy:  That’s painful and evil.  In other words, if you’re watching this match and thinking you’re going to merely beat Jaime.  Go back to school. 

Eryk Masters:  CB’s got to reach deep down if he wants to get out of this evil move, OG! 

Jaime keeps pulling down on CB’s legs and leans forward to keep the pressure on the legs.  Kamura goes up to CB and asks him if he wants to give.  CB spits on Kamura.  He’s trying to wriggle pressure away from the move.  Jaime keeps all of his strength and pressure on the legs.  But CB manages to try to loosen one of the arms… Yet, it’s too little and too late as Jaime straightens up and drops his opponent right onto his head. 

Eryk Masters:  Damn, Jaime just dropped CB in a huge vertebreaker.  I don’t know how anyone can get up from that one. 

Other Guy:  That looked brutal.  Which is probably going to be par for the course. 

Jaime tries for the pin.  He gets the rollup and… 



Kickout.  As CB starts holding his head tightly, he tries to move away from his opponent to try to regroup himself for a bit.  Jaime hits the mat with a bit of frustration, as he seriously thought he had CB down for the count.  He looks up at the crowd and shakes his head.  He stands up and heads towards his opponent. 

Other Guy:  He looks like he’s getting a bit frustrated at the entire situation… 

CB gets to a knee and knocks JA in the gut.  Jaime doubles over for a second, as CB gets him into a front facelock…  Then he plants him down hard with a huge DDT to the mat.  From here, he wraps the legs around the waist.   He squeezes the headlock in and cranks Jaime’s neck.  Jaime tries to move around the ring looking for a rope or anything to keep him from tapping out or passing out.  Crazy Boy starts cackling again as he’s got Jaime trapped. 

Eryk Masters:  The Crazy One with a huge rear naked choke with body scissors.  Take a play out of the book of technical moves.  One that’s not always read by him. 

Other Guy:  Jaime’s been in this position before, though.  He knows how to get out of it, but right now, he’s got to get his bearings. 

Eryk Masters:  For all we know, CB might be able to keep him locked in. 

Jaime moves to power himself up from this hold.  As he does, Crazy Boy keeps sinking it in harder.  Yet, the big man pushes up with his arms lifting his weight and CB’s weight off the ground.  CB sees this and moves his free hand down to smash his fist into Jaime’s right hand.  Jaime drops back down to the mat, as Smith just keeps cackling away.  The audience audibly boos this action, as CB keeps sinking in. 

Eryk Masters:    CB trying to break Jaime’s hand with that clubbing blow. 

Other Guy:  A bit of a fuck you to Jaime to keep him down.  I think CB knows if Jaime gets up, he would spear him right into the corner and fuck his shit up royally. 

Eryk Masters:  Makes you wonder if Tyrone is going to try to use Jaime’s own strategy to plan the ultimate demise of a legend… 

Jaime pushes himself up one more time.  He’s looking down at the ground, but Crazy Boy keeps trying to swing his hand around to hit the right hand again.  He misses as Jaime moves the hand in time.   The big guy is keeping them lifted with one hand for a moment.  Then, he puts the right hand under CB and gets to his feet.  Then, he gets a good running start and drives CB into the corner! 

Eryk Masters:  And there goes the back of the Crazy One!  Nobody can say that he didn’t try to keep Jaime down! 

Other Guy:  I think his back just turned into a pile of mush on that shot, E! 

Jaime backs away from the corner for a brief moment, as Crazy Boy leans back trying to catch his breath.  As Jaime backs up, he lines up a head of steam and goes for a facewash.  CB ducks himself out of the way quickly and moves to the outside.  The audience boos at this action, as Tyrone laughs at the referee and his opponent.  Kamura starts counting off to get the unstable CB back into the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  And Crazy Boy taking the coward’s road out.  You figure that Jaime was about to nail that little prick. 

Other Guy:  He’s actually smart.  Jaime connects with that foot and CB gets even uglier than he already is. 

Eryk Masters:  No kidding.  That foot is full of bad intentions, OG. 

Crazy Boy is moving around the outer ring slowly.  He’s taking every moment to recharge his body.  As he does, the crowd keeps booing at him.  Kamura throws up. 


He’s trying to keep Jaime from going to the outside to keep this match from de-evolving into complete madness.  And then… 


Jaime slips out of the ring and runs around after CB.  The demented one runs as fast as he can from his larger opponent.  As Jaime comes into a full sprint, CB hits the brakes and pulls off a huge chop block to the knee.  Jaime flips over and hits the floor hard.  Then, CB goes back into the ring to break off the count. 

Eryk Masters:  And a pretty dick move by Smith, as he moves in to screw with Kamura’s count. 

Other Guy:  He won’t be satisfied with the countout win, E.  I think he wants to fully humiliate the big man at all costs. 


Jaime is down on the floor holding his knee.  CB moves down to the floor and pulls up his hobbling opponent.  As he does, Jaime nails him with a punch to the gut and pushes him back into the ring post.  CB’s back collides once again with the post, as he falls down holding his back.  Jaime then lifts him up and shoves his back into the barricade. 

Eryk Masters:  And the big man deciding to inflict a bit of punishment on the demented one. 

Other Guy:  I think Jaime needs to be mindful of the count, though.  I think CB might take a win however he can get it, if he thinks he can. 


Jaime hobbles a bit as he pushes the Crazy One back into the ring.  Kamura breaks the count, as the big man also rolls himself into the ring, too.  He looks at his opponent and smirks for a second.  CB is holding his back gingerly, from all of the pounding he’s taken.  Then, JA picks up his opponent and stands him up.  From here, we see him put on a mighty grip behind the small of the back.  CB tries to slip out, but Jaime squeezes in and lifts up his opponent in the air. 

Other Guy:  Jaime going old school with the Bear Hug.  Look how he’s got those hands positioned. 

Eryk Masters:  He keeps squeezing into that particular spot, and CB won’t have anywhere to go! 

As Jaime keeps pulling up the Crazy One, the opponent wriggles a bit.  He keeps looking for a way to escape his predicament.  First, he keeps putting in a head butt to the nose again.  But Jaime is finding ways to block out that pain.  Then, as he lifts up CB higher.  The Crazed one pulls back his arms and boxes the ears hard.  Jaime tries to keep it squeezed until CB boxes the temples. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh my god…  Jaime’s not seeing straight after that, OG.  Those were vicious. 

Other Guy:  No kidding, E.  He’s not looking two swift right now! 

CB then sees Jaime go down to his knees.  He sneers at Jaime and waits for his opportunity.  As Jaime keeps on his knees.  The Crazed One goes down and scoops JA’s dead weight onto his shoulders.  He struggles to complete the full lift, but as he does…  Jaime tries to struggle to delay that lift.  He’s trying to anything to keep from getting that knee to the head again. 

Other Guy:  Crazy Boy trying to make Jaime go to sleep, E! 

Eryk Masters:  Fight out of it, big man!  You know that moves gonna end you! 

Tyrone Smith gets him on his shoulders.  The audience starts booing massively, as they voice their displeasure as this situation.  He lifts up and throws Jaime right into his left knee.  Jaime’s skull comes crashing down hard on the cap.  Yet, CB is unable to capitalize as he’s holding his back from the severe strain. 

Eryk Masters:  The Crazy One did get a killer move on the big man, but his back is gone from the multiple big shots on it. 

Other Guy:  I think Jaime knew he would try to go for the killer, but he can’t finish it. 

Tyrone is holding his back and screaming in pain.  He can’t move as swiftly as previously, either.  Kamura sees the bleeding forehead of Jaime leaking onto the mat.  Both men aren’t moving… 



Jaime looks around in his prone position.  He keeps breathing in slowly.  Crazy Boy also breathes in slowly, trying to sit up, at least. 



Jaime pushes up and gets onto his knees, and he starts crawling over towards his prey.  CB is trying to move, until Jaime grabs him by his hair.  From here, Jaime puts on the stepover leg hold.  CB is lying face down trying to move faster.  From here, the big man locks in the Cobra Clutch.  As he jerks back the clutch, CB starts cursing at the crowd. 

Eryk Masters:  Holy shit…  Look at that.  That’s the WeSTF from Jaime’s NAFW Days.  A move created by one of his trainers, GD West. 

Other Guy:  The move is old school, but it’s still going to have its intended effect of screwing up a neck and back. 

Jaime then pulls back on the move, squeezing the neck ever so slightly.  He pulls upward and harder until he’s in the seated position!  Tyrone starts howling at this move and tapping for all he’s worth! 

Other Guy:  There was no way he got out of that shit!  That shit’s already deadly, but he yanked it back. 

Eryk Masters:  This is the rumored Alejandro Special.  He only pulls this out for the ones who really piss him off.  And Crazy Boy has! 

Other Guy:  Jaime’s not letting it go, E! 

Kamura tries to get the big man to let the move go, and finally, JA releases the hold and pushes CB’s face into the mat.  He pulls up Jaime’s arm in victory. 

Samantha Coil:  Here is your winner by submission!  JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

As Jaime celebrates in the ring after defeating Crazy Boy. CB slides out of the ring, and Jaime’s music abruptly ends. The crowd sounds confused as Jaime looks around. 

Eryk Masters:  We go from one student of Alejandro to another, much larger student. 

Other Guy:  Donovan King calls himself “The Last Scion of OutKast.” Tharodund aka Charles Johnson is the “First Student of Alejandro.” 

“Ghost Town” by Egypt Central begins to play over the sound system. As the beginning lyrics begin to play Tharodund walks out to the top of the stage, and stares out at Jaime. The camera pans back over to Jaime. You can see him give the general frustration face. Tharodund along with Fitchel joining him, walks down the ramp until CB walks up and shoves Tharodund. CB points at himself and then at Jaime. Tharodund shoves CB back and the two give off heated words. 

Eryk Masters:  These two men have had a rivarly since their days at the Scrapyards and the Saint Submission Academy… 

Other Guy:  Rivarly, hell.  Those two fucking hate each other.  Tharo was one of the silent students of Jaime.  Some consider him the best student of Jaime. 

CB gets frustrated more, and slaps Tharodund. Tharo slowly turns back and look sat CB. Nothing happens for a couple of a seconds. Suddenly Tharo strikes and grabs CB by his hair and lands a solid jab to CB’s nose. CB stumbles back, and then comes charging back. As he charges near blindly he is caught with a hard body blow. CB doubles over, and Tharodund doesn’t waste a second. He sets him up and plants him with a powerbomb. CB’s skull makes a loud metal thud as it hits the ramp way. Tharo stares down at CB, and drives his boot into CB’s skull before proceeding down towards the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  He just put the ultimate fuck you to Tyrone Smith. 

Other Guy:  Thanks for coming, Crazy Boy.  You might’ve given Jaime a headache.  Tharo’s here to put him into a fucking stretcher. 

Tharodund climbs into the ring, and circles around Jaime. Jaime looks over towards the fallen CB, and then back to Tharodund. Tharo grabs a microphone and walks up to Jaime. 

Tharo:  Don’t look at me like that, Alejandro. I took care of a pest, a parasite, a… 

Tharodund looks over at the motionless Crazy Boy. 

Tharo:  Nobody…  I figured that would help clear your plate off. You have more pressing matters. Matters that you still have to finish up with me. Now, I gave you fair warning that I’d come out here and confront you about it. You’ve been so preoccupied with Tyrone down there, and barely gave me the time to consider what chip I might have on my shoulder. 

Tharo lowers the mic, and stares at Jaime who gives Tharo a puzzled look. 

Tharo:  That’s what I thought Jaime. It’s like how it has always been. You don’t show me any form of respect. Not matter if its respect as a friend, a foe, but worse of all. You never showed me any respect as a fellow competitor. 

Other Guy:  That’s bullshit, Johnson.  You know it! 

Tharo lowers the mic as Jaime makes a motion for it. Tharo extends the mic but then pulls it way and Jaime takes a step forward towards his foe. Tharodund grins as he blindsides Jaime with a shot to the left temple. Tharodund then jumps Jaime, and begins to wail on him with solid rights. Tharodund then gets up and circles Jaime like a wolf would a wounded animal. 

Eryk Masters:  What the hell is going on here?!! 

Other Guy:  Come on, Chuck.  He’s had enough, man. 

Tharodund grins as Jaime begins to stand, but Tharodund lands a foot to Jaime’s gut, and doubles him over. Tharodund sets Jaime up, and then hauls him up into a packaged piledriver, and drives him down head first. Jaime bounces up a half foot in the air and drops down. Tharodund picks up the mic once more. 

Tharo:  No Jaime not this time. I won’t give you the benefit of getting the last word in right now. Just know Alejandro… I’ll be here to stay, and the longer you ignore me the worse I’ll get so be prepared. 

Jaime slowly begins to stir and grabs at Tharo’s pants leg. Tharo chuckles as he helps Jaime up as he stares the dazed man still. 

Tharo:   And to show you I mean business. Maybe this blast from the past will sink in and show you what I mean. 

Tharo drops the mic, and then hits Jaime with a very familiar move. Jaime’s own Crimson Revolver… As Jaime lays on the mat, Tharo just stares down at him as “Ghost Town” begins to play again over the sound system. 

Eryk Masters:  That invert Angle Slam.  The one move that carries Jaime to legend status…  Used to try to end him. 

Other Guy:  And look at Fitchel, he’s not liking any of this, but he’s motioning for Tharodund to get out of the ring… 

Eryk Masters:  Your Reckoning Day will come, Charles Johnson, lord help you when it does!

Audio Track- “Indestructible” by Disturbed. 

We hear the trumpet of a foreboding air raid siren somewhere in the distance. 

“Another mission.” 

Diamond Del Carver is seen walking along a desolate highway in the Nevada desert. The sun is a red ember in the sky that’s just starting to sink towards the horizon, making Del’s shadow long and tall. 

“The powers have called me away.” 

We hear the sound of his heavy motorcycle boots clicking against asphalt. He’s walking towards destiny, following the path of fate. 

“Another time to carry the colors again.” 

Flash to Carver bringing a large present down to the ring. Carver opens the box to reveal a lethal barbwire covered glove, and then he promptly smashes Entragian in the face with a Tokyo Kiss. 

“My motivation.” 

A shot of the fans screaming for Diamond Del. A sign held in the crowd reading “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.”  

“An oath I’ve sworn to defend.” 

A golden eagle screeches somewhere overhead. Flash to Diamond Del Carver sidestepping Entragian only to throw him clear off the stage. 

“To win the honor of coming back home again.” 

Carver stops in his tracks while looking straight ahead. His eye is a chip of hard granite in his head, and his gray hair is caught by a warm breeze passing by the highway. Diamond Del Carver brings a cigar to his lips, and he casually lights up. He blows smoke ringlets from his mouth, and his gunslinger-like gaze falls on the road ahead with marked attention. 

“No explanation.” 

We follow Carver’s gaze, and we see exactly what he’s looking at. The highway on this side is a horror to behold. The asphalt bubbles as unimaginable heat assaults it from below. The utility poles that border the road are burning brightly, flames lapping them up with insatiable hunger. Cars stand abandoned and flipped in the road, and bodies litter the asphalt. 

“Will matter after we begin.” 

Walking ahead of this carnage is Isaac Entragian. He practically struts forward, as though he’s simply enjoying an evening walk. He inhales deeply through his nostrils, liking the smell of smoke rising in the air. On his side of the road, the world is already dark, and vultures circle overhead. 

“Another dark destroyer that’s buried within.” 

Every time Entragian passes a utility pole, he casually snaps his fingers, and fire immediately manifests itself on the pole, crackling into existence out of the very air itself. A wild dog watches Isaac’s progress from the side of the road, and Isaac pauses for a moment, staring at the dog. Within mere seconds the dog sprays piss against the road and flees into the desert, yelping and howling all the way. A smile appears on the albino’s face, and he continues his stroll. 

“My true vocation.” 

Flash to Entragian brutally assaulting Carver in the ring, precisely targeting each of Del’s old injuries. 

“And now my unfortunate friend.” 

Isaac draws an Ace of Diamonds from his pocket, and with another snap of the fingers, the playing card is lit aflame. He brings this card to his lips, proceeding to light his clove cigarette with it. Although still far apart, Carver can’t help but notice the loathsome wink the albino tips his way. 

“You will discover.” 

Flash to Diamond Del Carver entering the Redemption Rumble where he promptly eliminates Entragian. Isaac looks up at the old man with baleful hate blazing in his eyes. 

“A war you’re unable to win.” 

A shot of Entragian blasting uppercuts into the shelf of Del’s jaw, then a flash to Carver whipping brutal chops into Entragian’s pale chest. 

“I’ll have you know.” 

Both Carver & Entragian stare at each other from opposite sides of the road. Del scuffs his boots against the asphalt, setting his feet. Isaac blows smoke from his nostrils, looking like a pallid dragon about to take flight. 

“That I’ve become…” 

Flash to old footage of Diamond Del Carver & Isaac Entragian locking eyes backstage in LEGACY. They knew in their hearts then that a collision would someday come. 


Flash to Entragian lying among the wreckage after being thrown from the top of the stage. Very slowly, the monster sits up, and the crowd grows still at the sight of his transcendent grin. 

“Determination that is incorruptible.” 

Old footage of Diamond Del Carver battling the likes of Roland Caldwell, HantaKira, Corazon, and so many others. Overcoming all obstacles, building his legacy from the ground up. 

“From the other side…a terror to behold.” 

Old footage of The Ivory Terror weaving a path of destruction that would put even the world’s worst tyrants to shame. Careers stunted and lying in ruin, all thanks to his blood-stained hands. 

“Annihilation will be unavoidable.” 

Carver & Entragian get closer to each other on that barren highway, now only separated by a few meters. 

“Every broken enemy will know.” 

Carver beats a fist against his chest, his gait becoming lithe. Entragian hisses through gritted, razor-sharp teeth. 

“That their opponent had to be invincible.” 

Footage of both men’s resilience, both of them refusing to fall or stay down. 

“Take a last look around while you’re alive.” 

Carver looks up to the bright blue sky above him, his solitary eye taking in the expanse of desert to the left and right of him. Entragian looks around too, seeing the darkness surrounding him and the fires illuminating him. 

“I’m an indestructible master of war!” 

Carver pitches his cigar to the ground and stomps on it. Entragian flicks his clove cigarette into a car window, setting the interior aflame. 

Both men run forward, now only a few feet separating them. Diamond Del Carver rears back a fist and prepares to drive his hard knuckles down Isaac’s throat. Entragian’s hands have pulled down into claws that desire only to choke and rip, and his mouth is stretched wide in a primal roar, showcasing needle teeth and a lashing forked tongue. 

Just before the two men slam into each other, the feed cuts out. 




image Eryk Masters:  Fans, fasten your seatbelts.  I think we’re about to witness a war. 

The Other Guy: This is one of those matches where I wish the announcer’s desk was a little farther away from ringside, I gotta say.  I don’t want these two coming over here and fucking up my shit. 

The lights go off in the SHOOT Epicenter, and the fans cheer in anticipation. 

The sound of begins to pound over the sound system in the SHOOT Epicenter as “Deaf Forever” by Motörhead starts to play.  In time with the song, during the brief pause at the end of every verse, the fans hold their fists over their heads and shout “HEY!” at the top of their lungs. 

“Stone faced dog (“HEY!”)

Swirling fog (“HEY!”)

Gates open on the dark, dark night…

Standing stone (“HEY!”)

Skull and bone (“HEY!”)

Dead witness to an icy fight…

Beat the drum (“HEY!”)

Beat the drum (“HEY!”)

Beat forever on the endless march…

Stricken dumb (“HEY!”)

Cut and run (“HEY!”)

Someone screaming and the sky is dark… 

Sword and shield…

Bone and steel…

Rictus grin…

Deaf Forever to the battles din

Deaf Forever to the battles din…”


The fans come to their feet in unison, cheering loudly. A large purple diamond logo appears on the videotron and the cheers from the sold out crowd intensify as a spotlight clicks on, illuminating the top of the ramp. 

“ March or croak (“HEY!”)

Flame and smoke (“HEY!”)

Burn forever in eternal pain…

Charge and fall (“HEY!”)

Bugle call (“HEY!”)

Bones splinter in the driving rain…

Horses scream (“HEY!”)

Viking dream (“HEY!”)

Drowned heroes in a lake of blood…

Armored fist (“HEY!”)

Severed wrist (“HEY!”)

Broken spears in a sea of mud… 

Sword and shield…

Bone and steel…

Rictus grin…

Deaf Forever to the battles din

Deaf Forever to the battles din…”


Diamond Del Carver walks through the dry ice smoke, into the spotlight.  Carver is wearing black motorcycle boots, faded jeans, and a sleeveless “RUN DDC” T-shirt.  His leather belt, and leather eyepatch match, Also, Carver is wearing a fingerless leather glove on his left hand, but his right hand is bare. The Hardcore Outlaw has a few days beard stubble on his face, his silver hair is wet and slicked back, and he has a smoldering cigar stub hanging from the corner of his mouth.  The world-weary veteran limps down the ramp and heads to the ring. 

“ Mother earth (“HEY!”)

Mother earth (“HEY!”)

Enfolds you in her cold embrace…

Sinking down (“HEY!”)

Killing ground (“HEY!”)

Worm crawling on your cold white face…

Win or lose (“HEY!”)

Naught to choose (“HEY!”)

All men are equal when their memory fades…

No one knows (“HEY!”)

Friends or foes (“HEY!”)

If Valhalla lies beyond the grave? ”


Diamond Del Carver is shaking hands or exchanging high fives with as many of the fans as he can, as he heads down the aisle to the ring.  The Hardcore Outlaw looks calm and relaxed as he slowly walks all the way around the ringside area, taking the time to bump fists or slap hands with every single fan that reaches out to him. Finally, Carver climbs the steps into the ring, and holds his left arm high over his head to an almost deafening ovation.   

“ Sword and shield…

Bone and steel…

Rictus grin…

Deaf Forever to the battles din!

Deaf Forever to the battles din!

Deaf Forever to the battles din!

Deaf Forever to the battles din!

HEY! ”


Diamond Del Carver’s music fades. 

The SHOOT Project Epicenter is thrumming with the electricity of the crowd, and suddenly, a great darkness descends. All cameras immediately focus on the very head of the ramp, where a searing white spotlight has fallen. 

There’s a large circular platform rising from beneath the stage, and a ground mist of dry ice smoke curls upwards along with it. The crowd strains to see, and as the mist starts to dissipate, we’re greeted with an awe-inspiring sight. 

An iron throne sits on the platform, a heavy structure with claw-feet and backing made from white velvet. A tattooed female sits on the left hand-rest, her hair raven black, her lips bright red. Another tattooed vixen sits on the right hand-rest, her hair vivaciously red with midnight black lips. Both girls support massive albino pythons along their shoulders, the snakes curling against them seductively. They’re also brandishing “PRIMAL INK” mini-tees along with leather bikini bottoms. 

The twisted star of this crude display sits as the featured attraction of the throne, one leg kicked up and resting along the hand-rest. He wears an iron crown with intricate thorn designs welded into it, and in his hand he holds a bright red apple. 

Smiling through razor-sharp teeth, Isaac bites into Eden’s apple, and then he casually tosses it into the crowd. He rises from his throne, and we see the precious gleam of the Iron Fist Championship locked around his waist. 

The crowd absolutely ROARS with aversion to The Ivory Terror, but since we’re in Vegas, a few of the heathens and degenerates in the crowd actually pop for Isaac, which is an extreme rarity. 


Eryk Masters: Oh…my….fucking…GOD. Can you believe this vulgarity? The Prince of Grotesque, ladies and gents. Behold his glory. 

The Other Guy: This is SCAR’s rock star, Eryk! Gotta admit, crazy bastard went all out for this one…we’re in Vegas after all, only fitting that The Pale Rider should give us a show! 

Eryk Masters: Words cannot describe how much I loathe this man. He’s like a mean-spirited dog that always barks at you when you walk by. You DESPERATELY want to kick that dog…but you know if you do, he’ll probably rip your leg off. 

The Other Guy: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Masters.  I don’t kick dogs.  Although, if I had a dog as old and mean as Carver, I’d have him put down. 

Entragian takes a few steps forward, and then he whips off the crown and throws it into the crowd…where it will likely put someone’s eye out or knock someone out cold. The moment he leaves the platform, he snaps his fingers together, and a ring of fire spreads across the circle. The girls place hands over their mouths in a mockery of shock, and then the flaming platform starts to lower back into the stage. Almost immediately, Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” starts up, and Entragian mouths the words of the song with vile enthusiasm. 



Isaac points both pale thumbs to his own chest. 



Entragian slips his forked tongue out, placing a fingertip against his taste buds. 



Entragian nods earnestly, and the crowd is booing it can easily be imagined that the entire arena is trembling. 



Isaac raises up a pale index finger, indicating that he’ll be stealing another soul tonight. He starts to stalk down the ramp, all the while inciting the crowd and singing along to his own tune. 



The monster points to a woman in the crowd wearing a silver crucifix necklace. When she notices Isaac is looking at her, her eyes bug out, and she quickly tucks the crucifix into her sweater. 



Isaac continues down the ramp, flashbulbs popping all around. 



He gets the apron, and he proceeds to enter the ring by stepping over the top rope. The pallid, demonic thing steps within about four feet of Diamond Del Carver, making direct eye contact, his gaze full of hellfire and abominable good cheer. 

During Entragian’s entire theatric entrance, The Hardcore Outlaw has been in the far corner, leaning against the turnbuckles and puffing on his cigar contemplatively.  It’s hard to read Carver’s expression, he looks partially amused and partially disgusted. 

Isaac Entragian mouths the final verses to his song, never breaking his gaze away from Del Carver face. 



Diamond Del Carver takes a step forward and makes a “jerking off” motion with his hand.  

Isaac takes one final step forward while unsnapping the title from his waist. He holds the Iron Fist Gold high for Del to see, and then he cocks his head to the side….a leering grin starting to grow on his face. 



With this final verse, Isaac’s music cuts out, and the two competitors are left standing face to face in the ring.  Diamond Del Carver stubs his cigar out on the heel of his boot, and casually flicks it outside the ring.  Isaac Entragian is staring down at Carver with a look that could melt lead, and The Hardcore Outlaw responds by blowing a long stream of smoke upward into Entragian’s face!  Entragian shouts something at Carver, and Carver barks something unintelligible back, but Willie Dean steps in between the two men and orders them both to take a step back. 

Mark Kendrick rings the bell three times, and Samantha takes the microphone in her hand. 


Willie Dean has taken the belt from Entragian, and he holds the belt high in the air, to officially signify a title match.  He then hands the belt through the ropes to place on the timekeeper’s table. 

Samantha Coil: “Introducing first, the CHALLENGER! In the corner to my right, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi he weighed in tonight at 235 pounds. This man has been competing as a Professional Wrestler for 32 years, and is a former SHOOT Project DOJO Champion, a former DeathKore Champion, a former Rule of Surrender Champion, a former Rising Sun Champion, a former three-time holder of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships, a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, and the 2002 Master of the Mat!  He was voted the 2003 SHOOT Project Wrestler of the Year, he has been a part of the SHOOT Project Match of the Year on two occasions, and he is also a proud member of the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame. This is: The Southern Warhorse, The Sheriff of SHOOT Project, The Hardcore Outlaw…DIAMOND DEL CARVER!!!” 

The ovation is deafening, and Diamond Del Carver takes another step back, and points out to the fans, making a large circle as he points all over the arena.  He points to his heart, and then back out at the fans, as the ovation continues.  A loud chant breaks out… 


Samantha Coil: His opponent is the reigning and defending SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION! REPRESENTING PROJECT: SCAR he hails from Mideon, Nebraska, stands 7 FEET TALL AND WEIGHS IN AT 320 POUNDS! THIS IS THE PALE RIDER, THE IVORY TERROR…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 

The cheers have turned to deafening jeers, and Samantha Coil wisely makes a hasty exit from the ring.  Willie Dean points at both men and then points at the middle of the ring. The house lights go down, leaving the halo of arena lights directly above the ring as the only source of illumination.   

Mark Kendrick rings the bell, and we are ready to go! 

Eryk Masters: A historic matchup for the first half of our co-Main Event of the evening, OG.  Two men who have never before faced off in a singles match, and a rivalry which has been brewing for years, and has spanned more than one organization. Only ONE company could bring it to you…THE SHOOT PROJECT! 

The Other Guy: This is going to be intense, but I have to ask Masters.  Why did Samantha Coil read out Carver’s resume before the match?  I thought I was going to have to order out for pizza, that intro was so long. 

Eryk Masters: One of three reasons, I would guess OG.   

The Other Guy: Which are? 

Eryk Masters: Maybe it’s just due to the pomp and circumstance of the occasion, since this is a big Main Event on a big Pay Per View. 

The Other Guy: Uh huh. Or? 

Eryk Masters: Maybe Carver asked Samantha Coil to announce him like that just to screw with Entragian’s head and show him what he was up against. 

The Other Guy: And the third possibility? 

Eryk Masters: Carver got this shot based on his career – and the fact that Entragian wanted the match too.  But maybe that intro was Del Carver’s way of telling people that if they thought he didn’t deserve this match, they could quit whining like bitches, get on their knees, pucker up and kiss his old redneck ass. 

The Other Guy: Bingo. 

Diamond Del Carver and Isaac Entragian both approach the middle of the ring. Carver looks up at Entragian, who is almost an entire foot taller than he is. For a long moment, both Diamond Del Carver and The Iron Fist Champion stand toe to toe in the center of the ring, locked in a staredown.  The crowd is on their feet cheering, and flashbulbs are going off all over the arena.  Neither man is blinking.  The camera shot slowly zooms in, and we can see both men are talking – and it does not look like a friendly conversation. 

Suddenly, Isaac Entragian places one of his hands over the face of Diamond Del Carver, and he derisively pushes the veteran backward to the mat, with a “pie-face” shove.  The crowd boos loudly as Carver lands on his tailbone, and looks up at Entragian in anger.   

The Hardcore Outlaw slowly gets to his feet.  Carver cocks his fist and fires a vicious looking right hook at the jaw of Isaac Entragian, and he leans into the punch as he throws it, putting all of his weight into the strike.  His fist connects solidly on the jaw of Isaac Entragian, and the bigger man staggers a couple of steps backward, but he does not fall. 

Eryk Masters: Just like last time they met, Isaac Entragian shoves Diamond Del Carver with one hand, a gesture of contempt and disrespect. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, and just like last time – Carver got right up and punched Entragian right in the mouth. 

As Entragian rubs his jaw, Diamond Del Carver quickly drops to one knee and pivots, swinging his other leg around.  Carver’s boot smashes into the back of Entragian’s legs, knocking them out from underneath him!  The Iron Fist Champion is caught totally by surprise, and collapses in a heap!  The Ivory Terror was not hurt by the maneuver, but he was knocked off balance. 

Del Carver scrambles to his feet, grabs the left leg of The Iron Fist Champion, and starts to smash his closed fist right into the back of Entragian’s knee. Isaac Entragian rears his head back and shouts in a combination of surprise and pain, as Diamond Del Carver is repeatedly punching the back of the champion’s left knee with a closed fist! 

Eryk Masters: Interesting!  DDC seems to have decided after his last encounter with The Ivory Terror that brawling isn’t going to work for him. 

The Other Guy: Carver managed to knock the big man down, so I guess he’s off to a good start.  He’d better hope that he can keep Entragian down though. 

Isaac Entragian cocks his right leg back, and boots upward, hitting The Hardcore Outlaw in the side of the head.  The power of Entragian is incredible, and the impact sends Carver stumbling backward.  Once again, Diamond Del Carver is knocked flat on his butt – however in a heartbeat he is back up again. 

Entragian is starting to stand up, but before he can, Del Carver grabs Entragian’s left leg again, and pulls as hard as he can.  Isaac Entragian is sent backward to the mat, and with a flourish, Diamond Del Carver performs a textbook step-over-toe-hold on The Iron Fist Champion, wrenching his left knee violently!  Entragian yells in anger and pain. 

Diamond Del Carver grits his teeth and twists on the left leg of Isaac Entragian as hard as he can, applying pressure to the left knee.  Isaac Entragian tries to boot Carver in the face again, but this time The Hardcore Outlaw is deliberately keeping himself out of the reach of Entragian’s other leg. 

Eryk Masters: It definitely seems to be Carver’s game plan so far to work on that left knee, OG. 

The Other Guy: He’s got that step-over-spinning-toe-hold on, and he’s seriously twisting on Entragian’s left leg.  It looks like he’s trying to dislocate Entragian’s kneecap! 

The Pale Rider lifts his right foot high in the air, and brings his heel down as hard as he can, right on the toes of Diamond Del Carver’s boot.  Carver shouts in pain, and releases the spinning-toe-hold.  Before Carver can even gather himself, Isaac Entragian leaps to his feet, and unleashes a wicked backhand, which connects with the face of Carver and sends the veteran sprawling. 

Diamond Del Carver is on all fours, and before he can even think about getting up, Isaac Entragian buries a crushing boot upward, right into the ribs of The Hardcore Outlaw.  Entragian has punted Carver so hard that he literally lifts Carver’s body off the mat with the force of the impact.  Del Carver holds his ribs and tries to roll away, but Isaac Entragian is not going to let that happen. 

Isaac Entragian leaps into the air, and lands a crushing elbow drop across the back of Diamond Del Carver. The Iron Fist Champion stands up, and sees that Del Carver is flat on his face, gasping for air.  This gives the champion a second, so Isaac rubs the back of his left knee, scowling in pain. 

Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver did some damage to Isaac Entragian’s leg, you can see it, but now The Iron Fist Champion is focusing on the back and ribs of Carver. 

The Other Guy:  A lot of people know that Del Carver has problems with pain in his lower back, he has torn muscles, nerve damage and he might even have compressed discs or spinal pressure from all the hard landings over the years. The old man has also busted his ribs on more than one occasion.  Smart move by Entragian, focusing on old injuries of Carver’s.  He’s trying to break Carver’s midsection. 

Entragian reaches down, grabs a handful of Diamond Del Carver’s hair, and in an amazingly powerful but almost casual motion – hurls him over the top rope!  The Hardcore Outlaw sails over the top rope and lands in a painful heap on the floor outside the ring!  Isaac Entragian walks forward, and we can see that he is limping very slightly on his left knee. 

Isaac Entragian places both of his hands on the top rope, and looks down at Diamond Del Carver, who is attempting to stand up after landing in a heap on the floor.  Entragian leans back, and using the ropes, he slingshots himself over the top rope!  The 7 foot tall, 320 pound Iron Fist Champion gracefully flies over the tope rope, and lands with all his weight, right on top of The Hardcore Outlaw! 

The fans go nuts, and rush to their feet in unison… 



Eryk Masters: DAMN!  The Ivory Terror just vaulted himself over the top rope, right onto Diamond Del Carver! 

The Other Guy: Yeah, Carver is gonna be pretty shaken up, first from his landing and then from having Isaac Entragian landing on him! 

Entragian managed to land perfectly, with all of his body weight crashing down over the body of Diamond Del Carver, just as The Hardcore Outlaw was about to get to his feet.  Entragian seems none the worse for wear – he had Carver’s body to break his fall.  The Iron Fist Champion gets to his feet, smiling evilly and looking down at Carver in sick satisfaction. 

Del Carver is holding his ribs again, and rolling around in agony.  Isaac Entragian reaches down, and violently grabs a hand full of Carver’s hair again.  Entragian charges forward and pulls Carver along with him.  At the last minute, Isaac Entragian pushes Diamond Del Carver head forward, bashing him into the steel ring post, face first! 

There is the sickening noise of bone connecting with steel, and the crowd groans in unison, in sympathy for Diamond Del Carver.  Carver starts to slump, but Isaac Entragian still has him by the hair – and he isn’t finished.  Entragian pulls Carver backward like a rag doll, and then once again he bashes the veteran into the steel post, head first!  There is another crack, and another groan from the fans. 

Eryk Masters: Good Lord.  Isaac Entragian just bashed Carver’s skull into that steel post, not once, but twice. 

The Other Guy: Look Eryk, Entragian has busted him up!  Carver is bleeding! 

The shot zooms in, and we can see blood starting to gush from the hairline of Diamond Del Carver, down his face.  Smiling widely, as if he is having the best time of his life, Isaac Entragian repeats the process a third time – keeping hold of Carver by the hair, and then smashing him headfirst into the steel post.  This time he allows Carver to fall, and The Hardcore Outlaw collapses in a bloody heap at the feet of the Iron Fist Champion. 

Isaac Entragian points down at Diamond Del Carver, and then the Iron Fist Champion holds his own arms wide, relishing the boos he is getting from the crowd.  The crowd weakly starts to chant Carver’s name, but Entragian starts to wave his arms in the air along with the chant, as if he is conducting an orchestra.  Entragian has the most evil of grins on his face, as he taunts the fans. 

Finally, the Iron Fist Champion reaches down, and pulls Diamond Del Carver to his feet.  In a smooth motion, he hoists Carver up into the air, and rests him over his shoulder, as if he is about to slam his opponent.  But instead,  Isaac Entragian slowly steps backward, and then hurls Carver through the air, head first!  Carver is propelled forward like a dart, and for a fourth time, his skull connects with the steel post! 

Eryk Masters: Oh gawd…if it’s not bad enough that Isaac Entragian bashed Del Carver’s head into that post three times, he just threw him like a dart…right into that steel! 

The Other Guy: He’s having a good time too.  Look at him, laughing it up and giving it to the fans.  But look at the ref!  He ain’t quite so happy! 

Willie Dean is still in the ring, leaning over the top rope and shouting down at Entragian.  Isaac Entragian rolls Del Carver over onto his back and then Entragian places his right foot across the throat of The Hardcore Outlaw, and steps down.  The fans are irate, as Diamond Del Carver’s legs kick furiously, trying to break free from Entragian’s weight across his neck.  Isaac Entragian looks up into the ring at Willie Dean and innocently asks what the problem is. 

As Entragian argues with Willie Dean, the shot zooms in on Diamond Del Carver.  Even though he is choking, Carver slowly reaches down into his jeans, under his t-shirt. The shot zooms in even closer, and we see that The Hardcore Outlaw has pulled out what looks like a small plastic case – the kind in which you would keep a pair of glasses.  While Entragian continues to bicker back and forth with the referee, Carver manages to snap the case open.   

Inside the case is a rolled up black leather glove, wrapped in two or three strands of barbed wire.  


The Other Guy:  Isaac Entragian needs to pay attention, and FAST!  Carver just pulled out his famous Barbed-Wire Glove!  He’s used this to bust up plenty of people.  Entragian is too damn busy jawing with Willie Dean!  He didn’t see Carver pull that glove out! 

Isaac Entragian is totally occupied in taunting the referee, so Diamond Del Carver quickly pulls the black fingerless glove off his right hand, and tosses it and the plastic case aside.  In one smooth motion, The Hardcore Outlaw slides the barbed wire glove onto his right hand, rears back, and smashes his closed fist into the back of Isaac Entragian’s left knee – as hard as he can. 

The Ivory Terror stumbles backward, howling in shock and pain.  Dripping blood all over, Diamond Del Carver is still laying on the floor, but he cocks his fist again, and this time he smashes the “Tokyo Kiss” into the front of Entragian’s exposed left knee.  Carver places his other hand behind Entragian’s knee, holding Isaac’s leg in place, and he grinds the barbed wire glove around on Entragian’s knee, shredding the flesh.  The Hardcore Outlaw’s face is a total crimson mask and he is gritting his teeth in anger and determination – he looks crazed as he starts to bash his fist into Entragian’s knee over and over again. 

Isaac Entragian falls! 

The Ivory Terror is now flat on his back, holding his left leg as blood drips from his knee.  Carver is lying next to him on the concrete, bleeding profusely from his forehead, but now it is The Hardcore Outlaw who stands up.  The fans are going crazy as Carver stands there, blood dripping from his glove.  The veteran limps a few feet away, and snatches a steel chair.  He folds it up, and with a scream of anger, drives the edge of the chair right into Entragian’s left kneecap. 

Eryk Masters: The Hardcore Outlaw is back on the offensive now, and he just tore into Isaac Entragian’s knee with The Tokyo Kiss! 

The Other Guy: Yeah the glove, and now a chair!  Carver seems determined to break Entragian’s left leg! 

Willie Dean is now yelling at Carver, and threatens to start the 20 count and count both men out.  Diamond Del Carver grabs the left leg of Isaac Entragian, and starts to brutally ram his boot into the back of Entragian’s left knee.  The whole time, Entragian is yelling, more in rage than pain.  Finally, Carver leans down, and grabs Isaac Entragian by the back of the head, guiding him to his feet, and then he rolls him back into the ring.   

The Hardcore Outlaw rolls in after him, but he brings the steel chair with him. As soon as Diamond Del Carver is back in the ring, he stands over the floundering Isaac Entragian, and starts to stomp on Entragian’s left knee, over and over and over again.  Carver’s face still looks crazed as he is soaked in blood, and stomping up and down like a maniac on Entragian’s knee. 

Finally, Carver grabs the steel chair, and heads out to the apron.  Diamond Del Carver slowly and deliberately climbs the turnbuckles to the top rope.  He looks a little shaking climbing the ropes – out of his element. The fans are loudly murmuring in surprise and anticipation, as The Hardcore Outlaw precariously balances himself on the top turnbuckle, and then jumps off, swinging the chair downward as he leaps. 

Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver is coming off the top rope with a steel chair! 

The Other Guy: He’s too slow!  Entragian is ready for him! LOOK! 

Isaac Entragian lifts his right leg.  The chair collides with Entragian’s boot, and is driven backward right into Carver’s face!  There is a loud smacking sound, of steel hitting flesh, as Diamond Del Carver absorbs the impact of the chair in his face, with all the momentum from the top rope jump adding to the impact!  Carver flies backward in an arc, the chair flying out of his hands.  The Hardcore Outlaw lands in a sick heap on the canvas. 

Scowling in anger, Isaac Entragian gets to his feet.  He takes one step toward Carver, but as soon as he puts weight on his left leg he winces in pain.  Entragian grabs the steel chair, holds it high over his head, and then hurls it at the face of The Hardcore Outlaw as hard as he can!  The chair literally bounces off the face of Diamond Del Carver, and the fans groan in sympathy.  Carver rolls over onto his side, his hands over his face. 

The Iron Fist Champion grabs the chair from the mat, and starts to drive the edge of it right into Diamond Del Carver’s ribs, again and again.  Carver’s hands go from his face to his ribs, and he tries to protect himself, but he is at Entragian’s mercy.  Isaac Entragian holds the folded steel chair up in the air, and spikes it down right into Carver’s throat!  The crowd groans again. 

Eryk Masters: Carver managed to do a bit more damage to Isaac Entragian, but now The Ivory Terror is back to alternating between working on Carver’s midsection, and either trying to fracture his skull… 

The Other Guy: …or choke Carver to death!  He almost crushed the old man’s windpipe with that chair! 

Diamond Del Carver places his hands over his throat and starts to cough and sputter, gasping for air.  Isaac Entragian reaches down, and grabs Del Carver by the back of his belt, hoisting the old man into the air like a sack of potatoes.  With no effort at all, The Ivory Terror presses Carver over his head, and drops him throat first over the top rope!  The height is so high and the impact so severe that Carver bounces into the air and lands flat on his back. 

Isaac Entragian drops to his knees above Diamond Del Carver, and clamps both his massive hands over the throat of The Hardcore Outlaw.  With a sneer of rage, Entragian starts to squeeze, choking the life out of the Southern Warhorse!  Carver starts to turn red, and then blue.  The old man is kicking his legs as hard as he can, and he clamps his own hands around the fingers of Isaac Entragian, trying to release the choke, but he can’t budge him.  Spit starts to fly from the mouth of Del Carver, as Isaac Entragian is literally choking the life out of him. 

Diamond Del Carver is still wearing his Tokyo Fist glove, and he hauls off and punches Isaac Entragian – in the eye! Entragian yells in pain and stumbles backward, with his hands over his right eye.  Isaac Entragian is sitting on his haunches, checking his eye.  Carver stands up, still coughing and choking, but he boots Entragian right in the face! Entragian rolls onto his side, with his hands over his eye, and Diamond Del Carver collapses on the mat next to him, coughing and sputtering. 

Eryk Masters: Thank gawd, I thought Isaac Entragian was going to choke the life right out of Diamond Del Carver there! 

The Other Guy: I think Isaac Entragian closed his eye before Carver belted him in the face with that Barbed-Wire Glove, but that is STILL gonna open a nasty looking cut over Entragian’s right eye.  Can you imagine getting hit in the face with a damn glove wrapped in a couple strands of Barbed-Wire?   

Eryk Masters: Not really, no!  Both these guys are really starting to show the effects of this match now, OG. Look at them just lying there, barely moving.   

The Other Guy: Both of them are busted open, Entragian’s left knee has been smashed and scarred, and Carver’s back and ribs must be killing him.  These guys are beating the living shit out of each other. 

Isaac Entragian is now bleeding from a gash which starts above his right eye, and carries on under his eye.  His right eyelid may have been lacerated from The Tokyo Kiss.  His left knee is gashed open, and blood has started to congeal under it.  Del Carver’s face is drenched in blood, and he has his right arm over his ribs, and his left hand is rubbing his lower back. 

Isaac Entragian is the first to get up.  He tries to put weight on his left leg, but you can tell it hurts badly.  He reaches down and pulls Diamond Del Carver up by the hair.  As soon as he does, The Ivory Terror starts to bury a series of uppercuts into Carver’s midsection.  Del Carver doubles over in pain, and is only being held in a standing position due to Entragian having him by the hair. 

The Ivory Terror holds Diamond Del Carver at arm’s length now, and then fires a wicked chop into The Hardcore Outlaw’s throat.  Carver staggers backward, holding his neck. Isaac Entragian reaches out, clamps his hand around the throat of Del Carver, and then hoists him high into the air, using only one arm!  The fans gasp in shock as Isaac Entragian holds Diamond Del Carver up in the air, in position for a chokeslam for a long moment – and then he violently slams him to the mat! 


The Other Guy:  If this was any other match, I’d guess that Entragian would be able to pin him right now – but this match is Iron Fist Rules – and that ain’t any normal opponent in there with the champion. 

Isaac Entragian looks down at Diamond Del Carver, who is lying flat on his back in the ring.  Entragian reaches down and pulls Carver to his feet, and then goes behind and lifts Carver into the air – just like he is going to execute a back suplex, or go the other way and give him an atomic drop.   

He doesn’t do it though Isaac Entragian keeps The Hardcore Outlaw balanced in the air over his shoulder, charges forward and drops Del Carver in a sitting position, right on the top turnbuckle!  The Hardcore Outlaw is slumped on the top turnbuckle facing outward, so his back is facing the ring and Carver is facing the crowd. 

The Ivory Terror slowly climbs the turnbuckles, resting his feet on the middle turnbuckle pads.  Entragian reaches down, and sticks one arm out to either side, grabbing Del Carver’s ankles.  In a smooth motion, Isaac Entragian pulls backward and stands up at the same time, so he is now basically balancing on the top turnbuckle… 


Eryk Masters: HOLY SHIT!  Isaac Entragian is standing on the top turnbuckle, holding Del Carver by the ankles, upside down, OUTSIDE THE RING! 

The Other Guy:  Eryk, if he drops him…NO!  SHIT ENTRAGIAN DON’T DO THAT!!! 

Isaac Entragian smiles widely – and releases his grip on Diamond Del Carver. 

Carver drops like a stone to the concrete outside the ring, headfirst.  His skull hits the floor and he collapses in a bloody heap.  Isaac Entragian has succeeded in basically dropping Del Carver on the top of his head, from the top rope, to the concrete outside of the ring. 

The fans are not cheering, or chanting, or even screaming.  There is an almost eerie silence which has fallen over the SHOOT Epicenter in Las Vegas.  Isaac Entragian stands on the top turnbuckle and folds his arms across his chest, smirking.  The Ivory Terror looks down in satisfaction at his handiwork. Diamond Del Carver landed directly on top of his head, and is just laying in a twisted heap on the floor. 

While the fans murmur in concern, Willie Dean slides out of the ring and drops to one knee to check on the condition of Diamond Del Carver.  He leans over and we can see him talking to Carver, but we can’t see if Carver is awake or responsive.  Isaac Entragian has climbed down and is leaning over the top rope, looking at Carver closely and smirking. 

Eryk Masters: For the guys in the back, we’re going to need some help out here.  Del Carver is seriously injured. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, he landed right on his head.  He could have a fractured skull, or worse. 

Two EMT’s appear at the top of the ramp, pushing a gurney.  They rush down the aisle to ringside, where Willie Dean is kneeling next to the motionless body of Diamond Del Carver.  The two attendants lower the stretcher, and one of them reaches out, to roll Carver onto the gurney. 

Suddenly, Del Carver shoots his arm outward, shoving the attendant backward. Slowly, shakily, The Hardcore Outlaw starts to get to his feet.  He is holding the back of his neck with one hand, and using the other arm to hold himself steady.  The fans – who were already on their feet – start to applaud at first, and as Carver looks around, the applause grows into a full cheer, climbing in intensity until the whole building is almost shaking. 

Isaac Entragian is looking down at Diamond Del Carver in disgust, shaking his head.  Willie Dean and the two medical attendants stand in front of Carver imploring him to head to the back and seek medical attention, but it is obvious from his demeanor that The Hardcore Outlaw wants none of that, and he intends to get back into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t even know what to say here.  Diamond Del Carver is trying to get past the medical staff and referee, and climb back into the ring.  This man has no concern for his own physical well-being. 

The Other Guy: He was out cold, Eryk.  I swear he was unconscious after landing on his head, and now he wants more.  And you know Isaac Entragian will give it to him. 

Diamond Del Carver shoves past the medical staff, and reaches under the bottom rope, into the ring.  The Ivory Terror looks down in shock, not expecting The Hardcore Outlaw to have pushed past the medics. Carver grabs Isaac Entragian’s ankles, and pulls as hard as he can. The Ivory Terror was not anticipating having his legs pulled from underneath him – and he topples to the mat, flat on his back. 

Carver positions Entragian so that he is lying on his back, directly in front of the corner.  The Hardcore Outlaw grabs one of Entragian’s legs and pushes it aside, so The Ivory Terror is basically spread eagle, struggling to get up.  Diamond Del Carver tightens his grip on the ankles of Isaac Entragian and pulls as hard as he can backward. 

Isaac Entragian is pulled forward – and into the ringpost.  Crotch first. 

The crowd lets out a collective groan. 

Eryk Masters: OUCH!  Diamond Del Carver just reached into the ring, grabbed The Pale Rider by the ankles and pulled outward, crotching him on the steel ring post in the corner! 

The Other Guy: Well, now we don’t have to worry about Isaac Entragian having kids! 

Del Carver is still outside the ring, and Entragian is flat on his back, his legs dangling out of the ring on either side of the ring post.  The Ivory Terror is holding his groin and wincing in extreme discomfort.  The Hardcore Outlaw lifts Entragian’s left leg, and violently smashes it into the ringpost. The back of Isaac Entragian’s left knee hits the steel with a resounding thud, and the Iron Fist Champion bellows in pain. 

Willie Dean has slid back into the ring, and the Emergency Medical Technicians have taken their stretcher and back into the aisle – but they are staying close.  The fans are still cheering the comeback of Diamond Del Carver, as The Hardcore Outlaw does it again – and again.  Carver is repeatedly bashing the left knee into the steel ringpost. 

Finally, Del Carver twists the left leg of Isaac Entragian around the post, and straightens out Entragian’s right leg.  Carver lifts his own leg up, and drapes it over Entragian’s foot, and then with a huge effort, he lifts his other leg and braces it against the post, pulling backwards as he does. 

Eryk Masters: FIGURE FOUR!  Diamond Del Carver has a Figure Four Leglock on Isaac Entragian – but not any normal Figure Four!  Carver is literally hanging upside down on the outside of the ring, and he has Isaac Entragian’s left leg wrapped around that steel post for extra pressure! 

The Other Guy: Once in a very rare while you will see somebody execute this maneuver and it almost always ends up with an injury!  The torque on the leg and pressure on the kneecap must be incredible.  

The fans are blowing the roof off the arena, as Isaac Entragian flails around on the mat, bellowing in pain.  Del Carver has Entragian’s left knee pressed up against the post as he hangs upside down outside the ring, pulling on Entragian’s legs.  Carver has the extra pressure of his bodyweight pulling backward on The Ivory Terror’s legs, and Willie Dean is kneeling next to Entragian, asking him if he wants to give up. 

Normally the referee would be threatening to disqualify Carver, but this is Iron Fist rules – anything goes.  Diamond Del Carver is taking full advantage of that fact, as he keeps Isaac Entragian’s legs grapevined around the ringpost and applies as much pressure as he can. But Carver is starting to slip. 

The weight of his own body and his tenuous grasp on Isaac Entragian’s leg is starting to cause Del Carver to slip backward.  Entragian’s leg is already soaked in blood and sweat, which makes keeping a grip even harder.  As the camera takes in Carver pulling back on Entragian’s legs around the post, we see him starting to slide back – and finally he falls. 

Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver has been forced to release his grip on Isaac Entragian’s legs due to gravity – but I think the damage has been done, OG! 

The Other Guy:  You’re damn right it has.  If all the punches and chair shots to Isaac Entragian’s knee didn’t do damage, then the Tokyo Kiss did.  And if that didn’t?  A Figure Four Leglock wrapped around the ringpost is enough to cripple anybody – I don’t care how big you are. 

Diamond Del Carver slowly gets up.  He is not in good shape.  His face is caked with congealed blood, and his eye looks glassy and somewhat unfocused after his drop to the concrete.  Carver’s legs look a little wobbly as he climbs back into the ring, and he is holding one hand over the small of his back, and the other is rubbing his ribs. 

Carver stands over Entragian, looking dazed.  Isaac Entragian reaches out and does the same thing to Carver that Carver had done to him!  Entragian grabs Del by the ankle, and pulls as hard as he can!  Diamond Del Carver collapses on the mat, right next to Isaac Entragian, after having his leg pulled out from underneath him. 

Isaac Entragian rolls onto his side and then props himself up on his right knee.  Before Carver can starts to get up, Isaac Entragian places his hand over Del Carver’s face and violently rakes his hand downward, tearing at Carver’s already bloodied visage. The Hardcore Outlaw yells in pain, as Isaac Entragian using his fingernails to rip at the face of the veteran. 

Eryk Masters: I was expecting this match to be violent, but this is crazy.  Like you said earlier – these two men are just beating on each other with total disregard. 

The Other Guy: I’m betting Isaac Entragian isn’t going to be able to put any weight on that left leg of his, but you don’t need your left leg to dig your fingernails into a man’s face – and that’s what he’s doing now. 

Isaac Entragian is kneeling over Diamond Del Carver, clawing at his face.  Suddenly, he grabs the leather eyepatch over Carver’s left eye, and rips it off his face!  Del Carver screams at the top of his lungs, as the patch had been secured to his face with stitches!  Entragian tosses the patch aside, and the camera takes in the sight of Diamond Del Carver’s discolored and blind left eye. 

The Ivory Terror places one thumb from each hand over Carver’s eyes, and pushes down, as hard as he can.  He is bracing his hands on Diamond Del Carver’s head, digging into Carver’s flesh with his fingernails at the same time.  Del Carver is screaming and thrashing around, kicking and flailing his arms.   

Isaac Entragian looks completely insane as he has both of his hands clamped over the face of Diamond Del Carver, his fingers tearing into Carver’s flesh as he pushes his thumbs into the eye sockets and his fingertips into Del’s skin.  Del Carver is now rolling from side to side, trying to get Entragian to release his grip. 

Eryk Masters: This is like some disgusting form of The Iron Claw, OG. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, except if Entragian doesn’t ease up he’s going to push Carver’s eyes right back into his head – and his fingers are cutting into the old man’s skin! 

Diamond Del Carver finally succeeds in rolling onto his stomach, which forces Isaac Entragian to break the hold.  Carver starts to crawl away on all fours like a wounded animal, and Isaac Entragian crawls after him. 

Entragian grabs Carver’s leg to keep The Hardcore Outlaw from getting away.  Carver slowly turns around, and Isaac Entragian puts his right hand in the form of the Iron Claw and leans forward.  Del Carver slaps the claw hand away and fires a punch at the face of Isaac Entragian, which connects. 

Isaac Entragian fires back with a punch of his own, which smashes into Carver’s bloodied and lacerated face.  Diamond Del Carver throws another punch of his own, which connects with the side of Entragian’s head.  Carver returns another wide looping right hook, hitting Entragian upside the head, but Isaac Entragian answers with a straight jab right to Carver’s jaw. 

Eryk Masters: If this wasn’t so disgustingly violent, it would be funny.  Isaac Entragian and Diamond Del Carver are like a couple of Rock em Sock em robots, punching each other back and forth in the face – but they are both on their knees in the ring, because they’re both so beaten up neither man can stand up. 

The Other Guy: It’s true, I’ve never seen two guys trading shots back and forth like this from a kneeling position, but there they are.  Carver sitting on his ass and Entragian putting all of his weight on his right knee, leaning forward.  These guys are exhausted! 

Isaac Entragian looks absolutely enraged as he keeps hammering Diamond Del Carver directly in the face with perfectly placed and timed straight jabs.  His arm is like a trip hammer, bashing the veteran in the face over and over again.  Carver’s head snaps back from the shots, and blood starts to trickle from his nose, and his lower lip is now split open. 

Meanwhile, Del Carver is absorbing the punishment, and answering back at the same time with wide hooks, battering Isaac Entragian in the side of his head, rocking the Iron Fist Champion with the repeated roundhouses. It looks as if Carver is landing his punches either in the ear of The Ivory Terror, or the temple.  Every time Carver lands a shot, Entragian’s head twists to the side, but he straightens up and continues to deliver shots to Carver’s face. 

Finally, Isaac Entragian lands a particularly hard punch to Carver’s face, and Carver is unable to answer the punch.  Diamond Del Carver slumps sideways, and looks as if he is about to pass out.  Instead, he motions to Isaac Entragian, as if he is asking Entragian to hit him again.  Isaac Entragian complies, and delivers another vicious shot.  Now Entragian slaps himself in the side of the head, indicating the area where Carver had been hitting him.  Carver swings and connects with another hook. 

Eryk Masters: Okay seriously…what the fuck? 

The Other Guy: The batteries are running out, but Carver and Entragian are basically taunting each other! It’s like they’re playing some demented form of King of the Mountain or something – daring each other to hit back, and absorbing the hit and firing back. 

Entragian snaps Carver’s head back with a brutal jab.  Carver spits blood on the mat beside him, and then smashes Entragian upside the head with a sweeping right hook.  Isaac Entragian starts to topple over – but then he steadies himself and fires back with another shot to Carver’s face.  Blood drips from Carver’s face for a moment, and his eyes are half closed – but he puts all his weight into it and bashes Entragian again in the side of the head. 

The shots are getting weaker and weaker, and the pause between punches is getting longer and longer, but neither Isaac Entragian or Diamond Del Carver will back down. Back and forth, over and over, the two men answer back and forth with violent strikes, trying to knock each other out. 

Willie Dean is standing aside, watching the action incredulously. The fans are rocking the SHOOT Epicenter, stomping their feet, clapping their hands, cheering themselves hoarse, and now, every time either man lands a punch, the crowd shouts out in unison. 

Eryk Masters: There is so much animosity between these two men, so much hatred and vitriol, that neither one will consider backing down.  They are literally beating each other senseless. 

The Other Guy: Hey, in Entragian’s defense – Diamond Del Carver was already senseless long before this match!  But look at Carver!  Look at the old man!  He’s had it!  He can’t lift his arm anymore!  He’s trying to swing, but he can’t!  I’m telling you, he’s out on his feet!  That drop on the top of his head was the beginning of the end for him in this match. 

The Other Guy may be right.  Isaac Entragian lands a jab to Carver’s jaw, which goes unanswered.  Entragian hits Carver again.  And again. Diamond Del Carver looks at Isaac Entragian through half-closed eyes, blood dripping from his face, and slowly – he falls to his side, slumped over – out cold. 

Isaac Entragian looks over at the motionless body of Diamond Del Carver, and smiles in sick satisfaction.  He points down at Carver, and then at referee Willie Dean, and orders that Dean begin the 10 count, since Carver is clearly no longer fighting.  Isaac Entragian is still on his knees in the middle of the ring, but leaning most of his weight on his right knee. 

Willie Dean stands back and starts to count, and the fans count along… 


Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver looks like he’s down for the count, but Isaac Entragian needs to stand up himself, OG.  He’s not on his feet. 

The Other Guy: Well, he’s conscious at least.  That’s more than Carver. 


Diamond Del Carver’s eyes snap open. 


Isaac Entragian starts to straighten himself up, preparing to stand up and have his arm raised in victory. 


As the fans roar, Diamond Del Carver gets to his knees. 


Diamond Del Carver stands up!   

He is shaky, bloody and barely conscious, but he is up.   


Isaac Entragian starts to stand up, rising on his right knee… 


As soon as Isaac Entragian moves his left leg, his left knee totally gives out on him, his left knee buckling grotesquely to the side… 


The Ivory Terror falls flat. 


The Hardcore Outlaw stands in the middle of the ring, and Isaac Entragian is sprawled out on the mat! 


The bell rings three times, the arena explodes in deafening cheers, and Diamond Del Carver’s music starts to pound over the sound system. 


Willie Dean hauls Del Carver’s arm into the air, and Carver immediately falls forward on his face. Mark Kendrick slides the Iron Fist Championship belt into the ring, and Willie Dean lays the belt on Carver’s arms. 

Isaac Entragian looks around wildly, like he can’t believe what just happened.  The Ivory Terror shakes his head violently, and points at Willie Dean.  Dean points to Entragian’s leg and points at Carver.  We can see Willie Dean is saying something, but due to the crowd noise and music, we can’t tell what. 

The Ivory Terror finally succeeds in standing up, but he can literally put no weight on his left leg. Despite this fact, Entragian shoots his arm outward and grabs Willie Dean around the throat.  In one smooth motion, Isaac Entragian hoists Willie Dean high into the air, and then absolutely pulverizes him into the mat with a CHOKESLAM!  Willie Dean’s body literally bounces twice from the incredible impact. 

Isaac Entragian rears his head back, and utters a blood curdling scream of rage that is enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of everybody’s neck who hears it – and everybody does. 

Eryk Masters: Isaac Entragian is enraged OG.  He doesn’t think he lost this match, or maybe he knows he did – and he’s just not happy about it. Entragian is the one who asked Willie Dean to make the count, and he assumed he’d be standing up.  The only problem was that Carver got up, and stayed up – and Entragian collapsed due to his knee giving out.  The bottom line is that when Willie Dean called out TEN, Diamond Del Carver was standing, and Isaac Entragian was not.   

The Other Guy: Maybe Entragian should have waited until he was standing up before he asked Dean to start the count, or maybe Dean should have refused to start the count until somebody was on their feet, but The Ivory Terror is a day late and a dollar short for that argument now.  The referee’s decision is final! 

Isaac Entragian reaches down and pulls the semi-conscious Diamond Del Carver to his feet.  In an amazing display of agility, Entragian whips Carver into the ropes, and then leaps high into the air and almost takes Carver’s head off with a flying clothesline. 

Carver lies flat on his back, stunned.  Isaac Entragian grabs the belt off the mat, and holds it in Carver’s face, SCEAMING at the top of his lungs that the Iron Fist Championship belongs to him and nobody else.  Entragian is pointing at the belt and pointing at himself, hurling verbal abuse at Diamond Del Carver. 

Del Carver kicks the Iron Fist Championship belt right into Isaac Entragian’s face! 

Entragian falls backward, and Del Carver reaches over, grabs the belt, and then he leaps onto the fallen Isaac Entragian and starts to bash The Ivory Terror with the belt, right in the head. Blood is flying again, from both men.  Mark Kendrick starts to ring the bell, and a crowd of referees and security staff charge down the aisle to the ring. 

Diamond Del Carver and Isaac Entragian are rolling around on the mat, using the Iron Fist Championship Belt as a weapon, bashing each other with it.  The security staff and referees slide into the ring, and split up the two men.  Carver has the Iron Fist title clutched to his chest, and he is dragged from the ring and up the aisle by a group of no less than five men.  The Hardcore Outlaw is allowing himself to be led to the back, but he points up into the ring and screams something at Entragian. 

Isaac Entragian is surrounded by a crowd of referees and security men.  They swarm The Ivory Terror, and hustle him out of the ring as well. Normally Entragian would be wading through a crowd of men, even one of this size – but right now he can barely walk and is exhausted.  Entragian is forcibly dragged and shoved up the aisle, but he points back at Diamond Del Carver and shouts something back at Carver. 

The massive crowd of staff disappears into the back as the lights go up.  The camera goes to Eryk Masters and The Other Guy in the broadcast position. 

Eryk Masters: I’m going to go out on a limb here, and predict that we haven’t seen the last of this rivalry.  

The Other Guy: You think?  I have to say, these two seem to bring out the absolute worst in each other – or the best, if you happen to like violence. 

Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver is your new Iron Fist Champion, but an old saying about winning a battle but losing a war comes to mind. 

The Other Guy: There are two amazing things in my mind right now.  The first is how brutal that match we just saw was – and the second is that the match we’re about to see is probably not going to be as brutal, but it is probably going to be just as good a match, if not better.  We still have more action to come!


We’re inside a training room inside the Epicenter.  Sitting on a training table with his right ankle packed in ice, Loco Martinez takes a huge swig of water and chats with a blonde trainer. She’s cute, blonde, in her mid to late 20’s.  She places another bag of ice on Loco’s ankle as he talks. 

Loco:  Yeah… I just landed on it and it rolled.   Since the surgeries, its never quite been a hundred percent… I must’ve did a shitty job taping it up today. 

Trainer:  Well…  its not serious.  Ice and Advil, and next time?  Come to me to have it taped.  I saw your work while cutting it off.  You DID do a shitty job.  I’m amazed I haven’t seen you more often. 

Loco smiles sheepishly at his admonishment.  He goes to say something but is interrupted by the cracked door to the trainer’s room slowly opening.   A light  knock before the door opens fully and Maya stands at the threshold of the room. He looks nervous, but looks towards Loco, also somewhat concerned. 

Maya: I…umm… is it okay if I talk to Mr. Martinez for a moment? 

Loco looks at the trainer and nods.   Maya cautiously takes a few steps towards Loco, the trainers nods at Maya as he walks past. Maya’s hands are cupped in front of him, he finds it hard to look at Loco, his eyes wander to his ankle covered in ice. 

Maya: Are you… okay? 

Loco shrugs. 

Loco:  Yeah, just tweaked it in the match tonight. Something I’ve had…for…ever, really.  heh, not even originally a wrestling injury.  I was… well… acting a fool in a golf cart.  *he notices Maya’s perplexed look, and realizes he’s rambling nervously*… its a long story.  Thanks for asking though. 

Maya looks up at Loco, it’s obviously difficult for Maya to look at Loco eye to eye.  

Maya: Look, I… just… I know you probably hate me right now. I know I said a lot of horrible things to you. But I… it’s because I… 

Maya shook his head. 

Maya: I’m sorry… why I did it doesn’t matter, I still did it. I just want you to know how sorry I am. You tried to do everything you could to help me in a time where I really needed it and… I kept pushing you away. I’m… I’m so sorry. 

Loco looks at Maya and smiles.   

Loco: Its okay, man.  For what its worth?  I don’t hate you.  We do things.  Sometimes good things for the wrong reasons.  Sometimes bad things for the right reasons… Anyway,  I’m really glad you decided to come tonight.  Means a lot to me.  Hopefully you’ll have more luck in your title match, tomorrow. 

Maya smiles, a slight sense of relief washing over him as he nods. 

Maya: Thank you…and you were really great out there and umm…  

Maya hesitantly looks away. 

Maya: Can I ask you something? 

Loco:  Sure.  As long as its not Philadelphia sports related… Only thing that hurts worse than my ankle might be thinking about Game 5, or the Birds. 

Maya looks confused for a moment, obviously not a fan of American sports, he feigns a smile of recognition. Maya turns around for a moment, his hands nervously shaking as he holds them together in front of him, afraid to show such a sign of anxiety to Loco. 

Maya: Are we still friends? 

Loco eyes widen almost shocked at the question.   

Loco:  Of course we are.   

Maya turns around quickly, almost surprised by the answer, his eyes wide. 

Maya: R-R-Really!? 

Loco smiles genuinely and nods.  Maya lets out what can only be described as a joyful squeak and jumps at Loco, wrapping his arms around him, almost shaking his head in disbelief. Maya lets Loco go and takes a few steps backwards, his face looks flustered and embarrassed. 

Maya: Sorry… I was just… really happy. I didn’t mean to… 

Loco:  Haha… Its okay, dude.  At least you avoided the ankle.  

Maya nods happily not fully capable of containing his joy. 

Maya: I’m glad, Mr. Martinez… you don’t know how much… 

Loco nods knowingly and smiles.   

Loco:  Maya… we’re friends, you really need to stop calling me Mr. Martinez. 

Maya smiles and nods as he turns to head out.  Loco calls after him.   Maya stops and looks back. 

Loco:  Maya, don’t forget.  I still have your gift.  I’ll bring it to Revolution.  I figure your hands will probably be full after your match tomorrow night.




The trumpets blare at the fans ERUPT.  The arena is bathed in blackness, but flashes of lights from the fans and their cameras make the arena twinkle. 

Turn up the lights in here baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS 

A HUGE eruption of white pyro EXPLODES as the arenas lights are maxed out, revealing DONOVAN KING at the entrance.  King is wearing his white and green tights with his fists taped up in white tape.  He marches down to the ring, nodding his head to the beat of his music.  He looks out to the fans and walks up the ring steps.  Once he enters, he quickly leaps to the middle turnbuckle and just…looks at the sea of Las Vegas fans.  They cheer him violently as he stares back at them.  A changed man stands before them.  A repentant man.  This is his time.  “All of the Lights” by Kanye West slowly tapers off as King stands in the middle of the ring, watching…and waiting. 


The arena lights but off.  A single spotlight is aimed at the entrance ramp.  The crowd erupts in applause awaiting the arrival of Trey Willett. 


The ovation continues, even though there is no sign of Trey from the ramp. 



The crowd awaits the opening riff to “Carry on Wayward Son” but nothing comes.  They sit in anticipation for what seems like an eternity.  In reality, the silence has gone on for little more than thirty seconds.  Trey emerges from the curtain, head held high, his arms folded in front of him.  He seems to be taking everything in as the crowd erupts again at his entrance.   

Simultaneously, a purple mist of pyro showers over Trey, and the opening riff to his theme music kicks over the speakers of the SHOOT Epicenter.  He raises his hands as the fans erupt once more.  He makes his way down the ramp, shaking hands with as many fans as possible before sliding into the ring and immediately climbing the nearest turnbuckle.   

He raises a fist in the air and smiles as the fans continue to shower him with praise.  He jumps down from the turnbuckle as the lights come back up on the house.  Donovan King and Trey Willett meet eyes in the center of the ring.  Dennis Heflin joins the two, standing just in between them.  

From outside of the ring, Samantha Coil’s voice can be heard over the loudspeakers. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen.  This match is set for one fall, with no time limit to determine the 2011 Master of the Mat!  Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina…He is the Last Scion of OutKast.  He is.  DONOVAN KING! 

The fans, eagerly awaiting the contest, have ceased their cheering as the two men are introduced.  King Raises both arms in the air, never taking his eyes from Trey Willett.  The fans give a muted cheer out of respect, but are seemingly too glued to the focus of the two competitors to really explode. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing second, from Staten Island, New York.  He is SHOOT Project’s Wayward Son.  He is…TREY WILLETT! 

Trey raises a single fist in the air, and gets the same response from the fans.  A few words are given to the two opponents from Dennis Heflin before he drops his hand and moves off to the side.  The bell rings and the two men meet face to face in the center of the ring.  Breaking his gaze for merely a second, Donovan King extends a hand towards Trey.  After a few seconds, Trey looks down and grasps King’s hand with his own.  The fans absolutely tear the roof off of the building as the two men show each other respect before starting the match!   

Eryk Masters: You gotta love that, OG.  These are two complete class acts. 

Other Guy: No kidding.  It’s so rare that you get to see two men competing simply for the love of the sport in a main event at a pay per view.  It’s a nice relief from all of the hardship these two have had to endure leading up to this moment. 

The two men take a few steps back, their eyes never leaving one another.  They exchange nods to one another and then move towards one another.  Trey quickly goes for a jab to King’s face, but King dodges it quickly and immediately ties up with Trey in a collar and elbow tie-up.  The two of them jockey for position before King ducks down and brings Trey down to the mat with a single leg take down, rolling over and locking in an arm bar. 

Eryk Masters:  After how far these two men have come, it’s obvious these two men are not going to waste any of their moves here tonight! 

King sinks the hold in deeper, but Trey manages to get to a seated position before he gets his feet underneath him.  He gets to one knee, feeling the pressure of the arm bar.  He slaps his shoulder for a second or two before he finally gets to his feet and flips forward, reversing the hold and turning it into his own arm bar!  Trey drops down quickly and hits him with a fireman’s carry.  Once King hits the mat, Trey is back up to his feet and holds his hand out to King to help him back up. 

Other Guy:  This is interesting…I guess Trey wants to prove to the fans and to King that he can hang with the Last Scion of OutKast. 

King gets up on his own and paces the ring, shaking his head.  Trey shrugs his shoulders and gets back into position.  They lock up and King quickly ducks behind Trey.  Trey moves forward to try to evade King, but King takes a hold of Trey’s head and locks in a Dragon Sleeper!  Trey quickly gets himself spun around and King transitions the Dragon Sleeper into a front face lock! 

Other Guy:  The front face lock is, without question, the most painful and devastating submission in professional wrestling today. 

Eryk Masters:  It’s the set up to so many more moves in our sport, and King has a HUGE amount of things he can do from that hold. 

King keeps the hold locked in, squeezing as hard as he can on Trey.  Trey tries to break free, but King’s superior weight is keeping Trey from countering the hold through any use of strength.  King sinks the hold in deeper as Dennis Heflin steps in, checking for a submission.  Trey tries to break free, but King begins to swing him violently, like an alligator with its prey.  Once Trey finally begins to stop fighting back, King quickly SNAPS Trey to the ground with a swinging neckbreaker!  The fans let out a collective OOOH! 

Other Guy:  DAMN! 

King gets to one knee as Trey slowly turns onto his side.  King holds his arms out, watching Trey as he slowly begins to pick himself back up.  King grins at his foe, beckoning for him to get the rest of the way up.  King is back to his feet now and waits for Trey to do the same.  Trey gets up and staggers to the corner to try to catch his breath, but King is immediately on him.  However, Trey bounces right out of the corner and locks up with King. 

Eryk Masters:  Trey Willett wants Donovan King to know he is NOT backing down! 

King tries to duck down for the chance to go for the go behind, but Trey manages to block him, dropping an elbow to the back of King’s head.  He whips King to the ropes, but King manages to counter, whipping Trey instead!  Trey rushes back and King drops down for a back body drop, only for Trey to leapfrog over him and bounce off the opposite ropes.  He comes back and King quickly LEVELS Trey with a HARD SPINEBUSTER! 

Other Guy:  No matter what Trey wants to do here…Donovan King is NOT going to back down! 

King pops back up and looks over the sea of fans as they begin to cheer for him!  He nods his head to the fans and smiles to them again.  King slowly bends down to pick Trey up, but Trey wraps him up quickly into a small package! 



King rolls away from Trey as Trey slowly begins to pick himself up off of the mat.  King’s head cocks to the side as Trey looks at him and runs his hands through his hair.  The fans begin to cheer as Trey looks to the fans, grinning from ear to ear.  Trey gets up and King quickly locks up with him, but Trey is the one who ducks under this time and gets behind King!  Trey quickly knows he can not overpower King, and he quickly hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep on him!  Trey sprawls over King’s body and straddles him.  He throws his knees onto King’s shoulders and Dennis Heflin slides in for the count! 




King tosses his legs up and catches Trey’s arms, bringing him down into a sunset flip! 




Trey hits King in the head with his legs and King tries to roll away, but Trey rushes at him and schoolboys him over! 



King rolls away as Trey gets back to his feet and smirks at King, but King wastes absolutely no time NAILING Trey in the head with a HARD Roaring Elbow!  Trey is ROCKED with a SMACK as he staggers into the ropes.  He quickly whips Trey to the ropes and catches him with an arm drag that he follows through with a reverse arm bar on the mat! 

Eryk Masters:  I think it’s safe to say the smiles are going to start fading here pretty soon…Donovan King isn’t one to pay nice in this ring. 

Other Guy:  I think Trey was damn lucky to get him to be this nice for THIS long! 

King quickly wrenches HARD on the arm bar and elbows Trey in the side of the head.  Trey cradles his arm as King gets back up pacing around him as he rolls over onto his stomach, clutching his arm close to his chest in pain.  King reaches down and grabs Trey by the back of his head and picks Trey up, but Trey BLASTS King in the face with a jab!  King stumbles back, and this time Trey is NOT smiling!  Trey hits him in the face AGAIN with a jab and follows it up with a kick to the midsection!  King is doubled over and Trey quickly takes him down to the mat with ANOTHER Side Russian Leg Sweep!  Trey kips up and the fans ERUPT as he sprints to the turnbuckle, already climbing the ropes! 

Eryk Masters:  Trey’s coming to the realization he isn’t going to beat Donovan King by just hitting him with move after move unless he doesn’t let up! 

Other Guy:  He’s going for that turnbuckle, but King is getting back up! 

King slowly pulls himself up to his feet as Trey turns around and instinctively leaps off the top rope for a cross body block!  NO!  King CATCHES Trey!  He turns Trey’s cross body block into a HUGE power slam!  He picks Trey up quickly and hooks him in a waist lock…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!  King suddenly…kips up himself!  He nods his head and screams to the fans who are cheering HARD for him! 

Other Guy:  Donovan King has got to be seeing this as his ONLY ticket to skip right past Mirage, right past X-Calibur, right past the whole of the Hierarchy right back to the top! 

Eryk Masters:  It was only one year ago that Donovan King was at the top here in SHOOT Project.  This might be his last best hope of earning that spot yet again! 

King picks Trey up and whips him to the ropes and telegraphs another back body drop, but Trey drops to one knee and connects with a modified European uppercut!  King flies up to his feet fully and staggers backwards and Trey is back up, but he stumbles back to one knee!  Trey wastes little time, hooking King up in another collar and elbow tie up, but King will have none of it, kicking Trey in the midsection and immediately going for a double underhook! 

Other Guy:  ALIENATOR! 

King gets ready for the Alienator, but Trey blocks it!  King shakes his head and grits his teeth, turning it into a double underhook suplex!  He tries to HOIST Trey up, but Trey blocks it!  King keeps the double underhook on and it’s all Trey can think of to charge King into the turnbuckle, ramming his shoulder into King’s midsection to break the hold King has had on him! 

Other Guy:  Eryk, I have to say that while Trey is showing flashes of brilliance, Donovan King is without a doubt holding his own. 

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King has been in many, many more big matches than Trey has had.  Even though Trey’s had twice as long a career, I’d venture to say out of the two of them, King’s done all he could to make the most of his career.  Trey’s only now realized how good he could be. 

Trey stumbles away from King, who is holding himself up with the ropes in the corner.  Trey looks up to King, sweat dripping off of his chin as King sneers back at him.  Trey rushes up to his feet, but King quickly catches him and hooks him up for a vertical suplex!  He HOISTS Trey up into the air, but Trey counters and slides down King’s back!  Trey wastes no time and connects with a HARD bulldog!  The fans begin to cheer as King tries to get to his feet and Trey immediately starts putting the boots to King! 

Eryk Masters:  Trey is furious! 

Trey keeps putting the boots to King, but King is blocking them, curling into a ball on the mat.  Trey storms away, looking to the fans as they begin to applaud Trey’s tenacity.  King is slowly picking himself off of the mat and Trey walks over to lift him up.  King quickly catches Trey and hits him with a jawbreaker!  Trey staggers into the ropes and King is up on his feet.  He rushes Trey and Trey tosses himself over the ropes, flipping himself until he lands on the apron and bending the ropes down to send King FLYING over them to the floor below!  King scurries to his feet and Trey runs the apron and leaps into King’s arms, bringing him down to the ground!  The fans approve as Trey gets up and braces against the guardrail, the fans screaming in his face and Trey screaming right back! 

Other Guy:  Trey Willett’s found his groove, Eryk!  King just might be in trouble! 

Trey picks King up and whips him into the ring, King slamming against it!  Trey charges but King manages to catch Trey and SLINGS Trey into the ring!  Trey rolls to the inside of the ring as King gets up onto the ring apron!  King gets ready to get into the ring, but Trey comes at him with an attempted drop kick that he drops to his back on the ring apron to dodge!  As Trey lands, King rolls into the ring and gets to his feet, but Trey is up as well!  Trey goes to whip King to the ropes, but King wastes no time in catching Trey and planting him HARD with a Kingfall Part II!  King is back up quickly and bounces off of the ropes and hits an elbow drop to Trey’s head.  King immediately pops up and hits a rolling knee drop, rolling from Trey’s body and sprawling back over onto Trey hard enough you could call it a splash and Dennis Heflin goes to count! 




Trey powers out, but only barely.  King gets up quickly and picks Trey up…TREY HITS AN ACT OF INHUMANITY ON KING! 

Eryk Masters:  I guess those months of fighting Corazon taught Trey Willett a thing or two! 

King bounces against the ropes and Trey quickly plants his foot and CONNECTS WITH A REALITY CHECK!  King’s head SNAPS backwards and all he can do is fold into himself to the mat!  The fans are loving it as Trey pumps his fists, ready to take the fight to him like no other!  King is trying his best to get his head back in the game as Trey quickly scales the turnbuckles.  He motions to the fans and then points to King, looking to be ready to hit something big on him! 

Eryk Masters:  Could he be out to end it here and now?! 

Other Guy:  Trey Fitty! 

Trey primes himself on the top rope, but King pops up and quickly bounces against the ropes, causing Trey to wobble on the top rope!  Trey tries to hold on, and King quickly scales the ropes, hooks Trey up AND HE HITS A TOP ROPE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!  King pops up…but he crumbles back to the mat, breathing heavily.  He looks at Trey, who is not moving at this point.  King slowly crawls one step at a time over to Trey and drapes himself over Trey’s body and Dennis Heflin is there for the pin! 




King bursts out in laughter as Trey rolls to his side.  King sits up, looking over to Trey as Trey slowly begins to roll over onto his stomach.  He begins to pick himself up and King quickly dives onto him and rolls him right back up for another pin attempt! 




King moves away from Trey as Trey starts to get up to his feet.  King beckons for him to get to his feet.  Trey gets to his hands and knees again and slowly pulls himself to his feet.  He turns slowly and looks at King, who quickly attacks him with elbow strikes!  He pummels Trey, putting him against the ropes.  Trey tries to block the shots, but King stays on him.  All of a sudden, King arches back for a hard punch, and Trey kicks him in the midsection!  He hooks King’s arms up! 

Eryk Masters:  He’s going for it! 

Other Guy:  DAWN OF A NEW ERA!! 

King tries to break free, but he can’t seem to break the hold and Trey hoists him up to finish the move, but King quickly drops to one knee, blocking the execution of the move!  Trey tries for it again, but King continues to block the move!  Trey releases the hold and quickly hits a sunset flip on King! 




Trey gets up and King is quick to get up as well, locking up with Trey.  He ducks underneath and NAILS the German suplex!  He rolls through, hooks a double underhook, and he NAILS the Tiger suplex!  He rolls through and hooks Trey in a full nelson…and he NAILS the Dragon suplex! 

Eryk Masters:  Superiority Complex! 

King hoists Trey back up and hooks in a half nelson…and NAILS the half nelson suplex!  Trey is folded over!  King sprawls over him and hooks the far leg and Dennis Heflin is there! 




King glares at Trey and laughs as he picks him up.  He hooks him up in a front face lock and DRIVES him down with the Kingfall Part I!  He then grabs Trey and picks him back up once again.  He hooks Trey’s head in his hands and begins to strike him HARD in the face with SHOT after SHOT from Muay Thai kicks!  Trey looks staggered and King quickly hooks Trey up in a double underhook…ALIENATOR!  KING HITS THE ALIENATOR!! 

Eryk Masters:  He did it!  PIN HIM! 

Trey’s body is limp and out!  King slowly pulls him over to his back and hooks the far leg, the fans counting along with Dennis Heflin! 


Other Guy:  TWO!! 


Other Guy:  NO!  NO WAY! 

Trey rolls to his side instinctively to avoid another pin attempt.  King, meanwhile, grits his teeth in frustration.  He sprawls over Trey…and begins to pepper him with punches and slaps.  He keeps on punching and slapping until he gets forced off by Dennis Heflin.  He storms away from Trey and leans against the ropes, looking out at the vast sea of fans. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s gotta be wondering what the hell he can do to beat Trey Willett here tonight, OG. 

Other Guy:  He’s gone through Diamond Del Carver.  Cronos Diamante.  Dan Stein.  NONE of them have shown even HALF the resiliency Trey Willett has shown tonight! 

Eryk Masters:  But, and let’s be honest here, Trey Willett has gone through Isaac Entragian, Azraith DeMitri, and Adrian Corazon to get here tonight.  And let’s be honest, Donovan King is a whole different beast from the hardcore icons DeMitri, Corazon, and Entragian have carved out for themselves in their careers. 

The fans begin to cheer LOUDLY as King looks out at them.  Slowly, he turns his head and over his shoulder he sees…A GROGGY BUT VERY FURIOUS TREY WILLETT.  Trey SCREAMS for him to come and get him, the fans ERUPTING at this.  King sighs and turns to face Trey, but Trey RUSHES at him with HARD elbows and punches!  King tries hard to dodge and attacks, but to no avail!  King is suddenly on the defensive!  Trey whips King to the ropes and he drops down to the mat as King comes back.  He goes to leapfrog AND KING HITS A SPINEBUSTER!!  King QUICKLY hooks up a Texas Cloverleaf but instead of turning it all the way over, he DEADLIFTS Trey up…and DRIVES HIM TO THE MAT. 

Eryk Masters:  KINGFALL PART III! 

King glares down at Trey and he goes for another pin!  Dennis Heflin is there! 







Other Guy:  NO.  COME ON! 

King leans back on his knees as Trey slowly begins to roll back to his side.  King rolls him BACK to his back and goes for another pin attempt! 




King picks Trey’s head up and DRIVES it back into the mat!  He hooks the leg AGAIN and goes for a pin! 




King picks Trey’s head up and DRIVES it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN INTO THE MAT!  King stands up and he picks Trey up and he hooks Trey up in a double underhook…DAWN OF A NEW ERA! 


King rolls Trey BACK up and hooks the far leg! 




King pounds his fist to the mat in sheer frustration.  He picks Trey up once again…DEALBREAKER!  DEALBREAKER!  TREY JUST HIT A DESPERATION DEALBREAKER ON DONOVAN KING!! 


King cradles his head as Trey is OUT beside him!  Dennis Heflin looks at the two of them and can not help it…he begins the mandatory ten count! 


Other Guy:  This can’t end in a double KO…can it? 





Eryk Masters:  GET UP! 


Slowly, Trey uses all of his strength to drape an arm over King and Dennis Heflin stops his count to count the pin fall! 




Other Guy:  It’s NOT gonna be that easy! 

King is STILL on his back as Trey slowly begins to pick himself up off of the mat!  The fans are SCREAMING for their heroes here tonight! 





Trey is UP!  He flops against the turnbuckle as King is STILL down!  Trey looks up…AND HE STARTS TO CLIMB! 


Trey gets to the middle rope and looks back to King, who is in PERFECT position!  He climbs ALL the way to the top rope!  He turns around and King is UP! 


King RUSHES at Trey and gets up on the top rope!  He turns around and HE’S GOING FOR A TOP ROPE DEALBREAKER! 



Eryk Masters:  Trey…MISSED…the Trey50! 


Other Guy:  Game.  Set.  MATCH. 

King keeps the hold locked in TIGHT as Trey keeps fighting to break it!  Dennis Heflin is there, asking him fervently if he is quitting!  He SCREAMS NO!  He tries to free his arm, but King is having NONE of that!  Trey calls out in pain, and his arm is UP for the submission! 


King arches back HARD, WRENCHING BACK on Trey’s HEAD.  Trey reaches out for the ropes ONE LAST TIME…AND HIS HAND FALLS. 

Other Guy:  There is NO shame, Trey!  You’ve done SO good!  Isaac, Azraith, Corazon, that is VERY respectable! 

Eryk Masters:  Dennis Heflin’s gonna give him a three count to determine if he is done or not! 

Dennis Heflin grabs the limp hand and lifts it up…and it FALLS. 


Heflin looks at King, who arches back HARDER.  He lifts the hand up once again…and it FALLS. 


King arches back ONCE AGAIN.  Dennis Heflin slowly reaches down and takes Trey’s arm and lifts it UP… 


Eryk Masters:  TREY ISN’T DEAD YET! 

Trey reaches out valiantly…  AND HE GETS THE BOTTOM ROPE!  King releases the hold IMMEDIATELY, his hands on his hips as he walks away from Trey Willett.  He looks up at the lights as Trey… STARTS… TO GET UP.  King jerks him the rest of the way up and goes for arm drag him BACK to the mat and starts scrambling to lock in the Carolina Crossface again, but Trey hooks his legs around the bottom rope!  He releases the attempted Carolina Crossface and picks Trey back up.  He whips Trey into the ropes and catches him and tosses him UP into the air…HE ARM DRAGS TREY DOWN OUT OF MID AIR AND LOCKS IN THE PERFECT CAROLINA CROSSFACE!! 


King grits his teeth and wrenches in HARD.  He leans forward one final time and Trey is in the middle of the ring…alone!  King locks the hold in deeper!  Trey looks around, trying to ignore the pain emanating from the most dangerous submission in professional wrestling!  Trey SLOWLY hooks his captured arm around the bottom leg of King’s.  He reaches over with his free hand and hooks the two hands together while King continues to sink the hold in deeper! 


Trey looks up to the skylights and WITH ALL HIS MIGHT ROLLS KING ONTO HIS BACK, THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE STILL ATTACHED!  Trey bridges his legs and back PERFECTLY! 




Eryk Masters:  IT’S OVER!  IT’S OVER!  IT’S OVER!!! 


Trey rolls away and King stares at him…SHOCKED.  Trey is on his knees, clutching his face, the fans ERUPTING into cheers as “Carry On Wayward Son” kicks in.  The camera catches Trey, his face in the mat, visibly emotional while we see King on his knees on the side of him, staring at him…STUNNED. 

Other Guy:  WOW…Trey Willett is now the 2011…MASTER OF THE MAT. 

Dennis Heflin lifts Trey’s arm up, the fans popping HUGE for him.  Trey is standing and he falls against the ropes, obviously sore, obviously tired.  Heflin goes over and checks on King, who is still stunned. 

Eryk Masters:  He wasn’t able to take King out with his finisher, he withstood King’s visceral assault…and now Trey Willett is going on to Reckoning Day to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship! 

Trey looks over to King, who is now up, his hands on his hips.  Trey staggers over to the middle of the ring, facing King.  Slowly, he extends his hand to King.  King stands there, staring at the hand and then to the fans, who are cheering even harder. 

Other Guy:  Shake his hand, Donovan! 

King shakes his head and grabs a hold of Trey’s hand, yanking Trey in and the two embrace!  He whispers into Trey’s ear something and Trey laughs.  King breaks the embrace and holds Trey’s arm up for the fans to see!  He releases Trey’s arm and rolls from the ring, his hands back on his hips and his head down slightly. 

Eryk Masters:  Trey Willett has overcome so much…he’s been overlooked and underrated and now…NOW…Trey Willett can add his name to the likes of Christopher Davis or OutKast or Chris Lee!  Trey Willett is only one step away from being able to call himself the World…Heavyweight…Champion! 

Tickertape begins to fall from the rafters as Trey holds his fists up to the sky.  “Carry On Wayward Son” continues to play as we see signs with Trey’s face on them.  One proclaims him as Master of the Mat, while another says he is “NEXT WORLD CHAMP”.  He stands there, the silver, red, and black tickertape falling around him as THE REAL DEAL, OUTKAST, JASON JOHNSON, and several other road agents and referees come out on the stage.  Donovan King returns, as do the Bad Ass Brotherhood as well as some of the other Soldiers as they begin to clap and applaud for Trey.  He looks at them and points to them, his eyes filled with emotion. 

Trey Willett is the 2011 SHOOT Project Master of the Mat.