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Master of the Mat: Day 2

A black and white shot of a cracked dust covered road that runs along a Las Vegas desert. The opening guitar of Metallica’s "Welcome Home" An old time ambulance with chugs by kicking up dust, followed by a second, and a third.  They drive to the shady outskirts of Vegas.  To what appears to be a hospital, but as we near we notice bars on the window.  The cracked paint flakes off a wither sign is askew reading "Sanitarium".  They pull into driveway.  The driver of the first Ambulance jumps out in white scrubs goes to the back and throws open the doors of the van.  The back is empty.  He turns to the doors of the asylum and the doors open and we see a line the Asylum’s inhabitants waiting in a line to pile into this ambulance.  We see a giant white monster of a man being rolled out in a straight jacket, and a Hanibal Lecter mask, through it we see a vicious grin.  As we hear James Hetfield’s vocals and fade from the white monster’s sick grin to… 

"Welcome to where time stands still

no one leaves and no one will" 

The SHOOT crew inside the Epicenter working feverishly at setting up the ring for Master of the Mat. 

"Moon is full, never seems to change

just labeled mentally deranged" 

Its dusk, with the full moon hanging low over the desert.  We see the last "patient" step into the last ambulance.  The door is slammed shut as the fleet of vehicles start up and begin to pull away. 

"Dream the same thing every night

I see our freedom in my sight" 

We’re back inside the SHOOT Epicenter.  The only light comes from two spot lights slicing through the dark and landing on the Master of the Mat ring. 

"No locked doors, No windows barred

No things to make my brain seem scarred" 

Back at the Sanitarium, a man in an eye patch looks out his barred window.  His eye lights up as he sees the fleet of ambulances pull up. 

"Sleep my friend and you will see

that dream is my reality" 

A close up of a hand holding up the SHOOT Project World Title.   

"They keep me locked up in this cage

can’t they see it’s why my brain says Rage" 

We’re backstage a silhouette of a huge man bounces with aggression coursing through his veins. 

"Sanitarium, leave me be

Sanitarium, just leave me alone" 

Somewhere in a dark corner of the Epicenter a woman takes a moment to herself focusing, settling, and preparing mentally for the task at hand. 

"Build my fear of what’s out there

and cannot breathe the open air" 

The silhouette flies through the curtain.  He is swallowed in bright lights and flashbulbs. 

"Whisper things into my brain

assuring me that I’m insane" 

A trio huddles up.     

"They think our heads are in their hands

but violent use brings violent plans" 

We see a fist crash into  a face.  A chair crashes into a skull. 

"Keep him tied, it makes him well

he’s getting better, can’t you tell?" 

A shot from above of a body sprawled on the mat, a puddle of blood forming under his head.  He slowly pushes himself up off the mat. 

"No more can they keep us in

Listen,we will win" 

The giant man from the open is wheeled into the Epicenter.  An aid slowly begins to unshackle him, and free the straight jacket. 

"They see it right, they see it well

but they think this saves us from our well!" 

A shot of a live crowd inside the Epicenter.  The people are on their feet fists in the air.  Excitement etched on their face. 

"Sanitarium, leave me be" 

A shot of the now empty Asylum.   

"Sanitarium, just leave me alone" 

A shot of the Master of the Mat Ring that is inside waiting for its "inmates".   

"Sanitarium, just leave me alone" 

A final shot outside the Epicenter with the marquee touting the return of SHOOT for Master of the Mat.  The music fades away as the fleet of ambulances start their engines and pull off into the Las Vegas night. 



The camera fades in, and we see Lunatikk Crippler, dressed in the same clothes as the last we saw him. The fans are giving him a mixed reaction, due to his actions last night during Day 1. The Crippler’s white t-shirt and his hands are both stained with the blood of Jack Reed after the vicious assault Crippler gave him. This is a more somber and calm Lunatikk Crippler than what we say yesterday, and he raises a microphone to his lips and begin to speak.

Lunatikk Crippler: Last night, I committed an assault on a man whom I have known for years.

The crowd renews the mix of cheers and boos. The fans don’t agree with what The Crippler did, but some are still supporting him none the less.

Crippler: Last night, Jack Reed decided he wanted to pick a fight with me, and no matter how he tried to make me respond, I tried to turn the other cheek. I allowed him to slap me. And again. And again. And yet again.

The Crippler pauses, as if it was difficult to say what he is saying. Or perhaps it’s hard for him to recollect what he did.

Crippler: I didn’t want to fight Jack, and I told him so. My focus was what it is tonight, on the Sin City Championship Series finals, and fighting for the Sin City Championship. Last night, to put it bluntly, I snapped.

The crowd again voices their opinons, though it seems now there are more boos scattered in there. The Crippler nods in acknowledgement.

Crippler: In all the years I have been in this business, I’d be lying if I said I never hurt another wrestler in the ring. I’d also be lying if I said I have never been hurt in the ring myself. It comes with the territory, doing what we do. But let me first say that it is a risk that we are all willing to take for each and every one of you fans here in attendance, and watching us at home.

The cheap pop works for a moment, as the fans cheer in appreciation of Crippler’s words.

Crippler: Last night, simply put, I went to far. I am not out here tonight because I was asked to be, or even because I was forced to be. I severely regret my actions from yesterday, and I owe you all, and especially Jack Reed, a huge apology.

The fans politely applaud The Crippler, and for the first time tonight, Lunatikk Crippler cracks a small smile, looking out to the crowd. It quickly goes away as he continues on.

Crippler: Jack Reed, no matter what he was thinking, did not deserve what I did to him last night. He does not deserve the pain that I inflicted on him in my moment of rage, and for everything I put him through yesterday, and everything he is continuing to go through….I apologize.

The Crippler again receives polite applause from the crowd in the SHOOT Project Epicenter. He raises his hand in the air, in order to silence the crowd so he can continue.

Crippler: And I apologize to the SHOOT Project faithful, for putting one of your stars, your wrestlers, on the shelf indefinately. I apologize for showing you a side of me that I never wanted to see again.

The crowd applauds again, this time, it is much louder. The Crippler smiles again, a single tear rolling down his cheek in the emotion of the moment, the SHOOT Project fans willing to forgive him as it seems.

Crippler: As for tonight, I will be allowed to compete for the Sin City Championship this evening.

The crowd pops, as the Triple Threat is still on for this evening.

Crippler: I don’t deserve the opportunity, but I will make the most of it, and I will make the most of it for each and every one of you. Thank you very much.

The Crippler places the microphone in the center of the ring, and raises his hands in the air, in acknowledgement of the fans, who salute him with cheers. No music plays as Crippler removes himself from the ring, heading back through the curtain. The crowd continues to cheer as with that, the show is ready to get underway.


Samantha Coil: The following match is the Lucky Seven match for the Rule of Surrender Championship. After the first two, a wrestler will enter every five minutes. A wrestler can be eliminated by any means until there are two left, and then the finals must be won by submission. 

Entering first from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, weighing in at 175 pounds, LAURA SETON!!!!!!!! 

"Whatever Gets You Through Today (Remix)" by The Radio hits the Public Address System and fans cheer as Ms. Milk & Cookies herself makes her way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope and going to her corner to await her opponent. 

Samantha Coil: Entering second from Cedar Rapids, Iowa at 215 pounds, DAN STEIN!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It hits the speakers as Stein shuffles his way to the ring with a smirk on his faces as the fans boo him. His protective face mask can seen sticking out the side of his tights. He ignores the fans as he climbs into the ring. He goes to his corner as Samantha gets out of the ring, and the ref inspects them both for foriegn objects. The ref goes to check the mask and Stein steps back and screams about it being medically approved. The ref calls both wrestlers to the center of the ring and calls for the bell, as he does this a five minute timer appears in the corner and starts counting down. 

Eryk Masters: Seton and Stein pulled the unlucky numbers of one and two in this lucky seven. if they are going to win they are going to have toMake it at least 25 minutes but maybe even longer. 

Other Guy: I heard a rumor in the back that Dan Stein asked to enter first to prove that he is better than everyone else, which he obviously is. 

Laura goes to lock up but Stein doesn’t leave his corner telling the ref to hold her back. He then puts his right leg on the middle turnbuckle stretching his leg, he then lifts his arms up and then to the left and the right. 

The ref tells Stein to come to the center of the ring and get things started, but Stein just holds a finger up gesturing one moment. 

Eryk Masters: The clock is running and Stein is killing time, possibly he knows who drew number three and is hoping to get an advantage on Stein, though if he was smart he’d try and dispatch of Laura quickly before the next entrant coems out and he could get a short breather. 

Other Guy: Stein is stretching. it is important to exercise before sports activities so you don’t get a cramp, you don’t want our next Rule of surrender Champion to get a cramp and cost him what he deserves. 

Stein lifts his right leg up onto the middle turnbuckle now and reaches for his toes, Laura gets tired of waiting and rushes at  Stein grabbing himby the neck  and pulling him back then throwing him face first into the top turnbuckle. Stein grabs his face as he hadn’t put on his protective mask yet. 

Other Guy: That should be a disqualification. laura attacked Steins face before he could put on his protective mask. 

Eryk Masters: If Stein would of done his stretches in the back before the match and put the mask on at the begining instead of stalling he wouldn’t of had that problem. 

Stein bails to the outside gently checking his nose to see if it’s broken. He yells at the ref to disqualify Laura, but the ref just tells her to step back as he starts to administer a 10 count. 




Stein paces outside the ring holding his face. 




Stein pulls his protective mask out of his tights and puts it on adjusting it to make sure it’s perfect. 


Stein grabs the middle rope and pulls himself up onto the apron and the ref stops the count. Laura steps forwards and Stein hops back down to the floor as the corwd boos loudly and the ref restarts his count. 





Laura gets tired of waiting and quickly slides out of the ring and grabs Stein byt the back of his tights and tosses him into the ring and follows in behind him as the crowd cheers. As Stein gets to his feet  Laura delivers a leaping clothesline sending him back to the mat. She pulls him up and goes for a snap suplex, but Stein blocks and reverses it delivering a suplex of his own. 

Eryk Masters: With one minute and counting on the clock Laura finally gets Stein in the ring, but Stein seems to have taken the advantage. 

Other Guy: The big question now is who holds the lucky number three. 

Stein grabs Seton by the leg and drags her to the center of the ring and delivers a stiff kick to her thigh before rolling her over into a one legged Boston crab. Laura tries to fight it and reaches towards the bottom rope but can’t quite reach. She tries to pull her self towards the rope as the timer gets to 10 and the crowd counts it down. Laura uses her arms to pull herself towards the ropes and is able to reach the bottom rope just as a buzzer sounds and "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ by Cage The Elephant starts to play. Thomas Manchester Black runs towards the ring as the ref makes Stein break the hold.  

TMB slides into the ring and immediately takes the fight to Stein sending a series of rights to his jaw and then goes to whip Stein into the ropes but immediately pulls him back and levels him with a short arm clothesline. Laura pulls herself to a neutral corner to recover as TMB gets behind Stein and grabs around the waist and delivers a german suplex with out letting go rolling back to his feet and hitting a second german suplex. Still not letting go TMB rolls through and is about to go for a third suplex when Laura runs out of the corner hitting superkick to Stein as Black lifts him causing TMB to lose his grip and both men fall to the mat.  Laura immediately goes for the cover on Stein 



Kick out 

Eryk Masters: Our first pinfall attempt of the night as Stein kicks out of a pin attempt, things are just going to get more fast paced as more wrestlers enter. We have three minutes before our next entrant. 

Other Guy: Seton with a cheap shot on Stein who was trying to fend off the attack of Thomas Black, and she says she has morals. 

As Laura returns to her feet TMB throws a series of kicks to her legs and knees while Laura does her best to block.  Laura catches his leg and TMB goes for a enziguri but Laura ducks and he crashes to the mat. Stein runs and jumps up onto the middle of the middle rope and does a lionsault onto TMB. He is about to go for a pin, but Laura pulls him to his feet delivers a stiff european uppercut before flipping him over with a snap mare and then grabbing his head and flipping over him causing his head to snap back. As she lands on her ass TMB jumps up and sends both feet into her chest. 

TMB drops and elbow into the center of Laura’s back as the timer hits the ten second mark and the crowd starts to count down again. TMB pays no attention to it as he drops a knee into Laura’s back and follows it up with another elbow as the buzzer sounds. 

"Cut Out The Disease" by Saxon plays and Mason Pierce runs down the aisle and right into the action. Mason slides under the bottom rope and is immediately to his feet as he singles out Dan Stein who turns around just as Pierce launches at him taking him off his feet with a Lou Thez press and starts delivering a series of mounted punches. Stein is able to shift his weight and roll Pierce off over and get the advantage. Stein delivers a viscous headbutt to Pierce before standing up. 

Eryk Masters: Stein using that mask to his advantage again. 

Other Guy: Stein as just defending himself with a perfectly legal headbutt, and he is medically authorized to wear that protective mask. 

Pierce gets to his feet and starts exchanging blows with Stein. Stein gets thrown into the ropes and Pierce knocks him off his feet with a double axe handle to the chest.  Mason goes to follow up, but Stein takes him down with a drop toe hold and nips up to his feet.  Stein takes a a few steps back and delivers a baseball slide kick to Mason’s jaw sending him thrown the bottom and middle rope to the floor. 

Stein plays up to the crowd and they boo as Pierce tries to regain his senses on the floor. Behind Stein, Laura does a split and send s a right hook into TMB’s jaw sending him into the corner turnbuckles.  Stein catches Laura by surprise when he grabs her arm and whips her towards TMB, but she uses the momentum to jump up and hit a high knee to Thomas’s face before following up with a bulldog. Stein then turns to see Pierce getting to his feet and going to climb back into the ring, but Stein runs and dives between the middle and top rope tackling Pierce off the apron and into the guard rail. 

On the other side of the ring TMB pulls Laura up and whips her into the ropes, as she rebounds he goes for a clothesline, but she ducks behind him and locks in a full nelson. 

Eryk Masters: COOKIE CUTTER! 

Laura hits the full nelson facebuster and rolls it up intoa pin hooking the leg. 




Samantha Coil: Thomas Manchester Black has been eliminated. 

TMB starts to argue with the ref, but is told he has to leave and relunctantly does so. 

Eryk Masters: We have our first elimination of the match and we are abck down to three participants with two wrestlers left to enter. 

Other Guy: Not to mention the defending champ Cronos hasn’t entered yet. 

On the outside the second ref at ringside checks on Stein and Pierce. Stein SHakes the cobwebs loose and pulls Pierce up and rolls him into the ring. Laura doesn’t waste any time pulling Pierce to his feet and goes to attack, but Mason instinctively sends an elbow into her gut and follows it up with a sping back fist to to the face. Mason takes a second to catch his breath as the timer hits the one minute mark. Stein enters the ring and goes right after Mason again this time spinning him around and going for a DDT, but Mason pushes him back into the corner and the ref tells Stein to let go of the headlock. Stein does and Pierce immediately rams his shoulder into his gut he steps back and does it a second time before lifting Stein up onto the top rope as the crowd starts to countdown again, eagerly awaiting wrestler number five. 

Mason pulls Stein up for a superplex but before he can execute the move Laura slides under neath him pulling him off the turnbuckle hitting a powerbomb maneuver as Pierce superplexes Stein both hiting the mat with a loud thud as the buzzer sounds 

Eryk Masters: Laura Seton just went all She-Hulk on Stein and Pierce. For her size she has some muscle. 

She Will Sing, Til Everything Burns While Everyone Screams Burning In Their Lies Burning My Dreams 

The lights dim down for a moment and the video wall springs to life showing various images of SHOOT Project competitors each image being burned away in sequence as if someone was burning a stack of photos. 

As Everything Burns continues to play the arena explodes into boos as Tanya Black emerges out of the back, her hand hanging down solemnly until she gets to the end of the ramp at which point she looks up at the ring and grins like a cat sizing up it’s prey. Standing at ringside Tanya watches as her song dies down the last words echoing through the arena 

All of this hate

And all of this pain

I’ll burn it all down

As my anger reigns

Till everything burns  

With that Tanya slides into the ring with a surprising burst of speed given her slow walk to the ring catching those in the ring off-guard. 

Other Guy: Speaking of She-Hulk our fifthe entrant is is Tanya Black which means the champ has gotten lucky in drawing the final spot. It also seems FLASH Dynamite has followed Tanya to ring side. 

Tanya immediately blind sides Laura hitting her from behind with a double axe handle then throwing her into the turnbuckles. Tanya runs and hits a big splash on Laura then tosses her into the center of the ring where Mason has just gotten to his feet holding his back, but is happy to pick up the scraps delivering a quick snap suplex. Pierce grabs his back even though Laura took a majority of the damage. Tanya looks to attack the wounded Pierce, but is caught by a dropkick from Dan Stein who quickly gets back to his feet and whips Tanya into the ropes and levels her with a roundhouse kick. 

Eryk Masters: This is starting to look like a car wreck and we still have the current champ entering in four minutes. 

Other Guy: Cronos may only have to clean up the scraps by the time he gets out here. 

Pierce gets to his feet and reaches for Tanya at the same time as Stein. They decide to momentarily work together as they pull Tanya up for a double suplex where they slam her down on top of Laura. Pierce then turns around and smashes an elbow into the face of Stein knocking his mask off. Stein reaches for the mask but Mason steps on his hand. Stein screams out in pain, but Mason is soon knocked out of the way as Tanya sends a knee into his back sending him into the ropes. Tanya spins Mason around and ties his arms up in the ropes and starts sending kicks into his ribs. Laura slowly gets up as Stein also gets to his feet and is about to put his mask on when he turns around goes to hit Tanya with it, but she sees him coming out the corner of her eye and moves out of the way and he hits Pierce. 

Tanya grabs Steins by the neck and monkey flips him across the ring. Stein grimaces in pain, but doesn’t let go of his mask and returns it to his face and adjusts it slightly for maximum protection.  The ref sets Pierce free from the ropes and he is immediately met by Laura who takes him down with a drop toe hold and goes to follow it up with a leg drop, but Mason some how summons the energy to roll out of the way. 

Eryk Masters: We are only 30 seconds away from the entrance of our final participant. 

Tanaya again attacks from behind, this time taking Pierce off his feet with a chop block. Tanya kicks at the leg of Pierce as the fnas countdown from 10 the final time. The buzzer sounds and "Devil’s Dime" by Black Label Society plays as the defending champ steps out form behind the curtain and makes his way to ringside. He hands the Rule of Surrender championship to the time keeper and climbs the steps and gets in the ring just as Tanya pulls Pierce to his feet. Pierce pushes Tanya away gives her a good old fashioned thumb to the eye which the ref warns him if he does agian he will be disqualified. Cronos is about to go after Mason when Stein sneaks up behind him and kicks his right leg out from under him with a solid kick to the back of the knee. Cronos attempts to get back to his feet, but Stein repeats the attack on the knee, before it can be done a third time Cronos rolls to the outside. Tanya rolls out of the ring following Cronos and FLASH Dynamite makes his way to that side of the ring to investigate. In the ring Stein turns around and is leveled by a massive clothesline from Mason Pierce. Laura who had been catching her breath watching everyone else go at now jumps off the top rope dleivering a leg drop to Stein. She goes for the pin. 



Kick out 

Laura shakes her head and is met by a boot to the face by Mason. On the outside Tanya is sneaking up on Cronos who is nursing his knee, she goes for a sneak attack, but he hears her and spins around sending his fist right into her throat. She immediately collapses to the floor grabbing her throat. Cronos is about to follow up when FLASH steps over Tanya’s body to defend her, unfortunately he ends up getting tossed into the front row by Cronos who then reaches down and massages his knee for a moment before grabbing Tanya and tossing her under the bottom rope back into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Holy mother of Gandhi! Cronos may have crushed Tanya’s windpipe. 

Other Guy: There is a reason that guy is champ. 

Cronos slides into the ring and immediately follows up by pulling Tanya to her feet and hitting a fisherman buster, and the ref drops to make the count. 




Samantha Coil: Tanya Black has been eliminated. 

Tanya rolls out of the ring and tries to argue with the ref, but has trouble speaking. She holds her neck as FLASH Dynamite helps her to the back. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos focused on Tanya’s neck following up that throat punch with a devastating fisherman buster to prove why he’s the champ. 

Other Guy: As if there was ever any doubt. 

Cronos immediately gets up and goes after Stein, but he is ready for him and sends a dropkick to Cronos’s knee. Continuing to work the leg Stein locks in a figure four on Cronos, but luckily the defending champ is near the ropes and is able to get a rope break before to much more damage can be done. 

Laura gets to her feet and takes a swing at Mason, but he catches her arm and spins around behind her locking in a chickenwing. Laura tries to fight out of it, but Mason kicks her in the back of the knee and locks in a body scissors with the chickenwing in the center of the ring. Laura screams out in agony reaching for the ropes, but has no choice, but to tap out. 

Samantha Coil: Laura Seton has been eliminated. 

Laura rolls to the sid eof the ring with one hand on her neck and one holding her back and after a few moments slowly makes her way to the back. 

Eryk Masters: We are down to the final three, Stein, Pierce, and defending champ Cronos. 

Other Guy: Don’t forget Stein has been in this thing since the beginning. 

After Cronos gets the ropes and ref calls for Stein to break the hold, but before he can get completely untangled Mason starts stomping on the ankle of Stein. Cronos pulls himself up using the ring ropes. Mason grabs Stein’s ankle, but Stein kicks him in the face with his free leg. Mason is spun around and eats a boot to the face from Cronos that sends him through the ropes to the outside, unfortunately he delivers the kick with his good leg putting all his weight on his weakened knee and he collapses to the mat. Cronos tries not to show the pain in his leg and starts to get back up. Stein delivers a knee to the face of Cronos and goes for a second one, but Cronos blocks it and punches Stein in the gut, Cronos follows it up with a DDT and goes for a cover. 



kick out 

Stein pulls himself up to his feet slowly, Cronos goes for a snapmare take down, but Stein fights it and is able to lock in a north/south choke. Cronos fights it and the ref asks him if he wants to giv eup, but he says no and continues to fight inching towards the rope and is able to hook his foot on the bottom rope. The ref tells Stein to break the hold and again as he is about to Pierce does it for him when he jumps off the top rope with a double stomp to Cronos gut. 

Eryk Masters: Mason returns to the ring in a big way as he hits that high risk move on the champ. 

Other Guy: This is still anybodies game, but how much longer can they go? 

While the ref checks on Cronos Stein takes the opportunity to hit a low blow on Pierce. Stein pulls Mason in and goes for a swinging neckbreaker , but as he swings Mason spins out of the move spinning Stein around hitting him with a sidewalk slam. Mason grabs Steins leg and rolls him over locking in an ankle lock. Stein screams out and crawls towards the ropes and shakes his head no when asked if he gives up. he is only inches away from the ropes when Mason stands up and pulls him abck to the middle of the ring and locks in a leg grapevine with ankle lock twisting it as hard as he can until Stein has no choice, but to tap out. 

Samantha Coil: Dan Stein has been eliminated. 

Stein limps his way to the back as Cronos and Mason both get to their feet. 

Eryk Masters: It’s down to the final two. Defending Rule of Surrender Champion and up and coming superstar Mason Pierce. I think a lot of people saw this match-up all week long and I, for one, am excited. 

Other Guy: Cronos has years of submission expertise on Mason Pierce but the young challenger is showing absolutely no fear for the champion. 

Mason is standing in the middle of the ring, staring at Cronos who is leaning up against the turnbuckle. Cronos takes two steps out from the corner and extends his fist. Mason smirks at this and pounds his fist against Cronos. This seems to act like a gun having gone off as the two immediately begin circling in the ring. 

Eryk Masters: A show of respect between the two competitors here with the fist bump. I think they both… wow that was a forceful strike! 

Other Guy: You can say that again. Cronos kneed Mason so hard in the gut, he’s on the mat gasping for air. 

Cronos wastes no time after taking down Mason as he drops an elbow to the back of his neck. Mason falls face first to the mat and clutches at his neck, kicking the mat trying to shake the pain. Cronos quickly steps over Mason and hooks one arm, going for the Ne-Han. 

Other Guy: Cronos is already trying to end this match. He doesn’t want to prolong this match a second longer. He’s already admitted to the world, Mason is dangerous. 

Eryk Masters: He is definitely proving that by wanting to eliminate him now. He almost has that second arm hooked now. No! That was wicked. 

Mason Pierce flings his head back as hard as he can and catches Cronos on the nose with the back of his head. Cronos flies back into the ropes and brings a hand up to his nose, feeling the blood begin to flow. Mason rolls to the other side of the ring, stands up and admires his handy work. Mason grins at Cronos and motions for him to "come and get some." 

Cronos simply nods then explodes forward with a mafia kick. Mason barely evades and answers with an elbow to Cronos’ already bleeding nose. Cronos is rocked backward and a patch of blood makes it to Mason’s chest. Mason wipes the blood on his chest so as to say "Your blood is on my hands, Champ." Cronos explodes forward again with an uncharacteristic haymaker but Mason blocks it and fires yet another elbow into Cronos’ nose sending him forcefully into the ropes. 

Eryk Masters: Mason seems to have Cronos’ number right now. He’s bloodied the champ pretty good and is taking it to him. 

As Cronos rebounds off the ropes, Mason throws yet another elbow at Cronos nose. This time Cronos steps forward and to the right and avoids Mason’s attack. Cronos grabs Mason’s forearm with his right hand and yanks downward while driving an elbow into his gut. Mason attempts to grab Cronos’ hand but the veteran simply yanks down even harder on the arm and Mason is brought down to one knee. He then sends a kick to Mason’s kidney and finally yanks down even harder but this time falling to the mat as he does. 

Other Guy: Cronos has not yet let go of that arm. He’s sprawled across Mason’s shoulders with the arm trapped underneath the weight of his body. No doubt trying to weaken the arm for the Ne-Han. 

Eryk Masters: What is he doing now? I don’t believe I’ve seen this before. 

Cronos grabs Mason’s free arm and pulls back hard until Mason is on his side. Cronos quickly springs to his feet and wraps his right leg around Mason’s head while he plants his left knee into his side and continues to pull back against the free arm. 

Eryk Masters: This looks like some kind of modified version of the Rings of Saturn. The only difference is he’s almost choking Mason with the backside of his knee and the leg is holding that trapped arm in place. This is a very strange submission move. 

A muffled agonizing yell can be heard as Cronos wrenches back against the arm and drives his left knee into Mason’s kidney. Referee Austin Linam checks on Mason not only to see if he’ll submit but to determine if Cronos’ move is illegally choking his challenger. Mason shakes his head no and begins digging his chin into the side of Cronos’ knee. 

Other Guy: That is one wicked submission move. Mason has absolutely nowhere to go right now. I don’t see how he’s getting out of this. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know either, OG. But Cronos is grimacing from Mason digging his chin into his knee. Cronos might be forced to break the hold if his knee can’t hold up. Don’t forget that earlier in the match, Cronos took a shot to the knee from Dan Stein that hurt him pretty bad and it seems like Mason hasn’t forgotten that. 

Mason begins moving his head in a circular motion, grinding against the weakened knee. Cronos holds on as tight as he can to Mason’s arm but his grip begins to fail and as soon as it does, Mason slams his arm to the mat and rolls around then slams an open fist into the back of Cronos’ head. Cronos falls forward against the ropes and Mason slides to the outside. He shakes both his arms, trying to get the feeling back in both of them. 

Eryk Masters: That left arm that was trapped is dislocated at the shoulder. Mason is going to have real trouble fighting off Cronos now. 

Other Guy: You spoke too soon, Eryk. It appears he may have some trouble but after that… no. 

Mason stares up at an impressed Cronos Diamante after having rammed his shoulder into the ring post to relocate the shoulder. Cronos once crowding the ropes now steps back to let Mason in the ring. 

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what it is with Cronos lately but he’s showing his opponents a great deal of respect. He shook King’s hand after his elimination from the Master of the Mat tournament and he’s now allowing Pierce to enter the ring. 

Other Guy: I’d have to say that is very uncharacteristic of the man we know as the Devil but I don’t think he wants to win this match by any means of cheating. If that’s because he respects Mason Pierce or believes it will dishonor the championship he holds is unknown but I think its a combination of both. 

As soon as Mason enters the ring, Cronos charges forward and Mason quickly circles to the left to avoid him. Instead of waiting for Cronos to charge in again, Mason quickly steps forward and knees Cronos in the gut. As Cronos falls forward, Mason drops the champion with a DDT.  

He rolls Cronos on his back and mounts him then sends a barrage of elbows down on the champ. Cronos takes two good shots in the side of the head at the beginning but manages to cover up and block the remaining elbows but Mason won’t stop firing them, hoping to weaken his guard and his arms. Cronos drops his guard completely and takes an elbow to the chin but as soon as Mason’s elbow passes to the mat, Cronos begins to lock in a triangle choke. 

Eryk Masters: Mason will have none of that! He escaped that rather mastefully and has now somehow managed to apply a knee lock on Cronos’ weakened right knee. 

Other Guy: Too bad Cronos was so close to the ropes he only had to reach up and grab them. 

Cronos and Mason are up on their feet at the same time and firing right hands at each other. Both men connect with their respective punches and rock one another backward into their respective corners. As Mason comes out of his corner, Cronos charges in and lifts him up in the air then takes him down hard. Cronos attempts the mount but Mason powers through and pulls Cronos down to lock in a triangle choke of his own. Cronos rolls to his back to escape the triangle choke and is surprised to find himself now at the mercy of a rear naked choke. 

Other Guy: Cronos is locked pretty tight in that rear naked choke and he has no access to the ropes right now. Mason looks like a man possessed, not willing to let Cronos wiggle out of it. 

Austin Linam checks in on Cronos. He receives a "Get the fuck out of here Linam!" for his troubles. Cronos sends an elbow into Mason’s kidney, the same one he’s been working over all match. Mason’s group loosens a little bit but not enough for him to break. It is; however, enough for Cronos to wrap a leg around the ropes. Mason curses but breaks immediately. Both men get to their feet and look absolutely exhausted at this point.  

Eryk Masters: Mason and Cronos are battling not only each other right now, but they’re fighting just to stay on their feet. Both men are severely fatigued. 

Other Guy: Pierce and Cronos have been fighting each other tooth and nail ever since they became the final survivors in this grueling marathon, Eryk. It’s no surprise they’re worn out. 

Cronos throws a stiff right hand at Pierce and connects but it is returned right away with one of Pierce’s own. Cronos connects with a Yakuza kick now and sends the challenger into the ropes. Mason rebounds off the ropes with an elbow to the ribcage. Cronos doubles over and is immediately hammered with a vicious double axehandle across his neck that sends him to the mat. Cronos begins to roll over but he is stopped dead in his tracks as Mason drops down onto Cronos’ shoulders and hits the champion with a right and left into the respective kidneys. 

Eryk Masters: This doesn’t look good for the champion. Mason is… oh my god… MANCHESTER NECKTIE! This could be the end of Cronos’ reign as Rule of Surrender Champion. 

Other Guy: Nobody has managed to get out of that  hold yet. Could Cronos be the first? 

Austin Linam checks in on Cronos who refuses to give up. He stays kneeled in front of the fading Cronos. Pierce cranks back harder with his vicious hold. 

Eryk Masters: How can Cronos stand the excruciating pressure on his back and neck? 

Other Guy: He’s a champion. What do you expect? I don’t think… 

Linam calls for the bell as Cronos mouths the words "I submit" grudgingly. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos Diamante has submitted! This one is over! 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… and the NEWWWWW Rule Of Surrender CHAMPION…. MAAASON… PIERCE!!! 

From the back, Leona is running to the ring, sliding underneath the ring ropes and giving Pierce a hug as he is handed the championship belt. The referee goes to raise his hand in victory, but Leona warns him off, instead raising his hand herself, Pierce’s other hand clenching his brand new title belt.  

Eryk Masters: He DID IT!!! Mason Pierce outlasted the field and after just under two months into his wrestling career, he has something new to put on his resume. Rule Of Surrender Champion.  

Other Guy: You know, while it might not be the biggest prize in the business, it’s still one hell of an accomplishment. Especially considering the way he won it. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect his abilities and the fact that right now he’s the one holding the strap. 

Eryk Masters: And don’t forget who he submitted to win that championship. Cronos Diamante is not one to give up. Ordinarily he would just as soon pass out than admit defeat. This is a huge victory for the up and comer. 

Other Guy: Speaking of Cronos, he’s back up again and staring at Mason Pierce. This could get interesting. 

Mason gets ready to defend himself. Cronos looks from the Rule of Surrender Championship to Mason Pierce. He nods and extends his hand. Mason looks down at the hand wearily not sure what to make of the offer. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos doesn’t give out handshakes very often either. I’d take that while you can, Mason. 

Mason takes Cronos’ hand and shakes it. Cronos then pulls Mason close to him but instead of attack him, he whispers something into his ear. Cronos then pats Mason on the back and rolls out of the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Mason Pierce stands in the middle of the ring, victorious and undisputed Rule of Surrender Champion. 

Pierce lifts the title up into the air and watches Cronos leave before making his own exit with the title over his shoulder. 


*The lights go out in the arena as "Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums" By A Perfect Circle kicks in as the crowd gives a pretty good ovation to the newest SHOOT project wrestler. The screen just has two letters JN then red lights bathe the arena, as Johnny Napalm stands at the top of the ramp in his black trenchcoat and that creepy mask that he was wearing last night making some of the wrestlers do a double take.  He starts walking down the ramp responding to the cheers of the crowd. Napalm stops just before the ring and looks around playing to the crowd, then he jumps up to the ring as pyro’s go off at all four corners. All the fans give a huge pop as Napalm enters the ring, he takes the mask and turns it around. Napalm plays to the crowd a bit more as he asks for a microphone and the music dies out*

Napalm: WHATS UP VEGAS!!!!!

*Huge thunderous cheer rings out* 

Napalm: Wow, seven years away from wrestling in the states and oh how I miss that. Thank you for that welcome, now as many of you know a few months ago I returned from Japan. So much has happened in the U.S. since I was gone, We have our first black president and the economy is in the tank. Then again I do have to say this sport has never got boring espically here in SHOOT.  

*Fans cheer again* 

Napalm: Now, I know the big question on everyones mind. Napalm, why are you back in wrestling? Honestly I would of been happy with a normal life and job, hell the first few years after retireing I went back to school and graduated from a 4 year college and to tell you all the truth I could be enjoying the life of a salary man if I wanted to. Then I look back at my life in wrestling, and see that I have done alot. Don’t get me wrong I still love this sport, but before I put myself out of the sport together I thought, why not one more run and see if I still have it. 

*Fans cheer loudly* 

Napalm: When I saw this roster, and how many styles have meshed in this company I couldn’t say no, I see the young talent here in SHOOT and honestly I see people who have made a good name for themselves, and also seeing the veterans some of them even I know of but then again most of em would probally wish I stayed away. Well folks theres no way im leaving that quick cause no matter what people think of me I am one of those people who people always underestimate very quickly well the 100 wins I got in my career are no joke I have faced alot of the best in this sport. The only problem with most of those matches, they never really cared for me after the match thinking I was a cocky little shit who back in the day KNEW NOTHING about cutting a promo or what im doing right now. Well to all those are watching who retired or gave up on this sport. 

*Napalm looks at the camera* 


*The crowd cheers* 

Napalm: Now, im not going to be cocky about these people in SHOOT cause I know every one of them are very skilled and also they definally earned every win they got. Will I ever get to the heights of some of the best in SHOOT, I don’t know but you know what? I am gonna give it a good shot while im here! 

*Another good pop from the crowd* 

Napalm: Now, I know that there is this big 10th Anniversary in a couple weeks so I want to issue a little challenge to someone I know from the past, Lunatikk Crippler. Dont get me wrong man Im not gonna try to pull what I did in the IWF if you win tonight I aint asking for a title match cause honestly I dont have the right to ask for one, hell I just got here. I know back in the IWF you had a really good run as the heavyweight champ, and I came in and well we both know what happened. The reason why Im challenging you cause I have seen what you have been doing recently and honestly since this company is celebrating it’s 10th year I want to give them a show, and in your mind you want to as well. 

*Crowd giving a pretty good cheer* 

Napalm: I know I may be stepping outside my lines putting up a challenge like this, but I want a good test on how well I can do things and win or lose I know you can give me that match. No backstage attacks no tomfoolery while the match is going on Johnny Napalm Vs. Lunatikk Crippler One on One. Who out there would love to see that match! 

*Huge Pop* 

Napalm: Dont worry about if you will accept or not Crippler cause that will just put unwanted pressure on you and honestly I know you would love to win the Sin City Title tonight so if you accept or not, you know where to find me. 

*Napalm pauses* 

Napalm: I am not that hard to find. 

*With that "Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums" By A Perfect Circle kicks back in as Napalm hands the mic back and slides out of the ring. As he is walking up the ramp he starts slapping hands of fans as he goes up the ramp*


We head back to ringside as Samantha Coil is standing front and center with a microphone in her hands. On the outside of the ring, four wooden tables have been set up on the arena floor. 

Samantha Coil: The following match will be a no count-out, no disqualification tag-team tables match! 

The crowd roars in approval and jumps to their feet as Samantha continues with the rules. 

Samantha Coil: The match will be contested under tornado tag rules and when one member of a tag-team is put through a table by his opponent, the entire team is eliminated and the match is over!  

Samantha takes a step back and lowers the microphone as the sound of pistol shots can be heard throughout the arena’s loud speakers, followed by the opening strings of "Hillybilly Bone" by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, Stan Erichson and Jacob Fisher…they…are…The GUNSLINGERS!!  

Jacob bounds out from the back first, shaking his fists out towards the crowd to get himself pumped up. Following him is the powerful frame of the veteran, Stan Erichson who puts a hand on Jacob’s shoulder and keeps him focused on the ring. Jacob manages to slap a few hands of the fans along the ramp as both he and Erichson roll underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: The fans are solidly behind the Gunslingers in this one, it looks like they are all business tonight. 

Other Guy: Wait a second…where is the Gunslingers mystery benefactor? The guy that Azrael has been talking about this entire time? 

Eryk Masters: I don’t see anybody else coming down the ramp, looks like the Gunslingers are coming out for this fight alone! I’d be willing to bet that they wanted it that way! 

Other Guy: Or their boss is a coward. That’s where my money is. 

Stan removes his Stetson and hands it to a ring keeper, stretching out his right arm as he eyes the ramp. The arena lights suddenly go black as boos INSTANTLY start up, even without any formal introduction. The video screen in the arena lights up with a very familiar and very nauseating countdown. 




Eryk Masters: This countdown makes me want to punch a kitten. 





Other Guy: Almost there! Do you think he’ll notice that I’m wearing one of his t-shirts for this match? 

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he notices anything aside from himself. 

Other Guy: Damn…90 bucks down the drain. 

Eryk Masters: HOW MUCH?! 






"Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts to play over the speaker system as a huge red and gold pyro explosion occurs at the top of the ramp, followed by similarly colored confetti starting to pour down from the ceiling. 

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, representing The Hierarchy…AZRAEL GOEREN AND GAVRILOVICH MIKAEL YURINOV!  

The boos only get louder as Azrael and Yuri step out from behind the curtains, Azrael kneeling down at the top of the ramp as another gold explosion occurs around him. Yuri shields his eyes from the massive explosion and starts to walk defiantly down to the ring, leaving his employer at the top of the ramp to soak in the fans hatred. 

Eryk Masters: This war between Azrael Goeren and the Gunslingers started all the way back at Redemption when Azrael attacked Jacob Fisher without warning in the backstage area. In the weeks and months that followed, we found out that Azrael believes the Gunslingers to be working for an unknown individual who sent them here to keep tabs on him. 

Other Guy: That is an invasion of privacy, I don’t blame him one bit! That’s…that’s almost like rape! 

Eryk Masters: Seriously? 

Other Guy: It’s kinda like it. 

Eryk Masters: It’s not even remotely like it. Back on topic though, the Gunslingers haven’t really denied any of Azrael’s accusations and have actually brought the fight to him in the last month or so. Hell, Jacob Fisher actually owns a pinfall victory over Azrael! And the Gunslingers got the drop on Goeren and Yuri at the last Revolution! 

Other Guy: They ripped out a chunk of our Megastar’s hair! Do they have any idea how valuable his hair is? It smells like the rain! 

Eryk Masters: Not even going to ask how you know that. 

Azrael finally notices that he’s been left alone as he storms down the ramp, carefully dodging every outstretched hand along the way. He stops Yuri in front of the ring and verbally berates him for abandoning his post as Yuri glares down at him angrily. He points to the ring as Yuri grabs hold of the middle rope from the floor and ascends to the apron before reluctantly sitting on the middle rope for Azrael to step through. The booing gets louder as Azrael trots up the metal stairs, waving out to the audience before climbing the turnbuckle from the outside and dropping into the ring that way, laughing over at Yuri who is now holding the ropes open for nobody. 

Eryk Masters: Nice. Real nice. Good to see Azrael acting as classy as ever. 

Other Guy: Yuri should be happy that they didn’t make him wear his Potato Sack of Shame tonight. That would be a bitch to wrestle in. 

Referee Linam calls both teams to the center of the ring as Erichson calls out to Azrael to get his ass over here. Azrael ignores it and makes sure to stand a few steps behind Yuri, his arms folded across his chest. 

Eryk Masters: After all of the games, sneak attacks and run-ins, we’re finally getting down to business with these four men. It’s about damn time! 

The referee checks with both teams before pointing over towards Mark Kendrick as the bell sounds. Before the hammer hits the bell the last time, Azrael rolls out of the ring and starts rummaging underneath the ring curtain, leaving Yuri alone in the ring with a "What the fuck?!" expression on his face. 

Eryk Masters: Huh…? Did…Azrael just leave Yuri out to dry after only two seconds? 

Other Guy: Well, this isn’t going to be pretty… 

Erichson and Fisher waste no time as they both storm towards the massive Russian to the delight of the crowd as Yuri crumples to the mat in a flurry of strong punches and kicks. Erichson grabs hold of Yuri and whips him into the ropes, hitting a double-armed clothesline with Fisher’s assistance. Yuri stumbles to his feet, only to be met with a vicious elbow to the side of his head by Erichson! 

Eryk Masters: The crowd loves every second of this as The Hierarchy’s personal bodyguard is getting manhandled in the ring by the Gunslingers! Look at him, Yuri can barely stand! 

Other Guy: Somebody should send a Pony Express message to these two cowboys that they can beat him down all they want, they aint gonna win this match without putting the big man through a table! 

Fisher slams his foot directly into Yuri’s stomach and hooks his head. He yells out to Erichson who does the same as both men heave Yurinov high into the air and slam him down headfirst with a brutal brainbuster! Both Gunslingers get to their feet as Erichson slaps Fisher’s chest in approval, pointing out towards one of the tables outside the ring.  

Eryk Masters: There you go! Time to start breaking things around here! 

The moment that Fisher dives to the outside and starts to fetch the table, Erichson is dropped in the middle of the ring with a loud CRACK and a plume of white smoke and powder. 


Other Guy: Never turn your back on a pissed off German. Just ask Poland. 

Erichson slumps down to his knees as Azrael hits the ropes and connects with a diving low dropkick to the back of Stan’s head, sending him face first into the broken glass and lighting remnants from the tube. Azrael gleefully starts grinding the heel of his boot into the back of Erichson’s head, trying to force more pieces of glass into his face. Jacob drops the table on the outside and slides back into the ring, charging Azrael at full speed. 

Eryk Masters: Here comes Fisher, he’s not about to let Azrael cause any more… 


Fisher sprawls out next to his partner in the middle of the ring as Yuri holds onto the nearby rope for leverage, still smarting from the Gunslingers earlier assault. He angrily pushes Azrael, getting an "Oooooooooooo" reaction from the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like Yuri wants an answer for why Goeren left him high and dry to start the match…Azrael not backing down… 

Goeren stumbles back but composes himself, smiling up at his massive bodyguard. He stands right in his face and then slaps him hard across the face, getting another crazy reaction from the packed house. 

Other Guy: Oh shit. 

Eryk Masters: Does Goeren have a death wish or something? 

Yuri looks like he’s about ready to explode as Azrael gets right in his face, screaming at him to "follow the plan". Azrael points out towards the tables and shoves Yuri into the ropes, the two men staring each other down again…before Yuri hangs his head and exits the ring to a chorus of boos. Azrael smiles smugly in the ring before he’s spun around by Stan Erichson and right into a diving lariat! 

Eryk Masters: Erichson is back up and is pouring down punches on Azrael, there isn’t anything fancy about this folks, this is just pure brawling at its best! 

Azrael tries to cover up and the cameras at ringside clearly pick up him screaming for Yuri to come over and help. Yurinov grabs hold of a table and slides it into the ring, but very…VERY…casually makes his way back in. Fisher is back on his feet to greet him as the two strikers exchange lefts and rights, Fisher being knocked back momentarily by a headbutt as Yuri steps over the top turnbuckle and back into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: All four men in the ring now, this match has already descended into chaos and there isn’t a damn thing the referee can do about it! 

Other Guy: Azrael is still trying to block the hammer blows from Erichson, but my God…has he taken a beating already! 

Yuri slams his knee into the back of Erichson, causing Stan to break his mount advantage over Goeren. Stan gets to his feet and stares down The Russian before the two of them lock up, pushing each other against the ropes for dominance. Fisher meanwhile has attempted to take Erichson’s place over a prone Azrael Goeren, but Azrael desperately swings his leg up and kicks Fisher square in the groin. 

Eryk Masters: Azrael has stumbled back to his feet, he’s trying to shake the cobwebs loose…he spots Yuri and Erichson against the ropes…what’s he doing? WHAT’S HE DOING?! 

Azrael runs with a full head of speed at BOTH men, clotheslining both Erichson and his own tag-team partner out of the ring! Both men tumble haphazardly to the arena floor in a heap, landing exactly where the table USED to be. 

Eryk Masters: Absolutely no regard for his own tag-team partner! Did you see the way both of them landed, they could have broken their damn necks! 

Other Guy: Azrael’s just lucky that Yuri moved that table into the ring, I think he would have been the first one to go through it if he didn’t! 

Azrael moves back to Fisher, winds back and delivers a crushing closed fist right to his forehead. Azrael winds up and delivers another hard shot, knocking Fisher into the ropes. He throws Jacob into the ropes and ducks a return clothesline, only to hook his arm across Fisher’s body and drive him into the mat with a lifting side slam! 

Eryk Masters: Azrael looking supremely confident, he’s going for that table now! 

Azrael sets up the table that Yuri slid into the ring, getting it set up right in front of the nearest turnbuckle. He looks out at the crowd with a smile, getting a crazy amount of boos in the process. He grabs hold of Fisher’s hair and drags him over to the table, only to double over in pain after Fisher slams his elbow hard into Goeren’s stomach. 

Eryk Masters: Jacob Fisher is fighting back here…another hard shot to the midsection…and another…Jacob is standing toe-to-toe with Azrael now and connects with a cracking knife edge chop! 


Azrael writhes on top of the table in pain, clutching his chest as Jacob slowly ascends to the top rope. The crowd is buzzing as he stands high above Azrael, getting ready to jump…only to be pushed off from the outside by Yuri who sends him careening down to the arena floor below! Before Yuri can go after him, he tumbles off the ring apron after Stan grabs his boot and yanks him down to meet him! 

Eryk Masters: Fisher was about to end this match for the Gunslingers but Yuri saves Azrael’s ass for the umpteenth time in his life! Now Stan and Yuri are going at it outside the ring! 

Erichson grabs Yuri by the head and slams him face first into the ring apron before putting his shoulder into him and driving him violently in the fan barricade. The SHOOT fanatics at ringside are going crazy as Stan takes a few steps back, eyes his prey, and then explodes forward with a running lariat, knocking Yuri backwards into the front row of the crowd! 

Eryk Masters: Oh shit, oh shit! You got to keep your head on a swivel in a match like this! Turn around Stan! Turn arou… 

Azrael launches himself through the top and middle rope in a suicide dive, taking out Stan Erichson with his own body. Azrael gets to his feet victoriously before storming off towards Mark Kendrick, the time keeper. 

Eryk Masters: Looks like Azrael couldn’t give two shits about how his partner is doing…oh come on, what’s he doing with Kendrick? 

Grabbing a hold of his collar, Azrael tosses Kendrick against the ring steps and grabs hold of the black metal chair he was sitting on. Azrael holds it high in the air and starts to slowly make his way back towards Stan Erichson who is trying to get to his feet. Azrael continues to hold the chair high before slamming it down hard on Erichson’s back! Stan collapses to the ground as Azrael starts wildly swinging the chair in rapid succession down across Stan’s spine. 

Other Guy: Azrael has completely lost his shit out here, the guy is a mad man! He’s looking to put Erichson in a wheelchair for the rest of his life! WHOA! WAIT A SECOND…WAIT ONE DAMN SECOND! HERE COMES FISHER! 

Before Azrael can connect with another blow, he’s speared into the ground by Jacob Fisher who has a running start from halfway across the arena floor! The chair is sent flying as Azrael is brutally taken out and lies sprawled out on the concrete floor. Jacob gets to his feet…and eyes the chair… 

Eryk Masters: Jacob is thinking about it…YES! YES! He’s got the chair…he’s looking out at the crowd! 

The fans are absolutely electric as a "USE THE CHAIR! USE THE CHAIR!" chant starts to cascade down from the cheap seats. Jacob stares down Azrael who has gotten to his knees and is suddenly aware of his situation. Azrael puts his hands together in a praying formation and starts to plead with Jacob, begging for him not to do it. Jacob thinks about it for a moment and lowers the chair…ONLY TO SWING IT AROUND IN A BLUR AND BLAST AZRAEL OVER THE TOP OF THE HEAD! 


Azrael slumps down to the arena floor as a pool of blood starts to form underneath him. Jacob grabs Azrael by a handful of hair and holds his head up to the crowd, revealing a stream of blood pouring down the German’s face from a deep gash just below his hairline. Azrael groans as Fisher drags him back into the ring and positions him exactly where he wants him. 

Eryk Masters: Fisher climbing the ropes like before, but Yuri is still down and out in the crowd from that lariat! Nobody to save Goeren this time! Fisher takes aim…Ooooooooo! 

Other Guy: Diving fist drop from the middle rope, right on that cut! 

Azrael rolls around in pain, clawing at his face as blood gushes from the open wound. He swings wildly at nothing, blood getting in his eyes. He manages to stand up and takes another swing that misses Fisher completely. He takes another step forward…and bumps right into the chest of Stan Erichson… 

Other Guy: Oh…shit… 

Stan doesn’t move for a second, letting Azrael blindly grope about. Fisher meanwhile has gotten another table from the outside and set it up so it’s propped up vertically against one of the turnbuckles. Azrael reaches up and wipes the blood from his eyes, finally seeing who is standing in front of him. The two men do nothing for a moment before Azrael spits blood directly into Erichson’s face! 

Eryk Masters: That disgusting cheating bastard! 

Trying to make a run for it, Azrael surges towards the ropes and tries to escape to the outside, but Fisher is ready this time and cuts him off with another spear! Azrael is dragged to his feet as Erichson wipes the saliva and blood from his face…takes aim…and CRUSHES HIM WITH A POLISH HAMMER ACROSS HIS HEAD! 


Crumpling to the mat, Azrael remains motionless as the fans can sense what’s going to happen next. Fisher hooks him around the waist and carries his dead weight over to the corner, propping him up against the table as Erichson takes his place in the opposite turnbuckle, winding his arm in a circle in an attempt to loosen it up. Azrael’s feet can barely hold his weight as he starts to collapse in the corner, but Fisher yanks him up by his hair and holds him in place. 

Other Guy: I can’t watch!  

Stan looks as if he’s about to run forward and send Azrael through the table with one of his patented running lariats, but he suddenly drops in the corner and is yanked out of the ring by Yuri! The Russian Assassin places his hand on the back of Erichson’s head and drives him into the steel ring post before spinning him around and doing it again, Erichson’s injured back taking on even more punishment! 

Eryk Masters: Man oh man, I thought that was it. Azrael has collapsed against the table though, he’s only one move away from going through it! 

Other Guy: Fisher is coming over to save his partner…DAMN! HE EATS A BOOT TO HIS FACE FOR HIS TROUBLES! The Hierarchy’s bodyguard is on a rampage! 

With Fisher sent flying, Yuri wraps his massive arms around Erichson’s body and heaves him up on his shoulders in a sickening variation of a torture rack, bending his body in a disgustingly unnatural position. Erichson grits his teeth and refuses to scream but is clearly in a lot of pain.  

Eryk Masters: It looks like The Hierarchy came in here with a plan on working over Erichson’s back tonight…but this is getting out of hand. Erichson has been a veteran for more than three decades, Yurinov is going to break his spine in two! 

As if on cue, Yuri takes a few steps back towards the ring barrier and after one more pull on Erichson’s back, he heaves the Gunslinger high into the air and sends him BACK FIRST ONTO THE RING BARRIER! 

Other Guy: Oh God…give me that In-N-Out Burger bag…I’m going to be sick… 

Stan Erichson doesn’t move for a moment, his body positioned backwards over the unforgiving barrier in a twisted, contorted position. He slowly slides off into the crowd as the fans back away, trying to give him room. 

Eryk Masters: Did you see the way his back bent?! 

Other Guy: That was insane! 

Eryk Masters: Seriously, the production team in the back needs to listen up! No replays of that! You hear me?! No replays! 

Yuri’s expression has not changed as he methodically moves towards Fisher who is trying to get back to his feet, oblivious to the carnage that just occurred to his tag team partner. Yuri stops about three feet away from Fisher and pulls up the ring apron, digging underneath it for something. 

Eryk Masters: What’s he got…oh no. COME ON! NO! 

Emerging from underneath the ring is Yuri clutching a bulky black crowbar, clutching the cold iron tightly in his right hand. The sold out crowd is in an absolute frenzy as they get their first glimpse of the weapon as Yuri suddenly swings it at Fisher who only narrowly ducks out of the way. 


The crowbar smacks into the ring post, leaving it heavily dented. Fisher rolls into the ring, trying to put some distance between him and Yurinov. The massive Russian follows, stepping over the ring ropes as he makes his way towards the remaining Gunslinger. He takes another swing, only to miss again and lodge his crowbar deep into the wood of the table! The table cracks right down the middle and the legs give out as Yuri yanks his weapon free, completely destroying the table in the process. 

Other Guy: One less table for anyone to put their opponent through! 


Fisher just barely dived out of the way at the last possible second, but unfortunately he’s cornered amidst the table rubble. Yurinov stares coldly down at him and whispers a silent "dasvidaniya" bringing his weapon up for a final blow…ONLY TO HAVE ONE OF THE BROKEN TABLE LEGS JAMMED VIOLENTLY RIGHT INTO HIS STOMACH BY JACOB FISHER! 


Other Guy: How many friggin times can these guys escape certain elimination?! 

Yurinov tries to bring the crowbar down again and is met with a similar result, the broken table leg rammed as hard as it possibly can be into his stomach. Fisher gets to a standing position and cracks the table leg across Yuri’s head as the giant Russian stumbles backwards. Using the ropes for momentum, Fisher charges forward and tees off on Yuri’s head with the table leg…causing Yuri to drop the crowbar and slump to the mat! 

Eryk Masters: Fisher isn’t stopping, he’s trying to pick up Yuri…HES GOT HIM! HES GOT HIM! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE POWER IT MUST TAKE TO LIFT THIS MAN?! 

Fisher runs with a full head of steam towards the corner, smashing Yuri’s back into turnbuckle and then swiftly swinging around and driving him to the mat with a running powerslam. Fisher gets up and pounds his chest, the fans screaming their lungs out in approval! 

Other Guy: This place is going absolutely ape shit! Fisher is on fire baby! 

Pulling Yuri to his knees, Fisher points out at the crowd before pumping his fist excitedly. He hooks Yuri around his waist and giving all of his effort actually pulls him up and crashes him back to the mat with a ground-shaking sit out powerbomb! 


Stan has managed to drag himself out of the crowd, still obviously favoring his back…looking as if he can barely stand. He tries to yell out something to Fisher who can’t hear him over the roar of the crowd. Stan painfully rolls into the ring and starts to point, pounding the mat in frustration. 

Eryk Masters: Oh god…oh god… 

While Fisher celebrates taking out Yurinov, he’s neglected to notice a bloody and battered Azrael Goeren standing in the corner…clutching the crowbar. Blood drips down his face and across his chest as he waits for his moment to strike… 

Eryk Masters: NO!! 

Fisher turns around and is met with the blunt end of the crowbar crashing into the front of his face, breaking skin and bone in the process. Fisher collapses to the mat as Azrael exhaustingly drops the crowbar from the impact, clutching the back of his head as he stares down at a kneeling Erichson in the corner. He takes several very slow, very deliberate steps towards the veteran, smiling down at the injured Gunslinger. Azrael leans down to say something to him, only to have Erichson spit a fluorescent stream of blood right into Azrael’s face! 

Other Guy: A LITTLE BIT OF REVENGE FROM EARLIER IN THE MATCH! This is insane, neither one of these two teams have any quit in them! 

Azrael wipes the blood from his face and looks down at Erichson with complete disgust. The proud veteran glares up at him…before collapsing to the mat after Azrael’s buzzsaw side kick slams into the side of his skull! 

Eryk Masters: Azrael connects with the Blitzkrieg and Erichson is down! Erichson is out! Yurinov is out! Fisher is out! But Goeren is still standing…come on, this can’t happen. 

Slowly and methodically, Azrael drags the unconscious body of Stan Erichson towards the corner of the ring where the remaining table is still propped up in the corner. The crowd is showering down jeers, the booing reaching an unheard of level as Azrael hooks his arms around Erichson’s waist from the ground. 

Eryk Masters: Azrael trying to pull Erichson up…HE’S GOT HIM! 

With all of his remaining effort, Azrael manages to yank Erichson up and over, throwing him backwards with a German suplex towards the table. Stan’s body crashes through the table, sending an explosion of wood and metal shrapnel throughout the ring. The bell rings as Azrael collapses to his knees, holding one hand into the air amidst the heavy jeering of the fans. 

Eryk Masters: Damn this! 

Samantha reluctantly grabs hold of her microphone and turns it on. 


Azrael pulls himself to his feet, leaning up against the ropes for support as he brushes shards of wood off of his chest. He moves to the center of the ring to meet Referee Linam who holds his hand high in the air for victory. Azrael starts to look agitated however as he yanks his hand down and grabs hold of the referee’s collar. 

Goeren: WHERE’S MY MUSIC?!  

Referee Linam gives a shrug of his shoulders before he’s pushed violently to the mat as Azrael starts screaming wildly for the production team to play his music. 


Eryk Masters: Azrael absolutely losing his mind here after this amazingly violent encounter… 

Other Guy: Hey, I’m with Azrael on this one. 

Eryk Masters: Big surprise. 

Other Guy: Seriously, isn’t it customary for a winner’s music to get played after the match? Someone is fucking with our Megastar! 

Azrael leans over the ropes and screams obscenities at Samantha Coil, ordering her to get back to the production crew and force them to acknowledge his victory. Suddenly, over the arena’s loudspeakers, come the few strings from a song…a song that most definitely does not belong to Azrael Goeren. 

Thanks Parris.  

Azrael freezes in the center of the ring, stopping his temper tantrum as he turns towards the entrance ramp. 

Immerse yourself in this moment. 

Even through all the blood and matted hair, Azrael’s shocked expression can easily be made out by all in attendance. 

Other Guy: That music…you don’t think… 

Eryk Masters: No way. It can’t be. 

Other Guy: Azrael said he knew who the Gunslingers’ backer was…I just don’t think he expected HIM to actually show up tonight! I mean…Eryk…that music…that’s…! 

Eryk Masters: NO WAY! 

Most of the crowd starts to unleash an epic cheer even before the next lyric is uttered. 


As the word REBIRTH echoes through the arena and "Rebirth" by Boys Hit Car continues to play throughout the Epicenter, the cheers from the crowd only intensify as the curtain is pushed aside and… 

Eryk Masters: NO! NO WAY! 

PATRICK KIDD steps out onto the entrance ramp! The crowd practically EXPLODES as the man known as Crimson slowly makes his way to the ring, his eyes focused on Goeren the whole time. Kidd is wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt that says "The Spirit Never Dies" as he approaches the ring steps amidst the frenzied crowd! 


Other Guy: Isn’t it obvious?! Kidd and Goeren have a LONG history together…hell, their feud literally TORE DOWN the old OPW Arena! 

Eryk Masters: Kidd’s also got history with a lot of the soldiers in the back but we haven’t seen him in SHOOT since 2004! 

Kidd, normally one to take all the time in the world for the fans, ignores the ones trying to slap his hand along the entrance ramp…it is apparent that all of his focus is on Azrael Goeren.

Eryk Masters: Back then, Patrick "Crimson" Kidd was slowly starting to tap into his potential, so we never got the chance to see this man blossom into the legendary performer he is today! Now, he’s BACK in a SHOOT PROJECT RING…he’s got the history to back it up folks…let me tell you that Patrick Kidd is FOR REAL. 

Other Guy: The question still stands…if Kidd is the one behind all of this, why did he have The Gunslingers keep tabs on Goeren? Why not just show up himself from Day One? 

Kidd reaches the bottom of the ramp and is met by Jacob Fisher who has managed to pull Erichson out of the ring and is holding him up. Despite the hell that the Gunslingers just went through, despite how battered their bodies are, they still stand ready to continue fighting if they are called upon. Kidd tells them to stay there as he climbs up onto the apron and steps into the ring. Azrael takes a step forward as the two men finally come face to face.  

Eryk Masters: Here we go… 

Goeren and Kidd stare each other down in the center of the ring as the crowd starts to quiet down, not quite knowing what to expect next as Goeren and Kidd meet for the first time in four long years. 

Eryk Masters: Why do I get the feeling all hell is about to break loose? 

Other Guy: I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s about to. 

After a few moments of strange silence and inaction, Kidd pulls his right arm back and Goren goes to block it, but instead of throwing a punch Kidd pulls out a folder that had been tucked into the back of his jeans. He hands the folder to Goeren who hesitates before taking it. Kidd turns and starts to exit the ring before turning around to see Goeren’s eyes go wide as he opens and starts to scan the contents of the folder. 


Kidd exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp with the Gunslingers following behind him in case of an attack. Goeren appears to be frozen in the center of the ring as he flips through the folder’s contents in bewilderment. Yuri has managed to pull himself to his feet during the commotion and approaches his employer, only to have Azrael quickly close the folder as he stares blankly out into the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: What…what the hell just happened? What did Kidd just say? 

Other Guy: All I know is that even if Kidd does have Daddy issues, The Megastar is still waaaaaaay too young to be his Poppa.  

Eryk Masters: You have no idea what’s going on either, do you? 

Other Guy: Not a clue. All I know is that whatever is in that folder, Goeren doesn’t seem too happy about it. 

Without his usual arrogance or attitude, Azrael Goeren steps through the ropes and out onto the arena floor in almost a trance-like state. He grips the folder tightly to his chest as he slowly makes his way up the ramp and through the curtain with Yuri following closely behind.

Two broad shoulders nearly obscure our view of  a coffee pot at kraft services backstage.  The behemoths in matching suits turn to reveal themselves to be the Hierarchy’s newest croneys, Arch Angel, and T.Rex.  As they head to take a seat, Teddy grabs a donut from the table and takes a bite and and stops cold as he locks eyes with his former employer, the man who got he and his partner back into pro wrestling, Loco Martinez. 

Loco:  Hey fellas.  I knew our paths would cross sooner or later! 

Angel gets up from the table and stands next to Rex.  The two an imposing man-wall that Loco strolls toward them 

T.Rex:  Yeah?  What’chya want? 

Loco:  Just wanted to check in with the Hierarchy’s latest edition… you know… I should have figured X would needle me like this.  Hell, I’m surprised it took him this long to get you two on board.  

Arch Angel:  Is there a point, outside of you being cranky pants that X scooped us up?  

Loco smirks. 

Loco:  Yeah. You guys going out there and playing the bullies at my friend’s expense isn’t gonna fly.  You might be bigger… *they nod* … Stronger… *they nod*… but you’re also Slower, Older, and dumber.   

T.Rex continues to nod, Arch Angel begins to scowl at Loco and notices Rex nodding.  He elbows him. 

T.Rex:  Wha? 

Loco:   Remember who first dusted you two fossils off and reintroduced you to a wrestling world. To paraphrase Bill Cosby…  I brought you into this world… I’ll damn sure do everything I can to take you out. 

T.Rex:  You fuggin’ threatin’ us?  You talkin’ ’bout your friends?  Right now you’re all by your lonesome, Freakshow.   

Loco shrugs. 

Loco:  I’m just saying… Leave Maya and Cripp alone.  Let Frenchy fight his own fight…. shit… X, too. I know your strong suits.  Hell, its why I hired you.  You clobber and smash.  You weren’t hired for your ability to wear a suit, or translate for Frenchy.  

Arch Angel and T.Rex share a sarcastic smirk. 

Arch Angel:  Sure, Loco.  It is the least we can do… Actually… I know what else we can do. 

Angel winds up with a right, but Loco blocks it, but T.Rex quickly capitalizes and rocks Loco with a wild roundhouse that drops Loco to a knee.  Angel then takes a step and hits Loco under the chin with a knee lift.  T.Rex scoops him up wrapping both hands around his neck he brings Loco to his feet, to the point where Loco is on his tip toes, and starting to turn red. 

T.Rex:  You fuggin’ forget, BOSS.  You can’t tell us what to do… we’s don’t work for you no more.   

T.Rex punctuates his hissed venom with three vicious headbutts to the bridge of Loco’s nose.  He drops Loco in a heap and the boys of Anarchy chuckle to themselves as they step over Loco and walk out. 

image Eryk Masters:Ladies and gentlemen up next we will see the Sin City Championship Match. A Match that has been weeks in the making as the Sin City Championship Series has been hotly contested and has the SHOOT-iverse buzzing.

Other Guy: Absolutely, Eryk. The three men-

Bryan Harris: Bonjour, mon freres!

Eryk Masters: Dammit, where did you come from? Do you have some sort of underground tunnel?

Bryan Harris: I’m here to tell you, that you’re wrong-

Other Guy: Seriously, why are you out here, Harris? X’s ass isn’t out here to kiss.

Bryan Harris: I’m out here to make sure the anti-Franco biases you and SHOOT have displayed go checked. I will balance out the environment of Franco-Phobia that has been running rampant since our International Icon has stepped foot inside a SHOOT ring!

Eryk Masters: Great. So Baptiste joins the Hierarchy who enlisted a couple of elderly thugs to help him WIN the Sin City Championship, but its SHOOT that needs to be kept in check.

Bryan Harris: Exactly. Glad you agree. Its why you and the millions of Hierarchians watching at home are going to have the pleasure of MORE Bryan Harris. The Master of the Mic, now calling Master of the Mat. Now… as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.

Other Guy: YOU were interrupted?! What the f-

Bryan Harris: YES. I was saying. You are wrong. There are not three men in this match. That implies the International Icon is something of this world, and he is not!

Other Guy: Ahh… I was afraid this was all a setup a cheap shot at Maya’s expence.

As if on cue several white and red spotlights snap to life and begin randomly be searching through the crowd. The opening of "HORIZON" by D’espairs Ray starts up, and after a few moments Maya steps out onto the ramp in his white pants and boots with red trip. The drums begin to pick up, and every spotlight converges on Maya for a second then, as the song picks up further into the main hook, the lights explode out into the crowd Maya walks down the ramp with conviction exchanging high fives with the fans that line the entrance way. He gets to the ring and slides in. The music fades away as Maya loosens up in the corner. As our next combatant begins his entrance.

"I will break

Into your thoughts

With what’s written on my heart

I will BREAK"

Flyleaf’s "I’m So Sick" rips through the arena as Lunatikk Crippler steps out onto the entrance ramp. The crowd cheers as he makes his way to the ring holding out his arms to exchange some high fives with the crowd. His face remains stoic, and intense. He gets to the ring and slides in. He goes to the corner and jumps up to the 2nd turnbuckle as flashbulbs pop. He hops down and looks at Maya and gives a respectful nod, and Maya returns the gesture.

Bryan Harris: Disgusting. I bet they made a secret pact to team up to screw Jean-Gerard! Of course. Someone is ALWAYS screwing with the Hierarchy.

Crippler takes a few moments in the corner. His eyes an intense stare as he gets himself ready for the upcoming battle.

Other Guy: As focused and driven as Crippler has been? I don’t know if I’ve seen him THIS focused.

Eryk Masters: He’s the only guy to get 9 points in the Championship Series, and despite coming in here the only one who hasn’t held the Sin City Championship, many have said he’s the favorite. Many have predicted the Lunatikk Crippler to walk out of Master of the Mat with the belt our next competitor.

The Tron snaps to life with a flapping French flag. And the boos nearly drown out Darth Vader’s famous breathing that opens "Caballero" by Assassin pours over the audience in all its amazing French-ness. Baptiste steps out onto the ramp. Baptiste extends his arms and spins showing off the long blue robe bedazzled with authentic looking gems. With his back turned to the capacity crowd we see the fleur de lis – a true symbol of excellence synonymous with Monsieur Baptiste- outlined in what appears to be diamonds while rubies fill the inside layers. He slowly unties the belt of the robe and opens it, showing the Sin City Championship wrapped around Baptiste’s waist.

Bryan Harris: Between the robe and that championship, I can’t help but wonder what the French is for "Bling-Bling".

Baptiste gets to the ring, walks up the ring steps, and wipes his feet on the apron before stepping between the ropes. He stands in the center as red white and blue spotlights shine on him. He extends his arms in a grandiose pose. He turns 360 degrees so all angles of the arena can bathe in his greatness.

Eryk Masters: Is there a man who loves Jean-Gerard Baptiste as much as Jean-Gerard Baptiste?

Bryan Harris: I-

Other Guy: Can it, Harris. That was rhetorical.

Baptiste hands his robe to a ringside assistant, while chastising the man that he is lucky to be touching JGB’s robe. He then takes his belt off. He looks at it lustily. He brings it to his lips and gives it a kiss before reluctantly hands the belt to referee Willie Dean.

Eryk Masters: He may be kissing that belt goodbye.

Bryan Harris: You wish you could french kiss like that man, Masters.

Other Guy: Sounds like the voice of experience.

Bryan Harris: No… I… shut up!

Back inside the three men stare each other down as Samantha Coil starts her ring announcements.

Samantha Coil: This contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and will decide the winner of the Sin City Championship Series. First. From Nagasaki Japan. He weighed in today at a hundred and twenty pounds. Former Sin City Champion. He. IS. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYA. NA.KA. SHIMA!!!! And from South Bend Indiana. Weighed in today at two hundred thirty eight pounds. He is the whole F’d Up Show. LUUUUUUUUUUUUNATIKK… CRIPPLER!!!!! And finally from Bordeaux France. He weighed in at two hundred thirty seven and three quarter pounds. He is the reigning and defending SHOOT Sin City Champion. The International Icon. JEAN. Gerard. BAAAAAAAPTIIIIIIIIISTE!

Referee Willie Dean holds the Sin City Championship high, and hands it to a ring side assistant and as he turns to call for the bell, but Baptiste isn’t waiting he runs and levels Maya with a clothesline. Crippler doesn’t like this one bit and runs and takes Baptiste down with a flying forearm. Finally the bell rings and Crippler begins stomping down on Baptiste’s rib cage.

Bryan Harris: No fair! That cheater jumped Baptiste before the bell!

Other Guy: And what about Baptiste leveling Maya before the bell?

Bryan Harris: That was different.

Eryk Masters: How?

Bryan Harris: Maya had it coming!

Crippler drops a knee to JGB’s forehead. Maya is up now and bounces off the ropes and drives a baseball slide dropkick into JGB’s ribs. Crippler drives another boot down. Maya is up quickly and takes LC by surprise with a dropsault, landing the "sault" portion perfectly across Baptiste. He hooks a leg.


Two.-NO. Baptiste kicks out.

Eryk Masters: Maya is going to have to lean on that speed advantage. He’s outweighed by over a hundred pounds by both his opponents.

Bryan Harris: Plus he has his addiction, which will be a detriment.

Eryk Masters: I’m scared to even ask… addiction?

Bryan Harris: The guy huffs cologne.

Maya is up and bounces off the rope, but Crippler is back in the picture and hops over Baptiste and catches Maya and hoists him up and drives him down onto Baptiste’s ribs with a Double A Spinebuster.

Bryan Harris: Shades of the late…Great, Hall of Famer, Arn Anderson.

Eryk Masters: *sigh*… NOT dead…

Other Guy: Also, not a Hall of Famer.

The crowd cheers as Crippler looks down at his opponents and decides to scoop up Maya and body slams him down across JGB. One more time he brings Maya up, and puts him up into powerbomb position and then drives Maya down across Baptiste, but also sits out, performing a double leg drop on top of the powerbomb. Crippler holds onto Maya’s waist effectively making this a pinning attempt on Baptiste



Th-Maya shifts his weight as does Baptiste.

Eryk Masters: Is that legal?

Other Guy: The referee allowed it. I wonder who would have been awarded the pinfall.

LC brings Maya up and nails him with a european uppercut. A kick to the gut. Another European uppercut. And then scoops him up, jumps, and drives him down with a jumping body slam for added impact. He bends over to drag Maya back to his feet, but now its Crippler’s turn to to feel the effects of an European uppercut.

Bryan Harris: There we go! A European uppercut from a real life European! They have entire semesters of PE dedicated to the art of the European uppercut.

Baptiste clutching at his ribs rocks Crippler with another European uppercut. This staggers LC up against the ropes. Baptiste runs at him and drives him over the top rope with a clothesline. He turns to Maya who is getting up slowly. Feeling the effects of the punishment Crippler just doled out. Baptiste takes off at him and levels him with a running big boot. He picks Maya up over his head in gorilla press slam position, and walks towards the ropes. The crowd buzzing. He looks down at Lunatikk Crippler who has finally gotten to his feet, and launches Maya down onto Crippler. He turns to referee Willie Dean urging him to count.

Eryk Masters: Baptiste hoping the fight is over. Hoping a double countout will secure his win.

Other Guy: Wow, BIG surprise… a French guy not wanting to fight.

Bryan Harris: You two mock away, this shows the intellect and superior cunning of JGB.

The referee is at 5… 6… Crippler is moving and gets to a knee. Maya has rolled off to the side. 7… Crippler is up and reaches up and grabs the bottom rope and is about to pull himself up to the apron when JGB bounces off the far ropes and drives a dropkick into Crippler that sends him crashing to the outside. Baptiste slides under the bottom rope to the outside. Maya is up and meets JGB with a nasty leg kick. He follows that up with a spinning heel thrust to Baptiste’s gut. He then jumps and rocks him with an enziguri. Maya gets up to the apron and looks out over the crowd who starts a "Lets GO MA-YA" chant. He looks down at Baptiste, and once he starts getting up Maya jumps to the middle rope and launches himself back with a moonsault that drops JGB. clutches at his ribs as the crowd roars their approval. Crippler is back to his feet and grabs Maya and quickly drives Maya into the ring side barricade with a side russian leg sweep. He drags Maya to the ring and rolls him under the bottom rope. He goes to hop up on the apron, but is stopped short by Baptiste who has latched onto his leg like a 1st grader on the first day of school and is afraid to leave his mom.

Eryk Masters: Is Baptiste possibly hoping to keep Crippler out of the ring long enough that THEY get counted out, and thus he’d retain?

Other Guy: Looks that way. Why else would he latch onto Crippler’s leg like a horny Poodle? Get it, Harris?

Bryan Harris: Ha. ha. ha. He’s French, so he’s a poodle? Psht… be LESS mature.

Crippler shoots a perplexed look at Baptiste who is not letting go. Crippler hops down, and goes to stomp on Baptiste in order to free himself, but Baptiste is one step ahead and brings his right fist into Crippler’s crotchel region. This drops LC to his knees as the crowd lets out a sympathetic groan. While on his knees Baptiste grabs him and plants him with a DDT. The crowd booing mercilessly and a "Bap-tiste Sucks" chant breaks out. JGB waves dismissively at the "Americans" and drives a nasty boot to the head. He grabs Crippler’s legs, and looks over his shoulder at the ring post, a vile sneer parting his lips as we all get the picture of what his mind is cooking up.

Eryk Masters: This isn’t going to end well for Crippler.

Baptiste launches himself back and catapults Crippler right into the ring post. His head meets the steel with a sickening "thwack". Crippler drops to the ground. His head turns and we see a pool of blood forming on the ringside mat.

Other Guy: Man, he’s busted wide open.

Bryan Harris: This is why you don’t mess with the Hierarchy. You just end up unconcious in a pool of your own blood!

Baptiste gets up and wipes his hands dismissively at his handiwork… Oblivious to what is going on in the ring. In the ring. Maya is at full speed off the far ropes. He jumps to the top rope, balances himself for a beat and then launches himself with a swanton to the outside that destroys Baptiste. The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as the three men lay in respective heaps.

Eryk Masters: They’re throwing anything and everything at one another to call themselves the Sin City Champion. All three men are down. Crippler bleeding like a stuck pig.

Bryan Harris: C’mon Jean-Gerard! Now’s your chance get up!

The crowd begins an echo chant of "Lets go Ma-Ya … Lets go Crip-pler". The three men begin moving slowly. The referee begins a ten count. He gets to three, and Maya gets up and staggers to the barricade. He jumps up to the barricade and jumps with a splash across Baptiste’s torso. He gets back up and slides into the ring. He stands at the ropes waiting for JGB to launch another aereal assault. Behind him, crimson masked, Crippler slides into the ring. His features obscured by blood. He sneaks up behind and rolls Maya up.



Th-NO! Maya shoulders out. Maya is up and quickly drives a jumping knee Crippler’s chin. He grabs him for a running bulldog, but Crippler uses his size and power to stop short. Pull him in and plant Maya with side suplex. Crippler rolls Maya onto his stomach.

Bryan Harris: Not the first time Maya has had a dude put him on his stomach.

Maya struggles, but Crippler manages to isolate the arm, and grab Maya in a crossface.

Eryk Masters: Bitchified! Crippler is trying to Bitchify Maya!

Bryan Harris: Too late for that.

Crippler wrenches back with all his might as blood pours down his face. Maya’s face is racked with anguish as he looks for a way out of this, but they’re isolated in the middle of the ring. Crippler fans chanting for Maya to tap. Maya fans urging him to get to the ropes or counter this hold. Maya moves a little, but Crippler just sinches it in tighter. Referee Willie Dean checks on Maya, who shakes his head "no". Crippler screams "DO IT! TAP!". Crippler’s blood running down his arms acts as a lubricant and allows Maya to slip his head out.

Eryk Masters: He’s out!

Crippler quickly locks the hold back in.

Other Guy: Not so fast, my friend.

Crippler wrenches back through blood covered gritted teeth. Maya’s hand raises. The pain too great, but before Maya can tap from the sky falls Jean-Gerard Baptiste with his signature falling splash from the top that lands on the two men, and breaks the hold.

Bryan Harris: La Vin Fin! Dieu Merci! Monsieur Baptiste etre vivant!!!

Other Guy: What?

Bryan Harris: HE…is…ALIVE!!!!

Eryk Masters: The three men are down. Listen to this crowd roaring their approval for this battle!

The men begin to stir. Maya is up first. JGB gets to a knee and Maya bounces off the ropes and nails a low dropkick. Crippler is also up, and he quickly drags Maya back to his feet from and plants him with DDT. JGB is up and hits pulls Crippler in and delivers a northern lights suplex. He bridges.



Thr-NO! Maya stomps on Crippler’s torso. Maya waits for each man to get to their feet. As they do, he’s already in motion. Off the ropes. He gets to the two men and posts up on them, one hand on each shoulder into hand stand position. The crowd "oooh’s".

Eryk Masters: Looking for a Double Ode to Shinya!

But Crippler and Baptiste sense this and each take a quick step out away from one another, far enough that Maya can’t maintain his perch, as he falls both JGB and Crippler catch him in a double brain buster.


Other Guy: Couldn’t say it better myself.

Crippler and Baptiste both are up quickly. A wild right hand by Baptiste stagger Crippler. Crippler follows up with boot to the gut. Crippler grabs JGB and whips him off the ropes. He ducks early for a back body drop and eats a punt to the chest as JGB saw it coming. Baptiste quickly scoops him up in fallaway slam position. He swings him looking for his Magnum Opus, but Crippler swings his legs and effectively escapes the hold. Land on his feet, and leaps up grabbing JGB and slamming him down with his leaping reverse diamond cutter.

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Sweet! Crippler hit it!

Crippler covers, hooking the leg and leaning back with all his might.




Eryk Masters: He did it!

Bryan Harris: NO!

Crippler rolls to his knees, exhausted, and bloodied. He is breathing heavy when the Sin City Championship Belt is handed to him we see his blood caked face parted by the white of his teeth.

Samantha Coil: Here is the winner of the match, and. NEW Sin City Champion. LLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.NA.TIKK CRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP. LLLLLLLER!!!!!

Crippler staggers to his feet holding the title close to his chest as the crowd stands and salutes their new champion.

Eryk Masters: Another great title match in a series that saw great action and multiple NEW champions crowned during its course, and tonight culminates that series with Lunatikk Crippler getting his first taste of SHOOT Project gold!


Backstage, Abigail Chase holds a hand up to her headset and appears to be listening to someone on the other end while holding up a finger to the camera man on hand.  Suddenly, the camera man springs to action and gets Abigail’s attention, when in the background, a man that has not been seen nor heard from in weeks has appeared backstage at MOTM.

3M.  Marcus Mirage.  Suited up and seemingly ready for battle, he paces slowly as Abigail Chase immediately rushes forward for some words.

Abigail Chase: Mirage.  3M…I’m sorry, 3M…can you give us a few words, some insight as to why you’ve all but disappeared from the spotlight and left King alone just when we thought a war was brewi…

Abigail’s voice trails off as 3M stops dead in his tracks, his flowing tribal covered trench slowly falling in folds as he turns like something out of a comic book and peers directly at Abigail Chase through the spawn-like mask that’s become a common theme.  Moving closer to Abigail, his face within inches of hers, staring her down and creating an uncomfortably unnecessary situation.  Suddenly, he backs away…and breaks his weeks long silence.

There is absolute disdain in his seething voice.

3M: Do you feel I owe you an explanation of my motives?!  An explanation to these fans?  These…fans…that decide it’s ok for King to have done the things he’s done?  Ohhh, wait.  I almost forgot, this is SHOOT Project!  Where the short attention spans and even shorter memories come out to play.  Where things always happen in a predictable, linear way, and where we move from show to show…arena to arena, carrying on to keep the seats full.  What’s going down between the King and I…it’s not about keeping seats full…and when this comes to critical mass, I don’t care whether it’s in front of tens of thousands of hypocritical fans…or none.  But rest assured…I very thorough…and I haven’t forgotten about King.

3M turns toward the camera, his eerie gaze almost hypnotizing.  Slowly tilting his head he grabs the cameraman, yanking him forward, his face filling the entire screen.

3M: I promised I’d expose you for what you truly are…and I haven’t forgotten that promise.  Can you feel me…watching you, King?

He pauses, closing his eyes…

3M: You’re…new…family…can…

He shoves the camera man away, turns toward Abigail and opens his eyes, peering coldly through his mask.  He suddenly turns and walks away.




Electrical whirring.


Lights out.


Momentary high-pitched laughter transcends into an intense screaming.


The SHOOTron turns to an all white background while a reddish fluid oozes down the screen forming the familiar percentages we’ve all come to know and hate.























Eryk Masters: Well, despite this God awful entrance… I’m STOKED, gents.  Know why?

Other Guy: Main event time?

Eryk Masters: Main event time.

When the final percentage hits, a red .eXecute forms in the middle of the SHOOTron.  From the X in execute, the name “X-CALIBUR” falls vertically in cobalt blue.  The crowd unleashes their hatred unto X-Calibur as the pulsating drums of the remixed Deftones classic vibrate through the walls of the Epicenter.  Once the lyrics begin, X emerges onto the stage area in his wrestling gear.  Dropping to one knee, he holds his arms out in a welcoming embrace.  Just then, a cascading “waterfall” of flame-like orange embers fall seemingly from the heavens above down to the spot directly behind him, allowing the world to “burn around him”.

“I’ve watched you change…”

…Into a fly.”

He stands.

“I looked away…”

…You were on fire.”

Pointing out to the audience, X slowly pulls his hands inwards, making the “belt gesture” around his waist. 

“I watched a change…”

…In you.”

Making his way down the ramp, our Redeemer smiles as he looks up into the ring at Samantha.

Samantha Coil: Making his way down to the ring first… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 245lbs… he is… THE REDEEMER…. X-CAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUR!!!!

“It’s like you never…

…Had wings.”

Once he reaches the steel steps, he bends down and slams both of his fists down across the top of it creating a loud CLANG before unleashing a familiar war cry into the atmosphere. 

“Now you feel…

…So Alive."

Racing up the steps and onto the ring apron, X races along the ring’s contour before ascending to the middle turnbuckle, peering out maliciously into the sea of detractors doubting him.

“I look at the cross…”

“…Then I look away”

Climbing down from the turnbuckles, X steps between the ropes and into the ring.

“Give you the gun…”

…Blow me away.”

Bryan Harris: Your NEXT World Heavyweight Champion, ladies and gentlemen!

Eryk Masters: Not if Jonas Coleman can help it.

Other Guy: Or Cade.

Eryk Masters: Right… we’ll see, I suppose.

“And you know that I’ve come to collect!”

A voice shouts out, as the arena goes black as the crowd EXPLODES!!

Eryk Masters: Holy SHIT!!

Soon, a high tempo metal beat kicks in, and a guitar picks up.  Killer drums follow!

“This man came to me he was looking for action!

Pulling a blade to my neck”

Images of Jonas Coleman take over the PA, where various shots of him in various modes of violence show, all from his complete decimation of Akuma Satsui.  The crowd comes alive!

Eryk Masters:  I love this song!

“He said, ‘Call me THE BUTCHER cause that’s my trade

And you know that I’ve come to collect.”

White strobes begin flashing over the arena, and then return to the rhythm of the music, as the crowd begins to clap along with it, rocking along with the beat!


Jonas Coleman sprints through the smoke, into the spotlight.  The incredibly popular superstar is wearing his usual gear of boots, black tights, and his wrists are wrapped in tape, as are his hands.  Coleman is wearing a black T-shirt with a logo across the chest that is identical to the one above on the screen. Coleman charges into the aisle and begins exchanging enthusiastic high fives with as many fans as he can reach. The reaction continues to be almost overwhelming.

Samantha Coil: Now making his way toward the ring, hailing from Houston Texas, and weighing in at 200 pounds, this is THE DEFENDER OF FAITH…JONAS “THE BUTCHER” COLEMAN!!!

Sliding into the ring, Jonas walks right up to X and bumps chests with the number one contender.  As they go nose to nose, Tony Lorenzo tries to separate them.

Other Guy: These guys might not be able to wait for Cade!  They’re gonna go at it right now!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Yeaaaaah baby, it’s about time!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Bryan Harris: BOOOOOOO! Hahaha.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: I’m with Harris on this one.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: You guys are a couple of haters.

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand while the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title rests comfortably over Cade’s other shoulder, his hand holding it in place as he grins at the sea of booing fans.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, and I use those words loosely, welcome back to the Epicenter the prodigal son! This generation’s greatest athlete and most decorated Soldier in SHOOT’s esteemed history!

The couple begin to move down the ramp as Cassi continues.

Cassi Ryan: Weighing in tonight at 181 pounds! Hailing from Southport, North Carolina and currently residing right here in Las Vegas, Nevada! The City of Sin! He is God’s Favorite Wrestler, and should be your’s too! The current reigning and defending SHOOT Project World Champion!

They reach the bottom of the ramp as Cassi tilts her head back to finish her introduction.


Once the bell sounds, Cade, Jonas, and X all step towards the center of the ring.  None of the three competitors are willing to back down from each other.  While Jonas and X are the same height and see each other eye to eye, X is the first to break his gaze as he shifts downwards towards Cade’s, who looks back up into his with an intense hatred. 

Eryk Masters: There is SUCH an intense hatred burning through Cade and X for each other.  One might even say Jonas has discovered some hatred for both men, as well.

Bryan Harris: You mean, Jonas has learned quickly that X is not a man to be trifled with?  I agree!

Other Guy: Oh hey.  I see what you did there!

Bryan Harris: You did?  I thought I was being too subtle..

 X, the heaviest and brawniest of the three, initiates the physicality by roughly pie-shoving Jonas away.


This garners a stiff return in the form of an open palm slap right across the face. 


Feeling a bit left out, Cade throws his two-cents in by delivering an equally brutal slap across Jonas’ face. 


With Jonas already reeling, X decides to return the favor by shoving Cade so hard he goes down ass first onto the mat!


Seeing an opportunity, Jonas spins around and SMASHES his forearm into X’s mug, sending him to the canvas clutching his jaw.  With Cade and X on the mat and Jonas standing between them both with his fists up, he excitedly screams, “COME ON!!!!”, at the both of them.

Eryk Masters: I’m not surprised with the level of physicality at the start of this match.

Other Guy: Tensions have been boiling over for well over a month between these guys.  I’m surprised it’s not WORSE.

Immediately, both Cade and X roll away from Jonas and out of the ring from opposite sides, eliciting an appropriately frustrated response from the crowd.


Bryan Harris: These idiots are so fucking stupid it hurts.

Eryk Masters: Nice little redundancy there, B-Hair.

Bryan Harris: EY!  You leave me and my redundancies alone!  And don’t call me B-HAIR!

Other Guy: Oh, you know it’s going on a t-shirt, right?

Wanting to get things started right away, Jonas looks out at the crowd and nods his head.  Clearly the fan favorite in this match-up, the crowd begins chanting, “JO-NAS!  JO-NAS!  JO-NAS!”, so loudly that the cameras shake as if it were in the middle of an earthquake. 

Eryk Masters: Goddamn… Vegas is PUUUMPED!

Other Guy: We’ve been gone too long, Eryk.  I’ve missed this shit.

Eryk Masters: Amen.

Riding the momentum wave from this burst of electricity, Jonas shrugs and slides out of the ring.  Tapping X-Calibur directly on the shoulder, Jonas ducks behind his opposite one and watches as X turns around to find no one there, much to the amusement of the crowd.  As soon as X looks to the left, he is met with a vicious right cross that sends him down to the outside mat.  Looking across the ring under the bottom rope at Cade – who makes a saucy kissy-face at him, complete with batting eye-lashes and his chin resting atop his knuckles – he points in his direction as if to say, “YOU’RE NEXT, BITCH!!”.

Other Guy: Hahahaha… Cade might be an asshole, but damn is he entertaining.

Eryk Masters: If you say so.

Bryan Harris: He best not make any kissy-faces in X’s direction, ‘cause X’ll-

Eryk Masters: Get excited?

Bryan Harris: I hate you.

Sliding into the ring, deciding to forgo running around the perimeter, Jonas makes a bee-line for Cade.  Jonas slides out, but just as he does this Cade re-enters.  Using his superior quickness, Cade turns around towards Jonas, who is just turning around himself.  Jumping up, Cade holds onto the top rope while pushing his body forward, kicking his legs upwards like a wild mule. Before Jonas can react he eats both feet to the face with a whiplash front-facing drop kick between the ropes to the outside.

Eryk Masters: Oh shit.  I don’t think Jonas was expecting that.

Other Guy: If he didn’t factor in Cade’s lightning-esque speed in this match, then the Bad Ass Brotherhood simply will not be taking home the World Heavyweight Championship.  End of story.

Bryan Harris: Finally, OG says something that actually makes sense!

Awkwardly rolling backwards inside the ring from the impact, Cade surveys the damage done to Jonas – who is clutching his chest in utter agony on the outside mat.  While X gets to his feet on the outside of the opposite side of the ring, Cade hunkers down and begins measuring him up. As soon as X gets to his feet, Cade runs full speed ahead for a suicide dive…

… but on the way down, with perfect timing, X snatches the back of Cade’s head and in one fluid motion DRIVES him down to the outside mat in a crushing DDT!


Other Guy: I’ve never…. EVER… in all my years at this booth, seen someone catch someone who was performing a suicide dive with a DDT.  Spectacular.

Bryan Harris: Yeah, Mr. Van Warren is an innovator like that.  God bless our Redeemer!


Cade seemingly unconscious, X slowly gets to his feet, feeling the effects of hitting the thin matting as hard as he has. Shaking the cobwebs away, he looks down at Cade’s unmoving frame and simply smirks. Rolling back into the ring, X looks around for Jonas, and after a moment he finally sees Jonas trying to get to his feet on the outside, clear across the ring back on the other side.

Eryk Masters: Now what’s X thinking here?  He’s not going to do the same thing that probably ended Cades’ face?

Other Guy: He might be…

Bryan Harris: Oh, X, please be careful!

Smirking, X hunkers down much in the same way Cade did and motions for Jonas to get up.  Eventually doing precisely what X wanted, Jonas stands up and X promptly runs to the adjacent corner.   Hopping to the second turnbuckle, he dives over the ropes with a 180 degree springboard plancha… but Jonas moves out of the way and X hits nothing but mat!

Eryk Masters: Just like Cade, the high risk maneuver didn’t pay off!

Bryan Harris: But UNLIKE Cade, X isn’t dead.

Other Guy: Fair point there B-Hair.

Bryan Harris: Grrr….

Guiding X to his feet, Jonas adds to the pain by scooping X up and slamming him to the mat with thunderous force. Repeating this process again, Jonas opts to roll X back into the ring rather than just slam him where he stands.  Positioning him just far enough inside the ring so that his head hangs over the edge of the ring apron, Jonas hops up onto the apron himself.  Measuring X up with a leg, Jonas jumps as high as he can on the edge of the ring apron and drops it harshly across the throat of the number one contender!

Eryk Masters: Guillotine leg drop off the ring apron! 

Other Guy: He nearly decapitated him there…

Rolling X into the ring, Jonas follows closely behind.  Making a lateral cover, Jonas hooks a leg as soon as Lorenzo’s hand hits the mat.



THR- X kicks out, rolling Jonas off of him.

Eryk Masters: He got more there than I thought he would.

Jonas waits patiently on one knee, like a disciplined assassin, while X gets to his feet. As soon as X is up, Jonas is running into the ropes for some added momentum.  With impeccable timing, Jonas jumps up with his right foot extended outwards, sending X to the canvas after catching him across the jaw with the underside of his calf.

Other Guy: Excellent jumping calf kick there!  I haven’t seen that perfectly timed a calf kick since Dean Malenko’s heydays.

Bryan Harris: Baptiste does one every match, but he does it so quickly the cameras are incapable of catching it.

Eryk Masters: You just might be the most ridiculous man that’s ever lived.  Bar none.

Looking to see where Cade is positioned, Jonas hooks both of X’s legs as he comes to the realization that Cade is only now coming to on the outside of the ring.



X kicks out again, allowing Jonas to pop to his feet from the exertion of power in his legs.  Waiting for X to get up again, Jonas hops to the middle turnbuckle, standing on it with great balance.  Flying forward, Jonas catches X right across the button with a mid-level missile dropkick!

Eryk Masters: Damn, he LEVELED X with that one!

Other Guy: X has to be careful here, Jonas is riding a LOT of momentum right now, and with the World Heavyweight Champion currently incapacitated… it doesn’t bode well for the number one contender.

Undeterred by the previous kick-outs, Jonas hooks a leg again…



THR – No!

Bryan Harris: Jonas is like the dumb little hampster who simply refuses to learn.  Keep spinning that wheel, Jonas!  See if it takes you to Shangri-La!

X kicks out again, causing Jonas to express a momentary sense of frustration.

Realizing his window of opportunity is dwindling by the second, Jonas signals something to the crowd.  Helping X up to his feet, Jonas Coleman boots X right in the gut, doubling him over.  Hooking X’s head under his arm, the audience pops HARD as Jonas Coleman looks as if he’s going to finally nail the move on X!

Eryk Masters: Catacly-

Jonas motions as if he’s going to roll forward, but X kicks his feet wildly, causing Jonas to lose a grip on X. 

Eryk Masters: On second thought, it looks like X is escaping…

Bryan Harris: Don’t act so surprised, Eryk!  He’s only escaped the move forty-five times already!

Turning around inside of Jonas’ reverse head lock, making it a front chancery, X sends Jonas up into the air with a back body drop, narrowly escaping the devastating finishing move.

Eryk Masters: Good GOD.  These people are CRAVING the Cataclysm’s Edge on X tonight!

Bryan Harris:  HA!  Waaay too early.  You can’t go for such a high impact move on X this early in the game.  Eleven times out of ten, he’ll reverse it.

Other Guy: Aside from your less than accurate math, I agree with that.  This could be where Jonas’ lack of experience in high profile match-ups might turn out to be a detriment to his game.   

Finally having enough wherewithal to prop himself up against the ring apron, a barely cognizant Cade Sydal continues to shake the cobwebs away from that nasty diving DDT he took from X.  Inside the ring though, X tries to regain his bearings while Jonas begins getting to his feet.  Noticing Cade on the outside, X reaches through the middle rope and grabs a handful of his hair, almost lifting Cade completely off the ground by his hair! 

Bryan Harris: Turn around, X!

With X trying to rip Cade’s scalp apart, Jonas seizes the moment once again and runs straight at the distracted X.  Twirling himself into an upside down position while simultaneously going for a rear waist lock, Jonas’s weight combined with the momentum he created pull X down into a modified sunset flip!  His shoulders trapped to the mat, X squirms!

Other Guy: Big mistake…

Eryk Masters: Yeah, you don’t turn your back on the Butcher!



THWACK!  Reaching through the ropes, Cade throws a stiff kick right to the back of the Butcher’s head, breaking up the pin attempt!

Bryan Harris: Thanks, Cade!

Holding the back of his head, Jonas taps the mat with his boot, trying to stifle the pain flowing through his consciousness.  Finally re-entering the ring, Cade Sydal seethes with rage, directing his anger at both Jonas and X.  X to his feet now, and Cade charges forward.  Throwing a boot up with in an effort to try and stop Cade’s forward motion, X misses.  Hopping to the middle rope, Cade measures the space between he and his opponent perfectly and spring boards off, landing right into X’s welcoming arms with a guillotine!

Eryk Masters: Grapevine Guillotine Choke!  He has it cinched in DEEP!

Other Guy: Your boy looks to be in trouble, B-Hair!

Spinning in circles, frantically trying to free himself of Cade’s guillotine, X inadvertently creates a clothesline effect with Cade’s swinging legs, nailing Jonas RIGHT between the eyes and sending him back down to the mat just as he was getting to his feet!

Eryk Masters: Wow, Jonas doesn’t even know what hit him!

Squeezing the air from X’s windpipe, Cade sends the Redeemer down to one knee.  Yelling,  “ASK HIM!”, to Lorenzo, Cade tries to pry X’s neck from his body like the lid to a can of tuna.  Soon, though, X shows his true grit and stands back up on both feed with Cade hanging from his head.  Lifting forward up underneath Cade’s body, X finally slips his neck from Cade’s arm and DROPS down to the mat with the points of his knees pointed inward, nearly piercing the heart of the World Heavyweight Champion.


Eryk Masters: Inverted Lung Blower!

Bryan Harris: Fantastic defense by the REAL Number One Contender!

Other Guy: I’ll tell you what, though.  X is going to feel the effects of that in the morning.  Guaranteed.  Cade had that shit applied as tight as I’ve ever seen that hold applied.

Coughing and hacking and clutching at his chest, Cade Sydal rolls and flops around in absolute agony.  Rubbing the soreness from his neck, X jerks his neck to the right and to the left, cracking it in an attempt to loosen it after the roughly applied guillotine.  Jonas, meanwhile, has risen to his feet after the brutal head kick and stands behind X, sliding into position for a Russian Leg Sweep! 

Eryk Masters: Ohh, Jonas looking for that new move he’s been using, the Revelator!

But having his opponent scouted, X throws an elbow up into his Jonas’ grill, stunning him back a few feet.  With Jonas’ back facing his own, X leaps up into the air with an arm cradled and snaps Jonas’ head back down to the mat in a jumping reverse falling neck breaker!

Bryan Harris: SickER Falling Neckbreaker!  Yesss!!!

Other Guy: Shades of Baby Belote there!

Hooking the far leg of Jonas, X makes the cover..



THR- NO!  Jonas shoulders out of the neck breaker, and from the prone position, X immediately transitions into a nasty triangle choke!  Jonas not even CLOSE to the ropes!

Bryan Harris: Jonas is trapped!  He has nowhere to go!  GIVE IT UP, KID!

Jonas screams and Lorenzo is right there to witness his plight up close and personal.  The fans are STANDING as X wrenches in the submission hold, trying to cut off Jonas’ oxygen.  But before the hold even has time to sink in, Cade Sydal is on top of X, pummeling him with lefts and rights!  X refuses to let go, but Cade peppers his face regardless.  As Lorenzo asks Jonas if he wants to submit, Cade then utilizes the one free arm of X and applies a triangle choke of his OWN!

Eryk Masters: My GOD!  X with triangle on Jonas, and Cade with a triangle on X!  This is NUTS!  Absolutely NUTS!  Something’s gotta give here!

Both Jonas and X refuse to give up as Lorenzo splits his time asking the both of them whether or not they want to submit.  Realizing X isn’t going to submit like this, Cade reaches up and grabs a hold of the top rope, pulling himself up with one arm while restricting the life out of X-Calibur.  This added leverage causes X to loosen his grip on Jonas, allowing the Butcher to slip out of the devastating submission hold.

Bryan Harris: NO!!

Eryk Masters: And now X is the only one in danger of tapping!

Other Guy: Look at Jonas, though..

X still struggles within Cade’s triangle as the World Heavyweight Champion holds onto the top rope for added leverage.   But almost immediately, Jonas grabs the feet of X-Calibur and pulls him away from Cade, at the same time Cade cinches in the hold even tighter by holding onto the top rope!  Both X and Cade are elevated off the mat at this point, and all Jonas can do is try and pull X free from the predicament.

Other Guy: It’s like a human edition of tug of war!

Eryk Masters: Personally, I hope the “rope” snaps in two.

Bryan Harris: You’re so mean.

Giving one last heaving tug on the lower half of X’s body, Cade’s grip on the top rope breaks and both men inadvertently slam back down onto the canvas.  As Cade tries to re-apply the hold, Jonas mounts Cade and pummels HIM with lefts and rights!  Each deliberate shot snaps Cade’s head back against the mat until it’s as if Cade is laying in the middle of dream street.  Guiding Cade to his feet after the succession of shots, X is also to his.

Eryk Masters: Everyone’s up!  Time to get the party started again!

Booting Cade in the gut, Jonas sets him up for a power bomb.  Lifting him into the air, Jonas looks for an immediate slam to the canvas but Cade proves to be too quick for him as he lands swiftly on his feet.  Sensing X creeping up on him from behind, Cade throws a spinning back kick that connects square in X-Calibur’s bread basket; the impact even taking him off of his feet and to his knees.  Focusing back on Jonas, Cade throws ANOTHER spinning back kick with the same conviction on Jonas.

Other Guy: Cade is SO dangerous with those feet of his.

Eryk Masters: Cade’s capable of hitting you before you even realize he’s lifted his leg.  He’s not a two-time Champ for nothing.

Both X and Jonas are on their knees five feet in front of each other,  with X planting a knee to steady himself from falling over completely.  Immediately upon seeing this, Cade runs into the ropes behind X and leaps forward, using X’s knee as a step-stool, and flies forward with a knee extended… RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF JONAS!

Eryk Masters: Good.  Fucking.  God.

Other Guy: Shining Wizard!  With an assist from X!  Amazing!

Bryan Harris: I either saw teeth or spit go flying.  Either way?  That was brutal.  JUMP ON THAT SHIT, X!

As if he heard Harris, X pushes to his feet in a running motion.  With a knee extended, X SMASHES the brunt of it right into the temple of Cade, who was half-bent over and half-standing, almost as if he couldn’t decide whether to go for the pin or take care of X.  The force of the knee-trembler folds Cade inside out, drawing a massive, [b]“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!”[/b] from the capacity crowd!

Bryan Harris: BUTTON MASHER!

Eryk Masters: Man, right in the TEMPLE, too.

Other Guy: Lord that looked painful…..

With Jonas still on his back in the corner of the ring, X pulls Cade away towards the center of the ring.  Dropping down with a huge smirk across his face, X makes a lateral press..

Bryan Harris: He’s got him!!!  Hah!


Bryan Harris: HE’S GOT IT!!  HE’S GOT IT!!




Bryan Harris: SON OF A BISCUIT!!!

INCENSED that he didn’t receive the three count, X slams his forearms on the mat.  Standing up, X-Calibur motions for Cade to get up, slinking down to the mat like a snake in the grass.  Disoriented from the high-impact knee trembler, Cade slowly rises to his feet, albeit on spaghetti legs.  Waiting for Cade to turn around, X-Calibur leaps forward with a three-quarter necklock, aiming for his patented cutter!

Bryan Harris: X-TERMINATOR! 

Eryk Masters: NINJAGURAI!!!

Cade jumps the same time as X, though, and pops off with a scintillating enziguri to the side of X’s head!

X-Calibur flops over onto his back, with a glossy look in his eyes.  Clearly still feeling the effects of the “Button Masher”, Cade takes a moment to rest, holding his temple in agony.  Shaking the pain away, Cade crawls over to X… and hooks a leg!


Eryk Masters: Wait… LOOK AT JONAS!!!




Having quietly slid to the ring apron after withstanding the X assisted Shining Wizard, Jonas had slowly begun an ascent to the top rope, only to dive off and interrupt the pinfall with a soaring diving head-butt!  Connecting right across the shoulder of Cade, Jonas brings the World Heavyweight Champion to his feet.  Hitting him with several stiff shots right across the neck, Jonas finally applies a rear waist-lock, but unbeknownst to both Jonas and Cade, X is slowly getting to his feet behind Jonas. 

Lifting upwards in the waist-lock, Jonas HEAVES Cade backwards HARD like a rag doll, looking for the  complete flip-over.  But in mid-backflip, Cade falls right into X’s arms in position for a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!  X DROPS TO HIS KNEES WITH SPINE COMPRESSING VELOCITY!


Other Guy: What a SICK catching Tombstone Piledriver.  And Jonas has NO idea what happened!!

Eryk Masters: Turn around, Jonas!!!

Simply collapsing forward in a north/south position…



THR- Jonas peels X off of Cade by his legs…AND SETS HIM UP FOR A SCORPION DEATH LOCK!!

Eryk Masters: GRIP OF THE VIPER!!


Making the full turn, Jonas locks his version of the Scorpion Death Lock in TIGHTLY, pulling back on X’s legs as hard as he can.  Screaming at X to tap, X yells in anguish.  Searching for the ropes, he finds none.  All he finds is Cade Sydal flat on his back, seemingly unconscious.  As Lorenzo asks if he wants to submit, X shakes his head vehemently.  Suddenly, pushing himself up off of the mat, X manages to drag himself forward a good foot or so, right on top of Cade!

Unsure of what to do, Lorenzo administers the count with Jonas’ back to the pin attempt!

Continuing to scream at X to give it up, Jonas is oblivious to the pin attempt…




When Cade rolls away, clutching his head in pain from the tombstone piledriver, he distances himself just out of X’s reach, who is looking to grab onto ANYTHING.  With the ropes completely out of his reach, X raises his hand as if he’s about to tap out.

Bryan Harris: NO!!!  FIGHT IT, X!!  FIGHT IT!!!

Eryk Masters: Jonas Coleman is about to make X tap.  My heart is an explosion of piss right now.

Just as X looked to submit to the Grip of the Viper, Cade musters up enough energy to dive forward with a bulldog, driving Jonas’ face into the canvas.  A monsoon of boos erupts from the audience as Cade robs Jonas of the submission.  All three men are face down on the canvas, exhausted and in excruciating pain.  X holds his lower back, Cade holds his head, and Jonas covers the bridge of his nose.    

Other Guy: The pain these men are inflicting upon each other just from sheer WRESTLING ability is astounding.  Love any of these guys, or hate any of these guys, these men are truly representing the SHOOT Project here tonight.

Eryk Masters: Agreed.  As much as I can’t stand X or Cade, I fully agree with that statement.

Bryan Harris: I feel like that might have hurt a bit, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Just a tad, B-Hair.

Out of the three competitors, Jonas Coleman is the first to stir.  Reaching for X, Jonas slowly gets to his feet while lifting up underneath X’s jaw with his shoulder.  Once they’re fully standing, Jonas scoops X up, nearly losing his balance as he dumps him upside down onto the top turnbuckle in the tree of woe.

Eryk Masters: Tree of woe?  What is Jonas going for here?!

Exiting through the ropes and carefully stepping AROUND the post so that each foot stands on a different side of the ring apron, Jonas reaches down and grabs a hold of both of X’s flailing arms.  From there Jonas takes three quick breaths, as if to prepare himself for something dangerous.  At this point, Jonas DROPS himself into a floating seated position as hard as he can, nearly ripping X’s arms completely out of their sockets!!

Eryk Masters: Oh my… GOD?!  What the… what the HELL is THAT?!

Other Guy: I believe Jonas is calling that the Butcher’s Hook!

Bryan Harris: THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!

X SCREAMS in agony as all of Jonas’s weights pulls back on X’s arms in an unnatural way.  Pushing forward on the upper back, lower neck region, Jonas creates an around-the-post Mexican surfboard effect that sends this capacity crowd into absolute amazement.


clap, clap, clap-clap-clap


clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

X CONTINUES to scream in absolute agony… when all of a sudden Cade Sydal runs full speed ahead!  He gets as close to X as he can before jumping up as high as his legs will allow him before outright STOPPING his momentum like a true master of aerial assault.  From there, the sands of time nearly come to a halt altogether as Cade glides down into X’s face – his legs EXPLODING into a crescendo of perfect timing!


Other Guy: I can’t say I’ve EVER seen such a combination before… Vertically Applied Mexican Surfboard Around the Post… and a time freezing hesitation dropkick.  Shit just got real, son.

Bryan Harris: But look at Jonas!!

Losing his grip on X after the impact in which Cade hit X with the hesitation dropkick, Jonas falls back right onto the steel steps – the back of his head snapping against the edge of one of the steps. 

Eryk Masters: Man, bad landing for Jonas…

Other Guy: Cade’s about to retain!

Sprawled out awkwardly on the steel steps, Jonas simply writhes in pain.  Exhausted, X collapses against the guard rail, and at the same time, Cade collapses against the edge of the ring apron. All of a sudden, there’s a moment of understanding between Cade and X as they nod at each other and begin peeling away the protective mats covering both the guard rail behind X and the cement floor beneath the spot Cade stood in.

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure WHAT their intentions are here, other than absolute evil.

Other Guy: Anything that can bring Cade and X together like this – even if only momentarily – cannot be good for the recipient.

Bryan Harris: Let’s be real here. X won the tag team titles in LEGACY with Cade for a reason – together, they can cause a shit ton of pain. Such a shame Cade turned out to be such a useless twat!

As soon as the cement flooring and guard rail are exposed, X makes his way to Jonas’ sprawled out frame. Throwing a couple of shots down into Jonas’ face, X brings Jonas to his feet, navigating him towards the exposed ringside areas. Motioning for Cade to move out of the way, X sets Jonas up for a suplex… but Jonas blocks! X tries to lift Jonas again, but Jonas blocks again!

On the third attempt, Jonas turns them both around so that X is facing the cement, but instead of going for a suplex, Jonas spins around into a side Russian leg sweep… THUD!  With sickening force, Jonas drives X face first into the exposed cement floor!


Bryan Harris: DAMN IT!!!

Other Guy: Oh God… X is busted BAD!!!


No sooner did X’s face meet concrete did a gash in his forehead open up and blood begin pouring out underneath him.

Bryan Harris: No, no, no, no, no, no…. this… this can’t be happening!

Before Jonas can celebrate, Cade sneaks up behind Jonas with a side Russian leg sweep of his own and snaps BACKWARDS into the exposed steel railing, sacrificing himself to hurt Jonas just a little bit more!

Eryk Masters: Have to had it to Lorenzo here… just letting these three go like this!

Other Guy: It’s Master of the Mat, Eryk. If he disqualified any of these guys, SHOOT would probably have a riot on its hands!

Bryan Harris: Please get up, X! Pleeeeease…

X stirs a bit, getting to his kneed as the blood pours out of his face, running down his body. Crawling away from the scene as if it were a bad car wreck, X collapses to the mat, anguished by his throbbing, bleeding forehead. Cade, meanwhile, has risen to his feet and is bringing Jonas to his.  Rolling the Butcher under the ropes and into the ring, Cade follows closely behind him and makes a lateral cover, hooking Jonas’ leg..



THR- Jonas kicks out!

Looking bewildered, Cade Sydal  screams at Lorenzo to count faster, to which Lorenzo instructs Cade to get off his case and focus on the match.  Cursing under his breath, Cade brings Jonas to his feet and sets him up in position for a suplex. Lifting him up, Cade slams him back down face first into the mat with a sit out front facing suplex.

Floating over, Cade makes the cover!



THR- NO!! Jonas shoulders out!

Finally to his knees, X rests his elbows on the edge of the ring apron.  A bloody mess, X watches Cade and Jonas intently from the outside, soaking the ring skirt with his blood.

Bringing Jonas to his feet, Cade delivers a stiff backhand chop that reels the Butcher back a few feet. Following up with a forearm shot to the face, Cade leans in on Jonas and sends him into the ropes.  Jonas on the rebound, Cade charging forward.  Flipping forward so that his own momentum flips his legs up into Jonas’ shoulders, Cade agilely flips OVER Jonas into a sunset flip… but Jonas drops to his knees, burying his face into the mat with Cade’s legs trapped!



THREE!! NO!! X breaks it up with a stomp to the back of Jonas’ head!!

Bryan Harris: Atta boy, X!! Haha!! Don’t let a little blood stop you!

Eryk Masters: X BARELY made it in time. Frankly, I’m surprised X is even CONSCIOUS after taking that Revelator on the outside like that.

Other Guy: Say what you will about X… dude’s got a hard head.

Collapsing to his knees… X smirks out of the corner of his mouth.  As Jonas and Cade get to their feet, X wills himself to his.  Booting Jonas in the gut, he locks him up in a front chancery. Seeing this, though, Cade does an about face and jumps to the middle rope. Anticipating the move, X SHOVES Jonas out of the way, and when Cade springboards away from the rope in a twisting motion, X jumps and snatches his head in mid air, DRILLING him to the mat!


Eryk Masters: I don’t believe it!  He caught Cade out of nowhere with that!!

X is up, but before he can cover Cade, Jonas boots him in the gut.

Wrapping his arm around both arms, Jonas lifts X up into the air… but X wriggles free!

Jonas advances toward X, and X jumps with his arm cradled.

Jonas shoves X away, narrowly missing the X-Terminator!

X is back up, and Jonas boots him in the gut.

Wrapping his arm around X’s neck from behind, Jonas snaps in a rolling motion to the right DRIVING him down to the mat with a rolling cutter!


Other Guy: X.  IS.  OUUUUT. And so is Cade still, by the looks of it!

Bryan Harris:

The Las Vegas crowd comes UNGLUED as X’s crimson soaked face hits the canvas with the devastating Cataclysm’s Edge.  Rolling X over, Jonas hooks a leg… the crowd counts along with Lorenzo…



THREE – NO!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!! 



Other Guy: I’m…not sure?  Everyone was so focused on Jonas hitting the Cataclysm’s Edge we failed to notice where Kenji came from!  I think he hopped a guard rail though… what the hell?!

Jonas barely has a moment to react before Kenji nimbly pounces up on him with stiff kicks and punches. Without any hesitation, Kenji snaps off an enziguri that echoes like a gunshot through the arena, bringing Jonas down face first to the outside mat.


Jonas’ eyes nearly spasm into the back of his head as Kenji drags him over to the exposed concrete area that Jonas busted X open on earlier.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is Kenji doing out here!? This match has nothing to do with Project: SCAR!

Other Guy: All I can think is Jonas is a member of the Bad Ass Brotherhood… and Project: SCAR haven’t exactly been playing nice with them lately.

Bryan Harris:  Who gives a shit!  Kenji is my fucking HERO tonight!!

Kenji, while holding Jonas by his hair, walks backwards a few feet onto the exposed concrete and positions himself right behind Jonas with a half-nelson. Pulling backwards ever so slightly to elevate Jonas off the concrete, Kenji pushes down on Jonas’ head while falling to the concrete in a sit-out position!

The thud that echoes through the arena nearly brings every one in attendance to an eerie silence as Jonas doesn’t move an inch. He simply he lays there, a folded up and twisted wreck.  Kenji, meanwhile, slowly walks off, his mouth forming a horrible smile, savoring his handiwork.

Eryk Masters: O-o-oh my God… that was solid concrete… Kenji just… Deep Scar onto the damn concrete.

Other Guy: Wow…

Bryan Harris: Someone toss that man a Hierarchy t-shirt!

X sprawled out in the center of the ring, bleeding like a stuck pig.

Jonas is unconscious outside of the ring.

And Cade… is finally coming to.

Rolling to his stomach, Cade shakes the cobwebs away as he searches for someone.  Seeing X-Calibur laid out on the mat, Cade starts crawling on his hands and knees towards him.

Inch after inch, Cade shortens the gap between he and X-Calibur.

Jonas Coleman, meanwhile, has not moved a muscle.

Climbing on top of X by crawling from his legs to his upper body, Cade mounts X and leans in with all of his weight.

Lorenzo administers the count…

Eryk Masters: X is still out!


Other Guy: Jonas isn’t even in the ring






Cade sees the move coming, though, and gets an arm up, blocking X from criss-crossing his own foot.

Blood POURING out of X’s face, Cade tries to open up the wound further by throwing hammer-fists with the that isn’t blocking X’s leg from crossing.  Punch after punch, his knuckles turn a deep shade of scarlet with X’s DNA smearing all over his skin.

Eryk Masters: Cade’s arm is trapped!  If he moves it, X will cinch in the Bite of the Basilisk!  He has nowhere to go here but to knock X out!

Fist after fist, Cade hammers the shit out of X’s face.

X’s shoulders slowly slink to the mat.

Lorenzo counts..



THR- X keeps a shoulder up, and with this he returns fire at Cade with brutal, close-fisted punches to Cade’s jaw, nose, and orbital bone.

Eryk Masters: My GOD… the term war of attrition has never been more appropriate than this moment right here!

Other Guy: Cade is fighting for his LIFE!!!  I can’t believe he still has it blocked!!!

Throwing down his head-set, Bryan Harris stands on top of the announce table, cupping his hands and SCREAMING at X!

While Cade’s attention is diverted for only a fraction of a second… it is more than enough for X to catch Cade under the chin with an uppercut, stunning him, causing him to instinctively protect his face with the arm that was blocking X’s leg from locking in the hold.

As soon as Cade goes to cover his face, X interlocks his leg around his foot, trapping Cade’s arm and neck like a hungry serpent.

Cade SCREAMS in agony, PISSED that he let X complete the hold.

X screams back at Cade, blood POURING from his wound down his face.


Cade kicks his feet frantically on the mat, the soles of his boots trying to dig into the canvas but the blood from X’s wound are too slippery for Cade to get traction.  His feet desperately try to find his footing, but X SQUEEZES… and SQUEEZES… and SQUEEZES the life out of Cade.

Cade finally stops squirming, the agonizing pain evident in his facial expressions and shrieks of dismay.  He raises his free hand in a balled fist, trying to swing at X’s face, but with the gogoplata fully locked in, all Cade comes up with is the underside of X’s bicep.  Every muscle in X’s body tenses.  Veins bulging from the amount of pressure he is applying to Cade’s face.  To add to the nauseating sight, X wraps his arm over Cade’s, and with his free hand he punches right on the edge of Cade’s elbow, threatening to break his arm completely in half while he constricts the airflow to his brain.      


Eryk Masters: Oh… my God.  Look at X.  Look… look at his face.  He’s like a fucking DEMON!

Other Guy: I’m actually worried about Cade here.  He’s going to break his arm, and possibly crush his larynx if he doesn’t tap out!

Eryk Masters:  If you’re going to be worried about ANYONE, be worried about Jonas Coleman.  He still hasn’t moved since Kenji took him out…

Looking as if he’s fading, Cade’s arm drops… but just before Lorenzo checks to see if Cade is out, Cade lets out a carnal scream and with one last burst of energy, tries to dig the soles of his boots into the mat for some traction.  Finally finding some, Cade stands up in a fully bent over position with X refusing to let go of the hold.


Trying to lift X completely off the mat, Cade screams and sputters, trying to dead lift the much larger X off the mat.  He manages to lift X an inch or two off the mat, but Cade’s energy wanes and he drops X, collapsing to his knees while still in the gogoplata.

Other Guy: Man… I thought he was gonna get out of it.

Reaching a foot out, Cade searches DESPERATELY for the bottom rope, not realizing that it’s still a good four feet away from him.



Other Guy: Cade’s gonna tap!!!  For the love of GOD….

In between punching the back of elbow Cade’s elbow joint, X RIPS down on the back of Cade’s head. 

With nowhere to go, Cade finally stops struggling.

Raising his hand… he hovers it above the mat, clearly not wanting to tap.

But as X begins punching the back of his elbow joint again, Cade taps, and Lorenzo immediately calls for the bell.

Bryan Harris RACES to the timekeeper’s table, RIPPING the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship from Mark Kendrick.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… at a time of ONE HOUR, SEVEN MINUTES, and THIRTY-EIGHT SECONDS… the winner of this match by submission… annnnnnnnd…..



Eryk Masters: No… he can’t be Champion.  He… he can’t be.  It didn’t happen.  It… didn’t… happen.

Other Guy: I’m afraid so, Eryk.  X-Calibur is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Eryk Masters: You know what this means, right?

Other Guy: Sure do.  The Hierarchy is on top of the world right now.

Eryk Masters: Yeah… and God help us all.

Realizing the events that just unfolded, Cade Sydal buries his face into the mat, disgusted with himself for allowing his reign to come to an end.  Cassi Ryan kneels down beside her man, resting a hand over Cade’s back as she tries to comfort the defeated former titleholder.

A medical team POURS out from the back with a gurney, with each of them racing it down the ramp all the way to the side of the ring where Jonas Coleman STILL lays motionless.

While the medical team works on Jonas, The Hierarchy emblem lights up on the SHOOTron and the entire arena explodes into a chorus of boos – some of them even going as far as throwing cups of soda and beer into the ring.  It is at this moment that “Summer Overture (Lords of the Ring Remix)”, the theme song for the Hierarchy, blasts onto the PA system.  Moments later, Azrael Goeren, Mirage, Jean-Gerard Baptiste, and Anarchy members T. Rex and Arch Angel all pour out from the back, practically jumping for joy at the victorious X-Calibur. 

Bryan Harris kneels down beside X-Calibur with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder, patting X on the chest as if to say, “You did it, Boss.”.  X-Calibur continues to lay flat on his back and bleed buckets from his head as the Hierarchy all climb into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Disgusting.  Just… I’m literally sick to my stomach right now.

Each one of them circle the newly crowned Champion of the World, trying to do their part in taking care of their great Redeemer.  T. Rex hands a towel to Azrael Goeren, who futilely wipes the blood away from X’s face only to have more pour out of the wound seconds later.  Arch Angel and Mirage help him to his feet, and as Bryan Harris hands X-Calibur his title, both T. Rex and Arch Angel lift X up onto their massive shoulders, high into the air.

As X-Calibur raises the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, the medical team raise Jonas Coleman carefully onto a gurney, sliding a brace around his neck.  Cade and Cassi slide out of the ring, the frustration evident on their defeated faces.

Our final shot of Master of the Mat is of X-Calibur grinning from ear to ear atop the shoulders of his beloved brethren, blood pouring down his face as he holds the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship high above his head for the world to see.