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News & Notes – Ruination 29/Revolution 179

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

  • It’s been clarified that the six-person tag team main event of the upcoming Ruination will have major Iron Fist Championship ramifications. If the team of IAM, Haskell Payne, and Lexi Gold win, they’ll each receive an Iron Fist Championship opportunity in the near future. Should the title change hands at any point in between, each soldier will still receive their earned shot. If they lose, however, none of them will be able to challenge for the Iron Fist Championship while Jacob Mephisto is the champion.

  • SHOOT Project announced today that it had signed five new talents. First up, El Cuco, an enormous competitor from the Dominican Republic. SHOOT was said to be very impressed by his size and skill, as most men his size are not as versatile as he seems to be. Next, a man simply known as Boston. It’s rumoed that Boston may have ties to a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, but that remains to be seen.

  • The other two men came from an interesting place, and that’s Jester Smiles’ wrestling school. Smiles, also known as Eric Rohkar, hasn’t been seen in or around the SHOOT Project in quite some time, so this was a very exciting signing from a staff perspective, as Real Deal and OutKast have long wished to bring Rohkar back into the fold in some way or another.

  • Finally, “Bulldog” Jack Horn signed on the dotted line following Ruination and Revolution. Horn is a former MMA fighter looking to make his way into professional wrestling. He will see his first bit of action at Revolution 180 against Roddy “The Body” Oddie.

  • With the overtures made towards her on Ruination and Revolution, it’s clear that Joshua Breedlove is scouting Judy Punchinello for the Holy Breedlove Empire. There’s been some rumblings of changes on the way, and with the Empire shedding some members lately, looking to add an up and coming singles talent into the mix with Curtis Rose and El Paria makes a lot of sense.

  • There are rumors that following Chad Kyle and Blaze Claymore’s loss, Chad Kyle approached World Heavyweight Champion Joshua Breedlove to attempt to procure legal counsel.  The prevailing rumor is that he is attempting to draft some sort of contract with SHOOT Project management, although the details are fuzzy at best.  When asked for comment, representatives from the Empire simply stated “Emperor Breedlove will give no comment other than, and I quote, “This is Hilarious.”

  • On the Empire front, there’s been no confirmation that VOID has joined the Empire in an official capacity. It seems that this is an arrangement between Breedlove and Void exclusively.

  • El Paria was not present at Ruination or Revolution this weekend as he continues to serve his suspension for the unprotected chairshot onto Jamie Johnson. Paria has not been seen since that night.

  • On the subject of Jamie Johnson, he will defend the Sin City Championship against Haseo Karasawa, who was successful in his debut. Karasawa was said to have impressed in his match against Danny V5 and the front office is looking to test him against the defending champion.

  • On that same note, Blaise Blaze was said to have impressed a lot of people with his attitude backstage and his appearance on Ruination. It’s possible that this is why his first match is a shot at the Shut Up and Fight Championship, it’s also possible that Blaze Claymore just wanted to establish who the superior Blaze is.

  • Dan Richards is still listed as being unavailable for competition. Joe Quinn will go it truly alone when he takes on Power Devil at Ruination

  • We received word on Monday evening that former SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champion, Ria Lockhart, has elected to enter rehab on her own accord. SHOOT Project will be covering any and all expenses that result from this and will be glad to welcome Ria back into the fold once she’s ready.

  • Reports coming in from University Medical Center are saying that Alexander Vaka has herniated several disks in his lumbar spine following his attack at the hands of UCA.  At this time, surgical intervention is a certainty, but a return to action has yet to be determined.  For his part, Vaka seems to be in good spirits and seems to be very proud of his tag team partner Curtis Rose for, “Finally taking his job seriously.”

  • Save for the death of some brain cells caused by the stupidity of Delayed Heat’s pre-match promo, Lux Aeterna reported no injuries after their successful tag title defense on Revolution

  • Sometime between Ruination and Revolution reports say Blaze Claymore complained to management that Blaise Blaze is engaged in copyright infringement of the “Blaze” name within SHOOT Project. After apparently demanding SHOOT issue a cease and desist order to Blaise Blaze and getting rejected he reportedly said “Well, then he should just shut up and fight” which, quote “caused all the furniture in Lennox Ferguson’s office to spin around and let out a high-pitched squeal for having said the ‘Magic Words’” and that is why the two are now slotted to face each other at Ruination 30. 


  • After winning the inaugural “First Strike” match against Laura Seton and Josh Conway, there has been a lot of chatter about comments Heavyweight Champion Joshua Breedlove has made encouraging Judy Punchinello to reach out for a meeting of the minds. So far no meeting has been reported between the pair but there have been no denials of a meeting either.


  • Reports have surfaced from staff at the Moody Center that a “special delivery” is scheduled to arrive ahead of the SHOOT Project’s visit to Austin. No further information is available at this time, and even senior staff seem confused by the news, but fans in the Austin area are reportedly saying they will be on the lookout as the events get closer.