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News & Notes – Ruination 30/Revolution 180

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

  • Dan Stein will be replacing Josh Conway in the Iron Will Last Chance matches on the upcoming Ruination 31 card. He will take on Laura Seton and Curtis Rose for one of the remaining Iron Will Classic slots.

  • Josh Conway has been terminated by the SHOOT Project.

  • Joshua Breedlove was said to be unhappy with how Revolution concluded, believing that Real Deal’s interruption was uncalled for and “just plain rude.” 

  • SHOOT Project has signed 38-year-old Tommy Knuckles to a short-term deal. No word yet on what his role will be moving forward, though some possible options include Lennox Ferguson’s staff, the Empire, or something else along those lines.

  • Azraith DeMitri was at the eSports fighting game tournament EVO, over the weekend. He met with video game executives from all the major studios, but representatives from the new MultiVersus franchise were said to be interested in the Broguns and El Paria for their game. No word yet on whether or not anything else came from those meetings.

  • Jamie Johnson was in high spirits after his victory over Haseo Karasawa. Jamie’s brother, Jack, was at the show with him and was said to have been very engrossed in Jamie’s matchup.

  • Spinebuster Island is back at full strength after the return of Dan Richards to confront the Unholy Cyber Army. The two teams have agreed to square off at Iron Will, on September 4th

  • A representative for Joshua Breedlove confirmed that Judy Punchinello was offered the Holy Breedlove Empire’s private jet to travel from Austin to New Orleans so the two could “have a chat” and reports are that the two were indeed seen together in the city shortly after Breedlove’s plane was reported to have landed.

  • And it could be that Breedlove may soon be the only friend Judy P. has among the roster after harassing veteran Laura Seton who has been well regarded for her professionalism and humility since her return. A source who wished to remain anonymous stated “Whoever is giving Judy advice is going to tank her career. I refuse to believe it’s Banshee. Someone else is stoking this and she’s going to burn all her bridges before she even has a chance to finish building them.”

  • Dutch Harris is reportedly healing fine after receiving several stitches following a surprise assault by former Shut Up and Fight champion Blaze Claymore. Harris has declined to press charges noting it would quote, “be exactly what that chicken shit would want me to do to fuel his conspiracy nonsense.” However, that has not stopped Chief of Staff Lennox Ferguson from issuing Claymore a $10,000 fine for the infraction. 

  • A celebratory Daihm Ferguson was seen singing karaoke at a local Austin bar following his victory over Ultimo Muerte, making the two an even 1-to-1 in their battle for a roster spot. Daihm reportedly wowed the crowd with his renditions of “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Father of Mine,” and a surprisingly aggressive punk rock take on “Cat’s in the Cradle.”

  • Benedict Kaye is in stable condition after his attack at the hands of Nate Robideau.  He suffered an oblique displacement fracture of his humerus, a transverse fracture to the ulnar, and a dislocated shoulder.  His timetable for healing has not been released, but a source close to the situation indicates that he could be looking at over 12 months between surgeries, healing, and physical therapy.

  • Cece Kaye was cleared under concussion protocol.  She reportedly has not left the hospital since Benedict was admitted.

  • Blackhawk Fight Gym is temporarily closed as Nate Robideau focuses on relocation.  While he offered sparse details about the new location, he advised that he’s looking for a better neighborhood and a more up to date facility.  Classes will in the meantime be held at that YMCA Centennial Hills Community Center

  • While Ruination ended with some confused as to Patience Montgomery’s disappearance during the main event six-person tag team match, it’s been reported that what the cameras didn’t pick up was PRIME talent Anna Daniels mocking the Red Right Hand of The Wicked from the entrance stage. Unconfirmed rumors of a short confrontation in the locker room area while the main event was concluding have begun to surface at the time of this writing.

  • It’s been heavily rumored that Brogun Member Dave de los Muertos plans on being present at the Final Revolution before Iron Will 2. Sources say that the fate of the Battalion Championships have been weighing heavily on his mind and he’s less than pleased with the attention management has shown the division that he and his Brogun partners have dominated.