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News & Notes – Ruination 31/Revolution 181

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

    • It has been confirmed that SHOOT Project alumni Charles Bryant Pence, also known as CBP or “The Greatest Wrestler To Never Win A Match”, has been hired on as a backstage interviewer. When asked about his hiring, CBP was quoted as saying: “I’ll be World Champion in no time!” When reminded that his role would be not be as a contracted wrestler, he just repeated “I’ll be World Champion in no time!”

    • Smiles Investment and RISE Dispensaries (a subsidiary of Green Thumb Industries) have reached a deal on a new line of medical marijuana strains themed after SHOOT Project wrestlers. Two products have been announced, the All Smiles and Sunshine hybrid blend and the BROGUNJA sativa. Products will be available in all 67 RISE Dispensaries.

    • Dan Stein is said to be in good spirits after the main event of Ruination 31 saw him come up short against Laura Seton. Stein was seen leaving the arena alone in a rental car, hurriedly heading home after Ruination. It’s still unknown if Stein will have a taker for his open challenge at Iron Will at this time, but he remains hopeful he’ll get the Pay-Per-View check.

    • For the record, 8/21 was Siobhan Stein‘s birthday, and SHOOT Project executives had cleared Stein to return home ahead of the show. We here at SHOOT Project wish Siobhan a very happy belated birthday.

    • Ria Lockhart has completed her stint in drug rehab and is cleared for action. It’s said that particular wording in her contract is what’s delaying her return. Sources say both sides are in discussion and that things have been very amicable thus far.

    • Sources say SHOOT Project scouts will attend the Milo Flynn Cup at the end of the month. The Flynn Cup is an annual indie tag team tournament held in Indiana. This year’s tourney will feature established teams from PRIME and Bang! Pro Wrestling, but scouts are  more interested in the diamonds in the rough. Watch this space to see if their foray bears any fruit!

    • Iron Will 2 marks the 100th show since SHOOT Project returned in 2020.

    • With the Smoothie King Center hosting both Ruination and Revolution, it’s being reported that members of the DEFIANCE roster were in the house to watch compatriot Lindsay Troy in action. New Orleans is the home base for the black and red brand, and it’s rumored that DEFIANTS will be in attendance again for Iron WIll 2 in a few short weeks. 

    • After the Ruination match between Lindsay Troy and Isaiah Galliard, both Troy and Ayumi Seppuku left the Epicenter for Tulane University’s Medical Center to check on Buck Dresden.

    • Following the results of Revolution 181, Judy Punchinello was reported to have stayed behind to talk to a large group of fans who had been holding signs and cheering her on. The interaction went so long that the arena lights had to be shut off to get everyone to leave. According to other sources the group found then found their way to a nearby bar – singing karaoke renditions of British punk rock songs until 3 AM.

    • [22:35 CDT] Records show that Blaze Claymore, former Shut Up and Fight Champion, one half of Delayed Heat, and friend to recent Shut Up and Fight No. 1 Contender X-Chadilibur was NOT in New Orleans for any of the events of Ruination 31 or Revolution 181. 

    • [08:05 CDT] Records also show that upon hearing Iron Will 2 will also take place in New Orleans, Blaze Claymore booked a flight from Los Angeles. There is no indication as to why Claymore traveled back to Los Angeles and not Las Vegas following his assault on Dutch Harris as any charges filed would have jurisdiction in Austin, Texas.

    • [12:35 CDT] A fan recording of Blaze Claymore arriving the Las Vegas airport was recently posted to Spitter. The recording shows Blaze screaming wildly at his phone, brandishing it at people, while shouting that he was staging a protest and would “stay booked in jail until he is booked on Iron Will 2.” There has been no comment from SHOOT Project about Mr. Claymore’s current legal status.

    • Ayumi Seppuku was admitted to University Medical Center New Orleans for observations following the post-match attack by Luis de Leon. She was discharged following overnight monitoring and should be cleared to compete at Iron Will 2. When asked for comment about the actions by one half of the Carolina Lions, Ayumi simply stated: “Luis and Isaiah want to be SHOOT Project champions? Good luck and godspeed. They’re going to need it.”