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News & Notes – Ruination 47/Revolution 197

Trailer Trash Terry Takes Offense: Word is Trailer Trash Terry is upset with a recent criticism from COMBAT Kaputo suggesting he shouldn’t have been hired.  A source reports he said, “I’d be upset too if I looked like Godzilla with tits, but there’s gonna be hell to pay for insulting me. After I take that Sin City Championship, I’ll deal with COMBAT Kaputo.”


-At Revolution 197, we were treated to a rare sight–the presence of a lone Colton. While Dennis returned from the Milo Flynn Cup for the show, Benjamin stayed behind for “personal reasons.” We have since learned that those reasons are related to the near-tragedy that befell Angel Quinley of the New World Trash.


According to eyewitness accounts, Benjamin was one of the first people to reach United Hospital after Angel was rushed there. He stayed there for the better part of two days, keeping vigil while Quinley’s tag team partner, Bex Savage, competed on Night Two of the event…and then disappeared following her loss in the semifinals. Rumor is that other people tried to take over for him, but he refused to leave until Savage was found.


Since then, he has been absent from all public appearances and social media.


Benjamin Colton and Bex Savage met at last year’s Flynn Cup, where the New World Trash defeated the Coltons in the final. Shortly thereafter, they had a series of romantic involvements, the first of which earned Benny a lifetime ban from the Space Needle (Editor’s Note: Nice.). Their situationship supposedly fell apart a few months ago, but it’s obvious that the two still share some kind of connection.


It is not yet known whether he will be in attendance for the next SHOOT Project events.


Nate Robideau has been fined an undisclosed amount of money after the series of backstage assaults on talent and most notably, SHOOT Project CEO and Owner, the Real Deal. He has also been barred from the Epicenter and suspended from the active roster for Ruination 48 and Revolution 198.


-On that note, the Real Deal was taken to University Medical after the closing events of Revolution 197 played out. He was treated for several cuts and lacerations, bruises, and also a concussion. He was asked repeatedly if he’d considered firing Nate Robideau for his actions and his response was a resounding no, suggesting that firing Nate would be doing him a favor and saving him from the returning Joshua Breedlove.


-On the subject of Breedlove, word trickling through is that Breedlove was cleared for Eternal, and the plan was for him to return in a more “normal” fashion at Revolution. The situation with Nate Robideau changed those plans.


-Get ready to start seeing YA BOI show off his syrup pouring skills.  The SHOOT Project Premier Champion will be starring in a nationwide marketing campaign for the Waffle House chain.  Black Sheep Baez and his On Godtourage mentioned visiting Waffle House after their interaction with NC-17 at Revolution this past Monday night.  Baez has signed a deal to be the face of the famous breakfast chain until 2025.


Is there a Waffle House in Las Vegas? Local fans of the SHOOT Project sought out a new Waffle House chain developed somewhere near the Strip, but to no avail.  The closest Waffle House to Las Vegas is in Phoenix, Arizona.  That means the On Godtourage and the Premier champ had to travel four hours to enjoy an All-Star breakfast or the most inexpensive delicious t-bone with eggs.


“They flew us out to Phoenix,” Georgia Campo told our reporter yesterday afternoon.  The SHOOT superstar began recording his first commercial on Tuesday morning in Arizona.  Baez and his crew then flew to Norcross, Georgia, to record more commercials at Waffle House HQ.  The ads will begin airing through social media channels and on streaming platforms where ads are permitted.


The Premier Champion will team up with Maddie Seton to take on the ferocious duo of Lexi Gold and NC-17 to open Revolution on Monday, September 18.  Baez has been scheduled for four appearances starting with Baltimore Comic Con on September 8, the Allentown/Lehigh Toy Show (PA) on the 9th, Monroe Pop Fest (MI) on the 15th, and Collect-A-Con Charlotte on the 16th.

Pandora and Ultimo Muerte were spotted at McCarran Airport heading for Mexico after eating the pin in the tag match. No word on a return flight  

-The Milo Flynn Cup has come and gone, but the SHOOT Project were represented by a young group out of Buffalo called Paydirt Squadron.  The tag team lost in the second round to a team that eventually made it to the finals.  Paydirt looked very good in their debut after breaking out from the Buffalo indy scene.  The duo of Lil Virtuoso and BASHTIN will be at Ruination, September 17, and plan to introduce themselves to the SHOOT universe.