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News & Notes: RUINATION 51 & REVOLUTION 201



-In a move that some may find surprising, the famed voice of Revolution, known as the Other Guy, wrapped up his contractual responsibilities with the SHOOT Project following Revolution 201. The decision was made some months ago that he would not be renewing, but at that time no replacement had been decided on. 


This wraps up a 15+ year long career with the SHOOT Project for the Other Guy, and while there was some rumor that he’d go on to start a podcast, ultimately those rumors have been dispelled. OG’s longevity means that he will be well taken care of by SHOOT Project for the forseeable future.


There was some discussion about moving Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura to the Revolution desk, but ultimately minds were changed when a different option made itself available. 


The option, which will come as a surprise to some, is someone who’s been on the desk before. In fact, he’s held multiple roles here at the SHOOT Project, but most recently was seen as a consultant during the early 2020s and into 2021. 


That man is Jason Johnson.


For awhile, there were some legal obstacles in place that would prohibit Jason Johnson’s full time employment with the company, but that deal has been amended. He will still be legally prohibited from having a leadership role in the SHOOT Project and it’s been stated that that’s something that will be constantly audited and under an intense amount of scrutiny with company-sinking fines being levied if SHOOT is found to be non-compliant.


The long and short of it is that the new announce team for Revolution is Eryk Masters and Jason Johnson.


-It’s also being rumored that SHOOT Project Owner & CEO, Josh Johnson, is looking to take a step back. With the United Wrestling Accord taking a lot of Johnson’s focus, it’s possible that he’s looking for a COO to carry out the day to day operations of the company. Nothing on that has been decided and it’s safe to say this is still just a rumor. No word on who might be rumored to be taking over that role or anything like that either.


-Former SHOOT Project World Champion Nate Robideau appears to be legitimate in his desire for a clean break from Joshua Breedlove.  A source within SHOOT states that there is no current plan for them to face one another again in any sort of blowoff match, and that Robideau has requested that he be given more time to develop his students and run fight camps with them, which has been granted.


-Rumors have suggested that Arthur Pleasant’s surprise return to SHOOT Project had less to do with his Father, X-Calibur, and more to do with unfinished business revolving around championship gold. Being a former Iron Fist Champion, the Provocateur has undoubtedly acquired a taste for being on top, so one might wonder if he has his eyes set on taking the World Heavyweight Championship away from one of his biggest rivals, Azraith DeMitri. 


-Having improved his game since his last tenure, many have been noticeably impressed with his look. On top of adding 20lbs of muscle, Pleasant’s in-ring style seems much more focused. Even if he still bites and stabs someone with a fork or two.


-Reporters caught up with Mike de los Huesos to ask if he has any intent to join The Empire, which he emphatically denied: “Nah, fuck no.  I got mad love for Joshie Breedlove, but I don’t really fuck with the Johnson family like that, and I’m walking a solitary path placed before me by the holy skeletons. Balling facilities though!”


-Izzy Sia has been rumored to be fielding offers from multiple companies and management firms on the back of her strong showing at the Belmont Classic.  Though no one has made any statements, Sia is still under a “first option” contract with SHOOT through 2025.


-Speaking of the Belmont Classic, La Muerte Roja has said to have impressed SHOOT Project officials for his representation of the company, even with having only a few matches under his belt. Roja’s potential is also said to be “limitless” given his look, ability, and general aura backstage.