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News & Notes: Ruination 54 & Revolution 204



– Following an interruption by Justin Moreno, SHOOT Project had to cancel the previously scheduled performance by ULTIMATUM. While there are no immediate plans for a rescheduled performance, CYBER Thunder Fist has promised the fans the show of a lifetime when the time is right.


– Rumors are swirling about the exact details of Ayumi Seppuku’s new contract with very little in the way of confirmed details. All that we know is that not only is she set to be one of the highest-paid members of the roster, but supposedly there is language that grants “realization of unrecognized gains” while being on indefinite suspension.


Ayumi Seppuku has also repeatedly gone through a battery of tests to ensure she can be physically cleared for her match at Revolution. As of this report, there seems to be no indication the match is in any danger of being canceled. This will be the first official match the Hall of Famer has competed in since Reckoning Day 2022.


Jack Johnson, aka El Paria, has been forcefully quarantined to either the Empire’s Sanctum or the SHOOT Project Epicenter. When on either grounds, he’ll be accompanied by the relevant company’s security and will have 24/7 security as a result. Additional protection has also been offered to all partners and children of office staff.


– The first non-wrestling appearance of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship of Laura Seton’s reign will take place Monday, March 11 during Show and Tell for her twin kindergartners.  Laura will be in attendance but as it is in a school setting, the public will not be allowed.


– Sources say that within the next week, an ultrasound is scheduled for the surrogate of Jack Johnson and Madison Seton’s baby.  The appointment could also serve as the reveal of the baby’s gender.  While not confirmed, it is widely said that Madison has no interest in learning the baby’s gender ahead of time, preferring the surprise at time of birth.


– On a lighter note for him, Jack has also indicated when asked that he’s down for the surprise, but is cool either way.


Johnny Patriot was seen leaving the Epicenter with his lower back heavily kinesio taped after his match against Ryan Samuels.


Ultimo Muerte is said to be returning from Mexico, though it’s unclear which brand he will be returning on.


Dan Stein was disappointed that his cousin couldn’t get the win against Ryan Samuels. He looked disheveled after the weekend, in which he was involved in several segments across both of the shows.


The Punch Line has returned to Canada for some recuperation after both men suffered from an extreme amount of blood loss in their match on Revolution. Their agent, “Mr. Canada” Roy Vezina has reassured everyone that the Punch Line will be back up and running in no time, because “yes they can-ada!”


“The Midwest Nightmare” Ryan Samuels has a new t-shirt he has been spotted wearing. It is a simple white shirt with “I Buried Johnny Patriot’s Career” in red across the front. Samuels was quoted saying he is selling the shirts for $20 each on his instaspam account.


Joshua Breedlove was overheard hyping up the new members of the Empire, Mike de los Huesos & Madison Seton. They’re widely seen as talent with prodigious potential and the word seems to be that Breedlove feels very grateful to have them on board. It’s being rumored that the former champion is not finished finding and grabbing talent for his group.


– The feud between Archer Quincannon and Elijah Cassisus Starborne is getting very positive reviews backstage.


– The staff was also very impressed with Alex Kincaid’s return to the company, feeling that the former Iron Fist Champion has not lost a step since he was last in the SHOOT Project.


– While still under contract with the SHOOT Project, the Sin City Scoundrels are currently spending most of their time in a sanctioned Violence ring. They’ve put together an impressive run over there so far and hope to be challenging for the tag team championships soon.


– There are rumors that SHOOT Project is either signing or has signed PRIME star Anna Daniels. Not much else is known around this story, just that she’s been seen at the Epicenter and in conversations with both Dan Stein and Josh Johnson. Could just be visiting, could be more. Who knows!