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Pat Cassidy

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Name:"Black Out" Pat Cassidy
Wrestling Style:Brawler / Showman
Weight:240 lbs.
Date of Birth:09/14/1994
Hometown:Boston, MA
Finisher Name:The Irish Goodbye
Finishing Move:Reverse STO
Theme Music:"Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight" by The Dropkick Murphys
Signature 1:Splash Of Jameson (Stinger Splash)
Signature 2:Last Shot (bionic steel plate flying forearm)
Signature 3:Top Rope Belly-to-Back Superplex
Signature 4:Green Monsta Bomb (Blue Thunder Bomb)
Bio:“Black Out” Pat Cassidy is a charismatic young wrestler with a love of the drink, a song in his heart, and a constant itch for a good brawl. Guided by a pretty solid moral compass, Cassidy has found his dream job: he gets to fight people for a living and party like a rock star into the night afterwards. He wins over the fans due to a natural charisma in the ring, a sharp and earnest wit on the mic, and an absolutely unashamed willingness to sometimes make a fool of himself in the name of a good time. While Cassidy is generally an easy guy to get along with, he is not afraid to let his fists do the talking if he feels disrespect. A combination of the legendary Irish temper and a childhood growing up in poverty has left him somewhat sensitive to being talked down to. Still, to Cassidy, what happens in the ring is mostly just business and in the name of sport, and once the grappling is done he's usually happy to head down to the local watering hole and buy you a round (or six). Just be careful if he gets too much in him, because he fancies himself quite the singer.