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PINNACLE: Clash of Titans

PINNACLE Wrestling: Clash of Titans PPV

PINNACLE Wrestling: Clash of Titans PPV

Location: Bellingham Sportsplex, Bellingham, WA

The much-anticipated PPV event, Clash of Titans, is here! Tonight, champions will be crowned, scores will be settled, and history will be made in front of a sold-out crowd.

Match: Miguel Diaz vs. Acid Casualty

Match Type: Cruiserweight Championship Match

Summary: In a high-flying and fast-paced match, Miguel Diaz and Acid Casualty push each other to the limit. Diaz secures the victory with a breathtaking "Life Sentence", becoming the first PINNACLE Cruiserweight Champion.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Segment: "Backstage Drama"

Backstage, The Dandies are seen preparing nervously for their tag team title match, highlighting the high stakes and their determination to win gold.

Match: The Dandies vs. Vain

Match Type: Tag Team Championship Match

Summary: With perfect synergy and an array of impressive maneuvers, The Dandies defeat Vain to become the inaugural PINNACLE World Tag Team Champions. Their victory is celebrated with an emotional in-ring moment.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Segment: "Rivalry Intensifies"

Before the next match, Titan Magnus and Oshidashi engage in a heated confrontation in the locker room area, escalating their feud and setting a brutal tone for their upcoming clash.

Match: Titan Magnus vs. Oshidashi

Match Type: Grudge Match

Summary: In a brutal display of power and aggression, both competitors tear each other apart. The match ends in a double disqualification due to excessive violence, leaving the feud unresolved and the crowd roaring for more.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Main Event: David Fish vs. Paul Perfect vs. Titan Magnus

Match Type: Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Summary: In a climactic battle filled with drama and near-falls, David Fish outlasts his competitors. He capitalizes on a critical mistake by Paul Perfect, pinning him after a devastating "Fish Hook" to become the first PINNACLE World Heavyweight Champion.

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Show Data

Attendance: 3,800 (Sold Out)

Show Gate: $57,000

Match of the Night: Main Event - World Heavyweight Championship Match

Top 3 Most Popular Acts: David Fish, Miguel Diaz, The Dandies