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PINNACLE: Detonation 003

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Episode 3

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Episode 3

Location: Bellingham Sportsplex, Bellingham, WA

The drama intensifies as rivalries deepen and new challengers emerge. Tonight promises unforgettable action and shocking developments!

Segment: "Unfinished Business"

The show opens with Benny Ba and Crash meeting in the ring, not for a match, but a war of words. Their unfinished business from last week turns into a brawl, leading GM Kilgore Stochansky to set up a No Holds Barred match for them at the upcoming PPV.

Match: Vain vs. Paul Perfect

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: In a clash of egos, Vain and Paul Perfect battle to prove who's the more flawless competitor. Vain emerges victorious after landing "The Beauty Breaker", taunting Perfect as he leaves the ring.

Star Rating: ★★★

Segment: "Tag Team Turmoil"

Following the interference in last week's high-flying spectacle, GM Stochansky announces a Tag Team Turmoil match for the next episode to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships.

Match: The Smash Brothers vs. The Dandies

Match Type: Tag Team Match

Summary: The Smash Brothers and The Dandies put on a tag team clinic, but The Dandies outsmart their opponents, securing the win with a cleverly executed "Finishing School".

Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment: "A Colossal Challenge"

Titan Magnus and Oshidashi's confrontation from last week reaches a new level as both behemoths sign the contract for their match. The tension is palpable, with each promising destruction.

Main Event: Oshidashi vs. Titan Magnus

Match Type: Powerhouse Showdown

Summary: In a battle of the titans, Oshidashi and Titan Magnus collide in a spectacle of strength and agility uncommon for their size. The match ends in a double count-out as neither giant can answer the ten-count, brawling their way through the crowd and backstage, leaving the audience in awe.

Star Rating: ★★★★