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PINNACLE: Detonation 005

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Episode 5

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Episode 5

Location: Bellingham Sportsplex, Bellingham, WA

The journey to the PPV continues as the stars of PINNACLE Wrestling battle for supremacy, alliances are tested, and enemies are made. This episode promises to be one of the most thrilling yet!

Segment: "A Bold Challenge"

Opening the show, Gallo Valdes Mesa issues a challenge to El Cerdo Mostaza, seeking to settle their ongoing rivalry once and for all at the PPV. El Cerdo Mostaza accepts, promising a match that will be remembered for ages.

Match: Acid Casualty vs. Speed Racer

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: In a fast-paced opener, Acid Casualty and Speed Racer showcase their athleticism and speed. Acid Casualty secures the win with "Lazy Summer Days", but both competitors earn the crowd's admiration.

Star Rating: ★★★¼

Segment: "An Unexpected Proposal"

Backstage, The LLC and The Smash Brothers come face to face, leading to an unexpected proposal: a tag team alliance against a common enemy. The segment ends with a handshake, leaving the audience curious about their target.

Match: Neon Blitz vs. Miguel Diaz

Match Type: Cruiserweight Showcase

Summary: Neon Blitz and Miguel Diaz dazzle the audience with a high-flying cruiserweight showcase. Neon Blitz emerges victorious, setting the stage for a potential title match at the PPV.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Segment: "Heated Confrontation"

In the ring, Titan Magnus and Oshidashi have a heated confrontation, leading to a brawl that security struggles to contain. GM Kilgore Stochansky announces a rematch at the PPV, with special stipulations to be revealed.

Main Event: Benny Ba and Crash vs. Vain (The Pretty Boy & The Big Ego)

Match Type: Tag Team Match

Summary: In an unexpected tag team main event, Benny Ba and Crash unite their brute force against Vain's cunning tactics. The match ends in chaos as The Power Company interferes, targeting both teams and setting the scene for a massive tag team showdown at the PPV.

Star Rating: ★★★½