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PINNACLE: Detonation 009

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Post-PPV Special

PINNACLE Wrestling: Detonation - Post-PPV Special

Location: Bellingham Sportsplex, Bellingham, WA

Following the electrifying events of Clash of Titans, tonight’s Detonation introduces fresh faces and new rivalries, promising an action-packed episode.

Segment: "Fresh Blood"

GM Kilgore Stochansky welcomes the audience and introduces the new signings to PINNACLE Wrestling. Kenji Tanaka, Isabella Garcia, Vanessa Clarke, Ibrahim Al-Farsi, Sean O’Connor, and Fiona Magnusson make their entrances, each giving a brief statement about their goals in the promotion.

Match: Kenji Tanaka vs. Sean O’Connor

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: In a clash of styles, Kenji Tanaka's strong style meets Sean O’Connor's brawling approach. Tanaka secures a hard-fought victory with a Dragon Suplex, showcasing his technical prowess and resilience.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Segment: "Challenge Issued"

Following her introduction, Isabella Garcia issues a challenge to any female competitor in the roster, asserting her intention to dominate the women's division in PINNACLE Wrestling.

Match: Vanessa Clarke vs. Fiona Magnusson

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: Vanessa Clarke and Fiona Magnusson deliver an explosive match, with Clarke's high-flying tactics contrasting sharply against Magnusson's power moves. The match ends in a draw as both competitors are counted out while brawling outside the ring, setting the stage for a fierce rivalry.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment: "A Show of Force"

Ibrahim Al-Farsi interrupts a promo by existing roster heavyweights, declaring that he is here to reshape the heavyweight scene in PINNACLE Wrestling. He challenges the newly crowned champion, David Fish, setting a tense mood.

Main Event: Isabella Garcia vs. Current Female Champion

Match Type: Women's Championship Match (If there is an established female champion)

Summary: Isabella Garcia makes an impressive debut, giving the champion a run for her money. The match is fast-paced and technically sound, with Garcia winning by disqualification when the champion resorts to illegal tactics.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Show Data

Attendance: 3,800 (Sold Out)

Show Gate: $57,000

Match of the Night: Main Event - Isabella Garcia vs. Current Female Champion

Top 3 Most Popular Acts: Isabella Garcia, Kenji Tanaka, Vanessa Clarke and Fiona Magnusson (tie)