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PINNACLE: Detonation 010

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 10

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 10

Date: May 17, 2024

Venue: PINNACLE Arena

Attendance: 6,321

Show Gate: $189,630

Opening Match

Neon Blitz vs. Crash

Neon Blitz defeated Crash in a high-energy opener that showcased Blitz's speed and agility. The crowd was fully engaged as Blitz hit his signature moves, culminating in a spectacular top-rope finisher.


Tag Team Match

The Power Company (Nick Richards & Erik Alexander) vs. The LLC (Mr. Criptomoneda & Cash Registers)

The Power Company emerged victorious after a hard-fought battle. Richards and Alexander displayed excellent teamwork and power moves, overcoming the underhanded tactics of The LLC to secure the win.


Singles Match

Kenji Tanaka vs. Benny Ba

Kenji Tanaka made an impressive debut by defeating Benny Ba with his technical prowess. Tanaka's submission skills were on full display as he methodically wore down Ba before applying a devastating armbar for the win.


Women's Division Match

Isabella "La Reina" Garcia vs. Vanessa Clarke

Isabella Garcia continued her strong debut run by defeating Vanessa Clarke. Garcia's aggression and tactical strikes gave her the upper hand, leading to a decisive victory after a perfectly executed finishing move.


Singles Match

Oshidashi vs. Ibrahim Al-Farsi

Ibrahim Al-Farsi showed his strength by overcoming Oshidashi in a competitive match. Al-Farsi's powerful offense and resilience were key to his victory, despite Oshidashi's impressive display of martial arts techniques.


Cruiserweight Championship Match

Miguel Diaz (c) vs. Acid Casualty

Miguel Diaz retained his Cruiserweight Championship in a thrilling match against Acid Casualty. Both competitors pushed the limits with high-flying maneuvers and rapid-paced exchanges, but Diaz's experience and ring awareness secured his victory.


Main Event - Triple Threat Match

David Fish vs. Titan Magnus vs. Paul Perfect

David Fish retained his PINNACLE World Heavyweight Championship in an intense main event. The match saw each competitor showcasing their strengths, with near falls and dramatic moments keeping the crowd on edge. Fish's perseverance and skill ultimately earned him the victory, solidifying his status as a dominant champion.