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PINNACLE: Detonation 011

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 11

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 11

Date: May 24, 2024

Venue: PINNACLE Arena

Attendance: 6,754

Show Gate: $202,620

TV Rating: 1.6

Opening Match

Neon Blitz vs. Benny Ba

Neon Blitz and Benny Ba kicked off the show with a fast-paced, high-flying match. Blitz's athleticism shone through as he secured the victory with a dazzling top-rope maneuver.


Singles Match

Dash Greyson vs. Crash

In a hard-hitting encounter, Dash Greyson battled Crash in a match filled with power moves and close calls. Greyson managed to outlast Crash, picking up the win with a well-timed finisher.


Debut Match

Billy Rocktober vs. Harv Cedeno

Billy Rocktober made a memorable debut, dazzling the crowd with his charisma and in-ring prowess. He defeated Harv Cedeno after hitting his signature finisher, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


Women's Division Match

Isabella "La Reina" Garcia vs. Vanessa Clarke

Isabella Garcia continued her dominant run, showcasing her aggressive style against Vanessa Clarke. Garcia secured the victory with her finisher, further solidifying her status as a top contender in the women's division.


Cruiserweight Championship Match

Miguel Diaz (c) vs. Speed Racer

Miguel Diaz defended his Cruiserweight Championship in a thrilling match against Speed Racer. The bout was filled with high-octane action and near falls, but Diaz's experience and ring savvy helped him retain his title.


Main Event - Tag Team Match

For Those Who Wanna Rock (Billy Rocktober & Marty Lombardi) vs. The Power Company (Nick Richards & Erik Alexander)

In their debut as a tag team, For Those Who Wanna Rock delivered an electrifying performance against The Power Company. The match featured a mix of high-flying moves, powerful slams, and rockstar charisma. Rocktober and Lombardi's chemistry was undeniable as they picked up a win in their first outing, earning Match of the Night honors.