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PINNACLE: Detonation 012

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 12

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 12

Date: May 31, 2024

Venue: PINNACLE Arena

Attendance: 6,432

Show Gate: $192,960

TV Rating: 1.7

Opening Match

Neon Blitz vs. Acid Casualty

The show kicked off with an exciting match between Neon Blitz and Acid Casualty. Both wrestlers displayed their high-flying skills and quick maneuvers, but Neon Blitz managed to secure the win with a breathtaking top-rope finisher.


Tag Team Match

For Those Who Wanna Rock (Billy Rocktober & Marty Lombardi) vs. The LLC (Mr. Criptomoneda & Cash Registers)

For Those Who Wanna Rock continued to impress the audience with their unique blend of charisma and in-ring prowess. They defeated The LLC in a match filled with high-energy spots and powerful team maneuvers.


Singles Match

Kenji Tanaka vs. Benny Ba

Kenji Tanaka showcased his technical wrestling skills against Benny Ba, delivering a clinic in submission holds and precision strikes. Tanaka emerged victorious, further establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.


Women's Division Match

Isabella "La Reina" Garcia vs. Fiona Magnusson

Isabella Garcia faced Fiona Magnusson in a heated contest. Garcia's aggressive tactics and powerful strikes ultimately led her to victory, continuing her dominant run in the women's division.


Cruiserweight Championship Match

Miguel Diaz (c) vs. El Cerdo Mostaza

Miguel Diaz successfully defended his Cruiserweight Championship against El Cerdo Mostaza. The match featured a series of high-flying moves and fast-paced action, with Diaz ultimately retaining his title after an intense bout.


Main Event - Singles Match

Titan Magnus vs. Oshidashi

The main event saw Titan Magnus and Oshidashi clash in a brutal encounter. Both competitors pushed each other to the limit with powerful strikes and high-impact moves. The match ended in a thrilling conclusion with Titan Magnus securing the win, earning Match of the Night honors.