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PINNACLE: Detonation 013

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 13

PINNACLE Wrestling Detonation Episode 13

Date: June 7, 2024

Venue: PINNACLE Arena

Attendance: 6,589

Show Gate: $197,670

TV Rating: 1.8

Opening Match

Neon Blitz vs. Speed Racer

Neon Blitz and Speed Racer kicked off the show with an exhilarating match. Both competitors showcased their incredible speed and agility, but Neon Blitz managed to secure the victory with a spectacular high-flying move.


Backstage Interview

Interviewer: Courtney Hatchett

Guest: Titan Magnus

Courtney Hatchett interviewed Titan Magnus backstage about his recent victory over Oshidashi and his future plans. Magnus declared his intention to challenge for the PINNACLE World Heavyweight Championship.

Tag Team Match

The Smash Brothers (Ryan Mason & Andy Mason) vs. The Lone Star Outlaws (Tommy Turner & Randy Roberts)

The Smash Brothers faced The Lone Star Outlaws in a hard-fought tag team contest. The Mason brothers' high-energy offense eventually overwhelmed the Outlaws, leading to a decisive victory.


In-Ring Promo

Speaker: David Fish

David Fish came to the ring to address the crowd. He talked about his upcoming match against Paul Perfect and vowed to prove why he is the rightful PINNACLE World Heavyweight Champion.

Singles Match

Kenji Tanaka vs. Benny Ba

Kenji Tanaka continued to impress the audience with his technical prowess, defeating Benny Ba in a match that showcased his submission skills and ring intelligence.


Backstage Segment

Scene: For Those Who Wanna Rock preparing for their match

Backstage, cameras caught For Those Who Wanna Rock psyching each other up for their upcoming tag team match. Billy Rocktober and Marty Lombardi promised to deliver a performance that would rock the house.

Women's Division Match

Isabella "La Reina" Garcia vs. Vanessa Clarke

Isabella Garcia and Vanessa Clarke delivered a fierce contest. Garcia's aggressive style and powerful strikes gave her the edge, securing a victory and further solidifying her dominance in the women's division.


Promo Video

A promo video aired, highlighting the intense rivalry between Miguel Diaz and his challengers in the Cruiserweight division. The video hyped up the upcoming Cruiserweight Championship match.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Miguel Diaz (c) vs. Harv Cedeno

Miguel Diaz defended his Cruiserweight Championship against Harv Cedeno in a fast-paced and thrilling match. Diaz's experience and high-flying abilities ensured his title remained intact after an intense battle.


Backstage Confrontation

Participants: Paul Perfect and David Fish

Backstage, Paul Perfect confronted David Fish, leading to a heated exchange of words. Security had to step in to prevent a physical altercation, adding more tension to their upcoming main event match.

Main Event - Singles Match

David Fish vs. Paul Perfect

The main event featured a highly anticipated singles match between David Fish and Paul Perfect. Both wrestlers brought their A-game, delivering a technical masterclass filled with near falls and dramatic moments. David Fish ultimately emerged victorious, earning Match of the Night honors.