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Piper Fury

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Name:Piper Fury
Wrestling Style:Aggressive, power wrestling with MMA training
Date of Birth:06/16/1990
Finisher Name:The Killshot
Finishing Move:Spinning Elbow Strike
Theme Music:"Six Times Dead (16.6)" by Primal Fear
Signature 1:The Bangkok Kiss (multiple knees in the corner)
Signature 2:Malicious Intent (Dragon sleeper)
Signature 3:San Andreas Bucklebomb
Signature 4:Exploder suplex
Bio:The road to the top is never easy. Especially when you start from next to nothing, lost in the streets of the City of Angels. Just another wayward soul who was bound and determined to take down everyone who stood in her way. Until a heart hardened by the streets was tamed by one kind soul.A childhood learning the art of Muay Thai. And with that, focus. Purpose. Discipline. But all birds must spread their wings. The dojo became the cage. The cage became the ring. Purpose. Discipline. It's been a long, interesting road for this warrior. A legacy that has spanned coast to coast. So much blood spilled, so many bones broken... and Piper Fury wouldn't have it any other way.She remembers Vegas well. She carved out a nice little legacy in Sin City, both in the cages and in the squared circle. She never thought she'd be back in the Epicenter. Funny how things work out.