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PW: NEO: News & Notes – Vol. 1

Pro Wrestling: NEO News Update

Pro Wrestling: NEO News Update

Tank Franklin's Shocking Betrayal

In a stunning turn of events, Tank Franklin turned his back on NEO World Heavyweight Champion El Hijo del Adam Bomb during the main event of Tipping Point, aligning himself with Puka and Joey Murphy. The betrayal has sent shockwaves through Pro Wrestling: NEO, with insiders questioning Franklin's motives and the impact this will have on the championship picture at *Rise to Glory*.

The Race for the NEO Internet Championship Heats Up

Rich Gold and Joey Murphy are set to clash for the inaugural NEO Internet Championship at *Rise to Glory*. Tensions are at an all-time high, with both competitors promising to leave everything in the ring. A source close to the situation hints that a special guest referee might be announced to ensure a fair fight.

Rumor has it that the special guest referee could be a legendary figure in the wrestling world, looking to make an impact in Pro Wrestling: NEO.

Windy City Championship Ladder Match Anticipation

The ladder match to crown the first-ever NEO Windy City Champion at *Rise to Glory* is expected to be a show-stealer. With Druida Mistica securing the final spot in the Gauntlet for the Gold, she joins a list of high-flyers and risk-takers all vying for the prestigious title.

Insiders are buzzing about potential surprise entrants and high-risk maneuvers that could define the careers of those involved.

Tag Team Turmoil: A New Force Emerges?

Following The Memphis Maulers' victory to become the number one contenders for the NEO World Tag Team Championships, speculation is rampant about who will step up to challenge them. With the tag division hotter than ever, rumors suggest a new team might debut at *Rise to Glory* to shake up the status quo.

Whispers in the locker room suggest that this new team could be international stars looking to make their mark in Pro Wrestling: NEO.

Looking Ahead: NEO's Next Chapter

As *Rise to Glory* approaches, the landscape of Pro Wrestling: NEO is poised for a seismic shift. Champions will be crowned, rivalries will be settled, and new stories will begin. Beyond the PPV, insiders are hinting at major developments, including the introduction of a women's championship and cross-promotional battles.

Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable night at *Rise to Glory*, followed by a new era of competition, storytelling, and athleticism in Pro Wrestling: NEO.