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PW: NEO: Tipping Point 001

Tipping Point - Episode 1

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point

Location: Cicero, IL

General Manager: Marge Schultz-Miller

Opening Segment: Marge Schultz-Miller kicks off the new era of Pro Wrestling: NEO with a promise of action-packed matches and introduces the main event: a Battle Royal to crown the first ever NEO World Heavyweight Champion.

Match 1: Druida Mistica Vs. The Jaguarundi

Match Type: High-Flying Showcase

An electrifying match that has the crowd on their feet. Both competitors display incredible agility and aerial prowess, but Druida Mistica secures the victory with a perfectly executed Misty Mountain Hop.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Backstage Segment: Orion Star is seen meditating under a starry projection, vowing to bring celestial balance to Pro Wrestling: NEO and claim the NEO World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 2: Bounty Killers Vs. The Party Animals

Match Type: Tag Team Turmoil

A gritty match with contrasting styles. The Party Animals bring high energy, but the Bounty Killers' ruthless efficiency and teamwork lead them to victory after Mischa Percy locks in Skiptrace on Chase Ross.

Star Rating: ★★★½

In-Ring Promo: Samira Atkison, "The Iron Maiden," proclaims her dominance and challenges any wrestler in the locker room to a match next week, setting the stage for a fierce rivalry.

Match 3: Seiji Fujiyama Vs. Mauler Kuklinski

Match Type: Brawler's Bout

A hard-hitting affair that showcases the raw power and resilience of both wrestlers. The match ends in a draw when both competitors simultaneously knock each other out, leading to a ten-count by Referee Griffin Cho.

Star Rating: ★★★

Backstage Segment: Rich Gold is interviewed about his upcoming match, promising to shine brighter than ever and put the NEO roster on notice.

Main Event: Battle Royal for the NEO World Heavyweight Championship

Match Type: Battle Royal

A chaotic and thrilling match featuring Billy Barnes, El Hijo del Adam Bomb, Helpaiteo Baekhyun, Joey Murphy, Puka, and more. The final showdown sees El Hijo del Adam Bomb and Puka battle on the apron, with El Hijo del Adam Bomb delivering a devastating Meltdown Jr. to Puka onto the apron, claiming victory and becoming the inaugural NEO World Heavyweight Champion.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Closing Segment: El Hijo del Adam Bomb celebrates in the ring with the championship belt, as fireworks explode and the crowd roars in approval. Marge Schultz-Miller appears on stage, applauding the new champion, signaling the dawn of a new era in Pro Wrestling: NEO.