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PW: NEO: Tipping Point 006

Tipping Point - Episode 6

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point

Episode 6: The Final Stand Before Rise to Glory

Location: Cicero, IL

Opening Segment: The show kicks off with an electric atmosphere as GM Marge Schultz-Miller stands in the ring, surrounded by the high-tech setup that's become a hallmark of Tipping Point. She hypes up *NEO: Rise to Glory*, announcing that tonight's main event will feature a tag team match with major PPV implications, pitting El Hijo del Adam Bomb & Tank Franklin against Puka & Joey Murphy.

Match 1: The Memphis Maulers Vs. The Risk Force

Match Type: Tag Team Number One Contenders Match

In a match that epitomizes tag team wrestling, The Memphis Maulers and The Risk Force leave everything in the ring. The Maulers pull off a narrow victory with a perfectly executed Heaven's Hammer, earning a shot at the tag team titles at *Rise to Glory*.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Backstage Segment: Rich Gold is seen preparing for his match, giving a passionate interview about his journey and the significance of becoming the first NEO Internet Champion. His determination is palpable, setting the tone for a historic showdown.

Match 2: Druida Mistica Vs. Samira Atkison

Match Type: Women's Showcase

In a rematch that has quickly become one of the most anticipated bouts on Tipping Point, Druida Mistica and Samira Atkison do not disappoint. This time, the match ends in a draw as both competitors are counted out, fighting with unyielding spirit all the way up the ramp. Their rivalry promises to be a highlight of *Rise to Glory*.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Exposition Segment: A special video package airs, highlighting the ladder match competitors for the Windy City Championship. Each wrestler shares their strategy and what winning the title would mean to their career, building anticipation for what's expected to be a chaotic and career-defining match.

Match 3: Rich Gold Vs. Seiji Fujiyama

Match Type: Internet Championship Tournament Warm-Up

In a fast-paced, technically superb match, Rich Gold and Seiji Fujiyama showcase why they are at the top of their game. Gold secures the win with the Gold Standard, gaining momentum heading into his championship match at *Rise to Glory*.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Mid-Show Announcement: GM Marge Schultz-Miller reveals a last-minute addition to *Rise to Glory*: a mixed tag team match featuring some of NEO's most dynamic wrestlers. The announcement adds another layer of excitement to the PPV, promising surprises and memorable moments.

Main Event: El Hijo del Adam Bomb & Tank Franklin Vs. Puka & Joey Murphy

Match Type: Tag Team Showdown

A match filled with powerhouse moves, unexpected alliances, and a shocking turn of events when Tank Franklin betrays El Hijo del Adam Bomb, siding with Puka and Joey Murphy. The betrayal leaves the champion reeling and sets up a dramatic storyline heading into *Rise to Glory*.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Closing Segment: The episode concludes with Tank Franklin, Puka, and Joey Murphy standing triumphant in the ring, taunting the fallen champion. As the crowd reacts with a mix of shock and excitement, the camera fades to black, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the resolution at *NEO: Rise to Glory*.