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PW: NEO: Tipping Point 007

Tipping Point - Episode 7

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point

Episode 7: Gearing Up for Rise to Glory

Location: Cicero, IL at the Cicero Stadium

Opening Segment: GM Marge Schultz-Miller addresses a packed Cicero Stadium, announcing an attendance of 2,000 fans tonight, totaling a show gate of $30,000. She previews the high-stakes matches leading up to the PPV and introduces a special main event for tonight—a tag team match featuring the top stars of NEO.

Match 1: Druida Mistica Vs. Samira Atkison

Match Type: Windy City Championship Qualifier

In a spirited rematch, Druida Mistica and Samira Atkison battle it out with high stakes. Druida Mistica wins after a closely fought contest, using her signature Misty Mountain Hop. The match sets a high bar for the evening.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Backstage Segment: Tank Franklin and Puka are shown strategizing, displaying a rare moment of unity and focus, underscoring their recent alliance and their shared goal to dismantle El Hijo del Adam Bomb's reign as NEO World Heavyweight Champion at Rise to Glory.

Match 2: The Party Animals Vs. The Memphis Maulers

Match Type: Tag Team Exhibition

A display of classic tag team wrestling with The Memphis Maulers showcasing their power and experience to overcome The Party Animals. The crowd is fully engaged, cheering loudly for both teams throughout the match.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Mid-Show Announcement: GM Marge Schultz-Miller reveals that next week's show will feature a special guest star from another wrestling promotion, hinting at future cross-promotional possibilities.

Match 3: Rich Gold Vs. Joey Murphy

Match Type: NEO Internet Championship Rematch

In a rematch from Rise to Glory, Rich Gold defends his newly won NEO Internet Championship against Joey Murphy. Gold retains in a tightly contested match, solidifying his claim as a top wrestler in NEO. This match earns the accolade of Match of the Night.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Top 3 Most Popular Acts of the Night:

  • 1. Rich Gold - His defense of the Internet Championship cements his popularity.
  • 2. The Memphis Maulers - Their veteran presence and power moves keep the fans on their side.
  • 3. Druida Mistica - Her qualifying win and athletic prowess earn her a spot in the fans' hearts.

Main Event: El Hijo del Adam Bomb & Seiji Fujiyama Vs. Tank Franklin & Puka

Match Type: Tag Team Showdown

The main event features a clash of titans with strategic teamwork and individual brilliance. Franklin and Puka pull off a victory after Fujiyama turns on his partner, laying out El Hijo del Adam Bomb with a devastating move, setting the stage for their showdown at Rise to Glory.

Star Rating: ★★★

Closing Segment: As Tank Franklin and Puka stand tall, the crowd boos resonate through Cicero Stadium. They leave the ring with confident strides, promising a new era at Rise to Glory. The camera pans over the excited crowd, fading out as the anticipation for the PPV reaches a fever pitch.