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PW: NEO: Tipping Point 011

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point Episode 11

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point

Episode 11

Location: Cicero, IL at the Cicero Stadium

Attendance: 4,500

Show Gate: $67,500

TV Rating: 2.5

Opening Segment

GM Marge Schultz-Miller welcomes fans and announces that tonight will be monumental, with The Consortium making their debut.

Match 1: Adam Winters vs. Billy Barnes

Winner: Adam Winters

Adam Winters, making his debut, showcased his technical skills and secured a victory with the Blizzard of ‘93.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Storyline Development: Adam Winters' impressive debut sets the stage for future opportunities.

Backstage Segment

The Consortium (E.B. Mitchell, Isaiah Sherwin Abrams, Judge James Morgan) are seen arriving at the arena, exuding confidence and promising dominance.

Match 2: Dude Bryant vs. Hezekiah Ebersol

Winner: Dude Bryant

Dude Bryant, debuting alongside his partner Adam Winters, overwhelmed Hezekiah Ebersol with his powerhouse moves, winning with It’s All Good, Man.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Storyline Development: Dude Bryant's dominant performance positions "Awesome AF" as a team to watch.

Special Feature

A special feature on The Consortium's background and their intentions to take over NEO, setting up two high-stakes matches later tonight.

Co-Main Event: NEO World Tag Team Championship Match

The Memphis Maulers (c) vs. E.B. Mitchell & Isaiah Sherwin Abrams

Winners: E.B. Mitchell & Isaiah Sherwin Abrams

In a shocking debut, The Consortium's E.B. Mitchell and Isaiah Sherwin Abrams defeated The Memphis Maulers to capture the NEO World Tag Team Championships, marking a significant shift in the tag team division.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Storyline Development: The Consortium's immediate impact establishes them as a dominant force.

Main Event: NEO World Heavyweight Championship Match

Tank Franklin (c) vs. Judge James Morgan

Winner: Judge James Morgan

Judge James Morgan, in his debut match, defeated Tank Franklin to become the new NEO World Heavyweight Champion, capping off The Consortium's takeover of the main event scene.

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Storyline Development: The Consortium's dominance is cemented with Judge James Morgan at the helm as the new champion.

Closing Segment

GM Marge Schultz-Miller recaps the night's events, expressing her shock at The Consortium's immediate success, and teases next week's fallout from these monumental changes.

Additional Information

Match of the Night: Tank Franklin vs. Judge James Morgan

Top Acts of the Evening: The Consortium (Judge James Morgan, E.B. Mitchell, Isaiah Sherwin Abrams)